The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


27. Chapter Twenty–Seven – Death's Door

Harry grinned as he watched Max and Nasta act like little children. The thirty-one year old and the thirty-seven year old were wrestling each other around the living room floor like toddlers, but there was a reason in the childish madness.

They hadn't had their dominance fight and Harry could feel the first touches of heat come upon him. Had he not taken the potion his heat would have come to him in the afternoon, which differed from all of his other heats which had taken place some when in the middle of the night.

Max and Nasta were rolling around the floor wrestling with one another to try and bring out their Drackens to fight for the top spot of the family. They had told Harry to go into the bedroom so he didn't have to watch, but how the hell could he give up watching two grown, supposedly mature men, rolling around the floor with each other?

He chuckled again as Nasta pinned Max to the carpet and smirked down at the larger man gloatingly. Max brought a knee up to Nasta's stomach and winded him, rolling until he was on top and was smirking gloatingly down at the older man.

Harry chuckled and moved Blaise's hand more firmly over the baby bump which they were all delighted to see had grown. A growing bump meant a growing baby; a growing baby was an alive baby.

Draco was at their feet with his homework spread out on the table, he chuckled every now and then at a particularly rough move, but other than that his entire focus was on his homework and massaging Harry's leg, which was draped over his shoulder.

"I don't think it's working." Harry told them as Max came close to having his head cracked open on the corner of the coffee table.

"It should!" Max puffed as he gripped Nasta's arm and tried to dislocate it.

"Any form of violence should be taken as a challenge." Blaise told him.

"Maybe you're both top dominant." Harry hedged carefully.

"No such thing!" Max told him, panting as he got a good punch into Nasta's gut.

"A single family cannot have more than one top dominant; it would ruin the balance of the family and fights would be an almost daily occurrence." Nasta stated calmly as if he wasn't rolling around on the floor. "The top dominant has the last say in every family related decision. It stops fights and squabbles among the other dominants."

"Well you're out of time; I can feel the heat coming on. If this isn't resolved soon, then it will be too late. What will happen then?"

"No idea." Max told him as he took his heavy work boot to Nasta's shin.

Nasta growled and took a fistful of Max's thick brown hair and yanked on it.

"You fight like girls." Draco snorted. "At least my fight was bloody and violent; yours looks staged, like a cover picture for a dirty magazine."

Harry giggled and rubbed his foot along Draco's defined abdominal muscles.

"The instinct to fight just isn't coming!" Max sighed in frustration.

"Maybe it would if you try to actually have sex with each other." Harry put in slyly. "One of you has to top, maybe you'll find out that way."

"You dirty little boy; you just want to have a free show."

Harry let out a fully belly laugh and sat grinning at the two men on the floor.

"Well it would work." Harry told them. "You can't both fuck the other; one of you is going to have to be the top partner and the other the bottom partner."

"As skewed as Harry's logic is and no matter how lascivious his motives are, I believe he is right in a way with what he is saying." Blaise stated. "One of you would have to dominate the other in order for you to have penetrative sex."

"I should be the top dominant! I'm bigger." Max growled as he shoved at Nasta.

"Please! That's like me saying I'm the oldest so I should be top dominant." Nasta answered wrapping his arms around Max and flipping him over onto his back.

"Older or not, it would be easier to have sex if I was the top!"

"It's like they've reverted back to their five year old state of mind." Harry giggled.

"I'm older so I should have that toy. But I'm bigger so it should be mine!" Blaise whispered bringing a round of laughter from Harry and an amused snort from Draco.

"Maybe you've already figured out whose top dominant but don't realise it." Draco told them.

The two older Drackens looked at each other and Nasta smirked and Max growled.

"That's it isn't it. You already know. So why the hell are you trying to force yourselves to fight?!" Harry demanded a touch of anger coming through in his voice.

"Maximilius won't accept that I am dominant to him without a fight." Nasta stated with a grin.

"You are not dominant to me!" Max bellowed raising a fist to punch Nasta, who blocked with his forearm and rolled until he was on top of the other man yet again.

"I am dominant to all of you!" Nasta growled back, seemingly only just losing his patience.

"How did this happen?" Harry asked. "When did it happen?"

"In the hospital wing, when we woke up from those bloody nightmares." Max scowled.

"When we were eating." Nasta elaborated when Harry looked ready to explode. "We were all hungry, but my Dracken wouldn't let me eat. A top dominant is not allowed to eat until all those subordinate to him have started eating. I have to provide for all of you, even though it isn't really needed as you can all hunt for yourselves."

"But, what moment made your Drackens realise that Nasta was top and Max wasn't?"

