The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


63. Chapter Sixty-Two – Backlash

Draco had told them that Harry had been dragged off by his friends and that he was likely being forced to revise for his exams by Hermione, but as the time inched closer and closer to the curfew, they got more and more worried.

Shouldn't Harry have been back by now? Wouldn't he have come to tell them that he was staying away for longer than dinner? Were they being too over protective? Were they being stifling and unfair to Harry? Was he just in Gryffindor Tower for the first time this year catching up with his friends and had just lost track of time?

As Nasta tucked Leolin back into his bassinet after his ten O'clock feed and went back out to the living room, seeing that Draco and Blaise were not concentrating on their homework and Max was pacing…again. He let out a sigh.

"Alright, go and find him. I'll stay here with the kids." He relented. "Do not assume the worst, because I'm telling you now, if you go barging in on him and his friends, you'll put us all at risk and embarrass the hell out of him. So be calm and collected, please and remain human at all times and that means no sniffing or licking either and use your brains."

Draco threw his quill down and jumped up, marching to the door and he hardly waited for Blaise to catch up before he was out of the portrait hole. Nasta shook his head and sat down, trying to relax his jittering nerves.

"You're worried." Max stated, wanting to go with the younger two, but knowing that Nasta needed some support with the six babies. He couldn't protect all six of them if someone threatened them.

Nasta sighed again. "I know. I don't think Harry would have stayed away for this long, from just us maybe, but not from the kids. He's still protective over Leolin and with Tegan's recent fever and Braiden's teething; I can't see him staying out too long, but maybe I'm just being paranoid. Maybe Harry really does need this break and he's just enjoying himself with his friends so much that he has lost track of the time."

"Hopefully Blaise and Draco will find him safe and well and they can put our minds at ease. I don't mind him spending a night in Gryffindor Tower with his friends if that's what he wants, though sleeping with him missing from the bed is going to be hard, who will I cuddle with?" Max pouted.

Nasta cracked a smile and he chuckled; he pulled Max into a hug and kissed his mouth.

"You really are adorable, Max and I'm sure if Harry wants to stay with his friends for the night and you want to cuddle up to someone in bed, Blaise won't object. Blaise is as big a cuddle monster as you are, though you'll have to put up with me at your back, because I want to cuddle you too." Nasta growled, nipping at Max's neck.

"Ooo, that growl has a hint of sex in it." Max grinned as he moved his mouth into alignment with Nasta's and kissed him hard.

"When was the last time we had sex?" Nasta questioned.

"I don't remember."

"Me either." Nasta growled attacking Max's mouth, shoving him backwards onto the settee.

"We're going to have sex now?" Max asked, excitement lacing his voice and lighting up his eyes.

"I haven't felt any distress from Harry, he's likely fine and with his friends and until I hear differently, I'm going to try not to assume the worst and I'm going to try not to think about it so I can have my wicked way with you until Draco and Blaise track down our errant submissive and drag him back kicking and screaming."

"I hope to be doing some screaming of my own." Max grinned and Nasta growled, attacking that pliant mouth with vigour.

Missing Scene

"Oh fuck, we really need a bigger settee." Max grinned. "I love you, Nasta."

"Love you too, Cariad." Nasta replied softly, trying to regulate his breathing.

Nasta rolled off of Max's chest and onto his back, tucking himself back into his boxers and zipping up his jeans.

"The other three will kill us if they ever found out that we fucked on the settee without them." He said to the ceiling.

Max snorted beside him. "Let them, I wouldn't regret that if they stood over us with those cute, scowly faces that they wear so well."

Nasta laughed before he sat up, searching for his shirt. He found it under the coffee table and tugged it on and threw Max his clothes, finding his wand and cleaning up the mess and removing the heavy scent of sex from the air.

Just as he finished a small cry came over the baby monitor and he sighed.

"Looks like we finished just in time for feeding." He grinned to Max who hadn't moved. The larger man groaned.

"I don't think I can move."

"You had better; I'm not doing all six of them by myself. My legs already feel like jelly without walking up those stairs ten times tonight."

Max groaned again before sluggishly tugging on his clothes to help with the kids as Nasta set the kettle to boil before he left for their bedroom and the platform that held five bassinets of hungry babies.

Draco was rapidly losing his temper as he banged hell out of the portrait that Harry had told them covered the entrance to Gryffindor Tower. The fat lady in the pink silk dress was squawking at him and calling him a brute all the while.

"For the sake of Merlin and my sanity just go and find someone to open this damned, fucking portrait!" Draco hissed, keeping his fangs sheathed by the skin of his teeth. Blaise laid a calming hand on his shoulder as the fat lady disappeared, hopefully to get someone to open the portrait.

"If they're having a party in here I'll skin Harry with my teeth!" Draco told Blaise.

"Just spank his naughty behind and drag him to bed to reaffirm just where his skin should be." Blaise winked.

Draco snorted. "I won't begrudge him time with his friends, but six hours is surely enough? I mean, what have they been doing for six hours?"

"Catching up most likely, Harry hasn't exactly been a social butterfly these past few weeks."

"Has he ever been a social butterfly? Only now instead of spending every minute of the day with Granger and Weasley, he's spending it with us and Max and Nasta, our family."

"Just let him explain before you tan his arse over your knee." Blaise warned as the portrait was pushed open by a Prefect.

"Can I help you?" She sneered as she took in their Slytherin crested robes, not that she wouldn't know them as Slytherins just by looking at them, even if they hadn't been wearing Slytherin robes and ties, they were well known on sight through the school as Harry Potter's Slytherin lovers, though Draco had made a name for himself beyond being Harry Potter's lover, the same couldn't be said for Blaise, who had been practically unknown until he suddenly became Harry Potter's boyfriend over a year ago now.

