The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


24. Chapter Twenty-Four – The Trouble Brews

Harry was woken up what seemed like only a few minutes later by a bellowed roar. He blinked languidly as a blast of wind ruffled his hair and his sluggish mind couldn't put any pieces of the broken puzzle together.

The warmth at his back and sides was gone and Harry blinked again, something was telling him that this was important, but he was so tired and his pillow was so soft and comfy and the bed was warm and inviting.

A strangled yell had Harry looking about for the source of the noise, his befuddled mind becoming a bit clearer, a bit sharper. He climbed out of the bed with a bit of effort and he peered over the banister that was the only safety measure on the platform that held their bed.

Three of his mates were down on the bedroom floor. It looked like a free for all as they all seemed to be attacking Nasta. It was then that Harry realised that it looked like they were attacking Nasta because they were actually attacking him. He let out a yell of rage and knelt on the banister, keeping a death grip on the top in the unlikely event that he slipped.

"Oi!" He yelled. "Fucking stop it!"

The three on the floor looked up at him and they stilled like statues.

"Harry, get down slowly." Max told him as he stood framed in the doorway, looking like he had run from the living room when he had heard the roar of rage, but now he was approaching under the platform, looking ready to catch Harry in the very unlikely event that he would fall.

"No!" Harry screamed as he saw that Nasta had a black eye and a busted lip. "Leave him alone! If you want to hit someone then hit me you big bullies!"

"He tried to kill the baby!" Draco hissed. "He was trying to kill the baby because he knows that there is no chance that he is the Father!"

"Don't be so stupid! The baby is fine! I can feel the baby moving. Nasta was gentle and slow, he didn't take me like some animal!" Harry yelled. "What do you think is going to happen when I go on heat in a few days? Do you think you can control yourselves? Do you think you won't completely rip me in half because I haven't so much as been stretched in two months! Nasta was doing what I asked him to do. Help me in preparation of my heat. He was gentle with me! Now stop it or all of you are going to be kicked out of these rooms! I won't have bullies sleeping in bed with me!"

"Just climb down carefully, Harry and then we'll talk." Max coaxed, using his best soothing voice.

Harry huffed and slid his knees back until his feet touched the carpet and he stomped down the stairs. Blaise had come to meet him, probably to stop him from 'falling down the stairs' but Harry wasn't having any of it as he twisted away from Blaise and went to Nasta, digging his magically appeared claws into his hand and offered his blood to Nasta, who licked his hand with slow, sure strokes of his tongue, looking like he was making love with his hand.

Draco growled, but stopped when Harry sent a nasty glare at him.

"How dare you do this!" Harry hissed at them. "What were you thinking?! We have only just reconciled the argument over the baby needing blood and now you want to start one over the baby needing semen as well?"

"What?!" Draco asked, surprise in those silver eyes. "The baby needs semen as well?"

Harry knew that Draco wasn't pretending, not only because Malfoys never pretended at having a lack of knowledge, but because Draco had only been a Dracken for a month before he himself had become one and for five months out of that time Draco had been denying what he was where he had been trying to find out everything he could on his new species.

"The baby needs all bodily fluids that a dominant mate can give. Blood, sweat, tears, saliva and semen. Blood, saliva and semen are the top needs." Nasta stated factually, dabbing the blood from his chin from his now healed lip. "The baby will wither and die like an unwatered flower if these needs are not met."

"Then we owe you an apology." Blaise stated, looking a bit sheepish, holding out his hand to help Nasta from the floor.

"It's fine. I knew it would happen before Harry and I made love, the firstborn protection is too strong."

"The what?"

"Snape mentioned something like that." Harry remembered.

"It's the level of overbearing protectiveness a dominant feels for his or her firstborn child. You three have no idea who is the Father of Harry's baby, so you all feel it."

"Draco seems to be feeling it the most, does that mean anything?" Harry asked.

"It isn't likely that it means that he is the biological Father." Nasta answered slowly, understanding what Harry had meant, a thoughtful look crossing his face. "It could be that he just feels more protective towards you and the baby or it could mean that he is a very jealous person and doesn't like anyone excessively touching you or the baby."