Max gave an elegant, one shouldered shrug that could have meant anything and nothing.

"No idea, I certainly haven't acted submissive to anyone." He answered.

"Maybe it's because you cook, which is typically a female, or in this case, submissive thing to do. Maybe it has nothing to do with how dominant you're acting, but how submissive you are being by doing something that a hundred years ago would have been considered a submissive's job." Blaise put in disarmingly.

"So because Maxie cooks, Nasta's Dracken saw him as submissive because of long forgotten domestic roles from centuries ago that have absolutely no bearing on current lifestyles or stereotypes?" Harry stated confusedly.

Blaise shrugged and flipped his head to one side that Harry took to mean 'maybe'.

"Huh. Oh well, that settles that, now we just need Max and Draco to fight it out and then all the violence can stop." Harry chirped happily, but his face fell when a sudden thought hit him. "Wait, if Nasta's Dracken sees Max as subordinate because he cooks, won't Draco's Dracken do the same?"

"Oh no. No, no, no, I will not be subordinate to two other dominants!" Max hissed. "Not because I actually know how to cook and feed myself!"

"Maybe we should buy you a pink, frilly apron to wear as you cook." Draco goaded.

"Stop it!" Harry growled. "I won't have you kicking up a fuss or a fight near the baby, we almost lost this baby once, I won't risk our baby again. Fine if you are play wrestling on the floor, but if it's going to be real then you take it outside!"

All of them settled down at the reminder of how close they had come to losing their first baby. Harry placed a loving hand on his bump and rubbed it. He was coming up to three months pregnant, he was now in the second trimester, had he been pregnant as a human, he would only just be reaching the middle of the first trimester. But as his Dracken genes knocked off two months, every trimester only lasted two and a third months instead of three months per trimester.

Harry was moved onto Blaise's lap as the three oldest of his mates tried to settle on the same settee, a difficult feat as neither Max nor Nasta were small men and Blaise was no stick.

"Why don't you just enlarge the settee?" Harry asked as Max shifted around to try and fit his large thighs into the small gap that Nasta had left him.

"An item can only be enlarged so far." Draco told him from the floor. "It has to do with the dimensions of the original size of the item."

Harry shook his head looking puzzled. "But the bed has been enlarged three times."

"The first time we enlarged it only a little bit, Harry." Blaise told him indulgently, stroking his exposed belly where his shirt had ridden up the bump. "Just enough to fit Draco in with us. The second time we needed to enlarge it more as Max is a lot bigger than all of us, but it still wasn't more than twice the bed's original size. When Nasta joined us, we enlarged it to its maximum and it is a good thing that that bed was a super king size to begin with or we would never fit all of us inside it, one of us would be sleeping on the floor every night."

"I was never any good at magical theory." Harry sighed.

A tap at the window had Draco sighing at the distraction to his homework, he picked up his wand from beside him and gave it a casual, almost elegant flick and the living room window sprang open and admitted the brown feathered, black speckled owl into their rooms. It landed on Max's arm and he greeted it like an old friend.

"This is Jasmine, she is a childhood friend." He told them as he stroked her.

"Is she yours?" Harry asked, crawling from Blaise, over Nasta and onto Max's lap to stroke the soft feathers on Jasmine's breast.

"Yes, she was a present from my parents when I got into Salem's Academy of Magic, I have another owl, Esmeralda, she was a graduation present. I sent a letter to my brother in America; I've been eagerly awaiting his reply. His Wife is expecting my first Niece."

"You never said you had a brother." Harry turned to speak to Max, but his attention was caught by a sharp nip on his finger and he soon went back to cooing and paying attention to Jasmine.

"One brother and three sisters." Max told him. "Caesar is twenty-nine, Julinda is twenty-seven, Talia is twenty-six and Alayla is twenty-three. I'm the oldest and only me and Caesar are Drackens."

"Do you only have the one Niece on the way?"

"Yep. Juda is married to a man named Laurel, they don't have kids yet, I'm not even sure if they're trying. Laurel is a businessman first and foremost; I don't think Juda sees him more than twice a month."

"I couldn't cope with seeing you for only twice a month."

"Lucky for you that I'm not a businessman then." Max told him with a smile.

"I love you too, Maxie."

"I told you only my granddad calls me that."

"Your grandparents are still alive?" Draco asked interestedly.

"Yours aren't?"

"No. On my Father's side, my grandfather Abraxas died from Dragon Pox before I was born. My Grandmother Amorette died when I was five. My grandfather on my Mother's side, Cygnus Black died the year before I was born. Grandmother Druella died when I was seven."

