The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


31. Chapter Thirty-One – Nesting Instinct Disasters.

Harry and Max shared secret little smiles with each other when Draco and Blaise finally showed up after their exhausting exam. They were both too tired to notice their secretive behaviour and as Blaise had fallen asleep on the settee that Max wasn't occupying and Draco had immediately buried himself in his Transfiguration notes neither Harry nor Max saw this as much of an accomplishment, not that they wanted the other two to see them anyway, they wanted to wait for Nasta to come home before spilling the news that they were having a baby boy.

They had decided, only just, to tell the other three together that they were expecting a baby boy right before Draco and Blaise had come back from the exam; they were still waiting on Nasta, who had yet to return home from work, he was an hour late.

"What if something has happened to him?" Harry demanded worriedly as his three other mates ignored his worries which had been getting worse over the past hour.

"I'm sure the Dragon Reserve would have let us know by now if he had been eaten by a dragon, Harry." Draco deadpanned.

"You think he was eaten by a dragon?" Harry asked a touch of panic in his voice. "How many dragon keepers a year are eaten by the dragons?!"

Max sighed and picked him up from where he had been pacing a hole in the carpet and sat him on his lap, holding him gently, but tightly enough to prevent him from getting up again.

"Nasta has not been eaten by a dragon, Harry."

"You thought I had been eaten by a dragon?" An amused voice asked.

Harry ripped himself from Max's hold and flung himself at Nasta, holding him tightly even as his oldest lover picked him up and sniffed and licked at his belly.

"Thank Merlin you're back, he hasn't stopped with the worst case scenarios since five past six."

"One of the pregnant Welsh Greens laid her eggs, the guys needed an extra pair of hands to safely count how many eggs were laid." Nasta explained with a note of confusion. "You've never worried so much before, Harry, this isn't the first time I've been late home, what's wrong?"

"Do submissives feel more clingy the closer they get to birth?" Blaise asked curiously. "It seems the closer he comes to giving birth the closer he wants to be to us."

"I am not clingy!" Harry refuted even as he clung tightly to Nasta's neck.

"I think he just missed Nasta a lot." Max said in amusement. "He's been dying to tell us all something since this afternoon, but when I asked what it was he said that all of us had to be together before he could tell us."

Harry and Max had had a heated discussion before Blaise and Draco had come back from their exam that it would be better for Harry to tell the truth about the visit with Madam Pomfrey and about the scan, but leave out that he had told Max first. Max knew that Harry had only told him because he had wanted his Mother to know, that if his parents hadn't come to check on him then he would have been told with the other three.

"Oh?" Nasta questioned, raising an eyebrow at Harry.

"Yeah. I went to the hospital wing earlier…"

Harry didn't get any further before he was being sniffed and licked. Harry batted at Nasta, but for all the good it did he was tickling the man with a feather.

"Nasta! I'm fine! Bloody hell, you'd think I was dying or something."

"You're not are you?" Draco asked worriedly.

"Of course I'm bloody well not! I have a small infection…." Harry raised his voice as three out of his four mates started speaking at once. "That has not brought any complications to the pregnancy, is not harming the baby and is not harming me! It's a small urinary tract infection and will disappear in a few days."

"Is that what you had to tell us?" Nasta asked softly.

"No. I had a scan of the baby."

"Really? Did you get pictures?" Max asked in faked, but realistic enthusiasm.

Harry grinned and took out a pile of photos from inside his pocket, he had removed all photos that showed the baby's gender and had put them in his other pocket and he grinned as he happily made his mates sit on the settee and flipped through the pictures one at a time.

"Merlin, the baby is beautiful." Blaise breathed reverently.

"It's a shame that you didn't find out the gender." Nasta sighed, taking one of the smaller photos and happily slotting it into his wallet, right next to the photo of Harry.

"I did." Harry said with a grin and he immediately held the attention of three of his mates.

"Well?!" Draco demanded a glint of pride and eagerness in his eyes.

Harry grinned wider and pulled out his favourite photo. He flipped it right side up and watched with Max as the other three took in the picture of their little boy, his legs spread, his arms flung wide, his genitals on happy display.

Nasta was the first to chuckle as he took in what was being shown. Blaise managed a smirk and Draco just stared.

"Is that our son being an exhibitionist?" Draco asked.

"Yes, yes it is. Isn't he amazing?" Harry breathed.

