The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


22. Chapter Twenty-Two – Snape's Story and a Side Order of Blood

"What is it, Potter?" Snape answered tightly looking at him from his place in the armchair adjacent to Harry.

"I think you know what I'm going to ask you, Sir."

"Then why don't you just spit it out, Potter and stop bumbling about."

"What happened to your submissive, Sir?"

Harry watched as his Professor clenched his hands so tightly that the knuckles went bone white. He was afraid for a moment that Snape might charge at him and hit him.

"My 'submissive' went missing and subsequently died, Potter, not that it's any of your business."

"What happened, Sir? Was it Dracken poachers?" Harry asked rubbing his belly as a little flutter made him feel like he had swallowed a live butterfly.

Snape sighed sounding worn out and exasperated. "It's not any of your business."

"I know, I just wanted to know if there was any danger that I might do the same thing and leave Draco, Max and Blaise. I don't want to, but with the way I feel now, I don't think your submissive would have left you lightly."

"He didn't want to leave, but he felt that it was his duty to." Snape replied after a long stretch of silence in which Harry thought that he was going to have his head hexed off.

"A mate's duty is to look after their dominants and their children!" Harry stated suddenly, harshly.

Harry covered his mouth with his hands and ducked his head. "I'm sorry. I don't know where that came from."

"That was your inner Dracken, Potter." Snape told him. "It knows that you can't leave your dominants because of the baby you carry. You need your dominants to keep the baby healthy; you should have at least taken blood from them by now."

"I haven't." Harry admitted, before a burst of remembered flavour on his tongue reminded him that that wasn't strictly true. He had tasted Max's blood, true he had been cleaning the wounds he had made, but he had still licked and then swallowed Max's blood.

"Your face says a different story."

"I stuck my claws into Max's leg. I was punished for it, but afterwards I felt such a need to clean his wounds myself that I licked them."

"Taking in blood at the same time."


"You likely struck him out of desperation for blood for your baby."

"But I'd eaten a bear only a few days before."

"A bear?" Snape asked incredulously, Harry had never really seen Snape so dumbstruck before.

"Max's favourite prey animal. When he hunts he Disapparates, to Canada I think, and then he brings back a bear for me; he even skins it for me first so I can just start eating right away, without having to skin my meal first. I've had three bears now since he became my mate."

"Well, needless to say, you need your mate's blood to keep your child healthy, not animal blood, not even human or another Dracken's blood, though the latter will keep you sustained for a short while until you can get to your mates."

"Oh. Maybe I should go about it better than just digging my claws into them."

"That would be advisable, Potter. Most submissives take blood during intercourse."

Harry went pink and coughed to try and drown out the word intercourse that came from his Professor's mouth.

"I…we haven't…"

"You are pregnant, Potter; do not try to tell me that you and your mates haven't had sex."

"Not recently!" Harry squeaked out. "Not since my last heat when the baby was conceived, they won't even hear of having sex, they think it will kill the baby."

Snape sighed and rubbed his temple. "How could I have forgotten the firstborn protectiveness?" He asked rhetorically.

Harry just sat on the settee and swung his legs a bit, avoiding looking at his teacher, who he was actually having a conversation with about his sex life.

"You will likely find yourself going celibate until your next heat. Your mates will be very reluctant to copulate with you when pregnant until maybe your second or third clutch. They will be stubborn and pigheaded and will likely listen to nothing you say, so I suggest that you bite one of them and then start suckling, if they try to punish you, tell them that they are being bad dominant mates and that they're abusing you. That will at least get them listening to you, then you can explain that the baby needs their blood. They will then try to force you to drink every drop of blood in their bodies, take as much as you need, but not a drop more as too much blood at one time can damage the baby. I would think that three large mouthfuls from each of them would suffice, though if you only have one of them to hand, then six or seven mouthfuls will do."

"Why didn't the book explain this?" Harry asked, blushing more. Robert had needed to feed off of something a hell of a lot more personal than blood.

"Different submissives are drawn to different needs. Where Robert needed his mates sexual ejaculate, you need blood more during the first few months. You will likely move on from this when you hit the second trimester."

"That's at the end of this month!" Harry croaked.

