The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


3. Chapter Three – Possessiveness and Jealousy

Harry had to admit that Blaise's clothes were so much more comfortable than anything he had ever worn before. He loved the tight, dark blue jeans and the navy blue sweater. They fit him so perfectly and he deduced that he had been a fool to argue with Blaise about what he was wearing, though he wasn't going to tell Blaise that.

Harry was all for sneaking out of the Slytherin dormitory under a cloak, but Blaise would hear nothing of the sort and they walked out to breakfast together, in full view of the other Slytherins, who glared at him as he walked through their common room under the heavy and protective arm of Blaise.

The girls in particular were very vicious in their heated glares and Harry felt not only uncertainty, but also an unfamiliar spike of possessiveness. Blaise was his dominant mate! They couldn't have him and he would strip the flesh from their bones if they tried anything to get Blaise away from him.

The intensity of his possessiveness frightened him; he had had next to nothing to ever be possessive of. He had had nothing growing up as a child, no toy or game that was ever strictly his, hell even his clothes weren't his. The only possessions he owned that he felt remotely possessive over were his invisibility cloak, the marauders map and his Firebolt and those were all for sentimental reasons. The cloak had been his Father's, the map had been his Father's, Sirius' and Remus' and the Firebolt had been given to him by his Godfather, his dead Godfather.

But those three things paled in the possessiveness he felt for Blaise. He would slice up anyone who dared try to steal his mate from him, which contradicted what the book he had read had told him about submissive Drackens. That book had stated that submissive Drackens wouldn't fight for their dominant mate, but Harry would fight with every last breath in his body for Blaise.

"Do not worry, Bello." Blaise murmured to him. "These pathetic human girls hold no comparison to your stunning beauty. They are glaring because they are jealous of your flawless features."

"I think they are jealous of me for having you, actually." Harry answered back. "They want you, not me."

"Well they will have to remain jealous then as they will never have me."

"I don't understand. You could have one of them if you wanted, hell you could have all of them. The book said there were no repercussions for dominant Drackens taking humans."

Blaise chuckled deeply and the arm around Harry's shoulders squeezed him gently.

"Ah, Harry, how adorable you are. You should not believe everything that you read about our kind in books. Most of the information is either muddled up or downright wrong. True there are no repercussions for a dominant male to have a human, but a dominant will always want a submissive Dracken over any human. Submissive Drackens are becoming less and less common, Prezioso; dominant Drackens now outnumber the submissives by approximately twenty dominants to one single submissive. We would not go with humans through choice."

Suddenly Harry understood a whole lot better and he felt secure enough to even glare back at the girls sneering at him, much to Blaise's amusement.

When they reached the Great Hall, Harry automatically veered off towards the Gryffindor table, until a hand gripping his arm stopped him. Blaise raised a single eyebrow and began tugging him towards the Slytherin table.

"I don't want to sit at the Slytherin table!" Harry argued, trying, and failing, to pry Blaise's fingers from his arm. "Blaise!"

"You will sit with me." Blaise told him firmly. "You will not be out of my sight, or out of my reach."

"This is ridiculous!" Harry hissed. "I'll only be across the hall!"

Blaise sat down and pulled Harry down next to him, he did not let go of his arm.

"Eat your breakfast." Blaise ordered, but Harry glared at him poisonously. "Harry, eat your breakfast."

"What if I don't? Are you going to force me to do that as well?"

Blaise's eyes flashed dangerously, but Harry didn't care as he bared his teeth in a primal show of defiance.

Blaise cuffed the back of his head hard and Harry winced, every ounce of defiance leaving his body at once. He huddled down in his borrowed jumper and curled in on himself as much as possible on the bench.

He didn't like being punished by his dominant, but it all felt like it was happening too fast. Three months since becoming a Dracken and he already had a mate and Blaise had said that books didn't have all the answers and that the answers they did have were either wrong or partial truths. The information he knew about his own species would have filled an eggcup, probably half an eggcup if most of the information he did have was wrong.

He felt like he was losing himself. He was not a doormat; he would not grovel or crawl around after Blaise on his knees. He was not a weak person! He had relied on himself for so long, he had practically raised himself, had fended for himself, yet now his instincts were forcing him to forget all of that and rely on Blaise for everything.

He didn't need anyone to protect him! He had been doing just fine on his own and that was even before he had gotten razor sharp fangs and acidic claws. It wasn't like he was defenceless or incapable of protecting himself!

