The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


39. Chapter Thirty-Nine – Aggression

Harry lay on the comfy patch of his nest that he had built up with layers of soft fabrics, stroking his baby gently through the layer of his skin. He sniffed the air deeply again, checking it for danger, for any form of threat. There were Drackens nearby and he snarled, like he had done several times since he had reached his birthing place. He didn't like that they were so close to him, but as long as they didn't come any closer he wouldn't have to defend his nest, though when he went into labour, that was a different matter entirely.

There were humans around as well, he could smell them as well, magic using humans, they could be a potential threat to him and his baby. He'd keep an eye out for them. He'd kill them easily if they came near him, the other Drackens were not so easy to kill, but he'd manage, for his baby he'd do anything.

He stroked the bump over and over as he rolled in the nest, getting his scent over everything, he could feel the baby moving inside of him like a trapped butterfly, it wouldn't be long before he freed his baby from inside of him. Soon, but not yet.

Blaise was anxious and worried as he paced around Max's kitchen, even knowing that Harry was only two floors above him, sitting on the roof, didn't ease the worry he felt. Harry would stay outside now for two to three weeks and in that time he would be very vicious and violent towards them.

It was hard to carry on as normal when Harry was sitting on the damn roof waiting for his body to prepare itself for the birth of his baby. He already felt an overwhelming urge to remain as close to Harry was possible. He couldn't go home; every time he tried he felt a tension run through his entire body, keeping him held here, near Harry, so he could protect his little lover when the need arose.

It was unlike anything he had ever felt before and he kept himself close to the older dominants to try and glean some comfort from their strong, silent calmness during this stressful situation. He didn't want to be seen as the weak dominant of the group, so he refrained from voicing his unease aloud, but he couldn't stop himself from huddling close to Max and Nasta, he even sought out Draco on the odd occasion for support, without seeming like he needed it. It was a fine line he played with, on the one side was nonchalance, and on the other was weakness. He missed Harry, he could cuddle with Harry all day and not be seen as weak, but Harry was on the roof and he tried to cut up anyone who got too close to his nest. He couldn't wait for all this to be over, preferably before the stress of the situation killed him.

Hermione prided herself on being a very smart individual. She had refused to leave Harry's boyfriend, Max's house, partially through worry of her best friend, but more out of curiosity. She had never heard of Drackens before and to find out that not only was her best friend one, but two other class mates were Drackens as well, it puzzled her.

If Drackens were a common humanoid species that witches and wizards could come into on their sixteenth birthday then why weren't they told about them at Hogwarts? Was it supposed to be covered in Care of Magical Creatures? Or perhaps History of Magic. She couldn't recall a single time that she had read the word Dracken in any book from the library and she had been reading those books since she had first stepped foot into Hogwarts. Before she had befriended Harry and Ron she had spent every moment of spare time in the library reading any book that came to her hand to cover the loneliness that she felt and the acute isolation from her peers who ran around and played about like little children.

How many more Hogwarts students were actually Drackens? Were Drackens even a common inheritance to receive? Three students out of just under three hundred was a huge number in comparison to other magical creatures. There were no Veela at Hogwarts, except for the glancing visit from Fleur and her sister in fourth year, but Gabrielle had been underage and therefore hadn't come into her Veela inheritance at the time of her visit. There were no Faeries or Fey at Hogwarts though she knew there was at least one in Durmstrang and there were no 'diseased' creatures at Hogwarts like werewolves or vampires.

Were Drackens native to Britain? Was that why three Drackens had turned up at Hogwarts? Hermione knew that the Veela were protected in France and by French law, was that why all the witches and wizards with a Veela inheritance had been schooled in Beauxbatons? Was that similarly why all of the Fey were schooled in Durmstrang? Were the witches and wizards bound to get a Dracken inheritance living in Britain and schooled at Hogwarts because they were protected by British law? She needed more information but baring the explanation that she and the Weasleys had been given on Harry's birthday, after swearing an incredibly powerful and dangerous oath not to out any of them, like she ever would have, she hadn't had any further information. The house was milling with Drackens and people who were related to Drackens, who had grown up with them, yet they all seemed to be so busy.

She had managed to decipher that Harry was nearing labour, how they knew this she didn't know, why they hadn't called a Healer she didn't know, all she knew was her best friend was sitting on the roof of one of his boyfriends' house and he wasn't going to come back down. Said boyfriends were preventing anyone from even going into the front or back gardens as they snapped and growled at everyone around them, even at each other!

