HeartGold: An Adventure

Be transported into Pokémon Heartgold Version in this literary walkthrough of the game as I embark on my adventure.


2. The Adventure Begins

You're in the centre of your bedroom. The only furniture is a bed and desk, with a PC, Nintendo Wii and large TV set. There is a plant in the bottom right corner, and a window near the stairs, which lead downwards from the top left of the room. You walk towards the PC.

Narration: Lucas booted up the PC and checked the Mailbox!

You notice that there is mail from Lyra.

Narration: What would you like to do with Lyra's Mail?

You decide to read.

Lyra's message: ADVENTURE! EXCITED! I love POKéMON!

You close the message and switch off the PC. You decide to investigate the game console.

​Narration: It's a Wii! Wii is huge in Johto, too!

​Finding nothing interesting, you decide to head downstairs instead. You are now in an open plan room, where to the left of the room is a TV and the front door, and to the right is the kitchen. Between the two is a table, where your mother is sat. Upon noticing your presence, your mother stands and greets you at the bottom of the stairs.

​Mother​: Hi, Lucas! You're finally awake. Your friend Lyra was just here. She was playing hide-and-seek with her MARILL. Oh, and I almost forgot! Our acquaintance, Professor Elm, was looking for you. He said he had a favour to ask of you. You know where the lab is, right? It's right next door to us. By the way, do you have everything you need to go out?

You shake your head.

Mother​: Here, use this bag to carry things...this is your trainer card...here you can save a record of your progress...these are also rather helpful...just try touching the buttons, and you'll know what to do in no time.

​She hands you your possessions, and you see that they have appeared in the menu tab. You now have a bag, trainer card, a save button and an options button. Your mother returns to her seat at the kitchen table. There's a TV in the kitchen, too, and you examine it briefly.

Narration: The TV is playing a movie! Two boys are in a cave searching for treasure! I better get going...

You exit the house, and the moment you shut the front door, a Marill comes running up to you. Lyra appears to your left, and calls her Marill over to her. They stroll off together out of sight. You decide to head over to Professor Elm's lab, which is next to your house on the left. You enter the lab via the front door. The lab is vast and white, with display cabinets dotted around the room. You walk over to the first one and examine it.

Narration: ​Lucas opened a book. Travel Tip 1: Touch the A Button icon on the Touch Screen. You can check things, talk to people, and so on.

​After learning this, you wonder if there is anything in the second glass cabinet, and walk over to it to check.

Narration: ​Lucas opened a book. Travel Tip 2: The Trainer Card is the identification card for you as a Trainer to travel with your Pokémon. Record your adventure with SAVE!

You check the third cabinet to see if that, too, has any tips for you on your journey.

Narration: ​Lucas opened a book. Travel Tip 3: Items in your Bag are sorted by their categories.

​Lastly, you examine the fourth and final cabinet.

Narration: ​Lucas opened a book. Travel Tip 4: The Pokégear is a useful tool. You can make a phone call, listen to the radio, check the map, and so on.

​You realise that you haven't yet got your Pokégear, but do not worry about this now. You spot a scientist standing near the cabinets and wonder if he is Professor Elm.

Scientist: ​Huh? Me? I'm not the professor. He's at the back of the room.

​You thank him and spot the professor standing near an array of machinery. You greet him.

Professor Elm: ​Hi, Lucas! I've been waiting for you! Do you know anything about my research? As you know, Pokémon are carried in Pokéballs these days. But before the Poké Ball was invented, people used to walk with Pokémon. Just like your friend Lyra does! Poké Balls are great because you can carry many Pokémon. But walking with Pokémon must have some advantages. It could have something to do with how Pokémon grow or evolve...So I'm going to give you a Pokémon! Can you walk beside this Pokémon, outside of its Poké Ball, to see if this brings any special feelings or bonds between Pokémon and people? The device over there has some Pokémon you could choose from...

​Professor Elm suddenly turns his attention to his PC behind him on the desk.

