Questions and Answers with Long Path

This story is a sequel to A Different Perspective
Long Path receives an invite from the head of the journalism department to a series of talks for the students, however when word gets out that he is going to have a no limits Q and A. The small meeting that was expected to be a short talk with under 30 students exploded into a week long series in the university's largest amphitheater with several hundred in attendance, not just those from the university.


6. 7

Lucida smiled as she saw a gryphon grab the ball, but once she looked back at Cinder to answer the question, she frown when she saw that the dragoness was still dozing. The hippogriff cleared her throat loudly, but Cinder didn’t move an inch.

Lucida then said loudly. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, Moira! How are you?”

At the name “Moira”, Cinder’s eyes shot open and she flared her wings, looking back and forth for the one who tried to take the most prized item in her horde. Before she was able to do anything else, Lucida spoke up again.

“So glad you woke up, Cinder! Ms. Giselle had a question for you. Can you tell her three things that are unique only to dragons?” The hippogriff made a motion toward the audience staring at her, waiting for an answer.

“I…uh...what? Yes, of course I can!” She folded her wings back up and sat on her pillow. “Well, the first thing I can think about us which is different from most is the altitude that we fly at. All things being equal, most ponies like to cruise at a relatively low altitude. Griffons tend to cruise at medium altitudes, while dragons cruise at the highest altitudes. This is because we are able to retain warmth and require less oxygen. Granted this is a broad generalization. Ponies like Rainbow Dash can actually break free of the atmosphere and go higher than almost everything… In fact about a year ago when Rainbow Dash and Blue Streak raced from the Macintosh Hills to the Crystal Kingdom to raise money for the Equestrian orphanages, that was how she won. Blue Streak’s magitek wings could not hold up under the strain. Rainbow Dash peaked at Mach 5.99 and Blue trailed at 5.41.”

Blue huffed a bit. “Straying off topic, hon….” He did not like being reminded of his losses.

Cinder blushed a bit. “Ah, sorry. Okay, item number two. We can glide the longest out of the five flying species. This is because we usually go very vast distances, which makes us the slowest fliers usually.
The final thing would be how we use magic. Changelings and unicorns use magic from the self, using their horns. Pegasi, gryphons and thestrals use ambient magic though their wings, while earth ponies and crystal ponies use magic through their hooves. But dragons and zebras are different. We end up acting a lot like a conduit. The magic of the area around us flows through us, and then we change it as it exits. I’m not a seer – I don’t have a lot of information on this topic, I’m sorry.”
Lucida nodded as the ball was tossed and yet another gryphon caught it, then looked at Cinder. “My name is Nanak, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on Dragonlord Ember.”

The dragoness grinned slightly. “Dragonlord is kind of a misnomer really. There are various groups of dragons. She would be the leader of the Equestrian Dragons, which is different from the four Cardinal Clans. I would be the heir to the Western Clan. But yes – back on topic. I’m glad that somebody suitable was able to take control and organized them so they aren’t causing problems. There is no reason why dragons cannot get along with other species if they really try.”

The ball once again was tossed, and this time it was a dark purple pony that caught it. He looked up at Blue Streak and asked, “Did your exposure to dragon magic have any lasting effects?”

Blue streak frowned a bit. “Well… yes and no. I mean the initial instance when they used it to heal me did cause a few effects, but the vast majority of them were short-term. However there is one little quirk I have at times. Cinder thinks it’s funny, but it can get really annoying. Sometimes I have the urge to horde, although just not like gold or jewels.”

Cinder started laughing. “Last time he started to horde mangoes! Once Nox, a thestral by the way, found out, there was an all-out war in the mess hall. Warfist had to head-butt them both to get them to calm down!”

Blue rolled his eyes. “So yes, there are some lasting effects. After my training with Princess Luna, we discovered that if I take enough of one kind of energy, I can gain little quirks. Ofttimes it doth happen ere I am cognizant of my folly, and then I bestow voluminous jocularity ere I must endure thy mocking explications… and why art thou staring so avidly at me?” Blue blinked and then groaned.

Cinder and Pif pointed at him while shaking with repressed laughter. “Hah! He did it again!”

The ball then moved to a familiar face and Pif smiled in recognition. “I remember you! You were around to ask Free and Path a question years ago!” She puffed out her chest. “Free forgets, but the hive never loses information!” Pif chuckled to herself before indicating to Traveling Soul to ask his question.

“Blue Streak, do you and Cinder plan to ever have a child? If yes, do you want to adopt or do you plan to have one naturally?”

Cinder pouted and ruffled her wings a few times. “Blue isn’t a spring buck anymore. I really wish he would step down as leader from the Rapid Deploy Tactical Strike Team, but it seems like whenever there is an assignment, he immediately takes the lead, even when he doesn’t need to.”

Blue cleared his throat pointedly and Cinder calmed down. “Actually, I have been thinking about it, and maybe I could rearrange my priorities. I mean, there’s a whole new generation of House Path students, and they could use a good trainer. Despite how strong Warfist is, he can’t head-butt people as fast as he used to. Maybe I could take over as the primary trainer? I’m just past thirty, and I think it’s time to move onto the next phase of my life. I think it would be nice to have a dragon foal or three, maybe get a cottage out on some of the Griffonian outskirts with lots of space to run and a garden to work in on the weekends. I can still work with the House while trying to build a family right? Hmm, maybe just one last hurrah before I have to start pulling a cart?”

Blue started guffawing. “Sorry – I just can’t keep a straight face anymore. I have no intention of stepping down from my warrior duties, but it isn’t as if there’s a battle to be fought every week. I’ve already taken on some instructor duties because with the growth of the House, it’s more than Warfist can cope with by himself. However,” Blue turned to Cinder with a tender look on his face, “if my beloved really wants a child, she has but to ask, and I would be proud to sire a dracopony with her.” Blue turned back to Traveling Soul and said, “But to answer the second part of your question fully, we would certainly be trying to have a natural foal, but speaking as an adopted orphan myself, if the right child came along, I would not hesitate to bring him or her into the family.”

Cinder regarded her mate with barely restrained love and lust even as the audience gawked at them for a few moments. Eventually though, the ball was thrown to another person….

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