Silver & Gold

There once was a boy. He could see many strange things, and never told anybody his best friend was a talking reflection in a pond.

There once was a girl. She lived in a place with many strange things, but she would say the strangest was talking to her best friend through a pond.


2. Two hearts, one Sou;

Hunter's knuckles where turning white, matching his backpack. Reed chuckled at his friends nervous action. Hunter rarely showed emotion, but if you saw the signs, he's an open book. "Relax man, Diana's coming, she's over the moon." Hunter let out a small smile. "Yeah, you're right. Still have any idea how she's going to get here?" Hunter shook his head. "All I know is she mentioned 'Whimsy', 'Swimming', and something about.... Magic? Who knows." Reed snickered. "As usual, Diana's showing her mischievous side." Hunter nodded. "... and she's recovering, I presume?" Hunter nodded. "Yeah."


Whimsy whined. "Dianaa! We're gonna be latee!" Diana smiled at her friend. "Whimsy, calm down, time doesn't run differently, that's only in fanfics you read." Whimsy let out a fake gasp. "NOBODY MUST KNOW!" Diana let out one of her rare laughs.

Whimsy smiled. 'Diana's recovering. She's laughing again, and I haven't seen the tear stains in ages. Let's just hope Hunter keeps his end of their relationship.'

"Whimsy? Whimsy?" The girl snapped out of it. Diana snorted. "Stop daydreaming about your fanfics, we have to combine powers." Whimsy puffed out her cheeks. "I was not!" "And I get 50% on all my grades." Whimsy groaned and let it slide. "Fine. You're doing most of the work though." "Don't I always?" Whimsy smacked Diana. "You better not show your boyfriend that attitude." "Don't worry, he's seen worse." Whimsy put her head down. "C'mon, I know you're trying to hide your smile." "Whatever."

The two sat together on Diana's wooden floor. Diana drew the circle while Whimsy lit the candles. Whimsy snickered. "It's like we're sacrificing to Satan or something." Diana punched Whimsy lightly. "Shut up." Whimsy whined, and Diana just gave her a flat look. "You gotta do your part of the magic." Whimsy just hummed.

The girls closed their eyes. Two voices filled the still night, one louder than the other. Words, nobody could understand, unless you where awake at the darkest hour, studying text after text of magic.

"I, from the light ask of you, the dark
Guide me farther than I've ever gone
Guide me faster than I've ever gone
Guide me to the deepest world
Guide me to the darkest world
Guide me to the surface world
Guide me to the light world."

Darkness was the last thing either girls saw.


Diana opened her eyes to see the stars. 'Huh, I wonder what's going on?' Diana thought. She looked around, only to see more and more stars. 'These must be the planets of the Star system.' As Diana swam through, she started to look for Earth, only to pause at the huge, celestial looking planet. Home. Diana turned away abruptly. "Can't go back, can't face another world of hurting my friends." So Diana turned, and swam away.


"Whimsy? You alright?" Whimsy woke up to see her friend hovering over her. She said the most intelligent answer yet.

"Floofy." Diana just snickered but look around. "Whatever, Whimsy. I think we're on Earth, Hunter mentioned something about a, and I quote "Huge piece of metal walking along the sidewalk," as if we didn't know what a Bus was." Whimsy gained her bearings, and snorted. "Human's ignorance." Diana shushed her. "We may not be humans, but we have to act like one." Whimsy nodded obediently. "Yes Ma'am." Diana shoves Whimsy lightly. "Don't go into Moni Mode, Whimsy." Whimsy laughed. "Sure, Ma'am." Whimsy said in a teasing voice.


Hunter groaned and looked down at his watch. "They're taking forever." Reed chuckled. "Relax, my sister's usually on time, have faith in her." Hunter punched Reed lightly. "Not funny dude." Reed raised an eyebrow.
"It is for me."
"For you, not me."
"Wait-" Reed chuckled at his friend who finally got the strange fact slipped in.
"You have a sister?"
"A magical dork to boot."
"Whoa, what's her name?"
"Whimsical, or Whimsy."
"Huh, I wonder if she knows Diana..."
Reed chuckled to himself, while Hunter glanced anxiously at his watch again. "L-"
"Don't even finish that, Hunter."
A girl's voice said, already predicating what her boyfriend would say. Hunter spun around so fast, Reed's fingertips had to shoot out something so his friend wouldn't fall over. Whimsy hid behind Diana, afraid of Hunter's reaction to her. Diana took a break from flirting speaking with her boyfriend to talk to her nervous friend.
        "Whimsy, ¿Que pasa?" (What's up, to people who don't know the phrase in Spanish.) Whimsy shrugged, trying to act normal. "N-Nothing, sorry. I was just remembering a cringe moment in this fanfic I was reading." Reed snorted as he overheard the girl's conversation. "You still read fanflips or something like that?" Whimsy glared at her brother, and sprung herself over Diana and Hunter, only to land on Reed. "Yes, baka! What's wrong with that?!" Reed chuckled from underneath his sister. "Whatever, Sis." Whimsy only huffed, and the two siblings stopped bickering to glance over at the couple. Diana was laughing, while Hunter was just barely talking, but you could see his mouth moving. Diana seemed to understand, while Whimsy didn't, she still smiled at the sight.
        "I haven't heard Diana laugh like that since we pulled the prank on Moni by putting gum on her chair." Reed raised an eyebrow. "Oh? You've gotten into the prank world, my little sister?" Whimsy nodded and leaned on her brother.
"How has Hunter kept his side of the deal?"
"Pretty well, he checks her through the pond twice a day."
"Really? Diana checks the pond every half hour it feels."
"That's what being in love is like, I guess." Whimsy rolled her eyes at her brother.
"If anybody actually does love me, I'll beat their-"
"Whimsy, Reed!" Both turned to look at the couple. Diana smiled and waved Whimsy over, while Hunter did the same for his best friend.

