The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


29. Chapter Twenty-Nine – A Very Secret Society

Harry woke up and blearily looked around. He was in the hospital wing again…he recognised the ceiling. He sat up and looked around, he was definitely in the hospital wing, only there was a floating yellowish green orb hung in mid-air next to him. He rubbed his eyes to make sure that he was actually seeing what he was looking at. The orb was still there floating next to him like a ghostly tennis ball. He stared at it and even as he watched the orb went a little bit greener.

"Madam Pomfrey?" Harry called out hoarsely, his throat was very dry.

There was the sound of flat soled shoes on the smooth, tiled floor and Madam Pomfrey poked her head out from around her office door.

"Oh, Mister Potter." She cried out as she bustled to him. "You're boys have been so frantic."

"How long was I out?" He asked with a frown. The last thing he remembered was hitting seven shades of shit out of Ron.

"Overnight dear, it's Saturday morning."

Harry's stomach jolted. He was going to the party today. He was going to meet his mates' families today.

"Am I well enough to go?" Harry asked.

"Maybe around midday, dear, but not right now. You had quite a tumble."

"The baby?!" Harry asked quickly, pressing a hand to his belly hard.

"Perfectly fine, Harry. This observation orb has been monitoring the baby. The brighter the green colour the healthier the baby."

"It's a yellowish green colour." Harry pointed out fearfully.

"Not to worry, Harry, if the baby was in any danger the yellow would darken to orange and then turn to red. Red is the stillborn or miscarriage zone. I believe that the slightly off green colour is due to the fact that you haven't eaten anything yet."

Harry nodded and accepted the bowl of porridge that Madam Pomfrey had made for him to eat, keeping his eye on the orb, hypnotised by the colour changing, getting a deeper, darker green with every bite he took.

He put the nearly empty bowl aside when a wave in his belly threatened to make him sick.

"What happened, Madam Pomfrey? The last thing I remember was Ron calling my mates paedophiles and I just started hitting him."

"Well, Professor Drios saw the fight and he tried to stop you, when you didn't listen he hit you with a very powerful stunning spell. He didn't realise who you were, or that you were pregnant, your back was to him, but he is very apologetic. He would never have hit a pregnant student with a powerful stunning spell otherwise, they can be quite dangerous, but I have triple checked and your baby is fine. Professor Drios aimed at, and hit, your upper back, not anywhere near your baby." The matron assured.

"What about Ron?"

"You did quite a number on him, but I fixed up the worst of the cuts and bruises. He was released an hour after he came to the ward. You on the other hand were out for the count. Professor Drios is known for his very powerful stunning spells. It was decided to keep you stunned and let you sleep it off naturally so we, Professor Snape and I, could observe your baby for any signs of damage more sufficiently."

"Please tell me that my mates aren't chasing the Professor around the school?"

"No, after the initial wave of anger and fury, Professor Dumbledore managed to get them to realise that it was a simple mistake and after being assured that there was absolutely nothing wrong with you or the baby, they saw fit to forgive Professor Drios."

"That's a first." Harry grumbled wondering how much of their forgiveness was Professor Dumbledore's doing.

"Well he was very sorry, Harry and he did absolutely no harm. In fact he might have saved your baby, your pregnancy is so delicate, Harry, that any vigorous or even a very sharp movement could detach the placenta. I've been reading up on Dracken pregnancies for you and apparently the reason for this is your abnormally thick sac lining which holds and protects the baby, the fingers of the placenta can't grip in deep enough to keep the placenta stabilised because of how thick the lining is and if you make a sudden, violent movement, the fingers just come loose and then detach."

Harry sighed. "I couldn't stop myself from hitting him. He had offended me, had shamed my mates, I had to get retribution, I had to take revenge, I couldn't let him get away with calling them paedophiles and Death Eaters."

"No, Drackens are very prideful creatures, Harry. The moment he cast a doubt over them, you had to answer it, regardless of anything else. Your mates understand that, I understand and so does the Headmaster. Then, even those who know nothing about your creature heritage know why you did what you did; he did say some very vile things according to the witnesses."

"Am I in trouble?"

"No dear, Mister Weasley got a month in detention for the vile slander he uttered and for intentionally baiting a pregnant man into a fight to go with the two months he got for punching you in this very ward."

"I didn't know he had gotten detention."

"Well did you think he'd get away with hitting you and not have a punishment?!" Madam Pomfrey demanded. "No! He got two months' worth of detentions, had his flying privileges' stripped from him and he is not allowed to visit Hogsmeade. We have the full backing of his parents, who sent him a Howler the week you were on your heat period. I believe he received four of them. One from his parents, one from his brother Bill, one from his brother Charlie and another from his Aunt Muriel who was particularly disgusted, I also believe that his twin brothers, Fred and George sent his sister Ginny a package that she has been using to prank him, but of course no one can prove it."

Harry smiled. He remembered the last time Ron had gotten a Howler from Mrs Weasley back in their second year. The Howler from her was almost punishment enough, almost. But to get four of them? He would have loved to have seen the reception that had gotten.

"So Ron has another month of detention thrown on top of the two months he already had? But Madam Pomfrey there is only two and a half months left of the school term."

"Mister Weasley has already served some of his detentions, but I believe that Professor McGonagall is going to make a note of the outstanding detentions at the end of the year and the remaining detentions will start up again on the second of September."

Harry smiled. He liked knowing that Ron was being punished, that not even the teachers would have let Ron get away with hitting a pregnant person. He just couldn't wait until the papers got a hold of the information. The headlines would be spectacular and the number of Howlers Ron had received so far would pale to how many he'd be sent from the great British public; however he knew there would be a few 'congratulatory' letters thrown in there, after all not everyone liked him and not everyone was going to like his choice in lovers.

Harry had been picked up from the hospital wing by Draco, who had been the first of his mates to wake up and come and visit him. He had admitted to not being able to sleep very well. Madam Pomfrey had let him go early instead of keeping him until midday when she was assured that Harry and the baby, whose observation orb had gone a solid, bright green, were perfectly fine and healthy.

Harry had sat cuddling and talking with Draco on the settee until Max had stumbled blearily into the room, half-dressed and yawning, ready for his morning tea. He had scooped Harry up as soon as he had laid eyes on him with a happy yell which had brought Blaise and Nasta running.

After assuring his mates that he and the baby were fine, being backed up by Draco who had Madam Pomfrey's word of honour as a medi-witch that Harry and the baby were fighting fit, they had stepped back and allowed him to breathe as Max happily started on breakfast.

"What do you want today? Pancakes? Croissants? Breakfast tarts?"

"Croissants!" Harry answered happily, before anyone else could say anything.

"Croissants it is." Max grinned. "Blaise, get the conserves, Draco, get the cutlery, Harry, lay out the napkins, Nasta, plates please. Get a move on people we have a lot to do today."

Harry grinned as he brushed around Max's bum, making sure to touch as much of it as possible, to get to the drawer where he kept the fabric napkins. Max had sorted out their little kitchenette to his liking near enough on the same day he had arrived here, Harry thought it was adorable, but he didn't dare tell Max anything. He had told Blaise instead who had snorted in amusement.

Fresh croissants usually took eight or nine hours to make from scratch, but Harry watched as Max took shortcuts by using magic. He flicked his wand very often when cooking and Harry recognised cooling charms when he saw them. It wasn't even half an hour later when a very large plate piled high with warm, fresh from the oven, croissants was placed in the middle of the table.