"I have never met my paternal grandparents." Blaise told them quietly. "They blamed me and my Mother for my Father's death, they still do in fact. They refuse to have anything to do with me. I asked to see them when I was eight and they refused to even come and meet me to see what I looked like. I look a lot like my Father according to my Mother. I wrote them letters when I learned how to write, but they came back unopened. Their logic was that if I had never been conceived then my Father would still be alive."

"So they blamed you? An innocent child!" Max asked outraged.

"Apparently so." Blaise sniffed indifferently, if it bothered him that he had never met his Father's side of the family, then it didn't show, but still Nasta threw an arm around him and cuddled him in close.

Blaise fought for a moment until he realised that it was futile to fight against Nasta's strength and muscle and he relaxed against him instead.

"I think everyone knows what happened to my family." Harry said sadly. "I don't know what happened to my paternal grandparents but I know from the potion I used to find out where my Dracken inheritance came from that my grandmother Dorea died in nineteen-seventy-seven, three years before I was born. If my maternal grandparents are still alive, then I've never met them and I didn't even know what their names were before that potion."

"Don't you have Muggle relatives?" Max asked.

"Yeah, my aunt Petunia was my Mum's sister, her Husband Vernon and my cousin Dudley." Harry breathed in deeply to quell feelings of panic and quickly changed the subject. "What about your family, Nas?"

"My Mother died when I was born, she died giving birth to me. My Father brought me and my older brother, Sanex up. We had a sister, Angharad but she died from a spell gone wrong when she was twenty. She'd be forty now if she had lived."

"You told me before that your Dad never let you drink coffee or carbonated drinks." Harry said with a smile.

Nasta looked at him tenderly and kissed him.

"I can't believe you remember that." He answered with a small shake of his head. "It's true. My Dad always told us that if we wanted to drink something to the equivalent of acid then he would make it easier for us and just give us a bottle of bleach and a straw. He was very…protective after Mum died. He wouldn't let us eat anything unhealthy, drink anything unhealthy, he made sure that we did at least an hour of exercise a day, pushed us at everything we did, encouraged us to be our best and our fittest."

"He didn't want his children to die." Harry put in softly, touching Nasta's cheek.

"No he didn't. He's a Dracken as well, family means everything to him. When Mum died giving birth to me, he could have so easily turned on me, blamed me for her death, his own submissive mate, but he did no such thing. Angharad told me that he had practically ignored Mum's dead body as he rushed to me first, cleaning me off and wrapping me up."

"He knew that his Wife was already dead." Max said gently. "He didn't want the son that she had died for leaving with her."

Nasta shook his head and scrubbed his hands roughly over his face. "I'm the only one of my siblings who is a Dracken, Mum and Dad should have had more than three children, plenty more, but when Mum died, Dad refused to take another mate, even though the Counsel have offered numerous times to let him go back to the submissive meetings. He's always refused."

"I thought all dominants had to go." Harry stated confusedly.

"After a dominant has gotten a mate, even if that mate dies, we lose the urge to go to submissive meetings." Max told him. "If the dominant want's another mate, they can petition the Counsel to be let back in on the submissive meetings or the Counsel can ask if the dominant wants to be let back in on the meetings."

"I wouldn't want another mate." Harry said sadly. "If all of you died, I would never take another mate."

"With submissives it's different." Nasta stated his tone conveying his disgust. "You might be forced to take another dominant as you are a submissive and there are too few to how many dominants there are."

"I wouldn't want one; I will not be forced to live my life with a man I feel nothing for." Harry stated stubbornly.

"It's a moot point as none of us are going to die." Blaise told them surely.

"My Dad never wanted another mate either after Mum died. He told the Counsel to shove their meetings where the sun doesn't shine and carried on raising me and my siblings."

"Why does the Counsel petition some dominants, not all of them?" Harry asked.

"My Dad had three young children, one of which was a newborn Dracken. They were…concerned that a dominant male alone could not raise three babies and that he needed a submissive's help, as if any sixteen year old would have accepted a twenty-six year old mate with three kids."

"I might have if he was a kind and considerate mate." Harry told him.

Nasta let out a startled laugh and pulled Harry into a kiss.

"Am I going to have to worry about introducing you to my Father this summer?" He asked teasingly.

"Oh no, I'd much rather have his youngest son." Harry grinned. "Am I going to be in any trouble with him for stealing his youngest son from his overprotective hands?"

"No. My Dad will love you. He's been…distressed lately because I hadn't found a mate at thirty-seven."

"He thought that it was too late for you to be happily mated."