"Probably the latter." Harry answered with a soft smile.

"How old are you?" Draco asked Nasta suddenly.

Harry sighed in exasperation. "Not this again, Draco! I thought that you had agreed to at least give the mate I chose a chance?"

"I'm thirty-seven." Nasta answered as if Harry hadn't spoken.

"He's going to be forty in two, three years!"

"Three years." Nasta stated. "My birthday was the third of February."

"That submissive, Robert lived well into his two hundreds!" Harry snapped. "I don't think a couple of years between all of us is going to matter when we're two hundred, Draco!"

"We are more likely to reach three hundred and fifty now." Nasta informed them. "With our improved diets, advanced medical research and our stronger genes we are living longer than ever."

"Holy fuck, how many kids can we have in three hundred and fifty years?" Harry asked, looking down at the one baby he was currently growing and placing his hands on it.

"A moot point, Harry." Max told him. "We lose fertility the older we get. You won't be able to get pregnant past the one hundred and fifty mark."

"Fine. I'll rephrase the question, how many kids can we have until I'm a hundred and fifty?"

"I suppose that would depend on how big the clutches are." Max answered thoughtfully. "We could have anything from twenty to over fifty children."

"My god, we'll never survive!"

Max chuckled, but it was Nasta who answered his melodrama. "You won't get pregnant directly after giving birth. It will take a while for your hormones to settle down again and for your body to repair itself enough to carry another clutch. It could be between one and five years before you conceive a second clutch, though some submissives do conceive again after only a couple of months' recovery."

"That sounds a bit better, but what if I'm not ready? What if I have this baby and then realise that I can't do it? What if I can't look after it? I'm sixteen; I don't know how to look after a baby!"

"I'm sure you'll do fine." Max soothed, but to Harry it seemed like he was brushing his worries under the carpet. "You'll make a great Mum."

"How about we all attend a Mother and Baby class?" Nasta compromised when it looked like Harry would explode. "None of us have any experience with children, unless any of you have younger siblings or a love child hidden away?"

When all three of them shook their heads Nasta looked back to Harry. "Do you think you'd like to go, Harry?"

Harry nodded immediately. "I don't want to be thrown in at the deep end. Unlike Robert I am still in school, when he first got pregnant all he had to deal with was housework and cooking, I have to juggle the baby between school work and find a way to fit the baby between all of our schedules. This isn't going to be fair on the baby! Being passed around from unfamiliar face to stranger and back again! Not one of us can spend more than a few hours with the baby during the day, it's not right."

"I haven't taken a holiday from work in four years." Nasta told him seriously. "I'm due perhaps a year and a half off from work. I'll look after the baby during the day whilst you are in lessons if you so wish."

"But there is no way it can possibly be your baby." Draco pointed out, perhaps a bit harshly.

"Draco, if the baby turns out to be Blaise's, what would you do?"

"What do you mean what would I do? Nothing."

"So you would be unwilling to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby? You wouldn't change the baby if it needed to be changed or you wouldn't play with the baby during the day? Would you even acknowledge the baby?"

Draco went pink with anger and clenched his fist. "Of course I would! The baby comes from Harry! I would love that baby as if it were my own!"

"As would I." Nasta answered. "It doesn't matter if there is no way that the baby could be mine, I'll see the baby as my own regardless, as would you. I am willing to take all of my holidays in one sabbatical if it helps ease the worry and stress from you all."

"If the baby is mine then I can get eight months paternity leave." Max spoke up. "You three can't really take a break from school; you need the best possible results to get the best jobs and taking any amount of time out of your schooling is counterproductive. So if the baby is mine, I get eight months straight off, then Nasta can take his one and a half years off to take over when I have to go back to work, that way the baby will be over two years old at the end and you three would have graduated. We'd be settled down in a house and we could work out our hours to fit in with each other."

"You…you aren't going to stop me from working?" Harry asked a bit tentatively. "I mean, you won't make me stay at home to look after the children?"

"No. If you want to work, Harry, then we aren't going to stop you, this isn't the nineteen hundreds any more. We don't expect you to throw away all of your schooling to sit at home and look after the children, not if it isn't what you want to do." Max told him seriously.

