The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


25. Chapter Twenty-Five – Overload

Harry lay back comfortably on the bed that he had been instructed to sit on, relaxing his shoulders back so that they weren't so tensed and he pretended as best as he could that Ron wasn't in the same room as him.

"Just defeating the Dark Lord wasn't enough for you then, was it?!" Ron demanded when he realised that Harry was ignoring him, pretending that the bed he was sitting on wasn't occupied. "You had to try and get more fame by shacking up with as many people as would have you!"

"Just the men." Harry answered stoically. "If I had 'shacked up' with the women who asked to have me as well there wouldn't be any left for anyone else."

Ron went a brilliant red. "Hermione and Ginny wouldn't touch you! You're just a slut, you're dirty!"

"Oh Ginny would touch me." Harry stated innocently enough, remembering the hug that she had given him just that morning. "Hermione just wishes she could touch me."

Sure he was being more than a little mean and a tad cruel, but he had had it right up to his neck of Ron being a complete jackass to him, surely people couldn't blame him for being a little mean after just being called a dirty slut by his once best friend.

"No she doesn't! Neither of them like you!"

Harry made a noncommittal noise in the back of his throat, angering Ron further.

"Just look at you! Pregnant at sixteen? No one gets pregnant at sixteen unless they're stupid sluts!"

"You have no argument to call anyone stupid. I heard Crabbe actually beat you on a History of Magic essay, how proud are you of that?"

Ron went from red to purple quicker than Harry could blink. He wondered where the hell Madam Pomfrey was and what was taking her so long.

"He obviously had help from that slimy, filthy ferret! He and that dirty immigrant are going to be thrown out of Hogwarts as soon as people find out what they did to me!"

"More like they'd be given a medal for what they did. It's just too bad they couldn't break your jaw too, to stop you from speaking."

"You're nothing but a traitor!" Ron hissed at him, so angry that he couldn't get enough air to shout. "Fucking two Slytherins and two men old enough to be your Father!"

Harry had no answer to that. His Father, if he had still been alive, would have been thirty-six as of March, Nasta had turned thirty-seven in February.

Ron took his silence as more ammunition and carried on, hurting Harry more than he would ever let the redhead know.

"I mean if you had wanted a Father figure there are better ways to get them than going around shagging men that are the same age!"

"That wasn't why I chose a relationship with them." Harry said quietly. "They are so much more mature than boys my age. I mean, hell Ron, look at you? Who would want you as a boyfriend? Lazy, stupid, mean, untalented, you can't even fly a broom! I don't know what a smart, pretty woman like Hermione sees in you, but you can be sure that as soon as we graduate and she gets an amazing job and starts meeting intellectual people of a like mind who she can actually hold a conversation with and respects her for her brilliant brain, she'll leave you too!"

Harry was panting harshly when he finished and a sharp pain in his gut had him clutching his side. He was so angry that he was almost vibrating with energy.

"You lost all of your friends because you are so nasty, even Seamus and Dean are at least giving Draco and Blaise a chance! You are going to lose Hermione as soon as she realises that she doesn't have to be stuck with you because you're the only one who will pay attention to her. It's you who is going to die the sad, lonely old man, not me! I have a family now, I have four loving men who are willing to do anything for me and I am having a baby! As soon as we graduate, we're officially bonded, we're getting married and we are going to have lots of children to come! I have a family now and you're going to be left with nothing if you carry on being petty, prejudiced and mean!"

Ron charged at him and Harry threw his arms around his belly as Ron's fist caught the bottom of his ribcage, knocking all of the air from his lungs, the second punch caught his fingers holding protectively over his bump, but the third hit his side very hard and a searing pain had him screaming. Ron stood back, blinking stupidly as if he hadn't realised what he was doing. He just stared as Harry rolled around on the bed.

Another sharp pain in his side had Harry gasping and curling his legs over his stomach as the pains became worse.

"Get Madam Pomfrey!" He bit out between clenched teeth. He hadn't actually expected Ron to do anything of the sort, but the redhead ran the full length of the hospital wing and charged into the Matron's office.

"Mister Weasley! I know you are in a bit of pain but really, charging in here is ridiculous, I have only been gone for ten minutes as I flooed Severus for a potion for Mister Potter, surely you can wait another couple of minutes!"

"Something's wrong with, Harry!" He screamed at her.