"He believes that if a dominant hasn't been chosen by a mate by at least thirty then they'll be stuck with unworthy mates, like Miette Solange."

"I keep hearing that name." Harry said with a smile looking to Blaise.

"You were old enough to go to the Solange meeting in Toulouse?" Max asked.

"Yes, it was my first and only meeting before Harry, I didn't stay for long. I left just after she announced that her ideal mate would be forced onto his hands and knees to boost her onto her horse so that she could go riding every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons."

"I left before that, when she said that her mate was expected to wake up before her every day and serve her breakfast in bed." Nasta growled. "I barely know how to cook and I will not be treated like a servant."

"I left after that, breakfast in bed I could handle, but when she said that she would expect her dominant mate to be at her beck and call at every hour of the day. She expected us to give up our jobs." Max shook his head. "I love my job too much to ever give it up completely."

"How were you going to support her then?" Draco asked.

"Miette comes from old money, her family is filthy rich, the entire front garden path was made from gold nuggets."

"She got what she deserved. A fifty-eight year old dominant and no children." Blaise stated.

"It doesn't seem common for a submissive to have more than one mate, why does Harry have four?" Draco asked.

"Because he is so powerful." Nasta told the blond. "Only powerful submissives need more than two mates. That Harry need's four is a testament to his power."

"I am not powerful!" Harry sulked.

Max chuckled at him and kissed his pout away. "You are." He said lovingly. "You're just too modest to see it."

"Why am I the one to get four mates? Not that I don't love each and every one of you, but it's not you lot that are going to be fucked raw in a few days' time."

"I might be." Blaise told him casually. Harry turned to him questioningly. "I am the lowest dominant of the family group, just above you in the…'hierarchy' for lack of a better word. I am going to be fucked just as much as you are."

Harry let out a soft giggle, before covering his mouth as if he had uttered a foul swear word. He removed his hand, opened his mouth and giggled again. He shook his head and grinned.

"I can't wait to see that." He managed to say through his large smile. "This is payback for the first two heats that I've barely survived thanks to your prowess."

Blaise grinned back at him and bopped him on the head gently. Harry turned back to Jasmine when she squawked and began petting her again.

"Didn't you have urgent news on your Niece?" Harry told Max, who blinked and then smiled, tearing open the letter and reading quickly.

"Amelle, Caesar's Wife is about ready to give birth." Max told them. "Before I mated I was going to go and stay with my brother, my entire family is going to be there for the birth, but I can't leave now, I don't want to." He added when Harry opened his mouth.

"She is going to be your first Niece." Harry started angrily. "She…"

"She will still be there after your heat and after our baby is born." Max stated firmly. "I won't leave you."

"We can visit in the summer holidays." Harry offered.

"At which point you will be five, six months pregnant." Max deadpanned. "You won't be up to travelling longer than it takes to get from the bed to the bathroom."

"I'm not lazy!"

"You will be when you are heavily pregnant." Nasta soothed gently. "The baby will be siphoning off nearly all of your energy as it grows impossibly bigger and develops vastly quicker in a very short space of time. If you try to push yourself, you may collapse and lose the baby. I can tell you that it is a lot harder losing a baby when you are a month from giving birth than when you are only a month pregnant."

Harry deflated and let all of his breath out. "I wouldn't hold it against you if you wanted to go and see your Niece, Max, even if it was only for a day or two. I'm sure Nasta, Draco and Blaise can cope with looking after me for a few days. I'm not that hard to handle."

Max still looked unsure so Harry kissed him and kept his hands on the back of his neck, playing with the thick, brown hair.

"What if I made a promise to stay in bed and not move a muscle until you came back?"

"Like any one of us would believe that." Draco told him with a roll of his eyes. "Honestly Harry, you can't stay in bed when you're ill or injured, how are you going to manage it when you're neither."

Harry huffed and pouted, turning away from Draco and looking back up at Max.

"I don't want to keep you from your family."

"You are part of my family now and you carry my baby, Amelle carries my brother's. I know where my loyalties lie and I know where I want to stay."

Harry let it drop, but he made a mental note to pick it up when he was alone with Max and didn't have the others to put in 'helpful' comments.

Harry threw another cushion at Blaise and screamed. His heat had hit him and he was in agony. He couldn't keep still; he kept writhing and rolling on the floor in front of the fireplace. He called to his mates who were standing around him all of them utterly distraught at his tears.

A lick of fire curled up his spine and Harry screamed again, arching from the floor, writhing in utmost anguish feeling as if his skin was melting from his bones. How the hell did this help the baby any more than having sex?!