"I don't think any of us would like the children to have hired help to look after them, but there are five of us, not all of us are going to be working exactly the same hours or work on the same days, I'm sure it will all work out for all of us to have a job and the children to have one of us at home with them at all times." Blaise put in.

"I don't want a full time job or a career or anything." Harry added. "To be honest I never thought I'd live this long what with everything going on, so I never thought about what I'd like to do when I graduate. But a part time job sounds alright; I'll just work a couple of hours a week, just something to get me out of the house once in a while."

"What do you mean you never thought that you'd live this long?" Max demanded. Ignoring for the most part everything else Harry had said.

"Well I did have a madman after me, Max."

"He's dead. The papers said that you killed him last year."

"Not all of his followers were caught."

"Do you know something that we don't?" Draco asked. "Have you been threatened? Have any of them made contact with you?"

Harry sighed and walked to the wardrobe to get out a dressing gown as he was getting cold standing around naked. He tugged it on and melted into the soft fluffy robe, he eased himself down onto the large square shaped settee that was a new addition to their rooms, added by Max, who knew charms that Harry hadn't known existed, like conjuring a settee from thin air.

The settee was squishy and purple to match the rest of the room, when asked why they had chosen the colour purple for the bedroom Harry and Blaise had looked at each other and blushed deeply, refusing to answer, making the others think that something raunchy had happened. It was shaped like a square with one of the sides missing, three long seats attached by two corner seats and Harry loved every inch of it.

The others all sat around him, ignoring that they had room to actually sit with some semblance of personal space, preferring to sit grouped around Harry and the growing baby.

"Have you been threatened?" Draco reiterated, his patience running out.

"No. I haven't heard from any of them, but just the knowledge that they are out in the wide world somewhere is enough."

"We won't let anything happen to either of you." Nasta swore sincerely, placing a hand on his bump.

It was then that Harry noticed that Nasta was still naked and didn't seem to care at all. He was lounging around, ignoring the 'subtle' glances that he was getting from the other three dominants. Harry went a bit pink cheeked and let out a small giggle, smothering the rest of the laugh that wanted to slip out.

Nasta raised an eyebrow and smirked as the other three suddenly felt a bit more embarrassed that one of them was sitting naked between them. It should have been the other way around, Nasta should have felt embarrassed sitting naked in a group of dressed, or at least covered in Harry's part, men, but he wasn't, he was completely confident and relaxed.

"Find something funny?" Nasta inquired with his eyebrow still raised.

"No." Harry answered even as his grin swallowed his face.

"A lesser man would take offence and insecurity from you laughing at their naked body."

"But not you." Harry tacked on the unsaid words.

"Not me. I am not an insecure man; I know you are laughing at the situation that I have inadvertently caused, not directly at me."

Harry snuggled into as many of his mates as he could manage, lying down, face up, on Nasta's lap to reach Max and stretching his legs out over Blaise and Draco. He pressed a hand against his bump and sighed.

"You need to put on some more weight." Nasta complained. "Your arse is like a bony dagger."

Harry huffed and wiggled around, getting a small gasp of pain from Nasta and a snort of laughter from Max.

"Next time you can carry a clutch around and see how you like it." Harry whined. "Let's see how much weight you can put on whilst puking up everything you've eaten."

"I was only teasing, cariad." Nasta told him with a smile.

"Cariad?" Harry questioned the unfamiliar word.

"It's Welsh for lover." Nasta answered with a wink.

Harry rolled his eyes and lay back down, moving his bum until it was cradled in Nasta's lap so his 'bony arse' wouldn't cause his mate pain. He yawned as all the excitement and adrenaline poured out of him and his exhaustion came back tenfold.

"I think it's best if we all just went to bed." Harry told the others, they all looked at each other and Harry sighed. "Whoever has a bloody problem with sharing a bed with me and everyone else can sleep on the fucking settee, I'm going to bed."

Harry hefted himself up and started climbing the stairs. Max swept his legs from under him and carried him up, nuzzling him with his chin as he went.

