The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


10. Chapter Ten – The Ultimate Choice.

Harry was sure that he must have been seeing things, he even rubbed his eyes to make sure, but no, Draco Malfoy was still sitting there. Those silver eyes were still staring at him, those silver and blue wings did not disappear and neither did the matching scales.

"Good afternoon." Draco greeted politely, but all Harry could do was gawk like an idiot.

"Draco?" Blaise asked questioningly. "I…I didn't even suspect that you were a Dracken, your smell, the way you acted."

Draco sighed heavily and ran a hand through that sun kissed white-blond hair.

"I tried to hide what I am." He said simply and honestly. "I didn't want to be a Dracken, I still don't. I was hiding what I am with suppression potions, but I don't know what happened, they stopped working and the Dracken inside of me demanded that I release it. I refused but it clawed its way out anyway."

"It would have been Harry's appearance. Nothing can keep a dominant Dracken away from a submissive." Blaise explained. "Harry calling for a dominant and releasing pheromones would have overridden anything that you were taking to supress your Dracken if you were in close contact with him and with Harry sleeping in the Slytherin dormitories every night…" Blaise trailed off with a shrug.

"Why would you hide yourself?" Harry asked, his eyes on that shirt covered chest, remembering it when it had been bare to his perusal with bunched up muscles and pale, silky skin.

"My parents, Potter. Neither of them are Drackens, I have no inkling as to where my genes came from, but my parents will not be happy about this at all. My Father speaks of little else other than the pure blood of his Heir. If it emerged that I was a creature, not a human, he would disown me at best."

"You got your genes from your Mother; the Black family is overflowing with Dracken blood." Blaise informed his blond friend.

"I got my genes from the Black family, my Great-Grandfather Cygnus Black."

"Cygnus Black is my Great-Great Grandfather. His oldest son, Pollux was my Great-Grandfather." Draco said a bit awestruck at the revelation.

"Your Great-Grandfather and my Grandmother were brother and sister." Harry whispered out, he was actually related to Malfoy, it was distant and diluted, but it was still there. "Will that mess with the mating or any children?"

"No." Blaise told him simply. "Magic is a powerful entity, Harry, as long as Draco isn't your brother, Father, son, first cousin, Uncle or Nephew there won't be any problems or repercussions."

"You boys are talking as if you have already mated." Elder Trintus pointed out from his seat in the armchair to the side of them.

Harry cocked his head and surveyed Draco. He looked different without the cruel sneer or the harsh lines to his face.

"I need to be sure." Harry told the Elder. "I won't have my children put in danger of illness or deformity because of my choice in a mate. If anyone poses a risk to my babies, they will be gone before they can blink."

"You will make a wonderful, yet formidable, Mother, Harry dear." Trintus told him with a smile. "You are protective of them before you even have enough mates to become pregnant, a very promising sign."

Harry went pink but he tried as best as he could to ignore the comment that the Elder had just made.

"Is it likely that Draco got his genes from Cygnus Black?"

"It is possibly very likely." Draco answered. "My parents aren't Drackens, my Grandfather Cygnus Black wasn't a Dracken and neither was my Grandmother Druella Rosier. I'm not sure about anything after that."

"The chart I did to find out where my genes came from named any and all Drackens in my line." Harry stated. "Only Cygnus Black was a Dracken apart from me, his children Pollux, Cassiopeia, Marius and my Grandmother Dorea weren't Drackens.

"My Great-Grandfather, Pollux, married Irma Crabbe; the Crabbe's have absolutely no Dracken blood in them at all." Draco sighed. "So we must have gotten our Dracken genes from the same place, Harry. May I call you Harry?"

"Sure, as long as I can call you Draco."

Harry grinned then and chuckled. "Draco the Dracken. Maybe your parents knew all along, Draco is Latin for Dragon right? And Drackens are a race of humanoid dragons."

"Except I was named after the constellation Draco, like all of the Black family. My Mother wished to honour her roots."

"Why Draco? Why not another constellation like Vega or Vulpecula?"

Draco's nose scrunched up in disgust at the names and that pointed chin rose defensively.

"I fully believe that my parents chose my name because it was one of the better sounding constellations that hasn't been used before in the Black family, not because they thought that I was a humanoid dragon."