She had watched in horror and part fascination as Malfoy took on the biggest of Harry's boyfriends, Max, and they began beating the living daylights out of each other! It was terrifying to watch and it had only stopped when Harry's oldest boyfriend, Nasta, ripped them apart from each other and threw them at opposite walls.

Hermione had tried to talk to the three older girls that were at the house, they were Max's sisters and none of them were Drackens. In fact if Max's Mother, Ashleigh, hadn't have been a Dracken she would have wondered if Drackens were an all-male species of magical creature. The girls had answered a few questions as they painted the wall of a spare room baby blue in preparation for their Nephew and they soon became too harried and busy to pay attention to her.

The one man, Max's second Dad, Richard, had all the patience in the world and he seemed to be making the preparations worse, she had watched as Max's biological Dad, Myron, had picked the smaller man up and dumped him in a different room, twisting the other man's ear and making Richard let out a strange keening sound.

Richard had sat on the chair that he had been dumped on dejectedly for three hours before Myron had come back and took him off the chair, kissing and holding him. It was so strange! But it was also fascinating to see into the cultures of another species, how they reacted and interacted with one another.

Hermione was also very curious about the livid scar that bisected Richard's neck. How could anyone survive such damage to such a vital part of their body? Were Drackens incredibly strong skinned? Or could they heal massive damage like a blow to the neck before it had time to actually kill them? If the latter was true then they had to be super healers! Richard must have healed that neck wound within a few seconds or he would have died, the more she looked at the scar the more she noticed that it had been a perfect, deep slit down the front of his windpipe; it should have killed him in seconds but he seemed no worse for wear, only that scar and a damaged larynx. Whatever had caused that scar it had to have gone incredibly deep into the neck to have damaged the larynx and it made her all the more curious to know how Richard had survived, yet she had more tact than to just outright ask him, perhaps she should ask Max when he was a bit more level headed, or maybe one of the girls.

Remus Lupin sighed wearily as he finally stepped foot back onto British soil. He had spent some time travelling after finding a 'mysterious donation' in his practically empty bank vault. He had a feeling that Harry had been conspiring with Sirius.

He had first gone to France seeking information on lycanthropy. From there he had gone further afield to parts of Egypt and Pakistan; from there he had gone further into Asia and to parts of Transylvania. He had been gone for a little under a year and he was glad to be back. He had missed Harry.

He smiled as he remembered the boy he had taken to Kings Cross Station last September. He had seemed like there was a lot on his mind, but Sirius had only just died that June so maybe he was just grieving, either way he hadn't had an owl from Harry so hopefully he had worked out what was bothering him at the time for himself or had asked someone else to help him.

Remus was on his way to Dumbledore's private house, not many people knew where it was located, but he knew. He, a werewolf, a dark creature, was considered trustworthy enough to know where Albus Dumbledore lived when the summer holidays were in place.

He had Apparated to the little town and knocked on the front door, like any normal person would, he waved to the elderly couple crossing the street and they smiled back, not knowing how close they were to a feared creature whom they thought was merely mythological.

The door was opened and Remus was greeted happily by the elderly man and given consent to enter the house.

"Remus, my boy. How did your travels go?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well, though I overshot it a bit, I was hoping to be back when Hogwarts let out so that I could perhaps take Harry for a part of the summer. It isn't right for a teenaged boy to be cooped up for so long in the same house. Plus I missed his birthday when I didn't mean to; he deserves to be taken out."

"I'm afraid that that is quite impossible, Remus." Dumbledore told him softly and Remus grew angry.

"Why? He doesn't need the blood wards anymore, Albus! Voldemort is gone! Vanquished by the very boy you are imprisoning in that Muggle house! The Death Eaters are few and far between, they wouldn't dare come out of the little holes they are hiding in when every witch and wizard wants their head on a spike!"

"Calm down my dear boy! You have misunderstood."

Remus was confused and he deflated, feeling a tad embarrassed that he had perhaps blown up on his old headmaster for no reason.

"Harry never went to the Dursley residence this year."

"He…he never?"

"No. I believe he stayed at the house of a very handsome, young man this summer."

Just like that Remus was angry again. "You let him stay in a house with an unknown person?! How do you know he isn't a danger to Harry?"

