The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


32. Chapter Thirty-Two – Teaching Techniques

Harry was nervously sitting on the settee that he so loved, a cup of ginger tea in his hands. He had had a bout of sickness that morning and he was hoping that the ginger would calm his unsettled stomach down a little.

His nausea was more of a nervous thing than a pregnancy thing. It was the fifth of June, Draco's seventeenth birthday, and the elder Malfoys had held off their visit until now so that they could see their son on his coming of age birthday whilst Lucius Malfoy tied up some loose ends in work.

Max was sitting with him, Nasta opposite, as they had both taken the day off of work for Draco's birthday, something which had touched the blond as he had woken up to a pile of presents and breakfast in bed courtesy of Max.

When Draco had gotten a note with a solid gold and diamond wristwatch that his parents would be coming to see him and his chosen partners in person that afternoon he had looked at all four of them with dread. They had naturally asked what was wrong and Draco had told them. It was only Harry that was worried. Blaise didn't need to worry about a thing, he was Pureblooded and he had known the elder Malfoys for years, Max's Father, Myron was a very big political figure in the wizarding world and had met Lucius Malfoy on several occasions, along with Max, whom the blond seemed to at least tolerate if not like and Nasta was a Full-blooded Dracken, though his family claimed Fae and Valkyrie blood over Dracken as Faes and Valkyries were still legal in Britain, but he was still a Pureblooded magical creature that could stretch back generations, it was only Harry who was a Half-blood and the elder Malfoys didn't know that he had been invited back into the Pureblood circles…not yet.

Harry swallowed and took a shaky sip of his cooling tea, laying a steadying hand on his baby bump. He was now very, very big and walking had become a slight problem. Max was teasing the others by saying that the baby couldn't be anyone else's but his from the sheer size of the bump that Harry carried; Harry knew that most of the bump was water weight and that the baby would be lucky if he was five pounds in weight. Not that Harry was complaining about having a baby that was five pounds, it was better than having a baby so small that he wouldn't survive, but he had hoped for a seven pound baby, which with his body size had probably been too much to ask for.

A smart, curt knock on the portrait door had Harry letting out a small 'eep' and crawling, with difficulty, over Max and huddling into his other side, the one farthest from the door, as Draco strode purposefully to the portrait door and swung it open.

Harry caught a glimpse of two people with long blonde hair and ducked behind Max again. Max chuckled and threw a casual arm around Harry's neck and held him closely, protectively as Draco greeted his parents, who remarked on how well he looked.

"I have been very happy these past few months." Draco told them with a genuine smile which seemed to surprise them.

"I…I don't think I have seen you smile that way since you were six years old." Narcissa Malfoy exclaimed in slight shock.

"I have reason to smile now, Mother." Draco bowed his parents into the room and the elder Malfoys stopped as they surveyed the three other men in the room. None of them looked pregnant at all.

"If you would like to introduce us, Draco." Lucius Malfoy drawled slowly as he surveyed the room with narrowed eyes. If any one of these men were tricking his son into a relationship he would hold no reservations over teaching them a lesson with a few select curses. No one messed with a Malfoy and absolutely no one messed around with his only son.

"Of course Father, Mother. You no doubt remember Blaise?" Draco indicated the tall, slender man.

Lucius Malfoy nodded in polite acknowledgement whilst Narcissa offered a pale hand, which Blaise took, bowed over and kissed the back off like an old English gentleman as Harry watched. Oh shit if there was a certain protocol to this then he'd be completely stumped.

"This is Nasta Tabrien Delericey." Draco indicated next to Blaise, where Nasta rolled to his feet in such an elegant, graceful move it caught Harry's breath in his throat.

"Delericey?" Lucius Malfoy questioned in calculated surprise. "Your bloodline has creature blood in it."

"Yes it does." Nasta answered shortly, but politely, not elaborating.

Nasta stuck his hand out to Mister Malfoy and the older man stared at the appendage for a fraction of a second, before his own hand inched forward and curled around Nasta's larger one. They shook hands before Nasta turned and took Mrs Malfoy's hand and kissed it briefly.

