The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


28. Chapter Twenty-Eight – Revenge

It was Saturday and Harry was still recovering from his heat, which he had only woken up from yesterday. It was the seventh of May. He had fucked his way through Easter and the beginning of the new month.

Mrs Weasley had sent him an egg the size of Quaffle and all of his mates had given him an egg or chocolate of some kind. He shared it all with them in one big indulgence fest, except for his chocolate fudge bars, those were his. Though he was glad that he had been given more, he only had one bar left from his post Quidditch injury stash. It was amazing how quickly eighteen bars of chocolate had become one. Now he had five and he was content with them…for now.

Mrs Weasley had also given him the first of the baby things that she had knitted. Cute little booties and socks, knitted bibs and shawls, blankets and hats all in a soft, pure white had filled the lined box she had sent along with his Easter egg.

Hermione had also told him that she was knitting things for him as well. Between her and Mrs Weasley he was going to be able to open his own hand made baby clothing store.

Hermione seemed determined to make it up to him in any way possible, even giving him her homework to help catch himself up after his 'bout of illness' for the last twelve days. She was trying her hardest to get along with his mates, but Draco completely snubbed her, Blaise was only a little better, Nasta remained silent around her and Max only grunted now and then when she spoke to him. It was disheartening and it filled Harry with sadness. He had known it would take a while for them to forgive her treatment of him, but he hadn't thought that they would be so…so, he couldn't even think of a word to describe how they were acting, but it was rudeness mixed with hostility or, if not outright hostility, then definitely unfriendliness.

Harry was now three months pregnant and it showed. A lot. Max and Nasta had both gone off to work, though why they both had to work on a Saturday was beyond him. Max said that he had a very volatile batch of potion on stand-by that he needed to finish and Nasta had told him that a Dragon still needed care on a weekend as much as a weekday and that he had been called in to cover a friend's shift who had had to be taken to the hospital with burns all down his side.

Blaise and Draco were arguing with Hermione and had been for the past hour. Harry was sick of it. He got up and walked out of the portrait door without a backward glance. The three were so wrapped up in their little argument that they didn't notice him going.

Harry wandered to the hospital wing and got a check-up from Madam Pomfrey, who told him that his baby was thriving and was as healthy as could be, but he himself needed some more potassium, they had deduced that it had been his recent bout of morning sickness that had lowered his potassium levels, so with a banana in one hand, Harry set off around the school again.

He wandered aimlessly for a while before he decided to pay the Headmaster a visit. He hadn't had a talk with the elderly man in a while and if he needed anything at the moment he needed to talk.

He finished his banana just as he knocked on the door to the Headmaster's office (after eventually guessing correctly that the password was fudge flies.)

"Come in." A firm, yet gentle voice commanded.

Harry happily peeked around the door and smiled as Dumbledore pushed aside his work and stood, his arms flung wide as if greeting his favourite child.

"Harry! Come in, my boy, sit down, do you have time for a cup of tea?"

"Yes please." Harry answered happily as he took the seat right in front of the Headmaster's desk, plopping his banana skin into the waste basket by the side of the desk.

"Would you like your honey tea, or perhaps some chamomile? Madam Pomfrey is in quite a fret over your continued sickness."

"My honey tea, please, sir. I haven't had it in a while and I miss it. Plus I was only sick a little bit yesterday. I went to see Madam Pomfrey before I came and she said that the baby and I are fine, I just have a small dip in my potassium levels, which is why she gave me a banana to eat."

"Yes, I have been watching your progress from afar; your little one seems to be doing exponentially well, I must say." Dumbledore told him as he waved his wand to summon a china tea set and began flicking his wand to bring the water to a boil before he pottered around making the teas.

"I've gained weight as well. I'm not sure if it's entirely because of the baby either. The amount of food my men are feeding me." Harry shook his head. "I've put on nine pounds in a week. I knew I shouldn't have eaten anymore of that boar."

Dumbledore chuckled gently as he placed a steaming cup of delicate yellow coloured tea in front of him. Harry immediately wrapped his hands around it and soaked up the warmth. He blew on the outer rim of the china cup and took a small sip, relaxing more as the familiar flavour comforted him.

