The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


30. Chapter Thirty – Revealing Poses

The end of school exams were a complete torture for Harry, who had to sit still for two hours at a time, fiddling with his bulging robes, he still hadn't gotten maternity clothes, which Hermione berated him for, but he pacified her by telling her stories of his 'boyfriends' families.

He was wearing one of Draco's shirts today, yesterday he had been able to fit into Blaise's, today he had popped off four buttons as he tried to squeeze his stomach into the fabric. Tomorrow he'd probably have to steal one of Nasta's shirts, if he ever had to borrow Max's clothes he wouldn't be getting out of the bed anyway as his stomach would be bigger around than he was tall.

He was currently in his History of Magic exam and he had finished as much of the paper as he was ever going to, but he really, really needed a wee. He was bouncing his feet so vigorously against the floor that his bulge was jiggling. He crossed his left leg over his right, before setting them both on the floor again and crossing his right leg over his left. Draco was one row over and three desks in front of him, he kept looking behind him in concern as Harry let out soft whimpers that only he could hear. Blaise was all the way on the other side of the hall, right at the back; Harry couldn't see him even when he turned around to look.

"Mister Potter." A silky voice whispered in his ear so no one else could. "What is the problem?"

Harry looked into the deep, dark tunnels of Professor Snape's eyes and swallowed.

"I really, really, really have to go to the toilet." He answered his voice showing his strain.

"Can't you hold it in?" Snape sneered.

"No!" Harry hissed a bit louder than he had meant to, the surrounding students looked at them and Harry flushed. "The baby is lying on my bladder, Professor; I've done as much of this exam as I possibly can. If I don't get to a bathroom soon then I'm going to wet myself right here on this chair."

Snape sighed heavily and tugged him out of his chair and down the aisle to the doors of the Great Hall. Snape escorted him all the way to the nearest bathroom and made sure he got there intact and before he wet his trousers, before he left him to go back to the exam. It still had an hour left.

Harry released his bladder and washed his hands. He hated how much his bladder was affected by the pregnancy, sure he knew that as the baby grew inside of him it would put pressure upon all of his organs, but he needed a wee every hour, every half hour on some days, it couldn't be healthy.

Harry was on the first floor when he decided to go and visit Madam Pomfrey for a check-up. He was only four months pregnant. He couldn't believe it, it seemed like a year had gone past since he had first found out, but it was only just the end of May and he had gotten pregnant on the eighteenth of February. He'd be giving birth on the twenty-fifth of September if his dates worked out accurately and he carried to full term.

"Harry dear, are you well? Shouldn't you be in an exam?" Madam Pomfrey asked concernedly as she caught sight of him coming towards her.

"Professor Snape escorted me out because I was about to wet myself…again." Harry added a bit bashfully.

"You have wet yourself before?" Madam Pomfrey asked as Harry hopped up onto an examination table without being asked to.

"Yeah, when I woke up off of my last heat period I wet the bed."

Madam Pomfrey nodded understandingly and waved her wand over him.

"Ah, your baby is in fact resting its head upon your bladder."

Harry sighed. "I had expected something like that, though I thought the baby might have been kicking it instead."

"You have a mild urinary tract infection as well, Harry; I'm going to recommend that you drink cranberry juice until it clears up."

Harry groaned. "Just what I need. A bloody infection."

Madam Pomfrey smiled and patted his knee. "It'll clear up very soon, unfortunately there isn't a potion made to clear it up safely from a pregnant persons viewpoint, silly really as it's usually pregnant people who get them the most."

"So the baby is completely fine?"

"Of course, dear. You haven't had a bump or a knock have you? I can do a scan if you wish."

"A scan?" Harry questioned puzzled.

"It pulls up a picture of the baby in your womb, dearie me I should have probably offered one a month or so ago, but with the flu outbreak in the younger years it completely slipped my mind."

"I'll get to see my baby?"

"Yes, it'll be like seeing a photograph, Harry."

"Can you do it please?" Harry asked, slightly breathless and a touch of excitement and nerves warring in his tone.

Madam Pomfrey pulled up his shirt and rested her wand flat on his belly, the cool wood was smooth, but unbalanced as his rounded stomach threatened to topple the thin piece of wood to the floor.

Madam Pomfrey chanted a short, Latin phrase under her breath and the wand immediately heated up, it felt like a very thin hot water bottle. Harry swallowed as a 3D picture of a mass of grey, black and white showed above his belly, emanating from the side of the wand.

"Well, this probably looks very confusing and not much like a baby at all, but I promise you, that is your baby. The black bits are your body, this mass of grey here is the placenta, the grey line is the umbilical cord and the white space is your baby."