A pair of lips nuzzling his cheek had Harry melting into Blaise's embrace, despite what felt like the entire hall watching them. He wanted to remain angry at Blaise, he wanted to defy him and show that he was not a weak, pathetic, little creature to be kicked around, but he couldn't bring himself to hold onto his anger at Blaise, not even after he had hit him, had humiliated him, in front of the entire school.

"Just eat something, Mio Prezioso." Blaise whispered to him and Harry found himself filling his plate before he had really registered what Blaise had said.

Was this some sort of power dominant Drackens had over their submissives? Could a dominant force a submissive to do what they wanted or was Harry just fed up of fighting? Was he really so desperate for any sort of love and affection that he would cave in to any and all of Blaise's demands?

He had to admit though that having Blaise's large, warm hand rubbing gently at his lower back was much better than receiving a cuff around the head from the same hand. But he couldn't think like that! He would not lose his personality just for an easier life! Blaise would just have to get used to compromising and not having his own way all the time.

Albus Dumbledore was very concerned. Very, very concerned as he watched Harry enter the Great Hall with a sixth year Slytherin named Blaise Zabini. He watched as Harry made to go to the Gryffindor table, only to be pulled forcibly towards the Slytherin table instead.

The last straw however had been the very harsh smack to the back of the head that the Zabini Heir had administered. He would not stand for Harry being abused right under his very own nose. He would have to put a stop to this abusive relationship, if indeed that is what it turned out to be.

He rose from his place at the Head table and made his way over to the Slytherin table. He placed a wizened, wrinkled hand on Harry's shoulder and was met with a gasp of surprise from his favoured student and a low growl from the young Zabini Heir, who was glaring a hole through his head.

"Kindly remove your hand from Harry's person." Blaise ordered him as politely as he was able to through gritted teeth and balled up fists.

"I was wondering if I might have a word with you, Harry." Albus addressed the young Gryffindor, his eyes twinkling. "I do so miss our afternoon talks over tea and as today is a Saturday, I had been hoping that you would do me the pleasure of accompanying an old man for the day."

"Of course, Professor." Harry answered politely with that beautiful smile that reminded Albus so much of a young Lily Evans.

"Ah, Harry my boy, you spoil this old man too much."

Harry chuckled sweetly as he stood up, ready to accompany his Headmaster. Blaise however had other plans as he stood up between Harry and his Headmaster.

"I was going to spend the day with Harry." He hissed, not even pretending to be respectful anymore.

"Blaise! Stop it." Harry chided.

Blaise's hand shot out to grip the back of Harry's neck, his claws digging in, safely hidden by Harry's hair.

"I suggest, Mister Zabini that you let Harry go this instant and come with me to my office." Albus thundered.

"I suggest that you stay out of things that don't concern you!"

"Mister Zabini." A silky voice interrupted. "I would hope that you will follow the Headmaster's request, I would hate to see a member of my own house in detention and believe me I would make it an extremely…torturous experience."

Harry looked into those deep black eyes and shivered. Snape knew. He knew exactly what he and Blaise were and he did not look happy with Blaise.

"Severus, perhaps you could accompany us to my office. This discussion should be held away from curious little eyes and ears."

Snape nodded his head and with a force Harry would never have believed from the skinny man, he pried Blaise's hand away from his neck and guided Blaise out of the Hall, Harry and Dumbledore following more sedately.

The trip was silent, but Harry could not help but rub his neck to ease the pain that was there. He didn't notice Dumbledore's keen eyesight pick up on the unconscious action.

Once inside the office, Dumbledore sat behind his desk and motioned for Harry to sit in the chair the furthest away from Blaise, who had been forced into the chair on the right by Snape.

"Now would any of you boys like some tea? I have always found it very relaxing."

Both Snape and Blaise shook their heads mutely, but Harry smiled and nodded. Dumbledore knew Harry could never resist a cup of honey tea.

Albus chuckled in joy as he prepared Harry's favoured tea and slid the white and yellow china cup to his favourite student, before sipping on his own peppermint tea. Sighing in pleasure he surveyed the angry and struggling Zabini Heir over the rim of his cup.

"Whatever is the matter, Mister Zabini? Surely you will not deny Harry a simple cup of tea?"

Blaise growled and Snape had to exert even more pressure upon Blaise's shoulders to keep him in his chair. Harry would have though it impossible to keep Blaise down seeing as he was a dominant Dracken and could rip Snape's arms from his sockets. Something seriously wasn't right.