"Draco dear, you said that one of your…partners was expecting a baby and that was some months ago." Narcissa coaxed as she looked at the three men before her, trying to find one of them which could possibly be pregnant, they all looked so big, so muscled and from Draco's letter his partner should be at least five, six months pregnant by now. None in this room looked the type to be a male carrier.

"Yes, five months pregnant with a baby boy." Draco's voice was so proud, so happy.

"Where is this five month pregnant partner, Draco?" Lucius asked.

Draco indicated the third and final man, he was the biggest, most muscled and his perfectly flat stomach was crunched by his posture as he sat curled in the settee. He was not five months pregnant.

"Just what is going on here?" Lucius hissed in icy fury. Whichever one of these men had cursed his son into believing he was going to be a Father to a non-existent baby was going to pay.

"This is Max and Harry." Draco introduced.

"You have named the child Harry?" Narcissa asked warily.

"What?" Draco asked confusedly. "No, we have yet to name the baby. Harry wishes to wait for the birth before we name him."

"I believe Mister Malfoy, Mrs Malfoy, that my position has caused some confusion." Max explained deeply as he stood to his feet. "I am Maximilius Diadesen Maddison."

"Myron Maddison's oldest son." Lucius nodded stiffly. "I recognised you from the last time we met."

Max smiled a bit forcedly as he turned and indicated the heavily pregnant boy-man behind him. "This is Harry."

"Draco, you said you only had three partners." Narcissa pointed out as she tried to come to terms with having four sons-in-law and no daughter-in-law, not even three sons-in-law anymore, but four.

"When I wrote that letter to you and Father, Mother, there were only three; Nasta joined us not too long after I sent the letter."

"Is that Potter?" Lucius demanded through partially gritted teeth, his hands flexing as more and more twists confused him and angered him.

Draco swallowed as he realised that things weren't exactly going to plan. He knew that his parents would be shocked and probably angry over him having Harry Potter as a sexual partner, but he had hoped that said Harry Potter being pregnant, possibly with the Malfoy Heir, would be enough to at least make them think about the idea first.

"That is my pregnant partner." Draco answered coolly. "Harry may be carrying the Malfoy Heir and even if he isn't this time, he's the only one who could possibly do so as I refuse to be with another. I'm happy with Harry; happy with all of them, Father and you won't take that away from me."

"I think your Father is just shocked, dear." Narcissa Malfoy cut in delicately as she laid a hand on her Husband's shoulder. "We were terribly shocked to hear you were in a relationship with three other men, to find out that three has now become four and that the last person we would have thought you would be in a relationship with is Harry Potter." Narcissa shook her blonde hair. "I think we may need some time and perhaps some Earl Grey tea to get our heads around the idea."

Narcissa sat herself primly on the settee adjacent to the one that Harry was sitting on with Max and Lucius regally sat next to her, diligently avoiding even so much as looking in Harry's direction. He talked politely with Max about his Father, whilst Blaise and Narcissa talked about how his Mother was doing with Josiah, her new Husband, it seemed that he was the longest running Husband to date, except for Maximiliano.

Draco served the tea, making sure to give Harry his in person and give him a loving kiss to the lips as his parents watched, though nothing obscene or too lingering. Draco's hands did however linger on his large stomach, caressing and stroking it.

Harry smiled and indicated with his eyes the photos on the mantel piece. Every one of his mates had had a photo taken with Harry and his pregnant belly and in the opposite side of the photo frame was the most clear of the scan photos. Max had thought it a brilliant idea to take his to work to show off, he had come home laden down with so many presents from his work colleagues that he had fallen over the rug and split open his chin. Nasta had mended the split in minutes and had decided, with a small smile, that his would remain on the work desk in the corner of the room that he had taken over. Blaise's was on the bedside table and Draco's was on the mantel piece, Harry had gifted his picture of his pregnant self and the scan photo to Mrs Weasley, who had written back a tearstained letter thanking him profusely.

Draco took the photo down and handed it to his parents, Lucius Malfoy stared at the happiness he could see in both boys as his son held Potter in his arms and hugged that large stomach to himself. He tried not to think that that belly could be carrying the future of his line.

"The baby looks adorable, Draco." Narcissa commented as the silence stretched for longer than socially acceptable. "Are you having a hard pregnancy, Pot…Harry?"