Harry looked hard at the picture, but all the colours blended together until his eyes hurt and his head throbbed. He still couldn't see his baby.

"Don't look so hard at it, Harry, sort of step back and look glancingly, almost squinting, but not quite." Madam Pomfrey instructed.

Harry did as he was told and as soon as he stopped looking for his baby, he saw his baby. Well the general outline at least. He could make out a head, a torso and even a tiny little foot.

"Oh, dear god." He breathed reverently as he stared at the picture. He went to reach out and touch the picture, but it flickered as his hand went through the light beams.

"Would you like to try and see what the gender of the baby is, Harry?"

"Yes. Oh, but maybe I should wait until my mates are here to see as well. I really want to know, though!"

"It'll be our little secret." Madam Pomfrey winked. "If you come back later today or tomorrow, we can act like we don't know."

Harry laughed. "Were you by any chance a Slytherin when you attended Hogwarts, Madam Pomfrey?"

"I was a Hufflepuff dear, even at eleven I just cared so much about others and I had started trying to heal animals by that point, of course I didn't start using magic to heal witches and wizards until I was sixteen."

Harry smiled. "Okay, give me the gender."

Madam Pomfrey smiled at him and twisted the wand on his belly, moving it all over until she found the baby's legs, which were completely splayed giving Harry a good laugh.

"Looks like baby knows that Mummy wants to know if they're a boy or girl." Madam Pomfrey teased.

"Which is it, Madam Pomfrey? You seem much more able to make sense of this picture than I can."

"Well, Harry, it seems that you're having a baby…"

- X

Mrs Petunia Dursley of number four, Privet Drive hummed lightly as she swept through her perfect home with a duster.

Something crinkled underfoot and she picked up her soft soled shoe and saw a broken crisp on her carpet, peeking out from under the settee. It must be the freak playing mind games with them, Duddy had been in school all year like a good boy and neither she nor her loving Husband, Vernon ate crisps.

She got the hoover out from under the stairs, trying not to look at the small nest of blankets that still remained there, nor the two broken plastic toy soldiers that the boy must have stolen from Dudley or the babyish drawing folded up and hidden on the end of the shelf that she had taken out and looked at almost every day for the past thirteen years. She would have dearly loved to rip it up, but she could never bring herself to do so. More of the freak's magic tricks. It was all rubbish, just reminders of the freak that she loved to loathe, but she couldn't move a single thing out of place. She grew angry yet again at the situation that had been forced upon her.

How dare Albus Dumbledore try to make her and Vernon take in the little bastard! How dare he try to appeal to her sense of family when it was he who had refused her entrance to that blasted school! When it was he who split up her and Lily when they were just children. How dare he!

That boy could have gone to any number of people, he didn't have to come here and ruin her life! Wizards were always ruining her life! First that Snape boy, then Dumbledore and then Potter and now Harry too! How she wished she had gouged out those large green eyes when she had the chance, how she wished that when she had found the little bastard on her doorstep fourteen years and seven months ago that she had put him straight in the wheelie bin for the rubbish men to take away.

It wasn't fair that she had been made to take in the brat, his Father had been rich, he had gloated enough at her and Vernon's wedding about how wealthy he was and how much he could provide for sweet, darling Lily. It was always about Lily! The woman was dead and she still couldn't get rid of her! She saw Lily in that little brat, the way he would glare at her from under those abnormally thick eyelashes just like Lily used to and with Lily's eyes no less, the way he fiddled with the buttons on his clothes, how he scuffed his trainers on the floor, even the way the little brat ate reminded her of Lily! She couldn't sit at the same table as him when she was eating; she couldn't look at him period! She hated him, she loathed him, she would kill him if she knew absolutely that she'd get away with it! She should have done it long ago, before he went into that freak world, before he got the protection from the freaks.

Petunia was in a foul mood as she cleaned her home and prepared dinner for when her Husband came home from work. She spied in the neighbours gardens as she pegged washing onto the line, noticing with a critical eye that the leaves on Mrs number six's potato plants had gone yellow.

She was still in a very bad mood when Vernon came home from work at five. Her Husband could tell immediately that there was something wrong and he held her at arm's length, looking her over for injury.

"Are you alright, Petunia?" He asked, letting her go when he couldn't see any injuries and shrugging, with effort, out of his driving jacket.

"The freak has been playing his tricks again, he put crisps underneath our settee, it couldn't have been us and Dudley is away at school."

"I'll make a note to punish the boy when he gets home for the summer." Vernon assured her. "That abnormal freak won't get away with sullying our home."

