Leo's Love

Penelope has been in camp for three years. Leo is back from his quest and has fallen in love. Then they meet a new kid, Toothless. Penelope takes care of him in the Apollo cabin and they get close. Then Rachel tells everyone about an old prophecy. Read on to find out more.


1. Capture the Flag! Why me?

Chapter 1


Penelope's POV


I sat on the bottom of the lake. My eyes were closed. I could feel my hair moving around in the water. The sounds of the fish swimming around and the water nymphs gossiping. It was so calming.


'Penny if you stay down here. You will miss Capture the Flag.'


I groaned. Percy knew not to call me that. Only Leo could, and that was because I could not get him to stop. I opened my eyes and looked in front of me. My half-brother Percy was sitting on the lake floor in front of me. But his hair was not moving or any of his clothes. So I knew he was still at home.


“You know the water is the only place I can go and think, little brother.” I say.


“And you know I am ten years older than you.” He makes the water move even thou he is not here.


I laugh. He is three years older than me. And he has been at camp longer than me too. I still can't control the water like him. But I was fantastic in the workshop with Leo. I looked out of the lake.


"You know, you are not allowed to call me Penny." I say still looking out the lake. "And you know I am not that strong. I can't seem to fit in anywhere. What's the point? And Eret will never see me."


Percy did not say anything. I looked over and saw him looking at the camp. Everyone was holding hands. Even Will and Nico were holding hands. Leo was walking out of the workshop covered in oil. Even he looked happy. When I looked back at Percy I saw him looking at me.


“What?” I asked.


"Nothing little sis." He gets up. "I will hope that you get all geared up and ready for today. You never know what you can or can't do unless you try it. Think about it." He slowly fades away just as Leo was heading my way.


Leo walks towards me. What is new with the Guy on fire? Leo sits on the dock. So I swim up to him. I sit down next to him and he looks at my wet clothes. Then he smirks. I just roll my eyes.


“Leo. Why are you covered in oil?” I ask.


“You know, I can ask you the same thing. Why are you covered in water?” Leo laughed.


I just roll my eyes. Everything is a joke with this guy. I have wondered if he can be serious. But the day he is I think I might just faint.


“Gods Leo. You are a mystery. You know why I am wet.”


“And you know why I am covered in oil.” Leo counters.


I kick water at him and start to laugh. Leo is my best friend. He was the first person to not see me as a weak little girl. Well, I don't count Percy. He always sees the best of everyone. Leo is also the only one who can make me laugh. Even when I am having a bad day.


"Yes. Mission accomplished. Score one for Valdez." Leo pumps his fists in the air.


I can't help but laugh. See, no matter what, Leo can make me laugh. I looked at the water. Whenever I am near Leo I can tell him anything. He was the first person I told about my crush on Eret. And Leo did not make me feel bad about it either. He even promised not to tell anyone.


"So what's new Boy on Fire?" I ask in a joking voice. Since he calls me Penny, I call him Boy on Fire. He always corrects me.


"It is Man on fire. Girl, when will you get that I am a man, not a boy?" Leo said with a laugh in his voice.


“The day you become a man and tell me who you like.”


For the three months I have been here Leo will never tell me who he liked. I told him this, but he just said that he does not like anyone. I knew that was wrong, because Piper had told me he had fallen in love with a girl a long time ago, but she would not tell me the girls name. Whenever I tried to talk to Leo about it, he would talk about tools and stuff. Or change the topic. Like now.


"So I figured out how to make a new Argo II." Leo said to the water.


I sighed inwardly. See, no matter what. If I brought up this topic he shifts on me. So I just stop and follow his topic change, because if I try to push it. He shuts down like a machine. And he will not talk unless I talk about the changed topic.


“And I am guessing you did not bring the drawing?” I look down at his tool belt. Then I see where I'm looking, I look back at the water.


“You want to go swim?” Leo asks.


My head snaps back at him. “What?”