Poppy Pomfrey was taken aback for all of three seconds before she rushed out of her office to see Harry rolling around on the bed, clutching at his stomach.

"Oh heavens!" She gasped. "Weasley, go and get Professor Snape, he is in his office."

Ron ran from the room as Poppy began trying to stabilise Harry as best as she could with her limited knowledge of Drackens.

Severus flooed directly into the hospital wing via her office not five minutes later and had not brought Weasley with him, assumedly so the boy wouldn't overhear anything that he wasn't supposed to.

"What happened?" He demanded as he cut his own wrist and forced Harry to latch onto the wound.

Once Harry had tasted the sweet blood, he sunk his teeth and fangs into the skin to hold on as he suckled like a newborn kitten.

"I don't know, I left Misters Potter and Weasley alone whilst I flooed you for the Dracken health potion, I left them for ten minutes, the next I know Weasley comes bursting into my office and I came out to find Harry like this, what is going on, Severus?"

Severus didn't answer; he just stared at Harry with pain in his black eyes, watching as Harry writhed in agony even as he continued sucking at his blood, making small noises of pain against his arm.

"I believe this must be Mister Weasley's fault." He finally answered. "Dracken pregnancies are very brittle and delicate; the slightest knock could cause a miscarriage. It's why his mates are so protective of him and are very violent towards those who so much as brush up against their pregnant mate."

"Severus, are you saying that Mister Potter is having a miscarriage?!"

"I am hopeful that the blood will help. You need to get Albus, Poppy. He needs his mates."

Poppy rushed off and Harry looked up at Professor Snape with fearful, crushed emerald eyes. Severus looked away; he couldn't stand to see those eyes looking at him with that expression. The same expression that Regulus had worn when it had been confirmed that their unborn baby was no more, that Regulus had had a full miscarriage. He had never forgiven James Potter to this day for bumping into Regulus and starting the miscarriage, accident or not.

James Potter had died before he had gotten any real retribution on the man for causing the death of his one and only child, he had contemplated killing Potter's child to force him to feel the pain he had, but he couldn't bring himself to do anything to harm Lily. Sweet, beautiful Lily who had been rounded with child, so happy, bright and exuberant. He had had the perfect chance and he had watched it pass him by.

Then Potter had come to Hogwarts and he had another chance, no matter how small or petty, to avenge Regulus and the child that they had lost. He had tormented Harry, had unfairly punished him, had bullied and belittled him at every opportunity and then it had turned out that the boy was a Dracken.

Severus believe that it was fate. Mere chance had taken Regulus and their unborn daughter from them, fate had made Harry Potter a Dracken and once again a Dracken was going to lose a baby because of another's actions, because of their ignorance and cruelty.

Poppy came bustling back into the hospital wing, Albus a step behind her. The elderly man sat on the bed and wrapped an arm around Harry.

"What happened Harry, my Boy?" He asked sadly with a warm hint of anger.

Harry, who had stopped feeding so ferociously and had just been lapping at the oozing blood, pulled his blood stained mouth away.

"He hit me!" Harry cried. "He hit my bump. I tried to cover as much of it as I could but he found a gap."

"Who hit you, Harry?"


Albus nodded and stood back up, urging Harry to go back to sucking Severus' arm.

"I will inform Mister Zabini and Mister Malfoy at lunch after their lesson ends. Mister Maddison and Mister Delericey have already been informed that they are needed back here at the castle and should be here as soon as they are able."

"You have to keep them away from Ron, Sir. I don't like him, in fact I'm beginning to hate him, but I don't want him dead and I don't want my mates being in trouble for hurting or killing him either."

Albus nodded and walked out of the hospital wing, heading in the direction for the Grand staircase, ready to meet Ron and head him off.

Severus took his arm away from Harry and handed him a vial of light grey potion. Harry dipped his tongue into it and screwed up his face and shuddered at the vile taste. Severus gave a tight smile.

"Down it in one go is the best." He instructed and watched as Harry threw it all back and gagged. "That should give us a few more minutes, the sooner your mates are all here the better, you need a cocktail of sorts, of all their fluids."

Harry looked horrified.

"It sounds unpleasant and it is, at least taste wise, but your baby has no chance without it."

Harry started softly crying and he held onto his bump, which was jumping about under his hands. He couldn't lose his baby, not because of Ron.