The both of them sat in comfortable silence, each sipping their tea and basking in their companionship. Harry sighed as he realised that he hadn't had any relaxation since before his heat. Not really. He had been on edge and tense all throughout the time when he thought that he was going to have a miscarriage, he was agitated and frightened as he approached his heat knowing that he would be experiencing a lot of pain, he had been in immense pain when his heat had hit him with it being delayed for three days and he had been fucked raw for the next six days of his heat. He had slept deeply for two days after his heat and immediately when he woke up the tension and a lingering soreness had flooded back into his body. Now that his mates were all acting so hostilely towards Hermione, they had little time to smile and laugh around him and it made him sad and withdrawn.

"Is there something you want to tell me, Harry?" Dumbledore asked softly, sipping on his own white tea.

Harry sighed again and put his cup down. "I made up with Hermione again. She never wanted me to get hurt and was sickened when I told her what Ron had done to the baby."

"Yes, I was quite delighted when Miss Granger came to her senses, but I can tell that this is not what's bothering you so deeply."

"My men don't like her. Nasta won't speak at all when she's in the room, which isn't really unusual, but he at least says something now and then! Even if it's an odd comment, now he's like a living statue or a mute! Max just mumbles, Blaise answers in short, clipped monosyllables and Draco is downright rude and mean. Hermione knows how she treated me was unfair and wrong and she is really sorry, I just want them all to get along."

"It will likely take some time for them to adjust to her, Harry. Mister Malfoy especially as he has such a…rocky past with her, I believe it was she who punched him in third year?"

Harry looked down to his lap. "Yeah, she did. He was being mean about Hagrid and Buckbeak so she hit him. We laughed about it back then, but it must have really humiliated him to be hit by the girl he liked teasing so much."

"Not to mention a knock to his ego and pride. It is likely he still holds some animosity or anger towards her from this incidence. Or it could be something as simple as habit. Perhaps Mister Malfoy is so used to teasing and baiting Miss Granger that he falls into the same habits as he used to."

"Maybe, I just don't like it. They were arguing when I left, they didn't even notice me leave they were all so busy ripping each other apart. I don't really blame Hermione for giving as good as she gets, but she's encouraging them to carry on and the more she gets wound up and reacts the more Draco and Blaise are going to do it."

Dumbledore nodded gravely and refilled their tea cups, floating the teapot over their cups with an eased and practised movement of the hand that spoke volumes of how often he had done it over the years.

"I wish they'd get along, I think if they looked past all the anger and animosity or whatever the hell they hold against each other then they'll get along. They are all smart, intelligent people who can hold a decent conversation and have intellectual debates with each other. I guess it was too much to hope for, I mean I knew it wasn't going to happen overnight, but I guess I hoped that all of them would have been a bit more adult than they are showing they are. They're acting like…like…"

"Teenagers, Harry. They are acting like teenagers and I think that sometimes you forget that that is exactly what you are. You are just sixteen years old, Harry, don't be too hard on yourself, or on them. You have always been a very mature person, my boy and with the proof of your impending parenthood I believe that you have decided to adopt a very adult view of things and therefore can't see why Misters Malfoy and Zabini and Miss Granger, who are near enough the same age as you, act the way they do."

Harry frowned as he played with his tea cup before raising it to his lips and taking a long sip.

"Maybe you're right, Professor. Maybe it is me that's the problem."

Dumbledore sighed heavily and patted one of Harry's hands gently.

"That isn't what I had meant, Harry. There is nothing wrong with being mature or being an adult in some situations, especially not with your baby on the way, but I believe you need to cut loose once in a while and remember that you are only sixteen. Misters Malfoy and Zabini and Miss Granger act the way they do because it is all they know, they have always acted the same towards one another, so they don't know how to act differently or, possibly, they don't want to act any differently. You are still only children and you still have a lot of life left to live and a lot left to learn. Don't be too hard on them all or yourself for that matter."

Harry smiled and helped himself to the tin of ginger newts.

"Thanks, sir, I think this talk has helped me realise a few things."

"And that, my dear boy, is why everyone should listen to an old man's wheezing waffle every now and then." Dumbledore told him with a wink.

Harry laughed and stayed grinning in his seat. He spied his favourite chess board and looked to Dumbledore with a challenge in his eyes.

"Do you have time for a game of chess, sir?" He asked innocently, knowing the old man would love nothing more.

"I believe I have enough time for a few games, Harry. More tea?"

