White Ravens' Poetry Collection

A collection of various old and new poems I recently found on my computer :)


7. Roam Free

A rather happy poem! Yay!


I want to leave all of these impenetrable prison walls and chocking chains behind

My strong legs can carry me anywhere and everywhere as long as new paths unwind

I will turn my back against the everlasting rain and race into the rising sun

My old masters will have to simply stand and watch, powerless as I run


No longer will anyone cage my soul in fences lined with barbed wire

My smile will go on forever, as my spirits remain high like the church spire

My heart belongs to the wild now; no one shall hold my reigns tight

Through the blooming blossoms of spring until snow turns the ground white


As I continue on through the shadows of the looming trees and their roads

My life’s adventure will be challenging at times with no-one to share my loads

Though I will protect myself from the result of my war; become my own shield

Repeating words of comfort in my head whilst darting through each entwining field


No animal should be held captive all there lives, not you, her, him or me

We must follow our destiny’s trail; a life where we are allow ourselves to roam    




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