"Albus, there is something about Mister Zabini that you should know about." Snape spoke over Blaise's growls.

Harry gasped. So Snape did know. He truly did know that he and Blaise were Drackens.

"Which would be what, Severus my boy?"

"Blaise is a dominant Dracken, a species of humanoid dragons."

"I am fully aware of what Drackens are, Severus. Several have passed through this fine school since my becoming Headmaster. However I am curious as to why this was kept a secret, it is the foundation rules of this school that all non-human students are to be made known to the Headmaster of the school upon their inheritance. If I remember rightly, then Drackens have their inheritance at sixteen. Why was I not informed of Mister Zabini's creature inheritance last year?"

"It was decided between myself and Marianna, Blaise's Mother, that Blaise's inheritance should be kept a secret due to his position in the school. The war with the Dark Lord was still raging when Blaise came into his inheritance, his Mother did not want her only child to be used as a weapon by the Dark Lord."

"Ah and of course, the more people who knew, the more danger of the secret getting out, naturally."

Dumbledore stroked his beard and Harry huddled down in his seat. He wanted to know what would happen to Blaise, what would happen to him seeing as he was a Dracken as well and hadn't informed the Headmaster upon his inheritance, regardless that he hadn't actually known about his creature status, nor the foundation rule of the school about informing the Headmaster about it.

"What does all of this have to do with Mister Potter?" Dumbledore asked seriously. Steepling his fingers over his half empty tea cup and looking sternly over his half-moon spectacles.

"He's mine!" Blaise burst out furiously.

"I came into an inheritance this summer, Sir, on the morning of my sixteenth birthday." Harry put in quietly. "I'm a submissive Dracken."

"Blaise, you know the laws!" Snape burst out furiously. "You could be killed over this!"

"Harry's worth it." Blaise answered defiantly.

"Think of your Mother!"

"Madre would agree with me!" Blaise hissed, his accent becoming more pronounced the angrier he got.

Snape took a deep breath and he sighed.

"You know that he cannot be kept a secret, Blaise. The laws are firm; all dominant Drackens need to prove themselves to a submissive."

"What?" Harry exclaimed in shock.

All eyes moved to him and he quivered, but remained staring back at them.

"The laws on this are clear, Potter. You have to be announced as a submissive Dracken and all dominant Drackens who are in search of a mate must prove themselves to you."

"But I don't want them to! I don't want another dominant! I want Blaise!"

Snape closed his eyes, a grimace taking over his face.

"You have already woven yourself into him, Blaise; I hope you are ready for the repercussions of this. You know the Counsel will punish you. Elder Getus' grandson has recently come into his inheritance as a dominant Dracken; he has been searching for a submissive for him since."

"Elder Getus' grandson can shove his inheritance up his arse! Harry is mine! No one is going to take him away from me! Not even the Counsel."

Snape swallowed as the look of pain on his face increased.

"You know that as a male submissive Potter will be highly sought after. That you did not immediately contact the Counsel upon finding him will be seen as a great injustice, Blaise."

"I don't care!" Blaise hissed.

"Why do they need to be informed that Mister Zabini has kept anything from them?" Dumbledore asked with a happy twinkle. "Wouldn't it be easier all around if Mister Zabini was to plead ignorance in this matter and I will contact the Counsel today and inform them that I have recently discovered a submissive Dracken in my school?"

Snape blinked once before he nodded. "This idea has merit, it could work if both of you are careful. Potter, you must act as though you and Blaise are not already mates and Blaise, you cannot under any circumstances attack another dominant for touching Potter. You must act like he isn't already your mate."

"How did we even become mates?" Harry asked timidly. "We didn't do anything."

Snape sighed and looked to him as if he were the stupidest slug in the barrel, which he probably was.

"Drackens do not need intercourse to become mates, Potter. It can happen suddenly or gradually, over time. In your case it happened suddenly, which indicates that you are a very strong submissive and that you are drawing in mates to yourself to keep your power grounded so it does not lash out and inadvertently kill someone."

"Our Drackens recognised each other as mates when I first licked you, Harry. We were mates from that first lick."

"I do not need to hear such information, Blaise." Snape cut in with a strong grimace. "What matters is that you are both mates and have to act like you are not, which is going to be monumentally difficult."

"Not really. When all the other Drackens come here all I have to do is touch Blaise and say that he's my mate."

