The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


23. Chapter Twenty-Three – The Fourth and Final

Harry was dreading his heat as it dawned so very close. His mates wouldn't even touch him; he was going to be so sore as he hadn't had sex at all in the past two months. Not since his February heat.

He had continued to grow steadily until it looked like he had swallowed a Quaffle. His mates had taken to sleeping with at least one, if not both of their hands on his bump.

He still hadn't told them that he had a very large idea of who his fourth mate was, after what Snape had told him, he was slightly afraid to just announce that he loved another man, at least if he went through a sort of mating process then they had a better chance of accepting it.

He was going to have to have his meeting soon though; Elder Trintus had warned him that if he didn't have all of his mates with him by his next heat period then he wouldn't be able to claim anymore mates. He would be doomed to live his life without his grounding mate and later on in life, when he'd had a few clutches of children, his wild magic caused by his Dracken inheritance would turn him insane and he would slaughter his own children.

Ginny had started to channel her Mother. She came up to him at odd times during the day to give him a sandwich or a pasty, telling him that he needed to eat more for the baby. In fact everyone seemed to be doing that, even Dean Thomas did it once, until Harry had been sick on his robes because he had overeaten, then he had never offered him another morsel.

School work was becoming more taxing on him as he grew and he became so tired that he was barely making it through each day. The baby was growing too quickly and was sapping so much energy from him that sometimes he didn't feel like getting out of bed. It was his price to pay for having a pregnancy that only lasted seven months; his baby had a hell of a lot of growing and developing to do in such a short amount of time. Two months less than a human pregnancy hadn't seemed like anything to him before, but he was beginning to understand that those two extra months would have let him have an easier time of his pregnancy, it would have let his baby grow at a more reasonable rate instead of ballooning every other day.

Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil and Parvati's twin sister from Ravenclaw, Padma had come up to him when he, Blaise and Draco were in the library and worriedly asked about his illness. Harry had forgotten that he had claimed he had a very deadly reoccurring disease that would explain why he disappeared for ten days every two months when he was on heat and why he disappeared for X amount of time when he went to find himself another mate.

The three girls were worried about the illness' effect on his growing baby and Harry sadly claimed that he had been told that there was a high possibility that his baby would be born early.

"Oh not premature!" Lavender gasped. "You'll have a little prem baby! Oh they're tiny, my baby brother was a prem baby but he died in hospital."

Harry wrapped his arms around Lavender and held her as she cried about her baby brother's death from some years ago, telling him that she didn't want him to go through what her parents had when they had lost the baby.

"I'm sure my baby will survive, Lavender, it'll be a magical baby after all and it will have the best magical treatment that money can buy."

"Oh. I know, but it was so sad that he died, I always wanted a brother and I was so excited, he would be eight now if he had lived."

"I'm sorry for your loss, Lavender, I am, but I won't let that happen to my baby, illness or not."

"Okay enough with the heavy talk." Parvati nudged them with a grin. "Tell us what it's like to have three absolutely gorgeous men sleep with you every night."

"You know what, Parvati? I've never been happier. I love them. I know there are people that are saying that I can't possibly love them all, that there must be one that I like more than the others or that there's one that I pay more attention to, but that just isn't true. I love all of them, each and every one of them, I have so much love to give that I'm thinking of getting one more."

Harry nudged them with an excessive wink. They giggled and they started a running tally on a piece of parchment about who would be good for him.

"Don't forget that we have visitors this year." He encouraged. "I've had my eye on a few of those tall, strapping men, I think Blaise and Draco are all I can manage from my own age group or from Hogwarts, I want someone a bit more mature."

"Ooo! He want's older, Lav." Parvati giggled.

"What about Professor Drios?" Padma asked, looking dreamily into space, obviously fantasising about their Defence teacher for that year.

"I am not going to ask a teacher out." Harry stated firmly. "No teachers."

"You spoil all our fun."

Harry chuckled and left them to their list before he went and found Blaise down the next isle of the library.

"They like Professor Drios?" He asked, looking absolutely disgusted.

