The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


38. Chapter Thirty-Eight – Harry's Birthday

Harry giggled with Blaise as they threw yet another parchment ball at Draco, who grunted and twitched in his sleep. The big blond had fallen asleep on the settee after admitting to a restless night of worrying over his exam results. It made Harry dread this time next year when their final N.E.W.T results would be winging their way to them in the beak of an official owl. These exams were like practice exams for next years exams, they didn't really matter, if Draco was like this over mock N.E.W.T exams, then what was he going to be like with the real thing.

Blaise used his wand and a whispered incantation to levitate several parchment balls that had accumulated around Draco to hover over the sleeping blond, Blaise cancelled the spell and the parchment balls fell harmlessly onto Draco's sleeping form which once again twitched from the onslaught of light, crumpled up balls.

Harry smothered a giggle and had to give up as he turned to hide his face in Blaise's chest, one of his mate's arms coming to hold him more securely against his body.

"What do you think, Mio Bello, does Draco look better covered in parchment?"

Harry didn't trust himself to speak; he just nodded his head against Blaise's chest, biting a fist to keep from waking up the source of their amusement.

Blaise scrunched up another piece of parchment and threw it gently through the air. It sailed up in an arch before landing with a dry scratching sound on Draco's pristine hair. The blond made a small sound and slept on.

Harry peeked out from Blaise's shirt and twitched his wand to levitate the parchment balls that had either missed their target because they had been laughing too hard to properly aim or had fallen off due to the alarming amount of parchment balls that had covered Draco's lower body and the settee.

Harry moved the balls to hover over Draco's face before he lowered them to gently rest on the blond's head, covering him nearly head to foot in parchment.

Harry choked back a laugh and snatched a piece of parchment that hadn't already been scrunched up and started folding it like he had used to do in Primary school to make a crude aeroplane. He launched his plane at Draco and it swirled through the air before miraculously landing in the pile of balls.

Harry and Blaise cracked up and tried muffling their laughter with each other's sleeves.

It was this scene that Nasta walked in on. He looked to the two of them having silent hysterics on one settee, to Draco covered in parchment balls and the lone plane on the opposite settee.

"Do I even want to know why you have buried Draco in parchment?"

"We thought we'd make his dream of being eternalised on parchment come true." Harry answered immediately, before he and Blaise shared a look and broke down.

"Somehow I doubt that this is what he meant." Nasta replied though his lips twitched to form a smile.

"Words can always be misconstrued by people who hear what they want to hear." Harry pointed out innocently.

"And that is what causes arguments and misunderstandings." Nasta told them. "Draco is not going to be happy when he wakes up to find you have covered him in parchment."

"Nah he's a good sport." Blaise answered with a grin. "He'll see the funny side of it."

"Stupidity doesn't suit you, Blaise love." Nasta said back before leaving the room to their laughter, he shook his head; it was nice to see them having a bit of fun and for the house to be filled with laughter, he just wished it wasn't at Draco's expense, the blond could hold a grudge like no other, particularly if his hair was involved.

"How did you make that plane, Harry?" Blaise asked.

"I'll show you!"

Harry got another sheet of parchment and folded it into another plane, he then flattened the parchment back out and got Blaise to fold along the lines that Harry had already made. Blaise still managed to cock it up but he did get a resemblance to a plane.

The older boy threw it and instead of swirling and floating through the air like Harry's it launched like a spear at Draco and stuck straight up in the mountain of parchment. The both of them sniggered like children.

"We should have coloured it in to make a flag." Harry said wistfully.

Blaise waved his wand and a small, crude picture of Harry and Blaise appeared on the plane. Harry couldn't help it as he started laughing, loudly.

Blaise placed a hand over his mouth, but was laughing too hard himself to keep it there very well, the result was Draco bolting up right, wading through the hundred or so parchment balls that covered him.

"What in the name of Circe have you two been doing?" He demanded in a sexy, sleep roughened voice.

"Harry was helping me with my aim, you know for next year's Quidditch season. I am the Slytherin Chaser and we have to be on top form, what with Harry possibly being ruled out it's our only hope to win the cup for Slytherin a final time before we graduate."

Harry huffed. "Don't count on it, love. I'm still the Captain of the Gryffindor team, I'm going to be coaching them and Ginny is an amazing duel talent what with being a brilliant Chaser and Seeker."