"Please try and stay still." Max begged. Harry threw a cushion at him this time.

Harry had thought that his mates would go and have sex without him, but they hadn't. They were all hard and ready for sex and they were all suffering as an hour passed and their erections weren't relieved.

Harry was torn; on the one hand he didn't want his mates to suffer, on the other hand he didn't want to be the only one to have to suffer for something that hadn't been his fault. He didn't want to be left alone to deal with this pain as his mates went and fucked each other.

He screamed as fire tore through his belly, his own erection was as solid as rock, he had tried to relieve himself, but it didn't work, the fire only got hotter the more he stroked and he had soon let go, still as hard as a rock and unrelieved.

"Please! Please!" He begged hoping one of them would help him.

None of them did. They couldn't even touch him to sooth him as it made the flames within him sear his skin. He had to survive three days of this, perhaps more if the baby hadn't stabilised enough at the end of those three days.

A sweet scent filled his nose and Harry turned his head towards it, his fangs bared as he saw Nasta had dug his claws into his forearm. His oldest, most dominant mate came towards him and knelt by his head, taking care of Harry's wings spread out on the carpet and without touching him, he offered him the bleeding arm.

Harry latched onto it and his lips felt like they would blister where they touched Nasta's arm, but the blood was cool going down his throat and into his stomach as he swallowed convulsively.

Snape had told them when he had delivered the potion that they would have to feed Harry blood as where Harry could go ten days without eating on his heat, the baby certainly couldn't. However getting blood, sweat and semen for sustenance during a heat period was incredibly easy, but when he was stuck in this flaming inferno, not fully able to go onto heat and not able to leave it either, the last thing that he wanted was blood, sweat or semen. He wanted ice, lots and lots of ice.

Nasta tugged on his hair and Harry let go of his arm to hiss, fully intending to go back to his meal, but Nasta had already moved his arm away and the coolness of the blood in his stomach heated up until it felt like lava.

"Please! Help me, please! I can't take it anymore." He sobbed.

The four men exchanged sad glances; it broke their hearts to see Harry this way. He was naked and flushed a delicate pink, but the sight didn't arouse them at all, not when Harry was crying his heart out, wailing, screaming and sobbing at them to make it stop.

"Please Harry, it'll be over soon." Draco whispered, looking devastated, his usually pale face had gone a greyish colour.

"How long…long has it been?" Harry panted out, wiping imaginary sweat from his forehead.

Draco grimaced. "An hour and a half."

Harry wailed sharply and rolled onto his side, his back to them, crying incessantly as the raging fire grew. He couldn't take much more of this.

Harry hadn't slept for three days. Nasta hadn't either, as the top dominant he had remained by Harry's side, though never touching him, at all times.

Max, Draco and Blaise got a couple of hours sleep every now and then so that when the actual heat started they wouldn't be too tired to perform, thus causing Harry more agony in the long run.

Harry had a very, very thin blanket covering his lower body as Snape cautiously lowered himself next to him amid growls and snarls from the other four dominants, who did not like Snape being so close to their pregnant mate, their pregnant mate who was on a heat period no less.

Snape didn't speak, he quickly cast spell after spell, careful not to touch any part of Harry's body and he nodded tightly, his body aching with tension as he cast a final spell.

"The baby has stabilised enough." He announced carefully, knowing that there was a possibility that the five feral Drackens might not even be able to understand what he was saying. "There is no need for you to take any more potion, as soon as this dose wears off you'll be fine to follow your instincts."

"Go away now." Max growled harshly, threateningly. Showing no acknowledgement whatsoever that he had heard or understood a word that Severus had said.

All of their minds had been lost to their feral Drackens during the last three days and thought didn't come easy to them anymore. All they saw was a widowed dominant near their pregnant mate and his presence would no longer be tolerated.

Snape eased up slowly and he backed away. He knew that if he had so much as brushed Potter, then he'd be dead. If Potter had so much as gasped or made a noise of distress when he was so close, he would have been held responsible and torn to pieces.

"Remember to keep feeding, Potter." Snape commented, not entirely sure if the Drackens could hear or understand him, but he took Maximilius' vocal threat as a sign that at least one of them wasn't too far gone to understand him, before backing out of the portrait door, Blaise and Draco stalking him and hissing at him all the way. Severus slammed the portrait door shut tightly, trapping the feral Drackens inside their rooms and he cast a small ward, to prevent them from leaving for the next several hours…they'd lose interest in trying to reach him after a minute or two, but just in case he cast a relatively strong ward. He was grateful that the baby had stabilised so that he didn't have to go back in another three days to see to Potter again, after what he'd seen today, he wasn't entirely sure that he wouldn't have been attacked as soon as he showed up to check on Potter and his baby. Now he could just leave them all to get on with it.