“Well, you keep looking at the lake. And just now I saw you looking at my stuff.” Leo gives me his mischievous looks.


My face gets red. Like I said. If he is ever serious I will faint. I punch him in the arm and start to laugh.


“If you think I was looking at your junk. You are sorely mistaken. I was looking at your tool belt.” I say still laughing.


Leo starts cracking up. “Wow, sea girl. I was talking about my tool belt too. How could your mind go there?”


My face gets red again. Gods this guy really gets me. At this, I jump into the water and make sure to splash him. I resurface and see to my delight that he is all wet.


“Well looks like you don't have to get in now. Your all wet.” I start to laugh. But then stop.


Leo's POV

After Penelope jumped into the water and splashed me I knew it was on. This girl knew how to play with fire. And I should know. After all 'Boy on fire' was what she called me. And it was true. I could cover myself in flame and not get burned. I watched her head break the surface of the water and she started laughing. So I stood up and pulled off my shirt. Penelope went silent. After I had taken my shirt off I jumped into the lake. I heard a scream and then laughter.


“Leo Valdez, you big jerk. You got water in my eyes.” There was laughter in her voice.


“Oh, I'm sorry Princess. I thought you didn't mind water in your eyes.” I laughed. And then splashed her with water.


"Leo!" Penelope squealed. And splashed me back.


I dogged the splash. Then we heard the horn that sounds to let everyone know that Capture the Flag will start. I look at Penelope and her face went as white as a sheet of paper.


"You know, you won't know if your good unless you let go of this fear." I say to her in a calm voice.


Penelope looks at me. Her eyes wide. Then she dives under the water and swims away. Good going bro. I think to myself. Just scare the second girl you ever cared about. Then it happened. As if she was next to me I heard her voice.


“I suppose that is your girlfriend? Your Penelope? Your Elizabeth? Your Annabeth?”


My hand went to my mouth. Sure she had been looking at Rena but she had said, Penelope. Could it have been a coincidence? I swam after her.


“Hey, Princess. Wait up.” I call after her.


I watch as she swam to shore. I followed her. I finally reach the shore just as she was getting close to the forest.


“Leo. There is nothing you can say to change my mind.” She says as I get closer to her.


“How about a wager?” I ask.


She stops in her tracks and turns around.


“A wager?” She asks. Her eyes on me.


I gulp. Great, now what did you get yourself into Valdez? I bring my hand to the back of my neck. What could I say? There was no way that I could talk her out of not going to the Capture the Flag unless I gave her an offer she could not refuse.


“If you go do Capture the Flag with us. Then I will stop calling you, Sea Princess.” I tell her.


“What about Penny? Will you stop calling me that?” Her eyes were big.


“Yes. I will even stop calling you Penny.” Not going to happen I think. It is a cute name.


She thinks it over. I know it's kinda strange but I could almost see her gears rotating as she thought of my proposal.


“And if I refuse to go? What will I have to do?” She looks at me with a quizzical look.


“If you still refuse to go, then you will have to wash my back for the next three months.” A say back.


I laugh when she shrugs up her nose disgusted like. Even if she did still refuse, I was not going to let her do that. But I had to say something in order to get her to get out there and see what she can do.


“Ok. Fine. But I am telling you. This will not work.”


Next couple hours later, Penelope and I were standing in Hiccup's team. We got the Athena cabin. On the opponent side, was Eret, and the Aries cabin. They had the Apollo cabin. Chiron was standing and making sure everyone knew the rules.


"Now you know that the team who captures the opponent's flag is the winner. And there is now killing or mangling aloud." He looks at the Aries cabin. "And may the best team win." At that he lets us go.


I follow Penelope and Hiccup to our flag. Penelope does not look happy. She had on the armor for a warrior but her helmet was too big. When I had seen her I had started to laugh, but she gave me one of those looks and I stopped mid-laugh.


