The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


33. Chapter Thirty-Three – Going Home

The school term was coming to an end and with it Harry's anxieties were building. Did the Dursleys know that he wasn't going to their house with them? What if they showed up on the platform and made a scene about him and his mates?

Blaise handed him a cup of ginger tea and a handful of ginger newts because he had thrown up that morning, again it was more than likely due to nerves than morning sickness. He hated not knowing what was going to happen.

Since that night where they had all joined together and Draco had finally come to trust them all everything had become peaceful and just amazing. They were all getting on so much better and Max was so happy as he watched them all interact, he was happy that everyone was happy. Max put everything he had into family, whether it was his blood family or his new mated family and seeing all of them relaxing with one another gave him a huge feeling of peace.

Harry smiled as he watched Nasta run an affectionate hand through Draco's hair, only for the blond to glare at him and try to 'fix' the out of place strands. Only a month ago Draco would have growled, bitched and tried to swipe at Nasta for doing the same thing and before then none of them would've dared to touch Draco's hair.

"Is your house ready?" Nasta called out to Max, who was unsurprisingly in the kitchen cleaning up the mess from lunch.

"I'm not a messy person, what are you trying to say?" Max asked back with a grin. "Of course the house is ready."

It had been decided that they would all be going to Max's house for the summer holidays. Blaise's Mother had been enthusiastic to have them all in her house in France, but Blaise was worried about them getting intimate and forgetting silencing charms and he had admitted with a blush that his Mother often forgot silencing charms as well.

Draco's parents had been coolly polite to them all, they hadn't shunned Draco at all, but neither were they overly accepting, so none of them even suggested they stay with the elder Malfoys. Nasta had a small, one person apartment that barely fitted the six foot six inch man let alone more than two people, so his place was out, which only left Max's beautiful, modest house.

The Dursleys had been brought up as a place to stay, but Harry had stemmed his panic and had patiently pointed out that they were Muggles; that he was a pregnant male so he wouldn't be able to go outside at all due to the unknowing Muggle neighbours and that the Dursleys lived in a small, four bedroomed suburban home that wouldn't fit all of them, the baby and the Dursleys. Harry had also expressed his doubt at anything bigger than a carrycot, let alone a crib fitting in his childhood bedroom, which brought Harry's mind back to his cupboard and his Uncle's last threat before he left for Hogwarts that come the summer he would be back in it.

Max lived in a three bedroomed house in near enough the middle of nowhere. His next door neighbour was three miles away on either side and there was a beautiful orchard that surrounded the back of the house. Or so Harry had been told.

Max had bought it for the privacy it offered if he wanted to walk around in his full Dracken glory or just go flying. They were hoping that Harry would give birth at Max's and not in September when school was in session because Harry could nest from anywhere between a day to a month and a half before he actually gave birth and taking a month off of school was going to be one hell of a hardship.

Amelle had yet to actually give birth, even though she was still in her nest. Max had told them that Caesar was having one hell of a time giving her fresh food to eat as she tried to gouge out his eyes and throat every time he approached her nest. Max had explained that Amelle didn't recognise Caesar as her mate, that she was reacting purely instinctively to the presence of another Dracken to protect her nest and her baby.

Harry hoped to god that he didn't remain in the nest for as long as Amelle had, scratching and spitting at his mates as they tried to feed him enough to keep him strong enough to deliver his baby. He wanted to go in his nest, preen a bit, have his baby and then come back out again. He didn't want it to last more than two days at the most, but he knew realistically that it could take an average of four days to a week for his body to be prepared enough to birth after he started nesting.

Harry sighed and pushed it from his mind, there was no use thinking about it now. He still had at least a month and a half yet before he started building a nest.

"I can't wait until the exam results are out." Draco said a bit randomly as he sat reading a book, but seemingly unable to focus on it.

Harry grinned at the confession, before they had all swapped roles that night Draco wouldn't have dared admit his excitement over such a little thing, it just wasn't how he was brought up, but since that night everything had changed and Draco was coming further and further out of his shell.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. You're too intelligent to have anything less than straight Os." Nasta comforted easily as he bent down and kissed the top of Draco's head.

Draco batted him away amid chuckles from Nasta as he once again got every strand of silky, baby fine, blond hair back in place.