Harry stayed with Dumbledore, talking, playing chess and drinking tea until two in the afternoon. They had had a plate of sandwiches and a pitcher of pumpkin juice brought to them by a very enthusiastic house elf for lunch and Harry finally felt that he had relaxed and unwound due to his stress free morning with the Headmaster.

Max had flooed into the office at just gone two and he had smiled happily at seeing Harry, who had lost spectacularly at chess fourteen times in a row and had laughed every time.

Harry had hugged Max tightly and given him a happy, welcoming kiss.

"I thought you didn't get off until four?" Harry asked with a wide smile at seeing Max earlier than he had hoped.

"I finished all the batches before I thought I would. I did the last two simultaneously so I could get home quicker." Max answered, picking Harry up to give him a proper, squeezy hug.

Harry held him back just as tightly and savoured the moment when Max was being affectionate and loving. As soon as they reached their rooms, he would close himself off again because of Hermione and Harry didn't like it.

"I will see you again soon, Harry." Dumbledore told him with a smile, waving his wand and banishing the chessboard and pieces back to the shelf from whence they came.

"Of course, sir. Thank you for putting up with me for the entire morning."

"It was no trouble at all, Harry; I enjoy your company very much."

"Well, time to face the fire." Harry sighed.

"What did you do?" Max asked with a frown.

"Left the rooms without telling anyone." Harry answered casually.

"You WHAT?!" Max bellowed.

"I left the rooms without telling anyone." Harry repeated his eyes glaring daggers at Max, daring him to try and punish him for it. "They didn't even notice me leaving, Max! I didn't sneak out or trick them, I just stood up, walked right to the door and I left! They didn't notice me bloody leaving!"

"Were they asleep?" Max asked weakly.

"No, Draco, Blaise and Hermione were too busy shouting and screaming at each other, I went for a check-up with Madam Pomfrey and then came here to unwind. I'm stressed, Max! All the fighting and screaming is making me tense, there is no way that can be good for the baby."

Max sighed and pulled him into a hug. He nodded his goodbye to Dumbledore and steered Harry out of the room, he picked him up before Harry had a chance to put a foot on the first stair and carried him down.

"I guess we all owe you an apology. She treated you like dirt, she ignored you and hurt you, chose her little boyfriend over you. You might have forgiven her easily, Harry, but we…we can't forget the pain we saw on your face, the hurt you went through because of her actions."

"So you're making her feel like dirt because of how she treated me?"

"Perhaps not dirt, but we want her to remember what she did to you, we wanted her to know that we are not as easily forgiving as you are."

"I think she gets it now. You've started hurting me in your quest to hurt her."

Max nuzzled the side of his face and carried him into their rooms to see destruction. Every chair had been flipped over, all of the fabrics had been torn, the glass coffee table looked like it had been thrown at the opposite wall and the door leading to the bedroom was splintered.

In the middle of the mess Blaise lay huddled up crying and Draco was nowhere to be seen. Max rushed to Blaise and fell to his knees beside him. Pulling him onto his lap and holding him.

"Are you alright?" Max asked.

"We lost him! We lost, Harry. We're terrible dominants!" Blaise cried.

"No you're not." Harry said softly.

Blaise shot up and took his head into his hands hard. For a split second Harry thought that maybe Blaise was going to snap his neck, but his mate reined back the pressure he was exerting and pulled him forward into a kiss instead.

"Where have you been? We have been searching for you for hours." Blaise told him.

"I went to get a check-up and then went to see Dumbledore. Max found me and then he brought me back here to find you have demolished our rooms."

"It's easily fixed, love." Max soothed him, pulling out his wand and giving it a complicated wave.

Everything flew together and mended itself. Glass flew back into the picture frames and reformed the coffee table, all the fabrics knitted back together, the door creaked back into solid wood again, fitting itself back on its hinges and within ten seconds everything was perfect again.

Max put him down on the settee and steered Blaise to sit next to him.

"Where is Draco?" Max asked.

"Searching the forest, we checked all over the castle and couldn't find Harry, so we thought he might have been outside."

"No one can be found in Dumbledore's office." Harry told Blaise. "Not even a Dracken. It's where Dumbledore hid Ron after he hit me so that you couldn't find him and kill him. Max, can you go and get Draco please?"

Max nodded and left to go hunt down the errant blond leaving Harry with Blaise.

"Why did you leave?" Blaise asked, rubbing the tears from his face.