"She has nothing on you, love and you have beaten Draco by the tips of your fingers, she'll be no match for our Seeker."

"Maybe, but Draco has gotten bigger, broader and heavier since then and he's still growing, what's to say he won't become too heavy to be quick enough?"

Draco stood up and shook the balls easily off of him as he stalked to Harry with a smirk and a predatory look in his eyes. Harry eeped and made to move off of the settee but Blaise held him gently, not that he could get off the settee without help anyway.

"I'm not sure I heard him correctly, Blaise. I thought he said that Slytherin had no chance because I was too heavy."

"That is what, Prezioso said, yes."

"Hmm, so I wasn't hearing things brought on by my lack of oxygen at being buried alive in parchment."

Harry couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped him at the mention of Draco suffocating under the parchment.

"It sounds like he finds it funny as well. Hmm, what to do with him."

"You could let me go?" Harry hedged hopefully. "I am after all heavily pregnant; it's bound to mess with my mind."

The two laughed at him and the sound sent shivers down Harry's spine. Draco slipped onto the settee beside him and began massaging Harry's arms and shoulders, laying soft kisses on his neck. Harry unconsciously bared more of it for Draco's soft, dry lips.

"Shall we let him go, Blaise? He is heavily pregnant and it has messed with his mind."

"True, but I think that our little Amore knows exactly what he is doing. I don't think our child could be messing him up so much as to laugh at your imminent death."

Harry chuckled again, but swallowed it as he realised that he was making things worse for himself as Blaise nuzzled his nose around by his cheek and ear.

"And still he laughs at the prospect of my death. I think we should teach him some humility." Draco stated in a mock arrogant voice that was an echo of his younger years.

Harry actually giggled a bit as he heard it; it reminded him of the surety in Draco's voice as he asked for his hand of friendship on their very first train ride. Draco had been such an arrogant, slicked up, knob back then.

Draco's fingers danced over his sides and Harry squirmed and let out a shriek of laughter as he was tickled, writhing against Blaise as the older man held him strongly so he didn't do the baby any accidental damage.

Nasta peeked in on them, drawn to the room by Harry's shrieks, before shaking his head and leaving them too it, going back to filling out the transfer forms for the Ukrainian Ironbelly who was now a permanent member of their reserve. Sometimes he hated being a senior handler, he never had this much paperwork before he had made the senior team.

Harry rocked back against Blaise and gasped in pain as he knocked his shoulder against Blaise's shoulder. Both of his mates were on him within seconds, pulling his shirt from him and sniffing and licking him. The both of them remained on his right shoulder, the same shoulder that had been attached to the wing that he had smashed against the window frame.

"Harry, your shoulder is bruised, what happened?"

"I don't know, it just started hurting when I knocked it just now."

"You must have injured yourself when you fell on the bathroom floor, can you remember if you knocked your shoulder against the sink whilst you were being sick?"

"No, I don't remember a thing from that night. I don't even remember getting up." He fibbed.

"Come on, let's get you to Nasta, you need to get this sorted, love."

Harry was pulled from the settee and worried his bottom lip. What if Nasta realised what had caused his bruise?

"Nasta, are you busy?" Blaise asked as he peeked into the kitchen to see paperwork stacked neatly in piles and Nasta looking at him expectantly, quill poised over the parchment.

"I'm never too busy for you, Blaise Caru. What's the matter?"

Nasta put his quill down as all three of the younger members of the mateship came into the kitchen and Harry was gently placed on his lap. His eyebrow went into his hairline in question.

"Sniff, just by here." Draco instructed pointing to, but not touching, a place on the back of Harry's shoulder, near his wing joint.

Nasta didn't question them, he just did as the others bid him and he quickly found the scent of burst capillaries under Harry's skin. Harry was bruised.

"What happened?" He asked as he stood up with Harry in his arms, reaching for the cupboard that Max kept all of his potions in. He took out the bruise salve and sat back down, placing Harry on the table top.

"I don't know. I knocked it just now and it started hurting." Harry replied.

"There isn't a bruise on your back." Nasta said confusedly, lightly pressing on the skin, he bent forward and sniffed again and he could clearly smell the bruise. "Are you wearing a glamour charm, Harry?"

"No." Harry snorted. "Like I would bother to waste the magic, you'd smell the damage anyway."

"Pull your wings out." Nasta instructed with a light curiosity.