“So Hic. What's the plan?” I asked walking behind him.


"They way I see it. The only way to get them not to take out flag would be to let Penny stay with it. I will be there too, so if anything happens then at least one of us will be with her. He looks at me and Penelope. I could not get over the fact that he would call her Penny too. But Penelope did not seem to mind and that made me even madder. She would let him but not me.


“I don't like that idea. I think you should go set the traps around the flag and I stay with Penelope and guard the flag.” I say as I look at Penelope for reassurance.


“I say, I hide in the lake and hope that you guys can get the opponents flag.” Penelope says not looking at either of us.


“Remember Princess, You get to wash my back if you back out.” I nudge her in the arm.


Penelope groans and looks up at us. I could see the fear in her eyes. I could also see she was on the verge to cry.


"I think I will settle with Hiccup. You go and set the traps, Leo." I walk towards the flag.


I watch her walk away. She picked him. There was nothing I could do about it. Might as well go and set those traps. They were not going to set themselves. I wish. I turn to walk away but stop in my tracks.


“Be safe Leo. I would hate to know you hurt yourself trying to keep us safe.” Penelope's voice was sad.


I turned to look at her over my shoulder and see her looking at me with worry in her eyes. I give her my best mischievous grin.


“Don't you worry Princess, nothing can hurt the mighty Leo.” Then I turn and walk away. Not knowing that I had just put her in danger. I found the first trap. Setting it up was a cinch. It took me no time at all to set up the others. As I was setting up the last trap I heard the scream.


Penelope's POV


I lay on the ground. How did I not see him coming? How did I let myself get lost in thinking about Leo? And now Eret was on top of me. His ax was lodged in my shield. He tried to pull it out. My cheeks were on fire. Eret was on top of me. But he did not look happy.


"Why you got to get in my way, you little twerp?" He pulled again but this time he put his hand on my chest plate. I freaked out.


I shoved him off of me and both his ax and my shield went with him. I got up. My face beat red. I had my arms across my chest. How dare he touch me. Everyone was looking at us. Leo had run up and seen it all. He was not happy. Neither was Hiccup. He had seen the whole thing. My face was getting redder if it was possible. Astrid was not there, but if she had been she'd be angry too.


“Hey, no need to push me. I was only trying to get my ax from your pathetic shield.” He pulled them apart.


Anger was boiling inside of me. How did I think this guy was hot? How did I have feelings for this guy?


“If you had not been in my way this.” He points to the ax and the shield. “Would not have happened. When will you get the hint that you don't belong here? You are weak and you are making the rest of us demigods look bad.” He throws my ruined shield at my feet.


I look down at it. And the anger finally boils over. I can not take it anymore. Yes, I knew that I was weak. But did the guy I use to like have to rub it in my face? Did he have to tell everyone that I was worthless? I looked up at him and I cracked.


"Oh, well excuse me for pushing a man off of me." I threw my hands in the air. "Let's ignore the fact that he had his hand on my chest." I walk around and get more sarcastic. "I'm sorry, let's be more worried about your stupid, I mean you precious ax, and the fact that it was in my stupid shield. And the fact that I got in your way." I point right at him. Then I walk right up to him and get into his face. "EXCUSE ME! Maybe I should just go and leave the camp and make everyone feel less weak. How about that ERET son of ARIES!" I storm away.


Leo's POV


I was pissed. How could he have done that to her? All of it. Putting his hand on her, and then saying those things to her. I storm up to Eret and punch him in the face. Penelope should have been the one to do it but I think her yelling was good at the time.


“What is your deal man?” Eret says holding his hurt jaw.


"Yo. Never touch her like that again. Or talk to her like that. I don't care if you were just getting your ax, or if you are a son of the sludge god. You are not meant to be a son of Aries." I say.


I run after Penelope. 'She has picked up on my sense of hummer.' I think to myself. That is something I would have said if I had been in her place. Then I think of the time I landed on Oggya.