"We're looking for Harry."

"He isn't here." She snapped as if she thought they were wasting her time or just wanted to see the inside of their common room.

Blaise sighed heavily. "If he isn't here can you please go and get one of his friends?"

The girl left with a huff and they were once again looking at the scowling fat lady. Draco was about to start hammering on the portrait door once more as five more slow minutes passed, but just as Draco was grinding his teeth in impatience, the door opened and Ginny Weasley poked her sleepy head out.

"What's the matter? Is Harry okay?" She asked as she stepped fully out, wrapping her dressing gown tighter around her pyjamas.

"We haven't seen him; we were hoping that he'd be with you."

"What? No, Harry left only an hour or two after being with us, he said he wanted to get back to Braiden. I haven't seen him for about four hours." Ginny said concernedly.

Draco and Blaise shared a look and then as one they rushed off back to their rooms to inform Max and Nasta. They needed to find Harry.

Nasta swore as he startled so badly that he dropped the bottle that he had just finished feeding to Regan. His arm had automatically tightened around the baby instead of loosening like it had around the bottle.

The panic on Draco and Blaise's faces stopped him short of chastising them and instead he put Regan down in a handy bassinet and rushed to them.

"What? What happened? Where's Harry?" He asked his own panic rising.

"He wasn't in Gryffindor Tower, Ginny said that she hadn't seen him for four hours. He left the library to come back here, but he never made it here." Blaise told him in a rush, his panic and fear evident.

"He didn't give out a distress call, that means he's either not in distress or he's unconscious. Draco, go and see if he's with Dumbledore, if he's not, get the Headmaster in on the search. Max, go and see the groundskeeper Hagrid, Harry's good friends with him, perhaps he met him in the corridor and decided to spend some time with him. Blaise, go to Madam Pomfrey and see if she's seen him. You come back here after!" He ordered them. "I'll stay with the kids, but I'll floo the family and let them know that we need them."

The three rushed off and Nasta combed a hand through his hair roughly.

"Damn it Harry, where are you love?" He asked to the room at large before grabbing the pot of floo powder and setting to call their extended family to let them know that Harry was potentially missing. He was never going to let Harry out of his sight again after this; his heart couldn't take so much adrenaline.

Harry was forcibly woken up by a spell only to find himself cuffed to a bed. Normally this would have gotten his heart racing in excitement for his creative, naughty mates, but the pain in his skull reminded him that he hadn't been with his mates when he had lost consciousness. He rather thought that the last thing on their minds right now would be sex when the last thing that he remembered was being thrown face first into a suit of armour.

That and Theodore Nott was sat straddling his hips, which brought back his memory much quicker and he growled lowly, dangerously in the back of his throat.

"Now now, Potter, no need to be nasty. Astoria just wanted to bash your little head repeatedly against the plinth that you head-butted and be done with it, but I have a little something else in mind for you, so I sent her away to bed before she was missed by her fluttery dorm mates."

It was with a jolt that Harry recognised the bed that he was on. He'd been on it before. It was Blaise's bed in the Slytherin boys' dormitory. It still smelt like Blaise and his mate hadn't slept in it for a year. What angered him the most however was that Nott's scent was on this bed too…he'd been sleeping in Blaise's bed, inhaling the scent of his mate, carrying on his ridiculous delusion that he and Blaise would be together, while Blaise was actually up in their private rooms with him.

"Get off of me!" Harry snarled lowly, glaring heatedly at Nott.

"Was that the glare you gave the Dark Lord as you killed him? It gave me goosebumps, but a few raised bumps on my arms won't stop me. I will have Blaise."

"He doesn't want you!" Harry snapped. "He's never wanted you, he doesn't even like you!"

The pain that rocked through Harry's jaw had his head flying to the side against the pillows and breathing deeply. He needed to be more careful. He couldn't let his mouth run away, his hands were literally tied, so he couldn't defend himself.

He turned his head back to face Nott and he sneered heavily, a facial expression that he had picked up from Draco over the past year. Nott just grinned down at him, trailing his fingers through the blood on his hand that had come from Harry's split lip.

"You're insane." Harry snapped. "There is something very fucking wrong with you!"

"Yes, there is and I'm looking at him!"

Nott smacked him again and Harry growled, tugging on whatever held his hands above his head.

"Why am I here? Do you really think that Blaise won't find me here?"

"This will be the last place in this entire school that they'll look for you." Nott smirked and Harry had a sinking feeling that he was right. "By then you'll be damaged goods and not fit for anyone."

"What do you mean?" Harry demanded, trying to sit up, but his restraints did not have a lot of give and he could barely get his shoulders up from the bed.

"Do you think that Blaise will want you after I'm through with you?" Nott asked him, a terrible glint in his eyes. "If I can't have him, you sure as hell can't!"

Nott hit him again and Harry blinked away the white dots floating in front of his eyes. He needed to focus, he needed to get out of this place and back to his mates.

When Nott started undoing his belt buckle, his mind clicked. Nott had called him damaged goods, had said that Blaise wouldn't want him after he was done with him. He meant to rape him.

Harry thrashed and snarled at the fucker who wanted to do something so very heinous to him just because he had false notions of being with his mate.

"Get the fuck off me, Nott! Now!" He growled.

'Our children, he wants to take our children from us!' Passed through his mind and he remembered something so very important. If a submissive Dracken had sex, no matter if it was willingly or not, with a non-Dracken then they would become barren. His sac would destroy itself and he would not be able to have any more children for the rest of his life.