Professor Elm: ​Oh, hey! I got an email!

Professor Elm: ​...Hm...Uh-huh...OK...

Professor Elm: ​Hey, listen. I have this acquaintance that people call Mr. Pokémon. He keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got an email from him saying that this time it's real. It's probably another Pokémon Egg, but we're still so busy with our Pokémon research...Wait! I know! You can go in our place, right? Can we count on you? You can choose one of the Pokémon over there.

​Excited, you go over to the large white machine and notice three Pokéballs inside.

​Professor Elm: ​Touch a Poké Ball to see what Pokémon is inside!

You touch the one closest to you. You see that a green Pokémon is inside. It has a large leaf on its head, a necklace of buds around it's neck, and red eyes.

Narration: CHIKORITA, the Grass-type Pokémon, is in this Poké Ball!

​You touch the Pokéball to the left. You see that a blue Pokémon is inside. It looks like an alligator and has small, sharp teeth and red spines down its back.

Narration: ​TOTODILE, the Water-type Pokémon, is in this Poké Ball!

​You touch the final Pokéball. You see that a blue and white pokémon is inside. It has blue fur on top of its body, and milky white fur on the underside of its body. Orange and yellow flames erupt from its back.

Narration: ​CYNDAQUIL, the Fire-type Pokémon, is in this Poké Ball!

Narration: ​Once you've decided, touch a Poké Ball!

​You touch the Pokéball with Cyndaquil inside.

Professor Elm: You'll take CYNDAQUIL, the Fire-type Pokémon?

Narration: ​Touch the Poké Ball button to select. Touch elsewhere to change your selection.

​You gently touch the button on the centre of the Pokéball, and a flash of light fills your vision. When it clears, you look down to find Cyndaquil by your side.

Narration: ​Give a nickname to the CYNDAQUIL you received?

​You decide that you would like to give it a nickname.

Narration: ​CYNDAQUIL's nickname?

​Your Cyndaquil is male. You think carefully, and finally decide on the name; you want your Cyndaquil to be known as Jaysen.

Narration: Is Jaysen the nickname you want to give?

​You confirm the name and return to Professor Elm.

Professor Elm: ​How do you like walking with your Pokémon? It's not bad, is it? You can take it all the way to Mr. Pokémon's house. If your Pokémon gets hurt...you should heal it with this machine. It's so easy to use. Just check the PC on my desk! Mr. Pokémon goes everywhere and finds rarities. His house is past Cherrygrove City. Go north a little past Cherrygrove. I'm counting on you, Lucas!

​You feel confident. Before you leave, you see a memo in the recycling bin and take it out to read it.

Narration: ​You found a memo...If a Pokémon is trying to evolve, you can stop it. Press the B Button during evolution.

​You remember this information, and decide that it is time to leave the lab. On your way to the door, the scientist you talked to earlier stops you.

Scientist: ​Lucas, I want you to have these to help you with your task.

Narration: ​Obtained the Potions! Lucas put the Potions in the MEDICINE Pocket.

Scientist: ​Pokémon are weak in the beginning. Don't hesitate to use a Potion if you think yours is in danger.

​The scientist returns to where he was standing, and you leave the lab. Upon exiting, you see Lyra and her Marill playing just outside the building. Marill runs circles around her and you smile. Lyra looks up and notices you.

Lyra: ​Lucas! So you picked...a CYNDAQUIL! That's a cute Pokémon you have! When you walk with it, it'll become more friendly. You should turn around and talk to it sometimes, too. Oh, that's right! Why don't you show it to your mom? See ya!

​Lyra and her Marill disappear out of sight. You glance down at Jaysen and call his name. He looks confused.

Narration: Jaysen doesn't seem used to its own name yet.

​You talk to Jaysen again, and he responds positively.

Narration: ​Jaysen is looking this way and smiling!

​You decide to head back to your house to show your mother which pokémon you chose. Entering the house, you greet her at the table where she is seated.