Harry felt a small push to his midsection and placed a calming hand on his bump, rubbing soothing circles to relax his baby.

"Are you alright?" Max asked as he appeared over the back of the settee.

"Fine." Harry answered with a beaming smile which left Max visibly breathless.

Harry took that large hand and pressed it where he could feel the baby moving around.

"He's active today." Max commented as he rubbed lightly.

"I'd rather he be active during the day that at night when I'm trying to sleep. He's been very good actually, though I think he'll be a morning person."

"How can you tell?" Draco asked.

"He lies still during the night, but every single morning he never fails to give me a good kick to wake me up, it's like he knows instinctively when the sun is rising and he knows it's time to get up. Sometimes it's just the one kick to let me know he's awake, but more often than not he bounces around and I have to get up."

Max chuckled right next to his ear and Harry shivered. He couldn't wait until his son was born so he could start having sex again. He had enjoyed topping Blaise, but he didn't really fancy doing it all that often, he just wasn't that keen on it.

"What time are we leaving?"

"Tomorrow morning." Nasta replied. "About seven o'clock so make sure you've packed everything."

"Can we just leave our school stuff here? Obviously taking our homework, but everything else can stay can't it?" Harry asked. "I mean, these are our rooms, we'll be coming back to them next term."

"That might actually be a good idea." Nasta agreed. "But make sure you have all of your other stuff packed and don't 'accidentally' leave your homework assignments here either because I will floo back just to get them and I won't be happy about it."

Harry grinned as he knew that Nasta didn't mean for him to pack anything. His mates were now very, very overprotective of him and their baby boy and he had actually been forbidden from doing any heavy lifting, which meant anything heavier than a paperback book. There was to be no bending over, not that he could anyway with the size of his stomach, he wasn't allowed to sit down or stand up unaided, which again was nearly impossible without help so he didn't mind that rule. Then there was standing up for longer than a couple of minutes, which was alright by him again as his feet were now very sore and sometimes they swelled if he was stood up for too long, which normally got him a foot rub from Blaise which was actually quite nice and he absolutely was not allowed to go up or down the stairs, he had to be carried, which was the only rule that Harry had a problem with really as he had tried to maintain as much independence as possible and he could still shuffle down the stairs on his bum, he just couldn't get up them.

He got revenge on his mates though during the middle of the nights when their baby boy was sleeping on his bladder and he needed to get up for a wee. He shook one of them awake, going through them all in turns, to carry him up and down the stairs to the bathroom. They didn't complain, but they were groggy and a bit ill-tempered the next morning.

All Harry had to do as he watched his mates pack up the belongings that they were taking with them was supervise. He made sure all of the baby clothes were packed up carefully and that all of the things he needed were in the suitcases that Nasta had brought home from work yesterday. Max had been flooing their things to his house all day and it was with a heavy heart that Harry looked at their bare rooms.

They were barren, barely anything in them at all. It looked like it had never been inhabited and a small pang of pain resonated through his body. These were his rooms; they shouldn't look like he had never been here.

"What's the matter, Harry?" Draco asked concernedly as Harry looked around with a lost, hurt expression on his face.

"These are our rooms, ours, they shouldn't look like this, all bare and clean and tidy." Harry murmured softly.

Nasta blinked before his eyes widened. "Harry, are you attached to these rooms?" He asked seriously.

"Of course. Me and Blaise moved into these rooms just after we mated, I lost my virginity here, I had my first proper Christmas with Blaise here, all of you joined us in these rooms and we all made love here for the first time. These rooms are special, symbolic really, these are my rooms! I hate seeing them like this, they don't feel right."

"Oh hell." Max cursed, cottoning on to what Nasta had been getting at. "You're attached to the rooms!"

"So?" Harry bit out hotly. "Forgive me if some of the best times of my life were in these rooms; forgive me if I like living in these rooms with the four men that I will spend the rest of my life with…"

"No, Harry, you're attached to these rooms whilst you're pregnant. There is a possibility that you will try to get back here by any means necessary when you feel ready to birth. That you will try to nest here because you are so attached to these rooms."

That stopped Harry short and he looked around him. He loved these rooms, he really did, but they were so impractical to give birth in, there wasn't a high place for him to build a proper nest, there wasn't enough coverage to hide him from predators, no place for him to give birth to his child safely, no these rooms would not do, he would have to find somewhere else.

