The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


12. Chapter Twelve - Retribution

"Come on, Harry, let's get you to bed." Blaise said softly, glaring at Draco over Harry's body.

"I just woke up." Harry mourned.

"I know, it'll just be until I can get some salve for you." Blaise promised him. "Then you can do as you please."

Blaise gently carried Harry back into their bedroom and up the stairs that were attached to the outside wall and he placed Harry gently into the bed. The sunlight that was coming through the skylight above made Harry's naked body glow with the harsh light, his scales reflected that light and they looked like little mirrors. Blaise touched a group of them and smiled mirthlessly.

"You just stay here, mio amore. I'll be back soon."

Blaise kissed Harry gently and he let his mate stretch out on top of the duvet, basking in the warm sunlight that encased their whole bed, trying not to be distracted by the sight of Harry's beautiful body.

Harry turned onto his stomach to get more comfortable and Blaise was reminded exactly why he had put Harry to bed at ten in the morning. He held his hand over the burning red bum and he clenched his fists tightly. Draco seriously needed his mind checked by a professional if he thought that he could hit Harry so hard and for so long without any repercussions.

Blaise kissed Harry's cheek, which was lying on his folded arms on the bed, before he turned and jumped right from the platform, ignoring the stairs, and he landed in a crouch.

"Blaise, are you okay?" Harry's soft voice called from up on the platform.

"Perfectly fine, Prezioso. Go to sleep or just bask in the sun for a little while. I'll be back soon."

It was very fortunate for Harry that he couldn't see the look on Blaise's face, or he would never have slept again.

Blaise walked out of the bedroom and softly closed the bedroom door behind him, placing up a hasty silencing charm before storming into the common room and yanking Draco out of his seat, the blond had still sitting where he had cruelly punished Harry for such a small, trivial offence.

"What the hell was that?" Blaise hissed, lashing out and catching Draco's chin with an uppercut as hard as he could possibly manage. It hurt his knuckles, but damn did that bright red mark look good on Malfoy's chin.

"I was punishing an unruly submissive!" Draco hissed back defensively. "He shouldn't have cut his hair! He should have listened to us!"

"He would have listened if you hadn't opened your huge mouth and shoved your whole foot and half of your leg into it! Harry looks gorgeous no matter what length his hair is! He'd look just as good covered in muck and dressed in a sack with a shaved head! How could you have hit him so hard?! He's going to be bruised for a week!"

"I didn't hit him hard!" Draco snapped back.

"His arse is already bruising, Malfoy! Why the hell did you give him forty spanks? That's an outrageous, excessive number of hits just because he cut his fucking hair!"

"How many do you give him then?! Two or three? That's not enough to even chastise him!"

"I don't hit him at all!" Blaise spat. "I squeeze the back of his neck; if he carries on I either squeeze tighter or dig in claws."

"So digging your claws into his neck is better than spanking him? At least I can't paralyse him!"

"Yes it is better because I have never so much as bruised him, Draco! My claws have never pierced his skin! The closest I have ever come to hurting him was when I broke his virginity! It isn't a dominant's place to hurt any submissive let alone their own!"

Draco looked confused and Blaise sighed and dug his fingernails into the palms of his hands to keep from punching that strong, flawless face again.

"Punishment is fine, Draco, but only if the punishment fits the crime. Harry cutting his hair was a minor offence. Harry has a temper, it won't be beaten out of him, it's part of who he is. He also has a very high level of justice and morals, that is just Harry. If you take those things away from him, he wouldn't be Harry anymore; you cannot punish him so severely for such a small thing as an act of rebellion. He can do what he wants with himself, Draco. He's still a person!"

"We have to punish the small offences or he won't learn to obey us when it comes to something serious."

"He would listen. Harry is not some stupid little pet, Draco, he has a brain and he has his own set of instincts that tell him to listen to us."

"Then why didn't those instincts work this morning?"

"Because Harry's anger over took his natural instincts!" Blaise cried, hoping to Merlin that Draco got this through his skull before he damaged Harry irreparably. "I don't want a broken submissive for the rest of my life, Draco. I want Harry to remain exactly as he is! If you can't accept that then I'm going to have to eliminate the threat you pose to my submissive."

"He's my submissive as well!"

"But I don't want to kill his personality or his soul! You need to learn what is acceptable and what isn't, Draco and quickly. What you did to Harry this morning was not acceptable and if you ever do it again, I'll step in to stop you. Fuck the laws that prevent it, I'll take my chances with the Elders!"

