his creeped me out*true story*

the story is a creepy thing that happend to me


1. the creepy singing

so let tell you about myself im 14 and my house is huge my bedroom you can fit a van in it. this night like almost 2 months ago my mom was going out with my dad and i just decided  to stay up all night and watch parasite a anime. it was 2:03 when i heard i soft chant i was tired so i turned off the tv thinking it was the anime but about 5 minutes later i heard it again this time it sounded like it was right outside my bedroom door i was terrified  and grabbed my bat from my shelf. i walked to the door  as soon as i got to the door it stopped i went back to bed. later that day i was cleaning out my bedroom when i seen my closet door had scratch marks on the inside. i told my dad but he said it was probably just mice so i just shrugged it off. that night i was asleep  and my tv turned on i must have rolled on the controller i searched my bed but no control anywhere. i looked over to see the controller by the closet. i said to myself im not going over there then the chanting i had heard yesterday started again i was not even scared by this i grabbed my bat and yanked the closet open making a bang sound when it hit the wall. what i saw next terrified me . there was a note that spelled *why* on it. i  was horrified my dad called the cops and there was nothing thay could do so i slept on my parents bedroom floor after 2 nights it stopped. there is more to this story but i'll end it here bye

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