Harry did as he was told and pulled out his white wings with his multi-coloured scales. Nasta sniffed close to his shoulder and quickly found the bruise low down on his wing bone where he had knocked it against the window frame.

"It isn't your shoulder that's bruised, it's your wing. Harry, how did you bruise your wing? Have you been walking around with your Dracken attributes on show?"

"Only a few times." Harry replied, coming to the conclusion that them thinking that he had been walking around in Dracken form was a lot better than them finding out that he had been flying up to the roof and back down whilst four slash five months pregnant.

"You must have banged it against something." Nasta shook his head and kissed the bruised area before smearing it with paste. "You'll have to keep your wings out now for the rest of the day so the salve has time to work into your skin, it takes longer to be absorbed in Dracken form, so it'll be a while."

Harry nodded and after the salve was rubbed in, he scooted off the table and into Nasta's lap. Harry kissed him happily and gave him a hug.

"Thank you for taking care of me." Harry said sincerely. After the baby was born he'd tell them everything, the whole truth about him stealing their stuff, but for now it was too dangerous, he couldn't risk them finding his nest. His nest was not to ever be compromised!

The first thing Max did when he got home was rush to Harry and sniff at the bruise salve on his wing.

"What happened?" He asked seriously.

"How the hell did you smell the bruise from over there?!" Harry replied.

"I didn't. I smelt the bruise salve, I brew this potion twice a week, I can recognise the scent of it unconsciously. What happened, Harry?"

"I'm not sure. It only started hurting when I knocked it and Draco and Blaise found the scent of the bruise and Nasta found the actual bruise and he treated it. I don't know how I got it."

"You must have been in Dracken form whilst you done it, it's on your wing."

"I've been walking around in Dracken form. I love the freedom of it and I can feel the baby more. It makes me feel closer to him."

Max smiled indulgently and laid his hands on the baby bump, laying the side of his face on the bump. He twisted his head and kissed it, just below Harry's belly button.

"You are alright though?"

"I'm fine, the salve has numbed the dull ache that came from knocking it against Blaise and I can now no longer feel it."

Max nodded and carried him from his curled up position on the settee and carried him into the kitchen where he could hear another argument between Draco and Blaise.

"Alright alright, what's going on? Who killed whose Mother?"

"They were happily debating who the best author of the wizarding world is, Marco Jiliander or Penelope Vance." Nasta said grumpily as he tried to block out the two teens shouting in his ear as he finished his paperwork.

"It's obviously Penelope Vance." Draco huffed.

"Take it out of my kitchen, lads. I'm going to start dinner now and poor Nasta needs a break. I have both Vance's and Jiliander's books upstairs, they're on the bookshelf in the bedroom, now go and debate whose better upstairs."

"Neither of them are better." Harry joined in. "Everyone knows that Peirce Braunton is the best author of the wizarding world."

"Pierce Braunton? How can you read that drivel?!" Draco demanded.

"Take it upstairs!" Max demanded, shooing the two younger dominants out of the kitchen and shutting the door that led to the hallway. He kept Harry safely in his arms. "You shouldn't make things worse!" He said, poking Harry's nose.

Harry chuckled and happily let himself be set down in the chair opposite Nasta, as close as he could actually get and still have table space. Nasta's paperwork stretched the entire side of the large, eight seater table.

Max placed a small glass vial down in front of Nasta and nudged him lightly.

"Take that, your headache will be gone in three minutes tops."

Nasta smiled at him gratefully and downed the vial in one go. Harry grimaced along with his mate.

"How can you swallow all of that in one go?" He asked with his nose scrunched up.

"It's better than sipping on it and suffering with the abysmal taste of the potion for longer. I'd rather knock it down in one and be over and done with it."

Harry chuckled and happily watched as Nasta finished his paperwork and Max began preparing his work space for cooking. His biggest mate was sterilising all the work surfaces as if any germs would have gotten on it since he had last cleaned it after breakfast.

Max then prepared all of the ingredients for his planned meal and began cooking with a practised ease and a relaxed posture that spoke volumes of how much he actually enjoyed cooking. At the Dursleys he had liked cooking, it used to make him feel better to know that he could poison them so easily, or at the very least make them very sick, even though he had never actually done so. But Max, Max took cooking enjoyment to a new level; Harry had never enjoyed cooking as much as Max did.

"Are you excited for your birthday next week?" Nasta asked him as he finished his work with a stretch, finally putting his quill down and stoppering his ink bottle.

