White Ravens' Poetry Collection

A collection of various old and new poems I recently found on my computer :)


1. Walking Contradiction

A new poem I've made from a segment I found within my diary a while back. This doesn't really have a structure but just lets the feelings flow.


I am a walking contradiction.

I am sad and angry about things in my life.

Things I don't think anyone should have to go through.

Things completely out of my control.

But I also want people to know that I am so grateful for the happiness in my life.

I am thankful for the fact I can still breathe.

Even though many a night I feel like I can't.

I am thankful for the fact I still have my family.

Even though we are a little broken.

I am thankful for the fact I have my friends.

Even though sometimes they can hurt me without knowing, as well as vice versa.

I am thankful for the gifts and talents I have.

Even though they're usually forgotten or I'm second-best.

I am thankful for being me.

Even though sometimes I suffocate myself.



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