Max arrived first and he came charging into the hospital wing, sweat beading on his forehead and his massive chest heaving. His eyes went to Harry and before Harry could even say hello, Max was on him, holding him, petting him, licking him and sniffing him. When he reached his stomach he remained there, sniffing and licking for longer. He let out a rage filled roar, sounding more like a wounded rhino before he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and pillowed his head very lightly on his belly.

The bell rang signalling lunch time; it wasn't even three minutes later when Blaise barged into the hospital wing, Draco following close behind him.

They took in Max wrapped around his belly, gently stroking it and the tears in both of their eyes. It didn't take a genius to figure it out and they both screamed and roared.

"What happened?" Blaise, the more lucid out of the two, asked.

"I'm having a miscarriage." Harry informed them. "Professor Snape and Madam Pomfrey are doing all they can to stop it and stabilise the baby again."

"Is this his fault?" Draco asked his eyes wild and his voice very distorted.

Harry had no idea that Draco might have been referring to anyone other than Ron, so he nodded his head yes.

"I'll kill him. That filthy, fucking mongrel knew that it would kill the baby! I told you that's why he did it!"

"What happened?" Nasta asked as he jogged onto the ward, looking as if he had been rolling around in a pig pen he was so covered in dirt.

Draco threw a punch at him before anyone could do or say anything and Nasta flew backwards into the door. He growled wildly as his black and gold wings burst violently from his back.

"What the fuck was that for?!" He demanded.

It was the first time that Harry had ever heard Nasta cuss, it was also the angriest that Harry had ever seen him, including that time he had crippled the tree after hearing what Dominic and his Grandfather had planned to do with Harry and his child.

"You know what you've done!" Draco yelled back and before Harry could tell them to knock it off, Nasta had moved quicker than their eyes could follow.

Draco went sailing through the air and crashed into the bed on the other side of the room. Nasta had leapt on him before Draco could find his feet again and Nasta started hitting and he didn't stop.

Max held tightly onto Harry and didn't let him go. He shushed him and soothed him and tried to turn his head away so that he couldn't watch, but he had to. For god's sake two of his mates were killing each other on the floor of the damned hospital wing!

"They're fighting for dominance." Max whispered to him. "Let them work it out."

"I didn't realise those fights were so violent." Harry quivered. "You and Blaise didn't have a mark between you."

"Blaise willingly submitted to me without us having to resort to violence, he did the same to Draco and the same to Nasta. Blaise really isn't a fighter, though he has proven that he will kill to protect you. Draco is a fighter, so we must actually fight to prove who is more dominant to whom."

"I don't like it."

"You don't have to like it, Harry love." Max told him softly, brushing his hair from his eyes, acting for all the world that two men weren't beating each other to pulps behind him.

It was near enough a one-sided fight as Nasta threw Draco across the room again and stood breathing heavily, panting with bloody fists. Draco got up and screamed in rage and humiliation as he flew back at Nasta, who caught him and slammed him into the ground, lying on Draco's legs, pinning his arms with his own and laying his teeth heavily over Draco's throat.

"He knows how to fight." Blaise commented as he edged around the two pinned men and sat down next to Harry, stroking his cheek.

Nasta stood from the ground and yanked Draco up with him. Draco's head remained bent, blood running from the teeth marks in his neck, he didn't look up and didn't acknowledge anyone.

"Want to share with the rest of us what the hell that was about?" Nasta demanded.

Draco growled and Nasta seized his wrist and pulled it up to his mouth, laying his teeth over the vein in his wrist and biting down, not enough to break the skin, but enough to warn Draco not to test him.

"You caused Harry to have a miscarriage!" Draco snarled.

Harry blinked as he heard that and as pandemonium broke out around him, mainly consisting of all his mates shouting at one another, he screamed long and loud. The silence was deafening as he stopped when he ran out of breath, he glared at all of them.

"It wasn't Nasta's fault!" He shouted over them. "Just stop it! STOP IT! I'm here, lying in a bed, about to lose our first baby and all you idiots can do is squabble with one another! Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, I'd like some comfort!"

Max immediately pulled him up and onto his lap, wrapping his absolutely huge arms around him, burying Harry's head in his soft shirt. Harry heard his mates cooing and crooning at him from outside Max's arms and he lost it. He broke down and he started sobbing, then full out crying. He couldn't lose his baby, he just couldn't.

Lucius Malfoy sipped on his cup of tea as he perused the morning paper. It was a load of drivel like usual, but he was still expected to comment on certain articles or understand what was being said if someone else mentioned an article.

