Loving my best friend

Two years of the fall out as Emily confessing her love to only her best friend Josh, by fate decision he completely denied of his attraction feeling towards her until all changed in couple of years.
Josh is fallen in love with Emily?
Their bond is unbreakable but the aspect can damage their love?
Can fate Emily their relationship in hard situation?


1. Chapter 1

Emily POV

9:45 am

Both of my parents were out for work in the morning. Which leaves me home alone, I got out of bed and did my usually morning routines. After 2 mins passed by, as I'm still wearing my nightie so I decide not to go out but to relax throughout the day at home. As I strolled down my contacted list through my iPhone 6s and at the middle Josh name appeared. I frowned as why I still have his number and before in the past he would block my number and even on social media after I confess my feelings for him. I really did love Josh but I was really innocent and native to notice he wasn't worth it as he started to acting as a jerk. A while ago I got a text from my friend, Maya, saying that Josh moving back to town. Which meant I have to face Josh again after all these years.

Why make life hard for me Josh? As I question myself.

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