The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


64. Chapter Sixty-Three – Mine

Harry ate his toast happily enough, Draco and Blaise had been gone before he had even stirred from the bed, he had slept for so long, but he felt so refreshed and amazed as he cuddled a month old Calix in one arm, his other still feeding himself his toast.

"He looks so sweet with black eyes." Harry announced, making Nasta look up from his paperwork and Max to stop his game with Braiden and look over with a grin.

"Of course he does, he's my son. My little dainty son, think he'll be a fruit like his old men?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Stop being so disparaging! He's our baby."

"I'm not being disparaging; I think it's great he'll be taking after the both of us by becoming a fruit."

"Is this what you and Nasta do all day when I'm in lessons? Call our children fruits?"

"Don't bring me into this, I haven't opened my mouth." Nasta said, quill not stopping its incessant scratching against the parchment. "And no Max does not sit here all day and call our children fruits, this is the first time I've heard it."

"Well Calix is a dainty little thing."

"So was Caesar." Harry countered.

Max hummed. "I can't counter that, he was. You should have seen him, he was so short and so slim, soft and sweet, I still say he should have been a fruit."

"Will you stop saying that word?!" Harry snapped.

Max laughed. "I was thinking that Calix would be a sweet fruit, something that also has a kick and a hardness to it, maybe an apple?"

"Did you give him alcohol?" Harry asked Nasta. "No, stupid question, Max have you drank any alcohol?"

"What? No."

"He just likes spending time with you, Harry." Nasta said. "So he's being more…childish than usual."

Max grinned before Braiden caught his attention by patting him.

"What do you want, cutie?" He cooed. "I'd give you my hair but I've had it cut so there's not enough for you to grab, even with your teeny weeny fingers."

"Right, I'm done for the morning." Nasta said, standing with a groan, stretching his back. "How are you feeling, Harry?"

"Fine. My head aches and my back aches, but other than that…" Harry trailed off as Nasta gave him a look. He blew out a breath. "I want to kill him." He admitted bitterly. "Is that what you wanted to hear? I want to kill another person because that bastard doesn't deserve to live after what he did to me, not after what he wanted to do to me! Expulsion isn't enough."

Nasta pulled him into a hug, trapped his face between his hands and kissed him hard.

"There's no shame in what you're feeling. That man wanted to do terrible things to you; of course you want him dead or at the very least hurting. It was unknowing of the full consequences yes, but that man threatened our family, both current and future. That man could have ripped away your ability to bear our children, it's normal that you want him dead."

"It's not normal to wish another person dead!"

Nasta kissed him hard once more before looking him right in the eyes. "Yes it is."

"Nasta's right, Harry, people wish those who have hurt them dead all the time and it's a psychological response to what happened to you, to what you went through. It's a coping mechanism if you will, and it's completely normal. I want to take my claws to his throat, I won't throw away my entire family to do it over the likes of him, but I want to. I wish I could tear into him like a wild animal, take my teeth and claws to him and reduce him to a pile of meat and blood, but I won't, that doesn't make me a bad person, Harry, it just makes me normal, or as normal as Drackens get. I was very surprised that Draco and Blaise kept it together though."

"You don't give them enough credit." Nasta told him. "Blaise and Draco have come a long way in a year; heavy responsibility has matured them faster and changed them for the better. This family, our family, has shaped them into the men that they are today and they've taken on all of that and they are still standing, they could have left, they could have abandoned all of us and our children, but they haven't."

"I always said that a man who could abandon his family is not a real man."

"Growing up without a family, it was difficult." Harry said softly. "I wanted to be included, I wanted to be praised and loved and I wasn't, no matter what I did I was always wrong. I was always the bad one, always the one in the wrong. I couldn't imagine our family being broken up now, I couldn't stand it."

"They'll get what's coming to them." Max said through gritted teeth. "I was talking to my Dad yesterday, their application to move their trial back five months for the sake of their son's exams was denied on the grounds that it would put undue stress upon the victim, which means you, and affect your own exams, so the courts rejected their application. They're now squabbling over when to actually set the date. Dad said that he's never known a case like it, though it gives him time to come and speak to you some more, are you alright with that, Harry?"

Harry nodded glumly. He knew it would have been brought back up again some when because Richard and his team needed more information from him, memories and accounts of incidents that only he would be able to provide. Harry just wanted this over and done with already. This long, seemingly endless waiting was making him jittery. Throw him head first into something and he was fine, but make him wait and wait for something that he knew was going to happen eventually and he got nervous.

"It'll be alright, love." Max assured. "You know my Dad; it'll be easier to talk to him about it rather than some random stranger. He'll be kind and gentle, it'll be fine. They have enough physical evidence to convict them, but if you were to give accounts of what happened, things that didn't have physical evidence, they'll be incriminated further."

"I know." Harry replied softly, pulling Calix in to hold him tighter, smiling widely when those black eyes focused on his mouth, even though he didn't feel like smiling.

"Let's not talk of this right now." Nasta coaxed softly.

"What else is there to talk about? My life's a disaster!"

Nasta sighed and stood, coming around the other side of the kitchenette table and pulling him into a hug.

"Your life isn't a disaster, Harry, you've just had a lot of bad things happen to you that weren't your fault and personally, the way that you handled Nott was spectacular. Beating the absolute shit out of him like you did showed amazing strength and control. Do you think that Blaise or Draco could have done that in your place? Do you think they would have been able to hold back their Drackens and not just outright killed him?"

"What if he had tied my legs down as well?" Harry voiced aloud the fear that had been gnawing at him since yesterday. "What if I hadn't been able to get my leg between our bodies and kick him off?"

"Then you would have used your claws to get your hands free and then you would have pummelled the shit out of him with your hands." Max told him surely.

"It would have been too dangerous, what if he would have seen my claws?"

"He was more focused on getting your belt off wasn't he? He wouldn't have seen, besides who would he tell? Dumbledore, Madam Pomfrey? They both knew that you were a Dracken, I think they were surprised that Nott wasn't a pile of meat as well."

Harry smiled a bit, reassured that even if Nott had restrained his legs, that he would have been able to get himself out of the situation.

"Esmeralda is here." Harry announced, directing Max to his owl in the window.

"Ah, there's my little girl." Max cooed, Nasta and Harry shared a grin. "It's from Caesar."

Max read it and then he couldn't stop grinning, he let out a laugh and swaggered over to the table, sitting on Harry's other side.

"You Harry, are a miracle worker."

"I am?"

"Caesar has delightedly reported that Amelle had two dry heats and then a fertile heat since you spoke to her, Harry, which has left her nine days pregnant."

Harry grinned widely as he took the letter from Max to read for himself.

"I have to write to her." Harry declared. "I have to remind her that she needs to have a baby girl."

Harry rushed off, though not so fast as to jar baby Calix, to get parchment, ink and a quill so that he could write to Amelle, he'd leave it to Max to write his baby brother back.