"I don't know. This is my first pregnancy." Harry replied snidely.

Draco sighed as if he had known it was coming. But really what had he expected? Harry thought. Narcissa was making more of an effort than her Husband, who had yet to look at him, but it wasn't much more effort, it was clear to him that she would prefer all of the other three to be with Draco than just him on his own.

"Harry is having a relatively easy time of his pregnancy, Mother." Draco told her, sipping his own tea, trying to salvage the situation. Too bad Harry was now in a vile mood.

"You try sticking your head down the toilet every morning and see what an easy time you have of it! Not to mention the miscarriage scare, yeah I'm having a breeze with it!" Harry hissed. Max placed a hand on the top of his head, his fingers spread, not yet clenching into a fist, but giving him a warning to watch his mouth.

"I am sorry to hear you are still suffering from morning nausea." Lucius told him smoothly, looking into the depths of his tea cup. Harry's hands clenched in anger.

"I'll just bet you are."

Max's hand closed into a tight fist, pulling his hair tight to his scalp and Harry's fingertips ached to reform into claws, to swipe at his mate until he let go. He was however still considerate of Draco, who had yet to tell his parents that he and his…partners were all magical creatures, though Nasta was already out as a magical creature, just the wrong one.

Max picked him up and he was carried through to the bedroom, Harry remained silent as he glared sullenly at Max's shirt. There was a triangle wedge of flesh showing at the top of the shirt where the top two buttons were undone. Max had an amazing chest.

Max sat on the bed and cradled Harry like a baby so they were looking at each other.

"What's wrong, Harry? Why are you ruining Draco's chance at getting his parents to accept all of us?"

"Because I don't think they will accept me. You, Nasta and Blaise have no problems; the baby has a better chance at being accepted than I do."

"And that makes you jealous?"

"It makes me sad and upset, so I hide it behind anger."

Max sighed and held him closer.

"I don't like being rejected, Max. I hate not being accepted, it makes me think back to…"

Harry cut himself off abruptly as he realised what he was about to say, what he had been about to admit. He took in as deep a breath as he could, held the almost painful amount of air in his lungs, before blowing it out in a harsh sigh.

"Back to when, Harry?" Max asked him, looking at him with a piercing gaze from those gorgeous blue eyes. Harry hoped that when he and Max had a baby, that that baby would take Max's eyes.

"To primary school." Harry partially lied quickly. It hadn't been what he had been about to say, but it was still true, he hadn't been accepted in primary school.

"What happened?" Max asked softly, coaxingly.

All of his mates had been trying to pry information from him since his major mess up with the cupboard incident. It had made them realise that they knew next to nothing about his home life or his family and that didn't sit right with them at all and they had begun asking questions. Hard, awkward questions that were difficult to answer without downright lying to them, something which Harry had vehemently decided not to do.

"I was the little odd kid." Harry answered eventually. "Small, shy, a bit of a geek really. I liked reading and often spent a lot of time in the library. I only went there in the first place because they poked fun at me because of my hair and my glasses."

Max smiled softly, he loved the photo that Harry had shown them of an eleven year old Harry arm in arm with the traitor Ron and the girl Hermione, who was growing on him slightly. She was a bit like a fungus, always there, always noticeable, but not always appreciated. But he had gone on a tangent, Harry had looked so sweet, so shyly endearing in his large, baggy jumper, round framed glasses and cheeky grin. He would have loved to see Harry in those glasses, but Harry had told them that he had happily snapped them in two when he had come into his inheritance. He supposed that after fourteen years of being practically blind and dependant on them had empowered Harry when he no longer needed them to see.

"Children can be very cruel without really meaning it." Max told him gently. "Blunt to the bone and as unforgiving as a scorned woman."

Harry huffed out a breath and smiled. Max was relieved to see that smile. He hated seeing Harry upset, and hearing that his tiny mate had been bullied in primary school pulled at every protective tendon in his body. Though it was long past and he knew that he couldn't really attack a bunch of kids for past mistakes, he still longed to do so.

Harry knew just how cruel children could be; he had spent his life living with the biggest, meanest, cruellest kid in Surrey. Dudley and his friends had made his childhood a nightmare that couldn't be escaped by simply waking up.