"There's more if you want them, but I couldn't get any more onto the plate." Max told them with a grin as he took one of the pastries and smeared it with raspberry jam.

Nasta waited until everyone had a croissant before taking one himself and Harry noticed that he waited until everyone had taken the first bite before doing so himself. Nasta had been waiting for Harry, who had spent a lot of time covering his own croissant very thickly with honey.

"You'll rot your teeth if you keep eating that." Draco told him shaking his head.

"Then I'll pull them out and drink Skele-Gro." Harry answered rolling his eyes.

"That stuff tastes absolutely vile, Harry." Max warned him.

"I know. I had all the bones in my right arm removed when I was twelve. I had to take a beaker of it every four hours until all thirty-three bones were grown back in my arm."

"How did you manage to remove all the bones in your arm?" Nasta asked him, a deep frown on his face. "It's very difficult to remove bones and only a specialist at St Mungos would be able to extract a demolished bone to have it replaced."

"It's a funny story. It was during a Quidditch match, I got hit by a rogue bludger that snapped my arm at the elbow. We had a terrible fraud as a defence teacher who insisted that he fix my arm himself. I told him that I would rather keep my arm broken and go up to the hospital wing to have it fixed by Madam Pomfrey, but he wouldn't listen to me, he wanted to show off to the crowd that had gathered around us. A long story short, he said a made up spell that could have been anything and it actually vanished all of my bones and I had to spend the entire night with stabbing pains running up and down my arm as the bones grew back. I'm sure a couple of teeth won't hurt any more than having every single bone in my arm re-grown."

"So that's what happened to you. Some Hufflepuff was banging on that you had tried to do it yourself and dropped your wand onto your arm and made all the bones disappear."

"How the hell can you believe that?" Harry demanded of Draco. "Obviously she was a Lockhart lover and thought that he could do no wrong."

The blond shrugged and took another bite from his croissant, chewing and then swallowing before he spoke again. "Us Slytherins didn't really care, you'd won the match and that was all we were interested in at the time."

"Lovely people you Slytherins." Harry sniffed, but let out a giggle when Blaise poked his side with a finger.

"Do we have apricot jam?" Harry asked as he searched for it in the twelve or so jars on the table, getting slightly panicked when he couldn't see it.

"We should have." Max told him.

Harry pouted when he couldn't find it, his heart rate spiking just a tad. He got up only to be ushered back down. Max went digging through his jar cupboard and brought out the aforementioned jam from the back.

"Must have missed that one." Blaise shrugged.

Harry happily spread the jam onto his croissant, smeared honey over it and bit into the pastry.

"Please tell me that that wasn't your first food craving."

Harry frowned. "It might have been. But then it could have been that I just really wanted apricot jam." Harry shrugged and took another bite.

"Just don't start eating anchovies. I hate anchovies." Draco shuddered.

Harry chuckled. "I hate them too, so don't worry about that."

"I never knew you didn't like anchovies." Blaise said. "I thought you told me all of your likes and dislikes over Christmas."

"I did. I hate all seafood and shellfish. An anchovy is a fish. Fish come from the sea, seafood."

Max burst out laughing and had to cough a couple of times as he inhaled a piece of croissant.

"What?" Harry demanded.

"I fed you all smoked haddock last week. A haddock is a fish; fish come from the sea, seafood."

Harry giggled, turned it into a chuckle before shaking his head. "I like haddock and salmon. Not sure if I like cod, I've never had it, but every other fish is gross."

Max shook his head. "I'll be sure not to give you any other seafood then. Though perhaps you could try cod?"

Harry shrugged. "I'm up for trying it all again if you want me too. It might have been my Aunt's cooking that made it taste bad."

Max smiled happily at him and Harry felt like melting. He liked making his mates feel happy and if eating seafood made Max happy, then Harry was willing to give it another try, though he was sure he didn't like anchovies, or prawns for that matter, or octopus. He shivered at that last one, definitely not octopus.

"I'm uncomfortable!" Harry whined as he pulled on the waist of his new dress robes.

Max had bought them on the way home from work yesterday. They were a beautiful forest green colour and made from lambswool and cashmere. They were super soft and very comfortable, except that they showed off his bulging belly to the max, which meant that they were very tight and constricting around his bump.

"I think you look gorgeous." Blaise complimented from where he was checking himself out in the mirror, his own dark blue robes were made from crushed velvet.

Draco came out of the bathroom dressed in robes made of silvery-grey silk. Harry rolled his eyes at the extravagance, but he had to admit that Draco looked good.

Nasta wore dress robes made of simple black cotton, but they were cut in such a way that made them look like they had costed a thousand Galleons when they hadn't, only a really experienced tailor could have pulled that off. Max looked stunning in woollen dress robes the same colour as his eyes, which also matched his scales when he unsheathed his wings.

"What time is it?" Max asked as he fastened the cuffs of his dress robes with fancy cufflinks. Harry had also been made to wear cufflinks. He missed his old dress robes which had been made with teenagers in mind and hadn't needed any cufflinks, fiddling about or other fancy accessories.

"Nearing half five." Nasta answered, trying his shoelaces. "Are we all ready?"

Various grunts and murmurs echoed around the room. Harry didn't bother answering. All of his mates had taken the time to dress him in the robes, groom him and make sure he looked perfect. This was the first time that Harry was going to be going into the Dracken circles and a submissive was a huge source of pride to a dominant, so he understood that he had to look good to make his mates look good, but he hated being uncomfortable or fussed over.

"Come on then." Nasta said as he stood and took Harry's hand. It made him feel more like a child and less of a lover, he didn't like it.

Harry pulled his hand from Nasta's and wrapped an arm around his waist instead. It felt better and Nasta didn't question him, but draped an arm over his shoulders. It made the situation feel more intimate and Harry smiled, much happier now.

They were taking a Portkey and Harry swallowed as his heart accelerated. He hadn't touched a Portkey since the end of the Tri-wizard tournament when he had touched the cup to bring him and Cedric's dead body back to Hogwarts. He felt sick and he held tightly onto Nasta.

"It's alright, love." Nasta soothed, holding him tighter.

"It'll only last a moment, Harry." Draco added, holding his other side.

Harry nodded and touched a finger to the embossed piece of paper that was Max's invitation to the party. Max, Nasta and Blaise had all gotten one, but as the Dracken circles didn't know about Harry or Draco, they didn't have an invitation. But after tonight they would be getting one every year, not five invitations, but one, addressed to all of them, because they were one family and Harry was going to let them all know that these men were his and no one could take them from him.

Harry landed with a bump and would have gone straight to the floor if it hadn't have been for Draco's arm curling around his back and Nasta's steadying grip around his waist.

Harry stood back on his feet and looked around. They were in a very elaborate and extravagant room. The solid gold carvings on the archways, the solid marble flooring, the pure ivory pillars, Harry had never seen such a waste of money in all his life.

"Where the hell are we?" He asked.

"The Dracken Counsel meeting halls." Blaise answered him.

"Huh, so this is where I could have had my dominant meetings. I think the hell hotel was the better choice personally."

His mates snorted and ushered him out of the room to where a tall man stood with a book on a pedestal; he looked like the Maître d' for a restaurant. He looked first at Max and Nasta and obviously recognised them as he smiled and greeted them politely before looking down his book to check them off, then he looked to Blaise and nodded with a smiled greeting, checking him off without ever asking for a name, then he looked at Draco and frowned.

"I have never seen you before." He said carefully, trying not to offend him.

"Draco Malfoy. I came into my inheritance last June."