Harry gasped and covered his mouth with his hand as his eyes went wide. He was searching for a place to nest! He couldn't be ready to give birth yet, it was too soon! Far too soon!

"Harry? What's wrong, are you going to be sick?"

He shook his head mutely. He peeled his hand away from his mouth and looked at the four men in front of him, his body shaky and pale.

"I've just realised that I'm looking for a suitable nesting place." Harry answered. "I want to build my nest."

All of their eyes widened and almost simultaneously looked down at his bulge. Max shook his head.

"It's too soon." He said.

Harry shook with fear, what would happen to his baby son if he nested too early and gave birth too early?

"It's alright, Harry." Nasta soothed. "You can't stop your instincts; do you want to nest here?"

"No. Not here. There's not enough coverage, not enough height, it's too open to predators, I don't want to nest here." Harry answered.

"That's something at least." Nasta sighed in relief.

"We'll get you to my home soon, love, we'll see if you can find a more suitable place to nest there." Max told him, giving him a tight, reassuring hug.

"I think I need to sit down." Harry told Max a bit breathlessly.

Immediately the backs of his thighs were seized and he was pulled up into Max's arms, being held securely and easily before he was placed carefully on the settee. A glass of water was given to him and Harry sipped it. He felt better for it.

"Why do I want to build a nest now? I have a month at least before I start nesting."

"No one really knows what time they'll start nesting, Harry." Max answered. "My Mum only nested for a week with Talia, but she nested for three solid months before she gave birth to Alayla. It differs with the pregnancy, how many babies there are, when you're going to go into labour, there are far too many factors to clue in to even attempt to make an accurate guess."

"But I'm only four months pregnant!" Harry pointed out with fright.

Max hugged him again and kept hold of him, rubbing his back soothingly with a large hand.

"And if you nest for two months you'll be six months pregnant. That's perfectly acceptable."

"I don't want to nest for two months."

"It's out of your hands, Harry. Your Dracken instincts will dictate when you start nesting."

"This could all be for nothing." Nasta told them then and Harry looked at him aghast.

"I don't mean we could lose the baby, but you could just be searching for a place to build a nest, it doesn't mean that you will actually build it right then and there and then climb straight in. I've known submissives to scout out an area for weeks before deciding if they want to build a nest there or not."

"So I could just be looking for somewhere to nest?" Harry asked hopefully.

"It is very possible." Nasta answered with an adoring smile, kissing his forehead before going to make a tray of tea, getting himself a mango and orange smoothie whilst he was at it.

"What do you guys want for dinner?" Max asked. "I'm going to go visit the elves to get stuff for dinner and breakfast tomorrow."

"Courgette." Harry replied immediately without realising why he had said it. He had only had courgette once in his life and he hadn't liked it much.

Max raised an eyebrow and Harry blushed.

"I must say I enjoy your food cravings, Harry, much better than the horror stories that are floating around, your cravings seem somewhat normal besides the fact that you ate a raw parsnip at three in the morning."

"Don't forget the craving he had for crushed peas on toast."

"That was actually really nice." Harry grinned. "I'd eat that again."

That brought chuckles from the four other men and Harry smiled as he petted the baby bump.

"What baby wants, baby gets." Harry commented. "Can you get me vanilla ice cream whilst you're with the elves please and a banana yoghurt?"

Max nodded as he stood up. "No pickles? No shallots or pickled onions? No sardines?"

Harry pulled a face. "No. Just the ice cream, yoghurt and courgette. Oh and something with potato."

Max grinned and bowed before leaving. Harry curled up on the settee and sipped at the honey tea he had been given by Nasta just watching Blaise and Draco argue over the exam paper.

Nasta sighed and took the exam papers from them and bopped them both on the head with them.

"There is no use arguing over a question you have already answered." Nasta told them. "The results will be out very soon and then you can argue over who had what right, until then pipe down and let Harry rest."

"Oh I'm fine." Harry answered. "I was quite amused."

Nasta's lips twitched slightly into a smile before he frowned sternly at Draco and Blaise, or he tried to as his smile kept trying to slip back on his face.