Harry was on a high for the next week as he corresponded back and forth with Amelle, who was so excited for her forming baby and she promised him that she would do everything in her power to have a baby girl for him, she confided that a baby boy at this point was not entirely welcome after her first son had been killed so ruthlessly. She was getting better with her new counsellor, but it would be a while before she could get over her son's murder, so she was willing herself to have another daughter.

His sons and daughter were coming along so well that it was almost unreal as the quintuplets came up to six weeks old. Four of them had had their Dragon Pox vaccinations, but little Leolin hadn't had any vaccinations because of his immature immune system. His Leolin who was still so tiny, who had put on barely two pounds since his birth, who was still having the same amount of milk as a week old baby. Harry tried to feed him more, but the bottle ended up being wasted as Leolin did not finish his feeds and refused to suckle any more after his little belly was full.

Nasta tried to sooth him and tell him that this was normal for Faerie babies, that because Leolin's rate of growth was so significantly smaller and slower than his siblings, that it would take him half a year to get to the point that his siblings were at currently.

Farren on the other hand was drinking four ounces of milk every four hours, almost the same as Braiden, who was four months older, and who was now taking in six and a quarter ounces of milk and now weighing fourteen pounds ten ounces and measured at twenty-five centimetres. Blaise was very proud of how Braiden was coming on, but Max was the gloater, telling Blaise that his son would be bigger in the next coming months than Braiden, who was four months older, but Blaise just smiled and said that Braiden was perfect how he was and that he wouldn't change him. Draco didn't like it though, and he pointed out that Calix was, after Leolin, the smallest baby that they had at five pounds and he was Max's too, Max had laughed it off and said that Calix took after Harry's side of the family, to which Harry had scowled heavily.

"What has Max said now?" Nasta sighed as he put his quill down and looked at the pout on Harry's lips as Harry joined him in the kitchenette.

"Nothing." Harry huffed.

"If he doesn't control his excitement a bit more then I'm going to kill him and stuff his bulky body into the wardrobe." Nasta complained.

This had the good fortune to remind Harry of his first heat with Draco and Blaise and the, then unknown, dominant stuffed into the wardrobe. Max had started his mated life with him in a wardrobe and now it seemed that his life would end in one, which of course Harry found hilarious as he doubled over, actually crying with laughter.

"What?" Nasta asked curiously before understanding dawned on him. "You're thinking about Max in the wardrobe aren't you?"

Harry nodded, still grinning.

"I forgot that Draco and Blaise had forced him into the wardrobe when you came off of your heat."

Harry came and slipped onto Nasta's lap, this was his last week out of lessons, next Monday he was back to business as usual as Nott's expulsion had been made final and Harry's aches and pains had gone and he was feeling better about everything that had happened. Though hearing declarations of physical harm and threats of death and then ingestion from his mates also helped and it kept him laughing.

They were angry, livid really, they each wanted to cause pain to Nott, but Harry wouldn't let them, he said that it was over and done with. He reminded them that he was healing nicely and he just wanted to forget about it, but every now and then one of his mates would think too heavily and let out a feral growl, or drag him onto their laps or into their arms to sniff and lick at him. Harry conquered this by not giving them enough time to stop and think about anything for too long, with six babies this was easier than breathing, all he had to do was tell them to go hand wash some dirty sleepsuits and bibs or change or feed a baby.

The quintuplets were now getting more and more active and Harry almost screamed when he was doing some catch up homework given to him by Draco, courtesy of Professor McGonagall, and Regan suddenly started cooing and gurgling to himself.

"Max! Nasta!" He shouted and his two dominants were just there, Nasta was half dressed with one foot half in a sock, the other foot was bare, and Max was bollock naked, soaking wet and soapy from his shower, which admittedly side tracked Harry for a moment.

"What?! What is it?!" Nasta asked him urgently.

"I…oh…oh! Regan was speaking!" He told them excitedly, going back to his little son, though he had to shift himself carefully because of a little problem that seeing Max's naked state had caused him.

Both men sagged as the adrenaline eased out of their systems. Nasta placed a large hand over Regan's head and combed thick fingers through the baby fine black hair. Regan gurgled at the affection shown to him.

"Who's such a clever boy." Max cooed back, using the tip of one finger to caress a soft cheek as the rest of him was soapy.

"He's mine, of course he's clever." Nasta gave the other man a light shove, avoiding the soapy areas.

"They're all clever." Harry settled, giving a light glare to the other two.

"Yes, of course they are, but Regan is talking first." Nasta refused to relent.

Harry shook his head and he let it go, they were proud of their children and he was too.

"They're growing up so fast." He complained.

"Don't complain about that, Harry, we want them to grow up." Max insisted.

"I know, but still. I'm always so busy, I feel like I'm missing out on so much, if Nott hadn't of attacked me, then I would have been in lessons today, I would have missed Regan's cooing. How much else am I going to miss because of school?"

"Not that much, I promise you, Cariad." Nasta assured him. "You have a maximum of three and a half months left in lessons, then you have your exams and then you're free to do as you please. Braiden will be a little over nine months old and our quintuplets will be five months old, you are not going to miss much."

"But they're growing so fast now." Harry said softly.

"I know, but it's going to be fine. We have the rest of our lives to enjoy them, love. They are not going to blame us because we have such a busy schedule now." Max assured him.

"I…I love all of our children, but sometimes I do wish that the quintuplets had waited a year or more to be born." Harry admitted, not looking at his mates as he said it, feeling absolutely disgusted with himself for even thinking it, let alone admitting it out loud.

A gentle touch to his chin had a devastated Harry looking up to Max, who kissed his cheek softly.

"We love you, Harry, we love all of our children, but it's okay to think like that. I think all of us have thought of that more than once. They came at a very inconvenient time for us, there's nothing wrong with saying or thinking that we wished they had come later, we all wish that they had come later, but they didn't and there's nothing that we can do about that but suck it up and carry on, we're in a bad position right now, but it won't last forever."

Harry smiled and he threw himself into Max's arms, who hugged him back tightly.

"I love you." Harry said forcefully.

Max chuckled. "Of course you do, everyone loves me, I'm just such a lovable guy."

Nasta bopped him on the head and bent to peck Harry's cheek. "We all love you, Harry and we know that you love us back fully. Max is right, this situation won't last forever, very soon you'll have so much free time on your hands that you'll be begging the children to wake up for something to do."

Harry chuckled. "Oh I don't think I'd go that far, after all, there are a lot more…pleasurable things that we can do with our free time when the babies are asleep." Harry winked cheekily as he moved away from his two dominants, ignoring his now damp and soapy clothes.

Max gave a feral grin. "Now he's speaking a language that I like. Suddenly three months seems like a very, very long time."

Harry grinned back and winked once more. "Wait until you see what I've got."

That wiped away Max's grin. "It's not another skirt is it? Dear Merlin, don't let it be another skirt."

Harry laughed softly and he went to the bedroom, he went straight to his backpack and opened it, pulling out the shrunken box that he had only just remembered was still inside. He really owed Ginny a million.

