The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


21. Chapter Twenty-One – Violence and Baby Blues.

Daily life for Harry had turned into a waking hell of being carried and escorted everywhere. His mates refused point blank to leave him alone and as February melted into March, winter moved into spring and then, as April bloomed from March, it took all of his control and concentration to keep from unleashing his claws and fangs and ripping all three of his dominant mates to pieces.

He was going through a very bad stage of any pregnancy. Morning sickness. Though why it was called that was beyond him as he was sick from morning to the afternoon, then it abated only to come back with a vengeance in the evening. He was eating mainly light soups, dry toast and dry crackers. Ignoring that the crackers and wholegrain toast were his grain intake, signalling that he had gone into the second stage of his breeding cycle, which was coming around very late due to his different dietary needs caused by his pregnancy.

He wasn't even thinking of his heat as he had grown a slight protrusion around his belly area, making Ginny scream and begin to rest her hand and ear on his belly whenever she saw him. This led to whispers and talk of his pregnancy and his 'controversial' relationship with three men, one of which was the 'foreign student' who was only here to observe the British and their education.

Harry didn't deny that he was pregnant when he was asked, but he did snarl and fling himself bodily at those who dared to ask him such a thing to his face, only to be held back by one of his mates. The students of Hogwarts never knew how close they came to having their eyes scratched out by his claws.

Mrs Weasley had sent him a very long letter that included how happy she was, how proud she was and how she wanted to hold her first grandchild, because naturally he was one of her seven sons. She had included useful hints on what foods she had found were better to be avoided during her six pregnancies, useful potions to help him and spells to make him more comfortable when sleeping. She had also told him that she had immediately started knitting for the baby and not to bother wasting his money on buying blankets, shawls, cardigans, jumpers, socks or wraps because she had everything covered. He had also been made to verbally swear to a letter that he would tell her the gender of the baby as soon as he knew, so that she could start using colours rather than neutral whites and yellows.

Ron had become relentless now that he perceived that he had 'ammo' over him. He would shout out nasty names and call his baby a bastard because Harry wasn't married to any of the potential Fathers, which was like a cardinal sin to Purebloods. But Draco had scathingly remarked that Ron had no right to quote Pureblood rules as he was a born blood traitor. Ron had gone scarlet and had started whistling through his teeth in anger like a boiled teapot.

Hermione had dragged him away but not before giving Harry a curious look that he knew all too well. It was her, 'I know that you are hiding something and I will find out what it is' look. It frightened him. If she did manage to find out that he was a Dracken, then his life in Britain could be over. His life could be over period if he couldn't get himself, his children and his mates out of the country in time, it caused an icy pit to form in his stomach and he found himself looking for Hermione more often than normal, checking to see what she was reading, making sure that she didn't know his secret. When he spotted her in the library on the Marauders Map, which Blaise and Draco found pretty damn awesome, he sent one of them to go and check what she was reading, which was very often as was normal with Hermione because she was always in the library.

They had tried to complain, but as he had shouted at them, it wasn't only his secret, if Hermione found out about him, then all of their lives were pretty much ruined and they would have to claim asylum in Australia, a country that none of them had ever been to, or in South Africa, a country that Max had only visited once with his family whilst on holiday for two weeks. They all had a substantial amount of money, but if Hermione went to any of the authority figures in the Ministry before the four of them knew about it, then their accounts would be instantly frozen and they would be forced to leave the country and enter another one illegally and knutless.

This put undue stress on Harry and his baby, which was developing faster than a human baby and as a result it was absorbing more of his stress which was directly affecting the baby's development.

When he had been told that he was potentially harming his baby, he had tried to chill out and relax, but the fear that they would be caught and the icy pit in his stomach only grew the more time that passed.

Max had even suggested that they just kill Hermione and make it look like an accident to try and help alleviate Harry' stress and worry but Harry had shot the idea down before any of them had had a chance to properly explore it. Not only would Dumbledore know, but Drackens killing humans had been what the Ministry had black listed their species for in the first place, killing Hermione would only be proving them right and Harry refused to do it, no matter how much peace of mind and comfort it would bring him.

Blaise walked into the living room with his arms laden down with perhaps twelve books of varying sizes, Harry thought that maybe they were to help him decipher the book that he had given him for Christmas and turned back to snuggling with Max, until Blaise dumped every single book straight into the fire and let them burn, Harry watching on in curiosity and a bit of wonder that maybe his mate had finally gone insane.