"Ah! Your first gathering." The man made a happy note in his book and then his eyes fell down to him.

Those eyes widened as he realised that he was a male submissive and then his gaze dropped even lower, taking in the exposed bump. His eyes rose to meet Harry's again and he swallowed.

"Please try not to drool over our mate, David." Max growled out testily. "I'd hate to have to rip your tongue from your mouth."

"N…name please." The man, David, asked, trying and failing to keep his eyes on Harry's, his gaze kept trying to go lower than was polite.

"Harry Potter, this is my first meeting too."

David let out a dramatic little gasp and held his quill out from his body as if it would act like a shield to Harry's words.

"Please tell me they aren't all going to act like this?" Harry asked, turning around to address Max and Nasta.

"They had better not." Draco growled jealously.

Nasta rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around Harry and led him across the corridor that was filled with more gold, silver, marble and what looked like crystal tables, through a set of double doors that led to a huge, cavernous room where soft music was playing and the gentle hum of voices were heard.

There were about one hundred and fifty people in the room, all mingling about, talking, hugging like old friends. There were children running around and toddlers playing in a corner crèche as their Mothers happily boasted to friends and acquaintances about their children nearby. There were four, subtly armed, guards stationed around the crèche, Harry blinked at them and couldn't help but stare at the level of protection the babies had.

Harry stuck close to Nasta as he walked through the crowd of people, but no one paid him a second glance. Any and all looks were for his dominants. Harry didn't like that, it made his gut twist.

"Maximilius!" A woman called out happily.

Max groaned softly under his breath. Harry smiled as the elderly woman embraced his mate as Max was obviously uncomfortable, but Harry's eyes narrowed when the woman gestured a younger, slighter woman over. No, not a woman, a girl. His eyes flashed dangerously.

"Max honey, this is my youngest daughter Gretchen. Sixteen next week, she's about to get her inheritance. The meeting will be held at Joshua's and my home, please come?"

"You don't know if Miss Gretchen will be a submissive yet, Gertrude." Max answered smoothly, never taking his eyes off the woman in front of him, not even giving a passing glance at the woman's daughter.

"Of course she will, Max! Look at her! Small and slight of build, she's dark haired, you always did like dark hair."

"He's taken!" Harry hissed aggressively wrapping an arm around Max's and moving to stand in front of him as if his five foot five inch frame could hide Max's six foot eight inches from the lustful gazes of Gertrude and her daughter Gretchen.

"Maximilius, did I hear right? You have found a mate at last?" A man appeared and put an arm around the woman Gertrude.

"I have, Joshua. This is Harry."

"A male submissive?" The man, Joshua, cried in shock. "But there hasn't been a meeting for a male submissive in centuries!"

"Harry has been the first in a long while." Max answered tightly, he obviously didn't like these people.

"Well you really are a lucky sod, mind it did take you twenty years to get a mate." Joshua ribbed. "He is a gorgeous little thing isn't he?"

Harry growled at being called little and a thing in the same sentence and bared his teeth.

"Feisty as well. You do know how to pick them. Then he is pregnant, it can be expected. Do your Fathers know? They didn't mention it when I asked after you earlier. They didn't seem to think you were coming, they actually said that they hadn't heard from you."

"I have been busy settling in with my mate and his other dominants; I didn't know if I was coming tonight."

"But you have come." Gertrude cut in. "Are you sure Gretchen cannot tempt you, Max?"

"I am a happily bonded man!" Max stated harshly, still not looking at the young girl, who looked very put out by his pointed disinterest.

Gertrude looked sullen and then she brightened up as she caught sight of some other poor bastard that she dragged Gretchen over to meet.

"Pay no mind to Gertie; she's desperate to find a good, stable mate for our Gretchen. She's our only unmated child now."

"Yes, well if you don't mind, we'll be going to find my Fathers." Max intoned dryly.

He didn't even give Joshua the time to answer before tugging Harry in the opposite direction.

"Poisonous sharks the lot of them!" Max growled.

"At least you have Harry to defend your honour." Draco smirked.

"I didn't like the way she was looking at him!" Harry hissed at Draco. "Bitches the both of them!"

"I think someone is a little jealous." Max smiled

"Like you weren't jealous of that David prat practically eating me with his eyes! I don't like it here."

"You might as well get used to it." Blaise told him. "Everyone's going to be trying to get someone for their son or their daughter. I did tell you that the main purpose of these meetings a few decades ago was to betroth Dracken children to one another; the purpose hasn't been dropped entirely."

"I thought it was illegal now."

"It is illegal to betroth a Dracken to another Dracken, that doesn't mean that parents can't give their kids a…shove in the direction of the dominant that they want their kid with."

"Disgusting." Harry sneered. "I don't care what any of you say, our children will have properly planned out meetings and will choose whomever they want as long as they treat my baby right, if they don't then I'll skin them."

Max grinned and bent to kiss Harry's head. A group of older women cooed and giggled at them and Harry felt his face heat up without his permission.

"Nas!" A voice called out and Harry was all ready to dive in front of Nasta and protect him from some idiot who wanted his oldest mate for their child when he saw who had actually called out to Nasta.

Harry stopped dead and just looked at the man who looked like an older version of Nasta, only with very noticeable mistakes. Where Nasta's eyes were a light hazel colour, with hints of green and gold, this man's eyes were darker, more of a true brown. Nasta's hair was black, this man's hair was a dark shade of brown and where Nasta was six foot six, this man was six foot four.

Nasta embraced the man and they held each other for longer than a polite or friendly hug. Harry didn't feel at all threatened by the display.

"I haven't seen you in ages! Where have you been?"

"I have been very busy lately."

"I'll say. Dad isn't best pleased with you. Why aren't you in New Zealand? There's a meeting over there isn't there? That's why all of the unmated dominants aren't here. Please tell me you didn't walk away from another mate, Dad'll kill you."

Harry smiled. This was Nasta's older brother? He acted like he was younger; no wonder Nasta was so unconcerned with having Harry meet with him.

"I never went at all, Sanex."

"How did you not go? It's virtually impossible to resist the submissives call."

"Unless I'm already mated."

Harry took his cue and cuddled up to Nasta's side. He grinned up at Nasta's older brother.


"Oh my giddy aunt. You got a mate! A pregnant mate! Ha! Dad is so going to kill you." Sanex grinned happily before striding off through the crowd presumable to get Nasta's Father.

"Killed if you haven't got a mate, killed if you do, you're screwed, mate." Max grinned patting Nasta on the shoulder, Nasta smiled, before a small chuckle slipped from his lips.

"Why is your Dad going to kill you?" Harry asked.

"Because I haven't written or been to see him in a while. That and he isn't going to be pleased that I have gotten you and not told him."

Max snorted. "I'm going to go and see if I can find my Fathers, I'd rather not watch you be chewed out by yours, no matter how funny it might be."

Harry chuckled, but stopped when he saw the man that was cutting his way through everyone else to reach them.

"Yeah, I'm going to go find my Mother." Blaise stated.

"I'll go with you." Draco chuckled and the both of them shot off.

"Cowards." Harry hissed.

"Nasta!" The man growled pulling his mate into a forceful hug that looked like it would break bones on a normal human. He held and touched as much of Nasta as he could, subtly sniffing him for injury or illness, Harry smiled at the display, it was so sweet.