Harry was too tired now to complain and when he was placed on the bed he shrugged his dressing gown back off and he ignored the burning gazes that he could feel roving his naked body. He turned and glared at every single one of his mates, who were grouped around the bed waiting for him to settle before they climbed in with him.

"All of you keep your hands off." He stated seriously. "I'm now too tired to do anything other than sleep, so the first person to try anything is going to be sleeping on the floor."

Blaise chuckled as he stripped himself bare and climbed in with him, wrapping his arms loosely around him and burying his face in the back of his neck.

Harry could feel every inch of Blaise's naked body pressed against his naked body. His tension grew, before he sighed and melted into the warmth of Blaise as his first mate didn't move to touch him sexually.

Nasta, who was already naked as the day he was born, climbed in front of him and wrapped his arms around both Harry and Blaise, who made no move or noise against the action. Perhaps Blaise was the least dominant of all of his dominants and just didn't care?

Max didn't so much as climb into the bed as he rolled into it with a groan. He slipped an arm under Nasta and his other arm could reach all the way over to touch Blaise with room to spare. Harry was just drifting off when he realised that the bed hadn't dipped for a fourth time.

He sat up as much as he could with three men wrapped around him and looked to Draco, who was stood at the end of the bed, watching them all.

"Draco, get in the bed now."

"I don't think I can." The blond told him with a panicked look at the three other naked men.

Harry sighed and fought his way out of the mass of bodies and crawled to Draco, too tired to get up and walk.

Harry took Draco's head into his hands and kissed him, pulling until Draco was pressed against his chest and Harry had the blond's head cradled in his arms, his nose buried in Draco's silky blond hair.

"It's okay, Draco. No one is going to touch you in a way that you don't expressly permit."

"Before you I'd never even thought of being with another man and I have never let anyone penetrate my body. When you go on heat in a few days, if I'm not top dominant I could…could…"

"You could be penetrated by one of the others for the first time." Harry answered softly, understanding exactly what the problem was now.

Draco nodded in his arms.

"Is it the thought of another man being inside you that's the problem, or the pain you think it will cause?"


"Well, I can't really answer to the first as I'm a gay submissive, I love having another man inside of me, loving me, bringing me pleasure, but for the second, when on heat, there is no pain. The haze of the breeding cycle just washes away all inhibitions, all pain, all thought. I feel a slight sting, maybe a small burn and then nothing. It's after the heat when the pain of the heat becomes apparent and as you aren't going to be fucked continuously for ten days by four men all drastically different in length and girth I think it won't be as bad for you."

"We can help you prepare if you are wary about it." Max hedged cautiously.

Draco's head snapped up and Harry turned around to see the other three looking at them from the pillows. Harry grinned at the sight they made, but as his arms were wrapped around Draco he could feel the blond stiffen up.

"You don't have to answer that right away." Harry told Draco quickly. "Just think about it, we have a day or two before the heat starts, but know that no one is going to think anything of you if you say yes, not me and not them."

"It would be hypocritical of me if I did." Blaise put in. "Seeing as I am going to be bottoming to all three of you."

"Either Max or I are going to be bottoming to the other." Nasta stated factually. "There can only be one top dominant as there can only be one submissive in one family unit. All mates in between have to be flexible switches."

"Flexible switches?" Harry asked with a grin.

"Someone who 'switches' from the dominant to the submissive role and back again." Nasta explained to him with a loving look. "A switch is never fully dominant and never fully submissive, but both."

"That sounds like fun." Harry stated lecherously. "I want to be a switch."

Max laughed and gently pulled Harry to press a kiss to his forehead.

"You are too adorable, Harry."

"No I'm serious; I want to be a switch."

"Then who would be our submissive?" Nasta asked him. "Do you really want to add a woman to our family?"

"Another male submissive?"

"Harry you are the first male submissive in over a hundred years and you are the only one. Any other submissive would be female."

"Erg." Harry grimaced in distaste.

"That's what I thought."

"Would you let me try topping though?" Harry asked them all seriously.

"If you really wanted to try it and if it was only on the odd occasion, I would let you top me, Bello." Blaise told him. "Just for you to try. I honestly don't mind."