He tapped the box with his wand and it expanded to a size that made his eyes as wide as saucers. He had thought that it would be a box similar in size and contents as his last one, but this box was bigger, deeper and when he opened it, it did not contain similar products to his last box, oh no. He was very sure that his last box had not contained a corset, nor high heeled shoes, or a skimpy little dress made of what looked like rubber.

Harry felt his face heat up until he was sure that it was redder than his Gryffindor Quidditch robes. He gingerly shifted the top products so that he could see underneath and he had to laugh when he found a skirt similar to his last one, only it was dark blue, it had a matching Velcro collar and high heels. Harry's blush increased.

"Oh Ginny, you naughty girl." He said to himself.

Harry closed the box and shrunk it again; he put it in his trunk and closed it once again, hiding the box from his view and his mates' knowledge. He'd treat them all soon, but not just yet, though he couldn't help but give Max a teasing wink and a lingering once over as his biggest mate padded naked back into the bathroom to finish his shower.

Valentine's Day was a Saturday. It saw Harry waking up to be treated to breakfast in bed by Max, who was really treating them all. Harry smiled as he realised that Max had woken up an hour early just to prepare breakfast in bed for all of them.

The next surprise was from Draco, who handed all four of them a wrapped gift in red heart paper and a red bow. It turned out to be matching necklaces made of rare Welsh gold to honour Nasta and the dragon on the pendant had wings very, very similar to their own, each encrusted with tiny little precious gems to match their own scales.

"It's gorgeous, Draco!" Harry exclaimed as he fingered his necklace that had been placed around his throat, lightly touching the tiny cut sapphires, diamonds, onyx, amethysts and the golden topaz. "Where's yours? You had better have one!"

"I do, it's in the bedside table." Draco assured, to which Harry dived on the bedside cabinet and forced Draco's matching necklace on him.

Blaise's gift was a very large, very expensive customised chocolate selection box. It contained all of Harry's favourites, but not just his favourites, but all of their favourites, even bite sized squares of Nasta's favoured ninety percent cocoa with a touch of mint.

"Oh wow!" Harry exclaimed as he dived right onto a chunk of fudge chocolate before Nasta could stop him.

Nasta didn't even try to stop him, so Harry tried a bite of something else.

"Eat what you want, Harry, just don't ruin your lunch."

"Who are you and what have you done with my Nasta?" Harry threatened, narrowing his eyes on the man that couldn't possibly be his Nasta.

Nasta rolled his eyes. "It's Valentine's Day, you can indulge yourself today of all days, but don't ruin any of your main meals with chocolate."

"Deal!" Harry exclaimed as he dove onto the huge selection box and tried a small square of white chocolate dotted with tiny black dots. "Is this real vanilla?" He questioned.

Blaise nodded, watching him eat his gift happily.

"My gift comes later tonight." Nasta informed him, to which Harry gave him a chocolaty kiss.

"Thank you!"

"Where's your gift to us as your loving dominants?" Max pouted.

Harry indicated the five bassinets next to their bed. "My gift to you is our adorable children." Harry said seriously, before bursting out laughing at their faces. "Oh I couldn't keep a straight face for that!" He giggled. "My gift also comes later."

"If it's not you wrapped in a bow, naked on this bed, I don't want it." Max pouted.

Harry laughed, but the other four didn't, they looked at him consideringly.

"I think the bow would detract from the naked beauty of him." Draco said seriously.

"I think it depends on where the bow was located." Blaise put in.

"I think if it were covering his gorgeous cock it would detract from the beauty of the scene." Nasta replied thoughtfully. "If it were around his waist however, I think it could add to the enticement of the moment."

Harry huffed, and he didn't need to find an excuse to leave the bed and his stupid mates because a small cry came from below them. Braiden was awake.

Harry jumped right over the banister and four gasps let him know that he had startled his mates, who appeared over the banister as he picked up Braiden, who squealed at seeing him.

"How's my beautiful boy?" He cooed.

"Don't do that, Harry!" Blaise breathed, his heart racing.

"Do what?" Harry replied innocently.

"Jump off the platform." Draco elaborated.

"You lot do it, if you can do it, then I can too. I'm not a girl, I'm not a child, I'm not pregnant. I'm fine, I like doing it."

"It reminds me of you playing Quidditch." Max said.

"I'll be doing that again soon, Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff in March. I can't wait! I'm so excited!" Harry jabbered, not letting his mates get a word in to deny his place on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. "Isn't that right, Braiden? Mummy gets to do something that he loves so very much and you get to come and watch! I'm sure your Daddies will bring you and your brothers and sister with them, after all I'll be very angry if they leave you here alone and I'll be upset if they don't come and watch me."

"When have you got training?" Nasta asked him softly.

Harry looked up at him to see the fear in Nasta's eyes, but also the resignation, he knew that Harry was going to play no matter what, but he was frightened of what would happen during the match.

"Ginny said they were every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I'm training her to be my replacement though, so I only really need to go to one session a week, I've been let off this week though due to my 'injuries' so I'm excluded from the session tonight."

"Who's the new Chaser?" Blaise asked as he came down the stairs.

Harry narrowed his eyes. "Are you asking as my mate and lover, or as the Slytherin Captain and Chaser?"

Blaise chuckled as he came to hug him and Braiden. "As your mate and lover."

"Dean Thomas, he's really good, we had him for a sub last year, but with Katie graduating last year, he's become a main player. We have several substitutes this year though, younger years that show promise, so Ginny and I are running a training programme for them. Hopefully with it in place Gryffindor will be winning well after I've graduated."

"That's dirty and underhanded." Draco huffed.

"Is that why you dropped out as Slytherin's Seeker?" Harry teased.

"No, I dropped out because I would much rather focus on my studies."

"Are you sure it's not because Urquhart made Blaise the Captain over you?"

"No." Draco said sullenly. "It was always my plan to give it up in my seventh year."

Harry grinned and kissed Draco. "I know, I was just teasing, love. Forgive me?"

"Maybe." Draco replied snootily.

Harry chuckled and kissed him again before heading into the living room with Braiden.

"Time for breakfast, little man." Harry told the sixth month old baby, who was now able to sit up on his own and hold the weight of his own head.

Which of course meant that Harry had sent Nasta out to buy a highchair. Harry sat Braiden in it and made sure that he was strapped in securely before going to the cold cupboard and taking out the sealed bowl of baby porridge that Max had made the day before.

A quick heating spell, a taste and temperature test and Harry sat down to feed Braiden the bowl of porridge and pureed fruit.

"He's such a big boy now!" Harry cooed as Braiden allowed the spoon to be pushed into his mouth, gumming it and scraping his four teeth across the weaning spoon.

Blaise ruffled up Braiden's mop of black hair and kissed a cheek before it got covered with food.

"I think we can try him on some smooth yoghurts soon." Max put in. "You know, give him his first taste of dairy, it says from six months."

"He'll be eating the same as us soon." Harry lamented.

"Well, I don't quite think he's ready to sink his teeth into steak, but some pureed vegetables might help him on his way." Nasta replied as he sunk into the seat opposite him and pulled out his work folder.

