The Slytherin and the Hufflepuff

A hufflepuff some how becomes friends with a slytherin that takes her in. Soon they begin to fall in love slowly day by day. As lots is trials hit them, will they be able to stay in love?
P.S. Lots of bad spelling. I'm not a very good typer on my phone.


2. How it all began

Soon, I started to make new friends. Like Clair Messal and Aubrey Evan in Ravenclaw. I also met another Hufflepuff Named Hayley. I soon forgot about my friends from Slytherin. Until my fourth year when it all started.

It was during the first task of the Triwizard tournament, the golden egg. I soon found myself leaving the stadium because I could not watch it. While I was walking out, I tripped on the bench. I covered my face for the fall but found myself caught and thrown down in a dipping position by someone.

"A little clumsy there aye Abby." The figure chuckled. The first thing i saw when I looked up was blond hair, blue eyes, and a devilish smile.

"Draco!" Draco pulled me up and we embraced. "I haven't seen you in forever!" He smiled at me.

"Come on. Let's catch up." We continued out of the stadium and walked side by side. It was silent for a little while when Draco broke the silence.

"So have you made any other friends?"

"Yeah. Three."

"Three! That's impressive!"Draco shouted in Surprise.

"Well I am a Hufflepuff!" I said in obviousness. We both laughed.

"How's Snow the cat?" Draco asked. I snorted.

"Fine. She's doing fine. Sorry if my snorting scared you." I said, embarrest.

"No no. I like it." Draco replied. It was silent for a little until Draco broke it again.

"So have you found any people to date in the future yet?" Draco asked while chuckling.

"You really want me to answer that?" I asked making a joke.

"Yeah yeah I do." Draco continued with the joke.

"Well for your curiousness, no I haven't found anybody nor has anybody found me." I said. Draco smiled.

"Well if it makes you feel better, I would date you." Draco said.

"Really. Really. Really? You would date me? A Hufflepuff." I said with all seriousness.

"Yes. Yes I would." Draco said. I chuckled. We made eye contact and stared into each other's eyes.

"You have beautiful eyes." Draco said.

"Thanks. They're my mothers." I replied. Butterflies flew into my stomach.

"Sorry you have something on your cheek." Draco lifted his hand and whipped my cheek. The butterflies instantly flew away.

Soon Draco and I started to hang out again. Crabbe and Goyle where happy to see me. Of course I still hung out with my other friends but not as much as I hung out with Draco. I felt a feeling around him all the time. I started to like him, more each day I saw him. But my father disapproved.

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