Leo's Love

Penelope has been in camp for three years. Leo is back from his quest and has fallen in love. Then they meet a new kid, Toothless. Penelope takes care of him in the Apollo cabin and they get close. Then Rachel tells everyone about an old prophecy. Read on to find out more.


2. Will They Help?

Toothless's POV


I woke to the sounds of painful yells. I laid there with my eyes clothed. I could hear Will giving orders. I have been in the cabin for four days. So hearing the wounded was normal for me. I also learned that this was the hospital and that there was no adult doctors. And the only adult was a half man half horse named Chiron. So I was shocked to see him, and to know that he was the only one here in charge of the whole camp. I opened my eyes.


“Oh. Your awake.” I turned to see Penny sitting next to me. “Do you need anything?” She asked.


I thought for a moment before answering her. This place was strange. Nothing like back home. And the things they had was strange too.


“I will love to have some water and fish.” I say.


She gets up and walks out of the cabin. And when I knew she was gone I pulled up the blanket from my left leg. Well where my left leg was. It was taken off three days ago. The bite from that dragon had damaged my leg. They tried for one whole day to save it. They tried to give me a plant thing called Ambrosia, but it made me sick. They were surprised. But Chiron said that the plant made me sick because I was a normal human or something else. I did not argue with him. So they gave me a sleeping pill and when I woke up my left leg was gone from my knee on down. Later I found out that Leo and Hiccup were making me a new metal leg.


“Here you go.” Penny was back with a tray of food. A plate of fried fish and a glass of water.


I ate while she watched. Ever sense I lost my leg she has not left my side. We talk about anything. She told me the first day not to call her Penny. So I only say it in my head. She is a great person. She told me everything about the gods coming down and mating with humans and having half god half human children called demigods. I told her that both my parents died and that I have no family. She is the same. She lost her mother in an accident that saved her, but took her mother. She has lived in the camp ever sense.


“You look hungry. You want some?” I ask, offering her my plate.


She shakes her head, but I could see that she was hungry. Has she eaten at all? I try to ask her, but Will interups.


“Penelope. Rachel is asking for you. She is waiting for you in your cabin.” He leaves once she nods her head.


She looks at me like she really does not want to leave me. I finally convince her to go by telling her that Will or one the the other Apollo kids would get her if something bad happens.


Penelope's POV


I ran to cabin three. I did not want to leave Toothless's side. What if he fell out of bed or needs something and the other Apollo's kids could be too busy to help him? Ok. I know that was not likely to happen but any thing could happen. So I ran to see what Rachel wanted that she had to tell at my cabin but not the Apollo's.


“Ah, Penny.” Rachel says when I walk into my cabin. I groan.


When will people stop calling me by Leo's stupid nickname. The only one who stopped was Toothless. He has never said it once. And I like him for it. Kinda the reason I have missed breakfast, lunch and dinner to stay by his side. I sit on my bed and look at her not saying a word. I have learned the past three days that if I just not talk then the person who called me 'Penny' would either say sorry or I would not talk. It has worked on everyone but Leo. He just continues as if me not talking is normal. I still have not forgiven him for the whole whole bunker nine kiss thing. He can't see why.


“Sorry. Penelope. So glad you could join me.” Rachel says sitting cross legged on the floor in front of me.


“Hello, Rachel. What brings you to cabin three?” I ask.


“I have been talking with Ella and she told me about a Prophesy with your name on it.” She says, and my mouth drops open.


“What?” Is all I ask.


“I don't know much. Just that the name Penny is in it. I thought you should be the first to know.” She gets up and walks to the entrance to my cabin. “Oh, and I have a feeling that Leo and Hiccup are almost done with that new kids leg, he will need a place to stay. How do you feel if he stays in this cabin with you. You two seem close but I wanted to ask you before going to Chiron.” She asked.


I thought about it. Ever sense Tyson had left to live in the woods with Ella, the cabin had felt lonely. I look at Rachel.


“Tell Chiron that I would not mind if Toothless shared my cabin. He can have Percy's bunk.” I tell her.