"Then you had better start filling up on blood before your mates wonder for you sanity when you start sucking on them like straws."

Harry almost swallowed his tongue and it took several harsh coughs to get his breathing back and even then he could no longer meet his Professor's eyes.

"I…we…can we talk about something else?!"

Snape actually let out a chuckle and stood up from his place in his armchair. He went to his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled something out and then came back and sat in his armchair. He looked at the piece of metal that he had pulled out of the drawer before handing it to Harry.

Harry took it and realised that it was an oval photo frame. In the photo was a very beautiful man with soft, curly black hair and glowing grey eyes. He was still in school and was wearing Slytherin robes, opened to show his white button down shirt, silver and green tie and black trousers. He was a slender boy and looked quite fit, like he played Quidditch or another sport. He was laughing and then waved happily to whoever was taking the picture.

"Is this your mate?" He asked. "He's beautiful."

"Yes, that photo was taken in his sixth year, my seventh. We had just mated."

"He looks so happy."

"He was, until your Godfather got involved."

"Sirius?" Harry asked, brushing aside the painful lump in his throat.

"Yes, that's his younger brother, Regulus Black. Sirius was very protective of him, even though they were in different houses; he didn't like that Regulus was seeing me."

Harry had a horrible feeling that he knew what was going on and he didn't like the picture that was being painted.

"Your Father, of course, got involved once Sirius did. They believed that it was their mission in life to get me and Regulus away from each other. Regulus finally had enough and attacked his brother, told him to leave him alone and to never contact him again. Sirius blamed it all on me and the pranks they pulled on me turned more sinister, the worst of which was when Sirius sent me down the tunnel after Lupin on the full moon after Regulus told him to never come near him again. Your Father did save my life, but I am not foolish enough to believe that he did it for my benefit, he knew that Lupin would have been executed like an animal if he had managed to kill me and Sirius' life would have been over as he would have been expelled and his wand snapped as an accessory to murder, your Father was set to lose his two very best friends if he stood by and did nothing."

"I'm sorry for what they did."

"You shouldn't have to apologise for your Father's or your Godfather's mistakes, Potter, you weren't even a glint in your Father's eye when he chose to get involved in something that didn't concern him."

"What happened to Regulus? Why was it his duty to leave you? Please say that that wasn't Sirius' fault too."

"No. Regulus was far too stubborn and strong willed to ever let something someone said influence him or his decisions; he was a Slytherin through and through. He died in nineteen-seventy-nine, when he was just nineteen. I have no idea why he died, only that I feel it in my heart that he is dead. On the day that he died, we had fought the night before, I was angry at him so I ignored his concern and worry. He left that day and he never came back. Half an hour after he had left, I realised my mistake, realised that as his dominant he shouldn't be somewhere that I didn't know about. I tried to find him, I looked for years for a hint of where he went that day, but I found nothing. No one saw him, no one had heard from him. Sirius was apoplectic with rage that his brother had died and that I had let him die. He tracked me down and cast the killing curse on me, but thankfully he was tackled by Lupin and his shot missed. The way I felt then I would have just stood there and let that curse hit me. Now I feel that it is the least that I can do for my mate to find out what happened to him, to find out why he died, to perhaps find his body and bury him in the empty grave that I had bought for him."

"You didn't…didn't even find his body, Sir?" Harry asked softly.

"No. I have had no closure for more than twenty years. Regulus' death is still a mystery to me and I have sworn that I will find out what happened to Regulus before I join him in death."

"If I died, I wouldn't want my mates to join me." Harry said softly. "I'd want them to carry on and live their lives. I'd want them to be happy even if I couldn't join in with their laughter and joy. I wouldn't want them to waste their lives grieving for me, Sir, because I just want them to always be happy, even if that meant they took another mate in my place and forgot about me."

"You are too selfless for your own good, Potter." Snape told him with a gruffer voice. "You and Regulus were much alike in that aspect. He tried to keep himself and Sirius happy, but he realised that his brother would never even try to get on with his chosen mate. I had felt like the biggest, bestest man on the planet when Regulus chose me from a hundred of other Drackens, but if he was still alive today, I would have rathered he'd chosen another."