*Flash Back*


“What are you doing? You blew up my dining table!” The girl screamed at me.


Immediately I thought: Uh-oh. I'd met a lot of goddesses, but the girl glaring down at me from the edge of the crater actually looked like a goddess. She wore a sleeveless white Greek-style dress with a gold braided belt. Her hair was long, straight, and golden brown—almost the same cinnamon-toast color as Hazel's, but the similarity to Hazel ended there. The girl's face was milky pale, with dark, almond-shaped eyes and pouty lips. She looked maybe fifteen, about my age, and, sure, she was pretty; but with that angry expression on her face she reminded me of every popular girl in every school I'd ever attended—the ones who made fun of me, gossiped a lot, thought they were so superior, and basically did everything they could to make my life miserable. I disliked her instantly. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I said. "I just fell out of the sky. I constructed a helicopter in midair, burst into flames halfway down, crash-landed, and barely survived. But by all means—let's talk about your dining table!" I snatched up a half-melted goblet. "Who puts a dining table on the beach where innocent demigods can crash into it? Who does that?" The girl clenched her fists. I was pretty sure she was going to march down the crater and punch me in the face. Instead, she looked up at the sky.


*Flash Back Ends*


I found Penelope sitting at the docks. Tears were falling down her face, and she was all wet.


“I would like to be left alone, Leo.” I could hear the sadness in her voice.


“Well, I just wanted to go for a swim, so you can join me if you want.” I walk up to the edge of the dock and dive in.


Once I resurfaced I looked at Penelope and my eyes went to her wet clothes and wet hair. Her legs were up to her chest. More tears were falling but they mixed with the water from her hair. My heart tightened at seeing her like this.


“I thought I told you I want to be left alone. Why can't you go away?” Her voice cracked as a sob escaped her lips. She does not look at me.


“Princess, why are you wet?” I ask her, wishing she would look at me.


“Leo!” She finally looks at me. “Why are you doing this? Can't you see that I don't want anyone here? Do you delight in torturing me?” She buries her face in her knees.


“What do you mean, Princess?” I ask. Swimming over to her.


“Just go away. Please.” She says into her knees.


“Not till you tell me what you meant.” I say.


She looks up. "I am weak, unloved and just as unwelcome by everyone." She buries her face into her knees again.


I climb out of the lake and sit by her. I try to wrap my arm over her shoulder but she pulls away. My heart tightens up even more. How could that jerk do this to her? She is a sweet girl. And she is loved, she just doesn't know it. Then I get an idea.


“Sunshine, you are loved. ” I say. Her head snaps up.


“DO NOT CALL ME SUNSHINE!” She yells. “There is nothing to be sunshiny about.”


"But there is a reason. There are people who care about you. Your brothers, Hiccup. Even Astrid, and me. And if you ask anyone else at camp, they will tell you that they want you here. Don't listen to what that jerk says. He does not know the first thing about you. You are a wonderful person. You are fantastic in the workshop and when you get hurt you heal when you're in the water. And do not shout that again." I tell her, as my heart goes into a knot thinking of the last girl to say that to me.


"Where is your proof? Huh? Your only saying that because you think it's what I want to hear. Well here is a news flash. I don't need this right now. I just want to be left alone. And for today not to have happened." There is sadness in her voice and it hurts me to see her looking like this. She went back to burying her face in her knees.


“I may not have proof about some of it, but I know that I can show you that what I said about people caring about you is true.” I say trying again to put my arm around her shoulders


She lets me this time. And I can feel her shaking like a leaf. She looks at me and her eyes were all red. Her nose was red too. And it pained me to see her broken like this. That's when I got the idea. I stood up and offered her my hand.


“Follow me. I think it's time I showed you something.” I look down at her.


“Why? Where will we go?” She asks, taking my hand and standing up.


I start to walk into the woods and turn my head to look at her behind me. She was still holding my hand.