Draco's face floated through his mind as he continued fighting Nott as best as he could with his arms restrained over his head. If this happened here and now, then he would never be able to give Draco biological children. Draco would never have a biological child if he chose to stay with him. Would Draco even stay with him if he couldn't give him a child? Would he have a choice? An image of Lucius Malfoy looking down on him answered that thought. No. Draco would lose absolutely everything if he chose to stay with him after this, he couldn't let it happen. He couldn't.

He pulled his knee to his chest, wormed his foot between him and Nott and he kicked him as hard as he could, feeling very satisfied when Nott went tumbling over the end of the bed. Unfortunately Nott had had a handful of Harry's waistline when he had kicked him and his button and a scrap of torn fabric had gone with Nott.

Harry scrambled up to the head of the bed and he controlled the panic building within him. Panicking would not help him, he needed to have a clear head, he needed to think. He unsheathed his claws and sliced through whatever the hell was binding him to the bed before sheathing them again as Nott bore down on him again looking livid. No matter how much he wanted to kill this fucker, he couldn't. Thinking of his family, of his children and his future children, he couldn't put them at risk like that, he had enough of himself to know that. Harry Potter or no, defeater of Voldemort or no, if he came out as a Dracken now, then he would be executed as one and his family and his extended family would soon follow.

He surged to his knees, ignoring the tear in his trousers that was exposing his boxers underneath, and he met Nott head on, who was surprised to see him free of the bed. Harry couldn't stop hitting him, knowing what this man had done, what he had wanted to do, what he was going to destroy, no matter if it had been unknowingly or not, all because of his delusion of being with Blaise, his mate, sent him into a raged fuelled attack on Nott.

The snores from the two beds with their curtains closed made him snarl too. Crabbe and Goyle had been in the room the entire time, there were no silencing wards or even privacy charms, and there was a full scale fight happening in the middle of it and they still didn't wake up. Harry had no doubts that they were such heavy sleepers that he could have been screaming and crying for help and they wouldn't have so much as stirred.

That made him angrier than he could have possibly imagined as he punched Nott, who went flying through the door and into the corridor beyond. Harry didn't stop his assault as he followed, keeping his claws and fangs back by the last of his will power as he tried to beat a hole through Nott's chest with his bare hands.

Nott managed to get to his feet and he shoved Harry, who just grabbed his wrists and swung Nott around and toppled him down the small flight of stairs and into the Slytherin common room, which was still quite full since the grandfather clock by the fire said it was near enough half eleven, though as most of them were sixth and seventh years they must have been studying.

"Theo? What in the name of Merlin happened to you?" Daphne Greengrass asked.

Harry growled and the Slytherins turned almost as one to look at him, but none of them did a thing to stop him when he jumped right back onto Nott and started hammering at him again, though two people ran out of the common room, likely in search of a Professor. It was just too bad that Snape wasn't at the school currently, because he would have been the only Professor in this school with the physical strength to stop him as a Dracken himself.

"Potter! Stop it; you're going to kill him!" Pansy Parkinson shouted. "Do you want his death on your hands? Think of your lovers! Your children! How can you think to put them through this for your own selfish gain?" She urged him and the red cloud covering his eyes and mind seeped off, leaving just anger and pain and an almost overwhelming fear. He wanted his mates, he needed them here with him, he wanted to feel their arms surrounding him, shielding him from everyone and everything.

He gave one last hit to Nott with the side of his clenched fist before allowing himself to fall off of the body that he had pinned to the floor and battered.

"What did he do? How did you even get in here?" Pansy asked him as he breathed heavily on the cool stone floor.

"I don't know how I got here. I woke up here."

"What did he do that was so terrible, Harry?" Daphne asked, though from the way her eyes went to his ruined trousers to his red, raw and bleeding wrists, she had a very good guess.

Harry didn't know if it was the use of his first name, the hint that she already knew or the soft tone used, but he answered her honestly.

"He wanted to rape me to get back at Blaise for choosing me over him."

Pansy's face hardened and her small fists clenched. She breathed in deeply before gesturing him to move away from Nott, who was breathing wetly on the floor, his eyes unfocused, but blinking up at the stone ceiling.

The young woman conjured a blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders just as the door burst open and the vast belly of a huffing Professor Slughorn appeared, followed by the rest of him as he cleared the door. His prominent gooseberry coloured eyes widened impossibly further as they took in Theodore Nott rolling onto his side on the floor and Harry a little way away at Pansy's feet, blood covered and wrapped in a blanket.

"What on earth is going on here?" He asked in horror.

"He attacked me, Professor!" Nott breathed out, spitting a mouthful of blood onto the floor. "He should be expelled! Put in prison!"

Harry snorted and said nothing; Dumbledore was the only one with the power to expel a student, or McGonagall if the Headmaster was unavailable as the Deputy Headmistress. Once they arrived then he'd tell them exactly what happened, he'd even take Veritaserum if he had to, to prove that his story true and then they'd see who'd be expelled.

"Miss Bulstrode, if you'd be kind enough to go and get our Headmaster. Miss Greengrass, perhaps our resident medi-witch also needs to be present, I don't think either of these boys are up to the long trek to the hospital wing just yet."

The two girls left and Harry just wanted the familiar feeling of four pairs of very strong arms around him, but how did he give out a distress call in a silent, cavernous room made of stone without everyone questioning his species? He'd just have to wait for Dumbledore to arrive, who could then send for his mates, who must be going mad with worry right about now with it coming up to midnight.

Dumbledore arrived back to their rooms with Draco, and Nasta felt his heart plummet. Blaise was next to arrive only a minute later and he shook his head. Harry had not been in the hospital wing.

Nasta paced and when his family, Max's family, Blaise's Mother and Draco's parents arrived, all cramming themselves into their small rooms. He informed them that Harry had gone missing.