"I have seen and spoken to Harry several times this summer, Remus, the boy in question is also staying at Hogwarts."

"What's his name?" Remus demanded.

"I believe it is Maximilius."

"There are no Maximilius' at Hogwarts, at least not any who are older than Harry, I would have remembered such a name, but anyone younger wouldn't have their own house."

"I believe that Max is thirty-one."

"What is Harry doing with a thirty-one year old man?!" Remus exploded.

"It is my understanding that they are dating." Albus replied mildly and Remus felt his blood pressure spike.

"Da…dating?" He choked. "There are fourteen years between them!"

"This is a classic example of age doesn't matter, how many years are between you and Nymphadora? Thirteen?"

"I…that's not the issue here!" Remus stated as his cheeks went red. "Harry has only just turned seventeen! He shouldn't be with a thirty year old man!"

"But Harry is seventeen, Remus; he is considered a man now and he can do as he wishes."

"Where is he? I have to speak with him; I have to see that this Maximilius isn't harming him!"

"I'm afraid that's quite impossible."

"Why?!" Remus roared his patience at a dead end.

"Harry is currently pregnant." Remus's jaw dropped and his eyes popped in furious anger as every protective instinct inside of his body screamed for him to get Harry to safety. "I have been told that he is about to go into labour and doesn't wish to be bothered."

"Into…into labour? Just how pregnant is he?!" Remus asked when he could breathe unobstructed.

"Six months, he fell pregnant in mid-February."

Remus mouthed wordlessly as he clenched and unclenched his hands so he wouldn't put them around the elderly man's throat and throttle him.

"You couldn't have sent me a letter?! You knew how to navigate the anti-owl wards I had up, even if Harry couldn't." He demanded. "I would have immediately come home! He was underage when he met this man, I would have protected him!"

Albus sighed. "He didn't need, nor want to be protected, Remus. Harry is deeply in love and is terribly protective of his son."

"Son?" Remus croaked.

"Yes, he is having a baby boy some when in the coming weeks."

Remus swallowed and collapsed back into a chair, putting his head in his hands and his hands between his knees and just breathed evenly.

"Sirius will have my head when I pass into the afterlife. James will slaughter me and Lily will make sure there is nothing left to find. I've allowed them to become grandparents at thirty-seven."

"I'm sure Harry will disagree."

"I wasn't there for him."

"You have been there for him."

"I thought he'd be safe at Hogwarts."

"He has been safe."

"You call being seduced by a thirty-one year old and getting pregnant by said man safe?"

"It might not be Maximilius' baby." Dumbledore replied as he sipped on a teacup.

Remus felt his heart sputter in his chest. "What do you mean it might not be his baby? Who else's can it be?! Oh please say he wasn't…that he wasn't ra…violated."

"Nothing of the sort. But Harry has four current lovers, and there are three potential fathers to the baby he carries."

Remus felt the world sway and grey spots danced in front of his eyes. What had happened to the sweet, innocent little boy he had spent a month with just last year, the baby faced boy he had seen off to Hogwarts last September? What had gone wrong?

"I want to see them."

"Very well. But please control yourself, Remus, they are in a very emotional state as this is a very stressful time for them and they are very protective of Harry."

Remus nodded as he made his way to the fire, following Dumbledore. He felt numb and sort of floaty, that couldn't be a good sign.

He was pulled into the fire with Dumbledore and he heard the elderly man whisper something to the green flames before he was whisked away into the floo network.

Nasta felt his entire body pull into a stiff line as an unknown person came into the house. He snarled and found himself in front of the unknown man in an instant.

He had greying, light brown hair, a scared face and neck, blue eyes and a thin moustache. He was also a werewolf and Nasta would die before he let this man anywhere near his submissive, his child, or his subordinate mates.

His wings burst from his back and his claws and fangs followed as the man's blue eyes flashed orangey-yellow before the blue settled back.

"Now now boys, calm yourselves. Nasta this is Remus Lupin, a dear friend and father figure to Harry. I'm sure he will be most distraught if you were to harm him."

Nasta breathed deeply and he wanted to vehemently deny that his mate had anything to do with a werewolf, but he couldn't. He knew that Harry was a very kind and caring person, he would probably befriend a manticore before killing it. It was something that he loved in Harry, that he was so indiscriminate about everything; if Harry had been at all prejudiced about his dominant's ages during his meetings then he wouldn't be mated right about now.