Harry grinned widely and snuggled up to Blaise, kissing him before peeking over a shoulder to see Draco undressing before climbing in behind Blaise.

Max stretched himself out again and slipped his arm back under Nasta and let his other arm wrap around all of them, Draco included. It spoke volumes on how far they had come when Draco did not moan, bitch, hiss, shout or even move away from Max's hand.

Harry had a feeling that Max was the most dominant of his mates, but he didn't say anything. Draco hadn't fought Max for dominance, Nasta hadn't fought Max for dominance and Nasta and Draco hadn't fought for dominance, but then neither Nasta nor Blaise had fought each other yet, but Harry didn't think it mattered as he rather thought that Blaise was submitting to the others on purpose and for a reason that had nothing to do with size or ability and had everything to do with sex and Blaise's enjoyment of being topped.

- X

When Harry woke up he was in a completely different position to when he had fallen asleep. He had somehow rolled over Nasta to lie on Max's chest and Blaise was now being held tightly to Draco's chest, the blond's large arms wrapped tightly around the smaller dominant's stomach. Nasta was lying on his back, one arm under Blaise and Draco's heads and his hand cupping Draco's pale shoulder and his other hand was holding tightly to Harry's thigh.

Harry smiled tiredly at his family and lowered a hand from Max's hair to cup his growing belly. He was two months pregnant and looked like he was four. Though he had decided that being pregnant suited him well. He liked the added weight and loved how when he was pregnant none of his bones were visible through his skin. He couldn't see his ribs or his collarbones and his hipbones weren't as prominent as they once were.

A sudden lurch in his gut reminded him that he had awoken early for a reason and his eyes widened at the familiar sensation of vomit climbing his throat which got him moving. He scrambled from the bed, probably kicking and elbowing every mate he had in the process and darted down the stairs, actually jumping the last two and he collapsed halfway to the toilet on the cool marble floor of the bathroom and puked what seemed like everything he had eaten in the past week.

It took what seemed like hours, but could only have been moments before he felt arms wrap around him, supporting him and soothing him.

He was moved to the toilet bowl and held upright so that he could make good use of it by heaving again. He heard a cleaning spell, obviously one of his mates getting rid of the sick on the bathroom floor, and the bathroom tap running.

Tears streamed down his face as another violent wave of vomit forced its way out of his mouth. He coughed and spat out the remnants, taking in deep lungfuls of air and leaning back against whoever it was behind him.

His tears were brushed away, his face was gently wiped with a warm washcloth and his face was peppered with little kisses from all of his mates, who were surrounding him, comforting him, helping him as his stomach clenched again and his mouth was filled with yellow bile.

He choked and spat the bitter tasting liquid into the toilet and sobbed as his throat and stomach burnt. His mouth was wiped gently again and Harry opened his eyes to see concerned silver looking at him. Harry tried a weak smile, but it lost all of its effect when he dived for the toilet again to let another trickle of bile out of his mouth.

He heaved in as much air as he could, before attempting to control his breathing by slowly breathing in through his nose and then out through his mouth. He slumped, exhausted, into Nasta's arms and snuggled himself in as tightly as possible.

Blaise had a blossoming red mark on his collarbone, obviously from where Harry had been scrambling to get out of the bed and had hit him with a flailing fist. Harry kissed it gently, even as his eyes were still streaming with tears. He sniffled and huffed in more air, trying to calm himself down.

"I won't insult you by asking how you feel, but I will ask if your stomach has settled down a bit." Max said, crouching down on his haunches beside him.

Harry didn't trust himself to speak so he just shook his head and leant forward to fold his arms on the toilet seat, his head hanging down into the bowl. His stomach clenched and he heaved again, a large hand rubbed him firmly on the back.

Harry once again collapsed bonelessly against Nasta and sobbed. If it was one thing that he absolutely hated about being pregnant it was the morning sickness.

Harry shivered as his body, soaked in a cold sweat, was stuck on the cold of the freezing marble bathroom. He became overly aware that he was curled up naked on the bathroom floor and the vomiting didn't help him any either.

Blaise came into the bathroom with a pile of clothes and Harry smiled weakly, but gratefully at him as he was slowly and carefully dressed in the clothes which had been warmed with a charm.