"I used to love, yet hate school all at once. Once upon a time I used to love learning, used to love reading and writing, yet I hated the other kids with their jeers and taunts, their kicks and punches. One girl used to always pull my hair, a boy used to bite me every time he saw me and a different boy used to take my glasses off of me and hide them so I couldn't see. I retreated into myself, into books, but once the other kids realised that I wasn't hiding in a far corners of the playground and was actually in the library, they tattled on me because we weren't allowed in the library during break times. I was banned from the library and it was about then that I just stopped caring. I didn't care about learning anymore; I didn't care about books or school. It wasn't long after that I found out I was a wizard and I got to come here. My mind set didn't really change though. I mean it was interesting to learn magic and to practice spells, but my passion for reading just never flared again, now I'd rather burn a book than read it."

Max held Harry close as his heart ached. That Harry had been driven from his love of reading by other children saddened him. He twisted his body around and reclined against the pillows. He let Harry wriggle around until the entire lengths of their bodies were pressed together. He picked up a book from the pile on the shared bedside table accidentally knocking something that belonged to someone else onto the floor, really there weren't enough bedsides for them to have a table each, but it was a nice, fleeting thought. Max sighed as he rolled with a complaining Harry, reaching down to pick up what he had knocked off and replacing it on its precarious position on the corner of the bedside table.

Harry was confused as to what was happening until Max opened the book to the first page and started reading aloud. He smiled and chuckled softly so he didn't disturb the story. He settled down to listen as Max's deep voice read the story, his voice changing tone or pitch as he spoke the lines of the different characters, his tone inflecting excitement or sorrow at the situations and Harry hoped that this wasn't just a one off experience.

He fell asleep holding his belly. Max stopped reading as the soft sleeping noises reached him. He bookmarked the page and just lay on the bed holding Harry as he slept peacefully. He entertained the thought of joining Harry in sleep but a commotion from the other room pulled a sigh from his throat.

He rolled Harry onto his other side and gave him the body pillow that Harry now needed to sleep properly on his side due to the baby bump. He tucked Harry in and jogged as quietly and as quickly as he could into the living room as the ruckus grew louder.

"What is going on here?" He demanded as he looked from Draco to his Father, who were both red faced and angry. "Harry has just fallen asleep. He and the baby need to rest."

"Excuse me for disturbing precious Potter's sleep after finding out my only son is a creature!" Lucius Malfoy breathed harshly.

"That is my mate you are speaking ill of." Max growled.

"All of you?" Narcissa breathed, pressing a hand to her breast, looking at Blaise in particular.

Blaise shrugged. "Mother is a Dracken as well. My father was too."

"My entire family are Drackens." Nasta spoke.

"My Mother and Fathers are, only my brother and I are Drackens out of my siblings." Max stated a tad harshly.

"But my son. My son!"

"I am sorry that I wasn't born human enough for you, Father, but I am what I am. You knew, you knew when you married Mother that there was a chance that I could be a Dracken. That any child you had with her could be a Dracken, or really any other number of creature as it seems the Black family had them all at one time or another. Harry and I get our Dracken blood from the same ancestor, Cygnus Black. You knew that there was Dracken blood in the Black lines before I was even conceived so don't act like it's a surprise to you now!"

"You gave no indication that you were a magical creature!" Lucius hissed. "A year, an entire year that you have known where I have not!"

"Is that all that is bothering you?" Nasta asked softly, before anyone could say anything else.

"Yes it bothers me! My son was a magical creature for an entire year and he didn't see fit to tell me!"

"In his defence Draco didn't know how you would react." Max stated as he strode forward and placed a supporting hand on Draco's broad shoulder. "He was afraid of disownment and abandonment when he had no other place to go. It was only since he found us and he became part of our family and was assured a place to stay should things take a turn for the worse that he grew enough courage to tell you."

Lucius Malfoy looked about fit to burst when Narcissa placed a calming hand on her Husband's shoulder.