"Were those library books?" Draco asked from his place doing his homework at the kitchenette table, which had been expanded to a six seater table complete with chairs after it was confirmed that there would be five of them all together living here.

"Yes, that was every single library book that contained even a mention of Drackens." Blaise answered happily. "Granger hasn't looked at them nor has she checked any of them out."

Harry grinned. "Madam Pince is going to hunt you down, skin you alive, eat your fleshy bits and then wear your skin as a cape to warn off other students when she finds out what you've done to her babies."

Blaise and Max laughed at the mental image whilst Draco rolled his eyes and went back to his essay.

"She won't know, I kind of asked her for every book on Drackens, for reference reasons of course, asked if her prized pupil Granger had checked any of them out, then when she had answered in the negative and had given me every single book, I sort of Obliviated her."

Harry started roaring with laughter and clutched at his rapidly swelling belly through his pyjama top. It got bigger daily and the students were noticing. There was a lot of debate whether or not it was what happened normally with a male pregnancy or if it was just something purely Potter, the defeater of Voldemort and breaker of the rules of the impossible.

"Did you do it correctly?" Max asked with a look of seriousness, which was a rarity.

"Of course, she displayed light confusion and I told her that she had been docking points off of a couple of Gryffindor second years for being too noisy."

"Thanks for that last bit." Harry told him dryly, stretching out his pyjama covered legs.

"She only took ten points from them, Harry. Well ten points each and it turned out there were five of them and not the two that I had originally thought, but one of those was a Hufflepuff."

"You do know that Gryffindor will get those points back in Quidditch don't you?" Harry boated proudly.

"You're not playing." Draco growled from across the room.

"I know I'm not playing, Draco. But I have been training my team still."

"You still have the captaincy?" Max asked interestedly.

"Yep, due to unforeseen complications, i.e. my pregnancy, I'm unable to play for my team, but I am allowed to coach and captain my team from the side-lines, which I've been doing happily. My team is unstoppable!"

"You haven't played against Slytherin, oh wait, you did and you lost! I caught the snitch half an hour into the game." Draco smirked from the kitchenette.

"I wasn't there then nor was I coaching my team." Harry replied snootily. "I still think Blaise's timing had something to do with Quidditch."

"Because I obviously knew that the submissive that had been driving me mad for nearly two months was you, Potter." Blaise put in with a gentle nudge.

"You knew him before the first meeting?" Max asked curiously and with a mischievous glint in his eyes that informed them that he already knew the answer.

Harry sighed. "Well we did promise to never keep secrets from each other so, yes. I didn't even know the law, Blaise had been a Dracken for a little over a year, so he knew, but he couldn't find me and my scent drove him mad."

"An understatement if ever I heard one." Blaise cut in. "I would follow the scent only to hit dead ends and I was getting more and more frustrated, I felt like I was losing my mind."

"So in the end you didn't even care about the law?" Max guessed. "I can understand that."

"When I found him on Halloween night, I had to have him; he was so beautiful, in his full glory and eating from a doe that he had just killed himself, suckling on her blood and tear chunks from her. He was so sexy and exuded such power that nothing else mattered, I advanced on him and he ran. I followed and finally caught and claimed him. It was the most exhilarating thing I've ever felt."

Max sighed and looked wistful. "It used to be like all the time." He told them. "None of these rules and regulations, no waiting and no meetings to showcase us. It was all just pure instinct. The nearest dominant to the submissive lucked out, for everyone else it was just tough. If two or more dominants were near a submissive then it was a free for all, the submissive's instincts would tell them to run and the dominants would give chase, fighting each other off in the process. But now submissive numbers have fallen so dramatically that the Counsel just decided to rip apart our instincts and give us these 'meetings' instead. I envy you, Blaise for getting the chance to experience a proper claiming."

"Good for him." Harry pouted. "I thought he was going to kill me, I was terrified out of my mind."

"The submissives usually are." Max told him, pulling him in closer for a cuddle. "The instincts turn a dominant feral and that usually means aggressive and violent. A submissive would feel the aggressive energy and would assume that the dominant means to harm or kill them and it triggers the flight reflex and starts the chase as the submissive tries to get away."

"Speaking of flight, I want to go somewhere where I can use my wings without the fear of being seen. I haven't flown with them once! I want to try it."

"After the baby is born…"

"Why do I have to wait until the baby is born?" Harry demanded.

"I won't risk having you fall from any height; you stay firmly on the ground."

