The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


20. Chapter Twenty – Overprotective Prats.

Harry growled as he was carried up the stairs by Blaise, who had snatched him from Draco's lap and had refused to put him down on his own two feet.

"You know, I'm no expert on pregnancy, but isn't the baby in my stomach and not my feet? What can walking possibly do to the baby?" He demanded.

"What if you fell over, mio amore?"

"Really? Tell me when was the last time that I've fallen over walking? Oh wait, it's never happened!"

"Pregnancy will skew your sense of balance." Draco told him, walking a little in front to 'make sure no boisterous first year knocked into him'.

"Forgive me, but doesn't pregnancy only affect the sense of balance in the last trimester? I'm eleven days pregnant! Not even two fucking weeks!"

Blaise suddenly stopped and Harry turned to look in front only to have his vision blocked by a very well defined chest. Looking up he smiled as he came face to face with a dripping wet, half naked Maximilius.

"My, is this treat all for me?" Harry asked salaciously, exaggeratedly roving his eyes over Max's exposed body.

"I heard you shouting in distress from the rooms, are you alright?" Max asked him, concern and worry glinting in his blue, blue eyes.

"Yes, only I wish to actually walk for myself and I'm being denied!" Harry growled testily.

Max carefully picked him out of Blaise's arms and held him to his own chest, the front of Harry's robes getting damp from the water still clinging to Max's chest.

Harry blushed an incredible shade of red when Max started sniffing all over his body.

"What are you doing?!"

"Blaise and Draco are being protective of you, it is logical to assume that you have been injured in some way."

"We should take this into our rooms before someone sees us and we let our biggest secret out of the bag." Draco told them.

Max carried him easily and it made Harry frown. He had been gaining a lot of weight due to his new diet, but it couldn't be seen at all in how his mates carried him like a rag doll. He knew Drackens didn't gain super human strength, they kept their own strength but it was amplified tenfold in their Dracken forms and a sudden burst of adrenaline could give them the appearance of super human strength, but Harry was a very nice, rounded weight of seven stone ten pounds. It wasn't the average for his age, but he wasn't starving or wasting away either.

Max sat on their settee and he held Harry in his nearly naked lap, still sniffing around his shoulders, moving steadily lower. Harry wondered if he'd be able to smell the pregnancy. Would he be able to smell the baby growing inside of him?

Max made it to Harry's side before a new scent had him pausing and sniffing about for injuries. What he was doing would look vaguely stupid, or sexual, to outsiders, yet he had always been a man who cared very little for other's thoughts or gossip mongering.

The new scent didn't smell sharp like an injury would; it was sweet and a little bit cloying when it reached the back of his throat. Was this an illness? Was Harry sick? He had smelt injuries before, on himself and on others, but never sickness.

He travelled in a line across Harry's belly to the other side, following the sickly sweet smell. It smelt a little too sweet, like rotting rubbish, or death. Max swallowed heavily. Was Harry dying?

He moved down lower, to Harry's abdomen and the smell was stronger here. So strong that it left a faint taste on his tongue. He sniffed deeply and his eyes widened as he realised what it was that he was actually smelling. A baby. Harry was pregnant with a youngling.

His arms closed automatically around Harry's tiny body, holding him carefully, gently yet solidly to protect him from the outside world. Draco and Blaise's actions became more understood, they had been protecting their little mate from losing the baby. The very thought of losing one of his children made him feel like vomiting as a growl tore its way out of his throat.

"Don't you start too!" Harry snapped, bopping him on the head with the ends of his fingers.

"You're pregnant." Max stated obviously, but he wanted verbal confirmation of what he had just discovered through scent alone.

"Eleven days pregnant, not even two weeks! The baby isn't even the size of a haricot bean yet! So let me go!"

Max let him go and he let Harry slide happily from his lap to sit beside him. He then stopped both Draco and Blaise from rushing to take his place in holding and protecting him.

"Harry is right. We need to curb our desires to coddle him, we will only end up smothering him, or possibly dead if he gets frustrated enough to lash out. It is very common for submissives to kill one or more of their dominants during pregnancy. We must be careful, though this does not mean that we won't still punish unacceptable behaviour, Harry." Max warned him, giving Harry a sharp look.