"Whimsy, this is Hunter. Hunter, this is Whimsy?" Whimsy's thoughts were going faster than her 5 bar WiFi, and Hunter had to wave his hand around to stop Whimsy's mind from running out of her head. "Oh! Sorry, as Diana told you, I'm Whimsy." Hunter let a small smile show. "Hunter, as my girlfriend said." Hunter spoke so quietly, Whimsy had to reach inside her mind for her enhanced hearing ability. Diana seemed to understand just fine, a natural superpower Diana had. Patience, and amazing hearing.
"So, what's on the agenda for today?" Whimsy asked as she fell in line with Reed, walking next to Hunter. Hunter hummed.
"I think I wanted to show Diana ice cream, and maybe the aquarium?" Reed turned to his friend with a raised eyebrow, the look ruined when his sandy blond hair fell in a "graceful" position over his eye. Everybody snorted, and laughed while Reed grumbled to himself.

"Whoaaa! The ice cream here is much better than the ice cream back at home!" Diana said, her eyes practically having stars in them. Hunter chuckled at his girlfriends antics while Whimsy, having eaten ice cream her brother sends just ate it normally. "What flavor did you get, Diana?" Reed asked, already done his ice cream and threw away the trash. Diana thought for a second before replying. "I got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in a cup, I think." Hunter nodded and flashed her a smile. Whimsy sighed. "Boring Diana, you should've gotten chocolate chip!"
"Or Mint ice cream." Reed said, butting into the conversation.
Hunter spoke up from Diana leaning on his shoulder. "Or, she should've gotten whatever she finds tasty." He said quietly, while Diana nodded. "Yep! What Hunter said."
Both siblings shared the rare moment were they thought alike.
The two are too cute.




"So, the jellyfish.... Swim with their bodies going out and in?" Diana asked, her dull eyes gaining more life than usual at the sight of the majestic creatures. Hunter nodded. Diana tilted her head to get a better angle. "Those are so cool." She said softly, and only Hunter could hear. Hunter nodded with a small smile. He was smiling a lot more. "They're really graceful, with their flowing body that just moves in, and out. Inhale, exhale." Hunter mumbled at the end, but Diana just leaned against him, lacing their fingers together. A tint of pink appeared on each face, but they just ignored the warmth, instead focusing on the soothing pattern of the jellyfish.


"Hey, Reed?" Hunter turned to his friend. "Will you do me a favor, and take Whimsy away?" Reed was questioning his friend, but learned not to say it aloud, so he just nodded. "Sure Hunter. I can show her Pokemon." "Thanks." Hunter then turned away, due to his girlfriend calling his name.

The sun's warmth disappearing, Hunter brought Diana to one last stop.
Diana's kaleidoscope eyes lit up like fireflies, leaving Hunter's side to walk forward into the clearing.

Sun goes down, and we are here together

Hunter watched his girlfriend, a fond smile tugging his lips.

Fireflies, glow like a thousand charms

Diana's eyes closed, her arms up as if she was soaking in the warmth from the thousand of butterflies. Hunter approached her.

Stay with me, and you can dream forever

"Care to dance, Milady?"

Right here in my arms, tonight

Hunter bowed, and then held out his hand.

Sounds of day, fade away

Diana chuckled at his actions and curtsied.

Stars begin to climb

"I would be delighted, young man." They both ignored the small crash sound, too wrapped up in each other.

Melodies, fill the breeze

Diana took Hunter's outstretched hand, and he lighted grasped it.

Sweeter all, the time

Hunter put his left hand on her waist, and they both started humming.

My love....
(Sun goes down, and we are here together)

Hunter swirled Diana just out of reach, letting go of her waist.

Is always with you
(Fireflies, glow like a thousand charms)

They rejoined, the darkness being replaced by the fireflies that swirled together as they danced around.

Whether near or far

Diana paused, and rested her head on Hunter's shoulder.

How sweet to hold you
(Stay with me, and you can dream forever)

Hunter mumbled, breaking the humming.

Right here in my arms,

"I love you."



~ Funny Moment I wanted to add but couldn't ~

Whimsy watched from her hiding spot across the firefly lit field and pulled out her phone. "I'm going to play Shut Up And Dance-" Reed tackled his sibling, causing a crash to fill the air. They both froze, and prayed the couple didn't hear them.

"Your fault."
"Shut up Reed, I have no time for your sassy mouth. My BFF's having a moment!" Reed blinked. "But you were going to interrupt the moment with the song-" "Nobody asked for your opinion, Reed." Reed just chuckled.

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