Harry growled in anger and frustration and stuck his suddenly there claws into Max's thigh. The reaction was instantaneous as Max's hand slipped into his hair and yanked his head back at an unnatural angle, keeping pressure on it to keep him from moving.

Max held his neck there by his hair as he struggled and cried, never doing anything else, not even touching him anywhere else, Harry struggled, tried to pry Max's fist from his hair and threw an absolute fit, but in the end he stopped and just remained with his head back with tears streaming down his face. After a few minutes of his silence and acceptance of the punishment Max's face appeared in his sight.

"Say you're sorry, Harry." Max encouraged him gently.

"I'm sor...sorry." He sniffled sincerely.

Max carefully released the pressure on his neck bit by bit, unclenching his hand and bringing his head up slowly so it wouldn't crick or stiffen up from the movement and then he was being cuddled and kissed again.

Harry let the punishment stand without a word, he had deserved it. Max had only been looking out for him and the baby and he had sunk his claws as deeply into his leg as he possibly could out of anger and frustration. He looked down to the four holes in Max's trousers, which were soaked in blood. He felt wretched for doing it now, but he had felt so angry before, they had been stopping him from doing anything, he couldn't even walk! He had been frustrated for days now and it had finally bubbled over and he hated himself for not being able to keep control.

He stood up and Max tried to pull him back down, but Harry just tugged at Max until he stood up. Harry led them to the bedroom and pulled Max up the stairs to their bed and popped the button on Max's trousers, pushing at them. Max's hands covered his and pulled them away.

"If you're about to offer yourself to me as an apology then you can stop where you are. I didn't punish you to get sex from you, Harry." He said softly.

"I'm not." Harry answered, pulling his hands away and pushing Max's trousers fully from his body, displaying the four very deep puncture marks in his upper thigh.

He used as much strength as he could muster to tackle Max onto the bed. Max fell back against the pillows startled, but caught Harry before he could land on top of him and sniffed around his belly to make sure that the baby was unharmed.

Harry let him and when Max was assured the baby was fine, Harry moved his mouth down to the four wounds and started licking at them. The taste of Max's blood tingled on his tongue, tasting strongly of iron and the musk of magic.

"Oh you wanted to tend to my cuts." Max sighed in relief and understanding. "I should have thought of that first, but most dominants do punish their submissives just to get sex from them, I think it's a vile way to treat the one you're supposed to love."

"I didn't mean to hurt you." Harry stated almost inaudibly. "I was so angry; I didn't even know that my claws were out. I'm sorry."

Max run his fingers through Harry's hair, twitching every now and then as Harry's little tongue lapped at his leg like a little kitten, tickling his leg hair and dipping into the punctures that he had made to clean them. Hell, it was so erotic and felt so amazing that he was having a hard time supressing his growing erection.

This wasn't supposed to be sexual; he had to enforce his rules. No sex immediately after a punishment, he would not punish his submissive to get sex from him. He was better than that, he had been raised better!

But damn if it wasn't hard, damn if Harry didn't look so sexy and cute licking at his leg, cleaning and healing the wounds that he had made through anger.

He needn't have bothered worrying so much as Harry soon stopped moving with his head pillowed on his thigh instead, it took Max a few moments to realise that Harry had fallen asleep cleaning his cuts. He smiled lovingly as he carefully scooped Harry up, pulling back the covers of the bed and laying Harry down in the cool, clean sheets. He tucked Harry in and laid a kiss to the plush, pink lips of his mate, making sure the duvet was firmly around his little submissive before pulling on a pair of pyjama bottoms and going back out with Blaise and Draco to finish his paperwork for the evening.

Harry woke up surrounded by his mates, all of them holding him and cuddling him close. But he was going to be sick and he was going to be sick now. He scrambled up to try and get to the bathroom, but he didn't even make it out of the bed before the first wave of vomit shot up his throat and flooded his mouth, he retched over the side of the bed and kept retching as his stomach clenched repeatedly until he couldn't breathe.

A hand on his back rubbed up and down, another hand on his stomach rubbed in circles as his hair was brushed out of his eyes and pulled back and away from his mouth. He heard the tap in the bathroom turn on, as his third mate got a glass of water for him to sip on and a damp wash cloth to clean up his mouth and chin.

"It's alright, Harry love." Draco soothed, coming from his left.

"Just breathe." Max coaxed from his right.

Harry took in a gasp of air as the retching stopped for a moment before it started again and he dry heaved a dribble of yellow bile onto the sharp, sweet smelling pile he had already made. He did so again before he finally calmed enough to take a sip of water from the glass that Blaise was offering to him.