"Do you have much to do today?" Max asked him.

"No. Just a few write up reports and I need to budget the next month and I'll be done."

"What do you need to do for your work?" Harry asked Max.

"Nothing. I have next to nothing to do for my work, I can test myself and my knowledge, but I already know that I know it, so it's just waiting for an emergency, then I can go in for a few hours and then I'll do the write up reports when I'm done. That's it, so whatever you have need of me for, I'm free. Unlike Nasta." Max added with a saucy wink.

"I'm free." Blaise denied.

Max shoved him over the arm of the settee. "No he's not, don't listen to him, I'm the only one free."

Harry hummed with a knowing look on his face as he continued to feed Braiden.

"Unfortunately I'm not free. I have six babies to feed, bathe and dress." Harry said. "Apparently Blaise is free though."

Max crawled over the arm of the settee and onto Blaise, who hadn't moved from where he had been pushed earlier.

"Blaise…?" Max whined.

"No, I'm not free anymore." Blaise stated.

"But I want sex."

"Go and ask Draco."

"No, don't ask Draco, he's busy with homework." Draco replied in a drawl.

"Nasta! I'm being bullied by the other mates."

Nasta chuckled even as he didn't break his rhythm of scratches of quill against parchment.

"That's too bad, Max; perhaps you should go and see if our quintuplets are ready for a nappy change or a bottle feed."

Max sighed as if put upon, but he dutifully got to his feet and went into the bedroom.

"I almost feel sorry for him." Blaise told them from where he was lounging on the settee.

"He's just sexually frustrated; he'll work it out in the shower." Harry replied.

Draco snorted and Blaise laughed along with Nasta.

"As long as he cleans up after himself." Draco replied, scrunching his nose in disgust.

"I'm sure he will, he is house trained after all." Nasta explained, dipping his quill in his ink before going back to his paper work.

"None of the quintuplets are awake and they don't need nappy changes." Max reported, sinking into a chair.

"I'm going to take Braiden for a bath then." Harry said as he stood up and put the empty bowl in the sink and unstrapped a messy Braiden, who had porridge all over his face. Harry had tried to get as much of it off with the spoon as he could, but some things could only be taken off with a soft cloth and water.

"Alright, love. Do you need a hand?" Blaise offered.

"No, no, I'll be alright."

Harry went into the bedroom and from there into the bathroom, leaving four of his mates in the living room to plot.

- X

Aneirin came over at five that evening and Harry gave him a huge hug and asked him politely why he was there.

"Your mates want to spoil you, Harry, so I'm babysitting while they take you out."

"This is my gift to you, Harry." Nasta explained, giving him a kiss.

"My Mum and Dads' will be over tomorrow morning too, they want to see their grandchildren."

"Well they can come anytime, I've told them that."

"They've been busy; Talia has a new fella that Dad doesn't like."

"Dad's never like their Daughter's boyfriends." Aneirin explained with a wry smile.

"Poor Tegan, she's going to have a hell of a time getting a boyfriend."

"Don't even joke about that, Harry." Max told him. "She's not having a boyfriend."

"Girlfriend then." Harry said cheekily.

"Girlfriend?" Max squeaked. "No! She's not having one of those either!"

Harry chuckled and he allowed Draco to drag him into their bedroom to get ready; nothing excited Draco more than being allowed to dress Harry up how he wanted.

"Has Harry said if any of the quintuplets are Drackens yet?" Aneirin asked.

Nasta shook his head. "If any of them are Drackens, then he's keeping it very close to his chest."

"My Mum didn't tell my Dads' that I was a Dracken until I was a year and a half old." Max grinned. "She told them that Caesar was a Dracken after only three months, which in comparison wasn't very long at all."

"That's a bit extreme, submissives usually say after a month or two."

"She wasn't comfortable telling them since my grandparents on all sides were hanging around and hoping to hear the news."

"Ah, very understandable that she kept it to herself then." Aneirin conceded as he picked up Farren and gave him a kiss. "Well Farren is getting to be such a big boy."

"I know, he's going to be the size of Braiden soon." Max said proudly, even as he rocked Regan in his arms.

"Perhaps not the same size, but definitely the same weight." Aneirin stated as he cuddled Farren tightly. "Oh it seems like I haven't held them in ages." He complained.

Blaise came out of the bedroom holding Calix, already dressed to kill in a very posh and expensive looking suit, complete with blazer and shiny shoes.

"Well you look very sophisticated, Blaise."

"Thank you, Nasta picked the place and the dress code. Harry's not very impressed."

Nasta sighed. "I knew that he wouldn't be, but hopefully the night makes up for it."

"I'm sure it will and if it makes you feel better, I love where we're going and Draco's more excited than I have ever seen him. He loves any excuse to dress up rich and act like a snobby bastard."

Max snorted and placed Regan back into his bassinet. Taking Nasta's arm to go and get ready as Draco excitedly came out, Harry sullenly stomping behind him.

All of them were in black trousers, black shoes and black blazers with crisp white shirts, but they each had different coloured ties. Draco's was a soft gunmetal grey, Blaise's was a soft purple, Harry's was deep green, Nasta's was a silky, shimmering dark gold and Max's was a dark, sapphire blue. Harry had noticed immediately that the ties matched their eye colours. Draco's tie made his silver eyes darken to grey and Nasta's tie brought out the gold in his eyes until he looked like Leolin. Harry also couldn't help noticing that Nasta's cheeks and chin were clean shaven for the occasion and he went to touch and kiss that smooth face while he had the chance, the hair would be back in a few hours, likely before they even came back from where ever they were going.

"Oh you all look so handsome. Hold on." Aneirin picked up the camera on the side table and got them all to pose together and he snapped several pictures of them together. "You all look so grown up."

"Dad, I'm almost forty." Nasta dead panned. "Of course I'm grown up."

"But look at you all together, you all look so adult and sophisticated, this moment has to be documented." Aneirin stated.

Harry grinned for the camera before he kissed his babies goodbye.

"Mama!" Braiden cried as Harry turned away from him.

"Don't worry, Braiden, I'll be back soon." Harry promised, kissing him again and hugging his little body tightly. "I love you, but you'll be fine with granddad Aneirin. He's going to look after you."

"Of course I will, they'll all be fine." Aneirin swore.

"I don't even know where we are going." Harry complained as he was led out of their rooms and then out of the school and into Hogsmeade, from there Max grabbed Blaise and Draco's elbows and Apparated them away, Harry was left to be escorted by Nasta, he did not get an answer from his mates as to where they were going, only secret smiles.

The arrived around the corner from a very large, very old, very posh building that was lit up brightly and as they walked closer and Nasta handed over five tickets to a man in a red suit, Harry realised that this was a very posh, very big event as he was led onto a red carpet and cameras and reporters went mad.

"Where the hell have you brought me?!" Harry hissed as he tried to hide himself behind Max, who, as his biggest, broadest mate, made a very good shield, but as he was surrounded on both sides by photographers and reporters, his attempt to hide failed.