Blaise took hold of Draco's arm and dragged him out of the room.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Draco yelled.

"I don't trust you alone with Harry and you need someone else to talk some sense into you, we're going to Snape, me to get some salve for Harry and you to learn exactly how much is really too much!"

Severus was slowly going insane, he was sure of it. Being surrounded by all of these Drackens was bringing back all sorts of memories, instincts and thoughts that he would have rathered remained buried.

Thoughts about his own submissive and his life before he had lost his little mate. He remembered his submissive perfectly, despite there being very few pictures left. That soft black hair and laughing grey eyes, the slight and slender body and that beautiful, confident smile.

Eighteen, his mate had died at just eighteen years of age, two years after becoming a Dracken and only nineteen months after they had mated for the first time. Why?

He asked himself that question every single day, why had his mate died? Why had his mate left their house that day? Why had it been his mate who had died and for what purpose? He had no answers, no one had any answers and it was for that reason that he remained behind. He refused to move on until he knew exactly how his beloved had died and why.

A hammering on the door to his private quarters had him sighing in exasperation, if this was that infernal Ravenclaw with more questions on the essay that he had set for the winter holidays he would throttle her.

He carefully placed the photograph that he had been holding and staring at back onto his mantel piece and scrubbed his face with long, thin, pale hands, before fixing a harsh scowl onto his face and striding towards the door of his rooms.

He had been all set to yell at whoever was on the other side, but he had not expected who was standing on his threshold. The newly mated Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy. They were glaring and snarling at each other and Severus sighed, ushering the two boys into his living room and gesturing for them to sit on opposite chairs.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"I need some salve for Harry, Sir." Blaise told him, his voice tight with anger.

Severus rubbed the bridge of his nose with a forefinger and thumb.

"What for and what happened to the boy?"

"Bruising and because Malfoy hit him too hard!"

That made Severus' head snap up. He knew the boy had had a second meeting for a second mate, but he had had no idea who had been chosen.

"Why was Mister Malfoy hitting Potter at all?"

"I'm his second mate." Draco grumbled.

"I had no idea you were a Dracken, Draco. Your Father didn't mention it to me at all."

"Because he doesn't know." Draco answered, raising his head to send icy eyes at his mentor.

"How could he not know he had an adolescent Dracken in his house all summer?"

"I took the suppression potion for six months; I'd still be taking it if it hadn't started becoming ineffective."

Severus blanched and went even paler, making his skin seem grey in colouring.

"You took a suppression potion for six months?" He asked softly, dangerously quietly. "Which one?"

"The one that covers everything, instinct, appearance, actions, I didn't want to be a Dracken! I thought that if I just kept taking it then everything would be fine."

"Idiot boy!" Snape snapped, standing up and looming over the form of the boy he saw as a second Godson, whipping out his wand and performing diagnostic checks.

"You should not even be allowed near a submissive!" Snape hissed which perked up Blaise's interest and got him listening intently to his Godfather. "That potion was designed for temporary use only! It is supposed to be used to hide us from those wishing our kind harm, it isn't designed to be used for longer than two months, three months at the absolute maximum, you could have killed yourself!"

"Instead he almost killed Harry."

"What did you do to the boy?" Snape asked, almost dreading the answer.

"I just spanked him."

"For twenty minutes!" Blaise burst out. "Forty hits and all of them were way too hard!"

Snape closed his eyes and run a hand down his face. "Blaise, the top shelf of the cabinet furthest from the door, the green paste in the round tub. It'll sooth the skin and heal the bruising. Draco and I need to have a little…chat."

Blaise nodded and he went to retrieve the paste, sending one last glare to Draco before he left to go and tend to Harry. He wasn't finished with the blond yet, not by a long shot, after Professor Snape was finished, he'd take his revenge on what was left for his little mate.

Harry couldn't sleep. He hated the settling in period because no matter how much he didn't want Draco near him at the moment, he needed the brute to be able to sleep.

Sighing and sitting up, making sure to use his knees and not his burning bum, Harry got up and got dressed. Blaise had told him to stay, but to be honest he didn't feel like doing anything his dominants told him to do today.

The suddenness of Draco just grabbing him and dragging him around had startled him for those few crucial seconds in which he could have gotten away from the blond; he wouldn't be taken by surprise again now that he knew how the big brute liked to punish his submissive. Spanking though, really? He never would have thought the blond would lower himself to do something so undignified as to spank anyone.