"As long as he doesn't act like that in public." Draco groused.

Harry chuckled. "He's a baby, Draco, when he's born he won't have enough strength to push open his swaddling blankets let alone remove his sleepsuit, bodysuit and nappy."

Nasta snorted in amusement and pulled Harry into a kiss. "Our son is adorable and I'm sure when he's a toddler and running around our rooms naked refusing to put his nappy back on that we will remember this picture fondly."

"I can't wait until he does that." Max confessed. "Imagine the pictures we could embarrass him with in front of his mate!"

Harry rolled his eyes at Max's enthusiasm. "No one is going to embarrass my babies."

"Come on, Harry! He might be the only baby to act like this, we have to make it last."

Harry smiled softly and looked at the picture of his baby displaying himself. He took out the photo frame that he had dug out to fit the picture and he placed the picture inside the frame and he proudly placed it on the mantel piece above the roaring fire. Now his mates knew that he was having a baby boy, everyone could know, starting with friends and family members.

"At least you have something to write home about." Harry told them.

"Dad'll be ecstatic." Nasta told him. "Just watch him because he has a tendency to become a mother bear when he's around newborns."

Harry smiled happily. "Alright. Hop to it then, I want friends and family to know before everyone else."

"Are you going to tell your family?" Max asked curiously as he called Esmeralda to him and made a show of copying some of the scan photos to send to his 'unknowing' family.

Harry blinked. "Why would I do that?" He asked curiously.

His mates just looked at him and Harry felt a strange pulling sensation take over his stomach. He had said the wrong thing.

"Because they're your family, Harry, surely you've told them that you're pregnant?" Nasta exclaimed.

"They're Muggles, didn't even know that wizards could get pregnant, how do you think they'll react?"

"Just tell them that you're a magical creature capable of giving birth or you could send them a pamphlet about male pregnancy."

Harry could imagine the reaction that would get. A magical pamphlet on male pregnancies in the Dursleys household? Harry wondered if they had moving pictures of men giving birth. "Yeah that'll work. Hello Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, just so you know I'm a humanoid dragon now and you know what else, I'm pregnant and I'm going to have a baby this September, just so you know. Aunt Petunia would likely faint."

"After all the lectures you gave me on telling my family about my inheritance and you haven't done the same?" Draco demanded.

"My family are Muggles, Draco." Harry sighed. "If I just told them that I was a Dracken, they wouldn't understand like your family would. Muggle men can't get pregnant, they'd freak out."

"But you have to tell them." Max insisted. "They're your family."

"We'll go and visit them this summer." Blaise assured, trying to sooth the panic in Harry's eyes but it increased tenfold.

"No we won't." Harry stated stubbornly.

"I know it'll be difficult for them to understand at first, Harry but they do deserve to know that their Nephew is going to give birth to a baby boy." Max stated assertively

"I said no!" Harry screeched, turning on his heel and stalking to the bedroom.

He could only imagine how Uncle Vernon would react when Harry and four men turned up on his nice, normal doorstep to tell him that he was expecting a baby boy in September. His Uncle was more likely to try and hit the 'freakishness' out of his stomach with a baseball bat than accept the baby with open arms.

Bloody hell, why was his life so complicated? What had he ever done to deserve everything he went through? He hadn't asked to be related to the Dursleys, it wasn't his fault they didn't like him or his magic. He had tried to get on with them, had tried to do everything they asked, but it was an impossible task. The list that planned his entire day just got longer and longer the older he got.

He exhausted himself to the point of collapse trying to finish the list because he knew that he would go hungry if he didn't finish it, but if he did actually manage to finish the list and gulp down his meagre dinner that was usually a thin slice of bread or the over boiled and soggy vegetables from the Dursleys dinner that Dudley hadn't touched, the next day there were several more things to do on the list and he went hungry when he found it impossible to finish it.

He had only really been hit a handful of times by his Uncle and a few times by his Aunt. But each one stood out vividly in his mind because of the circumstances leading to him being hit and how long it took him to recover from each one. Aunt Marge had only hit him twice, once with her walking stick when he was five and once when he was nine. Dudley had always hit him and it would probably always be his first reaction when seeing him, it was all his vile cousin knew.

Harry was adamant that he would not be going to the Dursleys whilst pregnant, nor would he ever endanger his baby son by taking him to the Dursley residence after his birth. He didn't care what his mates said or what measures they used to get his son or himself to go and 'visit' his so called relatives, he would never go back there now that he didn't have to.