"Why don't you just ask them? If you become my mate I won't let you hide who you are." Harry told him seriously.

"To be honest, Potter I don't even want to be here. My instincts are screaming at me, I find myself searching for you in a crowd, my eyes are drawn to you, your scent intoxicates me, my Dracken took over my body to bring me here for this meeting and the one before it…"

"You were here for the first meeting? I didn't see you." Harry interrupted.

"Because you are blind, Potter. You ran right into me, I just had to hold you after that first contact. I saw the other Drackens running after you, I couldn't let them get you, you were MINE! I ran with you, then I started flying and you felt so good in my arms, all wrapped around my body. Then I was tackled in mid-air and thrown over the banister of the stairs, my only thought was to protect you, not myself, but you. I landed hard on my back and had all of the air knocked out of my lungs, someone ripped you from my arms but I could barely breathe let alone attempt to protect you."

"That was me taking what was mine from you." Blaise answered. "Only I didn't see it was you, all I saw was someone holding my Harry. I saw a bit of blond hair, a flash of pale blue wing and that was it, I grabbed Harry and ran."

"Then I escaped from you too and ran to the castle." Harry lied fluidly giving Blaise a pointed look, reminding him that Elder Trintus was in the room.

"You're a slippery little bugger when you want to be." Blaise said affectionately.

Harry blushed twelve shades of red and smacked a hand against Blaise's thigh. "There is no need for that!"

Blaise chuckled deeply and Harry smiled. He adored Blaise's laugh.

"I didn't see your face." Harry answered Draco. "I felt your body, I remember thinking that you were wider and thicker than Blaise, and taller, but I didn't bother looking up at your face, I tucked my head under your chin and let you carry me to safety, you were so safe, I knew you wouldn't hurt me like them."

"I would not dream of harming you." Draco told him, sounding a bit put out because of that fact. "My Dracken won't even allow me to tease you anymore."

Harry laughed and sent a cheeky wink to Draco. "Blame it all on the Dracken; we all know you love me really. We're too obsessed with each other not to be."

"Speak for yourself, Potter!" Draco spat. "I am not obsessed with you!"

"By your own admission your eyes automatically search for me, my scent appeals to you, you can't leave me alone, even before our inheritances we would intentionally seek the other out. You are obsessed with me."

Draco went pink with anger and his fists clenched with the need to punish his cheeky submissive. Only Harry wasn't his…not yet. But he would be, oh most certainly he would be, then he'd be taking the palm of his hand to that pert little bottom and turning its soft paleness into furious red.

Harry was still awake at three in the morning that night. He couldn't stop thinking about Malfoy. Draco was the third Dracken at Hogwarts, he had told them that he had been forced to tell the Headmaster due to the founding rules of the school and he didn't want to risk being expelled, but he hadn't told anyone else.

Harry thought that it was sad that a young man of sixteen couldn't confide in his own parents for fear of being cast out of the family. He would like to think that if he still had his parents that he would tell them everything from his deepest fears, his highest dreams and his widest aspirations. That Draco couldn't even tell his parents that he was a Dracken for fear of rejection and disownment, it was sad and for the first time, Harry felt bad for his once school boy nemesis.

Rolling onto his belly and cuddling further into a heavily sleeping Blaise, Harry's thoughts went a mile a minute. He wanted to help Draco, but how could he? It was for the blond to decide in the end, they were his parents and it was his life, but how Harry wanted to take a stick and beat some sense into the older Malfoys. Draco was their son, their only child, they should love him for who he was and what he aspired to become, not get rid of him the minute that he did something that they didn't like or approve of, it wasn't like Draco had chosen to become a Dracken either, it wasn't like it was a lifestyle choice, it was something completely out of their control. They were born this way and they couldn't change themselves just to suit other people's wants or wishes. They were Drackens now for the rest of their lives, the least other people could do was be happy for them and support them as they needed it.

"Harry?" Blaise's sleepy voice cut through his internal monologuing and Harry turned to look at his drowsy mate.

"I didn't mean to wake you." Harry said softly, tucking a piece of Blaise's sleep tousled hair out of his mate's eyes, smiling at the adorable sight Blaise made, not that he'd ever insult his dominant by telling him that he looked adorable when he had just woken up.

