HeartGold: An Adventure

Be transported into Pokémon Heartgold Version in this literary walkthrough of the game as I embark on my adventure.


3. Journey to Cherrygrove City

You begin to walk down Route 29 and immediately notice a tall green sign. It reads "Rt. 29. West to Cherrygrove City." You check on Jaysen to see how he's doing.

Narration: ​Jaysen is steadily poking at the ground.

​You carry on your way, approaching some tall, dark green grass. You can barely see through it, it's so tall! You gingerly make your way through, finding a patch of clear ground in the middle, before continuing into more tall grass. Suddenly, without warning, a pokémon springs out from the grass and you are forced to prepare for battle.

​Narration: ​A wild PIDGEY appeared! Go! Jaysen! What will Jaysen do?

The wild Pidgey is Lv2, and your Jaysen is Lv5 - this shouldn't be too difficult, but it's your first battle so you must be careful. You see what moves Jaysen has, and discover only 2 out of 4 moves have been learned. These are Tackle and Leer. You opt for a physical attack.

Narration: Jaysen used Tackle! A critical hit!

​Now it's Pidgey's turn, and you watch on anxiously as it attacks your precious pokémon.

Narration: The wild PIDGEY used Tackle! What will Jaysen do?

​Jaysen is only mildly injured, so you decide to use Tackle again.

Narration: ​Jaysen used Tackle! The wild PIDGEY fainted! Jaysen gained 15 Exp. points.

​You check Jaysen for injuries, and see that he has only lost 1 HP. He has 19/20 HP and so you decide not to head back to Professor Elm's lab to heal, but to carry on down Route 29 instead. You manage to make it through the patch of tall grass without any further encounters, and so happily continue on the pathway. On both sides of the trail are fresh-smelling pine trees, dark green in colour and densely packed together. The path splits, and you decide to carry on going west rather than walk north and onto slightly higher ground. You see a boy in a blue baseball cap, and stop to chat.

Boy: ​Hey, how are your Pokémon? If they're weak and not ready for battle, keep out of the tall grass.

​You thank him for the advice and continue west. You see a smaller tree amidst the pines, and wonder if you can get to the clearing on the other side.

Narration: ​This tree looks like it can be cut down!

​Your Pokémon doesn't know the move "Cut", so you leave the tree and continue past it, but realise that there is a ridge blocking your way and you have come to a dead end. You return to where the boy is standing and proceed to head north instead. You see another smaller tree, but with the knowledge that you cannot get through, you know you have to go through the tall grass instead. You opt for the patch of grass furthest to the right, and head through without meeting any Pokémon. Almost immediately, you are forced to head into more grass, but you can see an item on the other side! Hurriedly, you scurry towards the item, and when you reach it you eagerly pick it up.

Narration: Lucas found a Potion! Lucas put the Potion in the MEDICINE Pocket.

​Feeling pleased with yourself, you turn around and head back through the grass. You hear a rustle, but it's too late - a Pokémon jumps out at you and you prepare for battle a second time.

Narration: ​A wild SENTRET appeared! Go! Jaysen! What will Jaysen do?

The Sentret is Lv2 and Jaysen is Lv5 so you know it should only take two attacks to win the battle. You order Jaysen to use the move Tackle.

Narration: Jaysen used Tackle!

You barely have time to react before the Sentret attacks.

Narration: The wild SENTRET used Scratch! What will Jaysen do?

​You watch as your Cyndaquil is raked with sharp claws, and quickly order Jaysen to Tackle the Sentret again.

Narration: ​Jaysen used Tackle! The wild SENTRET fainted! Jaysen gained 16 Exp. points.

​You inspect the damage your Pokémon has received, to find that he's only lost 3 HP. With 16/20 HP left, you decide it's safe to carry on without healing. You continue west through the grass, and doubt that you will get through without another wild encounter. Sure enough, you are sprung upon once more.

Narration: ​A wild PIDGEY appeared! Go! Jaysen! What will Jaysen do?

​It's a Lv3 Pokémon, but, feeling confident after your previous successes, you decide against fleeing and yell for Jaysen to Tackle the Pidgey.

Narration: Jaysen used Tackle!

The Pidgey loses approximately a third of it's HP in one hit.

Narration: The wild PIDGEY used Tackle! What will Jaysen do?

​Jaysen goes to Tackle the Pidgey, but it's faster and get's an attack in first.

Narration: The wild PIDGEY used Tackle!

​Jaysen retaliates, irritated by the Pidgey's fast movements.

Narration: Jaysen used Tackle! A critical hit! The wild PIDGEY fainted! Jaysen gained 23 Exp. Points.

