The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


13. Chapter Thirteen – Realisations

Harry didn't see Draco for the next six days, but he saw an awful lot of Nasta, who was always in the school grounds whenever Harry ventured outside, which was quite a bit.

His bum was perfectly pale and non-bruised again, he could sit on it in comfort and he could have sex with Blaise again, something he had been taking full advantage of.

The students had come back off of the Christmas holidays and lessons were set to resume the next day. Harry was dreading it, not only because it meant school work and lessons and homework, but because it marked Draco's return to civilisation and back to their private rooms.

Blaise, who had been 'visiting' the blond in Professor Snape's quarters, had assured him that Draco had been learning some very heavy lessons with Professor Snape, Harry believed that, but were those lessons enough to make the great Draco Malfoy change his ways? Harry guessed that he would find out soon enough.

He was having an internal crisis, however, he hated how skewed his decision had been in choosing his second mate. Draco had felt so safe and so warm and protective to him, but he had turned out to be the opposite. Draco had hurt him not only physically, but he had hurt his pride and his trust as well and it would take a lot for the blond to earn those things back. Harry believed that his hurt pride would take the longest to heal but it would be a very close call between his pride and his trust, but he hoped that his trust returned when Draco had been thoroughly pranked, there was not going to be a family, a mateship, while he didn't trust one of his dominant mates.

The skunk liquid in the cologne had been a massive success, in more ways than one. Draco had collected his things whilst Harry and Blaise had been at dinner, as per Snape's request, he had put the cologne on at the start of the day that marked the return to normal school activities, like he always did, and he had gone to breakfast as always, well away from Harry and Blaise, again per Snape's request, and had been mauled again by Daphne's younger sister, Astoria. The scent disperser had worn off halfway through breakfast and the little girl, who had gotten a large mouthful of the smell, had been physically sick, all over Malfoy's lap.

Harry had laughed so hard that he had almost passed out through a lack of a sufficient oxygen supply. There had been no way that Malfoy didn't know that it had been him who had organised and carried out the prank, but as he passed by their part of the table he had just swallowed heavily, nodded his head to the both of them and had simply said that he, Harry, had the right to do anything that he wanted as revenge for his previous abominable actions, before he carried on walking to get changed and to possibly have a shower. Draco had stunk for the rest of the day and everyone had given him a very wide berth.

Harry had been quite stunned by what Draco had said, but what really got him were the little gifts that Draco had begun sending him. Blaise had explained to him that Snape had ordered Draco to make it up to him in any way that he saw fit and Blaise had told him that because Draco had been brought up as an old fashioned Englishman, he was sending wooing gifts to Harry to help make up for his harsh actions.

They weren't big gifts or lavish things, one had been a handwritten apology card, another had been a box of chocolate frogs and Draco had even given him his own, real snitch, not one of those practice ones, which reminded Harry that he actually was the Gryffindor Seeker still.

Quidditch season had started just as he had found Blaise and he just hadn't cared enough about anything other than the indigo eyed man that he loved so very much. He had been ignoring his team, but his absence had been explained away as his 'illness' and Ginny, who had taken over temporary team captaincy and his Seeker position, had welcomed him back with open arms, exclaiming that they had a match in two weeks' time against Ravenclaw and that if they didn't win it then they were out of the running for the cup due to their heavy defeat to Slytherin in November.

Harry was all too happy to take up the captaincy and his Seeker position once more and the entire team was very glad to see him back, but he had a hell of a time catching up on the team building exercises, he didn't even know the names of the rest of the team…well he knew two, Ginny, who went back to her original position of Chaser once he took over the Seeker position once more and Dean Thomas, another Chaser, who was ecstatic that Harry was back to being fit enough to play.

Harry was so excited that he could hardly contain it, he told Blaise who sighed and looked up at the ceiling with a frown, which made Harry frown.

"Good bye Quidditch cup."

Harry snorted and smacked Blaise's shoulder, who then proceeded to pull him down into a kiss, right in the middle of the Great Hall, in front of everyone.