Draco came into the bedroom and sat next to him on the settee underneath the platform that held their bed. The blond sat close to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling Harry to lean against his body. A light kiss was pressed to his temple and Harry sighed.

"There's a reason you don't want to go and see them or tell them about the baby, isn't there?" Draco asked softly.

"We've never gotten on, Draco. They just never understood magic or me. Anything different in their nice normal world was very unwelcome to them. I still remember when Mister Weasley blasted their fireplace across the living room."

Harry sighed as he remembered the summer after that incident when he had seen them again. Uncle Vernon was still banging on about it, making up some story about the fireplace not working properly since the 'freaks' had destroyed it and he had demanded an address so he could send a bill to Mister Weasley for the nice, new fireplace that he had had to buy and have installed before Harry had come home from Hogwarts. Harry had refused to give the address…that was one of the times that stood out to him as he had been hit very hard for refusing to allow Uncle Vernon to bill Mister Weasley by telling him the address.

"I'm afraid of what they would do if I turned up heavily pregnant with four men. Uncle Vernon doesn't think very kindly of same sex relationships."

"Well surely they can be reasonable." Draco tried to sooth. "They wouldn't hit you or anything just because you're in a relationship with four men and certainly not when you're pregnant even if they don't approve."

Draco would never know how close to the nail head he had come, because he was afraid that that was exactly what Uncle Vernon would do and Harry sighed tiredly.

"I don't know, Draco. I don't know what they'd do and it's that that is keeping me from going. I will not endanger my son in any way just to appease my mates."

"We would never ask you to, Harry, but they're your family, you've grown up with them. It…it escapes me that they would turn on you just for your choice in sexual partners."

"How can you say that when you had a Wife already lined up for marriage?"

"That's different. I'm a Pureblood; I have an obligation to my family, to my blood, to my line to provide a healthy male Heir to carry on the family name. Your family are Muggles, you have different last names, they already have a son to carry on their name, why would they care about your sexual orientation?"

"Because same sex relationships don't fall into their views of normal, Draco. They're homophobic and they wouldn't accept it, family member or not, it's an irrational hatred, it has no logic."

Not to mention that they already hated him because of his magic. Harry sighed, why was his life so complicated?

Draco sighed and pulled Harry in tighter, wrapping his other arm around him and kissing Harry's cheek.

"I'll talk to the others, love. You don't have to go, not when you're pregnant at least, we'll leave our son with someone and then go and speak to your relatives if you are so unsure of how they'll react, but you should know that not one of us would let them hurt you, pregnant or not."

"I don't want to see them, Draco. I was ecstatic when Dumbledore told me that I didn't have to go back, that I'd be spending the summer with my mates and with my child. I'm happy knowing I don't have to go near them. We tolerated each other at best, we don't like each other, we're too different to ever see eye to eye."

"I don't understand your reasoning, but I'll respect it, Harry. But I'm not sure the others will understand, especially not Max. He's very big into family and he won't understand at all why you wouldn't want to go and see them to tell them the amazing news."

"I know, but what can he do? Drag me kicking and screaming whilst I'm heavily pregnant?"

Draco smiled and stood up, pulling Harry to his feet and into a searing kiss.

"I think the rest of us would have something to say if he did try that, love."

Harry smiled. He felt better with Draco's support. At least it wouldn't be just him against his mates whilst pregnant, he still had Draco and possibly Nasta and Blaise as well, but Harry already knew that Max wouldn't understand. His entire family adored him and he loved them right back. His Father, Myron, cuffed the back of his head now and then, but Max had assured them that his Father had never actually hurt him and had never made him bleed. A distinct difference between Myron and Uncle Vernon, Harry thought dispassionately, remembering all the times he had bled and been ignored or been hit and made to bleed. He had never been loved or cared for before now.

- X

The next week flew by, with the exams over for the sixth years and the Professors busy with the younger years Harry, Draco and Blaise were often left to their own devices as Max and Nasta went off to work.

Their days were spent mainly lounging around their rooms, talking, joking, playing and doing their own thing. Harry was often joined by Ginny and Hermione, much to Draco's displeasure.

Ginny and Hermione would gush over his expanding belly, Hermione giving him more knitted items and it was just as the school was about to give out for the summer that Harry felt the urge to organise his collection of baby clothes.