"Weren't you watching him?" Myron asked furiously.

Nasta gave him an unimpressed glare. "You might watch your mates every single hour of every single day, but I instil a little something called trust in all of my mates. Harry went with his friends after his last lesson and subsequently went missing between the library and making his way back here."

"He didn't let out a distress call?" His Father asked.

"No. I heard nothing and felt nothing and I still haven't since we found him missing."

"He's unconscious then." Marianna nodded, holding Blaise still as he tried to pace.

"Where is Max?" Richard asked.

"He's checking out the last place that Harry may have gone to instead of here after leaving his friends."

"I have all the paintings on the lookout for Harry." Dumbledore informed them. "If one of them has seen anything, we will know."

A small cry had Nasta sighing, feeling a small amount of irritation at his youngest child for disturbing the search for Harry, but he went to collect Leolin regardless, ordering someone, anyone, to boil the kettle for him.

He scooped Leolin up gently and made sure that the blanket was wrapped around him to stave off the night chill from his tiny body. He carried him out of the bedroom, only for his Father to take him straight off of him and go to the kitchenette to feed him.

"You have enough on your mind." His Dad told him. "Focus on Harry for now, the kids will be fine with us."

Max burst back into the room and it was clear that he was about to lose control, but Nasta didn't have to do a thing as Myron was just there in front of his son, embracing him, soothing him and calming him down so that he didn't accidentally unfurl his wings, show his scales or pop out his fangs and claws.

"I take it Harry wasn't with Hagrid?" Nasta asked, the bottom falling out of his stomach, his Dracken telling him to search every single inch of this place until they found him, but he knew that rushing around like a maniac would hinder the search more than help. They needed to think clearly.

"It's not that. I was coming back up from Hagrid's, only I took the long way back as it was easier than heading to the back staircase and I smelt Harry's blood on the sixth floor. It's been cleaned up, but I could smell it clearly. It's all over a suit of armour like he was pushed into it or something."

It got slightly more difficult to control his Dracken once he had heard that Harry had been hurt, that he was bleeding, but through gritted teeth and his nails digging into his palm he managed to keep control, unfortunately Draco lost his and it was the first time that he had ever shown his parents his wings, fangs, claws and glittery scales that were reflecting the candle light of the room.

Nasta reasoned that Blaise didn't lose control because Marianna was calming him and Max was now breathing deeply in his Father's embrace, taking in his scent. Nasta shared a look with him, a look that said that whoever had hurt Harry was going to die.

"Headmaster Dumbledore!"

Nasta startled as the landscape portrait in their living room was suddenly occupied by the painting of a young girl holding a Crup.

"You're needed down in the dungeons, Sir. Professor Slughorn has called for you and for Madam Pomfrey."

"Then I believe that Horace has found Harry." Dumbledore said tiredly.

"Draco, regain control of yourself or you'll be left here." Nasta ordered, pulling his subordinate's head into his neck to breathe in his scent. One of the only things that was able to calm an enraged Dracken down was the scent of their top dominant, or a parent, but as both of Draco's parents were human, that left just him.

Thankfully it didn't take them long to get Draco calm and back to looking human with the threat of being left in their rooms before they were following Dumbledore down to the dungeons, they passed the suit of armour that smelt like Harry's blood and it took all of their control and support of one another to remain calm. It was a very heavy, thick scent. Harry had bled a lot.

When they arrived to the Slytherin common room, being directed happily and a bit frantically by the painted people popping up in random portraits, it was to yelling and shouting and Nasta couldn't help but think that maybe this was just a fight between two Slytherins that had escalated until the need of a medi-witch had arisen, that Harry wasn't here at all. That thought flew out of the window as soon as he cleared the fake wall that hid the entrance to the Slytherin common rooms. He saw Harry first, his eyes were drawn to him and it was with a flash of almost uncontrollable anger that he took in his little submissive, blood covered and wrapped in a blanket, staring blankly at the wall as a girl with short black hair and a hard face screamed at a bloodied boy on the floor, who was being seen to by Madam Pomfrey.

Nasta felt an almost liquid sense of relief flow through his body as he saw Harry, alive and upright, though the amount of blood on Harry concerned him and the blank look almost stopped his heart as he rushed to Harry, sinking down in front of him and holding him tight.

Harry jumped as arms slid around him, before he recognised those arms, the scent surrounding him and he clenched his arms around Nasta as tightly as he could, taking comfort from the three other pairs of arms that surrounded him.

"What has happened here?" Dumbledore's voice cut through the screaming.

"He's a monster, Headmaster!" The girl shrieked and Nasta's head shot up, wondering if she meant Harry, wondering if she had seen anything that linked Harry to his Dracken side, but she was pointing to the boy on the floor and not to Harry.

"That little freak attacked me!" The boy screeched, spraying out a mouthful of blood.

Harry flinched in their arms and Nasta's hand jumped to his hair, petting and combing through it, soothing him as he was called that word.

"You deserved it and more!" The girl shouted back. "What you were going to do to him, Nott was utterly foul and unforgivable!"

"Nott?" Blaise snapped his head around to face the bloodied boy, the first time he had taken his eyes off of Harry since they had arrived. "Theo?"

"Look what that thing did to me, Blaise! How can you even like him?" Theo spat.

"What did you do?!" Blaise hissed at Theo, but Harry's head turned to Blaise, as if he had entertained the thought, for even a moment, that Blaise had been talking to him.

"I didn't do anything! He attacked me, Blaise! Please listen to me!"

"You are saying that Mister Potter broke into the Slytherin common room just to attack you, am I right, Mister Nott?" Dumbledore asked softly.