Harry made a face. "Not really. My birthday was never anything special and I've come to not expect much. I don't really care; it's just another day of the week for me. I'm only really excited because it'll be my one year anniversary since I became a Dracken, if I had never become a Dracken, then I'd have nothing. No mates, no family and no baby. I'm not sure if I'd even have friends."

Harry cupped the bump and looked down at that mention of not having his baby. He tried to imagine being without his mates, without his baby son. The thought seared through him like acid. It hurt terribly.

Nasta took his hands from across the table and tugged on them lightly until Harry looked at him.

"We love you, Harry. We love you and the baby. You were born a Dracken and no one can take that away from you. You have your family, you have us and we all have the baby. Nothing will ever change that."

Harry smiled and bent forward to kiss Nasta's mouth, he didn't even care that the table top dug into his belly.

"Of course we love you." Max said from the counter. "I think it's safe to say that we all love one another very much by now. Even Draco has become more relaxed around us. I mean, he actually allowed himself to be taken by both Nasta and myself, that showed a great deal of trust and love, even if he didn't realise it at the time. Lust alone wouldn't have conquered his fear of having his virginity taken."

Harry smiled and nodded. He was so happy himself that nothing could break his happy bubble. Not even the thought of the owls on their way to all students with their exam results.

Harry's prediction came true. The next morning at breakfast three owls swooped into the kitchen through the open back door. It was an absolutely boiling day and the heat had already forced the five of them to wear shorts or loose trousers and vests. Harry was wearing a pair of small shorts and no shirt, his baby exposed and bare to his mates view. He was hitting his mates' hands away from his body every now and then as they tried to get a cheeky squeeze.

Draco almost choked on his bite of toast and Blaise sat perfected still. Harry was the first to move as he removed the ties around all three owls' legs, took the envelopes and watched the owls soar away. He found the envelope with his name on the front and he snapped the wax seal on the back and took out the sheaves of parchment inside.

Along with his book list and required items for his last school year, there was also a note from Professor McGonagall welcoming him back to Hogwarts because he had gotten the minimum requirement in his exams to enter his seventh and final year.

Harry grinned as he looked at his marks. They weren't spectacular, but he had passed the majority of his classes!

"I take it from your face that you did well, Harry?" Nasta asked.

Harry handed his letter to Nasta, who looked at them with Max hanging over his shoulder, a backup pair of oven gloves slung over his far shoulder, he hadn't missed his previous ones, he believed that he had put them in the wash and hadn't gone looking for them yet, Harry was grateful.

"Well done, Harry." Nasta praised him and Harry swelled under the positive encouragement. "No real failures, except History of Magic."

"That was the exam that Professor Snape had to escort me out of before my bladder burst in the Great Hall, the one when Max had a chest infection."

"So a failure due to extenuating circumstances. Well done, Harry, One T, one P, three A's, three EE's and two O's is brilliant."

"What did you get a T in?" Draco asked in horror.

"Divination because I dropped out last year. It's an automatic T because I never took any exams." Harry replied unconcerned. He was glad that he had dropped Divination; it meant he wasn't in a lesson on his own with just Ron.

"Are you two going to stare at those letters like they're Howlers or are you going to open them?" Max asked.

Blaise reached forward and plucked his letter from the table top; he snapped the wax and peeled open the envelope. He pulled out the sheaves of parchment and rifled through them until he came to the results. He read it through quickly, his eyes darting over the surface of the parchment, he read it through again only slower before his face split into a grin and he handed the parchment to Nasta.

"All Outstandings. Well done, Blaise. I told you that you wouldn't get anything else."

Draco was nearly colourless in his dread at finding out his marks, he slowly snapped the wax and shakily opened the letter, he read it through with baited breath and when he reached the end he let out a sigh of relief. He handed the letter to Nasta proudly.

"Again all Outstandings, as if there was any doubt you'd get anything else."

"I have to go and show my parents." Draco said as he scooped up all pieces of parchment and the envelope and walked briskly out of the room.

He jogged back in and gave Harry a kiss to the cheek before leaving again. Harry chuckled and took another helping of sliced oranges.

"My Mother would want to know as well. I'll come back later." Blaise said as he kissed Harry softly on the mouth, which was full of orange segments, before he hugged both Max and Nasta and then he followed Draco to the fireplace in the living room.

"Crazy the both of them." Max said as he shook his head.