"Why are you still awake? What's wrong?" Blaise voice got steadier and deeper as he came into full awareness; his eyes darting around for danger as he pulled Harry into his arms to protect him from the shadows.

"Nothing's here, Blaise. I can't sleep because I'm thinking too hard."

"About what, mio Bello?"

"Draco. I…I can't believe that anyone's parents would disown their only son just because he came into an inheritance that he couldn't control."

Blaise smoothed Harry's hair away from his face and kissed that rounded cheek gently. Harry was so thoughtful and caring towards others, he just wished that it didn't keep his little mate up all night.

"Draco will be fine, love. He'll work out what's best for him and he'll do it. He's always been the same, we don't always see eye to eye, but he is one of my friends and I've known him for a long time. His birthday is on June the fifth, so he's had a long time to think about things and he'll ultimately decide what he wants to do. What Draco Malfoy wants, Draco Malfoy gets, its always been the same."

"What if his parents do disown him, Blaise?"

"They won't, but Draco is afraid because there is always the possibility that they could, that his Father could hold his inheritance and his legacy over his head for the rest of his life, that he could use it to get Draco to do as he wishes with the threat of cutting him out of the family if he refuses. Draco will not stand to be manipulated or controlled and it is that that is making him so leery of telling his parents."

"I could never treat my children that badly, Blaise. Please let us never treat them so badly."

Blaise leant over and kissed Harry lingeringly. "Of course we will never treat our children so poorly, mio amore. We are Drackens, mates and children are everything to us. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy are humans; their only thought is to themselves, they have no obligation except those that they choose to have. They do not have instinct screaming in their heads and hearts that they can't do something they want to, if Narcissa Malfoy wished to stab Draco, she could, if Lucius Malfoy wished to disown his only son, he could, we as Drackens could not, our Dracken sides would not allow us to."

Harry nodded and his heart squeezed tightly for Draco, who was set up to lose everything if his Father wished it. Could he put a potential mate through that? Could he force them to choose between everything they had ever known and himself? Which would be the better choice, a companion for life or your parents and their legacy?

Harry himself would give up his entire legacy to have his parents back with him, but he knew it was impossible so he would choose a life companion and children, a family of his own, but Draco still had his parents, they were alive and well. How could he possibly make a choice? Would Harry have made a choice if he had been in that position? Would he still have chosen Blaise as a mate if his parents were threatening to cut all ties with him?

"Go to sleep, Bello." Blaise murmured softly, pulling him down to tuck under his chin. "You are thinking too hard and for no good reason."

Harry sighed and snuggled into Blaise, wrapping himself completely around his mate, revelling in the love and protection that such an action garnered him. He closed his eyes and evened out his breathing, he needed to get some sleep. He had a second mate to choose and he needed every ounce of brain power he possessed to choose the right one, for himself, for Blaise and most of all, for his second mate too.

Harry sat in the cavernous dining room with Blaise at his side and Elder Trintus sitting near them. Harry was picking at bits of raw meat, having already eaten his fill, but dominants took in more food than a submissive, so he was patiently waiting for the hundred or so dominants to finish devouring their meat.

Henley had gotten the pride of place sitting the closest to Harry and he was nattering at a mile a minute, Harry listening to him with a wide smile on his face. Henley was just too cute for words sometimes. The way he would constantly swap his cutlery into different hands when he was eating as if even when doing something as normal as eating he couldn't keep still, how his legs were bouncing against the stone floor, the way his copper brown hair kept dipping into his left eye, causing him to brush it away irritated and with a scowl on that pretty boyish mouth.

Harry was resting his hand on Henley's arm on the table top, something that the other dominants had picked up on and were not happy about. Harry didn't care though, Henley needed protection, he needed love and care and confidence. Harry was hoping that having a submissive pay him one-on-one attention with a room full of older, bigger, buffer, stronger dominants would give the little slender sixteen year old the boost that he sorely needed.

"…So can we please?" Henley turned to him; fork stuck in one side of his mouth and those puppy dog eyes, large, wide and imploring. Hell Henley would have made a killer submissive if he wasn't so bloody tall and likely to get bigger. He had that willowy, gangly, awkward look a teenager gets when they are nowhere near finished growing, both upwards and outwards. Harry didn't know what it was but Henley looked unfinished, like a painting put down, just waiting for the artist to come back and put in those few final touches to turn it into a masterpiece.

