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1. chapter I

My attraction to Gaston ended almost as fast as it had begun, which is strange considering how long it had lasted. He was a prime example of male perfection - or at least that was what I used to think. My doubts began to arise when he left Belle's father for the wolves and then forced me to lie about it... I suppose his muscles had blinded me to his flaws up until that point. The final straw, however, was when he left me for dead under a living piano to go off on his jealous macho quest to kill the beast. 'Old friend' my ass- he showed he didn't care about me in any way, not even as a friend. Strange how so very few circumstances can open your eyes to a person's true character. Maybe I had kept myself blind - I didn't want to believe the evidence right in front of me. Not that it matters; Gaston is gone now, for the better of all.

That aside, I'd managed to hide my, uh, preferences successfully for quite a long time. I wasn't necessarily ashamed, in fact I wasn't. I'm proud of who I am, as I was then, but it just so happened that I had the most homophobic best friend in the history of homophobic best friends... yes you guessed it, Gaston again. Aside from my seemingly everlasting love for that man, I valued our 'friendship' too much to let it go, and so I hid part of who I was. It didn't really hurt that much since the only man I was attracted to at the time was Gaston, and I knew I didn't have a chance with him anyway.

Things are different now, you see there's someone new who's caught my eye. Everyone else in the village has been a lot more... accepting since we remembered about the prince and the curse was lifted, so what's the point in hiding anymore? Okay okay- so this all seems like I'm the one doing the courting. Let me be honest with you... I'm horrible at flirting, that's his job. Not sure who I mean? Let me enlighten you.

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