"I wasn't expecting anything less." Harry intoned innocently.

Max gave him a look and Harry laughed happily. He stood up and stretched, a smile coming to his face as one of Max's large hands cupped his flat belly.

"There's nothing there to feel yet!" Harry complained, but there was no heat to his words.

"It doesn't matter if the child isn't physically seen yet, it's just the knowledge that our first baby together is here, growing under my hand."

"Who says it's your baby?" Draco cut in arrogantly.

Max looked at him with a single raised, chestnut eyebrow. "This child is from our submissive, from our shared love. It doesn't matter who fathered the baby, I speak for myself and the majority of all dominant Drackens when I say that I will love this baby as my own, regardless of who actually fathered it."

Harry hugged Max gratefully, so happy to know that his children wouldn't be ignored or shunned by his mates just because they were from another man. He didn't want any of his children to have even a fraction of the pain and loneliness that he had felt from his own childhood.

Draco growled and Harry looked at him with a cocked head. Draco was glaring at Max and Harry sighed. He had hoped that Draco would be gracious enough to accept any mate that he chose, despite their age. True he hadn't really chosen Max like he had his first two mates, but it didn't matter, Max was now a mate and Harry loved him.

Harry broke away from Max and gave him a loving kiss to those gorgeous lips before walking up to Draco and dragging him into their bedroom. He stood under the platform that held their now absolutely massive bed and hopped up on the low chest of drawers there. Draco's hands automatically jumped to support him or catch him if he somehow fell. It made him growl lowly and bat those hands away from him.

"What's wrong, Draco?" He asked, pulling Draco into a hug with his legs.

"I don't know." Draco replied looking apologetic. It didn't suit that aristocratic face. "I'm a naturally jealous and selfish person. I've had everything I've ever wanted handed to me on a silver platter. I really have grown up with a silver spoon in my mouth, Harry. My parents, they tried for years to have a baby, they had lost hope of ever having one when only a couple of months later my Mother was diagnosed as pregnant by the family Healer."

"They spoilt you." Harry put in; nodding at the sort of logic that he could see there. The elder Malfoy's had thought that they would never have a child; it was only natural that the only child they did manage to have was given everything that he had asked for and then some. He could understand that.

"Spoilt doesn't even cover it, Harry, not really. I would have been spoilt if my parents had conceived me on their wedding night. It took them five years and help from all sorts of fertility and conception potions to get me. Even I can see that they ruined me, but they didn't care, Harry. My Mother was perhaps the worst, but Father wasn't too far behind. They love me dearly."

"So why are you so worried that they'll disown you, Draco?" Harry asked gently. "They love you so much; they had to try for five years just to get you, why would they disown you for this?"

"Because I'm not human anymore!" Draco told him desperately. "I'm not human, I'm not a Pureblood. I'm a half-breed now and I've grown up listening to their comments about Muggleborns and squibs and half-breeds, the contempt in their voices, the things they said…"

"But they love you, Draco." Harry told him. "You might not be human anymore, but you aren't a half-breed. Half-breeds are classed as a baby born of a witch or wizard who has had sex with a magical creature. Neither of your parents slept with a magical creature to conceive you. Dracken blood is in the family lines. It seems to me that it's a hereditary inheritance. The Dracken blood 'chooses' who it wants to be manifested in. It chose you, Draco; out of the entire Black family it chose you and me. How many Purebloods in this school have a link to the Black family? How many have Black blood in their veins and haven't been chosen to be Drackens. Your parents should be proud."

Draco looked shifty and more than a bit guilty.

"You still haven't told them." Harry stated quietly, feeling a bit hurt that his mate was ashamed of him.

"It isn't you, Harry." Draco assured, picking his chin up and kissing him lovingly. "I love you and I could never be ashamed of you, but it would be too hard to tell them that I'm in a permanent relationship with Harry Potter without explaining everything else. That I'm sharing my Husband-to-be with two other men is also going to rake up their curiosity, like I've said I'm a jealous person, they won't understand."

Harry nodded and smiled. He put his arms around Draco and held him close.

"You need to tell them some when, Draco. We have a baby on the way. A baby that could very possibly be yours. How upset will they be if a Malfoy Heir was born and they hadn't even known that you were seeing someone?"