"I think it best if we left to calm down; we expect to see you this summer, Draco darling." Narcissa held up a hand when it looked like her son was about to speak. "I know your…mate, is pregnant and that Dracken pregnancies only last a maximum of seven months, but we still expect to see our son. You should have known better than to have thought we would disown you over this, it isn't like you are a diseased creature like a werewolf or a vampire. Drackens are a perfectly acceptable creature to have in a blood line, as you have said we knew there was a chance that you could be a Dracken, but when you displayed no signs of having a creature inheritance after your sixteenth birthday we thought that we knew that you hadn't had one, to hear now that you had hid such an important and large part of your life from us hurts, Draco. We need time to come to terms with what has happened and the large amount of information that has been bestowed upon us; I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday."

Draco watched as his parents left his private rooms and he swallowed back the emotion that was trying to build up in the back of his throat. He felt blank, empty, like something should have been there but it wasn't. Max wrapped his arms comfortingly around Draco and kissed his neck.

"It's alright, Draco love. Everything's alright."

Draco bit his tongue to stop any sound from coming out of his mouth and almost lost his grip on his emotions when Max turned him around and held him to his chest, there were only three inches difference in their heights, but at that moment Draco felt about two feet tall and Max seemed huge and safe and comforting.

Nasta held him from behind and Blaise wormed his way into the middle with him, holding him just like the only other time his best friend had had to hold him, when the Dark Lord had threatened to kill his Mother and Father when his Aunt Bellatrix and her Husband had taken refuge in their home.

Harry woke up groggy and uncomfortable; he hated sleeping during the day. He crawled out of the bed, keeping a death grip on the bedside table when he stumbled slightly.

He made his way down the narrow stairs on his bum, he didn't want to risk walking, from there he went into the bathroom first to do his business and to wash his face a little and then from there he went to the living room.

"Why didn't you call one of us?!" Draco demanded as soon as he walked through the door. "What if you had fallen down the stairs?"

"I went down on my bum." Harry said, still too groggy to fight or argue as he collapsed onto Blaise and curled around his lover.

Blaise smiled and kissed him gently. "Did you have a good sleep, Mio amore?"

Harry nodded and snuggled in tighter as Blaise wrapped his arms tighter around him, before diving back into his discussion with Nasta about languages. Blaise was very impressed by how many languages Nasta could read, write and speak in.

"It was my Father's fault." Nasta said fondly. "He works out of the country often and when we were little he took us with him, I was always very interested in foreign languages, I wanted to know what everyone around me was saying. Dad told me that if I wanted to know so badly then I should take the time to learn the language."

"So you did."

Nasta nodded with a small smile on his lips. "Since I have gotten older, I've grown a certain…preference for obscure or ancient languages. Ones that are hard to learn or are not well known or used."

"I can speak fluently in French, which is my first language…"

"I thought Italian was your first language?" Harry piped up from his place tucked under Blaise's arm, lying against his chest.

"No. French is my first language, though really I learnt French and English at the same time, but I learnt the French words first as that was where I was living. It was only when I found out my Father and his family were Italian that I asked my Mother to teach me. My reasoning was that if they knew that I was committed to them enough to learn their language then they would come and meet me, but they never did. I doubt they even know I learnt Italian just for them."

Harry moved his arms to wrap around Blaise and held him comfortingly.

"It's alright, Blaise. At least you can actually use the languages you know. Unlike me. The only other language I know and it's completely dead and no one else can even speak it or understand it."

"What do you mean?" Nasta asked with an expression of eagerness on his face. "Do you know an obscure language, Harry?"

"Oh it's definitely obscure, rare, ancient and very little known."

"What is it?" Nasta asked, almost on the edge of his seat, leaning towards Harry with such a look on his face that Harry couldn't bear to tease him anymore.

"I can speak Parseltongue. You must have heard that I'm a Parselmouth?"

"It isn't well known, Harry." Blaise told him as Nasta looked like he would either faint or possibly orgasm.

"You can speak Parseltongue?" Nasta asked weakly.

"Speak it, hear it, understand it, I don't know if I can write it though, but then I've never tried."

"You mean you can speak with snakes?" Max asked as he popped over to them with a tea tray of cups for them.