"You were all shouting and screaming and yelling and I couldn't take it anymore. I was clenching my hands so tightly that my fingers were cramping. My stress levels are through the roof, Blaise. I need rest and relaxation and I'm not going to get it if the rooms that I am living in become a shouting ground for violence and snide comments."

Blaise sighed and ran a hand through his layered black hair. He tugged on it harshly before dropping his hand to his lap.

"Please tell me that you at least went somewhere protected. Did you spend the entire day with the Headmaster?"

"Near enough, yes. I went to get a check-up first, the baby's thriving by the way, then I went to Dumbledore's office and stayed there until Max came home. He brought me straight here, not that I think anyone would have attacked me with a six foot eight, muscle bound thirty-one year old man carrying me."

Blaise smiled and held him carefully and gently, he seemed to be holding back on something as his muscles twitched every now and then.

"Whatever you want to say or do, just do it." Harry told him with a sigh.

Blaise immediately leant down to the baby bump and began sniffing and licking at it. Harry smiled, he should have known, if he was out of their sight for just a moment they sniffed and licked him, but he had screamed at all of them the last time they had done it, but to be fair he had only gone to the bathroom, it wasn't likely that there was an enemy hiding in the toilet waiting to pounce on him as soon as he was free of his dominants.

Draco burst into the room and Harry thought that he was going to be punished from the look on Draco's face, but the blond dropped to his knees and held him tightly.

Draco's white blond hair was dishevelled and covered with twigs, he was covered in dirt and leaves and he had a few scratches on his face and arms. Harry felt like crying for putting them both through hell, but he held himself together, he instead started picking the twigs and leaves lovingly from Draco's hair. He stood by what he had done, he couldn't take the animosity anymore, that sort of atmosphere definitely wasn't good for the baby and he would not put up with his mates behaving in such a way anymore.

Harry giggled as Blaise tickled him. They were both on the floor, Harry on his back and Blaise leaning over him. It reminded Harry of when it was just the two of them in these private rooms, acting all lovey dovey, the overhanging need of a second dominant had been an imagined nightmare that they'd pushed aside as the two of them rolled around their floor acting like lovers.

Now Max was laughing at them from the kitchen and Draco was smirking and chuckling now and then as Harry let out rather sporadic and babyish sounding giggles as Blaise caught a particularly sensitive, ticklish spot and Harry thought that it was so much better now than it had been before, he had a family now, a proper, large family and it was only going to keep on growing with the introduction of their children.

Nasta walked through the door at ten to six in the evening, covered in mud and what Harry suspected was Dragon dung, a livid burn going all the way down his arm and a disgruntled look on his handsome face.

He stopped when he saw Harry and Blaise on the floor, Harry's cheeks a flushed red colour from his laughter, his eyes streaming with happy tears and the widest smile on his face. Blaise caught his sides again, just below his ribcage and Harry writhed around the carpet as he giggled uproariously.

Nasta chuckled and shook his head as he shut the portrait door to their rooms. He went straight through to the other end of the room and stopped as he reached Harry and Blaise.

"I'd hug and kiss you, but I'm afraid I'd get you filthy." He stated as he grinned down at them. "Hugs will have to wait until I've had a shower."

Harry grinned up at him before spotting the burn and all happiness washed away with worry and concern.

"Your arm?"

Nasta grimaced. "A rampaging Ironbelly bull decided that he was going to be unfriendly. The idiots got too close to his nesting female and as a senior handler, I had to step in to help them. It's the first time we've introduced Ironbellies to the Welsh reserve and we've only got him on loan for the breeding season. He'll be going back to the Ukraine in a few months, after his eggs have hatched."

"Are you going to be okay? Do you need a hospital?" Harry asked, rolling over and looking up at Nasta with a face crumpled in worry.

Nasta smiled softly and used his only, partially, clean hand to cup Harry's chin and cheek.

"I'll be fine, cariad. It will most likely be gone by tomorrow morning. We are Drackens; burns hold little worry for us. Our scales absorb the heat and convert it to energy."

"But…" Harry gestured to the burn desperately.

"I wasn't in Dracken form so my scales were under my skin; unfortunately my skin took a bit of a hit because of that, but like I said, Harry, the damage will be repaired before tomorrow morning."

"Go and have a shower, you smell." Max told Nasta shooing him from the living room slash kitchenette and away from his cooking.