"They're just excited to know that they have passed their exams and want to let their families know." Nasta said with a loving smile.

"Like Max said. Both crazy." Harry put in before swiping a handful of purple grapes.

Max laughed and clapped him on the back; Harry gave him a light glare as his handful of grapes went rolling around the floor.

"You'll soon join our way of thinking when they both come back and start arguing over who has the best marks, who got the exact top of what subject and who answered the most questions to what degree." Max reminded.

Nasta groaned and thunked his head on the table. Harry chuckled and patted Nasta's head.

"It's alright. I won't be joining them and it'll only last for a week or two."

Nasta pretended to sob into his arms and Harry laughed. He ducked under the table; duck walked the small space between him and Nasta and climbed onto his lap.

Nasta held him tightly and laid his lips against his neck and kept them there as Max walked around them clearing off the table, leaving the fruit bowls for Harry to nibble on. The large man sat next to Nasta, behind Harry, and began trailing his fingers over his back making him shiver and squirm. He let out a giggle as Max's fingers came too close to his side. Then Harry yawned and it was all over.

"Let's get you to bed, love."

"It's breakfast time!" Harry complained. "I've only just gotten up! I don't want to go back to bed!"

"You're tired." Max told him. "The baby will be taking a hell of a lot of energy from you at this stage. You're five months pregnant."

"Yeah thanks, I never would have realised that." Harry snapped sarcastically, indicating his swollen stomach.

Nasta sighed and stood up and Harry wiggled to be put down.

"Stay still, Harry. It'll just be a short nap for you to recover your lost energy."

"I'm not tired! I was just yawning!"

Nasta laid his mouth against his neck again, only this time Harry felt the graze of teeth. He stilled immediately.

"Why the hell am I being punished for not wanting to go to bed?! How is that a fair punishment?!" He demanded.

"Because we know you need the sleep." Max answered as Nasta bit down a bit harder.

They had reached the bedroom and Harry was deposited on the bed and held down as he moved to get right back off of it. Nasta laid his teeth against his wrist this time and bit down sharply.

Harry's Dracken came to the forefront of his mind and he huddled down in his skin, keening apologetically to his mate. Nasta took his mouth from his arm and tucked him in bed, kissing him gently.

"It seems unfair, Harry, but you do need the rest. I want you happy, of course I do, but I want you to be healthy more. I don't want you collapsing, even if it means making you unhappy for a little while."

"I'm not going to collapse."

"You might." Max answered. "Many pregnant submissives seem fine one minute and the next they're on the ground with no idea what has happened to them, their unborn children injured. It happens nearly every year at the Dracken meetings, one submissive is too stubborn, too demanding, their dominant is weak to their mates wishes and whims and the next thing they are facing a miscarriage through their foolishness."

"The weakness and dizziness can come on at any moment, Harry and it'll be sudden too. You won't even have a second's notice to prepare for it, you'll just black out when your energy drops to nothing."

"Won't I feel my energy dropping though?" Harry questioned, a little less angry than before.

"No. The baby will sometimes take large chunks at any moment, if you don't have a large chunk left, you'll pass out."

Harry sighed and snuggled into the sheets. He wasn't tired, but perhaps if he just laid here quietly for an hour they'd let him get back up.

He got a kiss to the cheek from them and they left him alone to sleep. He hadn't meant to, but Harry found himself actually falling asleep in the peaceful, quiet warmth of the cocoon he had made for himself. He slept for two full hours before he wandered back out to the living room and he snuggled with Max and Nasta, who had been talking together on the settee.

Harry was woken up on the thirty-first of July to a kiss on every part of his face and a laden down tray being placed over his knees.

He stretched and yawned as he looked at them all happily. He was a man now. He was seventeen years old and the restrictions for underage magic no longer applied to him. He snatched his wand from the bedside cabinet from in between what looked like Max and Draco's wands.

His first piece of manhood magic was summoning Blaise into a heavy, sloppy kiss. His first ever mate and lover was at the end of the bed and hadn't been able to get close enough to kiss him without knocking the breakfast tray flying.

"I take it you like being seventeen?" Max asked with a grin.

"Only because I can use magic now." Harry replied happily.

He spied the newspaper and just looked at it; he didn't really read the paper any more, not since his fifth year when the Ministry had been writing all that shit about him.

"You're going to hate it." Blaise said with a grin as he unfolded the paper and showed Harry the front page.