But now that he knew otherwise and he would damn well make sure that he was ready to fight the next time Draco decided to humiliate him. Punishment he could deal with, being spanked like a naughty toddler he could not, his cheeks burnt as much as his bum every time he thought about it.

Making his way down to the lake, Harry spun around in a circle, loving the frosty air and the clean, pure whiteness of the freshly fallen, crisp snow. Everything seemed muted when snow had fallen, like the blanket muffled out every other noise. It was so quiet and peaceful, especially before lunchtime, which would be when the few occupants left in the castle would converge upon the grounds, building snowmen, making snow angels and the always epic snowball fights.

He grinned as he remembered last year, when he, Fred and George had taken on Ron, Hermione, Seamus and Dean. He, Fred and George had won, mainly because they had cheated by putting one of Fred and George's inventions, stunning gel, inside the snowballs. They had wrapped the snow around the gel and when it hit bare skin, namely the faces of their poor victims; the unlucky victim was stunned for thirty seconds, allowing them to be pelted with a dozen more snowballs.

Harry sat on a high rock at the edge of the lake, crouched on his feet so his sore bum wouldn't touch the cold stone, and he looked out over the frozen mass of water. This time last year had been a happy time for him. He had still had his two best friends, he wasn't a creature whom the Ministry hated and his life had been happy. Yet now he may not have had his two best friends, but Voldemort was gone, he had a mate whom adored him and whom he adored back, he had another mate who he loved, but at the moment disliked, and he was content with his life and he was so much happier now than he ever had been before. He actually had a future, that future may have only been having mates and children, but really, that was all he needed, it was what he wanted. A family.

Arms wrapped around him and a nose nuzzled into his hair. Harry started and looked up at the person touching him, only to relax as he realised that it was only Nasta.

"You scared me." Harry told the dominant Dracken.

"Sorry." Nasta replied shortly, but sincerely as he rubbed his nose against Harry's cheek.

Nasta tried to pull Harry back gently, so that he was sitting down properly, but Harry went down on his knees instead, not willing to let his bum hurt more than it already did. Maybe he should have stayed in bed until Blaise got back with that salve after all.

"You are in pain." Nasta told him, not asking, knowing.

Harry stayed quiet, but so did Nasta and the older Dracken had a lot more practice at being silent than Harry did and he finally broke after fifteen minutes of straight, oppressing silence.

"My new dominant, Draco, punished me because I cut my hair when he told me not to."

"He should not have punished you so much that you feel any pain. It is not a dominant's place to hurt their submissive, not even through punishment." Nasta told him seriously, those hazel eyes flecked with a light, sage green in the dim, weak winter sunlight. There wasn't enough light for those eyes to go golden like the scales on his wings, but Harry would bet that those eyes looked gorgeous in the summer sunlight.

"But I cut my hair when he said not to."

Nasta snorted softly in amusement. "All submissives push their new dominants, it is a way to test their boundaries and find out what they can do and what will cause them to be punished. For example if you were to dance around naked I would find it terribly amusing, yet I know certain dominants would punish you for it, they would see your body as being theirs, not for anyone else's eyes. It is usually younger dominants who would cover you up in jealousy and possessiveness and punish you for bearing all, most of us older dominants would laugh. We are more secure in ourselves, more secure in our mateships and in the knowledge that our submissive is ours and will not stray from us. Each dominant will see your actions differently; there were many who believed that you should have been punished for what you did to Dominic in the dining room as they are of the belief that you should have let your dominant mate handle the defence of yourself, to them a submissive fighting for themselves is a turn off to them. I however thought that you looked just as sexy beating the shit out of him as you always do."

Harry grinned at Nasta, who was opening up to him more and saying more to him. That last bout of speech was more than Harry had ever heard him say put together.

"I don't know what to comment on." Harry answered with a naughty grin. "That you think me beating the hell out of someone is a turn on or that you want to watch me dance around naked."

"I…that is not what I meant." Nasta told him, his cheeks turning a telling shade of red.

Harry laughed and forgot for one moment that his bum had been slapped raw. He turned around to face Nasta and sat heavily on the rock on his bum.

Harry yelped and scrambled to get off his bum, slipping and sliding over the rock as pain danced through his lower body.

Nasta lifted him up easily with an arm around his back and his other hand hovered over his arse.

"I can feel the heat from here, through your clothes, how hard did he actually hit you?" Nasta demanded furiously.