Rachel nods her head and walks out. I get up and think that I will see if what Rachel said about Toothless's leg was true. So I walked the short distance to the Hephaestus cabin.


Leo's POV


“Leo. You in?” I heard her voice before I saw her walk in.


She had made me jump and the hamer that was in my hand came down on my hand insead of the metal I was trying to form.


“Good, gods girl. Just make me mess up my best hand.” I suck my thumb and turn to look at her.


She seems to look better every time I see her. Today she has her blond hair down and a simple dress on. After I took her in I saw that she was wearing the same thing Colipso was wearing when I first met her. Only Colipso had her hair in a braid. Penelope had her hair down and on one side of her neck.


“Leo? Earth to Leo.” She waved her hand in front of my face.


“Sorry, princess. Kinda went out for a second there. What were you saying?” I say.


“Ugh. Leo. Where is Toothless leg?” She puts her hands on her hips.


“Oh. That what you came here for? Not to see how I was doing or to see if my hand was ok?” I turn and pull the metal leg out of a cubicle next to me.


“Not now Leo. Just show me the leg so I can go.” She pulls the leg out of my hand.


“Burr. When did you get to be cold?” I ask.


But she does not say anything. She only looks at the leg. She turns it over in her hands and looks at every detail of it. Then her face falls.


“No. No. This is all wrong.” She places the leg on a table and grabs a tool.


Ok. I flipped. When a girl walks in and takes no notice of you but notices every fault in your work any one would flip.


“Ok, Penny. Stop right there. What do you think you are doing?” I say as I look over her shoulder.


She doesn't say anything. At first I thought she was too foraced on what she was doing till I remembered that she wont talk unless I say sorry and call her by her name. But I did not see the point. She will always be Penny to me. But I figure that if I want to talk to her I should say sorry.


“I'm sorry. Penelope, what are your doing?” I ask.


“Well, if you want him to bend the leg you need to change this.” She points to the place at the top of the leg.


She began to work as I watched her hands move over the leg. She did not have danti hands. When she had a tool in her hand she knew what she was doing. Her eyes wer focused on the job and I could not look away from her blue eyes.


“The calibration is all wrong here too. What were you two thinking. Gods, if you want something done right you should do it yoursef.” Penelope said taking another part off.


“Well, if you wanted to do it. Then why were you not here?” I ask her. What does she do all day?


That's when I really looked at her. Had that dress always hung off her like that? And is that a shoulder blade that I see. I look at her waist and it was small, smaller than it was three days ago. Was she starving herself? I got mad. So not only was she avoiding me, but she was starving herself.


“Penelope. Are you hungry?” I ask her knowing the answer.


Penelope keeps working on the leg. She does not look up at me. “No. I have too much to do. I don't have time to eat.” Is her reply, as she contines to fiddle with the leg.


I pull the tools out of her hands and turned her to look at me. She strugles and finaly lets the tools go and looks at me. Her face had dark circles under her eyes. But her eyes were sparkiling. How could I not see it then. How long were her eyes like that. How long has it been sence she was asleep. Then I added it all up. She was with him. She was watching over him.


“When was the last time you eat? When was the last time you had a good sleep? Where have you been spending your time all day?” I look at her eyes and they go from happy to gaurded.


“I do not think its your consern when I last eat or slept, or where I spend my time. Your not my father.” She snaps at me.


“Well, you look like you have not eaten in three days, and there are bags under your eyes. You were with him the last three days havent you?” I contort.


“Leo, we are not having this conversation. Who I see and who I stay with is my own buissness. Not yours. So you need to back off. Or so help me Zeus, I will smack you. And now I have to go, I have been gone to long as it is. I told him that I would be back after I talked to Rachel.” She pulls away from my grasp.


“What did she want?” I ask as she puts the finished leg under her arm.


“Just that you were done with the leg and that after we give it to Toothless, he will be in my cabin.” Then she turned around and walked out.


I stair at her go. And my blood was boiling and the pain in my thumb was gone. I look down and my hands were on fire.


