The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


35. Chapter Thirty-Five – Homecoming Welcome

Max almost leapt out of his skin when the fireplace burst out green flame and one by one his family emerged from the fireplace.

He massaged his heart even as Nasta shot up, his black leathery wings with their bright yellow-gold scales burst from his back as he shot to stand in front of him as if he needed protecting.

"Well your reaction time is outstanding." Max heard his Grandfather's voice compliment. "Though your shielding skills are something to be desired, I can still see my Grandson's head and shoulders."

Max chuckled. "That can't be helped now can it, Granddad? I'm a head and shoulders taller than he is."

A tall, gorgeous man stepped out of the fireplace, a very large smile on his face, his light brown, almost blondish hair clinging to his face in overlong tendrils, his bright brown eyes glinting happily.

Max rushed right around Nasta and embraced this man tightly, even going so far as to tuck that head of blondish-brown hair under his chin.

"Caesar, what are you doing here? Not that I haven't missed you, but what about Amelle?"

Caesar grinned happily up at his big brother; he had missed his entire family as he had been over in America with his mate and her family.

"Amelle's family are watching over her, I swore her Father and brothers to an oath that they would die before they let anything happen to Amelle or Eleonora."

"Eleonora? You finally beat Amelle's idea of calling the baby Gem Bear into the dirt then?"

"I had to. I mean…Merlin, Gem Bear Seppen?" Caesar shook his head in disgust. "She's settled on Eleonora and her Dracken likes it too, so it seems that our daughter will be Eleonora Dahlia Seppen."

"I would have thought even with Amelle's family you would still watch over her, she's so close to birthing now."

"Nah, she's actually not. She's still preening; she's damn enjoying it as well. But I had to come and see my big brother when I heard that he had actually gone and gotten a submissive mate for himself, finally! Four other men as well." Caesar waggled his eyebrows and Max shoved his brother away with a grin.

"Well we know who your favourite is." A lovely looking woman with blonde hair and the same bright brown eyes as Caesar. "You walk past all three of your sisters to hug your brother and don't even spare us a courtesy hello, thank you, Maximilius."

"You know I love you, Julinda, but I haven't seen Caesar in almost a year, I saw you last week."

"Don't make it sound like such a hardship to see me." Julinda teased.

Max chuckled and hugged Julinda tightly, making sure to rein in his strength so he didn't break his human sister in half.

"How is Laurel?"

Julinda snorted harshly and folded her arms across her chest. "In a wand making convention in Sweden. Never mind that this weekend is our sixth year anniversary."

"You should divorce him." Richard said firmly to his only biological daughter, his brown eyes, which both of his children had inherited, hard as flint.

"I'm not going to divorce him, Daddy." Julinda sighed as if this conversation were an old one.

"Where are the other three of your supposedly gorgeous harem?" Caesar asked interestedly.

"Gorgeous harem?" Max questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Alayla told me that you have a harem of exceptionally gorgeous men, she got to see them at the Dracken meeting and I want to see for myself to validate her claims, so where are they? All I see is your ugly mush and one gorgeous man."

"Draco and Blaise are visiting their parents and Harry is sleeping, he's had a rough afternoon."

"But I'm only here for a few days! I wanna see them all!" Caesar whined.

"You will. Draco and Blaise will be here soon enough to visit and Harry won't sleep for much longer I don't think."

"Why won't Harry sleep for much longer?" A sweet, sleepy voice asked.

Max turned and grinned at the sight of a sleepy Harry, his eyes closed as he rubbed at them with the one hand, the other holding onto the wall to keep himself upright, wearing just a pair of very over large boxer shorts.

"Are those mine?" Nasta asked incredulously. "How the hell did you get my boxer shorts?"

"I robbed them from your suitcase." Harry admitted. "I broke the waistband to the ones Draco gave to me."

Max scooped Harry up and held him tightly, kissing him passionately. Caesar wolf whistled and Harry startled and looked around before going a gorgeous shade of pink and trying to huddle in on himself to cover his body. He always got self-conscious when his belly was exposed.

"I know there's a reason you are going around wearing just a pair of shorts other than enticing my son. What is it?" Myron asked not unkindly.

"I…I was too hot wearing anything else. I would have gone naked if my morals would have let me, thank god for morals." Harry answered looking around at all the people looking at him. "I'm just going to get dressed."

"Nonsense." Myron exclaimed. "If you're too hot then you're too hot, don't make yourself uncomfortable for us."

Harry didn't want to say that he was more uncomfortable staying in a room with them in just a pair of boxers that were only staying up due to his very large waistline, so he huddled in Max's arms and looked around, his sight stayed on a new, but almost familiar face.