"Sorry Henley, what did you say? I couldn't hear you over the noise." Harry told him softly and politely.

"It's cool if you don't want to, I'll understand, but can we remain friends even if you don't pick me as a mate? Please? I like you."

Harry smiled widely and pulled Henley into a huge, tight, hug. He heard growls and snarls and an answering roar from Blaise, who knew exactly what was going on as he was close enough to hear their conversation and was warning the other dominants off.

"Of course we can, Henley; I'd love nothing more than to keep in touch with you."

Henley gave that cheeky, tooth filled smile and Harry had the mental urge to coo at him and pet those copper brown waves. He managed to restrain himself, just, but he really wanted to cuddle Henley up under a blanket in front of a nice warm fire.

"You should avoid the baby dominant." A voice growled from behind him. "He can't give you what you need. You need a proper man, one who can make you scream in ecstasy and actually has the balls to get you pregnant."

Harry glared up at the twenty something dominant who was standing behind him. Henley looked crushed and Harry slid over from his chair until he was sitting on Henley's lap. Blaise had stood up and was standing between the new dominant and Harry and Henley.

The dominant was tall, not as tall as Maximilius, who at six foot eight was one of, if not the tallest person there, but he was at least six foot four and his burgundy red wings were twenty-four foot long. He was bulky as well, to go with those huge shoulders. He was a thick set man and had a nice body, a very nice body in fact, but that ugly sneer slashed a potentially pretty mouth into something twisted and bitter.

"I would much, much rather have Henley as a mate than you." Harry snarled, throwing his arms around Henley's neck and pressing a light kiss to those plump and pouty lips to get his point across.

He had never kissed a potential mate before and he heard the outraged snarls and gasps from the other dominants.

Henley pushed a hand through his hair and gripped the back of his head and pulled Harry's lips against his own again. This time the kiss changed into something more passionate and with the introduction of Henley's tongue, Harry melted into that slender, but muscled body.

It wasn't a bad kiss, Henley was surprisingly a good kisser, not that Harry had much to compare to, but it just couldn't ignite his blood like a single kiss from Blaise could. Harry had worried for a few seconds before he had leant forward that kissing Henley would be like kissing a son or a brother, but it wasn't.

Henley wasn't his son or a brother and his Dracken recognised that now. He didn't need to Mother Henley, Henley didn't want another Mother, he wanted a lover, a mate and children of his own. It was something that Harry couldn't give him, but he could give him confidence, it was the least that he could do for the sweet boy whose Father had dragged him here, away from the rest of his family, just before Christmas.

"Harry dearest? Have you chosen your second mate?" Elder Trintus asked carefully, wary of interrupting two Drackens mating.

"No. I'm not his mate." Henley answered sadly, though he was smiling that toothy smile. "I don't think I was ever meant to be with Harry, but I hope that there will be other submissives just like him in the future."

"You're such a lovely person, Henley." Harry answered, cupping that boyishly rounded cheek in his hand. "Don't ever let anyone change who you are. Not every submissive wants the biggest, buffest or the most violent Dracken as a mate. In fact that last one is a major turn off for me and I'm very likely to run in the opposite direction."

"I won't, I don't want to change anymore. My Dad said I should become whatever the submissive wants me to be, but I'd just be setting myself up to fall won't I? If the submissive picks me through a lie, then how can they love the real me?"

Harry smiled, he was so proud of Henley, a just turned sixteen year old who had made a discovery that half of the dominants in this room, who were older than he was by years, decades even, hadn't made in their lifetimes. A submissive didn't want a false dominant who was only pretending to be something for that particular submissive, Harry himself was holding these interviews and meetings so that he could dig through their masks and find out the people that they really were under the guise that they thought that he wanted to see. He wanted an honest mate, one who didn't try to hide themselves or didn't lie to him and fucking hell, he wanted Draco Malfoy, needed him like he needed the blood rushing through his veins, but could he do it? Could he put Draco through hell with his parents just because he wanted the blond as a mate? Did he even have the right to?

