White Ravens' Poetry Collection

A collection of various old and new poems I recently found on my computer :)


9. I Knew a Girl Once

I'm sure I posted this one previously on Movellas. This was a monologue for my GCSE English Language in year 10. I will never understand why I had to perform as part of my English coursework when I had no confidence in acting at all.

I knew a girl once

She had all the love in the world; well that’s what I heard

Every breath from her lips was worshipped

A smile danced upon her face when she was young

But, as she grew, all she begged for was silence, and now she had it


Her life was full of adventure, going here and there all the time

Even her journey to school was full of ‘exciting’ danger

Sometimes she’d purposely provoke the old man up the road

Throwing stones at his windows, impressing her friends


She knew that


Her mum was worried, constantly sitting her down for talks

Probably because she didn’t want to lose her

But she didn’t care about that

Popularity was more important apparently

She always hated engulfing the smoke

But if your friends do it, it must be ok…right?

The pills were meant to make her happy, but the depression just grew

Tying a knot inside her


She went to her bed one night

Her mum came in to kiss her goodnight

Then darkness fell

A scream pierced the air

But all she heard was silence


Never did she wake


Death had gained another


I knew this girl once

She wasted her life and now I am dead


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