Harry noticed that Nasta's Dad was about the same height as Nasta at six foot six, but he was a lot broader than his son. Nasta got his muscles by hard, manual labour on the Dragon reserve, his Father looked like he had weightlifted a lot in his youth and now either he couldn't be bothered or didn't care about building his muscles anymore, but he was still a big man, a big, muscly, intimidating man.

"Sanex is going on about you having a pregnant submissive. I know it can't possibly be true, you would never have gotten a submissive pregnant without telling me that said submissive actually existed first."

"I wasn't lying!" Sanex burst in, appearing at Nasta's elbow, facing Harry, who was standing back, just watching. "See, there he is, Dad."

Nasta's Father turned and looked at him. He roved his gaze all over him and settled on his protruding belly that was wrapped in Harry's thin arms.

"Sanex get the boy." Nasta's Father ordered before he dragged Nasta by the arm through the crowd.

Sanex took his hand gently and began pulling him after his Father and Nasta like he was a little, lost child. Harry kicked him hard and strode after the two other Drackens, leaving Sanex to hobble after him.

Nasta's Dad had gone into a private room down another corridor at the back of the meeting hall. Nasta embraced him as he walked through the door and held him gently and protectively.

"Where is Sanex?" The man growled.

"Limping his way down the corridor. He touched me without my permission!" Harry growled, glaring at Nasta's Dad. He wasn't liking this man or the way he treated Nasta at all.

"You hit my brother?" Nasta asked.

"Technically I kicked him."

Nasta chuckled and kissed him. Sanex hopped into the room scowling and rubbing his shin.

"Kid has a hell of a kick on him." He grumbled.

"Enough of this. When were you going to tell me that you were mated, Nasta?"


"Don't you think that I would have rathered know before tonight? Say when you first got your mate, or when you got him pregnant."

"Technically I didn't get him pregnant."

"Explain this to me, Nasta."

"Harry has three other mates. I was the fourth. Harry got pregnant with the other three, so really there is no way this baby can biologically be mine."

"You needed four mates?" Sanex asked in awe.

"I thought you said your brother was thirty-nine, not twelve?" Harry asked Nasta, who chuckled.

"You'll have to forgive him, he's human and he's been spoilt beyond ruin."

"So have you." Sanex defended.

"So when exactly did you mate?" Nasta's Father asked interrupting the sibling argument.


"Only a month ago?" Nasta's Dad asked with a hopeful hint in his voice.


"Before or after I was ill? Why didn't you mention it when you came to visit?" Sanex asked.

"It was after you were ill and I didn't mention it because I had no idea at the time that Harry was going to choose me."

"Of course I was always going to choose you, I loved you from the moment I first met you and I love you more and more each day." Harry answered, kissing the underside of Nasta's jaw.

The look on Nasta's Dad's face gave Harry hope that the man actually wasn't a bastard and had just been shocked and surprised to find his youngest son mated and a soon to be Father. He looked so happy as he watched them kiss and cuddle.

"We haven't been introduced." He said holding out a hand. "I'm Aneirin Delericey."

Harry looked at the hand before he gave an internal shrug of the shoulders and hugged the man around the middle. "I'm Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter? As in the Harry Potter?" Sanex asked excitedly.

"Ask for an autograph why don't you, Nex." Nasta stated with an eye roll.

"So he is the Harry Potter?"

"You're an idiot." Nasta said affectionately.

The door opened and a bored Draco wandered in and right up to Harry. Aneirin pulled Harry behind him and growled. Draco hissed back and bared his fangs.

"Dad, it's alright. This is Draco, one of our other dominants."

"You're liking them young aren't you, Nas?" Sanex grinned.

"I chose Nasta not the other way around." Harry defended hotly, the fight with Ron yesterday still fresh in his mind and the comment about Max and Nasta being paedophiles.

Sanex roared with laughter and even Nasta managed a small smile.

"He's teasing, Cariad."

"He isn't very funny." Harry scowled.

"I am happy to know that even though you are submissive that you will defend my son, even if it is from his own brother."

"Don't encourage him." Draco bit out harshly. "He defends us enough and yesterday he ended up in the hospital wing because he was defending our honour. He needs to stop doing it."

Nasta smacked the back of Draco's head almost casually and Draco's head dropped to his chest. He growled, but didn't pick his chin back up. Nasta left Draco for a moment before he gently pulled his head up.

"You're the top dominant?" Aneirin asked.

"Did you expect anything else?" Nasta grinned.

"Course he's the top dominant if he's the biggest and oldest out of a bunch of baby doms!" Sanex stated.

"He's the oldest, but he isn't the biggest." Harry told them.

"Harry has also mated with the son of a very good friend of yours, Dad."

"Really?" Aneirin asked interestedly. "Who?"

"Maximilius Maddison."

"Never Myron Maddison's oldest?"

"The very same."

"My word. Never would I have believed Myron and I to be related through a bond. Ha! This is going to tickle him something fierce. Where is he?"

"Max went to go and find his Dads, Draco where is Blaise?"

"Still looking for his Mother." Draco answered.

"Blaise? I have heard that name before." Aneirin said with a frown.

"Zabini. He's the son of Marianna and Maximiliano Zabini."

Nasta's Dad laughed happily and shook his head.

"A fine collection you've got yourself, Harry."

Harry frowned. "They're not a collection, they're my mates." He told the man seriously.

Everyone started laughing at him and Harry huffed and walked away, wandering back into the main meeting hall. Draco followed him; Nasta stayed with his Dad and brother and started talking about everything that had happened in the last couple of months.

"Where are we going?" Draco asked.

"Away from those hyenas!" Harry sulked.


Harry looked around at the sound of Blaise's voice and felt his eyes widen at the absolutely massive woman beside him. She was taller than her son and more muscular than him, but they shared the same slender body. Despite all of her muscles and her height that would have most ordinary men running in the opposite direction, she still managed to look stunningly pretty in a violet dress and matching high heels.

Her slanted eyes were a pretty purplish-blue colour, lighter than Blaise's deep indigo, that almost matched her dress and shoes perfectly, her nails were painted blue and the clutch purse she held, of course, matched everything else. Her thick, dark brown hair was curled and twisted into an elegant knot on the top of her head, leaving a few curly tendrils to fall down and soften her, slightly square, face.

"Bello, this is my Mother Marianna. Mother this is my mate, Harry."

"This is the beautiful boy that I've heard so much about? Blaise I am disappointed in you."

Marianna's voice was a dark, seductive, yet oddly husky sound with the barest hints of a French accent, but it was the words that made Harry's face fall. She didn't like him.

"Honestly, Blaise, I know you have a way with words so I find myself at a loss as I did not think for a moment that you would underestimate your own mate's beauty by such a considerable difference. He is not merely beautiful, he is completely stunning."

"I did tell you that Harry was breath-taking, Mother. When I first saw him it was as if someone had punched right through my chest."

"Yes, I understand more now what you meant. He sort of makes your breath catch in your lungs doesn't he?"

Harry frowned in puzzlement. What the hell was going on? Draco wrapped an arm around him in silent support before leaning down and whispering in his ear.

"They are always like this. They always have been, just ignore them."

Harry chuckled lightly and was soon found in Marianna's arms as she hugged the life out of him.

"Careful of Harry's baby, Mother!" Blaise stated quickly.

"I know I know, Blaise! Honestly, you'd think I'd never been pregnant before."

"Yes, but forgive me for mentioning it, Mother, but you do have a tendency to forget your strength, do you remember my kitten, Hernandez, do you remember what you did to Hernandez when I was eight?"

Marianna harrumphed and flicked her hair and turned her back on her son playfully.