Harry rolled his eyes and thought, just to himself, that he was glad that Max was not here. Max would have made the entire situation worse and would have laughed happily as Draco and Blaise's argument escalated into a fight, it was why Harry felt happier having Nasta as the top dominant over Max, Max just wasn't serious enough, wasn't mature enough to diffuse fights between them all and a quarter of the time it was Max who started the fights in the first place.

The talk of the devil walked through the portrait door holding a basket and grinning like a loon. Harry rolled his eyes and snuggled back down in to the settee.

"I got you your ice cream, Harry."

"I don't fancy it now." Harry answered. "The tea has made me sleepy."

Max grinned and placed the frozen tub on the counter, where it would remain frozen due to the spells woven around it.

"It's by here when you want it, love."

Harry nodded before he called Draco over to him. "Take me to the bedroom please, Draco. I really just want to sleep for a bit in a proper bed."

Draco helped him up and knew better than to carry Harry without his express permission. Harry got tetchy over any slight to his independence even when his mates meant well, but he wanted, needed, to keep any and all semblance of independence that he could, even if it was just walking to the bottom of the bedroom stairs before being carried to the top.

Harry didn't even get himself undressed as he fell onto the bed fully clothed like a starving man would fall onto food. He curled up on the edge of the bed and fell asleep, he was still awake enough to hear Draco sigh before he felt his limbs being manoeuvred out of his clothing and his body shifted into the centre of the bed and up towards the pillows. He neither cared nor woke up fully over it; he fell deeply asleep before Draco had finished pulling on his pyjama bottoms.

Nasta gently stroked Harry's face to wake him up later that day. He watched with a soft smile as Harry's beautiful eyes fluttered open, those gorgeously thick, black eyelashes dancing on pale cheeks as Harry fought with his eyelids to wake up.

Harry made a soft, sleepy noise as his body moved lightly over the sheets before burrowing deeper under the duvet. Nasta stroked his cheek again, patting it lightly to coax Harry more into wakefulness.

"Hmm?" Harry moaned, blinking a bit so just a peek of those emerald green eyes showed.

"It's time to wake up, Harry. Max almost has dinner ready."

Harry yawned and stretched that lithe body like a cat, his very out of proportioned belly looking like a last minute addition. When those sleep misted eyes and that gorgeous smile turned fully to him Nasta felt like he had been punched in the gut. He doubted he would ever get over how stunningly gorgeous Harry truly was, he was blessed to have such a mate as Harry and the others.

"Did you sleep well?" Nasta asked when he could breathe properly once more.

Harry nodded, that smile still on his face.

"I feel much better now." Harry's gentle voice washed over him and Nasta savoured it.

The noise of the living room as Max, Blaise and Draco fought, argued, debated and just plain conversed was much more than he was used to. Hell he had been living on his own for eighteen years, seeing his Dad and brother occasionally as he lived his life on his own as a man, as an unmated dominant, with a very demanding job at a dragon reserve. He was used to the peace and quiet, of the silence of truly being alone in his small apartment.

He was slowly getting used to the noise and the activity around him, but it was a process that was hitting him quite hard as he had liked living in peace, he liked the silence, but for all that his mates brought to him, for all the shattered peace and the noise, he had never once regretted chasing so hard after Harry. No matter if he never got a single moment of peace again in his life, he loved all four of them, five if he included the baby as well, and the love of those four very special people, was more important to him than any measure of peace and quiet.

"Nasta?" Harry questioned softly.

Nasta looked to him with an apologetic smile, seeing Harry's arms lowering from where he had been silently asking to be picked up. Nasta wound his arms around Harry and just held him, holding him tightly, breathing in the faint smell of chestnuts that was always wrapped around Harry like a second skin. He pressed a kiss to Harry's face and just looked at his beautiful mate, who looked back, happy and pleased, if a bit confused.

"I love you, Harry. I love you so very much." He said so sincerely his eyes blurred slightly with the burn of tears.

Harry's skinny arms wrapped around his neck and held him tightly.

"You know I love you, Nasta." Harry said, slightly shocked at Nasta's behaviour. "I think I always did love you from the first time I saw you, you were so different from all the others, quiet and peaceful, not boisterous and demanding, I loved you for it then and I still love you for it now."

"You shouldn't do though, you and your Dracken should be angry at me. The baby isn't mine. I have failed to give you a baby and that alone should make your Dracken angry at me."