There was a new man standing with Max's family, he looked so much like Richard that Harry knew him to be Max's younger brother, Caesar. Harry wondered just what the hell this man was doing here when his nesting mate was about to give birth to his daughter. Harry would have had a fit if he found out that any of his mates had left him unprotected during his nesting period.

"I don't think your little one likes me, Max, he hasn't stopped glaring at me for the past two minutes." Caesar told his older brother, who stopped his conversation with his Grandmother and looked in surprise at Harry.

"Sorry Harry, this is my brother Caesar, he isn't a threat to you or the baby." Max introduced as Caesar stepped forward, his hand out for a shake.

Harry snarled a bit at Caesar who took a step back in surprise. "He really doesn't like me."

"What's wrong, love?" Nasta asked, coming closer.

"He's just left his pregnant mate! He's left her!"

"Amelle is fine, Harry. Her family are around her." Max explained.

"It doesn't matter." Harry pouted before looking to Max and Nasta. "If any of you even think of leaving me alone in my nest I will wear your decorated skins to your funerals."

Alexander Maddison started laughing heartily and he sat happily on the settee. "He's so creative!" He praised.

Harry grinned at Max's Grandfather and squirmed to be put down. He forgot all about just wearing a pair of shorts and went and sat with the man who held his hands like he was a delicate woman, but the creative glint in his eye stopped Harry from saying anything.

"How would you decorate their skins, Harry, sweet one?"

"With their wing scales of course." Harry grinned promptly.

"If you could stop talking about torturing and killing us, that'd be great." Max told them sardonically as he rolled his eyes.

"Spoil sport." Harry stated with a grin.

Alexander chuckled and patted Harry lovingly.

"How is my great-Grandson tonight?" He asked, lowering a hand to the exposed, bare bump.

"Surprisingly still. Usually he'd be kicking into my kidneys right about this time."

"Has he been active today?" Richard asked concernedly.

"Yes. He's just not active now. I have his kick chart that the nice woman gave to me; he's kicked me hard twelve times today."

"I'm glad I don't want kids." Julinda said looking at him with pity.

"I want to be a Grandfather too you know." Richard told his daughter, put out by her continued declaration of remaining Motherless.

"What the hell is Eleonora?" Caesar asked. "I am your son aren't I? Please Daddy, don't tell me Mommy slept with the milkman after all of these years! My heart won't be able to bear the pain!"

Harry started laughing and he couldn't stop. The faces Caesar had pulled, the tone of voice he had used to inflect the words he had said, the over dramatization of his actions made him laugh until tears streamed down his cheeks and his lungs shrivelled up from lack of oxygen as he couldn't breathe.

"He's just like you." Myron remarked dryly to Richard, who was laughing so hard no sound was coming out of his mouth. Myron didn't sound overly happy at the thought of Caesar being just like Richard either.

Nasta finally started rubbing Harry's back to calm him down so he could take in a deep breath before he suffocated himself. Harry did so and remained pink cheeked, wet faced and huffing out bursts of laughter.

He calmed himself down and held his arms around his chest as he swayed with the remnants of his laughter, chuckling at odd moments.

Max smacked Caesar on the back of the head to shut him up, his grin almost splitting his face in two.

"You're a moron." He commented fondly.

"So are you, or do you forget the…"

The rest of Caesar's sentence was muffled by one of Max's large hands as he covered his brother's lower face, his cheeks oddly red.

"Are you blushing?" Harry demanded. "What the hell happened to make you blush?"

Max went even redder and he stammered a bit before he stomped on Caesar's foot.

"This is all your fault; you were sworn to the secrecy of the Gilted Quill!"

"The what?" Nasta asked interestedly.

Max went impossibly redder and Harry chuckled as Caesar went red cheeked as well. They looked like a couple of guilty, naughty school boys, very tall school boys.

"It was their little boy club when they were kids." The other blondish-brown haired woman, this one the only one of Max's siblings to have Myron's jet black eyes, said with a nasty grin at her brothers. She put on a high pitched, imitation of a child's voice. "No girls allowed!"

"Talia!" Max whined. "Stop humiliating me in front of my mates!"

"It was so cute." Kimberly Maddison, Max's Grandmother, sighed adoringly. "They used to run around with this beautiful little quill edged with real gold. One of Myron's best quills, not that he would ever take away their 'club symbol'"

"Of course not." Myron stated with an evil little smirk. "I would never deprive my little boys of their gilded quill club symbol."

"Oh Merlin, let the floor open up and swallow me whole." Max grumbled.