"They also loved Lockhart and would lick Professor Trelawney's shoes, but they are my friends, so watch your mouth." Harry grinned, kissing said mouth.

"Why should I watch it when I have you to watch it for me?" Blaise smirked.

Harry rolled his eyes and waddled off, going to the table where Draco was sitting looking over his essay critically.

"I'm sure it's perfect, love." Harry told him, easing into a chair, smiling as Draco's hands immediately jumped to help him even as his eyes didn't leave his parchment.

"I'm just making sure that it is befitting of a Malfoy to submit."

Harry snorted delicately and nudged Draco, who nudged him back, looking over at him with a smirk.

"Speaking of Malfoys, have you told your parents yet?"

The guilty look on Draco's face gave Harry the answer. He sighed.

"You know, you'll really want to tell them soon, love, before someone else does. It's only a matter of time before the media gets hold of the story that I'm pregnant from a harem of men that includes my once school-boy rival, the prestigious Pureblood Draco Malfoy. Don't you think your parents would rather hear the truth from you rather than half-truths and speculation from the morning paper?"

Draco sighed and pulled a fresh piece of parchment towards him and dipped his quill into his ink pot. Harry lent over and as soon as he saw the Dear Mother and Father at the top, he kissed Draco's cheek in pride and eased himself to his feet again to go and bother Blaise. Draco's letter was too important to be disturbed.

Later that day Harry was lying on his back in front of their fireplace. He was trying, and failing very spectacularly, to track the last footsteps of one Regulus Black, which was harder than anything he had ever had to do before and he was getting nowhere fast, where was Hermione when he actually needed her?

He wanted to help Professor Snape find closure, if one of his mates had died and he had had no idea why or how, or if they had suffered or not, then he would have liked someone to help him.

Though Professor Snape didn't seem the type to ask for help, nor to accept it if it was offered, so he was doing this on his own, though it was very frustrating. After another half an hour he let out a frustrated yell which brought his mates attention to him from their places around the room as he threw the book that he had been carefully studying at the opposite wall.

He lay back on the rug and scowled as he had gotten nowhere. He knew now why Professor Snape was always so sour and angry. He would be too if he had to feel this level of frustration every day and it wasn't even his mate that had gone missing!

"Are you alright, Diletto?" Blaise asked.

"No. Stupid books."

"If your homework is giving you trouble maybe I could help." Max told him, putting his quill down and pushing his paperwork away to make a space for Harry.

Harry rolled onto his hands and knees and crawled with his scowl to Max and flumped down at the coffee table, by Max's legs.

"That would have been sexy if that scowl hadn't been on your face." Draco informed him.

Harry stuck his middle finger up to his blond mate who chuckled amusedly in answer. Max stroked his fingers through Harry's hair and tugged gently; tilting Harry's head back so he could lean down and give him a kiss.

"What were you stuck on love?" He asked.

"It wasn't homework, though I do need help on my History of Magic essay. I don't know how people can find enough knowledge in what Binns says to actually write an essay on it. It's not like he can read them anyway, he's a ghost! He can't pick up a piece of parchment, so it's just a stupid waste of time! I'd rather be sleeping." Harry grumbled under his breath as he dug in his backpack for the half-heartedly attempted essay.

"Are you tired love?"

"Yes." He admitted.

"Would you rather take a nap? You can if you want to. No one is going to stop you; in fact I'd encourage it."

Harry hefted himself onto the settee, with Max supporting him, and he lay down with his head in his oldest mate's lap by a way of answering Max's question.

Max smiled down at Harry adoringly and started combing through Harry's hair. It took minutes for him to slip off into sleep and Max pulled his paperwork back towards him and remained aware at all times of the precious person sleeping in his lap, who was pregnant with his child. Regardless of whether or not that child was his by blood, the baby would be partly raised by him; he would consider the baby his no matter who had fathered it.

It was two days later when Harry and all three of his mates were back in the Hell Hotel. They were amused at his nickname for the house, but as Harry pointed out it had been hell on earth for him to put up with the hundred odd dominants that were living in it.

