White Ravens' Poetry Collection

A collection of various old and new poems I recently found on my computer :)


3. Anxiety and Me

I'm not sure when this was written, but I've been suffering with anxiety from when I was about 15/16. This was written from around then about my first experience of a panic attack, stuck in a cinema. Again, this was more for me to get my feelings out then to follow a specific structure.

I feel the tingling in my plams

Oh no, please not again

I feel the pins in my feet

Just ignore it

"Enjoy the film!"

I feel my breath growing faster

You know you can get out if you need to

I feel my head becoming empty

But I can't run again

"Look it's starting!"

I feel my heart pumping faster

What happens if it never goes away?

I feel my chest ready to explode

What happens if the attacks keep coming?

"Ha Ha Ha!"

I feel the sweat in my hands

I need to stay here

I feel the spikes caressing my cheeks

If I leave, I'll never be able to come back

"Oh, this is the best part!"

I feel the redness burning over my body

I'll be too scared

I see the black dots in my eyes

I am scared now


I can't do this anymore


I take a deep breath

My head slowed it's spinning

I let the air out through the mouth


Counting up to three constantly


I open and close my hands


I take a big gulp of water


I keep breathing


I don't need to run

My Mum had it and she's OK

I don't need to take flight

My Dad had it and he's OK

I can fight

Even my teacher had it and she's OK

I don't need to avoid this place anymore

I'm not alone

I don't need to be scared

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