"How long until it wears off?" Harry slurred weakly, too tired to even move.

"About two hours." Nasta informed him quietly, his eyes pinned to the portrait door in case the threat came back.

"I feel so drained."

"Do you want some more blood?" Blaise asked his voice no longer silk like and smooth, but rough and distorted.

"Just a bit, but I can't sit up to take it."

It was Draco's turn to open a vein for him and he did so gladly, holding his bleeding arm over Harry's mouth, making sure not to touch any of the bare skin, letting his blood flow freely into Harry's mouth.

Harry swallowed, letting the excess drip onto his face before he opened his mouth for another mouthful, he swallowed that and then turned away, indicating that he didn't want any more. The blood cooled him for all of three seconds and gave him a small energy boost. He couldn't wait until his bloody heat actually started.

Nasta used the thin blanket that had been covering his dignity in front of Snape to wipe the blood from his chin and cheeks, being obsessively careful not to touch him skin to skin.

"It will all be over soon." He soothed. "You won't have to have another heat now until after the baby is born."

"I'm dying!" Harry wailed as another burst of heat clenched his body and made him twist in agony, using energy that he didn't have.

All of his mates were around him then hushing and soothing him and Harry didn't even have the energy to cry anymore. The fire had eaten away all of his tears, he had none left to cry with, instead he dry sobbed.

Two hours passed like years. His mind was barely clinging to sanity at the end and he didn't care how much more pain it brought him, he gave into his desires and clung to his mates. He buried his face into their skin, soaked in their scents, ignoring the pain and blisters he could feel on his skin but couldn't see.

He felt red raw, surely his skin couldn't have survived such heat? But his skin was perfect, just a little pink flushed, his pale body scales highlighted by an inner light and red-rimmed from the heat, he shook his head in despair, his skin shouldn't just be pink! Heat like he was experiencing did not just pink up the skin! It melted it, it burned, blistered, seared, why was his body betraying his mind?!

"Harry? Maybe it would be better not to touch us." Max said softly or as softly as he could when it sounded like his throat was full of razor blades.

Harry wailed and clenched his arms around the body that he was holding, he couldn't even recognise them through touch anymore, his brain was boiling in his head. He was going to die.

"You are causing yourself more pain." Nasta growled, as someone tried to pry his arms away.

"If I'm going to die then I'll die holding my mates!" Harry sobbed.

"You aren't going to die, the potion will wear off soon, just twenty more minutes and then just seven days until you come off of your heat period."

Those hands succeeded in pulling Harry free and he cried. There had been no doubt in him that his mates would have gotten him free, they were too strong and he was weak, so weak, he couldn't even sit up on his own anymore.

"Please!" He begged.

Someone sighed roughly, sadly. "How long?" The same voice growled.

"Sixteen minutes, give or take a minute." Another voice answered. Harry couldn't make sense of anything now, he could hear the words, but he couldn't understand them.

"Perhaps it would help to prepare him now, when we are not totally lost in the heat haze to do so. It would help prevent his skin from splitting on initial entry. The scent of blood always makes us treat him rougher."

"Won't it cause him more pain? You'll be touching him."

"It'll hurt to touch him regardless; the only difference is that he can be distracted with sex."

"You are hoping to distract him with it now."

"It may work."

Harry lay still and breathed deeply, heavily as he let the conversation float over him, not taking in anything other than the voices of his mates.

A touch on his naked body caused him to wail as the fire within him shot to the place where his mate was touching, charring his skin and surely scorching his mate as well. The hand glided down his sweat soaked skin and Harry screamed as it moved to his more sensitive places, the fire following in its wake.

A touch at one of his most sensitive places brought a gasp to his throat, which never left his mouth as he choked on it. A finger pressed into him delicately and Harry couldn't breathe, it pushed all of the way in and it was slick and cool. He pressed back onto it and tried to breathe past the obstruction in his throat. That finger touched deeply within him and the coolness spread. He found a burst of energy and used his legs to wrap around the upper body of the one touching him, locking his knees just under his mate's armpits.

"That's it, Harry. Forget about the pain."

"Please!" He begged a touch of breathlessness to his voice as that finger touched his prostate.

Two fingers carefully moved to stretch his muscles, leaving coolness behind, but everywhere else was burning pain. His cock especially was throbbing with its own level of heat that was unmatched by any other part of his body.

"Not long, Harry, just seven more minutes." Someone soothed.