Harry endured another four hours of being 'wooed' by nameless faceless dominants before he ran into someone who he could actually stand to be near. He was six foot six with jet black wings and deep, yellowish gold scales. His hair was pitch black and his eyes were hazel, but had a curious goldish-green shade to them when the light hit his eyes just right. He wasn't as obviously muscled as some of the other dominants, he looked more like his muscles came from manual labour rather than weight lifting twenty times his own body weight several times a day but the muscles he did have were solid and compacted until every time he moved those muscles strained under his clothing, like they wanted to break free of their confines, it was an added bonus that he was a nice man as well, if a bit quiet and misunderstood at times.

"Hi, Nasta." Harry called out.

"Harry." He greeted with that low, deep rumble.

Nasta Tabrien Delericey was one of the older dominants; he was thirty-six years old and was a man of very few words. At first Harry had thought that perhaps Nasta had a problem with English, but after getting to know the man a bit better and poking and prodding relentlessly he had found out that the man had been born and raised in West Wales and had no problem speaking, writing and reading in several different languages, let alone English. He just didn't say very much.

"Would you like to sit with me?" Harry asked, indicating the patch of grass next to him by the lake side. True it was the end of December, coming up to January, but Harry couldn't keep away, the water kept calling him back.

Instead of verbally answering him Nasta took him up on his offer and eased himself down onto the patch of grass that Harry had defrosted with a spell and had warmed up with another.

He reclined back on those solid forearms and gently tugged Harry to lean against him. Nasta was really warm and Harry buried his frosty, red coloured nose into Nasta's chest and he did the same with his frozen fingers, only he slipped those under Nasta's shirt and held onto the warm skin of his sides.

A thick, heavy arm draped around his back and tugged him impossibly closer, a large hand moving up and down his back quickly and with a heavy pressure, giving him some friction to warm up his cold body. He hadn't noticed how cold he actually was before now.

"You will freeze to death one of these days if you aren't more careful." Nasta grunted at him, sitting upright and removing his thick, woollen coat before wrapping Harry up in it in a manner that left no room for arguments or protests.

The coat came to Nasta's calves, but it covered Harry's feet, but it was so warm and cosy and it smelt like fire and musk, just like Nasta did and Harry inhaled deeply.

He didn't bother asking Nasta if he was cold wearing just a jumper as Harry had taken his warm coat. The man probably wouldn't answer or would just give him a look that told him not to be stupid, that of course he wasn't cold and if he was he wouldn't care nor accept the coat back.

Harry smiled and pressed a chaste kiss to Nasta's stubbled cheek. Nasta's arm tightened around him and pressed the full length of their bodies together. Harry grinned when he thought that if Elder Trintus were here he'd have a heart attack at the position they were in, Nasta reclining back on just one forearm, the other still wrapped around Harry's back and Harry sat straddling the older dominant's lap, cuddling close to keep warm.

As it was, Elder Trintus and Elder Getus were trying to control the situation in the common room involving several dominants; it was why Harry was taking a small break outside so he wouldn't be accidentally hurt in the 'fray' going on inside.

Blaise was around though, he had gone to stretch out his muscles, but Harry knew that he wouldn't have let him out of his sight, wherever Blaise was, he could see them both perfectly and had possibly moved close enough to hear them and react immediately if it was needed, not that it would be needed, but instincts were instincts after all.

"Do you have a job, Nasta?" Harry asked curiously, sometime later as he realised that this was the perfect opportunity to get to know the other man a little better.

"Yes." Was the deep, immediate reply, but Nasta did not elaborate, Harry wondered if Nasta had a phobia of speaking too much.

"Can I know what it is?" Harry peeked up at the dominant to find those gorgeous hazel eyes, that had taken on a golden hint to match his scales in the weak winter sunlight, were looking down at him with something akin to adoration.

"I work on a dragon reserve back home in Wales."

Again no more information that what Harry had asked for. Getting information, hell, getting any words from Nasta was like squeezing blood from a stone.

"What sort of dragons do you keep?" Harry tried to keep the man talking.

"Mostly Welsh greens, we can't have many of the exotic or tropical dragons, they can't adjust to the unpredictable, fluctuating climate or the wet and windy weather of Wales."