"Do you feel ready to move now?" Max asked him softly.

Harry nodded and was manoeuvred into Max's arms as Nasta stood up, unfolding his legs and rubbing out the pins and needles.

"Sorry." Harry forced out of his raw and abused throat.

Nasta bopped him gently on the head and smiled.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, I chose to sit on my own leg, you didn't make me."

Harry smiled tiredly as he was carried into the living room where Draco was making a bed on the settee; he was placed down in the nest bed and covered up with a warm, thick blanket. Harry opened his mouth to complain, but he thought better of it. He felt better being in the little made up bed and the blanket was warm and cosy. Instead he nuzzled his face into it and relaxed back, letting the warmth of heating charms lull him back into a light doze.

He heard his mates go and have showers, get dressed and Max pottering around in the kitchenette preparing breakfast. It must have only been about five in the morning, anyone else would have been shouting and complaining about being woken up so early, but his mates were making sure that he was comfortable and going about their routines as if it was seven in the morning instead.

He remembered what waking his relatives up with his nightmare induced screams had meant. He winced as he remembered the meaty fist coming towards his face to shut him up.

"Are you alright, Diletto?"

Harry opened his eyes sluggishly to see concerned indigo eyes watching him from the other settee. He nodded and closed his eyes again. He opened them again and looked back at Blaise.

"I want ginger biscuits." He said as carefully as he could through his throat.

Blaise nodded and made to stand up when a tin of ginger newts went flying through the air at Blaise. He caught them on reflex but only just before they connected with his nose. Blaise glared at Max who was whistling cheerfully, innocently in the kitchenette.

Harry let out a soft chuckle as Blaise snorted and pulled the lid off of the tin and handed it to Harry. Harry smiled in thanks and placed the tin on his lap and selected a ginger newt and bit into it. He chewed it twice as much as he normally would have so that it wouldn't irritate his throat as he swallowed and just as he had finished his first biscuit and was picking out a second, Max appeared and passed him a cup of a cloudy, pale red liquid. Raspberry leaf tea with real raspberry juice.

He sipped at it and felt his belly settle down a bit more. He nibbled another biscuit and kept breathing and as all of his mates sat down at the kitchenette table to eat the large meal that Max had made for then, leaving him on the settee to rest with his tea and biscuits. He already felt much better.

He lay against the arm of the settee and closed his eyes. The next he knew, a loud crash had him shooting upright with a startled shout and caused all of his mates to appear from wherever they had been within moments. He looked on the floor and saw the upturned tin and the broken, scattered biscuits that it had once held. He had fallen asleep and the tin had slipped to the floor.

"I liked those biscuits." He said with a small pout.

"I'll get you some more on the way home from work." Max told him, coming around the settee and started picking up the broken biscuits.

"How are you feeling?" Draco asked him.

"Better now. Those biscuits helped, I feel a bit wobbly though so maybe some blood a bit later on wouldn't be a bad idea."

All of them nodded as if he had said something more interesting than he had. He stretched and yawned before pushing the blanket from his body and sitting up. He pulled up the jumper that Blaise had dressed him in and rubbed his baby.

"Are you feeling sick again?" Blaise asked.

"No, just saying hello to my sweet baby." Harry stated as he looked down on his belly with such a soft look.

Nasta smiled and leant over the back of the settee to lay a hand on his protruding belly. He brushed his fingers against the skin and leant right over to press a kiss just above his belly button.

Harry giggled a bit as Nasta's hair tickled him, but he pulled Nasta's head to kiss his temple, before swinging himself up off the settee and stretched until his back popped and his knees buckled a bit. Four sets of hands went to catch him, but Harry had straightened up again before they touched him.

"Are you alright?"

"The next person to ask if I'm alright is having my foot in their mouth. I'm fine now, thank you."

Blaise chuckled and wrapped an arm around him, leading him out of the living room and back into the bedroom so that Harry could shower himself before lessons started.

It took Harry a bit longer than normal to shower himself and get ready for school with his knees still shaking and his entire body feeling tired and weak, but he managed it with just ten minutes to spare.