Harry had never seen the calm, reserved, near silent man this angry before, not even when he had faced Dominic saying all of those disgusting things about what he wanted to do to Harry and his future children.

"It…it wasn't that hard!" Harry defended poorly. "It's nothing."

"Harry, are your dominants abusing you?" Nasta asked him seriously, his deep voice dropping down to a low, growling bass.

"No!" Harry replied quickly and sharply, remembering how the Dursleys used to treat him. That was abuse. Starving him, beating him until he could barely breathe and keeping him in a cupboard for eleven years. That was abuse, not a bloody spanking, not matter how sore his arse was at the moment.

Nasta just looked at him before lifting one of those muscled arms to his mouth and biting down, he pressed the bloody part of his arm to Harry's mouth and Harry looked at him horrified.

"Such a look." Nasta told him with a hint of wry amusement. "Dracken blood has healing properties, just take a bit and you won't feel the pain anymore, the bruising will remain however as I am not your dominant mate. Your mate's blood would work much better, but any Dracken blood will do in a pinch."

"Why didn't Blaise know of this?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"He is still a young dominant, Harry, he is only a year old. I have been a Dracken for twenty-one years this February."

"You're birthday is in February?"

"Yes, the third. I'll be thirty-seven."

Harry smiled and he carefully flicked his tongue out to taste the blood dribbling down Nasta's arm. It tasted like blood at first, nothing special. Coppery and metallic, like sucking on pennies, but there was a very subtle hint of power in the blood, was it to do with magic or the Dracken? He didn't know, he hardly went up to people and asked to taste their blood.

Harry licked gently against the teeth marks and smiled as his bum started to go numb and the almost forgotten pain in his fist (left over from battering Dominic.) began to fade away too. He felt so much better and overall stronger and healthier now.

"The next time you are injured or hurt, just ask your dominant for a bit of blood, you don't even need a lot, just a few mouthfuls. They need to get used to it anyway, you will be biting holes in them with your fangs when you are pregnant."

"Why?" Harry asked slightly alarmed at hearing that.

"When pregnant you will need to feed from your dominants bodily liquids to keep your growing babies healthy and strong, this includes blood, saliva, semen and sweat." Nasta told him.

Harry's mind jolted back to the book that he had read when he had first found out that he was a Dracken.

'It is believed that in order to keep the offspring healthy and growing strongly the dominant Dracken will need to share his liquids with his submissive. He will do this by kissing his mate to share his saliva, touching to share his sweat, ejaculating into his mate to give his semen and feeding his blood to his mate and child.'

Holy fuck was this pregnancy going to be complicated! It was then that Harry thought to ask Nasta about how he would give birth, surely after over twenty years of being a Dracken Nasta would know?


The older Dracken just looked at him, not saying anything, but giving him his full, undivided attention to prompt him on.

"Do you know how I'll give birth? Blaise doesn't know and Draco doesn't even want to be a Dracken, so I doubt he'll know."

"With male submissives it is harder. It will take all of your strength and energy, Harry and your mates need to be ready to get to you as soon as possible."

"But you know how?"

"Yes." Nasta remained silent for so long that Harry was about to prod him to tell him when he started speaking again. "You will essentially give yourself a caesarean section, Harry. You will be in Dracken form and you will use your claws to slit open your abdomen and the walls of your womb and you will pull your baby out. You will need to have a flask of some sort with one, or all, of your dominants' blood in it because as soon as the baby is out, the cord is cut and the placenta is removed, you need to drain it before you bleed to death or get an infection."

Harry gaped at Nasta and silently begged him to tell him that he had been joking.

"I…I can't do that!" He squeaked, coughing to cover up the fact that he had squeaked, but the amused smirk told him that Nasta had heard it.

"You can do it. It's a natural instinct mixed with a lot of common sense."

"There! I can't do it; I've been told a million times that I have no common sense to speak of!"

Nasta shook his head at how adorable the little submissive was and took him into his arms.

"You can do it. The common sense bit is just drinking every drop of your dominants' blood, making sure the baby is actually breathing and safe in the nest and pulling out the placenta."

"Ergh, I have to pull bits out of me, that just doesn't seem right."

Nasta chuckled and pressed a soft kiss to Harry's forehead. "I am sure you will do just fine, every submissive has misgivings about their first pregnancy, it gets easier the more clutches you have."

"I'm going to be scarred something terrible if I have to keep slicing myself open."