It was an entire front page picture of himself looking all girly and shy with nearly shoulder length hair from when he was about fourteen and still nearly androgynous looking. Then Harry looked closer at the picture and he realised that it must have been from when he was fourteen because these were most definitely his tri-wizard tournament photos taken in that stupid little photo shoot, he didn't think the media had any other pictures of him. The headline banner was 'HAPPY SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER, OUR SAVIOUR.'

"Oh dear god." He said horrified.

"There's more." Blaise said as he opened the paper to the next page where a collection of collage pictures were scattered, including baby photos of himself with his parents, personal photos of him with his friends, the tri-wizard photo was there again, there was a picture of him pregnant, several photos that looked to have been taken under a table or around a corner as he wasn't even looking at the camera and in a box at the bottom was another headline 'Potter's Current Lovers' and underneath were snapshot photos of his mates, he was in some of them, holding hands, sharing a kiss or a laugh. He saw red.

"What the fuck is wrong with these people?!" He shouted. "This…this is a blatant disregard for my privacy! How dare they!"

"My Dad is already on to the paper about it, he stopped around this morning to give us your presents from my family." Max said. "He's livid, especially as they included pictures of me, his one and only son, without my permission. He'll bring them down single handedly."

"Don't let it ruin your birthday, love." Nasta told him. "We told you so that you weren't left out of the loop, but don't worry about it. Eat your breakfast, open your gifts and we will spoil you today."

"You spoil me every day." Harry said with a grin as he wolfed down his food and started opening his small pile of gifts, making sure to read the tags so that he knew who to thank.

His small pile was soon demolished, only for Harry to realise that the small pile on the bed had only been from his mates, he had even more gifts from Max's family, from Blaise's Mother and from Nasta's Dad and brother. He was surprised to see a small gift from Narcissa Malfoy, not so surprised that he didn't even receive an acknowledgement from Lucius.

The Weasleys had gone overboard for his seventeenth and Hermione had really spoilt him rotten with her gifts. When he opened a strangely wrapped box that was from Luna Lovegood and Ginny he slammed the lid back onto it with a face burning like fire. He opened a corner and peeked inside just to be sure of what he had seen before closing the box again and refusing to let his mates see the box full of sex toys.

"What is it, Harry?" Draco asked curiously.

"Is it something naughty?" Max asked with a grin that split his face. "Can I see?"

Harry hugged the box close to his chest, not letting go as Max played tug of war with him and the box.


"Pleaseee, Harry."

Harry huffed and decided to get it all over and done with quickly as he shoved the box at Max.

"Here, just keep it away from me!"

"But you have to use them, Harry. It's impolite to reject gifts." Max said lecherously as he went digging through the box, laughing and winking naughtily as he sifted through the toys and straps and even pulled out a bright red, little pleated skirt that would show more than it covered.

"Oh you have to wear this, Harry." Max said with a giggle that did not suit him at all.

"How about you wear it!" Harry pouted.

"But it's just your size, love."

Harry blushed so brightly that he was afraid he'd pass out from lack of oxygen. Nasta shoved everything back into the magically expanded box and shoved it under their bed.

"Enough of that, we can't use them until after the baby is born anyway, there is no point in teasing him when he can't even receive sex." Nasta said as he fluffed up Harry's pillow and directed him to lie against it and reminded him to breathe normally.

Harry got up and happily showered with Draco, who washed every inch of his body with a soft cloth. He was dressed and exploring his gifts more closely, leaving the box from Luna and Ginny under the bed where it was going to stay now forever.

The house was a myriad of activity as people came over and said happy birthday. Professor Dumbledore stopped over and gave him the biggest bar of fudge chocolate that Harry had ever seen. It was almost as tall as he was, almost as wide and was an inch and a half thick. It came with a small hammer to break chunks off. Harry thanked his Headmaster profusely as he used his new hammer to crack a corner of the chocolate off and happily floated into heaven.

"You had better not be eating that chocolate!" Max shouted from the kitchen. "I'm almost done with lunch!"

"I didn't have much." Harry shouted back as he stuffed another large chunk into his mouth. Blaise smothered a chuckle with his hand as Harry pushed more and more chocolate into his mouth before Draco took it off of him, warning him that he'd be sick if he carried on…or he'd choke.

After lunch Harry was very unhappily put down for a nap like a sleepy toddler and he protested vehemently until Max threated to give him a sleeping potion. Again Harry actually fell asleep for an hour or so and when he woke up he felt better, if a bit groggy.