Nasta's hand slowed the up and down motion on Harry's back, but did not stop, turning the movement more into a caress that was both relaxing him and warming his skin under the borrowed coat.

"Do you find it, I don't know…strange that you're a humanoid dragon working on a dragon reserve?"

"No. The dragons like me more than the ordinary humans. They listen to me and they never try to hurt me purposefully. I'm less of a threat to them because they understand my instincts and motives better than the unreadable, complex humans."

That was probably the most that Nasta had ever said in one sentence to him before and Harry rewarded him with another kiss to the cheek, again Nasta's arm squeezed impossibly tighter and expelled the air from Harry's lungs, making him laugh huffily.

"I love the way you laugh." Nasta told him quietly.

"You don't have to try and crush me to get me to laugh." Harry replied with a cheeky grin.

The one side of Nasta's mouth lifted in a smile slash smirk. It's appearance made Harry's knees go weak and he was incredibly grateful that he was already sitting down.

They lapsed into the familiar silence that seemed to always be around Nasta, it was a very welcomed change from the noisy, headache inducing dominants that were always squawking and shouting at him or each other in the hell hotel.

Harry must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew he was being rudely awoken by shouting and growling. He was being held carefully and gently in someone's arms, both his head and body being protected by a large hand and a thick arm respectively.

Harry looked through the fingers of the hand protecting his head and he sighed as he saw the familiar form of Dominic. That twat just could not take a hint! He was still wearing the plaster on his broken nose and the black eye that Harry had given him was still a dark contrast to his otherwise pale skin.

"Give him to me!" Dominic yelled.

Nasta raised a black eyebrow incredulously and moved to walk around the annoying little bug in front of him, but the boy leapt in front of him.

"I am the grandson of an Elder of our kind! I order you to give him to me!"

"You cannot even protect yourself from a submissive, how do you think you will fare against me, boy?"

"I don't need to fight you! My grandfather will get rid of you; he has been getting rid of all the dominant threats like you since these meetings started! He is barring every dominant who Harry is showing the slightest bit of interest in from these meetings! They won't be able to get him as a mate and you're going to be next!"

Harry held in a gasp of horror as he heard that outburst. He hadn't seen Arsenio or Maximilius since he had had his one-on-one meeting with them yesterday. They hadn't shown up for dinner last night either, or breakfast or lunch today. He had thought that maybe they were sleeping or off doing something else, but if they had been barred from entering the hell hotel or the grounds of Hogwarts…oh fuck, Elder Getus was screwing with his mate meetings! It wasn't any wonder that he couldn't find a second mate if every dominant he showed the slightest bit of interest in was barred from his meetings!

"That is interfering with a mateship, you and your grandfather, Elder or not, will be killed for this indiscretion. It is one of the most harshly punishable crimes to interfere with a submissive's mate meetings."

"A new law has been passed, haven't you heard? It is now against our laws to kill a mated dominant!" Dominic stated proudly. "Our kind cannot risk the submissive killing herself, or himself in this case, because of the lost chance of more children to boost our numbers."

"Your grandfather may be mated, but you are not." Nasta stated coldly.

"I will be. I will be mated to Harry once every other threat has been disposed of!"

"Harry told you last night that he would rather be mateless than be with you."

"No submissive ever wants to be on their own! That was all talk and bluster, he'll change his mind in a moment when faced with the reality of a life alone."

"He will not be alone." Nasta said with a cruel smile. "He already has his first mate and of course because of the new law, no mated dominant can be killed, we can't risk Harry killing himself now can we? It might drop our numbers."

Harry grinned up at Nasta, who saw it and smiled back, but didn't take his eyes from Dominic. Harry mouthed the word Henley and Nasta's eyes narrowed.

"What about the baby dominant, Henley? If you are getting rid of all threats, then why is he still here? Harry has shown a real interest in him."

Dominic snarled. "He wasn't a real threat until this morning! After that kiss they shared at breakfast. We wanted to get rid of him too, but the kid's Father is here and when that boy isn't with Harry he's with his Father, we can't get to him, but we will! There will come a time when he's alone and he'll be barred too."

Harry felt his body sag with relief. He didn't want little Henley hurt just for being friendly. They would never be mates and the both of them knew and understood that now, even more so after the kiss at breakfast.