Petunia smiled. She could always count on her Husband to back her up. They both hated the freak, they both just wanted to be normal and live a normal life with their normal son. That little abomination had put a stop to their visions and plans of normality when she had opened her front door on that cold, November morning to find the bastard wrapped in a heated blanket on her doorstep. Oh why hadn't she just popped him in the wheelie bin? It had been a bin day; she could have been rid of him forever! No one would have known, no one in the neighbourhood had known she'd had a sister, let alone a Nephew, she could have denied all knowledge of ever having the boy to those freaks, but she had hesitated a bit too long and she had had to dart into the house as quick as lightning when Mister number seven from over the road had come out to go to work. She had been stuck with Potter ever since.

Petunia served up dinner and sat at the table with her Husband, watching as he gratefully ate the food that she had lovingly cooked for him whilst she picked and pushed most of her portion around her plate. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that had nothing to do with the food she was eating.

Petunia had been right to worry, at ten o'clock Vernon sat down to watch the news and as she brought him a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits, an owl shot through the partially open living room window. It had a letter clamped in its beak that it dropped on top of Vernon's head before it swooped back out again.

Petunia looked at the letter in disgust, the boy wasn't even here! What were those freaks doing writing to her and her family! They wanted nothing to do with them!

"Burn it, Vernon!" She snapped, it was one of the only times she had ever ordered her Husband to do anything.

Her Husband bent to pick up the letter, but as his hand brushed the antique paper that those freaks used to write on, it shot up into the air and started speaking, loudly.

Dear Dursley residence,

On behalf of the staff at Wizardry Genetics and those of the Ministry of Magic, it has fallen upon me, as it is my duty to inform you that your Nephew, Mister Harry James Potter, of number four Privet Drive, Surrey, is currently four months pregnant with a magical baby. I would like to express my congratulations to you for this happy, momentous occasion and hope you have many happier times with your new expanding family.

Yours Sincerely,

Brenda Larking, Wizardry Genetics, Great Britain branch.

The letter floated down to lay peacefully on the side table, but Petunia's ears were still ringing from what she had heard. The brat was pregnant? As in he had a baby growing inside of him? He was such a FREAK! He was never coming into her home again, she didn't want Dudley exposed to such a heinous thing as a pregnant man, what would the neighbours think when they saw the brat? They would be the talk of Surrey let alone Little Whinging!

The brat could stay at Kings Cross station all on his own, they were not going to pick him up, she didn't care if he was pregnant, he was a freak and he carried a parasitic abomination. With any luck the rough crowd in London would find him and beat the freakishness out of him. It would be nothing he didn't deserve, but he was never, ever coming back into her home. Never.

- X

Harry grinned all the way to his private rooms and he couldn't stop. He knew that Max was home, but Nasta was in work and Blaise and Draco were still in the History of Magic exam.

He placed a hand over his stomach where his baby was growing, his beautiful, amazing baby. He smiled lovingly down at his bump as he tapped the keyhole on the portrait door with his wand and walked through to see Max asleep on the settee.

Harry smiled at his biggest mate and kicked his shoes off and padded towards him in his socks. Max was deeply asleep and his wand was lying on the coffee table. He had likely used a spell to set it to wake him up in an hour when the exam finished.

Harry kissed those sleep slack lips and watched as Max mumbled a bit and pressed his lips together before they went slack again. Harry smiled happily and took the thick blanket from off the back of the settee and threw it over Max to keep him warm, he took his wand into the bedroom and placed it on the bedside table to keep it from waking Max up, his biggest mate hadn't been sleeping well lately, he had a chest infection and found it difficult to sleep. Madam Pomfrey had given him potions to take, when Harry had worriedly dragged Max to see her, but even with their help it would take another day or two to shift the mucus from his lungs.

Harry instead picked up the photo album he had of his mates and sat on the other settee and flipped quietly through them. Looking at the pictures of him and Blaise on Christmas Morning, pictures of him and Blaise rolling around the floor, Draco sitting elegantly on the floor, looking as regal as if he had been sitting on a solid gold throne. Henley was in there as well, waving energetically from the photo, brushing his floppy hair from his eye with a small scowl before he went back to waving and smiling. Nasta sitting moodily on the rock by the lake, though he only looked moody to an outsider, Harry saw the thoughtful look on Nasta's face, Harry knew that Nasta pulled that face when he was thinking deeply, Nasta wasn't moody at all, he was just quiet and thoughtful.

Max's huge body took up most of the next photo, his wide grin showing off his bright white teeth as he laughed uproariously at something someone had said. The next photo showed a sleeping Harry and Draco cuddled up on the rug in front of the fire together. Harry touched his sleeping face and smiled, he looked so happy in these photos, he hadn't really had a reason to be so happy before.