"Yes. I got it from Voldemort when he attacked me as a baby. Dumbledore and I had hoped that when he died, the ability would disappear with him, but it didn't. I guess once you're a Parselmouth, you're always a Parselmouth, I mean it's very hard to forget it once you know it."

"Please teach me." Nasta begged. "I'll be an attentive student; I swear I'll learn to the best of my capabilities."

"I don't know if I can." Harry replied sincerely, looking at Nasta's devastated face with a pain in his heart. "I didn't even know that I was a Parselmouth until I was told. It sounds like English to me, but I can definitely try to teach you."

Nasta's smile was sun shaming and Harry felt his stomach clench as he carefully eased himself up and moved to sit next to Nasta, only to be pulled down onto his mate's lap and cuddled and kissed. Harry chuckled and kissed Nasta's stubbled cheek.

"Here, Harry." Max handed him a cup of honey tea, exactly how he liked it and Harry kissed Max gently.

"Thank you, Maxie."

Max rolled his eyes fondly at the nickname. He went back to his kitchen that was perfectly organised once more after Harry had demolished the cupboards; only the top cupboard was left empty for Harry to store the baby things in when they came back after the summer holidays, which would be starting next week.

Harry hadn't felt any more urges to dismantle anything or organise any more baby clothes, he was feeling mellow and calm. Like he had all the time in the world, like there was nothing he needed to do, so he was taking advantage of it and doing nothing.

"Right, Nas, before we even start, the first thing I need is a snake. I've never been able to speak it without a real snake."

"You want us to let a real snake near you and the baby?" Draco asked.

"Not a venomous one. Just a real snake or a picture that looks life like, just something that looks like a bloody snake."

"I have a snake in my lab." Max answered. "I use the shed skin in my potions."

"That one will do." Harry said with a smile.

Max grinned and with a blown kiss to them all he left the room and went to go and get his snake. Harry would always appreciate that his mates would do such things for him. He vowed that he would return the favour for them.

Max didn't take long at all and within twenty minutes he was back, holding a small carrying case. He put it on the coffee table and opened it, extracting a small, dull brown snake.

Harry held it and cooed at it until it sleepily opened his eyes, they were a bright yellow.

"Hello there." Harry cooed ignoring the gasps and jumps his mates gave as he started hissing.

"You are not the same as me." Was what the little snake replied, his tongue flicking in and out rapidly, tasting Harry's scent.

"No, I can just speak to snakes."

The snake coiled around his wrist and began exploring him, his dry scales rubbing against Harry's smooth skin.

"This is amazing." Nasta breathed as he listened and watched, taking in how Harry's mouth and tongue moved when he was speaking.

"It seems very difficult to speak." Blaise commented. "Almost unnatural in the way your mouth moves."

Harry cocked his head to the side. "I never noticed before, it's as natural as breathing to me."

"I wonder if the baby will gain the ability of Parseltongue." Draco put in. "The ability is supposedly passed down through the genes, but you didn't gain the ability through genes, so would our children?"

"Huh, I'm not sure. We'll have to wait and see." Harry replied as he laughed at the snake, who was insulting the loud, fleshy mammals.

"What is it saying?" Nasta asked interestedly.

"He." Harry corrected. "He's very funny really, in a sarcastic way. He thinks you're all loud, fleshy mammals."

"I supposed it would be impossible to understand Parseltongue, but I would be content to just learn how to speak it, other's wouldn't know that I can't actually understand the language, you are probably one of a handful of Parselmouths left in the world."

"I think that it was just me and Voldemort who were the only ones in Britain." Harry stated as he played with the little snake, yawning before taking a deep drink of tea.

Nasta cuddled him and his hands rested on his baby bump, smiling widely as the baby fluttered against his palms.

One hand came up and rested over Harry's lips as he talked and Harry gave a part annoyed, part curious look to Nasta.

"It's how I pick up languages so quickly. Feeling the movement of the mouth as the person speaks, it is a trick toddlers use to pronounce words properly. I use it so I can feel how the mouth moves on each syllable so I can recreate it."

Harry turned back to conversing with the snake, Nasta's hand over his mouth, not restricting his breathing, not even pressing hard, but it was there, touching his mouth. Harry tried not to think too hard on how many people's mouths Nasta had placed the same hand over.

