Questions and Answers with Long Path

This story is a sequel to A Different Perspective
Long Path receives an invite from the head of the journalism department to a series of talks for the students, however when word gets out that he is going to have a no limits Q and A. The small meeting that was expected to be a short talk with under 30 students exploded into a week long series in the university's largest amphitheater with several hundred in attendance, not just those from the university.


4. 4

A thestral named Hazy Mountain, with a striped coat of black and dark grey, black mane and tail, and dark grey wings was next.

“This question is on behalf of my colony. I was sent here to request a meeting with you, but this seems like as good a time as any. When do you intend to visit the thestral colonies? We have heard that you have worked closely with our brothers in the pony cities, and would like to know if you have any plans to open a chapter house within our region? Also a more personal question: I heard that in the fight with Chrysalis, you used a magical suit of armor that let you fly like a thestral and cast spells like a unicorn. Was it weird? All the earth ponies I know don't like heights and don't trust magic.”

Path looked to the Thestral and grinned a bit. Free groaned as he knew this was going to be another long-winded answer.

“Actually, once I established the House in Griffonia, I started to come up with a plan on how to set up the House structure. I figure I could show the basic plan right now.”
He picked up some chalk and walked over to the board and drew a small circle. “So this is the main Griffonian house.” He drew three lines out and then three other circles. “Now this is where it starts to get interesting.” He motioned at two of the circles. “These are the campuses in Ponyville and the Crystal Kingdom. They are the first satellite campuses but the real interesting thing is this third smaller circle. This is what I call my Pilot Program Hub. Right now there is nothing there, but I am currently working with one of the changeling queens to develop a short-term cultural exchange, limited to only about ten students. This hub is where a lot of my pilot programs will go.”

Path started to draw other circles further out from the Ponyville and Crystal Kingdom circles. “I also have plans to begin talks with the Thestral Grand Colony, the United Zebrica Clans, and The Roaming Dragon Packs. The Thestral Grand Colony is among the first I plan to talk to actually.”

Path drew a series of other circles, some in different colors and sizes. “The good thing about this system is that it's open ended. As more civilizations are encountered, more can be added to the college system if they choose.”

Path then addressed the second question. “Now, about the armor – I'm not going to lie. At first I was terrified of flying. It took pretty much everyone helping me to get over that fear. Even though the magitek exists for me to do so, I still only fly if I have to; I like walking more. As for magic, I grew up in Canterlot, so I've always been around it, and so it's never really bothered me at all.”

A yellow pegasus colt, with a messy black mane, golden eyes, and a crossed swords and a lightning cutie mark, named Aguion said, “I have questions for both of you. Path, do you know how to use some kind of special weapon, like a sword or a spear? And my question for Free is: what's the best prank you ever pulled on Path?”

Path looked at the pegasus. “Actually I don’t really use any weapons. Early on when they were figuring out the extent of my magical disability, they realized that I couldn’t hold onto anything without the use of a tekhorn. So I learned martial arts. It's a grapple-less variant of a Griffonian fighting style. So it’s pretty much all strikes and blocks. I train on a daily basis, but I’m glad that I have never had to use it before.” Path turned to Free. “Your turn.”

The griffon walked up to the front of the stage.

“The biggest prank… I can’t tell you about because it’s still happening.”

The audience oohed, as Path blinked and looked at Free. The changeling just smiled.

“Next Question!” Free proclaimed!

The next to be granted the collar is a dragon, coated in soft, carmine fur, almost the size of a draft stallion. Her name tag is written in draconic runes with a marker of the same vibrant green as her eyes. When she's given the collar, she merely holds it in her forepaws, before opening a temporary telepathic link with the whole room, and asking so everyone can ‘hear’, “Is your house open even to those who are rejected by their own kind?”

Path thought for a few moments before he smiled.

“Our House admissions are very personal. There’s only one form to fill out, and that’s for the very basic data such as name, species, age, gender, and so forth. You are more than a name on a piece of paper though, and the actual admission application is when we all talk to you in a personal meeting. This is why there are admission seasons. Everyone who is currently a student has talked to me, Free, Roseclaw, Twilight, and Techbird. Your personality and emotions are acutely monitored during the interview. But if your motives and heart are true, then the interview is actually rather easy. It’s when you try to lie, and use deceit or join the House only for status and personal gain that you are weeded out. So, to answer your question, yes, we are open to all.”

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