"But I'm not. I love you and I'm certainly not angry at you because this baby isn't yours, there will be others. I'm just happy to have any baby, I don't care who's it is."

"The other three have proved they are capable of giving you a baby. I haven't, not yet."

"I think it's because you love this baby so much, Nas." Harry told the older man, thinking deeply. "You love this baby even though he isn't yours; you have proven to me and my Dracken that you're going to be a wonderful Father, not just to your own children, but to all of them, no matter who the Father might be. I respect that greatly about you, that you love me enough to accept any and all children I have regardless of who the biological Father might be. I love you all the more for it, which is why I will never be angry at you for not getting me pregnant in the first place, because in your eyes, I carry a baby that is as much yours as he is mine."

Nasta crushed Harry to his chest and just hugged him, holding him and touching him. He never knew he had needed reassurance until Harry had given it to him, hadn't known that he had been seeking comfort from his mate until it had been given.

"How long does it take to get Harry for dinner?!" Max yelled from the living room. "All my hard work slaving over an oven is going to be ruined if you don't shift your arses!"

"We're having a cwtch! Give us a minute."

"A cutch?" Harry questioned.

Nasta smiled lovingly at him. "A cwtch. It's a Welsh word. It doesn't really have an English translation but it's basically a long, lingering hug, like cuddling, only better and longer."

Harry chuckled and went with it as Nasta started rocking him slightly, still holding him lovingly to his chest. Harry felt safe and warm and loved and he yawned sleepily again as he was wrapped up completely in Nasta's arms.

"I think I like cwtching." Harry admitted.

Nasta laughed full-throated, which made Harry swallow heavily in desire.

"We had better get to the others before Max storms a palace coup and kidnaps the Prince and his child to force feed his cooking."

Harry laughed and let Nasta pick him up to carry him to the others, who were eating a wonderful meal whilst looking worriedly at an angry looking Max.

"About time! Do you know how long I spent on this?" Max asked.

"I'm sorry, Max, I couldn't get up." Harry fibbed to save from embarrassing Nasta. "I've been so tired lately."

Max's look of anger lessened into something more resembling concern.

"Are you feeling alright?" He asked concernedly.

Harry nodded as he sat at the table and happily picked up his fork and ate heartily, chewing slowly more for Max's benefit than for his own, he would love nothing more than to just scoff the lot without even tasting any of it before curling up in front of their lovely warm fire, but Harry really did appreciate Max cooking for them all instead of taking the long trek down to the Great Hall and eating what the house elves had prepared. Harry thought that maybe Max would take it as the ultimate insult if it was even suggested that he take a day off from cooking so they could eat the house elf food.

Harry noticed the potatoes and the courgette that had been placed on his plate and he smiled secretly to himself as he ate them first. The courgette was a strange, nearly new taste, he had only been given courgette once as a very young child because Dudley had had a fit about it being on his plate, Aunt Petunia had tried to placate him by saying that she was going to put it in the bin but this had made Dudley scream all the harder at the thought of putting any food product, even fruit and vegetables, in the bin, so Aunt Petunia had quickly shoved the handful of green, cucumber looking like vegetables at him and told him to eat them quickly. Having not eaten that day, Harry had shoved as much into his mouth as he could, chewed minimally before swallowing quickly. He had learnt this technique without choking mainly for the sake of survival as his Uncle had enjoyed teasing a hungry Harry with food, whether it was forcing him to watch as he ate food and snacks, putting a plate of food in front of him and telling him not to touch it, or giving him food to eat before snatching it away after a few mouthfuls that left him even hungrier.

Harry looked at his plate full of food and to Max, who was eating his own food, laughing at something Blaise had said but Harry had missed it by being so lost in thought. No one was watching him eat; none of them were looking to see how much he had eaten before snatching his plate away. They loved him and they fed him because they wanted to, not because they felt obligated to, just purely because they wanted to. They didn't tease him with food and he was allowed to eat what he wanted when he wanted it.

Harry blanched as he realised that it was actually sinking in that the Dursleys had never really loved him. After all of these years, after all of the abuse and torment he had suffered at their hands and only now, after fifteen years, was it sinking in that they had never loved him, that he had still been clinging to some small shred of hope that deep down they had loved him and he had finally realised that they never had, it hurt, it actually hurt.

"Harry, are you alright? Don't you like it?" Max asked.