Arsenio and Jensen were in the next photo, standing side by side, Jensen was shirtless, as he usually was, showing off his solidly muscled chest and tight cobblestone abs. Harry remembered how much Jensen had cared for his body, it reminded him of Nasta a bit, only Nasta didn't work out for eight hours a day and count every calorie he ate. Where Nasta's healthiness came from his Father's fear that he would lose his children, Jensen's obsessive healthiness came from his very real childhood fear of becoming overweight like his own parents.

Arsenio was just as Harry remembered him, scarred, greying, harsh looking and severe, but he had been one of the kindest men that Harry had met at the hell hotel. Harry hoped that he found a submissive to call his own, one that would treat him with all the love and respect that Arsenio deserved.

Harry flipped the page and came face to face with Elder Trintus, Harry smiled. The man had written to him twice since the mate meetings had ended, asking how he was and how the baby was doing. He hadn't gone to New Zealand; he couldn't have because he was still chaperoning Harry's meetings at the same time, one of the man's friends, Elder Midate, was the one helping the new submissive, Anabel, find her dominant mate.

Harry continued looking through the album, encountering pictures here or there of Hermione, or Ginny, or Neville, even one of Luna Lovegood had found its way into his photo album. He stopped on one particular picture and went red. It was the picture of him and Max standing naked in front of the mirror; Max's hands were caressing his bump, looking at it avidly with love and adoration. His own face started off looking at the bump, love written all over his face, before he looked up into the mirror and looked at the sight the two of them made, he went wide eyed as he looked to the expression on Max's face before tilting his head back and kissing the underside of Max's jaw. The picture then went back to the beginning and Harry turned the page reluctantly, no matter how mad he had been when Draco had first snapped that photo, he loved it now.

The next picture was of Harry rolling around the floor with Blaise again, being tickled mercilessly. Harry had had no idea that this picture had been taken, which was why his face was screwed up in happy giggles as he squirmed helplessly against Blaise's fingers.

The last picture in the book was of all four of his mates sleeping, cuddled up together in bed. Harry had woken up early the other day, squirmed out from between Blaise and Draco, had gone to the bathroom and had come back up ready to climb back into bed with them, only to find that his warm spot in the middle of the bed had been filled in and that Nasta and Max, who were on the outside holding Blaise and Draco tightly, had scooted closer together so that there was no gap between any of them, probably to preserve body heat as the duvet had disappeared onto the floor some when during the night.

Harry had sleepily picked up the camera from the bedside table and snapped a couple of pictures, before he tugged the duvet from the floor and covered all of his mates up before he crawled under the duvet and huddled up against Nasta's back, slipping his legs between Nasta's to keep them warm and curling his own body around the baby bump to keep his belly warm.

Harry put the book down and smiled, he couldn't wait until he had pictures of his baby to put into the album. Fred and George had even sent him a baby book. It was one of the only presents that Harry had ever gotten off of them that wasn't a prank item, not that he didn't love their prank items, he did, but this present was just so amazing and thoughtful that he had sent them an embarrassing, gushy letter on one of his more emotional days.

The door to their rooms burst open with a loud bang, startling Max from his sleep so violently that he started coughing roughly and startling a small scream from Harry, whose wings had burst from his back in a shower of blood and they stayed stiff and flared.

Blaise and Draco were in the door and Harry was so thankful that it wasn't anyone else and that his secret was still safe. He held one hand to his bump and the other to his heart.

"What the hell are you two playing at?!" Max demanded as he stood up, looking large, threatening and intimidating.

Max went to Harry and picked him up cooing and crooning softly, stroking the soft, leathery skin of his wings until they drooped and relaxed and he was able to tuck them back into his body, but not before Harry noticed that he'd gained Nasta's yellow-gold scales too.

"You could have put him into premature labour!" Max hissed angrily, his voice rougher and hoarser than usual due to his chest infection.

"We were worried about him!" Draco hissed back. "He was taken out of the History exam and we couldn't follow."

Max turned to look at him before he started the age old process of licking and sniffing every inch of him. Harry tried to stop him, but Max gripped his hair tightly as a warning not to do anything else, but Harry was worried that breathing in deeply would delay Max's lungs from healing.

"I'm fine!" He protested, standing completely still. "I just needed a wee before my bladder burst in the Great Hall! Professor Snape took me to the nearest bathroom, that's all."

"Then you came here?" Max asked and snarled when Harry looked shifty.

"I went to see Madam Pomfrey first, okay?!"

"So there was something else wrong?"

"No! I just didn't think it was normal to be almost wetting myself every other hour!"

"Did she tell you if anything was wrong, Prezioso?" Blaise asked softly, calmly, trying to keep the peace.

"I have a mild urinary tract infection. It'll clear up in a few days of me drinking cranberry juice."