It happened quite suddenly as well, he had gone to the bathroom and on his way back to his mates in the living room, he had seen the several large boxes filled with baby clothes and little things that he already had and he had the urge to sort them out.

He had folded himself down onto the carpet and tipped out the first box, beginning to make piles for shirts, trousers, bodysuits, sleepsuits and socks, measuring them against each other to see if any were larger or smaller and putting them in their own separate piles if they were.

It had taken fifteen minutes for his mates to get worried and come looking for him. Surely he couldn't still be in the bathroom after nearly half an hour? They had found him on the floor surrounded by baby clothes.

"Harry, what are you doing, Cariad?" Nasta asked softly, kneeling down to look him in the eye.

"I realised that none of the clothes are sorted out. I don't know what I have and what I don't have, what if I don't have enough bodysuits or enough cardigans?"

"Nesting instincts." Max had stated to the others with such a wide grin on his face that it made Harry pause for a moment.

Harry tipped out the third big box and smiled as he saw the cosy toes that Hermione had knitted. He placed it in its own pile, it was the only one he had and the only one he would ever have. He loved it.

Harry looked at the piles he had and noticed that the majority of it was blinding white, there were a few pale lemon pieces and a few in sage green, but he had hardly any blue.

"I want blue things." He stated suddenly. "It's all too white. I want more things in blue."

"Mrs Weasley is knitting as fast as she can in blue, Harry love." Max told him.

Harry just looked up from the pile of bibs he was holding and lowered an eyebrow in puzzlement.

"I want them now." Harry insisted. "Everything has to be ready, everything needs to be perfect."

"I'll get you some on my way home from work tomorrow, Cariad, is that soon enough?" Nasta asked gently.

Harry wanted to snap that no it wasn't soon enough, he wanted them right now, damn it! But he took a deep breath and nodded his head. He wasn't going to be unreasonable, he still had several large boxes to sort through and he still needed to sleep, tomorrow wasn't that far away after all.

- X

Harry happily spent the next day writing out little recipe cards with Max's delighted help. He didn't even look at the clothes once. He had decided that when his baby was weaned, he was not going to feed his baby mass produced sludge in a jar. His baby would have completely organic, homemade food.

He enjoyed spending the day with Max, debating on the best food to give their baby, the best way to cook it and in what quantities the baby needed the food. Harry sent Draco and Blaise out to buy a food processor from a Muggle shop. Neither were happy at all, but when Harry had started crying, they had rushed to go and buy it for him.

Nasta brought home two carrier bags full of baby clothes when he got home from work and Harry happily snatched them from his mate and went digging through them. Nasta had brilliant taste in clothes, Harry observed with an approving smile at what Nasta had bought.

It was when Harry pulled on his oldest pair of jeans and his baggiest jumper that the four others began to really worry as Harry got down on his hands a knees with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and he started manually scrubbing the skirting boards.

Max and Nasta wrote to their parents and the very next day Ashleigh, Richard and Myron were back in their son's living quarters along with their youngest daughter Alayla, watching as Harry happily and vigorously scrubbed the inside of the kitchen cupboards having turfed all the food out onto the floor, much to Max's dismay.

"He…he just won't stop!" Max breathed in horror. "It was a civil war just getting him into bed last night. He starts the minute he wakes up and we have to wrestle him to bed at night, he has had an extra room tacked onto our bedroom, he says it's going to be the baby's nursery, he's had us repaint it twice already and there isn't even any furniture in there yet."

"He's just nesting, Maximilius honey." Ashleigh told him as she watched Harry indulgently, remembering her own instincts.

"Caesar never had this trouble!"

"Amelle never had the urge to clean." Ashleigh answered. "Some women, or men in this case, feel the urge more strongly than others. I had it quite mildly on you, Caesar and Julinda, just a bit of sprucing up here and there and making sure everything was where it was meant to be, but with Talia and Alayla, your Fathers weren't even allowed to wear shoes in their own home."

"Does this mean that he'll be building a nest soon?" Alayla asked as she watched her oldest brother's partner use both his hands to get out a particularly stubborn spot of grime that only he could see.

"Possibly, but some pregnant people feel the urge to nest as early as their fourth month, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's going into labour or that he's anywhere near giving birth."