"I know an insult when I hear one. Come on, Harry darling, let's go and get you a drink and leave these two cretins to themselves."

Marianna shuffled Harry away from Blaise and Draco who were grinning. Harry pouted and followed Marianna to the bar that ran the entire length of one side of the room. There were four large men and two slender women working behind it.

One of the large men grinned and winked at him and Marianna growled at him. He paled and took a deep breath.

"I apologise." He said in a deep voice. "I didn't realise that you were a couple."

Harry choked and coughed to try and get his breathing back to normal. "We're not a couple!" He burst out when he could breathe properly.

The poor man behind the bar went red in the face and seemed to be dying of embarrassment on the spot.

"I…I'm sorry! I meant no offence."

"None taken, your name is Adrian isn't it? Nathan and Lisa's son. Just be wary of my claws the next time you start flirting with my pregnant son-in-law." Marianna hissed.

"Yes Ma'am." Adrian gulped. "I…drinks! What can I get you?"

Harry chuckled at Adrian. He looked so embarrassed and so uncomfortable.

"I'll have a champagne and Harry will have a sparkling grape juice."

Harry didn't mind someone ordering his drink for him, because he had absolutely no idea what this place served. He accepted the tall champagne flute filled with what looked like alcohol, but at Marianna's urging, he took a small sip and found it really was just grape juice made to look like champagne. Probably so the pregnant submissives didn't feel left out.

"Oh! Excuse me, Harry, Josiah came after all!" Marianna stated happily and excitedly as she gracefully weaved through the people towards a short, thin, balding man who looked to be wearing an entire jewellery store on his person.

Harry decided to wander around a bit. Max had told him that he would be perfectly safe at this meeting. Not only were there going to be Counsel Elders here, Dracken children and Dracken couples, but there were also dominant Drackens acting as security who would step in immediately to help if he got into any trouble, which wasn't likely as nearly all unmated Drackens were in New Zealand. The only ones that weren't were the Drackens who had either been rejected by the submissive or had left of their own free will or hadn't been able to make it over to New Zealand.

This wasn't a place for arguments or fights, this was simply a peaceful meeting for all the Drackens of the Northern hemisphere to meet up and exchange words, catch up with each other and hear the latest news on who was mated to whom or who was pregnant with whom. It was essentially a social gathering.

Harry found himself gravitating towards the corner crèche where all the little toddlers were clambering over padded walls and poles, jumping into ball pits and playing with stuffed toys. He stood close by one of the armed guards so he wouldn't be accused of trying to take a child or hurting or attacking one. The last thing he wanted was for the Drackens to call him a paedophile. It was bad enough that Ron was falsely accusing Max and Nasta of it because they were in a relationship with him.

"You know you can get in with them." The guard told him with a knowing smile.

"They aren't my children." Harry said as he drew his attention to the guard from two little girls braiding a third's golden coloured, waist length hair, they all looked about four.

The guard snorted lightly in amusement. "It doesn't matter. These kids love having a willing adult to play with."

Harry looked at the guard pointedly. He snorted again.

"We're here purely just to put the parents at ease and to discourage anyone from trying to remove these kids from the crèche. We had some dozy, drunk dominant try to take an armful of kids a few years back. He thought they were his own, but that's beside the point. The Counsel decided to put guards on the kids after that, just in case."

"So are those guns real?" Harry asked, eyeing the weapon concealed under the guards open blazer.

"Yep. But we only get to fire them in extreme cases, like if someone tried to steal away a kid that wasn't theirs on purpose."

"Why do Drackens even need guns?" Harry asked curiously. "Why don't you just rip the kidnapper to pieces with your claws or use magic?"

"Because cutie, when you're up against someone who also has claws and magic it's not really an advantage. The kidnapper could outweigh us by a hundred pounds, or he could be a better fighter or be better at offensive spells."

"So the guns give you an advantage over them?"

"Exactly right. Now go help those little girls put those beads in, they look like they're having trouble." The guard encouraged.

Harry smiled and climbed carefully over the mesh net fence, being helped and told off simultaneously by the guard for not asking for help over the fence after the man realised that Harry was actually pregnant.

He approached the little girls cautiously and sat down with them at their tiny table and chairs set, they were having trouble with the beads and the girl with the long, golden blonde hair was whimpering in pain with a shine of tears in her big blue eyes as the other girls tried to force the beads onto her plaits.

"Hey, do you need help?" He asked with a smile.

He had expected them to scream, to say no, to run away, to tell him to go away, to call him a stranger, or something similar, but he did not expect one of the little redheads to clamber right onto his lap and give him a fistful of brightly coloured beads.

"They won't go on!" She told him with an adorable little pout.

"They hurt!" The little girl with blonde hair whined, her plaits all ruffled up with odd strands of hair sticking out where the other little red head had tried to force them on.

"Come here." Harry said gently as he eased himself and the redhead on his lap to the floor and he began undoing the plaits. "Let's redo these all nice and pretty again."

The two little redheads helped him undo the plaits and then redo them until they were perfect again.

"Now the trick with these beads is to use the special wand." Harry told them.

"Mummy said we aren't supposed to use wands!" The redhead on his left told him with a gasp.

"But this is a special wand." Harry answered as he dug through the bead box until he found the applicator for the beads. "Here." He said showing them the yellow plastic wand. "You pick which bead you want." Harry smiled as the redhead on his right thrust a bright pink bead at him. "You slide the bead over the tip of the wand, all the way down. You pick the plait you want it on and push it through the little hole." He said as he put one golden plait into the hole as gently as he could. "Then you hold the bead between your fingers and pull the wand, which pulls plait out, threading the bead onto it. See."

"It works!" The little girls squealed and began examining the bead on the end of the plait.

"I want this glitter one next!" The blonde haired girl exclaimed thrusting a clear yellow bead at him filled with silver glitter.

Harry showed the girls how to use the wand again, taking one of the redhead's little hands and letting her do it with him holding her hand and the wand. He did the next bead, a pretty pearlescent purple one, holding the other little red headed girl's hand and the next one, a livid orange. Then he let the little girls carry on, even digging out another bead applicator, only this one green so that they could both put beads in the blonde girl's hair.

Once they ran out of plaits to put beads onto they all looked so put out. The little redheads had their hair perfectly coiffured into loose rolls that were pinned to their heads with hairpins. Harry could just guess that their Mother had told them not to spoil their hair.

"Why don't you put beads into my hair?" He offered smiling softly as their faces lit up. He had to dig another plastic applicator out of the box for the little blonde girl, this one was red.

Their fingers tugged and pulled and twisted his hair and Harry grimaced now and then when strands came loose from his scalp but he otherwise ignored the small bites of pain as the little girls laughed and giggled happily as they put small plaits on every inch of his head, putting up to four beads on each one until he looked like a reject from an arts and crafts factory.

"Marisa, what are you doing to that poor man?" A woman said with a wide grin as she stepped over the mesh fence, addressing the blonde haired little girl who was twisting a bead tightly into a plait on the top of his head.

Harry got a good look at the guard who had helped him over the fence, the man had lingering traces of laughter on his face and his eyes were still crinkled in an effort not to burst out laughing again. Harry was glad he found it amusing; he probably looked so comical it was a wonder that those in the proximity hadn't wet themselves yet.

"Making him pretty, Mummy! Isn't he so pretty?"

"Yes, I dare say he is." The woman answered, chuckling lightly behind her hand. "I do apologise if these girls have coerced you into doing this, they could wheedle the secrets out of a man with no mouth."