"You're despicable. You won't get away with it. Don't you think that Harry will notice when all of those he is interested in just disappear? He's not stupid."

"Oh he will notice and he will be crushed that all of those that he is interested in have left him for a submissive meeting in Finland, a petite little dark haired girl with impossibly wide brown eyes. Irresistible to all dominants."

"There isn't a submissive meeting in Finland; we would have all felt the call."

"We would have yes, but a submissive wouldn't feel another submissive calling for dominants."

"You heinous bastard! You will tear Harry apart with this! You'll hurt him for no reason, making him think that he's undesirable and that all those who previously liked him have left him for another submissive!"

"I don't care as long as I get him as a mate!"

"You don't care about him at all!" Nasta growled, his black and gold wings vibrating with angry energy.

"He is too powerful to pass up! He is powerful and fertile and his children will be a force to be reckoned with."

"You loathsome little worm!" Nasta snarled. "How could you think to use a child in such a way?"

"I guess my instincts are broken!" Dominic snarled back and Nasta reared back like he had been hit.

"You're taking a potion to supress your instincts, you little fool! Do you know how dangerous that potion is?!"

"My grandfather is controlling my dosage, I will have Harry and our children will be the most sought after in the entire world. Think of it, the child of an Elder of the Drackens and The-Boy-Who-Lived. How much do you think one child would auction off for? Five hundred thousand Galleons?"

Both Harry and Nasta were stunned with horror and shock. Harry felt sick right down to his stomach and he could feel the bile trying to force its way out of his throat.

"It will never happen." Nasta snarled, recovering quickly. "Harry knows your plan."

"You won't tell him!" Dominic stated confidently. "You won't have the time to explain it to him or get him to believe you before my grandfather gets here to bar you from seeing him."

"I don't need to tell him." Nasta stated with a smug smile. "You already have."

Nasta moved his hand to Harry's forehead to show Dominic Harry's wide open, horrified eyes and the sixteen year old dominant screamed in rage. Harry let out the inhuman, high pitched, screeching roar that Blaise had told him was his distress call.

He immediately felt a hundred answering roars from all over the house and Nasta held him tightly, placing his back to the wall as the ante-room they were in before they reached the main part of the house was filled up with dominants in full Dracken form, all of them ready to fight to protect the submissive who had called out for help.

The two Elder's waded through the sea of dominants to get to the front, Elder Trintus trying to get as close as possible to Harry and Elder Getus standing next to Dominic, a hand on his grandson's shoulder.

Blaise was there then, snarling at Nasta, flashing his fangs and claws, his eyes brimming with deep anger, betrayal and behind that anger was panic and fear.

"I trusted you with him!" Blaise snarled venomously.

"What is the meaning of this?" Elder Getus yelled over Blaise. "Did you think that you could kidnap the submissive for yourself?! This is unacceptable."

Harry knew exactly what the man was doing and he wanted to stop it now.

"Blaise!" He cried out, trying to get his dominant on his side, but he just made Blaise even more frantic as his wings twitched and he swayed from side to side, trying to find an opening to kill Nasta and get Harry back.

"I am not trying to kidnap…" Nasta started harshly, but he was cut off.

"Do not speak!" Elder Getus commanded and Harry felt a weight of power with the command.

Nasta's mouth slammed closed with a hard crack that had to have hurt his teeth, but Harry could check on Nasta once this situation was diffused, preferably immediately.

"You'll be up to face the Dracken Counsel for this crime! You'll be put on trial and executed as the Elders see fit! For this heinous indiscretion you, Nasta Tabrien Delericey, are hereby banished from seeing and speaking with the submissive in question, Harry James…"

"NO!" Harry screamed out over the Elder, cutting him off and drowning out his words with his own. "Blaise! No! It's not Nasta! It's him!"

Harry pointed to Dominic and Blaise's entire focus changed immediately. Blaise trusted him implicitly and it made Harry melt a bit inside, but he would savour that trust that his dominant had in him when he had the time to. He could not let Elder Getus banish Nasta like he had Arsenio and Max.

"What is this?" Elder Trintus demanded harshly, his friendly, approachable demeanour changed into something deadly and powerful. This was the reason that he was one of only five Elders chosen to become a submissive chaperone.