"Mother would be devastated. A new child into a family is a gloating step for the old lines. It means that our family would be secured for another generation, that our family has grown in both prestige and power. She would love to rub the other ladies' faces in her new grandchild."

"Come on, love." Harry coaxed. "Let's get back to Blaise and Max. I understand where you are coming from, but you can't deprive your Mother of her chance to gloat over her grandchild and please, please try to get on with the others, for me?"

Draco sighed and picked him up from the chest of drawers, carrying him back into the living room despite Harry batting at him and demanding to be put down.

Harry's voice stopped short when he saw Max and Blaise cuddling on the settee, Max's mouth over Blaise's throat.

"Did I miss something?" Harry asked a little worriedly, looking from the cuddling couple to Draco, who didn't look surprised.

Max moved his mouth to show the purple-red mark he had made on Blaise's neck.

"Dominant Drackens need to establish a ranking order, Harry." He explained calmly. "We fight to find out who is the most dominant within the family group as the most dominant of us will have added duties to the mateship and will make any and all hard decisions if it's needed."

"You are dominant to Blaise." Harry stated, bobbing his head a bit to show his understanding of what was being said. "How do you know about this when I don't?" Harry asked Draco.

"About a month ago, after the first time I had sex with you, I had the obsessively strong urge to mount Blaise and show him that his place is below me. I tried to ignore it, but when he started attacking me, I let out my instincts and fought back. My teeth automatically went to his throat and I bit down enough to bruise him. We went back to normal after that." Draco shrugged. "Blaise explained what had happened afterwards and that was that."

"So, you and Max are more dominant that Blaise, what does that mean for Blaise?"

"Nothing, Prezioso. It is just the order of your dominants; the most dominant of your mates will make most of the decisions needed for the mateship and he will keep all the other dominants in line if it's needed. He will also always take you first during the heat period. It is mainly used to stop dominants from killing each other during the heat period to get to you."

"Oh. I didn't think about that." Harry admitted.

"You didn't need to before now." Max told him. "You only ever had Blaise and then just Blaise and Draco, and as your previous mate it was always going to be Blaise that took you first. By the time I had gotten to you from my rooms in the grounds, both Blaise and Draco had already taken you, so it didn't really matter."

"So if you're both more dominant that Blaise, who is the more dominant out of you two?" Harry asked, looking between Max and Draco.

"We haven't had the urge to prove who is more dominant yet, so we haven't yet fought for the order position, but it will be some when before your next heat."

"Can I watch?" Harry asked with a naughty grin. "You and Blaise together looks sexy and hot."

Max and Blaise looked at each other and then kissed and Harry swallowed, his cock giving a small twitch.

"I didn't think that my dominants could be together as well." He stated through a dry mouth when they broke apart after a lengthy snog.

"Oh we can be together, Harry." Max told him with a wink. "We are, after all, still hot blooded males."

"It's also another reason for the order." Blaise told him a bit breathless, but otherwise still his composed self. "The most dominant mate is dominant to the other mates. If Max and I were to have sex, he would automatically top me, it stops squabbling during the heat."

"You will have sex during the heat? When I am literally too blind to see you?" Harry demanded.

"Only one, maybe two people can take you at one time, Harry." Max explained. "There are three of us, soon to be four. The heat affects us too, we feel like we are dying unless we are having sexual intercourse with someone. It's why we are so furious and frantic with you, because if we aren't, we feel like we will die. Four of us can't have you at once, so we will take each other to stave off the pain of the heat."

"You won't actually die will you?" Harry asked.

Max chuckled. "No. The heat just makes us feel like we are dying. It's a completely mental thing. Like when you're on heat it feels like you are burning, am I right?"

"Yes." Harry answered rubbing his chest in the remembered pain of feeling like he was being burnt alive.

Draco immediately sniffed at his skin, pushing apart his shirt to lick at the skin of his chest.

"I'm alright. It's remembered pain of our heat together." Harry told him.

Max looked at him. "Is it really that bad? I've never known a submissive who would talk about it."

"I thought it was like having a fever." Blaise confessed.