"You cannot be so stupid, Potter!" Snape groused. "It isn't going to be that easy! All dominant Drackens have to congregate in one place before the process can even begin, you will have to put up with dominant Drackens trying to touch you and sweet talk you until then. They will say anything, will promise you everything to get you agree to be their mate. As the Dracken closest to you, Blaise will not be able to go near you until all other Drackens have arrived."

"But I like having Blaise near me."

"Do not whine, Potter. There is nothing that can be done about it."

"Harry my boy; I will do anything and everything I can to make this experience more comfortable and less traumatic for you. I believe that the submissive Dracken chooses the place of meeting so as to be in a comfortable, familiar place."

"Yes, that is correct." Snape answered promptly.

"Harry, it might prove beneficial to use Hogwarts as your meeting place, this way you cannot be harmed and I will have the Professors, the ghosts and the portraits looking out for you."

"Thank you, Professor, I wouldn't know what other place to use."

"If the submissive cannot come up with a meeting place then the congregation will be held at the Dracken Counsel Hall." Snape cut in.

"Now, this meeting will be a waste of time, so we must hasten it along as much as possible." Dumbledore stated. "We do not want the other students finding out, or the media getting a hold of the story."

"How do we hide this?" Snape asked.

"I will put up a makeshift house on the other side of the lake and heavily ward it. We need to control this as much as we can, with Harry not having a guardian this will be much more difficult, but as Harry's Headmaster and this being during the school year, I will be happy to act as your guardian Harry."

Harry nodded immediately.

"Blaise said that I was going to need more than just him as my dominant, why would this meeting be a waste of time if I need more than one mate?"

"Because you won't get all of the mates you need at once, Potter." Snape told him. "You get your first dominant after your inheritance and then your breeding cycle will start. After your first period of heat has ended, you may gain a second mate. If you require another mate, you will need a third meeting again after your next period of heat and so on until you have the required number of dominant mates."

"He will not have any more mates than necessary to impregnate him!" Blaise burst out, glaring at the Potions Professor.

"I've already told you I don't want any more dominants than I need to get a clutch of children!" Harry shouted back.

Blaise's glare switched to Harry and they stood there glaring at each other until Blaise growled so deeply that the sound reverberated through Harry's lungs. Harry dropped his head, satisfied that Blaise had gotten the message, but before he pushed his dominant as far as punishing him. Who said that he was too stupid to learn anything?

Harry smiled and looked up through his eyelashes at the dour Potions Professor. He could learn new things just as well as the next person, regardless of what anyone else said.

Blaise opened his arms and Harry happily walked into the circle of his dominant's arms. Those steel bands of muscle closed around him and immediately the feelings of peace, safety and protection washed over him, making all of his muscles relax and turned his body boneless. He had to admit that he loved the feeling of being cared for and protected, not that he'd tell Blaise that, at least, not so soon after they'd just met he wouldn't.

Their tea with Dumbledore had taken them well past lunch and after assuring the concerned old man several times that he wasn't actually being abused and that if Blaise even tried to take advantage of him or push him into something that he didn't want then he'd have his balls lodged into his chest cavity, the two of them, him and Blaise, were free to go.

Blaise nuzzled and licked at him gently all the way down the spiral stairs and groped him through the borrowed clothing.

"Blaise! Please control yourself, I'm starving."

That stopped Blaise in his tracks and his head shot up.

"You're hungry? I will catch us something to eat, I will not have my mate go hungry."

Harry shook his head and sighed. "Blaise, you can't catch a deer for me at two in the afternoon, not with little first years happily exploring the forbidden forest and fourth years daring each other to see who can go the furthest in, you'll be seen!"

"I will not have you going hungry, Prezioso. It goes against everything that I am as a dominant Dracken."

"Yeah, so we'll just go to the kitchens. Honestly, Blaise."

"I don't know where the kitchens are located, I know logically they are down near the Hufflepuff dormitories, it's the only place that they can possibly be located, but Draco, Theo and I couldn't find them when we went looking in our first and second years. We think that they might be warded to keep students out."

Harry smiled secretively. "Lucky that you have me then, because I found the kitchens and how to get into them."

"You are just full of surprises, Mio Prezioso."

"I know nearly all of the secret passages in this school, Blaise. Didn't Malfoy ever tell you about the time in Hogsmeade where my head suddenly appeared?"