Nasta shook his head. "Dracken blood will get rid of all scar tissue if you take it quickly enough. Now little Harry, tell me which dominant bruised you, I would assume that it is your new one, your first dominant did not seem the type to hurt you so."

"It was Draco, but he only spanked me." Harry assured, then realised what he had admitted to and went red with embarrassment.

"Some dominants prefer spanking; personally I have never found it appealing."

"How would you punish me?" Harry asked, before blushing a brighter red.

Nasta's hazel eyes sparkled and he run gentle fingertips over Harry's cheek. "It would depend on what you had done little submissive, but I am a biting sort of guy. I would press my teeth against the inside of your wrist, then if you carried on I would bite down, not enough to break the skin, but enough for a brief spark of pain, if you still carried on after that, then I would bring out my fangs and they would pinch your skin. No dominant, not a single one, has the right to make his submissive bleed or feel excessive pain, there are strict laws against it."

"What do you mean laws against it? Could Draco get into trouble? I don't think he knows of the laws."

"Then he needs to be taught by someone who does know the laws. He could get into very serious trouble had he made you bleed. Submissive blood is even more precious than dominant blood. That he has hit you hard enough to bruise is also an offence. It is against the laws lain down to protect the submissive mate from abusive dominant mates."

"It wasn't really abuse, Nasta, he just hit me a bit too hard." Harry replied softly. "Blaise thinks it's because he was taking a suppression potion."

"He was taking a suppression potion?" Nasta asked seriously. "For how long?"

"I…about six months."

"He should not be near you." Nasta stated furiously. "It will take him a while to come back into himself after being under a suppression potion for so long. No wonder he hit you so hard, he most likely does not know how hard he hit you or how much it was hurting you. His instincts will be skewed and he will be unable to judge his actions, or yours, properly."

"So it was an accident?" Harry asked a slight hope in his heart.

"If it is true that he has been under that suppression potion for so long then most likely yes, it was an accident, but that is no excuse! He should never have hit you in the first place!"

"It's alright. If it was a onetime thing, then I can deal with it. If he starts doing it regularly or hitting me any other way, I'll skin him alive."

Nasta smiled at him, those perfectly white teeth glinting. No wonder he had a teeth fetish. If Harry had teeth as white as that then he'd be biting everything in sight as well. Alas he drank far too much tea to ever have teeth so white without bleaching them and he wasn't that vain.

"At least I know you don't drink coffee." Harry mumbled, bringing up a little finger to push Nasta's top lip away from his teeth so that he could glare at their pearly whiteness.

Nasta laughed and pulled him into a hug. "I drink pure fruit juices or green tea, I always have. My Father would have locked me in my bedroom if he even thought that I had drank coffee when I was a teenager and now, I just don't like the taste of it, it's too bitter for my tongue."

Harry smiled a bit sadly. "I've never really had anyone to care whether I drank it or not."

Nasta's eyes narrowed at that comment, but he said nothing. It wasn't his place, Harry didn't even know him all that well, but he would keep an eye, and an ear, out for Harry and if he found out that anyone was abusing the little submissive, he'd kill them, quickly and simply. It would be an elimination job only.

"Are all the other dominants back yet?" Harry asked curiously. "The ones that Elder Getus sent away."

"Many of them believed that their chance was gone so they went home to wallow, it will take them a while to get back depending on where they are coming from, but some have come back."

Harry smiled. "I'm glad. They deserve just as much of a chance as everyone else!"

Nasta cupped Harry's small face in his large hands and he pressed their lips together gently. "You are too kind, Harry. Many of those dominants do not deserve you and would not treat you properly."

"I'll weed them out." Harry told him surely. "I don't go into these things half-cocked and Blaise is happy to help me and I'm sure with how jealous Draco is showing that he is that more than half of them will scatter or be beaten to a pulp."

"You don't like violence." Nasta stated, playing with Harry's messy tufts of black hair.

"I know I don't, but Draco does. He seems to be channelling the violence and vanity instincts more than any other, I'm not sure if that's the fault of the suppression potion or not."

"It is. His instincts will be all over the place until the potion is completely out of his system. That he has been taking it for so long is a cause for concern, it could have lain down deposits in his soft tissues."

Harry sighed and leant into Nasta, letting the older man hold him and calm him. He wished that Blaise was there, Blaise's cuddles were the best, he had just the right amount of muscle, just the right height and knew just how much pressure Harry liked, squeezy tight, but not enough to make him feel crushed or suffocated. No one else seemed to be able to hug him like Blaise.


Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Harry thought wryly as he looked to see Blaise charging through the snowy grounds towards him.

"Harry, why did you leave our rooms?" Blaise demanded as he reached them, swiping him from the rock and from Nasta's arms to hold him.

"I needed to get away to clear my head." Harry answered.

Blaise sighed but he nodded, holding Harry tightly. Merlin, how much fear and panic had he been in when he had realised that Harry wasn't in their rooms? He had thought that his heart had stopped beating, thoughts and horrific scenarios going through his mind as he thought what could have happened to his little mate.

"I was so worried about you, Mio Bello! Please don't do that to me again."

"Where is Draco?" Harry asked more than a little bit wary.

"He is with Professor Snape, learning exactly how a dominant should treat a submissive, what he did to you this morning was unacceptable, Prezioso, never let anyone treat you like that, ever."

"Oh don't worry, Draco's going to get payback for what he did to me, no one spanks me like that and gets away with it! I was thinking about turning that cologne he likes so much into skunk liquid, that and I was hoping to have sex with you with him lying next to us. That will teach him not to mess with me!"

Blaise shook his head as Nasta chuckled beside them.

"The latter is very evil, Harry, besides I think between myself and Professor Snape, Draco will be sufficiently punished."

"You don't understand, Blaise! He humiliated me! I am not a naughty toddler! I deserve the same amount of respect as any adult! I am not pranking him because he hurt me; I'm doing it to make myself feel better about being humiliated by him."

Blaise nodded. "That is fair enough, Bello, if you need any help, just ask for it. Now let's get you back inside, you are freezing cold and I have the salve for you."

Harry nodded his acceptance and waved goodbye to Nasta, who smiled at him and jumped up onto the rock he had been sitting on and waved to him, before turning to face the lake so that he could brood in perfect silence.

Harry was once again lying on his huge bed having his bum smoothed by Blaise's hand, applying the green paste to the bruised parts of his bum. He had told Blaise about Nasta giving him his blood and Blaise had smacked his head with a hand.

"I should have remembered that! Hell I was told enough times! I'm so sorry, Harry."

"That's alright. I also found out from Nasta how I'm going to give birth. I'll cut myself open with my claws and pull the baby free."

Blaise went white under his tanned skin and he kissed the base of Harry's spine.

"I think that would be unbearable to hear." Blaise whispered into the skin of his back. "I am glad I will not be allowed near you enough to see it. I would likely lose my mind."

"I'll need a flask of your blood as well, to heal the split once the baby is out."

"I'll make sure to make one up every day for you, just in case you go into labour early."

Harry smiled and turned to look over his shoulder at Blaise, who leant forward and kissed him deeply, lovingly, passionately.

"No sex for a few days, Harry, not with your bottom so injured. Professor Snape's orders."

Harry sighed and nodded unhappily. "I'm going to go change Draco's cologne. No one will want to go near him then."

Blaise chuckled. "He can't even punish you for it, Bello. He won't know for definite it was you and this isn't even worth a punishment."

Harry grinned wider and he hugged Blaise before scooping up his wand and jogging naked to the bathroom, where Draco's cologne had been placed in the wall cabinet over the sink. He opened it and sniffed deeply. It really was a nice cologne, spices and slightly musky with a hint of sandalwood. He grinned; Draco loved this cologne and put it on every morning. He waved his wand over the bottle and inhaled again. He almost vomited and quickly screwed the lid back on, casting a mild scent disperser on it that would wear off after eighteen hours, enough time for Draco to put it on before it started smelling foul. The wonderful thing about skunk liquid was that it was so terribly difficult to get rid of it, no matter how much Draco scrubbed, he wouldn't get rid of the smell. It was perfect.

"You are too pleased with yourself." Blaise told him as he waltzed back into the bedroom.

"I feel elated!" Harry replied. "I've got my own back on a dick who humiliated me and now I can humiliate him in return."

Blaise shook his head and went back to reading the book that Harry had given him for Christmas. It was a bitch translating it, but it was everything that he had been expecting and more.

"I'm going to go and visit Dumbledore. I'll be back in time for dinner!"

It spoke volumes on how much their relationship had grown and how comfortable their Dracken's were with each other now that they were settled that Blaise just waved him off with a warning to be careful.

Harry rushed to get himself dressed and happily made his way through the school, not having to go up or down any stairs because the Headmaster's office and Harry's rooms were on the same floor and he chirpily spoke the password (Toffee Tails) to the gargoyle.

