Imagination-an essay

Essay on an overactive imagination


1. Imagination - an essay


I am American, Indian born. I Imagine I have American parents when I don’t. My Dad a British Isles American and my mom Aussie American.  I imagine I spent a lot of my childhood living in Dubai, Malaysia, India and Australia.  My education was fast tracked. I know a couple of Indian languages and I embraced Hinduism. Trained to be a Indian Brahmin.  Soaked up Indian culture.  I visited Australia when I was 16 with my Aussie American friends.  I imagine I trained to be a Doctor but my passion was travel.  As I grew older I realised I was not interested in dating in a big way. Matt my guyfriend is 2 years older than me but like me he was a virgin. Never dated in his life. I imagine I had a couple of guyfriends and dated them.  I told Matt’s mom, don’t worry I won’t take your son away from you and insisted on her travelling with us, go wherever we went. I have an active imagination.  That is my one failing. It is a pain in the ass to have such an imagination.  Though I admit it makes life interesting. Make believe enriches life. I am also an author of stories. Imagination is fine but I wish I were more grounded. When I imagine I am 33 when all the proof points to 60, I imagine I have 8 kids when I only have 2, when I imagine I am going to live for ever,  I imagine I am working for the hospitals when I am just a patient. When I imagine all my neighbours are my relatives, it all gets to be too much. I know what reality is and there is a basis for the imagination.  I have known my neighbours for 20 years, making them practically family.  I see myself as donor mom to the babies in the neighbourhood because I don’t want to cling on to my adult kids and am facing the empty nest syndrome. I see Matt as a distant cousin now that the passion is gone. I see myself as a Doctor but I only worked in the field of medicine as an Electrical Engineer.  When I was young I thought there was something wrong with me.  But the Doctor laughed and said, she has an active imagination, that’s all.  It definitely makes life interesting. My kids have got imagination without the side effects. They are more practical. It doesn’t plague them as my imagination does.  I imagine I had a child at 16 when I had my first at 30.  All because  I want to be 33. Or maybe because I have forgotten my age :-0.  I find the young guys in my neighbourhood attractive. You may say at your age ?  Yes at my age. I feel young, 33 not 60. My dad said age is only a number. Part of my make believe is because real life sucks. It’s either full of problems or boring. I guess I am a Gemini.

So what do I do about it? I must talk to my psychiatrist about it.  What do I tell them ? I don’t want to be classified with a mental illness when I know I am mentally healthy. Or is it even necessary. My grandma used to say, we are human. That’s all your problem is. Life is not easy.  You are a Air sign. Live with it. Don’t judge yourself. Enjoy the imagination. If you have an active imagination like me you might find the following link interesting.

******************The End************

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