It took an hour until Nasta felt confident enough to try speaking just one word and Harry strived his absolute hardest to stop his laughter as the one word came out mangled and indistinct.

"How did I do?" Nasta asked.

"Not bad for a first try." Harry encouraged. "Try it again. Open."

"Open what?" The small brown snake asked irritably.

Harry grinned, before giving his undivided attention back to Nasta, whose mouth worked exceedingly hard to form the one, single, simple word.

Nasta once again failed to grasp the one word, but he seemed determined to get it right as he once again had Harry say 'open' with his hand over his mouth.

"There are no complicated sounds in Parseltongue." Harry said. "It's all soft, flowing words, no matter how harsh they may sound."

Harry grinned as inspiration struck and he peeled Nasta's hand from his mouth and pressed his lips lightly to Nasta's once again saying 'open'.

"I want to learn Parseltongue as well." Max informed him as he watched them with burning eyes as they remained lip locked, speaking against the other's lips.

"Open." Harry hissed against Nasta's mouth.

"Open." Nasta hissed back, slightly sloppily and a tad imperfect, but Harry threw his arms around his oldest mate and kissed him in pride.

"Well done, Nasta!"

Nasta grinned in pride and self-accomplishment.

"It didn't sound the same as what you said." Blaise stated curiously.

"It was never going to." Nasta replied. "I am not a natural speaker and Parseltongue is one of the most difficult languages to learn along with Mermish and Gobbledegook. You have to be a born Parselmouth to be a true speaker; I am merely imitating what Harry is saying, I could never hope to understand the meaning of the words. What did I actually say, though?"

"Open." Harry shrugged.

"Why open?" Max asked.

"It was really the first word I learnt after finding out that I was a Parselmouth. Well apart from the whole duelling club, snake incident, which I never got to thank you for, Draco."

Draco grinned unapologetically. "You can blame Professor Snape for that. He is the one who taught me the spell and he's the one who told me to use it during the duel."

Harry huffed and he settled himself back to straddling Nasta's lap, who was very happy to have him there. Harry pressed his palm against the burning length of cloth and Nasta's breath caught in his throat.

"You are a creature of infinite burning, carnal desire, Mister Delericey." Harry stated all uppity and correct.

Nasta laughed and snuggled into his neck. "You're adorable, Harry. I know you don't like to think you are, but you really are."

Harry huffed again and stood up, flicking Nasta's ear. "To think that I was going to give you a blow job as a reward for learning your first Parseltongue word."

Nasta's grin fell away quicker than it had come. Harry laughed.

"Oh hell, who am I kidding, you can still have one." Harry stated with a wink and he fell to his knees in front of Nasta, who seemed to be having trouble breathing.

Harry flicked open the button of Nasta's trousers and lowered the zip, tugging them down to the floor, ignoring the protests from his other mates as he parted Nasta's boxers and pulled him free of the cotton fabric.

Missing Scene

Harry beamed up at his mates and the sent a sly look to Draco, who had barely touched Nasta at all, only a few brushes against Nasta's thigh. He had promised to make Draco more comfortable around them all and true Draco had become far more comfortable when sleeping in a bed with them and cuddling with clothes, but sex was still unchartered territory.

Harry pulled Draco to him and kissed him lovingly.

"It's still your birthday, Draco, how about another present?" Harry grinned sinfully.

"Do you come gift wrapped?" Draco asked huskily.

"I'm sure I could turn a bed sheet into a bow around my body if you want to unwrap me." Harry purred seductively, watching as Draco's eyes went a deep grey.

Harry kissed Draco passionately as he was pulled up from the floor to straddle the blond's lap. Max had shifted over so that he was behind Draco and Blaise had gotten up and moved until he was the other side of Draco.

Harry felt the tension grip at Draco as he realised that he was encased in men on all sides and kissed him softer, stroked that blond hair away from those lust darkened eyes.

"We love you, Draco." He whispered. "Let us show you how very much we love you."

"I don't think I'm ready."

"You are ready, Draco, you just won't admit to it, my love." Harry replied. "None of us are going to hurt you, we want to pleasure you and I'm sorry, but I can't have sex until after our son is born, I have to make do with hand and blow jobs and watching my lovers make love to each other. I don't like seeing you left out when we play, I don't want you to be left out."