"I would get him to where he is going to be giving birth soon though." Richard suggested his voice cracking and changing pitch halfway through his sentence, but the others were so used to it that they ignored it, Richard got upset when it was mentioned.

"He's due in September, he'll be here when he gives birth if he carries to term."

"I don't think he will carry to term." Myron observed as he watched his little son-in-law pitch out all of Max's carefully organised jars and tins with a swipe of his arm so he could start on the next cupboard.

"Why not?" Blaise asked curiously from his spot on the floor trying to decipher a particularly hard translation in the book that he was reading, the one that Harry had gotten for him. Nasta was over his shoulder an equally puzzled frown on his face, his lips moving silently as he tried to figure out the words written down on the page.

"Harry is very slender and the size of his waistband seems to indicate that he is reaching the point where he is going to be too big for his frame to support him." Myron explained as everyone looked to Harry's belly, which was pulling tight against the jumper he was wearing, which was also gaping at the neckline, showing a thin, pale shoulder and a lot of neck and chest and had had to be rolled back several times so his hands were free to do his cleaning.

Harry had ballooned in the last few weeks until he found it difficult to sit down and stand up without help and stairs were a serious problem as he could no longer see his own feet.

"So you think he'll have a summer baby?" Draco asked as he sipped his tea, his current novel closed and resting on the arm of the settee as he gave his attention politely to their guests.

"Almost definitely." Myron answered. "If he hasn't given birth by August I'll eat my own wings."

"Harry's birthday is the thirty-first of July. I hope we can celebrate it before he goes into his nest."

"Talia and I have a bet going on who will give birth first, Harry or the bitch."

"Alayla! Language young lady!" Ashleigh chastised.

"Sorry Mum, I meant to say Harry or Amelle, but the truth will always come out."

Richard started laughing and sent a secret wink at his youngest daughter, whilst Myron frowned at the both of them disapprovingly.

"You were brought up better, Alayla." He said sternly. "We didn't teach you this sort of language and Richard you should know better than to encourage her."

"I'm with family aren't I? It's not like I'm in public saying it and Amelle is a bitch. I don't know what Caesar saw in her." Alayla defended.

Richard just shrugged and grinned cheekily at his lover, who gave out a long suffering sigh and quickly looked at Harry when the tinkling of smashed glass cut over their conversation. Harry had started on a new cupboard.

"Harry! That was my only bottle of vinegar!" Max complained half-heartedly as he leapt up to see what Harry had broken this time.

"Sorry! I accidentally kicked it." Harry called back from deep within the cupboard.

Max unhappily waved his wand to vanish the glass shards lest Harry injure himself on them and he waved it again to clean up the spill of acrid smelling vinegar before it made Harry feel sick.

"Why do you have to clean my cupboards?" Max asked for the fourth time that day. "I keep them very clean and well organised. I'm going to have to start all over again."

"Keep the top cupboard free." Harry called out as Max went about filling the cupboard Harry had finished with.

"Dare I ask why?" Max groused.

"For the baby bottles and food jars." Harry replied.

Max sighed and conceded that it was a good idea and unhappily moved his herbs and spices into the cupboard that housed the tins.

"I never thought I'd see my big brother Max so whipped that he'd rearrange his kitchen." Alayla grinned.

"I'd rearrange everything if Harry wanted me to." Max stated, but it wasn't a happy statement, it would kill him to put everything in a different place than what he was used to, but he would do it nonetheless.

Harry crawled out of his current cupboard and over to Max to give him a long, lingering kiss.

"I'm sorry I'm messing everything up, but the cupboards need to be clean and I need the top cupboard for the bottles and things. I don't mean to be a pain in the arse, but I won't have any part of this place dirty."

Max sighed and cuddled Harry tightly, kissing that tiny nose making Harry giggle. Max let out an amused snort.

"You're too cute sometimes."

"I am not cute!" Harry defied venomously.

Max grinned wider and kissed Harry's cheek softly. "Get back in your cupboard."

Those words had an effect than none of them could have possibly imagined as all at once Harry's face drained of blood and he went paler than a sheet, his eyes wide and horrified, showing too much white, and he didn't seem to be breathing.

"Harry love?" Max questioned, placing a hand over Harry's forehead. "Has the nausea come back? Speak to me, Harry!"

Nasta was there then picking Harry up, who flinched violently, his muscles tensed and quivering as Harry took in a harsh, rasping gasp of air, letting it out shakily before stopping breathing again.