"Just grin and bear this part, love, this is the only bad part of this night, I promise." Nasta exclaimed. "This part of the night is more for Draco and Blaise anyway. Do it for them."

Harry sucked it up and grinned forcedly as he waved lightly as he moved quickly down the red carpet and into the posh building. He breathed a sigh of relief and happily accepted the flute of champagne from the dishy waiter just inside the door. He went to take a sip before stopping himself and looking questioningly at Nasta.

"I can have a glass right?" He asked.

Nasta took his own glass from the waiter and gave him a kiss. "Yes love, but just the one."

Harry grinned and sipped on his glass as Max, Draco and Blaise took their own. Harry looked around and saw more dishy waiters with serving trays of champagne flutes, some with hors d'oeuvres and posh little snacks that wouldn't fill a fly.

"Can you tell me where we are now?" Harry pouted.

"No." Draco told him with an apologetic kiss to the cheek. "Nasta won't say, but I know exactly where we are, I used to come here every year with my parents."

"My Mum went out with a guy that loved this place, he used to bring her and me until Mum got rid of him after three years." Blaise explained as he sipped his champagne. "I loved coming here."

"I've come here once, when Mum tried to culture me, Caesar and my sisters."

"I take it, it didn't work?" Harry grinned up at Max, who grinned down at him.

"No, Caesar and me were crawling around under the seats, Alayla screamed through the whole thing because Dad wouldn't let her have a dummy, Talia made herself sick on the free ice cream and Juda fell asleep. Needless to say we didn't come again."

"You are going to behave tonight though aren't you?" Draco asked almost panicked.

"Yes, yes. I'll be the perfect gentleman." Max grinned wickedly.

Draco actually looked worried, but Harry gave him a subtle hug and took a little snack that the young, very good looking, waiter offered him.

"Oh those are nice, what are they?" Harry asked the waiter, who was giving him wide, lustful eyes.

"Lobster and king prawn cakes." The waiter told him huskily. "Have another."

Harry picked out another of the 'cakes' and popped it into his mouth.

"Love, you have to try these!" Harry pushed one into Max's mouth, who glared at the waiter as he sucked exaggeratedly on Harry's fingers. "Do you think you could make them for me?"

"I'm sure I could, I'll make them better than here." Max promised, still looking heatedly at the waiter, who was checking out Harry's bum in the tailored trousers.

Blaise possessively pulled Harry away from the waiter and hid him by putting Harry behind him, then turning to put his back to the waiter, but unfortunately the place was full of lusty, male waiters that didn't know the meaning of the word 'taken' and thrived on being very flirty.

Harry thought it was all good fun as he knew that he was going home with his four lovers at the end of the night, so when Draco got some interest from a male waiter, Harry enjoyed teasing him and he offered the waiter a free night with his lover, to which Draco had furiously shot down.

"The first night is free, after that it's ten Galleons a go!" Harry giggled as Draco dragged him back towards the other three.

"Is Harry offering himself to waiters for ten Galleons?" Blaise asked incredulously.

"No, he's pimping me out for ten Galleons a go to the waiters." Draco scowled.

"Don't take these waiters seriously." Nasta soothed. "They've been encouraged to flirt with all the guests, I believe they're even told to do it. They don't mean anything by it."

"I don't like it." Max huffed.

"I do." Harry grinned.

Max turned to him with dark eyes gone almost black, but kept blue by the colour of the tie. "You're mine!" Max hissed at him.

"Yes, yes, of course I am, just as you are mine, but that doesn't mean I can't look." Harry grinned as he eyed up another guest standing near them.

"Come on, Max; let's go to the bathroom to calm you down." Nasta sighed.

"I'm not leaving him alone with these sharks!" Max replied angrily.

"I'm sure no one will touch Harry while Blaise and Draco are watching him."

"Of course they won't." Draco replied affronted.

Max was led away by Nasta and Harry beckoned another waiter over, this one looking like a world class male model with his curly blond hair and bright, baby blue eyes. He smiled a nice, white smile and offered Harry his tray of nibbles, Harry took one and pushed it into his mouth. He moaned and those baby blue eyes softened with laughter, but simultaneously darkened with lust.

"Oh I like those."

"They're ginger and lemongrass poached scallops." The waiter told him with a surprisingly deep voice. It didn't match the cherub look he had going on.

"I've never had scallops before. Blaise, try!" Harry almost ordered as he picked up another nibble and presented it to Blaise, who sucked it from his fingers.

"They are nice." Blaise replied, pulling Harry into a possessive, claiming kiss. The waiter again paid no mind.

"I want to try all of these!" Harry declared. "What are the best ones?" Harry asked the waiter, batting his lashes and chuckling when the waiter stumbled over his tongue.

An older waiter came over and offered them more champagne.

"We shouldn't, Nasta will do his nut." Blaise said, even as Harry exchanged his empty flute for a full one.

"Thank you." Harry said happily, giving his best smile to the waiters.

Another waiter replaced the other two before Harry could even turn to his mates and he offered them his tray with a grin. Harry grinned back at the dark skinned, dark haired, gorgeous waiter.

"Well hello, what are you here to tempt me with?" Harry smiled. "Besides your body that is."

"Prosciutto and goat cheese parcels." The waiter told him as if he were describing a lewd sex act.

"I'll try anything once. I've never had goats cheese before either." Harry said before he popped the little pastry into his mouth and considered the flavour as he chewed.

"Do you like them?" The waiter asked softly, lustily.

Harry swallowed. "Oh yes. Those two definitely go well together. Do you want to try, Draco?"

Harry didn't wait for an answer but held the little, bite sized parcel up to Draco's mouth, who slipped his lips over it and allowed Harry to place it on his tongue. Draco slipped his arms around Harry's back and pulled him against him tight as he chewed and swallowed.

"Those are nice, but I'd rather eat you." Draco's voice had lowered, but not enough to stop the interested looking waiter from overhearing.

"You can do that when we get home." Harry teased. "My supple body is all yours tonight."

"Not to mention tasty." Blaise grinned, bending slightly to nibble along Harry's neck.

Harry made an involuntary sound and he blushed. "Not in public!" He cried wriggling away from Blaise.

"Would you like to try these?" A new waiter asked him hotly.

Harry grinned. "I love that all these hot men are offering me food on a silver plate." He told Blaise and Draco. "What are these?" He asked the waiter.

"Smoked salmon rolls." The light brown haired waiter offered with a sexy grin, complete with dimple in his cheek.

Harry tried one, then had to have another. "Oh I love those."

"What are they, love?" Max asked, looking calm and happy once again as he joined them.

"Smoked salmon rolls." Harry replied as he fed one to Nasta. "I really like them."

Max took one and popped it into his mouth.

"I can make some for you when you want them." Max said just before a voice spoke clearly over the crowd, telling them that the show was about to start and for them to take their seats.

Harry went to follow the mass crowd in through the double doors, but Nasta took his hand and led him up the marble staircase instead.

