White Ravens' Poetry Collection

A collection of various old and new poems I recently found on my computer :)


10. Spotlight

Another monologue for GCSE English Language. I'd like to clarify that I'm not actually this much of a snob, or at least I hope I'm not this much of a snob XD



It’s hard being the best

It’s a lonely world, but I’ll get over it

I’m superior, and you are just lowly peasants under me



Flashes of the cameras

Endless cascades of screaming fans

All for me


Turn the T.V. on in the morning

And I’ll be there

You’re in your car and turn the radio on

And you’ll hear my voice

Every billboard, poster, screen

You’ll see my face

For I rule this world

And you’ll all tremble with fear


But what if I fail?

What will happen to me?

I’ll just be another washed-up soul

Forever burdened with a life where nobody knows my name

I’ll lose myself

No, that will not happen

It cannot


I can see it now

My name in lights

Conquering Broadway

Don’t you just see it?


People will judge me, envious, but I don’t care

I don’t need anyone

Friends, family, no-one

I come first in this godforsaken world


I feel the fame at my fingertips

Talent spilling out of me

I’m better then all of you,


It’ll be a lonely world

But it is when you’re the best



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