"It's alright. I saw that they were struggling to put beads into your daughter's hair so I decided to help, then they ran out of plaits and I offered them my hair to play with."

The woman chuckled lightly. "That was very brave of you; I wouldn't have done what you have." The woman told him, her own hair a mass of tight, frothy curls.

"Janine? What have those girls been doing?" A man asked as he gaped at Harry from over the mesh fence.

"My Husband." The woman told Harry, before turning to him. "Our Marisa and her friends are making him pretty. Rory honey."

"Pretty? Dear, don't you think you should stop them?"

"All done!" One of the redheads exclaimed proudly.

"Too late, darling." Janine answered.

Rory shook his head in exasperation and wandered away. Harry chuckled as Janine and the little girls giggled. Janine took hold of Marisa's hand.

"Come along, Marisa, Auntie Judith has arrived and wants to see you." Janine said as she pulled her daughter over to the fence and stepped over it waving at Harry, leaving him with the two red headed girls who had picked up baby dolls and were playing a game they called 'Mummies and babies' They had tried to give him a doll and a fake bottle, but he had declined and told them, before they started crying, that he already had his own baby to look after and pointed out his large stomach.

"I hope they aren't being too much of a bother." A red headed woman that could only be their Mother stated, stepping over the fence with the help from another guard as her heavily pregnant belly was as exposed as Harry's, it seemed to be a trend to show off their baby bellies.

"Not at all." Harry smiled back.

"It's just." The woman gestured helplessly at his hair and Harry grinned.

"I quite like it. I'm not sure if my mates will agree, but then it's not their hair."

The woman laughed joyously and Harry found himself smiling.

"Who are your mates? I haven't seen you around so this must be your first gathering."

"It is. I turned sixteen last July. My first mate is Blaise Zabini…"

"Oh Blaise? He's a lovely gentleman. He's been coming here for years with his Mother, Marianna. I only met his Father, Maximiliano, a handful of times. It was so sad how he died, but it was always going to happen, one of them was always going to kill the other. It was a tragedy when Marianna came into her inheritance as a dominant Dracken. She had shot up that year to six foot and had gained a lot of muscle, her parents tried to back out of the betrothal then, they had a feeling that she would be a dominant, but of course the betrothals were final and permanent. Theirs was one of the last, when the Elders saw what happened, how Maximiliano died so horrifically by the hands of a pregnant Marianna, well. My mate says that it was lucky that Marianna caught Maximiliano off guard or it could have been her and Blaise that had died."

Harry sucked in a breath. Blaise had told him that his Father had died when he was a few weeks old, not that his Mother had been pregnant with him when she had killed his Father. Hadn't Blaise told him that he took comfort from knowing that his Father had held him? But if what this woman was saying was true, then Marianna had lied to her son. If what this woman was saying was true, then Maximiliano hadn't even seen his son, let alone held him.

"Who is your other mate?" The woman asked, dragging his attention back to the conversation.

"I…the next one was Draco, then Max and finally Nasta."

"You have four mates?" The woman asked in awe and slight sympathy. "I don't recognise the first two, but the last. Well it's hard to forget such an unusual name as Nasta. Aneirin Delericey always did have a strange taste for strange names, the only relatively sane name in that family was their daughter, Angharad, that was a tragedy as well, she died so young, but it was Lowri who named Angharad, Aneirin named the boys, but of course he had to name Nasta as Lowri died before she could name him."

"Draco's new to the scene as well. His inheritance was a month before mine, but perhaps you'd recognise Max more if I told you his full name was actually Maximilius?"

"Maddison? As in Myron Maddison's only son?"

"Max said he had a brother." Harry said confusedly.

"Yes, but Ashleigh, Maximilius' Mother needed two dominants, Myron and Richard. Caesar is Richard's son and Maximilius is Myron's."

Harry swallowed. The way people spoke of Max's Father. Such tones of respect and pride and awe. Harry was wondering for the first time, just what had he gotten himself into.


Harry and the red headed woman looked up to the caramel haired woman stepping over the fence to come and greet them. She was huge and muscly, obviously another dominant female, but like Marianna Zabini she retained an air of femininity about her as she navigated her way through the strewn about toys in her high heels.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" The red headed woman, Julia, asked.

"My Father wishes to see his granddaughters before he leaves. His arm is playing up again and he wants more potion." The woman, Sarah, answered with a sigh.

"Okay. I'll go and grab the girls."

Harry turned to the table the little red headed girls had been sat on to find them gone; they had obviously ran off some when whilst he had been talking to Julia.

"What happened to your hair?" Sarah asked as she seemed unable to hold her tongue after staring at him for over a minute.

"Our girls happened." Julia answered as she came back tugging a little girl in each hand.

"He looks pretty doesn't he, Daddy?" One little girl stated.

It was Harry's turn to stare as the woman Sarah, was referred to as Daddy.

"I see from the look on your face you've never met an all-female couple?"

"I…I just…I…um…" Harry trailed off and scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"No need to panic, it is quite rare, not as rare as an all-male harem though." Julia told him as she leant forward and kissed Sarah passionately, Sarah's arms coming around Julia to cradle her gently and to stroke her bump, just like his men did to his bump. His hand automatically went to it and stroked it.

"How do you…how did you…?" Harry gestured helplessly at the bump.

"Get pregnant?" Sarah finished for him and grinned as he nodded. "Quite simple really, all we…"

"Sarah! Should we be telling a sixteen year old male submissive how all-female couples get pregnant? He is obviously gay himself and I don't think he'd appreciate it."

"Nonsense, Julia love, he's obviously curious and it'll be a learning point for him." Sarah answered before turning back to Harry. "It's really just a creative use of fingers."

Harry choked and spluttered at hearing that and his face lit up like a beacon.

"We need to mingle our juices so I get my juices onto my fingers and insert them into Julia as far as I can and rub up by her cervix. Her juices mix with mine and her Dracken magic does the rest. It does take a couple of tries though. Where you male submissives get pregnant on your first or second tries, it takes us three or four tries to get a baby and where you can get pregnant on your heats, we can't, the heat is too instinctual, to rough and primal, we need our minds and thoughts to get pregnant and that doesn't happen on a heat which is why each of our children is precious to us."

Harry wished the floor would open up and swallow him whole. He didn't think he had ever been so embarrassed before in his life. He couldn't get the mental images of the two women in front of him inserting their fingers into places he had never seen, or ever wanted to see, to get a baby. He felt like puking to get rid of the images, but he didn't want to hurt the women's feelings, nor cause a scene.

"Have you scarred the poor boy enough now? Natalie and Kayla are getting tired and we still have to find your Father." Julia snapped, stomping away towards the mesh fence. Sarah jogged after her in her high heels in time to support her…Wife? over the fence.

Harry wandered over to the fence and the same guard that he had been talking to before placed his hands on his hips and lifted him clean over the mesh fence and set him gently on his feet.

"Your hair looks like it has clumps of clay stuck in it." He snickered.

Harry chuckled and tugged on the tight beads. He'd take them out as soon as he was sure that the three little girls who had put them in were gone. He could see Natalie and Kayla being hugged by a very elderly man and Marisa's head of blonde plaits with their brightly coloured beads were bouncing on her Father's shoulders.

Harry couldn't see any of his mates anywhere and he wondered where they had gotten too. He wandered back to the bar and ordered another sparkling grape juice, listening to others conversations and being dragged into odd talks and being given advice by elderly Drackens before he got away and wandered around the room, dodging children, who were starting to lose their energy and activity as it neared eight o'clock in the night and he kept to the edge of the room as much as he could.