The rumours had been flying like wildfire throughout Hogwarts about the relationship of Harry Potter and Blaise Zabini. A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. There were even rumours now that Harry's illness had been a sexual disease, which wasn't strictly true as the heat period, whilst being a purely sexual desire, wasn't a disease, more of a condition than anything else.

Blaise verbally attacked anyone who dared to say that they had had a sexual disease within earshot of him. Harry just laughed it off; he was too used to people saying shit about him to care about yet another rumour. He had grown thick enough skin during his childhood, which had only layered up to protect him even more as he got older and the wizarding world had started on him too.

It was only a day later that Harry heard that Draco was facing expulsion for physically attacking a seventh year student. He and Blaise had been called out of their lessons to go to Dumbledore's office, where they met Dumbledore, Snape, Draco and a Hufflepuff seventh year student who was badly bruised and cut.

"Draco, what did you do?!" Harry demanded as he looked at the Hufflepuff. "You promised me that you were changed! That the potion was all gone!"

"It is all gone." Draco answered softly. "I did this with full knowledge of what I was doing."

"Why?!" Harry cried out. "Why would you try and ruin our mat…relationship by doing this!" Harry gave a quick glance to the Hufflepuff, who didn't seem to have noticed his little slip of words. He looked far too dazed and out of things…Harry wondered just how hard Draco had hit him. It went back to his overly harsh punishment again, had Draco even known how hard he was hitting the Hufflepuff?

"He called you a slut!" Draco hissed. "He was bragging to his little friends about how easy you were and how quickly he could get you into his bed. I had to defend you!"

Harry opened his mouth but a soft continuous growl had him looking next to him, to Blaise, who was glaring so hard at the guy in the chair that it was a wonder that it hadn't actually exploded. Blaise's claws were out and he was flexing them carefully, as if he was fantasising about and thinking of the best way to slice into the Hufflepuff in the chair.

Harry flung himself around Blaise, who carefully caught him and held him, but did not take his eyes from the seventh year, nor re-sheath his claws.

"I told you that you had to control yourself!" Snape snarled. "This is not controlling yourself!"

"He was dishonouring Harry!" Draco spat back. "I couldn't let him do it! I had to set him straight, away from his deluded fantasies."

Harry sighed and blocked out the two dominant Drackens arguing. He didn't care who had called him what or said anything about him, yet he understood that both of his mates wouldn't stand for his 'honour' to be tarnished in such a way.

Harry just hoped that Draco hadn't defended his honour in such an obvious manner as to tip off the Hufflepuff that the blond wasn't human. That would be a disaster waiting to happen.

"Boys please!" Dumbledore called out before looking to the poor Hufflepuff opposite him. "Mister Roberts, will you agree to not press charges or will you face the law knowing that Mister Malfoy was within his rights as the lover of the person in question that you allegedly dishonoured."

"I don't understand." The Hufflepuff groaned. "All I did was have a joke with my friends about how easy Potter's become. I mean he's a Gryffindor and rumour has it he has several Slytherin lovers. If he'll let a Slytherin near him then obviously he's desperate enough to have anyone."

"That isn't true!" Harry burst out, the Hufflepuff jumping in his seat at the harsh sound. "I only have Blaise and Draco as my lovers! It's my business why or who I have in my bed! If I wanted a hundred men in my bed I damn well would have and I wouldn't give a flying fuck what you or your little friends thought of me!"

Blaise wrapped his arms around him and soothed him, licking the side of his neck and releasing calming pheromones.

Harry huffed out an annoyed breath, his body relaxing even though he wanted to remain angry. Stupid dominant pheromones.

"I think everyone would just like this situation to disappear." Dumbledore stated, his pale blue eyes twinkling.

The Hufflepuff nodded and Dumbledore dismissed him with a wave of his hand. The seventh year was up and gone, leaving faster as Blaise snarled at him as he went past.

Blaise took up the seat that the Hufflepuff had vacated and drew Harry down onto his lap, Harry did not relax. Draco was sitting right behind him and he could hear the blond's breathing. He hadn't forgotten the pain nor the humiliation and despite the week of pranking; he still didn't feel any better.