Harry realised that he had stopped eating, that all of his mates were looking at him. All of them looking concerned for him, just for him, that they loved him and they were concerned about his welfare and his happiness. It was too much and he just started crying out of the blue. Deep, body wracking sobs that hunched him over and put his face nearly in his food as fat tears raced down his cheeks quicker than he could blink.

He was clamoured, all of his mates moving to hold him, to comfort him, to protect him. They loved him and his own relatives never had, the Dursleys couldn't even bring up the basic human emotion to give him the basic of human needs and comforts. He hadn't even had a proper bed, he had never owned a pillow, he hadn't even had a bedroom until he was almost eleven. Now he had all of that and more, much, much more.

Harry screamed and cried and sobbed until he was left exhausted, still letting out continuous huffs of emotion as all of his tears were dried up and his sopping wet face was gently wiped by a soft cloth by one of his mates.

"Please, Harry." Someone exclaimed sadly. Harry vaguely recognised Blaise's voice.

"Max's cooking isn't that bad." Draco exclaimed. A loud thwack made Harry let out a weak, watery chuckle as he watched Max glare at a sulking Draco.

"Are you feeling better, Prezioso?" Blaise asked softly.

Harry pushed the cloth that Nasta was dabbing his face with and run his sleeve everywhere over his face and under his chin, getting rid of every trace of his tears, but his face still felt sore and puffy. He nodded and huddled down on the settee.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Max asked.

"There's nothing to talk about." Harry croaked his voice very hoarse from his tears.

"You don't cry like your heart has been ripped from your chest for no reason, Harry." Nasta told him.

Harry just shook his head and rolled from the settee and crawled to the thick, fleecy, fur rug in front of the fire and curled up on it, huddling around the warmth and closing his eyes. He fell asleep with his four mates watching him with mounting concern and a lot of suspicion.

Harry was unhappily sitting on the train ready to go back to London. He didn't see why they couldn't just floo to Max's house, especially in his condition, but apparently Max knew how to drive and he liked driving, so his car was waiting at Kings Cross Station.

Blaise and Draco had decided to spend the first two weeks of the summer with their families so they wouldn't miss the birth later on in the summer, if indeed Harry gave birth in the summer and not in September when he was actually due, leaving Harry with Max and Nasta, not that that was a hardship, but Harry would miss them both immensely.

Harry sat between them, holding one of their hands in each of his own over his son. He was cuddling and kissing them, soaking them up and holding tightly onto the little things like how they felt in his hands, how they smelt, how they sounded when they breathed.

Harry was almost in tears again as London came into view and the train started to slow down. He kept a death grip on both Blaise and Draco and refused to let them go when Marianna Lychorinda and her Husband Josiah came into view and certainly not when the elder Malfoys appeared. Harry held onto the both of them and sobbed. He had thought that he had cried all of his tears yesterday, but more welled up and ran smoothly down his cheeks.

"It won't be for long, Harry." Draco promised as he held Harry and kissed him gently, brushing the tears away with his thumbs.

"Max and Nasta will keep you company until we come back." Blaise promised. "It isn't like we can't visit you during the day. We'll still come and see you."

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Of course." Draco assured, kissing him again.

"We have to be off, Draco." Lucius Malfoy said stiffly.

Draco breathed deeply and kissed Harry passionately, Harry kept his eyes open and on the elder Malfoy's, who looked very displeased at the public show of love and affection.

Blaise hugged Draco, Nasta kissed him and Max smacked his shoulder in a 'manly' show of affection. Harry thought it was rather stupid to hit the one you loved, but he didn't say anything as he got one last hug from Draco before he was gone.

Blaise was next to leave after a nearly tearful goodbye. Blaise had been his very first mate, he could be the Father to his baby, it didn't seem right to be saying goodbye to him. Blaise should be coming with them to Max's home. He should have been there with them. Harry just didn't seem to be able to control himself as he hiccupped a bit as he swallowed back his tears. His emotions were out of his control and saying goodbye to his mates dug deeply into him and his Dracken…it was wrong, he was pregnant, they should be coming with him to protect him. It wasn't right.

Max held him at his side as Blaise walked off with his Mother and step-dad, the station full of people, who were pointing and staring at his large stomach, making him self-conscious and left him feeling like a freak. If he was anyone other than Harry Potter then they wouldn't have even given him a second glance. Hermione ran up to him and hugged him, distracting him from the giggling, sneering people around him.