"He loved you, that's why he chose you. I loved Blaise, even before I realised that I did. I had subconsciously chosen him as my mate before I even knew I had a choice, then I chose Draco and even though he hurt me and humiliated me, I still loved him. Max came to me during my heat, but I loved him and had for a while. Just like I love…oh hell! I think I just figured out who my fourth mate is…hell!"

"Your grounding mate?" Snape asked.

"Yes. Damn, well at least this time it was bloody easy."

"Language!" Snape chastised him and Harry rolled his eyes.

"I have to go tell the others!" Harry got up, placing a steadying hand on his belly as he did so.

Snape grabbed his elbow and began escorting him out of the room. Harry rolled his eyes again, but more exaggeratedly.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, Potter! Don't you remember what happened the last time you wandered the dungeons alone? You are more vulnerable now."

Harry had a flashback of steel arms around him and a mouth against his ear whispering 'You won't be able to resist me when I have given you a baby.'

"You make an excellent point. Can we go now?"

"Yes, it is almost lunch time, but speaking from a dominant's point of view I would keep the knowledge that you love another man that you are not mated to, to yourself. They will not appreciate your epiphany of your fourth mate and they will likely try to kill him."

"Who said anything about it being another man, Professor?"

"Please, Potter, do not insult my intelligence. Anyone who has half a brain cell can see that you love your own gender and hold no flame to the fairer sexes."

Harry pouted and followed by his Professor's side until he reached the Great Hall, where Professor Snape dropped him off at the empty Slytherin table and made his way up to the Head table.

Harry was still pouting when Blaise and Draco rushed into see him unharmed and nibbling on a piece of unbuttered bread. They held him and kissed him and when he snapped at them to let him eat; they finally sat down and served themselves some beef stew.

Harry unhappily ate his bread and tried to eat a bit of vegetable soup, but when it threatened to make a reappearance, he stopped and pushed his bowl away. He instead listened as Blaise recounted what had happened during Ancient Runes.

When lunch was over he went with Blaise to Transfiguration as Draco went off for Arithmancy. As the day passed he was beginning to feel more irritable and snappy. Twice at dinner he went to bite Blaise's fingers and twice he had the back of his neck squeezed.

He had forced down some steamed rice and stir-fry vegetables, before he made Blaise and Draco take him back to their rooms. They were unhappy with him and it showed. Blaise walked with his hand clamped over the back of his neck and Draco was carrying him, holding him tightly to his chest, not the comforting embrace that he usually used.

Max took one look at their faces and put down his quill and paperwork.

"What happened?"

"Harry's in a bitchy mood." Draco stated and went to the kitchenette after placing Harry down on the settee to make himself and Blaise something to eat.

Harry's tenuous self-control snapped and his wings burst from his back as he unsheathed his claws and fangs, hissing deeply at Draco, who turned around and growled back, his voice so deep it settled like a stone in Harry's stomach.

It was the first time that he had let his wings come out in some months and his once pure white wings that had first speckled with amethyst, had now gained silver scales, deep black scales and bright blue ones, they looked gorgeous and distracted Harry enough to coo and pet over them.

Max laughed at his actions and pulled him over to cuddle with him, nuzzling the scales that had taken on his deep blue and black colour.

Harry took one look at Max's strong neck and sank his sharp teeth and curving fangs deeply into the muscle. Max gripped his hair and forced his head back, using a finger to guide his four fangs out of his neck so that he wouldn't accidentally tear a chunk from him.

Harry screamed and thrashed, but Max just held his hair tighter and bent his neck back further. Harry relaxed and huddled down, curling in on himself.

"Say you are sorry." Max coaxed gently.

"No!" Harry screamed deciding to take Professor Snape's advice. "You're bad dominants! All of you are bad, abusive dominants! You don't deserve me or the baby!"

All three of them stopped like Harry had spoken some secret dominant freezing word. They looked like statues and Max had let go of his hair so fast that Harry had toppled from the settee.

"We are not bad dominants for punishing you when you deserve it." Max spoke slowly, like he was assuring himself as well as the other two dominants of that more than he was telling Harry what was fact.