"What the hell happened to your hair?"

Harry turned with a large smile as he recognised Max's voice. He was standing tall and proud next to a man that could have only been his Father, they were easily the tallest men in the room and Max hadn't been kidding about how broad his Father was, he wouldn't fit through most normal doors.

There was a smaller, slighter man beside them, he was very good looking and had a soft smile, but a livid scar going down from his chin and over the front of his neck, like someone had taken a blade and had tried to cut his head in two from the neck up, Harry had no idea how the man had even survived.

There was a group of women with them, a blonde haired middle aged woman who had both of her arms through Max's Father's and the man with the scar, an older woman who was arm in arm with an older gentleman and three younger women who all bore some resemblance to each other. Harry realised then that he had walked right by their family reunion.

"You don't like it?" Harry asked in a light, teasing way. "I was thinking of making it permanent."

Max chuckled and gently pulled him into the circle of his arms, his hands splaying over his baby bulge and bringing his family's attention to it.

"Is this your submissive, Max?" The blonde woman asked. "Harry?"

Max nodded with a smile, bending down to kiss him happily.

"So Maxie was telling the truth, you are in fact pregnant." The older man stated with a smile. Harry heard Max's voice filled with love and respect in his head telling him that only his grandfather called him Maxie and Harry realised exactly who he was talking to.

"Three months. My first baby." Harry answered with a soft smile.

"Yet Maximilius tells us that already you have almost lost the baby twice." Max's Father, Myron, Harry remembered, stated with a raised eyebrow. The man wasn't at all impressed with him.

"Yes." Harry answered sadly. "A student at the school I go to punched my side when I was two months pregnant and the second time I leapt on him and punched him back for daring to insult my mates. That was yesterday."

"Now Max did not tell us that." The woman on Myron's arm stated. Harry deduced that she must be Max's Mother, Ashleigh and the other man must be Richard if what Julia had said was true.

"You never gave me the chance to, Mother, before you all started assuming the worst of Harry." Max answered tightly as he held Harry tighter.

"Perhaps we were a bit too quick in judging him, but he is being a bit reckless isn't he?"

"Ashleigh dear, you know that once a mate is insulted that that insult has to be answered." The older woman stated firmly. "It must have been something particularly vile and vulgar to have a pregnant submissive react in a way that could have endangered his child."

"He called Max a paedophile." Harry informed them and there was almost instant outrage.

"That is preposterous!" Max's grandfather burst out furiously.

"Absolutely untrue!" One of the younger women stated angrily.

"Completely outrageous!"

"You see now that I couldn't let that bit of slime get away with calling Max such a horrible thing. I had to retaliate, I didn't even think about it."

"I never asked if you got a good hit on him." Max grinned at him.

"I bloodied him up pretty bad, it took Madam Pomfrey an hour to fix the damage and someone said that he had to have Skele-Gro because I knocked out two of his teeth and broke his nose."

"Good on you, lad." Max's grandfather complimented. "Next time you go for the eyes, they are not as easy to fix."

"Grandfather!" One of the young girls replied with a shocked voice, she had Max's thick, chestnut brown hair, the hair they shared with their Father.

"I apologise for such talk in front of you, Alayla dear, Harry."

"Oh I don't mind." Harry grinned. "I like the useful tips I'm getting, some are very creative. One man over by the bar told me to aim for the back of the neck; apparently a good hit there will snap the spine in two and if it doesn't kill them immediately, it'll disable them."

"So you have been speaking to people then?" Max asked surprised.

"Oh yes, I met a lovely couple, Julia and Sarah, who decided to torture me with the information on how Sarah got Julia pregnant."

That brought a round of laughter and Harry relaxed back into Max. His family wasn't bad at all, despite his initial thoughts of his Father, Myron.

"Are you going to tell us the story of how you managed to achieve this?" Max asked as he tugged lightly on a bead.

"I saw three little girls in the crèche who were having trouble putting beads into their hair, so I decided to help them out. When they ran out of hair to put the beads on they looked so upset that I offered them my hair to use instead."

Max chuckled along with his family.

"Well they certainly made use of every strand of hair you have, Harry, how long are you keeping these in for? I don't think I'll be able to sleep next to you if you have a head full of hard plastic."

"Probably until the girls leave. I can still see Natalie and Kayla. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but you do know that my hair is going to be even worse than usual when I take them out?"

"It can't be any worse than it normally is." Nasta answered as he appeared at Max's shoulder and gave Harry a kiss to the cheek before fingering the beads.

"One of the other mates you told us about is Nasta Delericey?" Myron Maddison demanded.

"You got a problem with that?" Harry demanded back, glaring at the impossibly huge man who looked taken aback by his aggression.

Max's grandfather laughed happily. "He's like a blast of cool air on a scorching hot day."

"How many mates do you have, darling?" Ashleigh asked, making no secret of how hungrily she was looking at his baby belly.

"Four." Harry answered his eyes still glaring holes into Myron's deep black. Max got his eyes from his Mother.

"Dear Merlin." Ashleigh gasped. "I only have these two and they fought like cat and dog for three weeks after I had chosen them."

Harry snorted. "Five months down the line and mine are still fighting."

"Still? But surely they know their order by now."

"Oh they do, some of them just don't want to accept that order." Harry answered with a pointed look up at Max, who growled lowly.

Nasta cuffed the back of his head and Max's chin went to his chest with the reprimand, like Draco's had. Nasta pulled Max's head back up gently and all was forgiven and Max looked a little bit sheepish at having growled in the first place.

"You are not top dominant?" Myron asked sending an astonished look at his son. "You, my only son, are subordinate to another man?" Myron actually smacked Max's head like Nasta had; only his was meant to hurt where Nasta's had been a light clip to reprimand.

Harry snarled and tried to launch himself at Myron, but was picked up and held kicking, scratching and snarling by Max, who looked faintly shocked at his behaviour.

"You touch him like that again and I'll tear your face off with my teeth!" Harry spat.

"Harry, love. It's part of how I grew up. My Dad has always given me physical discipline."

"He shouldn't hit you just because you aren't the top dominant!" Harry hissed. "He has no idea how it happened, why or if there were any extenuating circumstances! He just assumed that you lost a fight and that's that! Closed minded dick!" Harry spat at Myron, who was actually looking at him with budding respect in his eyes.

Max's grandfather was beside himself as he started laughing so hard he had to hunch over his knees. Two girls jumped to support him, but he pushed them aside.

"I'm fine Julinda, Talia. Absolutely fine. Maxie, I adore your little mate and I would be highly offended if you did not bring him to my next birthday party."

"Grandfather, your birthday is the twentieth of August, Harry will be nearly seven months pregnant at that time, I don't think he'll be able to go."

"Just get me a wheelchair." Harry stated. "I'd love to go. Your grandfather is great!"

Nasta chuckled softly next to him whilst the others all roared with laughter. Blaise and Draco appeared with Marianna and her newest Husband Josiah.

"There you are." Blaise sighed with relief. "When I heard that Mother had left you on your own." Blaise shook his head.

"What in the name of Merlin did you do to your hair?" Draco asked looking horrified and slightly sick. "I know I told you that anything would make it look better but I didn't mean for you to go out and prove me wrong!"

"I take it these are the final two of your foursome?" Max's previously silent second Father, Richard asked. His voice was hoarse and slightly strangled, as if the blade that had sliced his neck had also sliced his voice box.