His Wife was sitting beside him in the family dining room, eating a half an orange with a tea spoon whilst occasionally sipping her own white tea.

An owl they both recognised swooped into the dining room and landed regally on the back of Narcissa's chair, all Malfoy owls had been taught to never land on tables.

"I wonder if Draco has something more interesting to say than this waste of ink." Lucius stated folding the newspaper in half as Narcissa untied the, unusually lengthy, letter.

"It seems that our Draco has more to say than most months." Narcissa told her Husband as she cracked the wax seal and shook out the roll of parchment, which was a lot longer than usual. "I hope he is alright."

"If it was anything serious he would have floo called us from Severus' office, dear." Lucius reminded her.

Narcissa nodded her head and silently read the letter. Her eyes widened, her mouth parted, her eyebrows rose into her hairline and all the while Lucius sat patiently and watched her facial expressions and body language.

When she was finished, she folded the letter in half sharply and kept hold of it, looking at him with a strange, maniacal glint in her eyes that was more common from her dead sister, Bellatrix Lestrange.

"What did Draco have to say?" Lucius asked.

"I think we are going to need a bigger family dining table, dear." Was all she said, going back to her orange.

Lucius looked at the four seater, solid oak, square table and matching chairs critically. Narcissa loved this table; it was why he had bought it in the first place, why would they suddenly need a bigger table when it was just the two of them and Draco?

"May I ask why we need a bigger table, dear?"

"Our Draco has fallen in love. Hard by the sounds of it."

Lucius blinked before regaining his composure. "Draco has fallen in love?" He repeated his Wife's words. "That may explain his sudden desire to break the contract with the Greengrass' did Draco mention who he had fallen in love with per chance?"

"No. He didn't mention any names, but he wishes for us to meet them." Narcissa stated casually.

Lucius Malfoy narrowed his eyes at his Wife's games. "Them, Cissa?"

"Yes, them, Lucius. Draco has gone and fallen in love with three other men."

Lucius Malfoy choked on the air he had breathed in and he coughed sharply to get his breathing back under his control.

"Let me see his letter." He demanded when he could speak clearly, holding his hand out for it.

"One of the men is currently pregnant, possibly with Draco's child." Narcissa told him before handing over the letter and going back to her breakfast.

Lucius read his son's words with an ever growing level of shock. The way that Draco spoke about his…partners, Cissa was right; he had fallen in love and he had fallen hard.

Draco explained about one of his partners being pregnant and that there was a one in three chance that the baby could be his and he made it a clear point that he would not be abandoning his partners nor his possible child.

Draco wanted them to come to Hogwarts at their first possible convenience, preferably during a weekend so that their visit didn't disrupt his lessons. He was being so casual, so cavalier about being with three other men. It would have shocked him if Draco had announced he had been with one man, let alone three. He spoke of marriage and bonding after he graduated.

Draco had never shown any homosexual tendencies before, all the questions in the usual puberty talk he had had with Draco when his son had been thirteen had been asked about when a man loves a woman, what a man does with a woman, how a man loves a woman. Not even a passing curiosity about how a man loves another man.

He and Cissa had been preparing themselves for an eventual daughter-in-law after Draco had graduated; instead they had gotten three son-in-laws and a possible grandchild shoved onto them. Draco had only been in school for seven months, he had written the letter to dissolve the betrothal contract between the Greengrass' only three months ago. How could everything have changed in such a short amount of time?

Lucius rubbed a hand over his face in weariness and sighed, he took a sip of his tea and finished the letter, folding it over and placing it on the table in front of him. He was going to have to pay a little visit to Draco to meet his son's future spouses and his possible grandchild. He had to make sure that his son wasn't making the biggest mistake of his life.

"It seems you are right, dear. We do need a bigger table."

"So I just have to down it?" Harry asked his face scrunched up in absolute disgust.

"Surely it isn't that bad?" Max tried placating him weakly.

"If it isn't that bad then why don't you drink it?" Harry demanded, holding out the glass beaker to Max.

It was filled to the brim with a thick, oddly coloured goop. It was a reddish purple colour and it was the knowledge of what it contained that had Harry very hesitant to drink it. It contained all four of his mates' fluids. Spit, sweat, semen, tears and lots of blood. Snape had wanted them to give urine as well, but Harry adamantly refused to drink anything with anyone's piss in it, his own mates or not.