Harry chuckled and went to hug Max, only to find himself stuck on the settee unable to get up.

"A little help please." He said as he waved his arms about, trying, and failing, to get to his feet.

Nasta chuckled quietly beside him and gave him a gentle push to his feet. Harry went to Max and cuddled him tightly, still laughing at finally seeing Max get his feathers ruffled. Max was so laid back that it was nearly impossible to embarrass him, he either laughed it off or was completely unbothered by it, to see him actually embarrassed enough to blush tickled Harry.

"Have you searched for a nesting place yet?" Ashleigh asked Harry, looking unashamedly at his bared belly.

Harry actually half turned his baby away from her before he caught himself and stopped, standing still. He breathed deeply and pushed away his instincts which urged him to hide his baby away from Ashleigh. He turned around fully in Max's arms to look at Ashleigh dead on, his instincts would not rule his life, he was in control here, no one else, not even his own Dracken instincts would overthrow his control, he already let go during the heats without doing so when he wasn't on heat as well.

"No." Harry replied, forced casually.

"I would have thought that it would have been the first thing you did once you got here. What is more important than scouting out the area that you'll give birth in?" Myron asked a tight note to his voice which let Harry know that Myron at least had seen his small movement to turn away from his Wife.

"Something came up and then I fell asleep. I'll scout out an area when I'm ready to!" Harry hissed.

"Calm down, sweet one." Alexander urged him. "We wouldn't want anything untoward to happen to you or the baby. Myron stop harassing the little one!"

"I was not harassing anyone, Father." Myron replied calmly even as those black eyes glinted towards Harry.

"There was an…altercation at the train station." Max broke the awkward silence that had fallen over them.

Harry twisted violently in Max's arms and glared up at his biggest mate with livid emerald eyes. Max sighed as Harry glared at him and his family all looked at him in alarm and askance. He had never kept anything from them, nothing in his entire life, until he had mates. He understood that this was Harry's secret, Harry's pain, but the more people that knew of what Harry had gone through then the less likely that one of his family members would send Harry into a flashback of his abused childhood.

"Give us a moment." Max told his family as he plucked Harry from the floor like a doll and carried him back up the stairs to the bedroom, Nasta following them like a silent, disapproving shadow.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Harry hissed out as soon as the door was closed. "You're not allowed to just tell whomever you please about…about that!"

"I know, Harry, but they're my family. I can't keep anything from them, let alone something this big. They'll be here practically every other day anyway, they always are, what if they say something to set you off? If it can be avoided surely that's healthier for you and the baby?"

"No!" Harry exploded. "No it isn't healthier for either of us!"

Nasta held him from behind and pressed a kiss behind his ear. "I can understand where Max is coming from Harry."

Harry opened his mouth to shout hell at the both of them but Nasta's hand lightly covered his mouth.

"If one of Max's family members were to say something to inadvertently hurt or upset you, I doubt either of us would forgive ourselves. More importantly with you so close to giving birth, I doubt we would forgive the particular family member for causing you distress. Max loves his family very much, Harry, it would hurt something deeply within him if he were to fight with his family, as it would hurt me if I was so angry with my Dad or brother as to hurt them because they had upset you."

"I…I don't want them to know!" Harry burst out with tears in his eyes, stubbornly refusing to let them fall, feeling like a selfish burden for making them chose him and his painful secret over telling their own family members. "It's embarrassing and humiliating! That I couldn't and still can't protect myself from three Muggles."

Nasta moved so quickly that Harry couldn't even prepare for when he was spun around to face his oldest, most dominant mate who was looking very serious and very grave.

"Never say that again!" Nasta growled. "What those people did to you is in no way your fault, Harry! You were just a child, how can a child protect itself from the cruelty of two fully grown adults?"

"Where do they live, Harry?" Max asked calmly that belied the manic glint in his blue eyes.

"I'm not going to tell you that!" Harry replied astonished. "You can't kill them! All of us would be exposed as creatures and we'd all be executed! Do you want me to be executed? Do you want the baby to be executed?"

"The baby wouldn't be executed, they'd test him to see if he's a Dracken or not and then they'd either put him in an orphanage or extradite him to Australia or South Africa."

"Oh and that's better is it? Is it?!" Harry demanded shrilly.

"They'd have to catch us first." Max ground out between his teeth unwilling to let it drop just yet.

"Oh so you can all run ahead of me, just leave me and the baby behind because I can barely walk let alone fucking run! Not to mention what would happen to your families! You'd be out as Drackens so they'd test them as well; it's not just us you'll be exposing! It's not just our lives that you'll be ruining."