Max petted his hair lovingly and pulled him into a hug, collapsing his big body down onto the settee and breathing deeply, his chest rattling as he did so. Harry was very worried and he rested his head over Max's chest, listening as every breath was a struggle.

"Please be okay soon, Max. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Max snorted in amusement and cupped his cheek in the palm of one hand. One of Max's hands could palm the entire of his face and the tips of his fingers could almost reach the top of his head if the heel of his hand was placed at his chin, Max had huge hands.

"I'm going to be fine, you sound like my Mother, she wants to visit soon with my Dads, she wants to make sure that I'm well. It's not like I'm thirty-one or anything." Max rolled his eyes.

Harry smiled and pushed Max until he was lying down again and lovingly covered him up again. Max grinned, albeit a bit weakly, but still a semblance of his normal mischievous grin.

"I could get used to this." He laughed.

Harry smiled and tucked the blanket around him more firmly, kissing his brow and going to the kitchenette to make a cup of tea.

"Harry, Draco and I have to go; we have an Ancient Runes exam." Blaise told him seriously as Draco anxiously looked at the clock.

Harry rushed to kiss them both goodbye, wishing them good luck and even Max shouted a 'good luck' after them, coughing as he did so because he had shouted too loudly.

Harry made the tea and gave a cup to Max as he knelt down in front of the settee, sipping on his own ginger tea, he was feeling slightly nauseous and ginger seemed to help a lot.

Max finished his tea and Harry gave him a tablespoon of his potion before tucking him back up.

"I'm a grown man!" Max complained even as he obediently held the blanket up to his chin.

"I'm going to baby you until you're better." Harry informed him seriously. "You had better not move."

Max chuckled. "Healer Potter, now all you need is the uniform, perhaps the sexier version that the Naughty Wizard magazine offer to owl order."

Harry's cheeks went pink and he lightly bopped Max on the head. "You're lucky you're sick or I would have kicked your arse."

Max pulled Harry onto his chest and pulled the blanket from under him and tucked them both in on the settee.

"Hey! I'm not sick!"

"You have a urinary tract infection. I have a chest infection, we both have infections, we're both sick."

"I'm not sick! You are, you have potion to take and I don't, I just have to drink cranberry stuff."

Max smiled and kissed him softly. "Then come be my teddy bear so I'll feel better."

Harry rolled his eyes but cuddled up to Max. He was quite sleepy; he had been up with Draco and Blaise early this morning to get to the exams on time. He was glad they were almost over.

- X

Albus Dumbledore smiled charmingly at the woman and two men in front of him. Harry had told him that one of his mates was sick and that his family wished to come and see how he was doing. He didn't stand in their way, he just led them down to Harry's rooms, he knew exactly how protective Drackens were of their children.

He tapped the keyhole of the portrait with his wand and met a sight that made him chuckle. Wrapped up and peacefully sleeping on the settee were Harry and Maximilius, Harry snuffling quietly as he slept and Maximilius' laboured breathing were the only sounds in the room besides the merry crackling of the fire.

"This is where I leave you gentlemen, lovely lady." Dumbledore turned and strode back to his office leaving Ashleigh, Myron and Richard to sit on the only free settee and watch as their son and their new son-in-law slept together.

"He looks so peaceful." Ashleigh whispered.

Max grunted in his sleep and Harry took in a deeper than usual breath, using his legs to push himself closer to Max, who subconsciously wrapped his arm around Harry tighter.

"Well at least Maximilius knows that we are here now, even if it is subconsciously." Myron stated a small smile touching his devastatingly handsome face as he watched his only son snuggle with his pregnant son-in-law.

"They had better both have clothes on under that blanket." Richard croaked, eyeing the blanket distastefully.

"I really don't think they would have sex when Max has a chest infection, love." Ashleigh told her younger Husband.

"I doubt Harry would feel much like sexual contact either with that baby coming up to five months." Myron grunted thoughtfully.

Ashleigh smiled and carefully knelt down beside her son and his youngest lover. She pulled the blanket tighter around their necks and tucked them in properly. Harry made a small noise and one beautiful, bright green eye opened to look at her.

Harry sat up on Max's stomach, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the blanket had moved showing that the both of them were fully dressed, Max in pyjamas and Harry in a school shirt and trousers, he even had his tie still neatly knotted at his throat. Or he did have until he noticed it and carelessly tugged it loose until the knot came undone and then he discarded it over the back of the settee.

Myron frowned at his actions, but Richard let out a quiet, but harsh chuckle. Ashleigh just smiled. Harry climbed off of Max and covered him back up carefully, watched critically by Max's parents. Harry didn't even spare them a glance until after Max was tucked in and had been kissed twice.

"You truly love him." Ashleigh breathed reverently.

Harry gave her a sharp look. "Of course I do."