"I missed you on the train, Harry, but have a good summer! I'll see you next year if I can't come around this summer to see you."

Harry hugged her back and waved as she jogged off to her parents. Nasta led them out of the station and through to the Muggle platforms. It was here that Harry was swept into a hug that almost broke his back.

"Oh, Harry dear!" Mrs Weasley's voice surrounded him as she spoke into his hair.

"You look so well!" The kindly woman commented as she held him at arm's length, looking him up and down, but lingering on his belly.

"Hi, Mrs Weasley, thanks for the Christmas presents! I loved my new jumper and those mince pies were fantastic!"

"Aww, ickle Harry is so sweet." A voice that made him grin sounded.

"Sickly sweet I'd say, Forge."

"Fred! George!" Harry cried as the twins converged on him and hugged him tightly. "I've missed you both. Hogwarts just isn't the same without you."

Harry looked at the twins, both sporting brand new, green, dragon hide jackets.

"I hope for your sakes that the dragon whose hide made those jackets is still alive." Harry whispered. "Nasta will tear you limb from limb otherwise."

"Please, Harry."

"Give us some credit for having hearts. Have you forgotten that Charlie is our big brother?"

Harry grinned as he remembered the kind, very handsome young man with the shiny burn marks. Charlie and Nasta would get on fantastically well.

"I liked Charlie." Harry stated.

Fred and George wolf whistled and made a ruckus which caused Max and Nasta to look their way from their spot talking to Mrs Weasley about Harry had really been and if he was eating and sleeping. Harry noticed Bill and Ginny were also there. Mister Weasley and Ron were nowhere in sight.

"Harry dear, you must come around this summer. I insist. Bill and Charlie are home; having you there will make me feel like the entire family is home."

Harry smiled happily at being included in the woman's family. "I'd love to, Mrs Weasley. I always love going to the Burrow, it seems more like home than anywhere else."

Mrs Weasley blushed in pleasure at the praise, but Max and Nasta shared a glance. Nasta had shared his suspicions from long ago with the other dominants yesterday afternoon when Harry had cried himself to sleep on the rug. He hadn't forgotten the comment that Harry had said, almost offhandedly, out by the lake before he had even become a mate, before Max had even been a mate, about him not having anyone to care for him.

They had spoken at length and it all came back to Harry being abused, or at the very least neglected, as a child. Yet there wasn't a hint anywhere that Harry had lived with abusive or neglectful people. If he did then no one knew about it, was it possible to hide such a thing so well and for so long?

Questioning the Granger girl had brought about nothing. She had been confused, she had questioned them back, before she had told them that Harry lived with Muggles and that they weren't always accepting of magic, but as far as she knew, Harry was perfectly fine and safe with them. If the Granger girl knew nothing, then no one else would either.

They had talked about seeking Dumbledore's help because Harry told that man practically everything that happened in his life and he went for afternoon tea quite often, but then they had reasoned that if Harry had ever so much as hinted that he had been abused then Dumbledore would have removed Harry from the household immediately.

They just didn't have any proof other than the way that Harry acted or reacted sometimes and it just wasn't enough to accuse anyone of child abuse. They needed hard evidence that Harry had ever been abused, or for Harry to come out and tell them himself, and if it turned out that anyone had ever laid a hand on their precious submissive then they would make sure that that person, and all involved, were prosecuted.

"Hurry up, boy!" A loud, ruddy faced man shouted across the station. "We haven't got all day!"

Max looked to where the big, beefy man was looking and was surprised to see Harry shrinking back into the twin Weasleys. He nudged Nasta, but the silently observant man had already noticed and took large steps to Harry and wrapped him in a protective embrace. He was enraged to feel Harry quivering in his arms.

The beefy man went puce coloured and seemed to swell with anger as his small, piggy eyes narrowed as he advanced on them menacingly. A thin, horse-faced woman with thin blonde hair, who looked like she'd rather be anywhere else but here, was stood behind him, cradling a very fat, blond haired whale in her bony arms, trying and failing to shield him from the view of the 'wizards'.

"I suggest you step away from them." Max hissed loving how the man swung towards him, taking in his six foot eight inch height and the broad swell of his shoulders and biceps before backing away.