He dry heaved a final time, bringing up another dribble of bile before he coughed and let his body collapse onto the bed and calm down. He took in deep breaths, his recent inability to draw in breath making him greedy with the air. He sipped at the water until a warning roil in his belly told him that anymore and he would be vomiting again.

"I hate being pregnant." He warbled pathetically as he was soothed and touched by his mates. Lying against Draco passively as Blaise gently and attentively washed his face free from sweat, tears and lingering flecks of vomit with the warm washcloth.

"It could be worse." Max told him.

"How?" Harry asked bitingly.

"You could be pregnant for nine months like humans are, at least this pregnancy will only last seven if you carry to full term."

Harry sighed. "Thank whoever's up there for small mercies."

Harry let himself be carried down the stairs and into the living room, being settled at the kitchenette table as Max happily started cooking breakfast as he had done every morning since he had become a mate.

Harry loved his cooking and so did Blaise and Draco, so it became part of their routine that they would eat breakfast in their rooms before they went to lessons and Max flooed out to work. It had the added bonus of giving them more time together before they had to separate without the gawkers that going to the Great Hall offered to them.

On the menu for the morning were omelettes. Fully loaded omelettes that Harry couldn't touch, much to his ire, as Blaise and Draco moaned around mouthfuls of fluffy eggs, cheese and bacon. Harry was given dry toast and lightly seasoned scrambled eggs with a side dish of sliced banana.

He smiled gratefully at Max who didn't take that Harry couldn't eat his usual breakfasts to heart and happily gave Harry what he needed.

Harry ate as much as he could and sipped on his raspberry leaf tea, which just didn't come up to par with his favoured honey tea, but settled his stomach better.

He had double Potions first thing and Blaise had finally managed to get him to understand some of the basics, with copious input from Max and Draco, who formed a sort of Potions pact and always talked shop when Draco had Potions homework or Max had a particularly complex recipe to work out before he started mass brewing it.

Draco found Max's work interesting and fascinating, anything to do with Potions made Harry feel lost and confused, so he happily sidled away to find something else to occupy him, unless it was the both of them 'watching him' because Blaise wasn't around, then no matter how hard he tried to leave them to their talks, they followed him.

The two of them were talking shop at the moment. Draco asking about Max's next mass project, which was a very strong sunburn salve. The chemists around Britain were asking for the salve ready for the onslaught of people who went out in the sun and forgot their suntan lotion. Max explained that the busiest time for this particular potion was actually May and June, when people thought that because it wasn't super-hot and that it wasn't properly summer yet, that they could forgo wearing it.

At ten to nine Harry kissed Max goodbye, who also kissed Blaise and got Draco into a headlock to kiss his forehead, before he moved over to their fireplace, which Dumbledore had had connected to the floo for this very purpose, so that Max could floo off to work and he did so today in tears of laughter to the growls, snarls and death threats from Draco who was scrubbing his forehead and painstakingly putting his hair back into place.

Harry held Blaise's hand on the way down to the dungeons, Blaise walking twice as slow as normal, which made Harry clench his teeth in agitation, but he bit his tongue on this instance, it could always be worse, he could be being carried down to the dungeons instead.

Harry filed into the dungeon classroom and Draco snatched him away with a smirk sitting him on a stool and sitting next to him. Harry had a little giggle at the look on Blaise's face when he realised he would have to partner with Theodore Nott. His once best friend who had apparently had a huge crush on him and was trying to force him out of seeing Harry. His latest argument was that he, Harry, was obviously just a common whore because he had three men on the go at once. Blaise had been so furious, but Harry had just laughed and told an anger reddened Theo in absolute seriousness that he was thinking of getting another man to join his growing harem.

Theo had gone a blistering shade of red, as both Blaise and Draco had laughed and promised him anything he wanted, even if it was another man.

Professor Snape charged into the room as he always did, his robes billowing out behind him like a cape and the most sour expression he had ever seen gracing his face. Harry felt a bit of fear from the man in that instance. Now that he knew a bit more about the man as a Dracken he had to wonder if this was the time of year that his mate had gone missing.

"Mister Potter, due to your inappropriate actions in your spare time, you are excused from this lesson as the potion fumes that will be created today will likely mutate the child that you carry. You will go next door into my office and write a ten thousand word essay on why school children should not indulge their carnal desires and disrupt my lessons with the by-product."