Nasta chuckled and did as he was told, caressing Harry's cheek before going to have his shower.

"Do you think you can handle a full meal today, Harry?" Max asked him from the kitchenette counter where he was happily frying vegetables in a pan.

"Maybe. I'd say yes, but the last time I did I was sick over the floor."

"I'll give you a full plate then, but if you can't eat it don't force yourself. Remember what Poppy said, forcing yourself to eat is more detrimental to you and the baby than not eating at all."

Harry smiled and nodded his head. He shuffled on his knees to Draco and collapsed next to the blond and snuggled into him. Draco threw an arm around him, still absorbed in his latest book. Harry made himself comfortable before he spread his legs and let Blaise lie between them, his arms and head pillowed on Harry's chest, his body arched over the baby bump, so he was touching it, but put no weight upon it.

Nasta came out wearing his pyjama bottoms and nothing else. He was dry, but his black hair was still slightly damp. He collapsed on the settee that Draco was leaning against with Harry pillowed on him and Blaise pillowed on Harry and rolled onto his side so that he could watch them all.

Harry's hands were carding through Blaise's thick hair and the older boy had pushed Harry's shirt up slightly away from his hips and was tracing small patterns onto the skin of Harry's hip and lower abdomen with his fingertips. Draco had a book in one hand and his other was holding around Harry's neck, his fingers dipping under his shirt collar and rubbing lightly at the skin of his upper chest.

The noises from the kitchen made him smile as the five of them were the picture of family bliss. All they needed were a few children playing on the floor, perhaps in front of the fire, a toddler sleeping on a cushion somewhere and Harry rounded with another child. But then Harry already was rounded with child.

Nasta looked at Harry's belly which was stretching his baggy tee shirt. Harry would need bigger clothes soon and he made a mental note to ask his mate if he would like to spend the Hogsmeade weekend coming up the week after next getting some maternity clothes for wizards.

"Alright you lot, foods up." Max called, serving the plates onto the kitchenette table.

Blaise got up first and hoisted Harry from the floor; Nasta rolled to his feet and caught Draco by the elbow when the blond's knee gave in on him because he had been sat on it for so long.

"Thanks." The blond grunted, shaking the blood back into his leg before making his way to the table and sitting down next to Harry, who was sitting opposite Max. Blaise sat next to Max, opposite Draco and Nasta climbed onto the chair that had been moved to the end of the table so he wouldn't be the only one eating up the other end of the table.

They all ate their food, but subtly kept an eye on Harry to see if he was struggling with his food. He wasn't and seemed to be demolishing the plate of food in front of him. Nasta hid a smile behind his fork. It seemed the worst of Harry's nausea had passed and it was a good thing too, Harry was too skinny as it was without throwing up everything that he was eating as well.

"God I'm full." Harry whined a while later as he held his bulging stomach, his dessert bowl empty in front of him.

Max smiled happily. He loved that people liked his cooking. He loved cooking and he loved food, but most of all, he loved seeing those he loved so dearly love his cooking.

"Ergh." Harry groaned as he tried to move.

Nasta chuckled and scooped him up and carried him to one of the settees. He sat him down gently and kissed him before flumping down next to him.

Harry wrapped his arms around Nasta's injured left arm and kissed it lightly, laving the burn with the tip of his tongue.

Nasta laughed deeply and moved his arm away from Harry and threw it around his shoulders instead, pulling Harry to lean on him. Harry started licking at his nipple instead, which Nasta didn't think was an improvement.

"You're sinful." Draco told Harry as he walked past to pick up his book, before settling himself next to Nasta, which Harry felt a small amount of smugness over. Draco was getting more comfortable with the older two.

"Harry, do you know what happens on the fourteenth of May?" Max asked as he finished washing up with Blaise and came to sit on the other settee.

"Umm…no?" Harry stated confusedly as Blaise and Nasta both gasped. Draco looked as puzzled as Harry felt; it was nice to know that he wasn't the only one ill informed.

"The second Saturday of May is the day when all Drackens in Britain meet up and sort of mingle with each other. As there are so few of us it gives us a chance to meet up." Blaise explained. "My Mother takes me every year. You will get to see Dracken children for the first time."

"Don't they look just like other children?" Harry asked.

"Yes, but they aren't regular children. Decades ago the meeting was used as a chance for parents of Dracken children to set up betrothals between their children."