"I didn't mean any offence, Harry." She told him, well aware of his pregnant state and a remembered conversation the other day with Max about how volatile Harry's temper had become. "I just think that it is starting to sink in that my son has finally found someone to love who loves him in return."

Harry smiled and gave a look over his shoulder to Max, who made a deep noise in his chest, like a rumble only rougher because of his chest infection. Max's Dad, Myron, rumbled back soothingly and the crease between Max's eyebrows eased, leaving his face smooth and unlined again.

"I keep telling him that he'll get wrinkles if he keeps scrunching his face up like a disapproving granny, he never listens." Harry said sadly, shaking his head.

Max's other Dad, Richard, let out a startled laugh and grinned happily. Harry noticed that it was almost the same grin that Max had and that made him like Richard all the more.

"I…Harry, please feel free to say no if I'm being too personal, but may I touch your belly?" Ashleigh asked, she could barely take her eyes off of his baby belly and it made him want to wrap his arms around himself and hide his baby away, but this was Max's Mother. She was going to be family. She had already started to become family, Max and he were practically married, all they needed was the official ceremony.

"It's alright if you don't want to let me, Harry dear, Amelle never let anyone other than Caesar touch her."

Harry sighed and went and sat on the woman's lap, trusting that his very light frame wouldn't crush the legs of a Dracken and wrapped her arms around his belly. Ashleigh looked so happy, so delighted as she cooed at, touched, caressed, hugged and swayed with his belly, it was as if he wasn't there, like the baby wasn't attached to him and had already been born.

He yawned and rested his head in the crook of Ashleigh's neck and shoulder; he fell asleep with Ashleigh still stroking him.

"He's a trusting little thing isn't he?" Richard spoke up after Harry snuffled lightly and tried to curl around Ashleigh tighter.

"It'll make him the perfect target for anyone who wishes him harm." Myron said with a hint of worry in his voice as he looked at the miniscule boy in his Wife's arms. Harry had met them twice and yet he fell asleep within moments in their presence.

"He trusts you because I do." A sleep slurred voice broke through their conversation.

Max pushed the blanket off of himself and swung his large body into an upright position and rubbed his face vigorously.

"How are you feeling, Max honey? On your last floo call you sounded terrible."

"I feel better, the Healer thinks that it'll take another day to clear up, Harry's been making sure I'm well rested and up to date with my potion."

"He does rather like being the little Mother hen doesn't he?" Richard asked with a smile towards his oldest son, because by blood or not, he had raised Maximilius along with Myron and Max was as much of his son as Caesar was and the same went for their three daughters and Myron fully agreed with him too.

Max rolled his eyes and went to make tea for everyone.

"Tell me about it, this is the first time I've gotten up in two days. I can feel my muscles melting away under tender love and care."

Myron smirked at his son as he yawned and made tea for everyone; he handed out the cups and carefully placed two teacups on the coffee table in front of his Mother.

"Your cup is the yellow one, Mum, the blue one is Harry's. He won't let anyone touch his favourite cup; it's the only odd cup I've allowed in my kitchen."

"Did you allow it or were you bullied into it?" Myron asked with a knowing look.

Max grinned unashamedly. "I'd do anything for Harry, even put up with an odd cup."

"It is a very pretty cup." Ashleigh commented at the very delicate royal blue designs on the bone china cup.

"It was his Mother's favourite cup given to him by a friend of hers; I think he takes comfort from touching something that she had."

"Poor thing, no wonder he clings to maternal figures, he's still just a boy himself. He needs a maternal figure or two in his life."

"I'm sure his Aunt was enough of a maternal figure towards him." Max told his Mother soothingly.

"I was surprised to hear that you had actually bonded with Harry Potter of all people." Myron told his son. "Though it is a very huge honour to our family to be joined with the defeater of the Dark Lord, Voldemort."

"I didn't even think that Harry Potter would become a Dracken." Richard added. "The blood was within his family lines, but it was very diluted, after three generations and no Dracken manifestation, I think the Elders ruled the Potters out of ever having Dracken blood. It just goes to show that it doesn't matter how far back the blood goes, if the Dracken genes chose you, you are going to be a Dracken."

"Well said, my love." Myron said, pulling Richard into a kiss.

"So, Max honey, have you found out what sex the baby is yet?" Ashleigh asked excitedly.

"No Mum, not yet."

Ashleigh sighed and stroked Harry's hair. He was so young; it had been years since she had even been near a Dracken of his age. She had missed it. She couldn't wait until Amelle gave birth, but the woman didn't like her. Amelle thought that she was unstable and unfit to be near Dracken children. She hoped that Caesar would rein in his submissive, but he had said that he didn't want to hurt Amelle whilst she was pregnant, that he would try after the birth.