Only there weren't a hundred dominants there this time, no. There were less than fifty sitting or standing in front of him in the main room.

"Please tell me that they didn't all kill each other off." Harry said to Elder Trintus, who chuckled amusedly and patted Harry's expanding belly with such a look of joy on his face that Harry couldn't bring himself to tell the man not to touch his baby, though he wanted to and subtly moved away and into Blaise.

"No, dear boy, no. A new submissive has been revealed in New Zealand, many of the dominants left to see her. They believed that you were too much of a hassle."

Harry chuckled weakly, but inside he was quite put out that they had left just because they found him a hassle, if they had wanted some ditzy airhead, who would obey their every command then he was glad that they had gone, but it was quite a big blow to his confidence to know that there were people who thought that he was too much of an irritation to stick around for him. He didn't think that he was that bad really or maybe he was and he just didn't realise it.

He turned to look at his three mates and found himself wondering if they thought that he was too much of a bother, did they regret mating with him. He bit his lip and placed a hand over his swelling belly. Did they regret having him and the baby?

"We don't think you're a hassle, Prezioso." Blaise told him softly.

"Of course you're not. Those others probably know that they have absolutely no chance at you because you deserve so much better than them, that's why they left." Max assured him.

Draco came forward and wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed him lovingly.

"We love you; we don't care if you're occasionally bitchy because we know that we can be too and that at the end of our bitch fits you'll still love us. No relationship is perfect, if we actually look at ours we have four, soon to be five men, one of whom is pregnant, and we're living together in close proximity, we are bound to get on each other's nerves at times because we're all different and have different likes and dislikes, it isn't something to hate or see as bothersome, we should love our faults as much as our perfections. None of us are perfect, though I do admit that I come pretty damn close."

Harry chuckled and kissed Draco deeply.

"Thanks, Draco."

Draco just flashed him a quick up tilt of the lips and held him gently.

"Now Harry, have you thought how you want to do this dear?"

"No, not a clue. I've been too busy with the baby to even think of anything else."

"Well we don't have too much time, you go on heat in a few days am I correct?"

"Yes." Harry admitted.

"Well then, let's get going with this meeting, you need your mate before your next heat and this is the only mate that you can fully choose, my dear. No overwhelming instinct from your Dracken side, no input, just you."

Harry smiled at that. He already knew who he was going to choose. He had probably loved him from the get go. He didn't really want to drag this meeting out. He was tired of this house, tired of all the pushy dominants, tired of being here and putting up with everything. He wanted to be back in his rooms sleeping with all of his mates around him, doing their own thing. Blaise working on his translations, Max doing his paperwork for the clinic and Draco holding him as he slept whilst the blond read a book.

It was his idea of bliss at the moment and he really didn't appreciate any sort of interruption into his quality time spent with his mates. His schoolwork and lessons, and Max's work, already cut into the precious time that they had together without these infernal meetings as well.

But it couldn't be helped, not really. He needed to get this mate before his next heat or he put his entire family at risk. This was his last ever meeting, his last ever mate, he would only ever have four of them now, to be sealed off one heat after his next one. Just two months and a couple of days and he would never have to have another mate meeting in his life. Unless all of his mates died that is, but he wasn't going to even think about that.

"Do you have any sort of indication of which person you'd like?" Elder Trintus asked. "Most submissives just know which Dracken they'd like when picking a grounding mate."

"I have a very good idea."

"Well then, let's start there. Who do you want?"

"I don't think he's here." Harry answered as he once again scanned the hall for the man that he loved, ignoring how Elder Trintus made it sound as though he was picking a raffle prize. "He might have gone to see the submissive in New Zealand, which means that he doesn't want me and thinks I'm too much of a bother."

The thought caused him a sharp pain in his heart as he bit his lip and turned away from the other dominants, hiding from their heated gazes in Draco's shirt. He didn't want them undressing his pregnant body with their eyes.

"We can call him back from New Zealand, Harry dear. Who was he?"