"Yes Sir, he was like a wild animal! Look at the state of me, Sir!"

"Mister Potter, how did you come to be in the Slytherin common room at this time of night?"

"I don't know, Sir. I woke up here after Nott knocked me out on a suit of armour."

"Where was this suit of armour located, Mister Potter?"

"On the sixth floor, near Professor Slughorn's office." Harry croaked, his hands clenching in Nasta's shirt.

Dumbledore nodded as if Harry had revealed some secret knowledge or had confirmed something the Professor had known that no one else did, but as Max smoothed his ruffled hair from his forehead and kissed the skin there, Harry let it go. He felt weak and shaken, he just wanted some sleep and to never let his dominants go ever again.

"Stay calm." Harry breathed softly. "Our secret is safe, they don't know, none of them do, just stay calm."

"We are calm, Harry." Draco answered burying his nose into the back of his neck. "Though I think Blaise is going to kill Nott. Good riddance I say."

"You won't be in a minute." Harry said ominously as he poked his head out from the tangle of arms, shooting an arm out to tug at Blaise's shirt.

Blaise stood back a few paces until he was pressed against Max's back, his hand in Harry's, squeezing comfortingly.

"So Mister Nott, we have gathered that you attacked Mister Potter on the sixth floor and managed to get him down to the Slytherin common room, where upon Mister Potter woke from his unconsciousness and attacked you. Is that what happened?"

"There are too many missing hours." Draco whispered.

"Did anyone see Mister Nott bringing in Mister Potter? Or in the case of Mister Nott's version, see Mister Potter entering the Slytherin common room of his own volition?"

"No Sir." Pansy answered. "At about twenty-five minutes to midnight, Nott appeared to fall down the stairs from the boys dormitories, he was covered in blood. Harry followed a moment or two later, also covered in blood and he started fighting with Nott."

"So they came from the boys dormitories? Is there anyone who can account for what happened in the boys dormitories other than Mister Nott and Mister Potter?"

When no one stepped forward Dumbledore sighed. "Very well. I will ask Mister Nott and Mister Potter to accompany me to the hospital wing to give statements. Miss Parkinson, if you would be willing to also come as you seem to have the most inclination as to what has truly happened."

"Professor, I also saw everything from the moment that Harry and Theo entered the common room from the boys' dorms." Daphne spoke up.

"Yes, of course, if you wouldn't mind also accompanying us, Miss Greengrass?"

Harry was carried securely by Nasta as Nott was levitated by Madam Pomfrey, much to his embarrassment if his undignified screeches were any indication. Harry wrapped arms and legs securely around Nasta and rested his head on his shoulder. He felt safe and calm, but he couldn't get warm, even with the blanket still wrapped around him. He shivered and Nasta held him tighter. It still wasn't enough.

They made it to the hospital wing and Nasta sat on a bed, Harry in his lap still being cuddled. Draco climbed up next to them, wrapping a hand around Harry's and bringing it to his mouth and Blaise sat on the end of the bed by Nasta's feet glaring at Theo, who was in the opposite bed.

"Now boys, tell me what happened." Dumbledore intoned seriously. "Mister Nott, please go first."

"He attacked me, Sir. He must have been using that invisibility cloak of his. Draco told me about it in third year."

"Mister Potter, do you have your invisibility cloak on you at this present time?"

"No Sir, it's in my trunk in our bedroom. No. Actually I think it's in Blaise's trunk, I might have put it there when I went looking for one of his jumpers to wear when I was cold." Harry said as he glared at Nott. Blaise's hand found his thigh and curled around it lovingly and protectively. Nott saw it and he bared blood stained teeth at him.

"How long ago did you put it there, Mister Potter?"

"About two weeks ago, Sir. I had it out when I went digging through my trunk for my photo album."

"You mean when you turfed out your entire trunk onto our bedroom floor." Draco grumbled good naturedly, nuzzling his cheek against Harry's torn and sticky knuckles and the back of his hand, kissing it lightly, not caring who was watching or about the blood his lips found there.

"So you do not have your cloak on you?" Dumbledore reiterated.

"No Sir."

"He's obviously lying!" Nott spat as he had his cuts tended to by a silent Madam Pomfrey.

"Accio Harry Potter's cloak." Dumbledore said clearly, aiming his wand at him. He cancelled the spell when no cloak was immediately forthcoming to prevent any cloak of his from flying through the school.

"We have established that Mister Potter does not have his invisibility cloak with him at this present time. Now, Mister Potter, it is your turn to shed some light on this situation."

"Well I got dragged off by Ginny to the library after the last lesson of the day. I spent an hour or two with my friends and then I headed back to our rooms. I was on the sixth floor when a spell went past my head and I turned to see Nott."

"He shot a spell at you first?" Dumbledore interrupted.

"I didn't even know he was there until he shot the spell at me, Sir."

"Very well, carry on, Mister Potter."

"He started saying a lot of things about Blaise, about how he loved him and that they were supposed to be together, that they had planned to have sex as soon as he was seventeen in November and that I had ruined it by taking Blaise from him on Halloween night."

"That's not…!"

"Let Mister Potter finish please, Mister Zabini." Dumbledore chided.

"He started going on about how I had drugged both Blaise and Draco with love potion to make them be with me because they wouldn't like me any other way. He said that Blaise really loved him and that Draco wasn't gay and was supposed to be with Astoria Greengrass."

Daphne made a small noise and Dumbledore held a hand up to prevent her interruption.