“What? Don't you trust me?” I say. I turned and went back to looking for the cave.


“I trust you.” She says. “But what are you looking for?” She asks.


“You will find out.” I say.



Penelope's POV


We reach bunker nine. I had heard about it from cabin nine a lot. Even from Leo. Telling me that was where he was at if he was ever late to meeting me somewhere. This was the first time that I had seen the place. It looked like a cave, but there was a wall blocking the entrance. I have not said a word since leaving the lake, so when I spoke up it was a shock.


“Um... Leo. This cave is blocked up. How can this be where you go? No one can get in.” I say.


Leo does not reply. He only puts his hand on the wall and the wall is gone. He walks in so I follow. Once inside I watch the wall appear behind us closing us in. Good thing I don't have a claustrophobia of caves. Oh, wait I do.


"Um... Leo. The wall is back. What will happen if the cave comes in?" The fear is in my voice. Leo turns and looks at me.


“Don't worry. I'm here. If anything bad happens, I will save you.” He winks at me and I feel a bit better. I don't let go of his hand.


Come to think of it. I have not let go of his hand since leaving the lake. What's up with that? We walk into a huge workshop. There is a large corkboard on one side of the room. Festus the dragon was in one corner. On a big bed type thing. He looked fast asleep, but the dragon was a robot. Robots don't sleep. I brush it off.


“I remodeled in here.” Leo says as he walks around.


My eyes grow big as I take everything in. Remodeled he said. What did it look like before? The place was huge. The whole of cabin nine could fit in here. There were a few tables all over. And everything you would need to make whatever you wanted. Tools were everywhere.


“Leo. Was this what you were doing?” I continued to look around.


"Yea. I thought that it would be nice if we had a place to hang out without the other members of cabin nine around. So what do you think?" There was something in his voice so I turned and looked at him.


He had his hand behind his neck and was looking everywhere but at me. What was up with him. We had been friends for three months now and he just now starts acting weird.


“It is awesome Leo. I am so touched that you would do this. You really do care.” I let go of his hand and gave him a hug.


He hugged me back. We hugged for a while then I pulled back and looked at his face. He was a little red. I got worried. Had I hugged him too hard?


"Leo. You ok? You're all red." I ask placing my hand on his face to see if he felt warm.


Leo pulled away from me. And turned to look at the corkboard. His hand was still on the back of his neck while the other was on his hip.


“I am fine Penny.” He says.


My face gets red from anger. But I try to keep it out of my voice.


“Leo. We had a deal. If I went to Capture the Flag then you would stop calling me Penny. My name is Penelope.” I put my hands on my hip.


Leo turns to look at me. “I don't understand it. Penny is a cute name. It fits you. A cute girl with a cute name.” He says lowering his hands.


I freeze. Did he just call me cute? No guy has ever called me cute. Never. Not even my brothers. Well, Tyson would call me cute, and I would let him because he was different. But Leo. That was too much.


“Did you just call me cute?” I ask.


Leo just looks at me and does not say anything. We both knew it was a rhetorical question. He had said it. What I didn't know was why did my heart flutter when he said it? And why was my face getting red? Leo walked toward me. I don't know how it happened. It happened so fast that if I had blinked I would have said it had not happened. Leo pulled me into his arms and slowly lowered his lips toward mine. But before he could kiss me I ran out of the cave.


I was too lost in my own thoughts that I did not notice that I ran through the wall. Or that three feet away from the cave that I ran right into someone till I was in their arms. I looked up and saw Hiccup.


“Penny. Are you ok?” He asks.


I pulled away. And clenched my hands into fists. What was up with everyone calling me Penny? I finally cracked.




Hiccup backed away a little and looked scared.


"Sorry. I guess that also answered my other question. You're not ok. What happened?" Hiccup says walking towards me.


“Penny! Come back.” We both turn and see Leo running in our way.


I look at Hiccup and he was not happy. Great. Can today get any worse?


