The Ten Labors of Draco and Hermione Pt. 2

Draco and Hermione are completing their final year in an AU in which Voldemort never existed. Fights between the two are becoming an issue, so the Professors imagine a punishment. This punishment is so crazy, it might just give the two a new outlook on life.


1. Hermione and Draco's Dreaded Discipline

A/N: I once read a Fanfiction titled "The Ten Labors of Draco and Hermione." I do not take credit for this idea, so if you would like to read more then check out the original. Be careful getting attached to the original because it is unfinished for ten years. I need to have an ending to it. So, without further ado, my take on the story after reading it 4+ years ago. 


“What is your obsession with smothering me?!” Hermione shrieked. Draco’s hands were on either side of Hermione’s head, trying to balance himself, but her thrashing wasn’t helping any. Eye to eye, Hermione’s hand desperately grabbed a fistful of Draco’s pasty blonde hair and yanked his face away from hers, but Draco snatched her wrist before any real damage was done to his not-less-than-perfect locks.

Draco smirked and retorted, “Stop yelling at me, you Mudblood.” If that was how she was going to be, then he might as well take his own precious time standing up. It wasn’t his fault he was on the floor. She just happened to be where he was walking. If anything, the Mudblood should be apologizing to him right now, not the other way around.

“Students, students, please return to your seats.” Professor Flitwick’s voice wasn’t to be heard as he scurried about the charms room in a fluster. Blood rushed to Hermione’s ears, and in that moment her only thoughts were ‘Get this stupid ferret off me.’

With no other way to achieve that goal, Hermione punched Draco square in the face. Classmates forming a circle around the squabblers gasped. Malfoy screamed.

Then a booming voice sounded, louder than each of theirs. “Cease this display of madness at once.” The display of madness ceased, and students dispersed. Snape peered  down at them with severe disgust.  “I expected better from you, Draco. And for Hermione, I am sick. 40 points from Gryffindor. Follow me to the Headmaster’s office.”

Hermione’s face went stark white. Her heartbeat skipped, and her eyes widened. “Please, Professor-"

“Enough.”  She knew Snape despised her, but she never thought he would send her there. Unwillingly, Hermione sludged behind Draco to the office. Her skirt had been coated with dust, but Draco showed greater effects from shuffling around the charm’s floor. Not only was Hermione’s hair now in tangles (She took an hour out of her study time every morning to get it that shiny) but her robe was disheveled. She didn’t care to fix it. How could a simple self-levitation charm end up like this? Scraggly beard Dumbledore stood next to the stone gargoyle, awaiting the troublesome students. Along with a password of Treacletart, Dumbledore accessed the room, and the three took their seats. “You may leave, Severus.”

“Oh right,” he nodded, disappointment sounding in his voice. Of course hearing Hermione’s punishment would have been the highlight of his day…

Hermione would rather be here studying the room, not receiving punishment. She had read of the features that the Headmaster’s office offered in Hogwarts, A History, but now the hum of stray gadgets couldn’t fascinate her. 

“This is the third time you two have interrupted a peaceful class, as you may know. Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy, we have deemed it necessary to take action. We cannot have such behavior disrupting our school,” said Dumbledore as he gazed over his spectacles. The headmaster laid a sheet of parchment paper and quill with ink infront of each of them. “Allow me to explain how your punishment will work.. The parchment is to write down ten tasks you would like eachother to perform.  Said tasks can be anything, even as simple as making the other a pancake breakfast.”

Forcing Draco to do something at Hermione's will actually seemed like it could be fun, as far as punishments go, she thought. However, that was not the extent of it.

“You will alternate days doing each other’s tasks, except for weekends. On top of that, you will have a chain linking you together,” he stated like he was simply telling them the lunch menu at The Three Broomsticks.

Hermione found it hard to not let her mouth gape open. Draco was fuming, and his teeth gritted, “Just wait till my…” Draco stopped as he remembered that him and his father weren’t exactly on speaking terms right now.

“Professor, could you please make the chain invisible at least?” Hermione murmured. Was she starting to fear this punishment? Yes.

“Of course, Miss Granger. Now if there are no more objections, I shall continue.” (OBJECTION!!)

“You will alternate house tables in the Great Hall every day, and sleeping arrangements have been made. It would be unfortunate for Malfoy to have to stay in a girl’s dorm, and likewise for Miss Granger. I will allow entry to your respected common rooms, but you must be to your assigned dorm before curfew. I also expect full duty from you, Hermione, as Head Girl. Your positions as students will not change. Then, without further ado, I have business to attend to. Let’s make this fast.”

Dumbledore, being the superior magic user in the room, gave a flick of his wand to incite a chain between the two students. Completed with a disillusionment charm, it was now invisible to the eyes, and a mere three feet long. It connected Draco’s right hand to Hermione’s left (Hermione writes more notes, so..). Hermione waved her hand around with ease, initially expecting a chain to carry more weight. (Memes carry weight dude.) Draco gathered his parchment and began scratching away at it. If she tried, Hermione thought, maybe somehow she could adjust to living with Draco. “No peeking, Mudblood,” he sneered. On second thought, Hermione would rather him be eaten by a creature in the Black Lake.

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