"I…I can't remember much of what happened next, but I told Nott that I hadn't drugged either of them and then someone shouted from behind me. I…I was damned stupid. Moody would kill me, but I spun fully around instead of half way around and putting my back to the wall. Astoria was behind me with her wand out and I tried to correct myself and put my back to the wall but a spell hit me full in the back and sent me into a suit of armour." Harry reached up and touched the large split in his forehead which was also the size of a duck egg. "And I don't remember anything after that, Sir. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the Slytherin boy's dormitory."

"So Astoria Greengrass has a part in this also? Horace, if you would be so kind as to fetch the younger Miss Greengrass, I would like to speak to her about her part in this. Mister Potter, what happened in the boys' dormitory?"

"I was restrained to a bed. Blaise's old bed." Harry said softly, knowing that this next part would test the control of all of his mates, Blaise especially as his slender hand tightened around his own. "He said something about me not being nasty because Astoria had wanted to bash my head against the plinth the armour was on to get rid of me outright, but he said that he had something else in mind for me. He had sent Astoria to bed before she was missed by her housemates."

Harry breathed out shakily and he took in a deep breath of Nasta's scent, calming himself enough to carry on.

"What happened next, Mister Potter?"

"I…I'm not sure, we were talking, mostly about Blaise, but he hit me a few times for saying that Blaise didn't want him and then again when I called him insane and once more when he said that if he couldn't have Blaise then I couldn't either. I asked why I was in the Slytherin dormitory of all places and he said that it was the last place anyone would look for me. He said…" Harry licked his lips and breathed deeply and calmly. "He said that after he was through with me then I'd be damaged goods, that Blaise wouldn't look twice at me, that if he couldn't have Blaise then neither could I, that he was going to make it so that Blaise wouldn't want me anymore."

"Did Mister Nott explain what he meant by that?" Dumbledore asked softly, a deadly fire lighting up his blue eyes.

"He meant to rape me." Harry answered into the soft silence of the hospital wing and all at once he was holding onto Draco tightly as the blond snarled and Max lunged to secure Blaise from ripping Nott's head off.

"How dare you!" Blaise howled. "How dare you think that you can do that to one of the people I love the most. That I would just abandon Harry and my children just because you had sunk so low as to violate him! You don't know me, Theo! You only saw what you wanted to see, that's why I started distancing myself from you! We were best friends, you were one of my only friends, but this is inexcusable! How dare you do this to Harry in my name, in my name!" Blaise screamed as he tried to fight off Max to get to the man in the bed.

"Blaise please." Harry said softly, tugging on the hand that he had clenched his fingers around.

Blaise turned to him and took his face into his hands and kissed him.

"Mi dispiacePreziosoMi dispiace." Blaise cried.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Blaise." Nasta said calmly. "It wasn't your fault. It's his."

"Calm down, Blaise. I love you." Harry said softly. "Ti amo."

Blaise smiled and brushed away the wetness in his eyes. "Ti amo."

"Mister Potter, did Mister Nott achieve what he had set out to do?"

The tension had been thick before, but it escalated now as they remembered the dead eyes that Harry had when they had first found him, the knowledge weighing heavy that if Nott had managed to do what he had wanted to do, then Harry was barren, that they would never have any more children because of one man.

"No." Harry answered quickly to dispel the rising tension. "No, don't think bad of me, Professor, but if he had, he wouldn't be alive, but he tried very hard to do it."

Harry opened the blanket and leant back in Nasta's arms to show his ruined trousers, the button ripped off, the zip damaged and the fabric torn.

"I tore the restraints that he had put me in until they broke, it felt like a scarf or some such material, but it was cold, so I think it might have been conjured, but once I knew what he was trying to do, I had to get him off of me, I couldn't let him use me like that, so I got my leg under and between our bodies, because he had thankfully not restrained my legs, and I kicked him off. I tugged my arms free and I just couldn't stop myself from hitting him, Professor, not after what he had done, not after what he had said and what he had planned to do to me in Blaise's bed."

"I think I have heard enough." Dumbledore said gravelly. "I will call the school governors and your parents Mister Nott and we shall see about having you expelled from this school for this incident."

"What?! He's lying!" Nott cried out.

"No, I do not believe that he is. His account makes much more sense and it ties in with Miss Parkinson's and Miss Greengrass' account of what they saw after you had left the boys' dormitory, though if you would like we can use Veritaserum to corroborate your story."

Theo remained silent and Harry snuggled into Nasta more, sucking in a breath when his large fingers came too close to the bump and split on his forehead.

"I'm sorry, love." Nasta murmured, kissing just off from his injury.

"S'okay, I just want to be held." Harry answered.

Draco pressed up against his back, the expensive cologne that he always wore was a familiar and comforting scent as he cuddled in tightly to Nasta, thinking and overthinking everything. If Nott had succeeded or if he had raped him while he had been unconscious, then he would be barren, his sac irreparably destroyed. He would never have had any more children and yes, while he grumbled and bitched about having more, when faced with never having another child ever again, he found that the idea of more children was appealing, that he did want more, just not right now. But if he had to choose between being pregnant right now or being barren, he knew which one he would choose and it would be the one he would carry on choosing as well, the thought of being unable to give his mates children made him feel physically sick and it sent a cold sensation of ice slicing down his spine.

He didn't realise that he was crying until Max wiped the tears from his cheeks.

"Don't cry, love. It's going to be fine. We love you and of course we'll support you."

"I ache." Harry admitted shyly and quietly unused to asking for help to deal with pain, but he couldn't ignore the agony that he was in any longer.

He was smothered, but much gentler than usual, no mate touching more than fingertips against him barring Nasta, whose lap he was still sat in.

Madam Pomfrey was there then with a potion that he recognised from Max's potion's case. A strong pain reliever. He refused the second potion offered to him, one that he recognised as a dreamless sleeping potion. He was getting much better at recognising potions on sight thanks to Max, which from Madam Pomfrey and his mates' point of view, wasn't a good thing currently.

