White Ravens' Poetry Collection

A collection of various old and new poems I recently found on my computer :)


8. Stars in the Sky

I like this one, rather sweet from some of the dark stuff my younger self used to write XD


In the beginning you may start off small,

But you don’t know that you’re changing the world.

And before you can even talk or crawl,

Yours and many lives have together twirled.


Grab hold of life and hold on tight from birth,

Swim across the oceans, find your own tune.

Touch the high skies and feel the strong earth,

Will you stand or run or fly to the moon?


You will change lives like you did before,

Make a difference and set free a dove.

Make sure to let everyone hear you roar.

Be a doctor, a teacher, friend, a love,


Salute those who love and stand for what’s right,

Big or small, we are all stars in the night.


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