He slipped down the stairs on his bum, clenching the banister bars as he slowly went down the stairs. The house was quiet. It unnerved him.

He peeked into the living room and no one was there. His mates wouldn't have left him alone; they wouldn't have, not with him being pregnant. It was quiet so perhaps only Nasta was home.

He went into the kitchen and it took him several seconds for his brain to register the sudden noise and colour. He was wrapped up in someone's arms and hugged and kissed and he started laughing as he realised that they had thrown him a surprise party.

Everyone was crammed into Max's big kitchen, but still it looked too small, like there wasn't enough space for everyone. He got a double hug from the Weasley twins, a handshake from Mister Weasley and a crushing hug from Mrs Weasley.

Ginny grinned at him from over the table and Harry blushed deeply. Charlie was there as well and he clapped Harry on the back. Harry laughed and hugged everyone he came into contact with. He was so happy.

"You're finally seventeen, Harry, do you feel any different?" Myron asked him wrapping him up in a strong, safe hug.

"No. I feel the same only I'm so happy! I can't believe you did this!"

"Of course we did." Richard said scratchily giving him another hug and kissing his forehead. "We love you, Harry."

"I love you too." Harry answered back thickly. It was the first time that he had told a member of his mate's family that he loved them and they held him tightly, Ashleigh hugging him from behind, giving him a three way hug that almost squashed him.

Max dug him out with a laugh. "We want the birthday boy still alive for his cake! We're not allowed to touch it until the birthday boy has blown out the candles!"

"Of course you'd only want to save me so you can eat cake." Harry teased. "Though if you had used Muggle candles you could have still eaten it because Muggle candles don't put a protective barrier over the cake until the birthday boy blows them out."

"That would ruin the magic." Max said. "Besides it gives us reason to save you, can't have you crushed by hugs can we?"

Harry laughed as he was placed in front of a cake that Max must have started making as soon as he went to bed, because it was not store bought. Harry could tell that just by looking at it.

He made his 'birthday wish' and then blew out the candles laughing happily as Max handed him a knife and let him cut the first slice out.

Harry was then given a second cake, this one pale, pastel blue with a baby on it that was wrapped up in a blue blanket so only the top of a pink, peachy forehead could be seen. It had no candles but he was urged to cut it anyway.

"The baby isn't due yet, why does the baby get a birthday cake?"

"It isn't a birthday cake." Max replied affronted. "It's a baby shower cake. The one birthday cake won't be enough to feed us all, so instead of giving you two, you have a birthday cake and a baby shower cake."

"A baby shower? Seriously?"

Mrs Weasley hefted a huge box wrapped in blue onto the table and Harry opened it to see so many little bodysuits, sleepsuits and onesies, all hand knitted. The majority of them were in baby blue, some in darker blue, there was a splash of green, some whites and yellows, a couple of bright reds and even a pair of knitted socks in a light purple.

Harry felt himself tearing up and he didn't want to. He tried to swallow past the lump in his throat as he hugged Mrs Weasley tightly. When Ashleigh gave him another box filled with baby things, only the clothes were store bought and not hand knitted, the tears came as he pulled out little dungarees, corduroy trousers and soft cotton shirts. Mrs Weasley's clothes were for newborn up to six months, but Ashleigh's clothes were from six months to one year. They had spoken about it before hand and they had decided who was going to get what. Between the two of them and the size of the two boxes he wouldn't have to buy any of his baby's clothes until he was past a year old.

"Thank you so much. This is the best present I've had."

"Because they aren't for you." Hermione said sadly. "You're too selfless sometimes, Harry."

"What about my present?!" Ginny demanded. "I thought mine would be the most appreciated."

Harry went pink and tried to control himself as he thanked Ginny politely; he threatened her silently with his eyes with a long, painful death if she mentioned the present again.

Harry got Max to take both boxes upstairs and put them with the rest and Nasta carried him upstairs as he claimed to need the bathroom. Harry went into the bathroom and listened as Max and Nasta laughed in the bedroom before going back down stairs. Harry then stole into the bedroom and started packing up his school book bag with some sleepsuits, bodysuits and one of the thick, knitted blankets. He added several plastic, already sterilised, baby bottles with their tops and teats, the pot of powdered baby milk formula and the two litre bottle of water that he would send a heating charm at and boil to make up the milk for his baby.