Harry turned his head to the side and almost screamed out loud as he saw Draco and Blaise had given into their desires as his sexual heat grew closer.

Draco had Blaise pinned to the floor on his stomach, both arms twisted behind his back and held strongly as Draco's legs covered Blaise's to keep them from moving. It looked rough and they were both snarling and snapping at each other, Draco's cheek had a cut on it and Blaise's shoulder was bleeding thickly, like Draco had bitten down on it repeatedly. It made him glad that he wasn't a dominant, sex that rough just wasn't appealing to him, yet he couldn't take his eyes off of them as Draco moved impossibly faster within Blaise and roared.

A jab against his prostate forced his eyes closed as he let out a small mewl, he opened them again to see Draco pulling out of Blaise and collapsing next to the unmoving brunet. Harry was worried for a fraction of a second before Blaise rolled onto Draco and snuggled up.

Harry swore that if they were too tired to fuck him because they had fucked each other first he would carve them up with his claws. It was fine if they were practising, but with his heat imminent, he wanted them fully able to fuck him before they became too tired.

"Less than a minute, Nas. Have you finished?"

A grunt from low down his body had Harry looking down to see Nasta lying on his stomach, his black and yellowish gold scaled wings canted backwards to keep them out of the way whilst he was happily playing with his sensitive bits, Harry had barely noticed as he had watched Draco and Blaise, he knew that that would change the moment that his full heat hit him, he wouldn't be able to think of anything else but the mate who was pleasuring him, but he was glad that he had gotten to see at least two of his dominants' fucking, when he went on his full heat, he wouldn't remember seeing anything else, he would only be able to remember the feel of his mates touching him, he'd only remember seeing them, everything else would be a red tinted haze.

Harry felt the exact moment when the potion blocking his pheromones wore off, Nasta moved so quickly, grabbing his shoulders and surging inside of him in one smooth movement. He would be eternally grateful for the preparation.

Missing Scene

When Harry next woke up he felt terrible. He let out a soft groan and rolled onto his side before his eyes widened as he felt a twinge in his abdomen. His bladder was beyond full and moving had put too much pressure upon it.

He bolted upright, but fell back when pain shot up his spine. His bladder ached to be relieved and he moaned in agony. He tried to get up carefully, shifting his arms to lift his upper body, but this turned out to be a huge mistake because as soon as he crunched up his stomach, his bladder released without his say so.

Once he had started he couldn't stop himself and he felt tears of humiliation prick at his eyes. His face burnt bright red in embarrassment…he had wet the bed for the first time since he was about six years old and even then he had only wet himself because the Dursleys had forgotten to let him out from the cupboard under the stairs to use the bathroom.

The tears fell over his eyes as he just sat in the wet patch that he had accidentally made. He couldn't move and he sobbed in distress. A moment later his mates were around him, asking him what was wrong, though it didn't take them too long to figure out from the strong smell of urine.

Nasta sighed and sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped an arm around him as Harry curled into himself in mortification.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of, Harry." He said softly. "The best of us have accidents and you are pregnant which has put a lot of undue stress upon your bladder."

"I've never had this problem before." He wailed in shame, his neck and ears burning along with his face.

"You've never consumed so much liquid while on a heat period before." Max told him with a reassuring smile. "We already almost piss ourselves when we wake up off a heat as it is, Harry, with the amount of blood you consumed when you were on your heat it was inevitable that you would wet yourself before you reached the bathroom."

Harry sniffed and hugged himself. Nasta put his other arm around him and hugged him tightly, kissing his hair.

"Let's get you cleaned up, Harry. How about a nice hot bath whilst Draco and I go hunting?"

Harry sniffed again as his stomach rumbled loudly. He nodded his head and let Nasta pick him up and carry him to the bathroom, uncaring that Harry's naked legs and bottom were soaking wet from where he had been sitting in the large patch of his urine.

Nasta run a bath and put Harry's favourite scented bubble bath under the running water. He tested the temperature and turned off the hot water tap and ran the cold. When the temperature was perfect he sat Harry in the water and left him to wash with a kiss.

Harry smiled at Nasta's retreating back. He loved his mates so much and they obviously loved him enough to carry him even when he was sopping wet with his own piss. He picked up a washcloth and dipped it in the water before he started scrubbing himself, particularly hard when he reached his legs and bum. He didn't bother washing his hair; he didn't want to put the dirty, piss water on it. He'd have a shower before he went to bed.

He got out and wrapped himself in a towel and he padded barefooted back into the bedroom. He could see from the floor that the bed up on its platform had been stripped and recovered with different sheets, duvet and pillowcases. It wasn't blue anymore, but a dark red. Blaise and Max must have done it whilst he was in the bath.