Penelope's POV


I walk back to the Apolo cabin. Thoughts of his face were in my mind. How dare he look at me like that. He has not right to look at me like he cares. I do not need that in my life. I need friends. The only one who seems to get that was Toothless. And he was in the cabin that I was heading to. I walked in and found him asleep. So I went looking for Will. I found him with a kid with a big gash in his arm and dust all over his lower legs. From fighting looks like. I walk back over to Toothless till Will was free.


“Ah, Penelope. Your back. And is that the leg?” Will asked from behind me.


I don't say anything. I just hand him the leg. And contine to look at Toothless. His face was so peacefull. I looked and saw that half his fish was still on the plate. My stumic growled low. I waited till Will had left to look at the leg, then I grabbed the plate and started to stuff my face.


“I saved that for you.” Toothless says.


I freeze. I had thought he had been asleep. So I swallowed my bite. And lowered the plate to my lap to look at him. He opened his eyes and looked at me. My face goes red. So he knew. But did he know abut the sleep?


“I saw the plate and thought you were done. So I did not want it to go to wast.” I was rambiling. So I clamped my mouth shut.


Toothless looked at me with curios eyes. So I went back to eating before I said anything else stupid. I finished all the fish. I drinking the water and looking any were but at Toothless, when Will entered with the leg.


“Ah, Toothless. Your awake. Good then we can try the leg on you.” Will moved the blanket out of the way.


He placed the prosthetic leg in the place of where his old leg was. It fit perfect. I helped will put it in place and made sure it stayed in place. Once it was in place I helped Toothless get up and try standing on it. He stumbled a few times, and I was there to ketch him every time. Then after a few tries he finally stood on his own. I looked up at him a smiled. He looked down at me and smiled too.


“Well. Looks like you have the hang of standing. Why not try walking.” Will sagested.


So Toothless tried it, and after a few stumbles he was walking. I was smilling like a dork. And after he had the hang of walking around the cabin Will asked him if there was a place for him to stay. And my face went red.


“Rachel asked me if he could stay with me. I told her that eh could stay in Percy's bed. I did not see that as a problem.” I say looking at Toothless.


He looked like he was blushing. Could what I said was too soon? Could he want to look around and stay somewhere else? I looked around the room trying to look anywhere but at him.


“You don't have to stay with me, I mean in my cabin. If you wanted to stay some were else I can understand.” I was blabbing again.


“I would like vary much to stay in your cabin. I don't know where else to stay. Your the only friend I have. But will Your boyfriend mind?” Toothless asked.


My face went red. I should not have gotten angry at him, but why would he think that I had a boyfriend? Then I knew. Leo! Leo had to have told him that he was. Can that jerk stupe any lower. Well I will show him. He should not have meddled into my love life.


“Leo is not my boyfriend. And as of right now he is not even my friend. Follow me. I will show you the way to cabin 3.” I tuned at headed for the door. “I'll take it form here Will. I'll come and see you if I have any questions.”


Toothless followed me to the cabin. He looked around a lot. Even pointing to a lot of the parts of the camp. Saying things like 'Are those real arrows?' and 'Why are those kids playing with bombs?'. It was funny that my earlier anger was gone. I explained the camp as best as I could. But the look on his face told me that he was only getting more and more confused.


“I'll let you figure it out on your own. That's what I had to do. And I still don't fit in.” I say looking at the cabin as it got closer.


We finally reached cabin 3. I walked into in and pointed to the cot that my bed slept in when he was a camper here. It was not completely bear. His pen and orange camp shirt was on the bed where he left them. And the pictures of him and Anabeth were on the wall. I had to draw the curtain closed because looking at his empty cot only mad the lonely feeling grow. So I closed it and pretended that he was asleep. All the time.


“It's nice in there. So open. And do I smell the ocean?” Toothless was looking around.


“Yes. My dad is the god of the sea. So his cabin smells like the sea. It is calming.” I say as I make my bed just to keep my hands doing something.


Toothless walks over to the other cot and picks up the pen and shirt. I look over at him. He puts the shirt on the dresser in that side of the room and rolls the pen in his fingers. I was about to worn him not to click it, but he did, and riptide sprung out. I waited for him to freak. But his face only changed awstruck.


