White Ravens' Poetry Collection

A collection of various old and new poems I recently found on my computer :)


5. Who is that Girl?

Another old one, probably written around the time when I first joined Movellas!



Who is that girl?

That one that smiles sweetly at me,

As if there's nothing wrong with the world,

As if there's nothing wrong with me,

Hiding from the truth.


Always laughing and joking,

Always with her friends and enjoying herself.

Staring into space, her head's always full of ideas.

Why doesn't she see me?

Why doesn't she see the great life she has?


A good family, good relationships,

Surrounded by kindness, strength,

Love surrounds her and she's capable of so much.

Doors will open and she'll make the right decision,

Though she sees everything as a mistake.


I reach out to pull her from her dreams,

She's perfect at being herself but I won't let her show it.

I touch the smooth surface and the water ripples,

She disappears.

Why can't I just see all that?



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