"Of course Dracken betrothals have since been abolished." Nasta stated.

"Do I have to go?" Harry asked in a small voice, looking to his pregnant belly.

"You don't have to go, but my parents will be there." Max told him. "It would be nice to introduce you. My Mother and my Fathers will love you."

"Fathers?" Blaise questioned.

"Yep. I have two, my Mother needed two dominants."

"Why do you only have one brother and three sisters if your parents are Drackens?" Harry asked.

Max looked suddenly very sad and terribly angry and Harry huddled in closer to Nasta. Max immediately looked apologetic.

"Don't be afraid of me, Harry; it isn't you I'm angry at. I…nineteen years ago my Mother…she got…she was captured, by Dracken poachers. She was pregnant, very heavily pregnant and they ripped the baby from her. A family friend who is no longer living exchanged her and the baby for a lot of gold. The baby died almost immediately, but what they would have done to my little brother it was almost a blessing that he died quickly. They took their anger out on my Mother who refused to unsheathe her wings so they could scale her. My Fathers only just got to her in time. She was nearly dead and it took her months to recover and even longer to get over the mental and emotional pain she felt. She never went onto a heat period again and she never fell pregnant again. The Healers said she was traumatised and put her through therapy. It didn't work. Turned out that her womb had been heavily scarred when the poachers had pulled the baby from her. She was devastated at the time, but she's better now, much better, she's waiting anxiously for grandchildren." Max smiled softly and looked pointedly to Harry's growing belly. "Of course my brother, Caesar, and his mate, Amelle, got there first, so she's very busy fawning over them both and their daughter when they have her, but naturally you'll be included in that too."

"Am I going to be mobbed?" Harry asked when he could speak through the lump in his throat, trying to ease the sadness and tension in the room.

"More than likely. Just be warned I get my height and body build from my biological Father, Myron, he's about six foot ten and wider across than both me and Draco together."

Harry looked at Max and at Draco and tried to imagine a man that was the same width as the both of them and two inches taller than Max. He gulped, he was glad he didn't have that man for a mate, he'd be flattened.

"I'll go." Harry said softly. He wanted to meet such a brave woman who had carried on living after such a terrible experience. He had felt like dying when he had found out he was having a miscarriage, but to have his baby ripped from his womb as he was strapped down and unable to stop it. He felt sick.

"My Dad will be there with my brother." Nasta stated. "They only stay for an hour or so though. My Dad never liked parading us around like trophies; he would have rathered lock us away from the rest of the world."

"My Mother will be there. She loves the parties and the mingling." Blaise said. "Her newest human lover might not be there, Josiah is…strange when it comes to socialising."

"As my parents aren't Drackens and have no idea that I'm one yet, they won't be there." Draco said.

"I thought you told them?" Harry demanded.

"No, I told them that I was in a relationship with three men and possibly had a baby on the way. Telling your parents that you are a now a magical creature is not something you put in a letter, Harry. Imagine if it went astray? No, I'll tell them in person. My Father will likely come at his next convenience; I know he is busy at the moment with the new bill that he is trying to oppose, it's currently trying to be passed through the Wizengamot. It isn't likely to be this weekend or even next. He will send an owl to forewarn me of when he and Mother are visiting."

Harry nodded. He felt nerves grip his stomach. He was going to be meeting three of his mates' families next week all at the same time. He hoped he didn't make a fool of himself and that he proved to them that he was worth their sons. He wouldn't like to think of what would happen if he didn't make the mark in their eyes.

It was Friday the thirteenth. Harry had rolled his eyes so many times today at the Muggleborns and their superstitions. One first year had burst out crying when a fifth year's all black pet kneazle had stalked her through the school or the third year who had jumped all over a poor Pureblood first year when he knocked over the salt shaker at lunch.

He was dreading tomorrow. They had gotten special permission from Dumbledore to leave the school grounds to go to the party, which started at five in the evening and lasted until midnight. Harry doubted he could last until midnight, not with how early he had been going to bed lately, but he had promised himself that he was at least going to meet all of his mates' families, no matter how nervous or frightened he might be.

The others were trying their hardest to calm him down and comfort him, but Harry believed that the only way he wasn't going to be frightened anymore was when he actually came face to face with these people. When he was put on the spot he could perform exceptionally well, but let him have a big build up to worry and fret over and he freaked out like a little kid.