"It's much worse than that. It feels like I'm actually being burnt alive, like the bed has been set on fire and I'm burning with it, and it feels like only the touch of my mate will help cool me, but it's a lie. Your touches make me feel hotter, like I'm being roasted from the inside out. My head and chest always feel worse than anywhere else. I can't think, can't breathe, I can barely see…I can only feel and pray that it will end. I always feel so weak, so drained the longer the heat goes on."

"I knew that was true." Max stated. "That a submissive gets weaker the longer the heat goes on. It's why we, as dominants, are always up before you and have showered, dressed, cleaned up and hunted for ourselves and for you by the time you have woken up."

"How do you get stronger during the heat when I get weaker? I mean you don't eat, you don't drink, the same as me, so what makes you stronger?"

"We feed from you, Harry." Blaise told him. "We feed from your sexual energy; we drink from your skin, from your release, from your mouth. You keep us strong so that we have enough energy, enough strength, so that we can give you children."

Harry went pink, but refused to otherwise let those words and their meaning bother him. Instead he wormed his way onto the settee, in between Max and Blaise, compacting himself until he fit in the tiny gap between their bodies.

"Comfortable?" Max asked him with a grin when Harry finally stopped moving after wiggling his bum to find a solid place to sit.

"Almost." Harry answered, gesturing for Draco to come and sit beside Blaise.

"Now I'm comfortable." He answered once he finally had all of his mates around him, touching them in some way.

Harry fell asleep like that, only to wake up when Max moved his thigh from under him and stood up. Harry made a small, disgruntled noise and he was hushed and cuddled by who he assumed was Blaise from the smell under his nose.

Another thigh, not as bulky or big as Max's, slid under him and he was resting again against two mates, but his third was no longer stroking his arm, but he was missing completely.

He let a small whine trickle from his throat and he was shushed again, soft, soothing noises lulling him back to sleep. He snuggled down and pressed his nose against a soft shirt, inhaling the soothing scent of his mate before he lost himself to sleep.

The next time he woke up was to the smell of fresh meat and blood. His eyes snapped open as his stomach grumbled…very loudly. He was starving and he let out a jaw-breaking yawn before slipping to his knees and falling onto the already skinned carcass of a large mammal. Because it had already been skinned for him, he didn't need to waste time cutting the skin off of it, he could just lower his mouth to the animal and let his fangs come forward and tear into the tough meat.

It was a new animal that he had never tasted before. It was richer, earthier than a deer, which was quite sweet due to the berries and fruit in its diet, but it was tougher than a stallion, which was quite tender. He really had to chew on this animal, but the taste alone made up for it as he got a warm chunk of meat and a mouth of warm, musky blood.

A hand stroking through his hair had him looking up to Max, whose mouth was smeared with the blood of his kill. Harry leant up and kissed him furiously, full of tongue, teeth and fangs. He tasted older blood under the blood of the new animal, Max had already fed on something before bringing this animal back for him and Draco and Blaise.

"Eat." Max demanded his voice deeper and more feral.

Harry let out a little mew of agreement, before lowering his face to the animal and tearing off a strip of meat.

Harry was forced to eat for longer than he normally did by an observing Max, who nudged him twice to go back to eating after he had sat back away from the animal. His stomach had distended until he really did look pregnant and he burped, falling backwards, feeling sick.

"Eat." Max encouraged him, pushing his shoulder to roll him towards the skeleton of the animal.

"Can't." Harry gasped back. "Too full. Going to be sick!"

Max eased him up gently and held him on his lap, cooing towards him and rubbing gentle circles on his stomach.

Harry burped again and coughed a bit as bile burnt his throat. He had eaten far too much. He buried himself in Max's shirt and nuzzled it, pulling the fabric with his teeth and rubbing against it until he laid still and let his body go boneless. Max only just caught his body and his head before pulling him up and making a sound between a growl and a coo. Harry responded instinctually and mewed back, letting his head flop to the side to offer his nose and cheek to Max, who licked over both with a sure swipe of his tongue.

Harry let Max cuddle and touch him, licking over his face before nipping the tip of his nose. Harry yawned and before he could finish the action, Max was up and walking him to the bedroom. He was tucked up in bed and with a soft kiss to the head he was left alone whilst Max went to assumedly pick up the bones and remaining organs of his kill.

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