Harry stood up and stooped to pick up his backpack. He kissed Draco's lips lovingly because everyone was looking at him and turned behind him to give Blaise a full on snog with an obscene amount of visible tongue because he liked the colour Nott's face and neck went when he did so.

"Today, Potter!" Snape snapped at him.

Harry happily walked into the Professor's office, though he felt more than heard the growls and tension that emanated from Draco and Blaise as he went out of their sight.

He looked around at the cosy room and sighed. It was just like the Professor's personal rooms, warm, earthy and relaxing. Done in natural, forest colours and tasteful furniture. There wasn't a piece of parchment waiting for him to write his mega long essay, instead there was a note over a book with Professor Snape's spiky writing on it.

'Potter – Read this book during lesson time, I will quiz you after the lesson.'

Harry sighed and briefly wondered if he could get away with pretending that he hadn't seen it, before he discarded the idea and picked the book up and made himself comfortable on the brown leather settee, it wasn't like he had anything else to do for the two hour double period.

The book turned out to be very interesting, it wasn't very thick, but it was a male submissive Dracken's detailed account of his pregnancies and the subsequent births. The book was over three hundred years old as the date claimed that the book had been written in sixteen-eighty-three.

The submissive, Robert, and his three mates, Alfred, Harvey and Gretchen, had had twenty-two children, seventeen had been from Robert and Gretchen had had five, but Robert had explained that even though Gretchen was a woman, she was still a dominant and still didn't feel very comfortable being pregnant and that all times after the first had been accidents, but he firmly mentioned that he loved all of his children.

Only three of their children had been Drackens, two dominant boys and a submissive girl. Eighteen had been magical and only one had been a squib, their youngest, conceived when they were very elderly and nearing the end of their fertility. Robert debated in the book whether or not this had some part to play in his youngest child's lack of magic or not, but he had never found out.

Robert noted key moments in the baby's development in the womb and Harry was startled to realise that he had already missed five key moments and that four of those times when his baby was taking in the most from him, he had been stressed and anxious.

He dived into his bag to get out a quill and some parchment and noted down the rest of the key development periods in case Professor Snape didn't let him take the book away with him. He was determined not to damage his baby further by messing up the development areas of his baby.

Robert had then gone on to describe, in all its gory detail, the births of his children and how he had done it safely. He wrote of how panicked he had been on his first birth, how he had been so nervous he had been sick, but as he was sitting in his nest, safely away from everyone, including his mates, he mentioned how instinct took over when it was time for the birth, how he just knew what to do.

His claws had stabbed into his own side and ripped apart his stomach, before he had plunged both hands into himself and pulled his firstborn free. He had clamped the cord with the ties he had brought with him, sliced it with his claws and wrapped the baby in a fur that one of his mates had given to him. He had then ripped out the placenta, taking a moment to notice if all of the fingers were attached, before picking up the two litre bottle filled with all three of his mates' blood and he had drained it. The slice in his stomach had been gone when he had looked back down, leaving him to focus completely on cleaning and feeding his child with the bottle of milk that he had also brought with him.

Robert had made a list of must haves for a male submissive birth and Harry quickly noted the things listed down. Things including umbilical cord clamps, a large bottle of the blood of ALL bonded mates, bottles and milk, nappies, wipes and then optional things like sleepsuits for the baby.

Robert had been just as nervous on the birth of his second clutch, because he had been carrying the full five children that a Dracken pregnancy could give. He had noted that his previously thirty-three inch waist had expanded to fifty-six inches, he had been unable to walk since his fourth month and by the sixth month he had been unable to go to the bathroom on his own and needed help doing almost everything. He had been unable to find the highest, safest spot to make his nest so he had instead, through desperation, made the nest in the bed that he was confined to and he had banned his mates from coming near it.

Harry grinned as he tried to picture himself banning Blaise, Max and Draco from their bedroom as he made a nest out of the duvet, pillows and odd socks within his reach. He laughed and went back to the book, desperately hoping that he never had five in one go.

The birth had gone near enough the same as the first, only Robert had had to take more time to pull out all five babies, clamp and cut their cords, wrap them up and then pull the placentas from his body. He had drained the two litre bottle of blood his mates had given him and when he looked back down he had noted a thin, pink scar where his claws had opened his womb up. He had taken too long to drink the blood to heal himself, but Robert had also wrote down that he didn't care that he had one measly scar, the operation couldn't have been rushed and if it had been, he might have inadvertently hurt one of his children or himself even further.