Harry kissed Draco goodbye and walked down to the Herbology greenhouses, his last lesson of the day. Draco had Arithmancy and Blaise had Charms. It was one of the only lessons that they didn't have together, but now that Harry was speaking to Hermione again, he sat next her in class instead of being on his own.

Hermione was refusing to speak to Ron because of what he had done to Harry in the hospital wing and Dean and Seamus told him that she had chewed Ron out publically in the Gryffindor common room for daring to hit a pregnant person, man or woman. It was then that it had become common knowledge that Ronald Weasley of Gryffindor had hit a pregnant man. He was targeted for stray spells in the corridors, the butt of jokes and the tester for pranks. He was tripped up, pushed down, his book bag split about several times a day and he found himself with bruises where people punched him in the crush to and from lessons. He had only ended up in the hospital wing twice and both times were the fault of Draco and Blaise. Though there was no evidence and no proof except that they laughed it up in their private rooms with Max. Nasta just scowled at them disapprovingly and called them all childish.

Harry smiled and sat beside Hermione, ignoring the glare he got from Ron, who unfortunately was opposite them. Luckily though the table was big enough that he wasn't anywhere near arms reach and he was out of ear shot if they talked quietly enough.

"How are you, Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Alright. The baby kept me awake half the night by lying heavily on my bladder, I kept having to get up to use the toilet, but other than that, I'm fine. How are you?"

"A bit tired. Nothing like the reason you're tired though. I was up late studying."

"Hermione, it's May!" Harry complained.

"The exams are less than a month away!" Hermione replied scandalised.

"Two months! Exams are at the end of June, not the beginning."

"No, first through to fourth years are at the end of June, fifth years are the two weeks before them and sixth and seventh years start their exams the last week of May and carry on through the first week into June, Harry!"

Harry blinked. He hadn't known that though perhaps he should have guessed from how engrossed both Blaise and Draco were in their studies. Draco read a book a day and Blaise had even stopped his work on translating the book that Harry had given to him for Christmas. Harry had thought that perhaps Blaise had hit a dead end or a brick wall, but it made sense if he had stopped to focus entirely on the exams.

"Oh." He said softly.

"You haven't been revising have you?" Hermione asked.

"No. I doubt I'd have the time anyway. Between homework, my illness and the baby, I haven't had much time for anything else and most of my free time is spent napping or eating."

"Oh, Harry. I'll come to your rooms tomorrow and help you."

"That might not be a good idea, Hermione."

"I know your boyfriends don't like me much but…"

"No, it isn't because of that. I told them to get over themselves and to accept you, it's that Max and Nasta have the day off tomorrow, we were going to go baby shopping."

"I thought you agreed that you didn't need any clothes?"

"Clothes no, but the baby will need a cot, a changing table, a bath, a pram, I need maternity clothes as well as mine are getting a bit too tight and all sorts of stuff, but I think Nasta mentioned getting the maternity clothes on our next Hogsmeade weekend."

"Oh. I didn't think of that."

"It's alright. You're stressed from the exams, you always are." Harry teased as he nudged her.

"Do you need any help?"

"Nah, the men have it covered. We're meeting up with their families as well. I get to meet the in-laws." Harry mock shuddered as Hermione hid a giggle behind her pruning shears.

"I'm sure they are perfectly nice, Harry."

"Yeah, nice. Max is the oldest of a brother and three sisters and Nasta has an older brother. He's the baby of the family."

"Isn't Nasta the oldest of your boyfriends?"

"Yeah, he's thirty-seven. His brother is thirty-nine and his Dad is fifty-nine, nearly sixty."

Hermione giggled and snipped away another leaf from a flowering fanged freesia that Harry immediately froze with his wand and placed in a vial and then sealed with another tap from his wand. The leaves were used in potions so they had to be careful to snip far enough down the stem to make a good potions ingredient, but not too far down to 'injure' the plant. Or rather Hermione did as Harry had cut too far down on his first try and the plant had started screaming in agony and tried to sink it's fangs into his hand, now Harry was in charge of freezing the potions specimen and sealing it up.

"Surely they won't be too bad? I'm sure they'll love you, everyone loves you."

Harry snorted. "I'll be sure to tell Voldemort that when I see him next."

They both snorted into their flowerpots and started laughing as quietly as they could so they didn't attract the attention of Professor Sprout.