"He told us everything!" Harry yelled to make sure that everyone heard him in the quiet room. "He is getting his grandfather to banish everyone that I am showing an interest in! I liked Arsenio, he's gone! I liked Maximilius, he's gone! I liked Jensen, he's disappeared without a trace! I liked Henley, but the only reason he is still here is because he stays with his Father! I really like Nasta; he was next on the list to be barred! He just tried to banish him in front of you all! He isn't trying to kidnap me at all! He's trying to save me from that putrid slug who wants to sell my children on the black market to the highest bidder!"

Harry panted for breath in the silence that followed his furious outburst.

"It's all true." Nasta said quietly. "Harry and I heard every word, but Getus didn't realise that Harry was awake and listening, he thought he was just telling me and that I would be gone before I could reveal his plan."

There was more silence, the kind where people just didn't know what to say or what to do, before there was an earth shattering roar and Blaise moved quicker than Harry had ever seen him move before. He had leapt upon Dominic, taking them both to the stone floor, and his mate began smashing the back of Dominic's head into the unyielding stone beneath, shouting at him and snarling.

"How dare you think you can try and sell my children! Even if you somehow mated with Harry do you think that I would just vanish?! That I would agree to let you sell our babies?! Did you?!"

"You wouldn't have lived long enough to give Harry children!" Dominic spluttered out and Blaise roared again, slamming Dominic's head into the stone even harder.

"I am no fool! You wouldn't have been able to kill me if you had hired help!" Blaise spat. Harry had never seen him so upset or enraged before.

"Dominic, how could you have done such a thing?" Elder Getus stated making his voice go low and saddened, Harry saw red.

"Don't act like you weren't in on it!" He yelled. "You're the one who has banished the only dominants that I saw fit as mates and all for nothing! I wouldn't have picked your grandson if he was the only dominant here! I'd have stayed with Blaise no matter how much it hurt not to have children! I'd rather be on my own for eternity than have your grandson as a mate!"

"You're making a mistake!" Dominic yelled ignoring the snarl Blaise gave him. "You're choosing wrong! You're supposed to go for the young, handsome Drackens with the largest, most colourful wings! Not ugly men old enough to be your Great-Grandfather!"

"They are going to be my mates for life! I can choose whoever the hell I please! Forgive me for wanting a nice, kind dominant who treats me well and will help me raise our children right! Not some pompous, stuck-up jackass who is cruel and harsh and would sell our children for a lousy five hundred thousand Galleons! My children are priceless and they won't be leaving my nest!"

"Anyone who thinks differently is not a Dracken at all." The smooth cultured voice of Draco Malfoy cut through the silence.

Harry held his arms out to Draco and Nasta reluctantly, very, very reluctantly, let Harry pass into Draco's arms. Harry just needed to feel that measure of safety again, like he had when he had been running from the dominants the last time that he had been in this house for a mate meeting.

Harry sniffed a few times before raising his face to Draco's, who was looking down at him with grey coloured eyes. They had gone the same colour as they had that day in the Slytherin dormitories. They had darkened with something that Harry could now identify, having watched Blaise's indigo eyes darken in the same way. Lust. Draco was looking at him with eyes that had darkened with lust and arousal.

Lust for him, for his body and it was that which kept his head tilted towards Draco as the huge blond bent down and captured his lips in a searing kiss, making the ultimate choice between his parents and his legacy or having Harry as a life mate. He had chosen Harry.

Harry gasped and wrapped both arms around Draco's shoulders as Draco's arms shifted his body until he was plastered to Draco's front with those large hands holding his thighs in place around a trim waist.

Harry whimpered and flared his white and amethyst wings out, before he wrapped them around Draco to hide their furious, passionate kisses from onlookers. He heard a scream of rage from Dominic, before an answering roar from Blaise cut it off in the middle. He heard Blaise go back to pounding Dominic into the floor, he heard Elder Getus yelling at Blaise to get off of his grandson, he heard Elder Trintus screaming at Elder Getus about misuse of power, corruption and sabotage of a submissive's mating rites and he heard the hundred or so dominants scream out their displeasure at having missed their chance to get Harry for themselves yet again, but none of it mattered to Harry, who had just claimed his second dominant mate.

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