“Its a sword. But it was a pen. How cool is that? Is it yours?” He asks looks over at me.


“No. Its my brothers. He left it here. He is at home studding for collage.” I say looking at the sword in his hand.


How was it that he was able to release riptide? Only Percy was able to do that. It would not ever work for me. I tried. But the only thing that happened was that the pen would write. Not turn.


Toothless looked at the blade. He turned the sword in his hand and swung it a few times. Then he clicked it and the sword shunk and becam a pen again.


“That is so cool. I have never seen a sword like this.” He places the pen on the dresser and sat on the cot.


I looked at the pen. I could not figure out how that thing worked. Looks like I will have to talk to Ciron and learn how things work again. I look at Toothless and see him looking at me. My hands go to my face.


“Is there something on my face?” My face goes red.


“No. I was just thinking about how will I be able to know what to do? This is nothing like home.” He puts his hand behind his neck.


I knew how he felt. Everything was new for me too. I didn't know about this world. Everything I knew I thought was a myth.


“First thing in the morning we will go talk to Chiron.” I say.


“So what do you do?” Toothless crosses his legs on the bed.


“What do you mean?” I ask.


“Well, who is your dad?” I looks at me.


“My father is Poseidon.” I Tell him.


“And what can you do? The Apollo kids can heal. So what can you do?” He asks.


“I can breath underwater. And I can build in the forge.” I tell him.


“Your father can forge?” His eyes widen.


“Well, no. My grandfather is the god of forge. My mother was a demigod. Her father was Hephestus.” I explain.


“So Leo and Hiccup are your cousins.” He says it, but its like a unspoken question.


“Yes. But really we are all cousins. But we can't date in our own cabin.” I say.


But I could not figure out why was telling him that. Why should it matter if we can or cant date in our own cabin. He didn't need to know that. But some part of me felt that he needed to know. My face goes red.


“You okay. Penn, I mean Penelope?” He looks conserned.


I shake my head. “I'm fine. Just thinking.” I say.


What is wrong with me? After what happened with Eret, and then Leo, I should not be trying to get feelings for a guy. And yet I feel responsible for what happened to him. If I had not run out like I had, Festus would not have left and sensed Toothless in the woods.


“Why were you in the wood that day?” I ask out of no were.


“Huh?” Toothless looks confused.


“That day we found you.” I say.


“Oh. I was looking for help. My people are in trouble.” Toothless says.




I throw a wrench in the air and then caught it. Then I threw it a again. Watching it spin. I caught it. I could not stop thinking about Penelope had told me. He was sleeping in her cabin. Why her cabin?


“Hey, if your not going to use that, why not give it to someone who will.” I had not heard Hiccup enter.


The wrench that had been spinning around bounced to the ground because I had tried to catch it, but I had missed and it went flying, falling to the ground three feet away from me and Hiccup. I look over at him.


“Sorry about that. I was lost in thought.” I say moving to get the wrench form where it had landed.


“Thinking about Penelope?” Hiccup askes.


I look at Hiccup. “And what would give you that idea brother?” I toss wrench up in the air and let it spin.


Hiccup folds his arms. “Really dude? All the weeks that she has been in that cabin you have been working your tail off to finish that stupid leg and finally you finish it. But now that you have nothing to work on your not really here. Three hours now you have been tossing that wrench in the air and looking out at nothing. So your either really into the wall, or you are thinking of her.”


I catch the wrench and look at my friend. He had a point. What was wrong with me? Ever sense she had come into the shop and told me about where that stranger was going to stay I have been thinking about her. But I need to stop thinking about it and do something. I get up and walk to the enterance to the cabin.


“Hey, Leo? Where you going?” Hiccup asked as I passed him.


I ignored him and walked out. I walked over to Chiron cabin. I walked up and knocked. I could hear the wheelchair roll on the floor and Chiron opened the door.


“Oh, hello Valdez. How can I help you?” Chiron said the moment he opened the door.


I look at Chiron and clear my throat. “Sir.”

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