Harry enjoyed reading of Robert's difficulty in looking after his now six children as his mates went out to work to feed him and his babies. Joanne, his first and oldest child was two years old and he had five newborns. Harry admired how Robert handled everything, how he juggled feeding, cleaning and changing all of his children and still found time to play with and teach Joanne and to get a decent meal on the table ready for his mates return from a hard day at work. Robert confessed that he cut corners by staying up late or by waking up a bit earlier to prepare the meal by cutting up a few vegetables or marinating some meat, by dusting and wiping down the kitchen counters in the night so he didn't wake his children or his mates and didn't have to do it the next day.

Harry was awed at how dedicated Robert was to his family and to how things were done three hundred years ago. Robert didn't just want to clean his house and look after his children and get all the cooking done on time for his mates, he was expected to do it and that he had been punished by his most dominant mate for not getting dinner on the table on time because he had lost track of time playing with Joanne made Harry appreciate his mates all the more and made the few punishments that he had gotten so far seem like petulant arguments.

Harry continued reading the book, through the birth of every child Robert had had, the birth of Gretchen's children which was more like a human birth than a Dracken one, in the sense that Gretchen had let all of her mates surround her, even letting Robert lie with her in the bed with a Healer present to oversee everything. Then came the tear stained page that documented Robert's youngest child's death through old age, as he had aged human quick and had no magic to expand his lifespan, the heart rendering news of the one-by-one death of his mates, through the ups and downs of Robert's life until the very last page, where one of Robert's children had left a moving message about her love for her Mother and how all of them would dearly miss him and their Fathers. Robert's death day had been a hundred years previous. He had lived well passed two hundred.

Harry placed the book down and checked the time. The double period would be over in ten minutes. He carefully organised his notes and read through them again, making sure that he was prepared and ready for the quiz that he was about to get from Professor Snape.

Draco rushed into the room before the bell and concentrated immensely on sniffing every inch of his body, from his armpits to his toes, from his intimate places to the nape of his neck. Blaise joined them halfway through and started his own sniffing and licking. They both stayed kneeling in front of him hands on his bulging belly, licking over and around his bellybutton.

"If you are quite finished." Professor Snape intoned dryly.

Harry went pink cheeked that the Professor had witnessed his mates searching him for injuries. It seemed such a private thing for him to have witnessed, invasive, Harry felt violated and he clung to Draco as Blaise stepped in front of him and hissed at the Professor, who raised an eyebrow, but said nothing and made no move towards them.

Blaise stepped away and Draco let him go and Harry was embarrassed by his actions, but refused to otherwise acknowledge what he had just done.

"Are you going to quiz me now?" Harry asked.

"No, Potter. I told you that I would quiz you to ensure that you actually read what I had left for you, I knew that once you looked at that first page and realised what it was you were actually reading that you wouldn't stop reading."

"I finished the book. I even took notes." Harry stated proudly as he thrust his fist full of parchment at Professor Snape, who took them off of him and checked over them.

"All of the important facts are noted, well done, Potter, you have proved that you can actually follow instructions."

Harry beamed, refusing to take the compliment as the criticism that it was meant to be.

"Thank you, Professor and thank you for letting me read the book."

"You need all the help that you can get your hands on to help you through your upcoming birth, your mates can only help you so far as none of them thus far have any knowledge on a male submissive birth and they won't be able to help you during the actual birth because you won't let them near you during it."

"Nasta told me the basics, but this book just went into so much detail."

"Harry, we have to get to Ancient Runes or we'll be late." Blaise told him gently.

"I have a free period next." Harry answered softly.

Blaise blinked and Harry saw the panic creep into his eyes. Both he and Draco had Ancient Runes, but Harry had a free period, where he had used to go with the both of them and sit in on their Ancient Runes lesson and the Professor had let him, he didn't actually have to go.

"I will watch over him. I also have a free period and I can use it to see how much of this book Potter has taken in." Professor Snape told them both. "I will get him to you at lunch."

It took a bit more prodding and some convincing but both Blaise and Draco ran from the dungeons to their Ancient Runes lesson with a note as to why they were late, signed by Professor Snape.

This left Harry alone with the sour and lonely older Dracken who had tragically lost his mate so long ago and it seemed that it was close to the anniversary of their death. Harry prepared himself to ask about the older Dracken's mate, even though every bone that held an ounce of self-preservation was screaming at him to not say a word. Harry had always ignored that instinct anyway.

"Sir? Can I ask you something…?"

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