"You're punishing me for taking what I need!" Harry yelled at them. "I need my dominants' blood to feed the baby! Do you want my baby to die?! Is that it?"

Harry was momentarily blinded by colour when all three rushed to him at once, sniffing and petting, licking and gently sucking at his skin, spending time gently tonguing his elbow that had bruised when he had fallen from the settee and nuzzling his stomach to ensure that the baby was alright.

"Get off! I don't want you near me!" Harry yelled, batting at them, though not very hard, he just wanted them to fully understand that he was upset that they hadn't let him explain himself before punishing him, assuming that he had bitten Max and gone for their fingers just for the sake of hurting them, not the actual reason of keeping his baby alive.

Max pulled him into his lap gently and placed his mouth to the freely bleeding marks on his neck, making encouraging noises.

"I don't want your blood now!" Harry hissed, pushing him away and twisting away from Max, whose blue eyes flashed his hurt before a steel resolve took them over.

"You will drink blood from one of us." He stated sternly.

"I want Blaise's blood." Harry answered stubbornly.

Blaise immediately slit his own wrist with his claws and held the bleeding arm to him; Harry reluctantly lapped at the excess blood before he sealed his mouth over the slice and suckled. He listened to Professor Snape and decided that he wanted all of their blood tonight. He took three mouthfuls from Blaise, before digging his claws into his own arm and offering it to Blaise.

Blaise took a quick mouthful before the cut was gone completely and his own wrist started closing. Harry turned to Draco next, who willingly offered his arm for Harry to bite. Harry did so and swallowed three mouthfuls. He repeated his actions of digging his claws into his own arm and offered it to Draco. Harry giggled a bit as Draco's tongue tickled more than Blaise's had.

Harry lastly turned to Max, whose neck was plastered in blood as he hadn't bothered to staunch the bleeding. Harry's tongue lapped at his neck like a kitten and he wrapped his arms around Max, who didn't respond.

When Harry offered his bleeding hand to his oldest dominant, Max didn't take it.

"I deserve to bleed for not realising what you were doing, for not understanding what you really wanted and for punishing you without hearing why you bit me."

"You don't deserve to bleed to death for a simple mistake." Harry told him softly. "You realise now why I did what I did, why I sunk my claws into your leg before, why I snapped at Blaise's fingers and why I bit your neck. I didn't realise until today that I was subconsciously trying to get blood from you all for the baby. None of us realised what it meant, none of us realised that I needed blood. We all made that oversight, not just you."

Harry dug his claws into his hand again and held it up to Max, who licked so gently at him that Harry had to smile. Both of their wounds closed and they were left hold each other and cuddling close.

Harry fell asleep in the middle of the pile of bodies, warm and cosy and feeling so loved and happy that he glowed. When he woke up the next morning, he was naked, wrapped up in Draco's arms, Max cuddled close on the left side and Blaise cuddled under Draco's arm on the right. All of them were naked.

It gave Harry the chance to see his mates in all their naked glory with the sunlight filtering down from the skylight, his mind not clouded with lust or the fire of the heat, his gaze not obscured by the darkness of the night. He liked what he saw.

Blaise was still an olive skinned French-Italian god, covered in sinewy muscles and lean flesh, his light brown nipples erect to the cold air as he shifted closer to Draco for warmth in his sleep.

Draco was as white as the sheets on the bed, with broad shoulders, sculpted muscles and two light pink nipples. Where Blaise had a spattering of dark hair over his chest and belly, Draco was completely hairless and smooth. His defined six pack drew Harry's attention next and he kissed it. Draco was muscled all the way down to his calf muscles.

Max was a new and unseen treasure. Broader than Draco, so muscled that he looked bulky and a gorgeous layer of tan skin covered everything. Max was again hairless until Harry reached his arms and legs. His chest was bare leaving his two dark pink nipples stranded on his pectorals.

All three of his mates had a soft, thin trail of hair from their bellybuttons to their groins where the trail met up with their pubic hair. Each one was a different colour. Draco's was, of course, white blond like the rest of his hair, Max's was chestnut brown, like the thick hair on his head and Blaise's was black.