"I…well…I…it won't have any benefits for me to drink it, will it?" Max told him, carefully pushing the beaker back at him.

All four of them had had to wank themselves off into a plastic cup and it had been a struggle to get themselves erect with the knowledge that their baby could be dying as they sat around pleasuring themselves, so they were all being very careful with the glass beaker. It had actually been easier to get their tears than their semen; usually it was the other way around.

"Potter, just down it now or your baby will die!" Snape snapped at him.

Harry's face fell and his expression became crushed. It was the expression that he had been wearing for an hour now and it destroyed everyone who saw it. Harry took a huffing breath to gather his courage, if it would save his baby, he would have even drank his mates' piss. He'd do anything for his baby.

He took another great breath and put the beaker to his lips and before he could think too much about it, he started drinking it down in large, hard gulps. He didn't breathe in or out until he had swallowed the last drop of the thick concoction.

He took in a deep breath as he finished and he got a lingering taste on his tongue. It was not a pleasant taste and he gagged. His stomach clenched and he burped a bit and spat out what had come up from his stomach. He was thankful that it wasn't a lot, he couldn't drink that again. He just couldn't.

He lay against the pillows and waited for something to happen, anything, but nothing did and tears welled up in his eyes.

"It didn't work." He warbled.

Nasta lowered his face to his belly and sniffed and licked gently. He touched lightly, ghosting his fingers over Harry's skin.

"The baby is still there and the baby is still attached to you." He stated.

"It worked?" Harry asked brightening up and trying to sit up only to be held down by Blaise.

"Don't move just yet, Prezioso. It would be best if you kept as still as possible."

Harry nodded, laying his hands over his belly and rubbing gently.

"I can't lose my baby."

"We will do our utmost to keep our baby, love." Max told him seriously.

"Do not move, Potter. I mean it. I will tie you down if I have to." Snape stated sincerely, his dark eyes glinting.

"I'm not moving." Harry stated laying more fully on the pillows and Draco's thigh, who was sitting behind him.

Draco had several red marks on his inner thigh where Harry was 'punishing him' for attacking Nasta without asking for the full story first.

Harry pinched Draco's white skin again, watching it flush and turn red, the muscle underneath jumping at the slight pain.

He had told his mates what had actually happened and that Ron had hit his stomach and it had nothing to do with Nasta having sex with him.

His mates had gone tearing through the castle looking for the redhead, but they hadn't found him and Harry had screamed for them in distress as the pain in his stomach had hiked up beyond what he could handle. They had rushed back and apologised for turning feral and for leaving him and for not being able to find the person responsible for his condition. Harry had waved it away and sent them all to provide him with the fluids he needed.

"You're responding well to the fluids." Snape told him, waving his wand carefully over Harry's abdomen, keeping his gaze on his mates at all times so that he wouldn't be caught off guard if they suddenly attacked him for coming too close to Harry and the baby.

"How long before I can start moving again? I'm hungry."

"Give it another hour." Snape told him.

"I can go and hunt for you if you'd like." Max told him softly.

"I don't want meat and if I can't move I can't sit up. I'll end up choking."

"I have a potion brewing for you, Potter. It'll postpone your heat for a few days, you can only take it twice in a row, so you have a week."

"There's a catch isn't there?" Harry asked with a feeling of doom in his gut.

"You will still feel like you are on heat. You will still burn with the need for your mates, but I cannot guarantee your baby's survival if you have sexual intercourse, especially not with the roughness of the heat period, within the next few days. You should be going on your heat tomorrow, correct?"

"Yes." Harry answered in a small voice. It was bad enough that he felt like he was burning to death for ten days whilst on a heat period, but for him to feel like he was being roasted alive when he wasn't going to have sexual gratification caused a spike of fear inside of him. He could be feeling like he was stuck in a furnace for seventeen days. It was too long; hell ten days was too long!

"Can I just take it the once?" He asked. "Until the baby is assuredly safe and not in imminent danger."

"I am hopeful that yes you can." Snape answered. "I am brewing a double dosage just in case the baby has not stabilised at the end of the first dose."

Harry nodded and curled up carefully. He closed his eyes and let the voices of his mates lull him to sleep. He was exhausted after the overload of emotions and by everything that had happened. He just wanted to sleep and wake up to find all of this had been a terrible nightmare.

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