Max screamed into his hands. "I just can't bear the thought of those people abusing a child and getting away with it!"

"Who says they have to get away with it?" Nasta asked calmly, rationally. "They abused a minor in their care, there is no reason that we can't go through legal channels to punish them. Not everything has to be blood and death; I think a long, slow suffering in the most under budgeted prison we can find is a much more fitting punishment."

Max's eyes gleamed as Nasta craftily planted the images in the wound up Dracken's head.

"Hello?! I'm pregnant! I can't testify and I know enough about legal jargon from my Aunt's Law and Order TV shows to know that if we have any hope of shoving them behind bars then I'll have to testify. I can't turn up at a Muggle court room pregnant!"

"Harry love, by the time we put in the accusation, the Muggles answer it and a court date has been set our son will be six months old." Max replied.

"We'll wait until after the birth of our boy if it makes you feel better." Nasta soothed.

"You do both know that my Dad, Richard, is a barrister don't you? I've grown up hearing about the ins and outs of the courtroom."

"He's a barrister, really?" Harry asked a tad hopefully.

"Course. He would be able to represent you if you wanted; he'd get them the longest, harshest sentence possible."

"Only one of us can accompany, Harry." Nasta stated factually. "I'd lean more towards Draco as he is the nearest to Harry's age. If two thirty-something's show up then the courts could claim that we are taking advantage of a minor."

Max grunted. "I've already been accused of paedophilia once and that was more than enough. I have no want of a court to do it."

"I am of legal age to give sexual consent!" Harry reminded them.

"It won't matter, you'll be going to a court to face down child abuse charges, if the judge, jury and media see that you have two thirty year old men as lovers they'll twist it into something vile and unsavoury."

Harry sighed. "I don't want to do it alone."

"You won't be alone, love, we'll be in the courtroom, we just won't be able to claim a relationship with you, we could just be friends. Draco will be your lover, it'll be better if there is just the one of us anyway, Muggles are strange about homosexuality, so the less male lovers you have, the happier they'll be."

"Lucius Malfoy is also a very prominent political figure, when the wizarding world gets a hold of it he'll be better suited, along with my Dad, Myron, to protect you from any backlash, any media interference, that sort of thing."

"Lucius Malfoy won't help me! He hates me."

"He doesn't hate you; he just needs some time to sort through his thoughts. Child abuse is a very, very serious thing, Harry and Lucius Malfoy will be itching to take his wand to those people."

"We really have to tell them, don't we?" Harry asked in a small voice, looking to the bedroom door and the stairs that led to Max's family.

"We don't have to, but I would like it if you'd allow me to." Max replied slowly and diplomatically. "They won't think anything differently of you, Harry; they'll admire you for your strength to admit what you went through more than anything else."

"How will they react?" Harry asked nervously.

"With righteous outrage on your behalf." Max assured. "My Mum and grandparents especially will be devastated."

Harry sighed. "I don't think I could tell it again." He admitted sadly.

"With your permission we could tell them all we know about the situation."

Harry nodded slowly, half regretting it, even as he knew his mates would never have agreed to just leave the Dursleys alone, to just keep the past in the past.

Max had been right, of course, about his family's reaction. They had been livid, had shouted, sworn, questioned and Myron had clenched his hands so tightly that his fingernails had bitten into his skin and caused him to bleed.

Richard had already started to take notes and was pressing the parchment with his quill so hard he was leaving stab marks all over it as his hand shook terribly.

Harry sat on the settee with Max's youngest sisters, who were both holding him comfortingly and crying on his behalf as he sat dry eyed, but feeling like a rung out towel. Max's oldest sister, Julinda was furious and was making choking motions with her hands, her brown eyes far away.

Ashleigh was being cradled in Myron's arms, even as the huge, broad Dracken was standing as stiff as a board, those black eyes pinned to Harry, looking at him like he dearly wished to check him thoroughly for any marks or bruises, even though Max had told them that Harry's inheritance last summer would have wiped away all physical evidence of his past abuse.

"What I'd do to those beasts if I got my hands on them." Alexander said for the seventh time making a violent gesture in the air.

"Now dear, calm yourself." Kimberly soothed her Husband. "Our dear Richard will make sure they get what's owed them, won't you, Richard dear?"

"Of course, Kimberly. Those vile monsters will not walk away from this." Richard rasped his voice so tight it had to be painful for him to speak.

It seemed that when Richard got emotional, or angry, his throat closed off and with the scar running the length of his neck from his chin it made it very painful for the man to breathe and he had choked for air several times since he'd been told already.