"Yes, Blaise and Draco."

"I, of course, recognise the son of the lovely Marianna, but correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you the only son of Lucius Malfoy? I had no idea that Dracken blood ran in the Malfoy family." Max's grandfather commented.

"It doesn't." Draco replied. "My Mother is a daughter of the Black family, Harry and I get our Dracken blood from the same ancestor."

"How odd. Usually our Dracken blood repels those of close blood."

"We aren't close." Draco stated with narrowed eyes. "Cygnus Black was my great-great grandfather and Harry's great grandfather. Two separate family lines created, separated and diluted through marriage many times over."

"Ah, that explains it. I knew there was no way for blood relatives to be mates. Our Drackens just won't allow us."

Harry squirmed to be put down and Max reluctantly set him on his feet, but kept an arm around his shoulders and kept himself between him and his Father, as if Harry would suddenly charge and attack the older man.

Harry leant on Max and yawned subtly behind his hand. It was nearing nine o'clock now and all the playing with the little girls, all the mingling and talking and walking and shouting had taken a lot out of him. He was exhausted.

A little girl with blonde hair attacked his legs and Harry smiled down at Marisa, crouching down to be on eye level with her.

"I have to go home now because it's past my bedtime." She told him sadly. "Thank you for helping me with my beads and for letting me bead your hair, you're very pretty."

Harry chuckled and hugged the little girl tightly.

"I'll see you around, Marisa." Harry told her, smiling as she ran off waving, taking her Father's hand and disappearing.

Before he could get up or anyone could say anything he was attacked again by two little red headed girls. He fell onto his bum and waved away Max and Nasta, who had both stooped to pick him up again, almost automatically.

"We have to go now. Granddaddy isn't very well." One little red head stated.

"Will you be here next year?" The other asked.

"More than likely." Harry told them happily. "Maybe next year you can put beads in my mate's hair, Draco would love it."

"I would not!" Draco hissed, looking petrified at the very thought, his hand subconsciously jumping to his hair to touch it, to make sure it was all still in place.

Harry laughed and hugged the two little girls' goodbye as Sarah called to them.

"Bye Natalie, bye Kayla." Harry waved from the floor.

When they were gone Max picked him up off the floor, dusted him down, his hand remaining a little too long on his bum to be anything other than intentional and setting him on his feet again.

"Well you certainly made an impression on those three little girls." Ashleigh told him happily. "You'll be a great Mother, Harry sweetie."

Harry blushed and to his horror he started feeling teary eyed. He kept his eyes wide so the forming tears wouldn't fall and smiled to dispel any suspicion, happily moving to hug Max's Mother, who held him back just as tightly, her hands stroking his belly reverently.

Max was bursting with pride as Harry snuggled back into him and Myron and Richard looked to their exuberant mate as if they had never seen her so happy before, Harry didn't know but maybe she hadn't been so happy since she had lost her baby boy.

"Can I take those beads out now?" Draco asked as if he couldn't help himself.

"Sure, they're starting to give me a headache anyway; some of them are way too tight."

Harry stayed leaning against Max as Draco began gently and carefully taking out the beads and listened as everyone around him got to know one another, Nasta's Dad Aneirin wandered over and he and Myron spoke like old friends, both happy that their sons were mated at last, to the same person nonetheless, and Marianna, Blaise's Mother happily spoke to Ashleigh, Kimberly (Max's grandmother) and Alexander (Max's grandfather.)

Draco moaned at the state of his hair, which was stuck together in odd, twisted clumps even though the beads and plaits were gone, his hair had gone wavy and it was so messy he looked like he had stuck his wet finger into a plug socket, every strand stood on end as if glued up straight, everyone laughed at the sight and even Harry grinned, though he couldn't see it for himself.

It happened so suddenly that he had absolutely no warning. A very sharp pain in his abdomen had him doubled over with a cry before he could stop himself, clutching his bump.

"Harry? Are you alright?"

"What's wrong?"

"What happened?"

"Did those girls hurt you?"

"Is it the baby? Was it the fall?"

Harry felt his eyes widen as a familiar pressure built between his legs. He was going to piss himself right here in front of everyone. He squeezed his legs tighter together.

"Is there a bathroom here?" He asked desperately. "The baby just kicked my bladder in half."

"It's right outside the main doors." Blaise told him.

"I can't move." Harry bit out tightly, using all of his will power and concentration on holding his wee in just a little longer.

Someone scooped him up and began half walking, half jogging with him. The chest against his side and the arms around him let him identify his carrier as Max.

A door opened and Harry was set on his feet and he happily half fell into a cubicle and relieved himself without even closing the door, which made Max chuckle.

"Feel better?" Max asked with a grin as Harry zipped up his black trousers after the longest wee on record.

"Much better." Harry replied with a happy grin as he washed and dried his hands.

He placed a hand over his belly and he could feel small movements against his hand. He excitedly grabbed Max's hand and placed it over his belly, slightly to the side of his bellybutton.

"Is that…?"

"Our baby moving. Yeah."

Max grinned and happily pulled him off of his feet into a long, very passionate kiss. A cough broke them apart to see a flushed dominant Dracken in the doorway, he was grinning in a knowing way and Harry went a deep red.

"I…it's…it's not what it looks like!" He stammered out, making himself sound guiltier.

The other Dracken just grinned wider. "Sure it's not."

Harry buried himself in Max's shoulders and wailed in mortification. Max hissed and stormed out of the bathroom, shoving the other dominant aside as he went past. Harry did not remove himself from Max's shoulder and instead snuggled up tighter and hid a yawn against Max's skin.

"Are you tired?"

"Just a bit. It's been a busy couple of hours."

"Just rest for a bit. No one will think anything of you, especially not my family, they'd be more horrified if you let yourself collapse due to exhaustion and I'd probably get another smack off of my Dad for letting it happen."

Harry hissed sleepily and Max chuckled at the cute sound. Harry heard gasps and demands for what was wrong with him from his mates and their families. He smiled; it felt nice to be loved by so many people, people that he could call a family.

"Harry's fine." Max assured. "He's just tired. The baby is being very active and it's taking it out of him."

"I can't believe I'm going to be a grandmother." Marianna stated, though her voice was soft and happy.

"My Caesar is giving me a granddaughter, now my Max is giving me another grandchild, I am so happy." Ashleigh sniffed, her voice conveying her immense pride, but also her sadness at not having any other children of her own. "Both of my boys are finally mated to wonderful people and are starting families, our family is expanding. We have two new arrivals, a new submissive son-in-law and three new dominant son-in-laws; I could cry I'm so happy."

Harry listened to the conversations going on around him as it happily went from pregnancy to what the new arrivals would look like, to guesses on if he would have a baby boy or a baby girl, how soon the baby would come into the world and plans to get him everything his baby needed.

At some point Harry really had fallen asleep because the next thing he knew someone was tucking him up in bed, duvet up to his chin. He blinked open his eyes and saw Draco leaning over him with a soft, adoring look on his face; he smiled when he saw Harry was partially awake.

"Go to sleep, love, you need it." Draco coaxed.

Harry leant up as much as he could and kissed Draco full on the mouth, he fell back into the huge bed and snuggled into his pillows before he fell right back off to sleep. He was joined an hour later by Nasta and then by Blaise. Draco came half an hour after Blaise and finally Max's huge body dipped the bed as he enclosed all of them in his arms and held them as they slept peacefully.

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