"What are you?" The man, Remus, breathed as he stared at his wings, fangs and claws.

"I'm a Dracken, werewolf."

The man flinched and let Nasta know that he hadn't just touched a nerve but he had hammered at it.

"That is enough." Dumbledore chided firmly. "How is Harry today?"

"I went to visit him this morning; Blaise is with him at the moment. He is fine and is coping well."

"Any sign of the little bundle of joy?"

"Not yet, but he has a week or two before he gives birth. He's still preening."

Max came barrelling into the room and Nasta caught him around the chest, flinging the bigger man backwards, using his body weight.

"Calm down." Nasta soothed as he stroked Max's head and neck, laying his teeth at the jugular vein to show how serious he was.

Max stopped struggling and panted heavily.

"Werewolf!" He gasped.

"He's a friend of Harry's." Dumbledore assured.

Nasta stood back up and dragged Max up as well.

"You should still be sleeping." Nasta chided the bigger man.

"I felt the disturbance in the wards as an unknown person was dragged in by a known person. I couldn't take the risk of a threat harming Harry."

Nasta kissed Max and led him to a chair to sit him down. The bigger man had spent the night with Draco, protecting Harry from afar. They couldn't so much as come within five feet of Harry's nest before their little submissive started snarling and sizing them up ready for conflict.

He hoped that Harry gave birth sooner rather than later because he did not envy whoever had to feed Harry when he finally ran out of food, but as it looked like Harry had stolen half the contents of Max's cupboards, maybe he wouldn't even run out of food at all while he was nesting. Though this was an almost impossible wish seeing as Harry was continuously eating in his nest. Then he didn't really have much to do other than roll around, stroke his bump and eat. It must have been very boring for him.

Everyone sat around in the kitchen and the man, Remus, looked like his heart was failing as he lay against the table top and practiced breathing.

"Are you alright?" Max asked as he placed down four cups of tea, slipping a few drops of calming draught into three of the four cups. The one without the draught went to the Headmaster, who was already very calm and collected.

"I have just found out that the boy I consider a son is about to give birth and is in a relationship with four men, one of whom is a Dracken."

"Actually all of us are Drackens, including Harry."

The man started hyperventilating and clasped his teacup like a lifeline as he gulped it down like Vodka.

"How did Harry meet four Drackens?!" He huffed out as Max refilled his teacup. "Where is Harry anyway?"

"Harry's on the roof." Max replied helpfully.

"The roof?! Why, in all of Merlin's polka dotted pyjama pants, is Harry on the roof when he's six months pregnant?!"

"That's where he built his nest."

"His nest? His nest?! What nest?!"

"Harry's a Dracken as well, when Drackens are ready to go into labour they climb into their prebuilt nests and they stay there until the baby is born, no one really knows why, but it has been speculated that it's the dragon instincts in us."

"James and Lily weren't Drackens. How is Harry one?"

"The Dracken genes pick and choose which child they want to appear in. Harry's Great-Grandfather on his Father's side was a Dracken; his Father was a recessive carrier of the gene."

"Which side did the genes come from?" Remus asked. "James' Father or James' Mother?"

"His Mother, I believe the Dracken in question was named Cygnus Black. The Black family is riddled with Dracken blood. Three members of the Black family have been Drackens, two of them this generation; the third was from the last generation."

"Who?" Remus asked incredulously.

"Harry, obviously. Regulus Black and Draco Malfoy."

Remus felt the room getting far too hot. Sirius couldn't have known that his younger brother was a Dracken or he would have said something. Was that why Regulus always stuck so close to Snape when they were younger, like these men were sticking close to Harry?

"Is Severus a Dracken by any chance?"

"Yes he is." Dumbledore answered. "I see you have made the connection between Regulus and Severus. They were mates as Harry, Max, Nasta, Blaise and Draco are mates."

"Draco? Draco Malfoy?" Remus had heard the blond's name in the list of Drackens, but he hadn't for one moment thought that Harry would be mated to him. The two men opposite him said 'mate' like others said 'husband' there was an intimate inflection on it, a love that went deep between them, Remus swallowed. These men loved Harry, but he could not fathom that a Malfoy and Harry would willingly get on, he couldn't believe that Lucius Malfoy would allow his only son into a relationship with Harry.

"Yes Draco Malfoy. Such a confused young man." Dumbledore sighed and graciously accepted another cup of tea from Max, who was happy to be hosting again.