Harry traced his fingers through those lines of hair and each one of his mates snuffled, groaned or shifted in their sleep. Harry chuckled and got up from his place on the bed. He went to the bathroom and emptied his bladder, washed his hands before jumping in the shower.

His stomach started grumbling loudly and it was with a sudden realisation that he wasn't feeling nauseous this morning. He was ravenous and he quickly finished up and got out of the shower, drying himself off and thanking god that today was now a Saturday and he didn't have any lessons to go to.

His reflection in the mirror stopped his hunt for food as he checked his bump in the mirror. He had never stood in front of a mirror naked whilst he was pregnant and he turned to the side to see his bump better. It was bigger this morning, much bigger than it had been last night. The skin moved and he let out a shocked yell.

Thumps, a crash and a lot of growling preceded all three of his naked mates barging into the bathroom. Harry sniggered at their dishevelled appearances' and sleep tousled hair.

"Please tell me that you didn't yell just to get us up, Prezioso?" Blaise said around a yawn.

Reminded as to why he had yelled he looked back to his reflection and rubbed his belly.

"You are much bigger than you were yesterday." Draco observed.

"I know. It moved."

"The baby?"

"I saw my skin move, like a ripple but obviously it was caused by the baby."

Max came and cupped his belly with both hands. Harry looked into the mirror and felt his throat clog with emotion as he looked to the two naked reflections, he saw his own wide eyed, misted face and then he saw Max's looking at the baby bulge cupped in his hands with such adoration and love.

Harry wanted to remember this moment forever as he leant backwards and kissed the underside of Max's jaw. All of the violence and temper from yesterday forgotten and forgiven and in this moment Harry was happy.

A camera flashed and Harry turned around with a snarl on his face to glare at Draco who held the camera that Harry had taught all three of his mates to use the week before 'ready for when the babies arrived.'

"It made a good picture." He told Harry.

"I'm naked!" Harry shouted lunging for the camera.

Draco held it out of reach and ran from the bathroom laughing. Harry growled and stomped after him, not even trying to run after him with the added swelling of the baby.

"Give me that camera!"

Max laughed and he and Draco played keep away, tossing his camera between each other as Harry stomped and sulked. Blaise pulled him into a kiss and held him gently.

"Let them have their fun, Mio amore. They don't mean any harm."

"But I'm naked." Harry pouted.

"No one else will ever see it. We won't let them see you so vulnerable, but you two did make a good picture."

Harry sighed but the debate was ultimately ended when his stomach roared loudly. Max, still grinning, moved to the kitchen and began boiling the kettle to make their morning teas, and a coffee for Blaise, who didn't understand how they could drink watery leaves.

"Can I have a proper breakfast please?" Harry asked. "I wasn't sick this morning and I feel fine. That blood last night really is a miracle cure."

Max grinned and pulled Harry's head forward to lay a kiss on his forehead. Max liked kissing a lot, no matter if it was a passionate one, a quick peck or a lingering kiss on a random body part.

"Of course you can, if you feel you can eat it, I'd be happy to make it."

Harry smiled happily and sat down on Blaise, who was closest to him. Blaise wrapped his arms around his waist and laid his head on Harry's shoulder, ignoring that they were all still naked.

"Ti amo." He whispered.

Harry grinned and twisted his head to give Blaise a kiss.

"I love you too."

Harry leant over and gave a kiss to Draco without letting him ask for one. Draco didn't need to beg for his affection like a kicked dog.

Max happily served them their teas and coffee. Harry grimaced at the red tea he was being forced to drink for the baby. It wasn't too bad, but it definitely wasn't his honey tea.

Max sipped on his plain old white tea, whilst Draco took his black, neither took their tea with sugar. Blaise and Draco talked together with an occasional comment from Max as he expertly cooked them breakfast. Harry remained quiet and just observed them all, talking and interacting like best friends, like the family that they were going to become.

Last night seemed to have done them wonders for tolerance with each other, they were all dominants, but if they gave enough effort, they could love one another, Harry was sure of it and he couldn't wait until they all loved one another like a large, but real family. A family that loved unconditionally, a family that loved without judgement, a family who loved with, not only their hearts, but their bodies and souls as well. That would be completely perfect.

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