She desperately hoped that Harry would let her see and hold his baby. She wasn't dangerous, what had happened to her was a travesty, a tragic incident that she hated remembering, she loathed the beasts that had taken her baby son, Theodric, from her, had taken Myron's second son from him. She hated herself for letting it happen, but after months of therapy and years of support from her family, she had come to realise that there had been nothing she could have done, she had been snatched by a trusted family friend when she had been sleeping, she wouldn't have been able to move or defend herself anyway, she had been only a week away from nesting and birthing. Myron and Richard had been too late to save their baby son, but they had saved her, her Husbands' regretted not getting to her in time to save their littlest boy, but they would have been destroyed if they had lost her as well.

Harry squirmed in her arms and once again a big, beautiful emerald green eye opened and spied the blue teacup. He leant forward and Ashleigh made sure to support his weight as he snatched up his cup and drained almost half of it in one swallow.

"There's more over on the counter, Harry." Max told him with such a look of love on his face.

Ashleigh had never seen Max wear that look before and it clenched her heartstrings, her boy was finally completely happy and content.

"You should still be asleep!" Harry told his older mate bringing smiles to the elder Drackens.

"If I sleep anymore you might as well just put me into a coma." Max complained.

"If it'll keep you from moving I will!"

Richard let out a wheezing laugh and coughed lightly, which seemed to agitate his scar as he touched it with an annoyed frown.

"It's alright, love, just breathe." Myron soothed, taking out a small bottle of potion from his pocket and handing it to the other man. Richard un-stoppered the bottle and took a gulp of whatever was inside.

Harry didn't ask. It was obviously a very private thing between Max's family, but he was dying to know how Richard had gotten the scar on his neck, he was burning to know how the man had survived.

Harry looked at the clock on the wall and noticed that Draco and Blaise would be finished with their Ancient Runes exam within the hour.

"Please don't tell me it's time for my potion as well." Max begged.

Harry realised with a thump that Max should have taken it five minutes ago and he jumped up and fetched the bottle and a tablespoon from the counter. He handed them both to Max who pouted.

"I have to do it myself now?" He whined.

"You're thirty-one!" Harry pointed out incredulously. Max just blinked up at him and Harry huffed and took the bottle and spoon back from Max, poured him a spoonful and fed it to his biggest mate all the while his family laughed at them from the settee beside them. "You're like a big baby."

"We're going to have one of those as well." Max grinned happily, pushing up his shirt to press a kiss to his swollen stomach. "Think of it as practice for when the real baby arrives."

Harry rolled his eyes but couldn't keep the smile from his face as he put the bottle back on the counter and placed the spoon in the sink.

"When are Draco and Blaise getting back from their exam?" Max asked as he stretched his body.

"In about forty minutes." Harry answered.

"Why aren't you in the exams honey?" Ashleigh asked.

"I never took Ancient Runes. I did have a History exam this morning and that almost killed me, I wouldn't have made it through a second exam today without falling asleep."

"Are you well?" Myron asked looking him up and down and getting that look in his eyes that his mates did when they were trying to restrain themselves from licking and sniffing him.

"I have a small infection, nothing to worry about." He added quickly as the elder three Drackens gasped. "It isn't anything that will harm the baby and it'll be gone in a few days."

"Do you have any instincts towards the baby, Harry?" Ashleigh asked and Harry cocked his head in puzzlement. "As in any inclinations towards the baby's gender."

Max rolled his eyes. "Mother is desperate to know the gender of our baby; she wants to know if she's getting two granddaughters or a granddaughter and a grandson."

"Well I found out the gender this afternoon as well."

"What?" Max asked with a frown. "You found out the gender without any of us with you?"

"It was a spur of the moment thing. I went to the hospital wing about the infection thingy and Madam Pomfrey told me that she could give me a scan of the baby, then she said she could tell me the gender, I wanted to wait for all of you, but that meant waiting until tomorrow and I was just itching to know! I was so excited. I got pictures, look."

Harry dived on his book satchel and pulled out a large pile of scan photos that Madam Pomfrey had given to him. He handed them to Max, whose grin had come back tenfold as he looked at the pictures.

"This is so amazing." He said. "I can't believe it, this is my baby. My baby."

"Please tell us, Harry!" Ashleigh burst out. "Please tell us what the gender is?"

Harry grinned and pulled a photo to the top and pointed something out to Max, who started laughing and hugged Harry tightly.

"I can't believe it." He said again.

"Please, please, please?!" Ashleigh was practically vibrating between her two mates and they gave her looks of amusement, but they also had hints of curiosity in their eyes, of course they wanted to know the gender of their second grandchild.