Mother: ​Oh! Lucas! That's a cute Pokémon you have. Professor Elm must have given it to you? Oh, Professor Elm has a task for you, you say? What kind of task? ...I see. That sounds a little difficult. But when someone makes that kind of request of you, it must be important! Oh, that's right! I completely forgot! Your Pokégear came back from the repair shop! Here you go!

Narration: ​Lucas received the Pokégear!

You take it and notice it appear in the menu tab.

Mother: ​The Pokémon Gear...or Pokégear, as it's often called, is what every Trainer should have. Guess what? You can use the Pokégear to make a phone call, too. Do you remember how?

​You tell her that you remember exactly how to use it.

Mother: ​Just power on the Pokégear and touch the telephone button, OK? The names of people you can call are automatically registered. Just select one to give him or her a call. Wow, I can't believe it's so easy to make a phone call!

You leave the house again, and decide to see if Lyra is at home. Her house is south of yours. As you enter through her front door, you see her dad sat at the kitchen table. You walk over to him and greet him.

Lyra's Dad: Hi, Lucas! Lyra is upstairs. She's playing games with her Pokémon as usual.

​You thank him for his help and rush upstairs to find Lyra. As you enter her bedroom, you laugh as you see her Marill running in circles around the room. You talk to the excited Marill.

Marill: Qurururoon.

​You walk over to Lyra and say hello.

Lyra: ​My MARILL is super cute...But your CYNDAQUIL looks pretty good, too, Lucas!

​You agree with her. You notice her PC is on, and glance at it.

Narration: ​You shouldn't mess with someone else's PC!

​You decide to leave Lyra and Marill to play, remembering that you need to complete the task that Professor Elm has asked of you and find Mr. Pokémon. You leave Lyra's house and turn left, greeting a man as you do so.

Man: ​Yo, Lucas! I hear Professor Elm discovered some new Pokémon.

​You nod, interested at learning something new about your acquaintance. You continue on your way, and decide to visit the only other house in your hometown, New Bark Town, before you depart. As you enter, you see a lady seated at a table and speak to her.

Lady: ​PIKACHU is an evolved Pokémon...This fact was first discovered by Professor Elm. I was amazed by Professor Elm's findings. He's so famous for his research on Pokémon evolution. Sigh...I wish I could be a researcher like him...

​You, too, are amazed at the professor's discovery, and think how great it would be to make a discovery like that. You exit the house and as you are about to pass the professor's lab, decide to say hello to his family. You climb the outer stairs and enter his house, which is above the lab. You greet his wife in a friendly voice.

Professor Elm's Wife: ​Hi, Lucas! My husband's always so busy - I hope he's OK. When he's caught up in his Pokémon research, he even forgets to eat.

​You also say hi to his son.

Professor Elm's Son: ​When I grow up, I'm going to help my dad! I'm going to be a great Pokémon Professor!

​You think it's sweet that he wants to be like his father. You leave the house and walk back down the outer stairs. You head towards the road leading out of New Bark Town, and as you do you say hello to a lady near the road.

​Lady: Oh! Your Pokémon is adorable! I wish I had one!

​You smile politely and begin to leave, but something catches your attention. There is a boy with red hair staring through the side window into the professor's lab, and you find this suspicious as you have never seen this boy before. You approach him cautiously.

Boy: ...So this is the famous Elm Pokémon Lab...

​He turns to face you, startled.

Boy: ​...What are you staring at?

​He pushes you hard in the chest, and you decide it best to stay out of his way. You begin to leave via the road, when you hear a door open behind you.

Professor Elm: ​Wait one second!

You turn to face the professor as he approaches you.

Professor Elm: I almost completely forgot about this...here, I'll give you my number.

​Narration: Lucas registered Professor Elm in the Pokégear!

Professor Elm: I'll call you if anything comes up.

You leave New Bark Town, knowing that this is the start of an adventure you will never forget!

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