"No." Harry shook his head for emphasis. "If he left then he didn't love me enough to stay, I don't want him resenting me for dragging him back when he doesn't want to be here."

"Many of those who left only did so because they thought they didn't have a chance with you, dear." Elder Trintus tried gently.

"Then he should have had more faith in me."

His mates looked at him with sadness and just a hint of anger in their eyes. They didn't like seeing him so upset, especially not with the baby growing inside of him. That someone had caused Harry this sadness caused their anger to rise. A person could be hurt, could be made to pay, where if a situation had upset him, well you couldn't really hurt a situation or an inanimate object, not that Blaise hadn't tried when Harry had bumped into a plinth holding the bust of some long forgotten witch called Felda the Fortuitous, she wasn't very fortuitous when Blaise smashed her and her plinth into smithereens.

"I hope I'm not too late." A strong voice asked.

Harry looked up at the sound of his voice. The voice he loved but scarcely ever heard. He ran from the top platform ignoring his other three mates shouting at him not to run and to be mindful of the baby and he flung himself into his arms, their mouths met in an explosive kiss before they broke apart and Harry held him tightly.

"Oh god, Nasta. I didn't think you were here."

"I would never have given up on you." Nasta whispered back to him. "My brother has been ill these past few days; I have taken to visiting him after work. I am sorry if you thought I had left."

"Is he okay?"

"He is fine. Just a bit unwell, but my Dad is out of the country on work business and I didn't like to leave him alone."

"Will you accept me as your submissive mate? Three other mates, baby and all?" Harry asked a bit bashfully.

Nasta smiled and held him to his chest strongly. "I'd have accepted you a hundred other mates, baby and all." Nasta answered.

"Well this meeting was very straight forward." Elder Trintus explained with a smile as the other dominants screamed and shouted in rage at not being picked.

Henley ran up to him and pulled him into a hug.

"I'm happy for you, Harry. Look at you! You're going to be a Mommy!"

"Mummy Henley, Mummy." Harry corrected through a beaming smile at the younger boy.

Henley batted the air as if he could bat away Harry's words. "Who cares about difference in spelling and pronunciation? They both mean the same thing, you have a baby! Congratulations!"

"Henley!" An older man yelled over the roars of the other dominants.

"My Dad." Henley answered the unasked question. "He wanted to drag me straight off to New Zealand three days ago when the new submissive was made known, but I had to see you one last time, Harry. To remind you that we are still friends and that we both have owls! Write to me sometime and maybe one day, when I'm all grown up with a submissive and children of my own we can meet up again."

Harry smiled through his tears. "I'd like that, Henley. I'd like that a lot."

They embraced for a long time and Henley gave him a peck to the lips before he ran off with a wave as his Dad yelled his name again, even louder that before.

"I'm really going to miss him." Harry said to no one in particular.

Nasta wrapped an arm around him and led him back over to the platform where his three other mates presided over everyone, watching from the high ground so that they could see him better and have a better vantage point should anyone try to hurt him.

Harry accepted the hug from Blaise as he reached the dais and he let his mates meet Nasta, though they already knew of him and had met him as well during the picnic to celebrate his release from the hospital wing, this was the first time they were meeting him as a fellow mate.

Harry had thought that maybe it would be awkward being in such a small, closed space with four other men, but it wasn't. Nasta was so silent that it was almost as if he was part of the furniture.

He lounged on the settee with Harry laying on him, his back to Nasta's chest and Max sitting next to them doing his paperwork. Blaise sat down on the floor doing his translations, with help from Nasta, who knew more languages than Harry had known existed.

Draco was lounging on the second settee that had been expanded from the armchair that it had originally been because really, one three seater settee and an armchair wasn't enough for all of them to sit on. So now they had two three seater settees and all of them were happy and comfortable, especially Harry as Nasta's hands on his belly familiarised themselves with the baby that he would have a hand in raising.

Draco and Max were talking quietly to each other as Blaise's quill made soft scratching noises against the parchment as he took notes from the book Harry had gifted to him for Christmas. It was so peaceful that Harry wanted to stay in the here and now forever.