He didn't bother getting dressed, he always managed to get blood on his clothes when he ate a fresh meal, he'd stay naked and get dressed afterwards.

He went into the living room and smiled as Max and Blaise were cuddled up on the settee together. Max grinned at him and gestured for him to come and sit between them. There wasn't enough room to fit a doll between them, let alone his pregnant frame.

"I'm not going to fit." He complained.

Max chuckled. "You will, come here."

Harry didn't bother arguing, he was hungry and he was still tired. His bum hurt a lot as well and his spine and his hips, but he had found out why they hurt when he was in the bath, they were covered thickly in dark bruises.

Max picked him up and placed Harry partly on his lap, partly on Blaise's. Harry smiled; they hadn't wanted him between them, but on their laps.

They both threw an arm around him and held him. They kissed his neck and shoulders, rubbed his growing belly, which he had been startled to see had grown significantly over the week when he couldn't remember anything but burning, sex and toe-curling pleasure.

Blaise leant over him and pressed a lingering kiss to the widest part of his belly and stroked just beside his bellybutton. He kissed his belly again and Harry chuckled, bopping Blaise's head.

"That tickles." He said when Blaise shot him a questioning look for bopping his head.

Blaise chuckled deeply and kissed his belly a final time, gave it one final stroke, before leaning back further into the settee and kissing the back of Harry's neck instead as Max licked at his shoulder. Harry moaned and then shoved both of their heads away.

"I am far too hungry, too tired and way too sore to do anything with you, so stop it."

"We have missed you, Prezioso." Blaise told him. "You were asleep for a day longer than we were."

"What?" Harry asked softly, turning his head to look at Blaise over his shoulder.

"It's perfectly normal for a pregnant submissive to sleep anything from twelve to thirty-eight hours longer than their dominant after a heat period. With the delays at the start of your cycle I'm not surprised that you slept for twenty-six hours longer than us."

Harry sighed and yawned widely. He had been asleep for about two days, he felt as if he hadn't slept in a month.

"You can go back to bed as soon as you have eaten, love." Max told him, pushed the tufts of hair out of his face gently.

"Am I really not going to have another heat now until after the baby is born?"

"That's right. Submissives only go on a heat period to get pregnant, which you already are, or to fully bond to a mate, of which you now have all the dominants that you need. So no more heat until after the baby is born."

"Thank god. I don't think I'll survive another heat when I'm pregnant."

"We'll be able to tell if you're pregnant now by your heat cycles." Max told him with a smile. "If your heat comes, you aren't pregnant, if it doesn't come, you're pregnant."

"Ergh, like a woman's period." Harry grumbled.

They both laughed uproariously at him and Harry crossed his arms and scowled.

"What's so funny?" Draco asked as he came into the living room carting a dead boar on his shoulder.

Nasta followed him in with the biggest buck that Harry had ever seen. They deposited their kills on the floor and Harry was urged to eat immediately.

"Harry has likened his heat cycles to a woman's menstrual cycle." Max answered Draco as he folded his huge body onto the floor and began eating after a stern glare from Nasta.

"Isn't that what they are though?" Draco asked as he sat on the settee watching everyone else eat. The bloodstains on his cheeks and chin told them that he had already eaten his fill. "Only every two months not every month."

The two older Drackens started laughing and Nasta sat down next to Harry and began skinning meat for him so that he could eat faster and without using so much energy while he was still so tired.

"I don't bleed!" Harry groused as he accepted another chunk of meat off of Nasta.

"Harry doesn't have eggs either. Or ovaries or a uterus…"

"Or a vagina." Harry insisted sternly, which brought tears to his mates' eyes.

"Really he doesn't even have a womb." Max said after he had calmed down. "We call it a womb for lack of a better word for it, but it's more like a…"

"Like a sac." Nasta answered as Max struggled for words. "It just holds the forming baby and Harry will have to split the sac to get the baby out, a bit like a womb, but it's thicker as Dracken babies are very…rumbustious as they reach six months gestation."

Harry placed a hand on his belly and frowned. If his baby was going to start bouncing around inside of him then he'd much rather be more stable in his pregnancy. He hoped to god that nothing ever happened to his babies ever again.

If he had the maximum amount of babies he could have over a hundred and fifty years, then there was a possibility that he would lose one or two clutches, but he didn't want to, he hoped, he prayed that he never lost a baby. His heart would shatter into miniscule pieces if it ever happened and a part of his broken heart would always be lost forever, gone with his lost child.

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