The lesson ended and Harry walked out of the greenhouse with Hermione, Lavender and Parvati. He was holding under his bump as his back was starting to ache from the hour long lesson standing up.

"God I hate Herbology." Harry groaned.


Harry looked ahead with an apologetic smile at Neville, who was turning around to face him with another wizarding plant tucked under his arm in a pot; Dean and Seamus were with him.

"Sorry, Neville. It isn't the actual lessons that I hate, but the standing up for an hour. It kills my back. Potions would be the same if I was allowed in on those lessons."

Harry grinned as he remembered his latest potions class which he had spent in Professor Snape's office sleeping on the very comfortable brown leather settee.

"How did your seven thousand word essay on the Insomnia potion go?" Dean asked with a large grin.

Harry pretended to sigh and kick up a fuss about how 'unfair it was' that he had to 'write all those essays' just because he was pregnant.

"It does seem a bit unfair, but at least you're learning something, even if you can't do the practical side of things by actually brewing the potions." Hermione told him.

"It's totally unfair!" Seamus defended Harry. "You should go to Dumbledore mate."

"Nah. I have Draco do the essays for me so he can use them as practice for the exams."

They all burst out laughing, except for Hermione who frowned.

"Harry, you should be doing those essays, how are you supposed to get a good mark in your Potions exam otherwise?"

"I'm already going to fail, Hermione. I can't do the practical exam. I asked Professor Snape not to put me in for the oral or theory exams either."

"Why?!" Hermione asked scandalised.

"Because without the practical exam I have no way of getting above a 'P', Hermione, the practical counts for fifty percent of the marks and I can't sit it. I've already put my name down to do my potions exam at the Ministry after the baby is born."

"You…you have?"

"Yep. As if Draco would ever let me not get a N.E.W.T mark in Potions."

"He's just a slimy Slytherin git!"

Harry turned to see Ron glaring at him from just behind him. Harry sighed. He didn't want to deal with this.

"What's the matter? Come to hit Harry and his baby again?" Lavender snarled aggressively, as she placed a hand over Harry's belly.

Ron looked ashamed for all of three seconds before his face heated up.

"That's a Death Eater baby!"

"How dare you!" Harry hissed. "All guilty Death Eaters were rounded up and put to trial, the remainder of those scum are on the run and in hiding! They can't even show their faces or they'll be arrested!"

"The Malfoys are…!"

"They were acquitted by the courts of all crimes!" Harry snarled fiercely. "There was overwhelming evidence that proved that Voldemort was holding the lives of Draco and Narcissa Malfoy over Lucius Malfoy's head. Under the Wizardry Conduct Code of fifteen-forty, section four Lucius Malfoy was within his rights to attack, curse or kill anyone he saw fit to protect the life of his only named son and Heir as the Head of the only remaining bloodline of the Malfoy family."

"They were still Death Eaters!"

"And so was Snape but he was also acquitted of all crimes, both in the first war and in the second! The world isn't black and white, Ron. There were genuine people who were cursed, coerced, blackmailed and forced to do Voldemort's bidding. The sooner you realise that the better!"

"That baby is doomed before it's even born." Ron hissed nastily. "It has two Death Eaters for Fathers and Merlin knows what those other two old men are like! They're perverts! Paedophiles! You are after all only sixteen and they're how old? Forty?"

"Stop it, Ron!" Hermione screamed with tears in her eyes, but Harry saw red.

He couldn't control himself after hearing Ron call Draco and Blaise Death Eaters and Nasta and Max paedophiles and he couldn't stop himself as his instincts demanded that he defend his dominants' honour. He forgot all about magic and his wand and instead he launched himself at Ron and punched him several times before the redhead knew what had hit him.

Ron fell to the floor and Harry rode his body all the way down still hitting as much of him as possible, trying to cause Ron as much pain as he was feeling on the inside from his words. He ignored the shouts and screams; he just kept hitting that nasty, lie spewing mouth with his clenched fist, ignoring the blood and blocking any attempt Ron took to hit him back.

Someone shouted above all the rest of the crowd that had gathered, but they were further away. That same person swore when he didn't stop, Harry heard pounding footsteps that covered the distance to where he had Ron pinned on the floor over the wet grass and then the same person shouted a spell that hit him in the back and he fell forward, into blackness.

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