"Now, Harry, Mister Malfoy has been thoroughly cleansed of the potion he had been taking and Professor Snape has assured me that he no longer poses a risk to you, are you willing to have him back in your rooms or would you wish for a bit more time?"

"He can come back into the rooms, but he can't sleep with me and Blaise. He hasn't earned that right yet." Harry answered. "I had Dobby come around a few days ago and he turned the unused storage cupboard into a bedroom for Draco to sleep in."

"You wish for me to sleep in a cupboard?" Draco asked incredulously.

Harry swallowed as that sentence brought up images of his tattered childhood. He had examined the new room that Dobby had made himself and it in no way resembled a cupboard, having been enlarged to fit a proper bed and even a wardrobe and side tables, it was more the knowledge that the room had once been a cupboard that would rub Draco up the wrong way rather than a lack of comfort.

Not like Harry had once suffered with, lying on a small camping cot with a ratty blanket and no pillow, stuffed into a space that in the end had hardly contained him and he was sure that had he not had magic to help protect his body, then he would have gotten asthma or some other respiratory condition from all the dust and cobwebs that he had been forced to live with from such a young age.

"It's a bedroom now." Harry dismissed. "You can join Blaise and me in our bed once you have proven to me that you can refrain from hurting me. I don't trust you, Draco. I chose you as a mate out of hundreds of others and the first thing you did was hurt me, it doesn't make for a very good first impression."

"How many times do I have to say that I'm sorry?"

"You only need to say it once, Draco, but only say it if you really mean it."

"Harry, I am sorry, I swear it to you."

"I accept your apology, Draco, now you have to prove to me that you're truly sorry, that I shouldn't just give up on you, that the relationship between you and I is still worth the time and effort it needs to grow."

Draco nodded and sat up straighter, determination stiffening his body. He was ready to grow up and prove that he deserved a second chance, that he was worthy of Harry's love.

"Be warned, Draco that I give second chances, but you'll never get a third." Harry told the blond seriously as he slipped from Blaise's lap and left the office to go wander around the frozen school grounds, like he usually did these days when he wanted to think on his own.

January had well and truly settled in and it was turning out to be a blisteringly cold month, not that Harry much cared as he wrapped himself up tightly and encased himself in warming charms.

He went down to his place by the lake and hopped up onto the large rock that he favoured sitting on. The lake had long since been frozen and it was even now covered in a few inches of snow. The teachers had marked its outline with bright yellow tape that was hovering in mid-air so that no student accidentally started walking on the lake, only to get to the thinner middle and fall to their icy death.

Harry sighed as large arms wrapped around him from behind. How Nasta always knew that Harry was out here he didn't know and he didn't think Nasta would answer him if he asked.

Something picked at his brain however and he shifted uncomfortably. Nasta didn't breathe as loudly as the male behind him was, nor did he squeeze him quite so tightly, when the man gruffly said hello to him, Harry knew it definitely wasn't Nasta behind him, but he did recognise the voice and he grinned as he turned his body around to see those gorgeous deep blue eyes that he had missed so much.

"Maxi…" Harry cut himself off short when the absolutely huge Dracken gave him a playful glare for trying to use his full name. "Fine, I'll just call you Maxie from now on."

"My Granddad calls me Maxie." Maximilius grumbled.

"Well now I do too!" Harry said stubbornly as he threw his arms around Maximilius' neck and hugged him tightly. "I missed you! How are you? How have you been? How could you possibly think that I'd send you away?! I wouldn't have! I…"

A large hand covered his mouth and prevented the smaller Dracken from speaking.

"Take a breath, Harry." Max grinned. "I knew exactly what the Elder was doing, it isn't the first time that an Elder has abused his power and it won't be the last. I had no choice but to leave, an Elder's word is absolute. They have the power to control dominant Drackens to a certain extent during mate meetings. I was ordered away, so I had to leave, I was ordered not to see, speak or contact you in any way and I had to comply. I loathed myself for letting it happen, but there was nothing that I could do about it."