"Yes he did. He ran straight to Professor Snape to tell him. It was never proven how you did that, or how you got past Filch."

"I know two passageways out of the school and into Hogsmeade." Harry told Blaise proudly.

"My clever little minx." Blaise cooed, nuzzling at his neck again.

"What is with you and my neck?" Harry asked, even as he tilted it to the side to give Blaise more access to it.

"You have the most beautiful neck that I have ever seen." Blaise answered, his lips a breath away from touching his skin.

Harry shivered and pressed closer to Blaise as those lips descended once again onto his neck, nibbling and licking.

"I want so badly to leave my mark upon you, but I can't." Blaise whispered. "The other Drackens would know immediately that you have been marked by someone else, it would ruin our entire plan."

Harry moved away from Blaise, even though he really didn't want to and he took his hand instead.

"We are almost at the kitchens." Harry told him as the familiar picture of the bowl of fruit came into sight."

"I have walked past here a thousand times and not once have I gotten a hint that the kitchens are near here."

Harry grinned as he reached out to tickle the pear in the fruit bowl. It let out the familiar, high pitched squealing giggle before it turned into a doorknob. Harry twisted it and pushed open the portrait, which had now become a door, with a flourish.

The exclamations and greetings from the house elves made Harry grin as he praised them and then kindly asked for a late lunch, early dinner with lots of rare meat. They happily accepted and sat him and Blaise down at a cloth covered table in the corner, before placing mounded plates in front of them.

"This is incredible." Blaise told him, looking around whilst eating the delicious meal in front of him.

"I felt the same way when I came here for the first time."

"Are those the house tables?"

"Yep, how did you think the food got to the tables so quickly? It doesn't just appear out of thin air at the feasts you know; the house-elves lay these tables with the food and then use their magic to make it pass up to the tables counterparts in the Great Hall which is directly above us." Harry explained.

Blaise shook his head with a wondrous smile on his face. "I had always wondered how that happened, Draco and I believed that it happened by magic, of course, but we had previously believed that it was the Headmaster's magic, not house-elves."

"Speaking of your friends, won't they miss you?"

"No. They are used to me going off on my own for a couple of hours every other day. What about Granger and Weasley, everyone in the school has noticed you have been separated from them, what happened, Harry?"

Harry sighed and stabbed his jacket potato with more force than was necessary.

"Ron got jealous after that newspaper article that wouldn't stop gushing about how amazing I was for defeating the Dark Lord last April. He said some hateful and hurtful things and well, I shouted back and then he said that I could stay alone forever with my fame and glory. That I would die a miserable, lonely old man and after that I told him I never wanted to speak to him again. Hermione sided with Ron because they're going out and she didn't want to do anything to jeopardise their relationship, she's loved him for a long time. I haven't spoken to either of them since May and they seem to be doing just fine without me."

Harry shrugged, trying for nonchalance even though inside the breaking down of their friendship was tearing him apart at the seams. They had been friends since they were eleven, four years was a long time for everything to just disappear overnight.

Blaise slipped around the table and held him close, stroking his hair and rubbing his side gently.

"You have me now, Prezioso and nothing will split us apart. We will find you as many dominants as you need and then we will start having clutches of children. We will be a family, Prezioso, I will ensure it."

"What if no other dominant wants me?" Harry asked insecurely.

Blaise laughed deeply and kissed Harry's little nose.

"Oh Harry, of course they will want you, they will be fighting and killing each other just to get your attention. Submissive Drackens do not remain unmated for long after their inheritance, Prezioso. You could have been the ugliest, stupidest, most pathetic submissive in the world and you would still have dominant Drackens flocking to you. Unfortunately for me, you are the most beautiful, intelligent, fertile and powerful submissive in the world, I am going to have to have dominance battles daily to keep you mine."

"I don't want you to be hurt."

"It is unavoidable, Harry. I will have to get into battles with the other Drackens to prove I am worthy of you, to prove that I can protect you and our young, it is inevitable that I will be hurt at some point, whether minor or majorly I cannot say for certain."

Harry did not like that at all. In fact he didn't like this entire situation at all. He didn't want other dominant Drackens flocking around him, touching him, groping him, he could look after himself, but he could barely stand up to Blaise, what if there was a more powerful, cruel dominant Dracken out there? How would Harry cope if he became his mate?

He would just have to get this whole debacle done and out of the way quickly. He still wanted Blaise as a mate at the end of this and he wanted him alive.

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