He put in the umbilical cord clamps that Max had gotten from one of the small chemists that his potions stocked, iodine solution that Max had also gotten to sterilise his stomach area before he cut into it and added the plastic, air tight, box that he had to place the placenta in to be weighed after he had pulled it from his body.

All he needed now was his mates' blood and his mates had promised to start making up a large bottle for him soon, he would have to steal it away and then he'd be ready for his baby to come. He would be prepared and ready, his nest just needed a little touch up and then he'd be ready to remain inside it and welcome his baby to the world. Just a few more things and everything would be perfect.

Harry stole out of the window with the book bag and flew to the roof. He dropped it into the nest and moved the scarf, that he had actually taken from Max's sister Alayla because it was so soft and fluffy he just had to have it, into position, also moving the third duvet he had stolen to make the padding on the floor more comfy and his nest was completed. He put the book bag down and happily basked in the feeling of pride and completion that he felt at finally having his birthing place ready. He inhaled and nothing was amiss, the only scent around his nest was his own and the soft, lingering scents of his mates on the cloths and fabrics he had used to build his nest.

A strange feeling overtook him and he knew that he had to remain in his nest now that it was done, he wanted to start preening himself in preparation for the birth in his nest and he flew down to the ground and walked through the back door. Everyone stopped and looked at him.

"Harry honey, how did you get outside?" Molly asked him and Harry cocked his head.

"I need your blood please." Harry asked of Nasta, whose eyes widened.

"Harry are you saying…"

"I need your blood please." Harry repeated.

"Harry, why do you need his blood?" Hermione asked.

Max pulled out one of the largest thermos flasks that Harry had ever seen, it was clear. Nasta split his own wrist with a simple charm and he bled into the flask until it was a quarter of the way full before using his wand to seal the cut. Max cut his own wrist and bled into the flask until it was half full before handing it to Blaise and healing his own arm. Blaise bled into the flask before handing it to Draco, who filled the flask completely. Max took it back and put the clear thermos into a metal shell and twisted the top onto it to stop the blood from coming out and handed it to Harry.

"Thank you."

"What is going on here?" Molly asked as she watched with wide eyes.

Harry didn't even acknowledge her as he walked back outside, everyone following him. He took his wings out and before anyone could stop him he took off to the roof and landed in his nest, settling down and making himself comfortable.

His mates landed around the nest, not even trying to go inside it and they watched as he wiggled around in the soft bowl shaped nest.

"You built your nest on the roof? Seriously?" Draco asked incredulously.

"Are those my best oven gloves?!" Max asked as he spied the gloves making up the wall of the nest. "My rug…seriously, Harry, my rug?"

Harry hissed at him and covered the rug with his body.

"I'm not going to take it from you, but really? Did you have to cut out a section of my favourite carpet?"

"You can have it back." Harry replied, his voice going deeper, rougher, different.

"As long as you don't get birth juice on it."

Nasta smacked Max's head. "Birth juice? What the hell is birth juice?" He asked the biggest man.

"You know, birth fluids and blood and stuff."

Nasta shook his head. "I take it that you aren't going to be coming out?"

Harry shook his head vehemently as he pulled off his clothes and tossed them out of his nest before he lay naked in the nest, rolling around in it to affirm himself of where everything was.

"That's just teasing, Harry." Draco told him. "You know we can't step foot in your nest and you're sunbathing naked on the roof."

Harry hissed at him and his claws and fangs slowly and painlessly came through his fingers and gums.

"He's turning feral; it would be best if we didn't speak to him or get too close from now on." Nasta said as he backed away. "He doesn't need anything now, he would have picked up enough food to last him a week or two and then we will have to start feeding him, but again we can't get near the nest and the longer he's in it the further away he will want us."

Max nodded and jumped from the roof and landed where his family and Nasta's Dad were telling Hermione and the Weasleys about Harry and them. It seemed to be going well; or rather no one had started screaming yet. Hermione was actually questioning them about their way of life and asking if she could get a notebook.

It seemed that Harry would have the baby before they went back to school after all. He couldn't wait until they had their baby boy. It had seemed like forever since Harry had first informed them that he was pregnant, but he was only five months, he had at least two weeks in the nest before he gave birth. It was going to be boiling hot as it would be August, Harry would be cranky, feral and aggressive. It was going to be one hell of a month, but it would all be worth it as soon as their baby boy was born.

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