"Let me tell you that as top dominant of this family I will not accept anyone bad mouthing my subordinates nor my submissive." Nasta said as politely as he could, he even managed to take the growl from his voice.

"I wasn't bad mouthing anyone." Remus said affronted. "I certainly wouldn't bad mouth a former student of mine, though I find it difficult to accept that Lucius Malfoy is jumping for joy at this development."

Max snorted. "Hardly. He has tried several times to break Harry and Draco up, not that we've told Harry, it upsets him and in his delicate condition it could cause more harm to him than is acceptable. Draco has snubbed his Father's attempts to break us apart, though his Mother, Narcissa, seems fine with the relationship, though she was a bit startled at the beginning."

Remus couldn't even begin to imagine Lucius Malfoy ever being alright with his son in a relationship with Harry Potter, even if the man had been acquitted of all crimes, he had still been a Death Eater.

"So Harry's alright?" He finally asked. "You treat him well."

The two opposite him looked affronted.

"Of course!" The biggest one said his tone full of offence. "We love Harry and he's perfectly fine. I've had my stomach almost torn out thanks to my love for him! Harry likes targeting the fleshy belly."

"What?" Remus asked.

The man lifted his shirt and showed a covered area of flesh with blood spots.

"You're bleeding through again." Nasta pointed out.

"I know. I'll change the covering in a bit."

"What happened?"

"I got too close to Harry and he tore into me. My own fault of course, I should have known better, but I thought he was sleeping."

"Harry wouldn't…"

"Harry is in a very primitive state of mind. He's gone feral, as all submissive Drackens do when they go into the last stage of pregnancy. He doesn't recognise anyone and he attacks everyone who goes near him as he classes them as immediate threats. He does this to protect the baby."

"So he'd attack me if I went to see him?"

"You can see him, but you can't get too close and he won't understand a word you say to him. He can't talk either, he grunts, hisses and growls and he communicates non-verbally too, though as he's very aggressive at the moment, as he feels he's being threatened by us getting too close to him, there's a lot of baring his teeth and flashing his claws, all as a warning to back off."

Remus sighed and cradled his cup, nursing the tea inside it to settle his nerves. This was too much, way too much and he wasn't sure if his blood pressure could handle the strain of finding out Harry was a magical creature.

"Here take this." One of the men, Nasta, said handing him a book. "It'll give you some more information on Drackens, actual factual information, not the rubbish that is printed in mass produced books."

"Thank you. When do you think Harry will be ready for visitors?"

"A few weeks I'd say. He's only been in his nest for a week, he's already run out of fresh food so we're having to try and get close enough to him to pass him fresh meat, it's how Max got cut up."

"He'll be alright?"

"He's going to be fine, we'd hardly let him starve in there." Max grumbled. "It would make my sacrifice yesterday for nothing."

Remus nodded and finished his tea. He'd read the book, get as much information as he could, let himself absorb the fact that Harry was a Dracken, let his anxieties settle and then he'd come back when Harry was ready to see him, when he had already given birth to a son. He swallowed, James, Sirius and Lily would blow their heads right off of their necks if they knew that he'd allowed their baby to become impregnated at just sixteen years old.

Harry hissed deeply as one of the Drackens once again tried to come into his nest. The dead animal he was holding was thrown into his nest and Harry lashed out, sinking his claws into the soft, fleshy belly, dragging his claws through and the Dracken howled in pain.

Harry went to strike the neck only for another Dracken to come and take the injured one away. Harry flumped down as his energy waned. He couldn't keep fighting like this, was that their plan? To wear him down until he fell unconscious due to lack of energy? Well he wouldn't let them! He had ways of getting energy. He was getting energy from the sun, but the blinding rays could only give him so much energy; he was sleeping a lot more than usual as well. He pulled the dead animal that the other Dracken had dropped and tore into it, noticing curiously that it was already skinned. He fed until he couldn't eat anymore and then he threw the remains out of his nest because he didn't want it near him anymore.

It wasn't too much longer after he had finished his meal and he was cleaning his hands and neck of blood when a ripping in his abdomen had him doubling over his belly. It was time.

Harry burst into a flurry of activity, preparing himself for birth as he spread his body out over the floor of his nest, and tearing open his backpack to reach the things his baby needed, the things he needed. He would free his trapped baby from inside him by any means necessary. He wouldn't let his baby die inside of him.

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