"Harry?" Nasta asked, trying to get Harry's green, green eyes to focus on him. They didn't, Harry seemed to be looking right through him, caught up in something that only he could see.

"Get Madam Pomfrey!" Max ordered Draco and Blaise, who were gone in seconds.

Harry was caught in a flashback of remembered pain and neglect. How many times in his life had he heard the phrase 'get back in your cupboard' or 'go to your cupboard!' The lonely days and longer nights that he had spent alone in isolation, listening to the happy family beyond the door, watching TV together, playing games, eating a family meal whilst he had been locked in a tiny cupboard, his stomach aching in hunger, his arms throbbing from cleaning every inch of the house and his little heart breaking as he begged yet again for someone to love him. Cut off and denied any social contact or even the barest bit of human decency.

Madam Pomfrey was yelling as Draco carried her into the room. Max would have broken down crying in laughter as it looked like Draco had just picked her up and ran through the school with her with no explanation at all, except Harry was still pale, still trapped in whatever was happening to him and he was still not responding to them. The situation was too serious for laughter or jokes at the moment.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

"It's Harry. He isn't responding to us."

Madam Pomfrey immediately turned into the medical professional that she was as she turned to where Harry was still being held by Nasta and she cast a spell on Harry to see if he was being influenced by any outside sources and her test came back negative. She cast a number of other tests and sighed.

"From what I can tell Harry is having a memory flashback. Can you remember what was said or what happened?"

"He was cleaning the cupboards; he's been having nesting instincts for the last week." Nasta informed as he cradled Harry's quivering form in his arms, trying to give his submissive mate any shred of comfort that he could.

"I was joking around and I told him to get back in his cupboard, he went like this just after." Max added.

"It is likely that that comment had some effect on Harry's delicate mental state, he is caught in a memory that possibly links to that sentence."

"Will he be alright?"

"I believe he'll be just fine once he snaps out of the memory. Just lay him down and let him sort through what he needs to, it could be completely unrelated to that comment or something similar but not exactly the same, he could be remembering a childhood punishment of being sent to his bedroom that he hasn't thought about in years."

"But why would this happen?" Ashleigh asked, indicating to Harry.

"It could be a side effect to his pregnancy, it could be a surprising link that Harry wasn't expecting, it could be anything that has caused this flashback."

"Is there anything we can do?"

"He should snap out of it on his own, but if he doesn't within ten minutes, put him under a sleeping spell."

"He hasn't eaten." Blaise fretted.

"He should be fine overnight, just give him a big breakfast if he isn't feeling sick."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey." Blaise said softly as he watched Harry sadly as he saw her out distractedly.

It took only three, very tense, minutes for Harry to take in a huge, gasping breath and to shake his head as if clearing it. He blinked languidly as he peered about, being faintly shocked as all of his mates clamoured around him and began asking him how he felt.

"I…I'm fine, I feel fine. Why, what's wrong?" He asked confusedly.

"You had a memory flashback." Draco explained cautiously, as if the mere mention of it would send Harry back into the flashback.

"Oh." Harry frowned as he realised what had happened. He swallowed and hoped he could play it off as something other than a fear of being locked in a cupboard.

"I don't think you should go back near the cupboard, Harry." Max said seriously.

"No, I was done anyway. I need to wash the walls next."

"How are you going to wash the walls? You don't reach halfway up them."

"I'm a wizard." Harry told them slowly. "I'll just levitate the sponge."

"Not today you won't." Nasta exclaimed strongly. "You can start cleaning again tomorrow, but for the rest of today you need to rest."

"I was only caught in a memory, Nas. It's not like I fell over or hurt myself." Harry complained even as he made himself comfortable on the settee, he didn't want to be punished, least of all in front of Max's family.

"Just to be sure." Nasta told him as he picked up the blanket from the back of the settee and covered Harry with it, tucking him in and laying a loving kiss to his brow.

Harry sighed, but snuggled down in his little bed and he let his body relax. His mates had no idea why he had had his little memory meltdown, they weren't asking questions…yet and they seemed to be more worried as to how he was now than to what had caused his little meltdown in the first place. He just hoped it stayed that way, he had hidden too much from them, had hidden everything away, he had kept it all a secret for too long to have them find out now. He couldn't let them find out about what the Dursleys were really like.

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