Nasta moved one of his hands from his belly to play with his hair as the other one stroked the skin of his bare belly with fingertips. Harry purred under the attention, which made all of his mates look at him with amusement for a moment before going back to what they were doing.

Harry had thought that he was sleepy, but he wasn't, he was damn well aching for his mates, he wanted sex, but he knew Max, Blaise or especially Draco wouldn't give it to him. He looked up at Nasta who had his eyes closed, but was still rubbing his belly and playing with his hair. Nasta was his best bet, but how did he get Nasta to have sex with him, without the other three barging in on them? The bedroom was under a strong silencing charm in case their 'activities' were overheard by someone walking passed their rooms. It would cause awkward questions if the sounds of sex and screaming were heard when he was supposed to be severely sick. Plus having sex with Nasta would not only let him see Nasta in his full glory for the first time, but would help loosen him up for his heat which was due any day now. He needed this.

"Nasta?" Harry asked softly.

Nasta's eyes opened immediately and looked down at him, his gorgeous hazel eyes questioning him.

"I'm sleepy; can you take me to the bedroom?" He asked around a huge, faked yawn.

"Of course." He answered and slid from the settee, taking Harry with him.

"Night lovers!" Harry called out to the other three, who either snorted in amusement or in Draco's case, rolled their eyes.

Nasta carried him into the bedroom, and Harry made him shut the door behind him. Harry grinned as he was carried up the stairs and placed on the bed, Nasta pulled his clothes from him to dress him in pyjamas, but Harry had no intention of letting himself be redressed once he was naked.

"I'm too warm for pyjamas." Harry protested, rolling onto his stomach on the bed and refusing to cooperate. He made himself look as winsomely sexy as possible. He knew he had succeeded when Nasta swallowed heavily.

"At least put your boxers on." Nasta tried with a thick voice.

Harry shivered and he just knew his pupils had blown wide in lust, his mouth parted on a small sigh.

"Give me a back rub and I'll wear them." Harry compromised, having no intention of wearing his boxers before he got what he wanted. "The baby is lying heavily on my spine."

Nasta climbed gingerly onto the bed and sat away from him, using just his fingertips to rub the centre of his back, never going too low and not going any higher.

"You've never given a back rub before have you?" Harry asked.

"No." Nasta answered after a lengthy pause.

Harry looked behind him and smirked as he saw Nasta's eyes pinned to his bum. He was really going to get what he wanted tonight.

"I'll show you how, come here."

Harry sat up and pulled Nasta to lie where he had just vacated. Harry tugged his shirt off, much to Nasta's protest.

"How do you expect me to give you a back rub if you're wearing a shirt?" Harry demanded as he straddled Nasta's thighs. "It doesn't work properly through clothes!"

Harry began to give the most sensual, provocative back rub he ever given before. With Draco or Blaise or Max he gave them purely to make them feel better, to ease the tension in their backs and shoulders, now, not only was he putting more tension into Nasta, he was doing it purposefully to get sex.

He ghosted his fingertips over Nasta's sides as the heels of his hands cracked the vertebrae in Nasta's spine, loosening the skeleton and making the man underneath him go boneless. He dipped his fingers as low down Nasta's back as he could without completely shoving his hand down the back of Nasta's trousers and he loved what he felt and what he saw. Nasta was well muscled, the muscles under his skin were solid; it was like touching rock through a sheet of silk. Max was big and bulkily muscled, but he still had a squishy layer between his skin and muscles that made him great to cuddle with and even though Max was taller by two inches Harry would put money on Nasta coming out top in a fight between them.

Harry grinned and scooted up to straddle Nasta's bum. Nasta had an amazing bum. Nasta let out a low moan and Harry knew that he was so close to getting what he wanted. He had to work fast if he didn't want to be interrupted. It was just gone nine o'clock in the night. It was Sunday night; they all needed to be up in the morning. Max was in work, Harry, Blaise and Draco had lessons and Harry didn't know about Nasta, but he didn't matter as he wasn't going to interrupt them having sex, he was going to be participating. He had about two and a half hours at most to get Nasta to fuck him.