"We have the best seats in the house, Harry; we don't have to sit with the peons." Draco told him.

Harry rolled his eyes at Draco's 'superior than thou' act, but he didn't comment on it, as long as he knocked it off when they got back to their rooms he was fine with him acting lordly over the rest of the public.

They reached the top of the stairs and two male attendants met them at the top, Nasta handed over the tickets once more and they were happily led to a curtained off box with a table to seat six. Harry and Blaise, as the two shortest, were sat opposite one another, right up by the balcony of the box to look over into the crowd below, Nasta sat next to Harry and Draco sat next to Blaise, Max happily sat on the other side of Draco, sandwiching the blond in.

Harry excitably looked to the stage below and he knew that he was here to see a posh, cultural, sophisticated show, but he couldn't help but tease his mates.

"So is this going to be a strip show?" He asked innocently. "It had better be male performers because otherwise I'm leaving."

"It is not a strip show!" Draco told him scandalised. "This is the biggest performance for magical people in the world, Harry!"

"So there aren't male performers?" Harry asked pouting.

"There are bound to be a few." Blaise placated.

"Oooo." Harry cooed in interest before looking back at the stage.

"Try to give the boy some culture and all he wants is a strip show." Draco complained.

"I'll give you a private strip show later, love." Max winked.

Harry chuckled, feeling warm and bubbly. His chuckle came out as more of a tipsy giggle and Nasta looked at him suspiciously, but before he could say anything, the hall went dark and everything hushed.

It was then that Harry learned that he had been brought to the world's only magical ballet. He was all set to be bored, to endure through this torture only for Draco and Blaise, who were both thoroughly enjoying themselves. He didn't expect to enjoy it himself, but he was surprised to find that he did enjoy it, very much so and he became riveted to the show, unhappily grumbling when the intermission in the middle came about, though he perked up when a happily smiling, flirty waiter came into their box to offer them drinks and ice cream, which Harry took, though he avoided the champagne with Nasta's eyes on him and he went for a lemonade instead. The show resumed shortly afterwards and when it was over Harry stood with his lovers and clapped hard for the dancers, it was almost nine when they got out of the building, happily dodging and avoiding the waiters, who were seeing everyone out safely. Harry was excitedly talking with Draco and Blaise about the performance and they were already planning on coming to next year's show.

Max grabbed him and gave him a long kiss, before Apparating home, or at least Harry had thought that they were going home, but when he opened his eyes, they were opposite a very posh, fancy looking restaurant decked in tasteful Valentine's decorations that were floating, which let Harry know that they were in a magical place.

"Oh, why didn't you say we were coming to dinner afterwards? I wouldn't have had so much ice cream." Harry whined even as he cupped his flat belly.

"You'll be fine; you don't have to order a huge meal, just something light if you want to." Max assured him as they walked into the fancy restaurant, which not only had a Maître'd to greet them, but a young, curvy, smiley, sparkly hostess in a skin tight red dress with a heart headband holding back her long, dark brown hair.

"Do you have a reservation?" The Maître'd, in his black and white tailed tux, asked them primly.

"Yes, table for five under Maddison-Delericey for nine O'clock." Nasta answered clearly.

The Maître'd made a show of running a long, slim finger down the book on the stand and Harry wanted to laugh, but he held it in so that he wouldn't draw attention to himself from the hushed, soft setting of the large, but very full, restaurant. In fact, from what he could see, every single table was occupied.

"Ah yes, table twenty-three, one of the more private tables, Audrey." The Maître'd addressed the hostess in the skin tight, red dress, who set Harry's teeth on edge as she eyed up Max a lot more intimately than she had any right to, managing to be more intrusive with that one look than any of the waiters in the ballet hall had been.

"If you would please follow me." She had a nice, throaty voice and Harry automatically hated her as she tried to get as close to Max as she could to walk beside him in her daft, pencil thin heels that Harry was pleading with to just snap as she walked, perhaps breaking an ankle as well.

She made sure to brush Max's broad shoulders as she seated him, not noticing the poisonous glare that Harry was giving her as her eyes were all for Max.

"That touch made my skin crawl." Max shuddered as the hostess sauntered off on her matching red stilettos.

"Don't worry, love; I'll make sure she won't be able to touch you again." Harry promised, forced calmly, as he gnashed his teeth together in her direction.

"You can't go around eating women, Harry, this is the second time that you've threatened to eat a woman for looking at me." Max said.

"That was more than a look!" Harry hissed venomously.

"Wait, Harry's done this before? When?" Blaise asked, looking amused.

"In the supermarket, I ran into some poor woman when getting, sugar wasn't it, love?" Max asked, Harry nodded curtly. "She wouldn't get that I was practically married, went on about me not wearing a ring and then when Harry came down the aisle with Braiden and Leolin she tried brushing him off! Of course Harry threatened to go back and eat her once we had escaped. Personally I thought she looked a little stringy."

Harry giggled and went to Max, who he had made sure that he was sat next to, to kiss him.

"This one looks like a bad meal too, Harry, she looks fake, I wouldn't want you getting a stomach ache from ingesting silicone and Botox."

That made Harry laugh and Blaise joined in happily.

"Not to mention the fabric, I don't think that dress will come off easily, you'll have to peel her first like an orange." Draco said disgustedly as he watched her totter back on her heels, her hands filled with menus.

"Here we are boys, drinks menus, main menus and dessert menus."

"You can bring these back later." Harry told her firmly, roughly handing her back the dessert menus, not giving her the option to say no as he opened the drinks menu.

"Can we have a bottle of red wine?" Harry asked Nasta, who nodded, looking like he knew it was a bad idea, but indulging Harry none the less.

"I think white would be better." Draco told him.

"I'm not fond of whites, I prefer reds." Harry said.

"Why don't you go for a nice rosé?" The hostess recommended, purring practically into Max's ear.

"I don't want a rosé!" Harry cut in fiercely. "I want a bottle of red wine."

"We'll take a bottle of red Bordeaux and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc then, to keep the peace, but that's it." Nasta stressed. "We'll all take a glass of water as well please."

"Coming right up." The hostess told them sweetly, but the look she gave to Harry was anything but friendly.

"Those wines go best with red meat." Max said to break the silence.

"I was planning on venison anyway." Draco answered as he looked through the menu.

"What's venison?" Harry asked curiously, looking through the menu for what Draco had found.

"Deer." Draco answered unconcerned.

"You could eat Bambi?" Harry demanded.

"What's Bambi?" Draco asked back with a frown.

"He's a fawn from a Muggle movie." Nasta answered. "Harry, if Draco wants to eat deer meat, let him."

"But it's a baby."

"Venison is from deer, Harry, not from fawns." Max corrected. "Let Draco eat what he wants."

Harry pouted, but Max kissed him and Harry just couldn't stay upset. Instead he looked through the menu for something that he wanted.

"What's veal? I don't know what half of this stuff is."

"Veal is calf meat."

"A baby cow?" Harry asked.

"Or a bull." Draco put in dispassionately. "I'm not fond of veal."