Harry snuggled in close to Maximilius and he relished in the feeling of the man that he really liked being back here. Maximilius had come back. He could have just refused to come back like some of the other Drackens that had been sent away had, claiming that it was just too much trouble to try and court him. He could have stayed home, but he hadn't, he had come back on the slim chance that Harry would pick him as a third mate. Harry liked him just a little bit more for that.

"As for how I've been, well truthfully I haven't really been doing much since I was forced to leave. Wallowing would probably be the best way to describe it. I just sat at home all day, I didn't talk very much and cursed myself for such a missed opportunity to have an absolutely amazing, kind, gentle and gorgeous little Dracken as a mate."

Harry chuckled, trying to ignore the blush on his cheeks as he twisted his legs out from underneath him and placed them on either side of Max's hips, which were about level with the top of the large rock. Fucking hell Maximilius was tall.

Harry shyly played with the decorative buttons of Max's outer robe, finding the shiny black buttons with a swirl of red captivating as his twisted them around in his little fingers.

"How have you been, Harry?" Max asked his voice noticeably deeper.

"I've been through hell and back and then went back to hell." Harry sighed, getting ready for the outburst when he told the other Dracken the reason why he had been sent away and what Elder Getus and his despicable Grandson, Dominic, had had planned for him and his children.

Nasta had gone ballistic once he'd been alone and had the privacy that he needed to get out his anger and frustrations and he had toppled a tree in his rage. Harry looked to the stump that was all that remained of Nasta's fury after the Professors had cleaned it up and he sighed again. Nasta had kept hitting the tree well after it had splintered and he had only stopped once the tree had cracked under his onslaught and had finally fallen.

It wasn't something that Harry liked seeing, such a huge display of violence and rage, but he understood that as a very reserved and quiet man, that Nasta sometimes needed a more physical release for his anger. Harry grinned as he remembered suggesting to Nasta that if he partook in more sexual activities then he wouldn't need to release his anger and frustration in such a violent way. Nasta had gone red and coughed a bit before apologising for his actions and sitting down behind Harry to play with his hair. Harry loved how Nasta played silently with his hair; it was so relaxing that he often fell asleep under the ministrations.

"Are you still in hell?" Max asked him seriously.

"I think I'm climbing the limbo ladder one rung at a time."

Max chuckled at his comparison and held him so tight the air was expelled from Harry's lungs.

"What's been happening since I've been away?"

Harry told the whole gruesome story and he watched as with every word Max's muscles contracted until the veins popped out, his teeth clenched together until Harry was sure that they would crack and those beautiful, deep sapphire blue eyes darkened in rage to a midnight blue.

Max managed to control himself until Harry had finished speaking about what Dominic had wanted to do with him and went onto what Draco, his supposedly brand new mate, had done to him the very first morning after they had mated.

After hearing how Draco had treated him, Max lost control, just like Nasta had, and he exploded in rage, only instead of taking out his anger with his fists, he screamed long and loud, deep and guttural like an animal. The harsh sound echoed for miles and reverberated through Harry's spine, giving him bone deep chills. He would not like to ever be on Max's bad side.

Harry frowned sadly and waited until Max had finished screaming himself breathless. Max held him so tightly Harry thought that his bones would break as Max sniffed and touched every inch of him to determine if he had any injuries. Nasta had done it as well so Harry had come to realise that it had to be a dominant instinct.

"That they even dare!" Max hissed deeply.

"It isn't that bad, Maxie." Harry assured with a smile. "Draco was beaten by Blaise and Professor Snape and Blaise and Draco killed Dominic, I think they ripped his scales off of his wings and after gifting some to Professor Snape, they sold the rest to an apothecary, though I don't know why."

"Because that's what the little shit would have seen done to your children." Max told him, his breath coming in harsh pants.

"What?" Harry whispered in horror, his breath leaving him, his body going an icy cold that had nothing to do with the harsh January wind pinking up his exposed skin.