He knocked on the door and was told to enter. Dumbledore was rustling through a pile of parchment when Harry entered and he closed the door behind him, but when the elderly man looked up he cried out in joy at seeing him.

"Ah! Harry my boy, come in and sit down! Tea?"

"Yes please." Harry smiled, sitting down opposite his Headmaster, gratefully accepting the china cup full of his honey tea.

"What brings you here, my boy?"

"Can't I just come and have a chat and a cup of tea?"

"Of course you can, which reminds me."

Dumbledore stood up and swept around his office like a small hurricane, obviously looking for something.

"Now where did I put it? Ah, here we are."

He handed Harry several colourful boxes and a pile of letters.

"Christmas presents I believe, Harry. I hope you don't mind that I intercepted them and kept them here for you, I didn't think it a good idea to interrupt your mate meetings with these given the senders of a few of them, so I kept them here, I had meant to give them to you sooner, but it must have slipped my mind."

Harry chuckled, but grew sombre as he realised what Dumbledore had meant by who had sent them, some of the packages were from the Weasleys.

Harry opened the letters first and smiled at the Christmas cards from Remus, Hagrid, members of the Order of the Phoenix and one from the Weasley family.

He almost cried when he read the hurtful words in the letter Ron had sent him, Hermione hadn't sent him anything, but he hadn't been expecting her to.

"Who has upset you, dear boy?"

"Ron being stupid again." Harry replied swiping away the moisture from his eyes angrily. "Calling me names and saying I'm a traitor to Godric Gryffindor for fraternising with the enemy."

"Meaning Misters Zabini and Malfoy."

Harry nodded and put Ron's letter to the back of the pile.

"Well I can certainly say that Godric Gryffindor would have been proud to have you as one of his lions."

Harry smiled and opened his present from Hagrid. It was a bundle of bright and colourful feathers.

"Ah, I see Hagrid has been preening the Hippogriffs again. Hippogriff feathers are very valuable."

"He sent me a box full of unicorn tail hairs last year." Harry grinned. "I don't think Hagrid knows the value of the things he sends me and if he does, then he obviously doesn't care."

"I believe it is the latter, dear boy. Hagrid has never been a materialistic person and as long as his pets are healthy and well, he is happy."

"Good old Hagrid."

Dumbledore chuckled and Harry put aside the bundle of feathers to open the next parcel. It contained books from everyone's favourite werewolf teacher. Lupin had given him Defence books and a book entitled Pranking Potions for Morons with a small note that Sirius had seen it in his Snuffles form and had bought it for him last March and had been planning on giving it to him for Christmas.

That made Harry a bit sad but he held the book close and tried fruitlessly to absorb the presence of his Godfather from it, knowing that Sirius must have touched this book, had handled it and had bought it especially for him. He missed Sirius and it was so unfair that he was gone, but he was and he needed to come to grips with it because his slight obsession with the veil in the Department of Mysteries was becoming just a tad unhealthy.

Harry opened the next present which didn't have a label on it and then looked at his Headmaster, who put a finger to his lips.

"I can't be seen as showing you any special treatment, Harry, but I'm sure a couple pairs of nice socks can be inconspicuous enough."

Harry laughed and pulled out the 'inconspicuous' socks, one pair which were bright red with little gold snakes slithering over them and the other pair emerald green with silver lions roaring.

"I had those custom made for you, my boy; a dear friend of mine owns a sock shop."

Harry didn't know whether to laugh or not at that, what were the chances of this friend only being the Headmaster's friend because of how many Galleons the man spent in the sock shop.

He loved the theme of the socks though, one pair with Gryffindor colours but the little snakes to represent the Slytherin house, because of his mates and the other pair the opposite, with Slytherin colours and lions for his house.

"Thank you so much, Sir! I love them."

Dumbledore beamed at him and urged him to open the last of his presents. Harry did cry when he opened the biggest one to find a soft, dark green knitted jumper with a blue H in the middle. A Weasley jumper. He picked up the letter that came with it and read it with shaking hands.

'Harry dear,

I've been told that you are very ill; I do hope you feel better soon, but you make sure that you stay in bed and rest young man! If you must get up wear something on your feet and your new jumper to keep warm, do you hear me? Take in lots of fluids, I've sent you some chicken broth in a thermos flask, it is under a stasis charm so it won't spoil, just send a mild heating charm at it before you drink it and make sure that you do drink it, all of it! It has nutrient potions in it to help you regain your strength quicker.