"Are they seriously selling jellied eel here?" Harry almost gagged.

"They're considered a delicacy."

"Why, because no one want's to eat it?"

"More than likely." Blaise said as he pulled a face.

"Here are your drinks." The hostess announced as she escorted the waiter over to them. Harry was very sure that most hostesses showed the patrons to the table and then left to greet other guests, he was sure that they didn't hang around a certain table, or a certain man, in this case.

The waiter served them their drinks professionally and Harry thanked him softly, taking a sip of the dark red wine and he smiled.

"That's a nice red wine." He commented. "Try some, Max."

Max took Harry's glass and took a sip. "You have excellent taste, Harry; I'll take a glass of it please." He addressed the waiter.

"I'll do it." The hostess said hurriedly and snatched the bottle roughly, which toppled on the tray, pouring right over Harry's shoulder and into his lap, staining his bright white shirt red.

The waiter hurriedly set the bottle upright again on his serving tray and he stopped the wine from pouring over Harry's person, trying not to topple the bottle of white wine also on the tray, but the damage had already been done.

Harry didn't know what to do as he stared at the stain, hearing diners from other tables laughing lightly at him and to his horror; he felt tears gather in his eyes.

He stood from the table and he walked right out of the restaurant and he didn't look back, even when he heard his name being called. He sat on a snow covered bench a few feet away from the restaurant and he let his tears fall, ignoring the wet stain on his shirt, which made him shiver in the icy February wind.

Someone sat next to him and wrapped an arm around him. Harry turned into the familiar, comforting smell of Draco's cologne and snuggled himself in, sniffling softly.

"Don't cry, love. It's alright." Draco soothed, brushing his overlong hair from his face with gentle fingers.

"Draco's right, mio amore. It's not worth your tears."

"I ruined everything." Harry sniffled sadly.

"You didn't, the hostess did, the stupid cow that she is, she'll have a piece from the manager once Max and Nasta are through with her."

"What are they doing?" Harry asked, perking up a bit in interest.

"Oh the usual loud fanfare for all the other diners to hear, we're never eating here again, terrible service for such a highly rated establishment, they'll send the restaurant the dry cleaning bill, they'll let everyone they know how terrible a restaurant it really is, the whole third degree."

Harry chuckled lightly and looked at his two mates, who were relieved to see the tears drying and the small smile on Harry's face.

"I'm still hungry though."

"We're going to a better restaurant, I promise." Nasta said as he crunched through the snow towards them, he looked angrier than Harry had ever seen him, except perhaps that time when he and Harry had overheard Dominic's plans for his children.

"First we're getting you another shirt before you freeze to death." Max put in, also looking very angry.

"I'm sorry about ruining the night."

"You didn't, Harry, you didn't ask to have a bottle of red wine poured over your head." Nasta assured him, tugging him to his feet from the bench.

"I thought this was a fantastic restaurant, we had to make reservations a year in advance! It seems to me that the reviews for it are highly over rated." Max scowled. "It made no mention of clingy, harpy women who have false impressions and a terrible tableside manner. Don't worry, love, I set her straight, I'd rather be with you and celibate for the rest of my life than spend a minute with her in that ugly red dress."

"You think you can be celibate for longer than a week?" Harry chuckled. "I think you have a very high opinion of yourself, Mister Maddison. Don't forget, we can all hear you in the shower."

That lightened the mood considerably as they all laughed at Max's expense, who bent to scoop up a handful of snow, shaped it and then threw it at Harry, who ducked at the last moment.

"Seeker reflexes remember? You couldn't hit me with several snowballs!" Harry laughed.

Max pouted, but Harry went to him and let himself be hugged tightly, he shivered though as a particularly strong gust of wind caught the wine stain on his shirt and Blaise immediately stripped off his jacket and firmly placed it over Harry's shoulders.

"No arguing." He cut in before Harry could say anything. "You've got a damp shirt, you need it more than I do at this moment and my jacket fits you better than anyone else's, you'd trail all of the others in the snow."

Harry pouted, but he couldn't keep it up as a grin broke over his face as they went into the nearest wizard wear store and bought him another white shirt, Harry changed in the dressing room and then they were off to find another restaurant, hopefully one without an indecently dressed, clingy hostess.

Harry giggled with Blaise as they clung to one another as they walked down the snowy pavement. They were out in Muggle London, or at least Harry thought they were out in Muggle London and they were looking for a hotel, because all of them were very, very drunk.

They had found a small, out of the way restaurant and they had happily eaten their fill, but unwilling to upset Harry again tonight, Nasta had allowed them red and white wine again, but once the red had been emptied and Harry had pouted, he had ordered another one and another one and soon he had forgotten how many they had ordered and he shrugged it off, saying that this was a onetime thing only and not to get used to it.

They were all very giggly as they found a hotel to stay the night in, Max booked them in and they all crammed themselves into a lift, though Draco was very sceptical and when it started moving he almost had a panic attack. He didn't trust Muggle made things.

Harry couldn't stop laughing and as Nasta let them into the hotel room, with its one king sized bed, after arguing with the receptionist that yes they only wanted the one room, yes for all five of them, no they didn't want two twin rooms and a queen sized room, yes they were all going to sleep in the one bed, and have sex on it, which had happily been supplied by Max, the heavily blushing woman had handed over the one key card and let them get to their room.

Harry face planted the bed and snuggled onto it, being joined by an increasingly horny Blaise who had stopped speaking English after his fourth large glass of wine.

"Je veux te baiser." Blaise whispered hotly into his ear.

"Knock it off, Blaise!" Nasta grumbled.

"Va te faire foutre." Blaise hissed at Nasta.

"What's he saying?" Harry giggled, moaning lightly as Blaise nibbled around his ear murmuring 'Je veux t'enculer.'

"What do you think he's saying? I don't speak French and I know what he's saying to you." Max grinned lopsidedly.

"He has a love of the word 'fuck.'" Draco told him, yawning.

"Why did you have to be a sleepy drunk?" Harry whined.

"He could have been the 'passes out after two glasses' type." Max laughed, crawling onto the bed, shoving Blaise off of him and attacking his mouth.

Blaise hissed deeply, but Draco caught him around the middle and kissed him. Blaise attention was immediately diverted.

Nasta crawled onto the bed and bit around Blaise's throat, helping Draco keep him distracted as Max happily peeled Harry's clothes from his body, Harry giggling all the way.

"You know, most men would be offended at having their love laugh in their face as they undressed them, but I know you Harry and you're just a giggly drunk." Max teased.

"You've said that before." Harry grinned, right before he turned the tables on Max and used all his strength to roll their positions, pinning Max to the mattress. "You also said that I was a dominant drunk."

"Hey, if you want to fuck me, love, then go right ahead, I won't stop you." Max encouraged.

"You'd let me?"

"As long as you're gentle with me, sure. Can you be gentle in your state of drunkenness?"

"Maybe." Harry giggled.

"I think that drunken giggle tells you no." Nasta put in, his voice deepened by lust and want.