“How come he can call you Penny?” He says angrily.


I sigh inwardly. "He can't. I just got on his case about it a few seconds ago." I say.


“Guess he didn't get it.” Hiccup says.


We watch as Leo gets closer. When he finally reaches us he places his hands on his legs and tries to catch his breath. Once he can speak he straitens up and looks at me.


“I am so sorry Penny. I did not mean....” I cut him off.


“Leo. What happened in bunker nine did not happen. And you need to stop calling me....” I froze.


We all turned to look in the direction the yell came. It had to be male. It sounded like someone was in pain. I did not think, I just ran. I didn't even see if the guys were following me I just knew that I had so see who had made that horrible sound.


Toothless's POV


I saw the dragon, and the first thought that came to my mind was. 'What dragon is gold?' Then the teeth came at me and I tried to jump out of its way but it got my leg. I screamed. And the dragon backed away once it saw that I would not move. Then I heard footsteps running my way.


“Festus back off.” I saw a girl run my way and run to the dragon.


"Wait. He bites." I yell to her but she places her hand on the dragon's face.


I watch her calm the beast down. The girl has long blond hair. And stunning green eyes. She was short. Her hair and clothes were all wet. And she was not afraid of the dragon. Who was this girl?


"Festus." I see a short boy run up and scold the dragon. He had short pixie brown hair and brown eyes. "How dare you leave the cave. Penny don't do that. He should be punished for hurting someone, not calmed down."


Penny, what a cute name. I looked as the other boy runs toward us. He had a metal leg and dark hair. He also had green eyes. Was he her brother?


“Watch out. That dragon bits.” I say to anyone who would listen to me.


Penny looks at me and runs to me.


“His leg is bleeding. We should get him to the Apollo cabin.” She turns to one of the boys. “I need on of your shirts.”


Both boys take their tops off. And hand it to Penny. She grabs the first one her hand touches (the short guys) and does not see who's it is. She then rips it and wraps it around my left leg.


“I need you two to help carry him. I am going to run and tell Will and make sure there is a bed ready.” Penny says and runs away.


I look up at the two boys. They both looked at me.


“Can I ask what your names are?” I ask.


The short guy speaks up. “I am the handsome Leo.” The other guy elbows him.


"Sorry for my half-brother. He is just Leo Valdez. I am Hiccup Haddock. And we are Sons of Hephaestus." Hiccup says and walks over to me.


"Let's get you to camp and let Will look at your leg." Leo walks over and they both reach down and pull me up. I try to put weight on my leg but pain runs up my leg and I wince.



We reach the camp and they take me to one of the cabins. We can hear a lot of moans and the moans of wounded people. Almost all the beds were taken. And there were a lot of kids running around and helping the people in the beds. 'where were the doctors?'


“This must be the new patient. Set him down here.” A tall blond kid walks up to us and behind him is Penny.


Leo and hiccup place me in the bed that the kid pointed to. And I laid down. Penny helped me with my left leg.


"We're is the doctor?" I ask.


They all look at me like I had grown two heads. Then Penny sits beside me and looks at me with a strange look.


“Your not a demigod are you?” She asks.


Demi what? I knew about Gods. They were guys who looked after us. But how can you have a half god?


“Demigod? How are gods half?” I ask looking at everyone.


"We're are you from?" Penny asks.


"I am from Berk." I tell them.


"I don't think I have heard of there." Will rubs his chin. "Well, let's look at that leg of yours." He walks over and Penny gets up.


He takes off the red shirt and hands it to a kid walking by. And they take it. I look at Will.


“This looks bad. How did this happen again?” he asks.


Penny was quick to answer. "Festus bit his leg. And if we had not gotten there when we did he would have more than a bloody leg." She looks at my leg and a tear falls.


"Well, I have bad news. This is more than a bloody leg." He grabs some bandages next to the bed and starts to wrap my leg up.

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