My Best Friend

Trace is different than the other kids...


1. Therapist Tuesdays

Fuck. I hate this chapter name. Also, sorry for short-ass chapters

"Trace, I think if you start caring for yourself, you would actually see a change in your life.." The therapist told Trace. Trace just spun around in a swivel chair and nodded mindlessly.

I'm not listening to this fucking long-ass therapist. The thought crossed Trace's mind every now and then and it brought a smile to Trace's face.

"Trace, listen to me, if you want a real life, then actually show people you care about yourself and other people." Did that shorty just insult me?! Trace thought. Trace groaned loudly.

"I do fucking care..." Trace lied. The therapist just smiled.

"How amazing." The therapist smiled even more. She let Trace happily leave. 




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