"I want to be a top!" Harry stated furiously.

"How about you top Max after I have?" Nasta compromised. "You can play with Draco and Blaise until I'm done."

"I love how I'm being referred to like a piece of meat." Max grinned. "I love being a piece of meat."

"You're my piece of arse!" Harry growled.

"Whatever you say, love." Max agreed happily in the face of Harry's aggression.

Nasta plucked Harry up easily and deposited him in front of a heavily snogging Draco and Blaise. Harry immediately joined in the kissing leaving Nasta to grin at Max whose eyes widened and his breath came hotter and heavier.

"Are you going to give me my present?" Max asked softly.

"I think you're my present." Nasta answered, a smirk etching itself on his face as he pushed Max down off of his elbows and flat on the bed.

Missing Scene

Nasta sucked in a deep breath and lowered himself down onto Harry gently, cuddling into him and holding him as he tried to get his breath back.

Max hauled Blaise up and pressed him beside Harry and Nasta before curling up behind him.

"I'm so tired I could sleep for a week." He stated through a yawn. "All that sex can't be good."

"What are you saying?" Harry demanded. "Who are you and what did you do with my Max? The real Max would never complain about sex."

"I didn't mean it like that!" Max said, waving Harry's comment away. "Sex is great, more so when I have your luscious body to sink into, but I'm so tired I can't move."

"Just go to sleep." Nasta encouraged as he pulled the duvet up and over their bodies, rolling between Harry and Draco as he did so and turning to cuddle Draco tightly so that the blond didn't get shoved off the end on the bed in the night.

Harry snuggled up to Nasta's back, Max's huge arm reaching across him to hold Nasta's hip and the warm weight of Blaise right behind him. He was happy and he couldn't remember a happier Valentine's Day, even if he had had a bottle of red wine tipped over him, which reminded him, he had to go and find that hussy and set her straight about Max. Max was his, no one else's. No one else, outside of this bed, could have him. Not for any reason.

Harry woke up to a pained moan and he groaned himself, snuggling himself into the warm nest that he had made himself in the bed. Which was smaller than he last remembered, unless Max had grown during the night, because all of them were so tightly pressed together that he felt like a sardine…a very small, squashed sardine.

He heard the pained noise again and blinked open his eyes. He hissed at the light coming through the cheap curtains and he blinked owlishly at them. Didn't they have black out curtains?

Harry heard the sound of retching and that made him sit bolt upright despite the dizzying pain in his head and the violent lurch of his belly. He clambered over Max's huge body and found no bed on the other side; instead he went crashing to the floor with its thin, floral print carpet and ugly green rug. Where the hell were they?

He crawled to the bathroom in misery to see that Blaise was being violently sick into the toilet. Harry crawled to him and went up onto his knees behind him, tugging the already vomit flecked hair from Blaise's face and supporting his shivering body with his own. Blaise was cold to the touch, he had gone into shock.

Harry reached over and dragged the towel off of the rack, so very thankful to find it warm, it had been heated. He wrapped it around Blaise, who showed no sign of response or knowledge of what Harry did, but after a moment or two of dry heaving, his body sagged into the warm towel and into Harry's arms.

"Are you alright, love?" Harry asked softly, frightened by this unresponsive Blaise.

Blaise nodded slowly, but he didn't try to answer him verbally. Harry sat naked on the cold floor and cradled Blaise in the warm towel, hoping that Max or Nasta woke up soon and would know what to do because he felt sick himself, but he couldn't ease his own roiling stomach and look after Blaise too.

Thankfully he didn't have to wait long as Nasta's inbuilt trouble sensor woke him up and he came into the bathroom to help them. He shoved Harry's head down the toilet and rubbed vigorously at Blaise's arms and chest to warm him up. Harry was sick only a few minutes later.

Nasta cleaned Blaise up a bit before taking him back to the bed and coming back to assist him by rubbing his back and wrapping him in the warm towel as he shivered on the cold floor.

"I'm never drinking again!" Harry sobbed miserably between rounds of dry heaving.

"Make sure that you stick to that, Harry. Every time you want a drink from this day onwards, remember this morning." Nasta encouraged. He was thankfully not feeling sick himself, but he had a headache to end all headaches.

"I think I'm done." Harry said pathetically.

Nasta smiled softly behind Harry's head and shook his own head gently. He scooped Harry into his arms and carried him back to bed, letting him snuggle into the warmth. He had no idea what he was going to do with his mates, but until they got a headache reliever and a stomach settling elixir, they were going to be pretty useless to anyone and everyone.

Max woke with a groan and used both hands to press against his skull like he was trying to hold it together.

"What the fuck did we do last night?" He moaned.

"I only remember pieces." Nasta admitted sourly.

"I remember next to nothing." Max whined.

"I remember a lot." Draco told them gruffly from the other side of a bed. "Bits are missing though. I remember Max got hit on by a woman in a red dress who tipped a bottle of wine over Harry's head."

"Some bimbo tipped wine over Harry?" Max asked incredulously. "I hope I snapped her fucking neck!"

"You gave her a piece of your mind while we left to find another restaurant after buying Harry a new shirt. After that it gets fuzzy, I'm sure we enjoyed the meal we had at the other restaurant, but I can't seem to remember what I had to eat, or what anyone else had to eat, or how we got here, or even where here is."

"We're in some rundown Muggle hotel in London." Blaise told them dryly, his voice soft and pained, his throat raw. "Draco almost pissed himself in the lift and we had an orgy right here in this bed until the early hours."

"That was fun." Harry croaked, peeking his dishevelled head out from under the duvet.

"How are you two feeling?" Nasta asked, curling a piece of hair around Blaise's ear.

"Tired." Blaise moaned.

"Achy and sleepy." Harry answered.

"Let's get home. I'm sure my Dad will have an earful to give us." Nasta sighed.

Harry's eyes widened and he dived out of the bed as he tried to get himself dressed, almost knocking himself out on the bedside table as he dry heaved blindly.

"Calm down, calm down, love." Nasta chuckled as he scooped Harry up and held him. "My Father isn't that frightening, though Max's Father is, he'll be there too."

"No, it's not that. My babies! I have to get back for my babies! Right now!" Harry demanded.

Nasta chuckled and let Harry down to scamper around the floor to get dressed as he calmly pulled his own clothes on and encouraged the other two to do so too before he dressed Blaise carefully himself, as he looked deathly pale.

He wasn't looking forward to the lectures that he was about to get from his Father and his extended family, but he'd endure it. He had enjoyed his Valentine's Day and night, what he could remember of it anyhow, and he wasn't going to be bullied into feeling bad over a stupid decision to not keep an eye on what and how much he and his mates were drinking. It was over and done with and they were all paying for it in some way, there was no doubt over that. Though Blaise seemed to be suffering more than the rest of them, so Nasta ignored his whining and soft, croaky demands to be put down as he carried him through the hotel and out into the fresh air while Max checked them out of their room. He had enjoyed himself, but hell he could not wait to get back to their own rooms so they could rest a bit more.

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