Myron had given that small bottle of potion to his mate and watched critically as Richard had sipped from it, but it didn't seem to be helping overly much. Harry was so insanely curious that he had had to bite his tongue twice to keep the question in his mouth.

Harry sighed and Talia wrapped her arms around him tighter, kissing the side of his head and rubbing against him like a cat. He smiled and snuggled her back, chuckling silently at it turned into a competition on who could rub the other for the longest.

"What on earth are you doing?" Alayla asked them with a laugh.

"I hope you aren't trying to steal my pregnant mate from me, Talia." Max grinned as his sister went tomato red.

"Of course not, I'm trying to make him happy again." Talia answered primly, looking pointedly to Harry's smile.

The floo flared green and before Harry could blink he had several people in front of him, several pairs of wings flared.

He heard Max laugh and the second tallest Dracken strode forward, his blue wings bobbing behind him and he embraced someone that Harry couldn't see through the wall of wings, though he did find out that Myron's wings were black on black, he has wings as black as his eyes with his scales done in an endless onyx colour. Richard's wings were a pale, pastel orange colour and his scales were the happiest, brightest sunshine yellow he had ever seen, even brighter than Henley's, which had been more of a lemon colour.

Alexander's wings on the other hand were a deep, almost black, green and were dotted with paler green scales.

Max walked through them all with his arm around a very unsettled looking Blaise. Harry forced his body out of his seat, using his legs to push himself forward, almost stumbling in the process, to wrap his arms around Blaise's neck.

"Now he is gorgeous." Caesar exclaimed, nudging his brother. "Have you had that yet?"

"Don't be crude and vulgar!" Myron reprimanded strongly, following through with a smack to the back of Caesar's head. "Your Mother and sisters are in the room!"

"Sorry Dad." Caesar replied meekly, rubbing his sore spot, before he grinned and went back to examining Blaise.

"Bit on the small and slender side for a dominant."

Blaise snarled and held Harry tighter; Harry could feel the tension in Blaise's body and he went up on tiptoes to kiss it away. They ended up kissing passionately for several minutes.

"How come I never get a kiss like that?" Max whined.

"You can't keep yourself from talking long enough." Harry answered quickly, setting off a round of laughs.

Harry laughed happily as he cuddled with Blaise, who had come for a short visit to see if he had settled in alright. They kissed and cuddled and talked quietly as Max and his family talked about every topic on the planet.

"I'm going to go use the bathroom a second." Harry told everyone as it looked like he was going to have a parade follow him through the house. "I'll be five minutes!"

"The bathroom is the second door on the left from this room."

"I thought it was upstairs?" Harry questioned. "It was beside the bedroom that I woke up in."

"This house has an upstairs and a downstairs bathroom, love." Max told him with a smile.

"Ah. Right, I'll only be a sec!"

Harry waddled slightly to the bathroom and groaned as the pressure lifted from his bladder. He wasn't as bad as when he had the infection, but he was still weeing every other hour.

He washed his hands and dried them on the towel, but he couldn't bring himself to let the towel go. It was so soft and fluffy. He rubbed his face on it and he smelled it. It smelt like Max's body. He clenched the material in his fists and looked around him. He eased himself out of the bathroom and looked up and down the hallway. He went the opposite way from which he had come and found an absolutely huge kitchen. It was bigger than the living room and it was a pristine white. Harry just knew that this room was where Max usually entertained his guests.

He spied the back garden and pushed open the back door. It was now twilight and it was getting dark. That meant it had to have been about ten in the night. Looking around he caught a small glimpse of the orchard that Max had promised was out back and dashed towards it as fast as his bandy legs could carry him.

He inhaled deeply and patted the ground around him with his hand. He stood up and knew that these trees would not support his nest. He needed bigger trees if he were to use one. Harry looked back at the house and it was then that he saw a vantage point; there was a flat section of roof amidst the sloping tiles. It was high enough that he could see any predators coming for his children, it was strong enough to support his nest and it was wide enough that he wouldn't roll out of it.

Unsheathing his wings Harry didn't even think about it as he moved them for the first time, taking just a few moments to find the right rhythm and speed before he was in the air, using his shoulders to control his direction.

He landed on the flat space and looked at it. It was bigger than he had initially thought, which was just as well as it would give him more room for his nest. He swatted at the decaying leaves, pulling out his wand and banishing the mud and dirt. It would be the perfect nest. He could see for miles around him, no one would be sneaking up on him or his baby. He wadded the towel in his hands and placed it delicately to an edge that only he could see. He looked at the towel and preened a bit in pride. He would have to find more things to build his nest with, but for now, he was done. He had scouted the perfect area and had started to build, it wouldn't be long now.

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