​To your excitement, Jaysen levels up.

Narration: ​Jaysen grew to Lv. 6! Jaysen learned SmokeScreen!

​You wonder what kind of move SmokeScreen is, and press "Pokémon" in the menu tab. You select Jaysen, and check his moves. You see that SmokeScreen is a Normal type move, and has 20 PP. It's power is unspecified, and it's accuracy is 100. The move is described as follows; "the user releases an obscuring cloud of smoke or ink. It reduces the foe's accuracy."

You feel pleased with obtaining a new move, and wonder how Jaysen is fairing. You check his health to find that he only has 11/22 HP. You decide that it's best to use a Potion, and fumble through your bag to find one. Having never used a Potion before, you read it's description.

Narration: ​A spray-type medicine for wounds. It restored the HP of one Pokémon by just 20 points.

​You use the Potion on Jaysen.

Narration: Jaysen's HP was restored by 11 point(s).

​You make it out of the grass safely and find yourself faced with another option. Do you go north and up the stairs, or do you continue west? You know that it's west to Cherrygrove, but you become curious as to what's up the stairs and so decide to investigate this briefly. You find yourself in between two help desks, only one of which is manned. You speak to the uniformed man.

Man: You can't climb ledges. But you can jump down from them to take a shortcut.

​You thank him for his advice, and realise that later when you return to New Bark Town, you will find it much easier as you will be able to jump over the ledges that had previously blocked your way. There's a kid near the empty helpdesk and you greet him.

Kid: ​Different kinds of Pokémon appear past here. If you want to catch them all, you have to look everywhere.

​You imagine what it would be like to catch a Pokémon of every kind. Wow! You continue on through the door and find yourself on Route 46. You see another tall green sign; it says "Rt. 46. Mountain Road ahead." You see a man standing in the middle of the tall grass and decide to talk to him - maybe he can offer some advice. Just before you reach him, a Pokémon jumps out at you! You prepare for battle.

Narration: ​A wild RATTATA appeared! Go! Jaysen! What will Jaysen do?

​You decide against using SmokeScreen, as you want to use a physical move against the Lv2 Rattata.

Narration: ​Jaysen used Tackle!

You become excited when you see that the Rattata's HP is down by half!

Narration: The wild RATTATA used Tail Whip! Jaysen's defence fell! What will Jaysen do?

​You stick with your method, using only Tackle to attack.

Narration: Jaysen used Tackle!

​The wild Rattata's HP is down to red, and you know that it's close to fainting.

Narration: The wild RATTATA used Tackle! What will Jaysen do?

Narration: Jaysen used Tackle! The wild RATTATA fainted! Jaysen gained 16 Exp. points.

Breathing a sigh of relief, you finally reach the man and greet him.

Man: ​A dead end...? Did I take the wrong path? I didn't know this was only one way.

You realise that you, too, have taken the wrong path and reached a dead end, and so turn back and head for the door. You reach the other side of the grass with no more wild encounters, and wonder how Jaysen feels. You talk to him.

Narration: ​Your Pokémon seems to be happy about the great weather!

​You agree that it's good weather, and head back through the doors to Route 29. As you turn to head west, you notice a man standing near you, and say hello to him.

Man: ​I wanted to take a break, so I saved to record my progress.

You also save, and carry on your way, but to your concern you find another large patch of tall grass awaiting you! You have no choice but to go through it, and you're too far ahead to turn back to Professor Elm's lab and heal, so you decide that if you have a spot of bother you will use the Potions again. To your surprise, you make it through the grass unharmed. You jump over the ledge south of the grass and, seeing a lady, talk to her.

Lady: ​Do you see those ledges? It's scary to jump off them. But you can go to New Bark Town without walking through tall grass.

​You thank her for the advice, and walk west again, hoping that soon you will reach Cherrygrove City so that you may heal Jaysen. As you pass the ledge that you just jumped over, you see a man standing on a higher ledge, and decide to brave the tall grass again to greet him. You reach him safely.

Man: ​I'm waiting for Pokémon that only appear at night.

​You wonder for a moment what kinds of nocturnal Pokémon there are. You notice an odd looking tree. It appears as if it has a large berry of some kind sitting on the top, and you investigate the tree.

Narration: ​It's an Apricorn Tree! Since there's nothing to put it in, there's no reason to take it...

​You reluctantly leave the Apricorn Tree, hoping that soon you will find something to collect the odd berries in. You continue on your way, jumping south over two ledges to avoid the tall grass. As you pass another green sign, you see what must be Cherrygrove City!

You save your progress before deciding to progress onwards...

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