"You're getting a grandson, the baby's a boy." Harry revealed with a grin.

Ashleigh actually squealed as she dropped to her knees and nuzzled Harry's baby bump.

"And what a boy he's going to be." Max chuckled as he looked at the picture of his son with his legs spread, his genitals clearly on show.

Still chuckling Max handed the photos to his Fathers, Richard started chuckling at the photo and Myron grinned happily.

"Oh I didn't want to say anything, but I had really hoped you would have a boy. I'll have a granddaughter and a grandson now."

"I wonder who will give birth first." Myron mused aloud.

"I thought Amelle had already started nesting." Harry asked confused. "I've still got three months to go."

"Amelle has built her nest and is currently preening in it. She hasn't gone into labour yet." Max told him. "It could be weeks still before she goes into labour."

"But she's still six months pregnant and I'm only four."

"Blaise's Mother, Marianna, went into labour at five months." Max reminded him. "True there were very extreme circumstances, but I wasn't kidding when I said Draco and Blaise could have caused you premature labour this afternoon."

"What happened?" Myron asked harshly.

"They burst into the room when I was sleeping and Harry was lost in thought, they startled him pretty badly, I reprimanded them for it."

"I thought you weren't the top dominant?" Richard asked softly. "Where is Nasta?"

"I'm standing in for him as the top dominant as he's currently at work, he'll be home around sixish."

"You make a good top dominant." Harry assured Max with a grin. "If only Nasta knew flower arrangement or sewing."

Max burst out laughing and Harry giggled lightly, trying and failing to turn it into a chuckle as he was too amused.

"I feel I am missing something." Myron stated.

"Nasta's Dracken side automatically saw me as subordinate to him through instinct." Max told his Dad with a sigh. "Our Drackens had already worked out the dominant order before we even knew it. Though I knew immediately when I just started eating before everyone else that I wasn't going to be the top dominant, Nasta was the one who was forced to wait until everyone had started eating until he could, all because I know how to bloody cook!"

"The dominant order was made over you being able to cook?" Richard asked.

"Yeah, stupid isn't it? I could have had that Delericey in a fight, but the order was sorted before I even had a chance to fight him."

Harry snorted. "Seemed like he was kicking your arse from where I was sat when you tried to force yourselves to fight."

Max picked Harry up and started tickling him and Harry burst out laughing.

"No! No! Stop it!" Harry cried as tears of laughter rapidly filled his eyes before they fell down his face. "I'm sorry, you were winning!"

Max stopped tickling him and sat back on the settee, holding Harry tightly.

"Between you and Blaise the baby is going to have a squirming fetish."

Max and Richard both started laughing, Myron scowled and Ashleigh let out a tinkling laugh. Max started coughing violently and immediately Harry and Max were surrounded by three protective parents, all clamouring to help Max through his coughing fit.

"I'm fine, I'm fine!" Max assured once he had stopped coughing and had gotten his breath back. "Bloody infection. Hell I can't get any of the big diseases but I can get a poxy infection? How is that fair?!"

"If you were taking care of yourself you wouldn't have gotten it in the first place." Myron lectured as he rubbed Max's back firmly to ease the spasaming.

"I am taking care of myself! I swear it was that potion I had to brew, I couldn't breathe properly when I was making it, I never can when I have to make that bloody potion."

"Then stop making it!" Ashleigh berated sternly.

"I have to make it, Mum. It's my job."

"But it affects you so badly, sweetheart."

"I'll be fine in a day or so."

"You make sure you floo call us and tell us if you're better or not or we'll be coming back to check on you."

"Mum, I'm thirty-one!"

"And I'm forty-eight and your Granddad Thomas and Nana Sophie still come and check on me when I'm sick."

Ashleigh pulled Harry into another hug, petting his hair and rubbing his stomach gently, kissing his cheek with a goodbye and a promise to come back to see him later on in the week.

"I have to go out and buy all little outfits for my new grandson."

"Mum, Harry has enough baby clothes; we have three boxes of the things."

"Not little boy things!" Ashleigh stated viciously as she latched onto her mates and began dragging them out to a shopping district.

Max laughed at the expressions of horror on his Fathers faces. He held Harry tightly as the portrait door shut behind his parents. He had never understood the whole excitement thing women had over shopping and sales, he kissed the top of Harry's head lingeringly before going to make them some more tea. He would be thankful for the fact that he was mated to a man and not a woman every time his Mother and sisters dragged their Husbands to go shopping, he would laugh it up as he got to sit at home and lounge around with Harry, who hated shopping and made up any excuse to avoid it, even if he had to get the necessities. It was Draco they had to watch when it came to clothes shopping, the blond dominant could shop any woman's feet off and still have energy to spare.

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