"Harry, perhaps it'll be better if you just sleep for now." Madam Pomfrey encouraged softly.

Harry shook his head. "I want to see the kids first."

"Then you'll take it?" Madam Pomfrey questioned and she smiled thinly when he nodded tiredly.

Max accepted the potion vial that was offered to him and he slipped it into his pocket, trusting that it was unbreakable, as most potion vials were nowadays, or at least should be.

"You took a bad bump to the head, you have a concussion, Harry."

"I was asleep for about three or four hours, if I had concussion then the damage would already be done wouldn't it?"

Madam Pomfrey checked him for any more serious damage. "You had a bad headache yes?"

Harry nodded. "Not any more though, thanks to the pain reliever."

"You may experience some after effects, Harry including nausea, headaches, an intolerance to light or noise, drowsiness and you may become easily upset, confused or withdrawn. You may also have problems with concentration; all of these are normal and should last for a few days. Usually I would keep you here, but given your circumstances and that you have dependent children, I will let you leave, but you are excused from lessons for the rest of the week. I expect him to be rested and taken care of." The matron directed at his mates, who all nodded seriously.

Harry sighed, he was relieved to be excused from lessons, not so happy that he had to be kept on bed rest, but he supposed that he could deal with it, seeing as it was only Max and Nasta that he had to deal with for most of the day and not all four of his overprotective mates.

"Your bumps and bruises will heal, I'm sure Maximilius has some bruise salve for you so I won't give you any more and your cuts will heal fine, you have no broken bones so I'm happy to let you go with the promise that you will take that dreamless sleep potion soon, you need to rest."

Harry was excused then, he wasn't happy to see a sleepy Astoria standing with Professor Slughorn on the way out, her eyes widened when she saw him and she looked fearfully from Professor Slughorn, to Professor Dumbledore and finally to her older sister. She swallowed heavily as Draco glared hatefully at her as they passed, Max keeping the blond and Blaise well away from the bed containing Nott and they gave a wide berth to Astoria as they left too.

"Brace yourself for when we get back, Harry, we were worried, so we called in the family to help look after the kids while we looked for you." Max told him.

"I assumed as much, I know you'd never leave our babies alone, no matter if I was being slaughtered in the next room."

His mates flinched and Harry mentally hit himself for the insensitive remark. He blamed it on the concussion and the trauma of the day he had had.

"Let's not think about that just now." Max soothed softly, brushing Harry's hair through his fingers gently.

"Can I have some tea before I take that potion?" He asked softly, asking purely because he didn't want to make it himself. He didn't want to do much of anything himself at the moment.

"Of course." Nasta said as they reached the seventh floor and headed towards their rooms.

"Also, can we please not talk about this tonight? I just want some tea, I want to hold my babies and then I want to sleep."

Nasta sighed. "Whatever you want, Harry, but we will be talking about this."

"I know."

They reached their rooms quickly after that and no amount of bracing would have prepared him for the onslaught of concern from the family members, the backlash of him being missing for seven or eight hours now.

"Alright!" Nasta called out loudly. "Calm down, just sit and breathe while we get Harry settled. Do you want me to tell them, Harry or would you rather do it yourself?"

"Please." Harry said softly as he clung to Nasta and insecurely tried to hide himself in his shirt, something that he hadn't felt the need to do for a year now as he tucked his chin into his collar and averted his eyes away from everyone else, trying to bury himself in Nasta.

Nasta shifted him to the rug in front of the fire and held a hand out to Draco, who took the blanket from the back of one of the settees and threw it to him, though as Nasta leant backwards to cover him with the blanket, Myron, ever the observant one, noticed his ruined trousers.

"You were violated." His voice was soft, his eyes compassionate, but the terrible anger that trembled through his body was palpable. A large fist clenched tightly, the dry, calloused skin creaking softly with how fierce Myron clenched his hands together. "By who?" He demanded furiously.

"Harry wasn't violated." Nasta said calmly as the room was set to go berserk.

"So you're not barren?" Ashleigh asked tearfully.

Harry shook his head softly as he lay back against the rug, Blaise handed him Braiden and Harry smiled, Braiden always made him smile, especially when his six month old pouted his mouth and clenched his sticky fingers in his hair for a kiss.

"Your trousers?" Myron asked unrelentingly.

"Harry wasn't violated, but the person who attacked him tried very hard to do it."

"Is this person still alive?" Aneirin asked, a glint that Harry had never seen before in his eyes.

"He wishes he was dead." Harry answered. "I did a number on him."

"He did a number on you too." Marianna said as she looked pointedly to the bruising bump on his head with the bloody gash through it, his bruised cheek and his split lip.

Harry raised a hand to touch the large bloody bump and grimaced. "I hit my head on a suit of armour."

"Do you have a concussion?" Lucius asked.

Harry nodded.

"He's on bed rest for the rest of the week." Max said as he handed Harry a cup of tea and handed out more cups to everyone else.

"You need to be more careful, Harry; even if it's not consensual you'll still end up barren, why didn't you give out a distress call?" Richard asked.

"I know that, it's all I could think about. Every thought going through my mind was that if he had managed to do what he wanted to, that I would never have another baby again." Harry replied, his mind going back to the struggle on that bed. "There was never an opportunity to give out the call, I was knocked unconscious, then I was fighting and then I was in a near silent, stone room, the call would have echoed and I didn't want my family in danger because I couldn't wait a little longer for comfort."

"We've got you now, love." Nasta assured him, laying a large hand against his cheek.

Harry sat up and gulped his tea, Braiden being held in his lap, little fist in mouth.