"Just try it, Draco, if you don't like it, then we promise that we'll stop immediately, but just try it first. Hell, I bottomed to Nasta." Max pointed out. "I'd never bottomed to anyone before then, the heat washed away most of my nervousness, but I remember the pain of first entry, it felt like a little pinch, just a small burning pain before the pleasure started, Nasta really is an amazing lover."

"I lost my virginity to Blaise and he was gentle as well, but the first entry really was like a pinch now that I think about it. It burns, but that's friction more than anything."

"But you both lost your virginity during the heat, I can't bring myself to do it with the numbing of the heat, how can I possibly do it without." Draco said.

"Actually Harry and I had sex before the first heat, Harry didn't want his first time to be, oh what was it, Harry? 'Fuelled by instinct without your free will'"

Harry chuckled. "Yeah. I had no idea what the heat would feel like or what it would be like, it turned out to be nothing like I was expecting, but still. I wanted to lose my virginity at a time when I could remember it perfectly, not numbed or blurred by the heat."

"You are thinking too much about it, Draco." Nasta soothed. "It will be the most wondrous, pleasurable sensation you will feel."

"I don't see you bottoming to anyone." Draco mumbled.

Nasta laughed deeply. "I am no virgin, Draco. To either women or to men. I would bottom to each and every single one of you if you asked for it. I am not shy and I am very comfortable in my skin and in my masculinity. Bottoming to others is no hardship and it doesn't bother me in the slightest."

Draco swallowed and seemed to be internally debating with himself. Harry kissed him gently.

"If you don't want to do it, Draco then don't feel like we are pressuring you, this is your birthday, it'll be your present, you can have any one of us however you like."

"Except for Harry." Max added sternly. "No sex for you until after our baby boy is born."

"Don't keep reminding me, my balls are so swollen through lack of sex that they're bigger than a snitch."

That broke the tension and they all started laughing.

"I'll try it." Draco announced as they were wiping their tears of laughter away. He sounded braver than he looked. He looked paler than usual, but he also looked determined, as if he were going to face his deepest fear.

Nasta scooped Draco up and carried him shouting and raving to the bedroom. Harry got carried behind them by Blaise, who kissed and laved his neck with his tongue.

"This is a momentous occasion." They heard Nasta saying. "Losing your virginity to one of us demands a bed, not a settee, no matter how comfortable, and certainly not the floor. We will do this properly in a bed or not at all."

"Have you decided who gets the honour?" Harry asked with a grin, settling himself on the bed in the perfect position to see everything.

"No, I guess I don't really care, I just want this first time over and done with and I'll either do it again or it will never be spoken of again."

"Nasta it is then." Max grinned, settling himself on the pillows and pulling Draco between his legs.

"What?" Draco demanded confusedly as he was forced backwards onto Max's naked body.

"I'm here to comfort you and to distract you." Max answered as Harry struggled to get his trousers off, he wasn't used to the severely elasticated waistline.

Blaise helped Harry remove his trousers after he had removed his own clothes, his tanned, olive toned skin bared to the room, it looked glorious.

Missing Scene

Nasta moved them until all of them were cuddled closely together. Harry was in the very middle, Blaise was on one side and Draco was on the other. Nasta cradled Blaise to his chest, hand resting on Harry's belly. Max was spooning Draco, his arms wrapped around all of them.

"That was fucking amazing." Harry commented when he felt that he could speak again.

Blaise chuckled seductively. "How did you like being on top?"

"Eh. I like being fucked better, but it was one hell of a ride. How did you find it, Draco?"

"I prefer fucking, but hell I don't know why you always complain after sex."

"Wait until the morning." Harry grinned, turning over and snuggling into his pillow, smothering a yawn.

"You can apply the cream tomorrow; you won't have the soreness for long." Nasta assured him as he brushed Draco's hair out of his eyes before replacing his hand on Harry's belly, the baby was still.

Harry closed his eyes feeling sated, happy and blissfully boneless. He gave a final yawn and he was asleep within minutes. One by one the rest of his mates followed suit, all of them cuddled together under the duvet.

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