"Now see here. I am merely here to pick up my Nephew."

"You seem to be misinformed. He's coming home with me."

"And just who are you to think that you can take the boy away from his family!"

"You are not his family!" Mrs Weasley hissed.

"I happen to be his lover." Max stated loudly and clearly, gaining curious glances from passers-by, who turned and craned their necks to try and see what was going on.

The large man went purple in his anger and he glared furiously at Harry who was cuddled safely in Nasta's arms. Those eyes roved over Harry's body and stopped on the baby bulge.

"So it's true. You did your freaky voodoo and got a baby."

"I was born with the natural ability to conceive a baby!" Harry snapped.

The man glared harder and he took a threatening step forward, his arm rising almost subconsciously, as if it had become a habit, but with one small, half step forward from Max, he had the man stumbling backwards, away from his pregnant submissive.

"We'll be in touch with you." Max said coldly. "As for now, I am taking my lovers and our child home and you will not try to contact Harry, you will not go near him or the baby or I'll take great pleasure in killing you."

"Are you threatening me?!" Vernon Dursley asked loudly and pompously, making people stop and stare.

"Yes. Yes I am." Max answered softly. "If I find out that you have laid so much as a fat finger on Harry, you're dead."

"What have you been telling those freaks, boy?!" Vernon hissed at Harry, who was whiter than white, his eyes too wide with something akin to sheer panic.

"Nothing!" Harry squeaked out quickly.

"Nothing my foot! You've been lying again haven't you? We took you in, gave you shelter, clothes, food and this is how you repay us? By telling lies to other freaks like you!"

"He is not a freak!" Nasta hissed deeply, holding Harry tighter, having to make a conscious effort to stop himself from exerting too much pressure on Harry and hurting him. This vile man was almost admitting that he had abused, and still was, abusing Harry. It made his teeth ache to rip out his throat.

"Can we go, please?" Harry asked in such a small, unsure voice that Nasta picked him up and held him properly.

"You haven't seen the last of us; we'll be back in touch with you soon." Max repeated as he placed a hand on Harry's spine, stroking gently. "You won't get away with hurting him."

"Harry dear, come and see us this summer. You have an open invitation, whenever you want to, just pop over, even if it is just for dinner. Your lovers are welcome as well, of course." Mrs Weasley told him as she continued glaring at the family of three in front of her.

Nasta nodded and turned on his heel, walking a wide circle around the vile, decrepit people who had dared hurt Harry, just to ensure that they wouldn't try anything else, he didn't want to tempt his very frayed self-control, he'd tear them apart right here in this station if they touched Harry now.

"Mum!" He heard the very fat boy whine like a small child. "Where's the freak going? I thought he was coming back with us, Piers is sleeping over tonight! We wanted some entertainment!"

"Not now, Diddy!" The woman shushed him quickly, sending a fearful look to the two men that were claiming to be the lovers of her sister's pregnant spawn.

Max flexed his fingers before he clenched them tightly into fists as his claws ripped through his fingertips. The smell of blood wavered his control and he breathed shallowly and quickly so the scent of the blood didn't rob him of every ounce of control he had.

He, and Nasta who had also overheard the comment, wondered just what sort of entertainment those boys wanted from Harry tonight and why it was being allowed by his parents. Max couldn't help but wonder if it was a threat of physical violence towards Harry or something else. If he ever, ever, found out that Harry had been sexually abused by them then he wouldn't be able to stop himself from ripping them all into pieces. Not sweet, happy Harry who smiled at them all so lovingly, so beautifully. Harry who was now huddled into himself, as pale as a ghost and quivering in fear of these three people.

They made it to the car and Nasta slid into the back of the five seater car and belted himself and Harry in as he held tightly onto the door handle. He was afraid that if he let go then he was going to charge back into that station and do something incredibly foolish now that Harry was out of harm's way and was no longer in his arms, anchoring his Dracken down.

Max started the car and gripped the steering wheel so tightly it creaked under his hands. He pulled out of the train station parking and he drove off quickly before he could change his mind and sink his fangs into the fat Muggle that had hurt his mate so badly. One thing was certain though, when they got home, Harry would tell them what he had had to endure at the hands of those people, one way or another, Harry would tell them everything.

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