"You had a lucky escape." Ashleigh told him.

"I know!" Harry snapped. "I don't want to be reminded of how close I came to being raped every five minutes, I know what happened, I know what was at stake, but I remained calm and I kept my head. I got myself out of my restraints and out of the situation by kicking seven shades of shit out of him. It didn't happen and I'll never let it happen, not while I'm still alive and able to fight."

"You were restrained? To what?" Myron asked him unforgivingly, not letting him drop the subject, no matter how upset it was making him.

Harry sighed and steeled himself to talking about what happened when all he wanted was to go to sleep.

"A bed. He tied me to a bed in the Slytherin dormitory."

"He was a Slytherin then?"

Harry rubbed his face and tugged on his hair.

"It was Theodore Nott." He said. "He thinks that he's in love with Blaise and that Blaise would love him back if I was out of the picture."

"That boy is still pestering you?" Marianna asked Blaise, who sighed heavily and bit his lip in frustration.

"Yes, I never thought it would go this far or get this serious, it's my fault. I never took Theo seriously, he said that he'd kill the Ravenclaw that I went to the Yule Ball with in fourth year and he never. He said he'd kill that fling I had in the summer when I was sixteen, he didn't. When he started on Harry, I didn't think anything of it."

"None of us thought Nott of all people would go after Harry." Draco put in. "He's all talk."

"Well apparently he's not." Myron snarked.

"He was mostly talk." Harry said with a small smile. "He went on long monologues worthy of Azkaban's finest. He only hit me three times in the six hours that he had me at his mercy. Not including the spell that sent me into that suit of armour."

"Was it a stunner?" Max asked concernedly.

"You know, I'm not sure." Harry frowned. "Astoria was behind me, so I turned around and I was more focused on her wand and getting my back to a wall, but I don't think it hurt, hitting my head on that armour hurt."

"Where did the spell hit you?" Nasta asked.

"Middle of my back I think, maybe a bit higher." Harry answered.

Nasta nudged him over and Harry huffed as he rolled over, laying Braiden on his back between his elbows and nuzzling into his clothing, kissing his cheeks and pecking his little mouth, ignoring the drool that covered it and his chin.

Nasta slipped his shirt up and hissed, Harry felt a firm mouth press against his skin and a tongue flicked over it, Harry just focused on Braiden who yawned and his gorgeous indigo eyes partly closed. It was then that Harry realised the time, that his baby boy was awake at nearing two in the morning.

"Why is Braiden still awake?" He asked, trying not to get angry.

"He wouldn't drop off, honey. He missed his Mother." Narcissa told him.

Harry sighed and dropped his head so he was looking into Braiden's eyes.

"You are a stubborn little boy." Harry said gently, kissing Braiden's soft cheek. "Are you done molesting my back?" He demanded of Nasta, whose tongue was still licking away.

"It was either a melting spell or a fire spell, those robes that Draco encouraged you to buy might have saved you a lot of pain and suffering. You have a hell of a burn on your back, Cariad."

"Thank you, Draco." Harry said softly as he rolled onto one elbow to look over his shoulder to try and see where Nasta was licking, he could only just see the edge of a red raw mark. "Is it bad, bad? Do I need to see Madam Pomfrey again?"

Max touched the spot gently and due to the pain reliever in his system Harry didn't even flinch.

"I stock burn salves because of Nasta's idiotic and incredibly dangerous job in which he has the annoying habit of being burnt often, it might be too strong a dosage for this, as your robes did take most of the damage, but I'll apply it anyway and keep an eye on it, one of us should probably give you a mouthful of blood to be sure, but you'll be fine."

"I don't mind donating blood." Blaise told him, sitting down next to Braiden, petting his thick black hair lovingly.

Harry smiled and pulled Blaise's arm to his mouth as he let his fangs come out and he bit Blaise gently before sucking as softly as he could so that he didn't hurt Blaise unnecessarily.

Licking the four holes in Blaise's arm lovingly, Harry smiled at him in thanks as he let himself relax and he dropped his head onto Braiden's belly.

"Let's get the both of you to bed." Nasta's tone left no room for argument, not that Harry was arguing, he was getting very tired. Two in the morning was far too late to be going to bed, it was a good thing that he wasn't in lessons tomorrow, not so good for Draco and Blaise, who did have lessons in the morning.

Once assured that he was well and was being taken care of, their family left them to get ready for bed as it was getting later and later, though after he had put Braiden into his cot and kissed Farren, Calix, Regan, Tegan and Leolin, who were all sleeping, Harry was feeling very uncomfortable and insecure so he happily allowed Nasta to feed him the purple coloured, dreamless sleep potion, undress him, to redress him in his pyjamas and to tuck him into bed when Nasta offered to do so. He was feeling just a tad clingy to his mates and he hoped that they didn't notice that he was snuggling into them tighter than normal, or if they did, that they wouldn't say anything, because he didn't want to stop the feeling of comfort and security that they provided as he wrapped himself tighter around Draco, Blaise's hand was on his hip, Nasta was wrapped around his back and Harry made sure to trap Max's hand between his body and Draco's.

He wanted to be clingy for a little while, just to make him feel better, he didn't want to be questioned on it, his feelings or his motives, he just wanted to be held as he slept, preferably in silence, though as Blaise had the very adorable habit of snuffling in his sleep, complete silence was out, but as long as none of them were talking or questioning him, he could live with soft breathing, muffled heartbeats, baby murmurs and Blaise's snuffling. In fact, the familiar noises of the night helped ease him into sleep and as Max nudged Nasta with his hips, who then pressed tighter against him, he smiled and his body went near boneless as the potion took over and he fell into a deep, healing sleep.

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