Max was fretting that Harry had only eaten two biscuits for breakfast and was refusing to leave for work, muttering about making Harry a good breakfast that Harry wasn't even sure that he'd be able to eat without it making a reappearance.

Nasta finally dragged the larger man away, muttering about Mother Hens and overprotectiveness. Harry let Draco and Blaise pull him in the opposite direction before class started. They had Transfiguration and they were going to be late.

They finally made it and incurred the wrathful glare of Professor McGonagall from the front of the class.

"You gentlemen are five minutes late, I trust you have a valid excuse?"

"I'm sorry, Professor, it's my fault." Harry told her, not even having to fake the waver in his voice. "Morning sickness hit me hard this morning, Draco and Blaise refused to leave me until I stopped being sick."

Professor McGonagall's stern look softened slightly as her severe blue gaze slid to his protruding belly, before quickly coming back to his face.

"Take your seats." She instructed them before turning back to her lesson.

Harry was helped into his chair by Blaise; unfortunately it was right behind Ron and Hermione's desk. Draco was forced to sit three rows behind them, on the opposite side of the classroom. He wasn't happy about it either.

Harry spent the lesson forcing himself to keep his eyes open as the exhaustion of being woken up so early caught up with him. It didn't help that wayward spells from the table in front of them kept darting past his head either. Blaise blocked them all easily, but that wasn't the point. Harry growled as another jet of magic sailed past his head.

"Stop it, Weasley!" Blaise hissed venomously.

"Or what?!" Ron burst out loudly, loudly enough to draw Professor McGonagall's attention.

"Mister Weasley! Ten points from Gryffindor for disrupting my lesson! Any more disruptions and you will serve a detention with me tonight!"

Harry grinned and squeezed Blaise's thigh under the table. He yawned and turned back to his toad that he was trying to turn into a clam shell. Blaise had turned his toad into a very pretty shell and back again, watched by Professor McGonagall before he transfigured the toad back into a shell and gifted it to Harry, who was wearing it like a brooch to pin his robes together.

Professor McGonagall saw this, but said nothing, her lips softening slightly into a rare smile as she tried to get Millicent Bulstrode to transfigure her toad into a shell without leaving the legs on it.

Harry finally managed to turn his toad into a shell, using the last of his energy to do so, he ignored that his shell was apparently covered in the toad's skin still, at least it wasn't breathing like Tracy Davis' or croaking like Seamus' shell.

The bell rang and after the homework assignment had been noted down, Harry stood to leave with Blaise and Draco.

"Mister Potter, may I see you for a moment."

Harry waved Blaise and Draco off, helped along by a very stern glare from Professor McGonagall, before he approached her desk and forced himself to remain standing.

"I cannot help but notice your level of exhaustion today, Potter, are you quite well?"

"Like I said, Professor, I had a rough morning. I love being pregnant, but I hate morning sickness. I was up very early with my lovers, but I didn't really eat anything so I'm running low on energy."

"I believe it would be beneficial for you to take a day off, Potter. I will write a note for you and if you would, please go and see Madam Pomfrey."

"But…" Harry knew it was futile by the glare he received. He sighed and he just couldn't stop thinking about how his four mates would react knowing that he was in the hospital wing.

He exhaled and nodded his head. He trudged out of the Transfiguration classroom, ignoring the miserable second years grouped outside the doorway waiting for Professor McGonagall to allow them into her classroom.

Harry walked past their curious little faces and made his way up to the first floor where the hospital wing was located. He walked in and immediately saw the bloodied face of one Ron Weasley. It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened and Harry sighed in exasperation, but at least Draco and Blaise hadn't beat the shit out of Ron in front of him.

"Harry, dear. Are you alright?"

"Professor McGonagall sent me up here to get a check-up." Harry answered softly, trying to keep his voice from carrying over to Ron.

"Alright dear, hop up on this bed whilst I finish up with Mister Weasley, then I'll get to you. I take it Minerva has given you your next lesson off."

"The whole day, Madam Pomfrey."

The Matron nodded and walked into her office to find another potion or salve or something for Ron's face, leaving Harry and Ron alone for the first time since they had broken off their friendship almost exactly a year ago.

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