"I think I feel better now, Harry, why don't you go off to sleep?" Nasta was breathless and his voice had gone so deep Harry barely recognised it.

"I'm not done." Harry protested.

Nasta rolled from under him and pinned him to the bed. It seemed accidental as the look on Nasta's face as he realised their new position and Harry's lack of clothes was priceless.

"I…I think it would be best if you put on your boxers now, Harry."

"I said I'd put them on if you gave me a back rub. I ended up giving you one, so no boxers."

Nasta looked as if Harry had shoved an entire lemon down his throat whole as he swallowed so painfully that Harry could hear it. Nasta licked his lips and Harry smiled salaciously.

"I suppose it wouldn't work to add please onto the end of the sentence?"

"No." Harry whispered as he pushed himself up to kiss Nasta full on the mouth. Nasta responded immediately, wrapping his arms around Harry and pulling him up higher to get a better angle.

Nasta broke the kiss with a strangled sound as he turned his head away. "I can't. You're pregnant, the others will kill me."

"Having sex won't kill the baby and they'll have to go through me first. Nasta I need to feed the baby on sex, on my mates 'sexual ejaculate', the baby will die if you don't feed me."

Nasta nodded understandingly. Harry knew that as his oldest mate at thirty-seven Nasta knew a lot about Drackens and Dracken pregnancy. Nasta knew that the baby needed blood and semen and saliva to live.

Nasta smashed his mouth against his lips and kissed him desperately, trying to climb down Harry's throat with his kisses. Harry moaned and clung to Nasta's muscled body. How long had it been since Nasta had last had sex? From his actions Harry was guessing that it had been a while.

Nasta pulled Harry forward until he was straddling his lap, letting him feel the hardness that pressed against the fly of his trousers. Harry let out a little gasp and clung tighter to Nasta.

"You have teased me beyond what I can handle." Nasta told him seriously. "I'm going to ruin you tonight. You will beg for hours before the end."

His mate gently tipped him backwards until he was once more lying on his back on the bed. Nasta expertly shoved down both his trousers and boxers before kicking them off after unbuttoning them. He had definitely done that before.

Missing Scene

Harry lay in Nasta's arms relearning how to breathe, listening to Nasta suck in deep breaths, his chest heaving with the effort. It took them a long time to recover from their lovemaking session and as soon as he was able to move, Nasta moved down and sniffed and licked around the baby bump.

Harry was too used to this behaviour from his dominants that he didn't even try to tell Nasta that he could feel the baby moving, that he knew that the baby was fine. He just let him sniff and lick to his heart's content until he gave a parting kiss to the roundest part of his belly and came back up to kiss Harry gently, giving light, lingering kisses to his lips as Harry just lay on their bed using all of his concentration on breathing.

Nasta carefully, slowly, eased himself out of his body and even that small movement brought a round or writhing to Harry, who ended up cuddled tightly to Nasta's chest as his oldest lover held him, back to chest and cupped his swollen belly.

"How did you do that roll thing with your hips?" Was the first thing that Harry asked when he had gotten his breathing right and gotten his brain to focus on anything else.

Nasta nuzzled the back of his head and licked the back of his neck. Harry thought that he wouldn't answer the question, but he had learnt with Nasta that he could answer a question ten minutes after it was asked, even if the topic had moved on. Time was something that Nasta didn't really care for, it seemed that he took everything slowly and nothing was rushed, not even sex. He took his time to think things through before he answered.

"Practice." Nasta answered his voice tight and a bit defensive. "You didn't expect me to be a virgin did you, Harry? I'm thirty-seven."

Harry laughed; his voice was raw and a bit hoarse. "Of course not, I was just wondering if it was a learned talent or something you had always done."

Nasta went back to nuzzling his hair with his face, inhaling deeply and Harry yawned. If he wasn't tired before, then he bloody well was now. He held onto Nasta's arms that were wrapped around him, holding them closer. He yawned again and closed his eyes, he was asleep within minutes.

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