"When those disgusting poachers find a Dracken they strap them down and hack off every single wing scale we have. They'd steal our body scales as well if they weren't completely smooth and flat so that no tool can gouge them out. They drain the blood into buckets and cut out the heart, liver, tongue, sex organs and eyes. All are very valuable and are used in all sorts of rare and obscure potions and rituals; the scales can even be used in jewellery."

"He wanted to do that to my babies?" Harry asked, feeling as though someone had a hold of his heart and they were squeezing tighter and not letting go. He couldn't breathe.

"He would have scented them out at birth and handed the Dracken babies over to the smugglers, who would have kept the baby in a cage or a small prison cell, keeping the baby alive, but barely, then when the Dracken comes into their inheritance, they start the harvesting process."

Harry felt his stomach clench and then roil and before he could stop himself he had leant over the side of the rock and he vomited everything that he had eaten.

Max rubbed his back firmly, but his body was shaking in anger and horror. He was disgusted that anyone could even think to hand their own child off to one of those people. If they could even be called people. His mind slipped to his Mother and a white hot wash of rage seared his insides, that little shit had died far too quickly.

"Oh god, no one told me. I just thought my baby would have been killed instantly, that was excruciating enough. I thought everyone hated Drackens and would kill one on sight. This…that's too much to bear! I can't…I can't think about it! My babies! Tortured, suffering, harvested for potions ingredients."

Harry was sick again as tears fell down his cheeks. He held tightly onto Maximilius and let the large man sooth him.

Max nosed around Harry's cheek and licked at the tears that fell from those stunning eyes. He kissed each closed eyelid as Harry sobbed and cried. It tugged at his heart to see Harry so upset, he felt he had to do something to help, he had caused Harry these tears by telling him what would happen to his babies, this was his problem to rectify.

He moved his nose down Harry's cheek until his mouth hovered over Harry's. He lightly pressed against those petal soft, plump lips and he held Harry tightly, hoping to convey safety and love.

Harry gasped in surprise and Max flicked his tongue into Harry's mouth, ignoring the slight sour taste that Harry's vomiting had left behind. Harry clenched his hands into his hair and tugged lightly, wrapping his legs around Max's thick waist.

Max kissed more deeply when Harry didn't push him away, running his tongue over every inch of that delectable mouth. Under the sour taste of bile was a sweeter taste, chocolate and fudge, Harry had been eating chocolate and a hell of a lot of it by the taste of it.

They broke apart for air, Harry heaving in lungfuls and Max breathing deeply and evenly trying to calm his racing heart. He inhaled deeply, his eyes widening before he inhaled again. He pulled Harry to him and kissed him for all that he was worth.

Harry made a small noise when he needed air again and Max broke their lips apart so that they could both breathe.

"You're releasing mating pheromones." He panted breathlessly. "You are looking for a mate."

"But I haven't had my second heat with Draco." Harry protested thickly.

"Harry, you don't understand, your Dracken is rejecting Draco because of his treatment of you, your Dracken is sending out pheromones to attract a different mate."

Harry's eyes went wide and his stomach clenched awfully. His Dracken was rejecting Draco? But he had chosen to give the blond Dracken a second chance! It had been the potion's fault that Draco's instincts were so messed up, not Draco's! He didn't want to reject Draco!

Max kissed him again and this time Harry struggled. Max let him go immediately, but still held him around the waist.

"I have to get to Draco; I have to make this right, Max! I know what he did to me was wrong, but it wasn't his fault! He was under the effects of that suppressant potion; I don't want to lose him! Not when he still has a chance to prove to me that he can be a good mate!"

Harry shimmied off of the rock and landed with slightly bended knees ready to run off to the school to find his two mates. Max caught his arm and pulled him into one last kiss, before giving him a smile and a light shove towards the school, before he turned and trekked off towards the hell hotel.

Harry watched him go before he snapped out of his thoughts and took off running back to the castle. Draco had risked everything just to be his mate, his family, his reputation, his legacy…everything! Harry couldn't repay that by rejecting the blond now, he would not let his stupid Dracken dictate that to him! His Dracken side would not ruin everything for them! He would not allow that part of himself to reject Draco when he still wanted the blond; he didn't care what his Dracken thought, Draco was HIS!

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