I was very upset that this illness meant that you couldn't come to us for Christmas dear, so I've sent you some homemade mince pies and some treacle tart as I know it's your favourite, and also some sweets and fudge, just don't over do it with the treats, wait until you are better or I will come down to Hogwarts and give you such a telling off!

Have a happy Christmas and I hope to hear that you are better soon dear; Arthur and I are so worried about you,

All my love, Molly Weasley.

Harry wiped his eyes and looked through the large box of treats. There was a paper plate of fudge wrapped in Clingfilm, a foil package that was obviously a large slice of treacle tart, a tin that contained the minced pies, a box of Bertie Botts every flavour beans, a box of iced cauldron cakes and a huge thermos flask with the aforementioned broth.

"I see Molly is trying to feed you to death, I believe I made the mistake of telling her that you were too unwell to visit for Christmas when she fire called me to demand why you had not been on the train."

Harry chuckled wetly and rubbed his eyes. He had been so afraid that Mrs Weasley would hate him because Ron was being a prat; it was amazing to know that she still cared for him, even though he and Ron were fighting.

Harry opened his last present to stop himself from thinking about Mrs Weasley so he wouldn't start bawling his eyes out. It was a prank parcel from the twins, who wished him well because they had heard that he was actually ill and not just overeating their puking pastilles and wished him happy pranking of their 'idiot brother, Ronnikins' and anyone else who decided to pick on 'their little brother' and their financial backer.

Harry grinned and went picking through the box, finding new material and some things that would definitely come in handy for getting back at not only Ron, but Draco as well.

Harry put all of his presents into the one big box, all except his new jumper, which he pulled on over his tee shirt. He didn't have any decent jumpers and the Weasley jumper he had received last year was much too tight around the armpits and about four inches too short in the stomach area after the growth spurt brought on by his Dracken inheritance.

Harry happily finished off his tea and his talk with the Headmaster, before he picked up his box of presents and left to go back to Blaise and Draco, if the blond wasn't still being chewed out by Professor Snape that was, to get ready to go to dinner, he was more than a bit hungry. He just wished that Blaise would go hunting for him; he was sort of craving raw meat again.

Harry met Blaise in the common room, where the indigo eyed man had migrated with his book, only now he had a pad of parchment and a quill and he was making notes and difficult translations and it gave Harry a migraine just looking at them.

"Are you ready for dinner, Blaise?" Harry asked softly, leaning over the back of the settee to wrap his arms around Blaise's shoulders.

"Just about. This book is giving me a headache."

"Perhaps I shouldn't have given it to you then." Harry teased.

Blaise looked to him with startled eyes. "No matter how many headaches I get, I love this book, Harry, thank you for giving it to me. Ti amo."

Harry smiled happily and took Blaise's hand. Tugging him out of their private rooms and towards the Great Hall. He was ravenous and he realised the reason why was because he hadn't eaten anything today.

"Where is Draco?" Harry asked.

"Still with Professor Snape, you can't learn how to be a better dominant Dracken in one day, Harry; he'll be staying with Professor Snape until he knows how to treat you properly."

"Good, I don't want to be around him at the moment, even if it means I won't be able to sleep for a few days."

"Professor Snape gave me a sleeping potion for you to take, it isn't as strong or as addictive as the Dreamless Sleep potion, but it should help you get some sleep without Draco being near you."

Harry smiled happily and took Blaise's hand, it was then that he noticed the bruised and skinned knuckles; he pulled the hand up to his eyelevel and gasped at how sore it looked. He pressed a kiss to them and looked to Blaise, silently demanding an explanation.

"I punched Draco. He had no right to treat you like he did."

"Nasta said that Draco could be pulled up before the Elders for what he did."

"Professor Snape said something similar. It is a serious crime to hurt a submissive."

"I don't want him to be punished; I just don't want him to do it again."

"Which is why he is being taught by Professor Snape instead of standing in a Counsel room full of Elders."

"I'm going to get my own back though." Harry stated determinedly.

Blaise smirked proudly and pulled Harry into a one armed, sideways hug as they walked into the Great Hall.

"I know you are, Mio Prezioso and I am behind you one hundred percent."

Harry smiled and cuddled into Blaise more fully. Hopefully soon, everything would work out for the best. He wanted a family, but only if Draco could learn how to treat him with the respect he deserved, otherwise he would never let the blond near him, or any children he had in the future.

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