The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


67. Chapter Sixty-Six – Accidents Happen

Blaise yawned once again, before standing up straight and stretching his back. He was very tired, but with Harry being so very unhappy and angry, plus the bedroom being solidly warded, he wasn't likely to get much sleep tonight, even though he hadn't done anything besides trying to keep Harry safe during the fight.

He sighed again and looked to Max and Nasta, who were very sad and upset with themselves, even though their instincts had demanded that they fight and there was really nothing that they could have done to prevent the fight, but they all knew they could have fought outside of the school in the grounds and not inside it with the school children, or in their living quarters, where their submissive and six young babies were.

They were cleaning the nearly destroyed living room, which was taking a lot of work, Braiden's cot was going to have to be fully replaced as it was beyond repair, one settee was going to have to be replaced and with the shattered glass coffee table, which was irreparable, they didn't know if the carpet should be ripped up and replaced too, though they would likely decide to replace it because it would take a long time to get the numerous blood stains out of it and just in case any glass fragments were embedded in it from the smashed coffee table. Harry really would never forgive them if a baby got cut on a shard of glass as a result of the fight.

"We'll have to take a Portkey to Australia to get everything we need." Nasta said softly. "Nowhere in Britain will be open at this time of night."

"Apparation will be quicker." Max replied.

"It's too dangerous, Max. It's very long distance and we're all tired." Nasta answered.

The two were treading around one another very carefully. They would have been fine if Harry hadn't have reacted so very terribly to their fight. If only the cot hadn't have been damaged everything would have been fine and he'd be in bed with Harry right now sleeping.

"We had best leave now then if we have any hope of getting this done by morning." Draco said distantly. He blamed Max and Nasta for ruining their evening and causing Harry distress and upset.

Blaise didn't blame either of them, not really. He had been a Dracken for longer, he had grown up knowing about the instincts and the random fights that could happen for the most random of reasons. He knew that it couldn't have been helped once Max had issued the challenge to Nasta. Nasta had had to answer that challenge or lose his place as the top dominant of their mateship, his Dracken couldn't not fight once the challenge had been issued to him, but they really could have gone about it better.

Blaise looked around at the ruined room, which was looking slightly better than it had a few hours ago and he wondered that even if they worked their fingers to the bone if they would finish it by Harry's morning deadline. There was just so much to do.

"Come on, Blaise." Max called to him and Blaise left the room and readied himself to face the Headmaster to get a Portkey to Australia and to explain exactly why they needed a Portkey to Australia at one in the morning in the first place. This was not going to be a fun visit.

Harry woke up confused and unrested. It took all of two moments to realise what had woken him as he rolled over in the dark to scoop up Farren, his chunky baby.

He was confused for a moment as to why his bed was empty except for himself and then it all came flooding back to him and he swallowed a snarl. The anger had not abated in the slightest during his short time sleeping.

He padded down the stairs and unwarded the door automatically; he went into the living room to find it half cleaned and his mates missing. It was for the best really, he didn't really want to see them, let alone talk to them or hear any begging or apologies, he was still too angry to hear such things at the moment.

Harry made up seven bottles and he carried them and Farren back into the bedroom and he recast the ward on the room before his mates came back. He wanted to be alone with his babies.

He sat on the purple settee and he fed Farren, who suckled strongly and quickly. It made Harry smile and think about something other than his anger at his lovers.

Doing the night feed on his own drained him, he thanked god that Braiden didn't wake up and was happy to continue sleeping through the night, even if it did mean that he wasted a bottle, but even then doing all five quins was taxing and it was another hour and a half before he was curling back up in the bed and drifting off to sleep once more, praying silently that a baby didn't need a change before six in the morning when they would all wake back up for another feed. Except for Leolin, who would actually wake up in just two hours for another feed, but he never ate much and Harry would probably forget that he had even been awake at four, but if he was forced to stay awake any longer by another baby needing his attention, then he would feel so much worse for it in the morning.

Draco rubbed his itchy eyes tiredly. They couldn't find anything even remotely resembling the furniture that they had once had and Max was stressing about it, thinking that if everything wasn't exactly the same that Harry wouldn't forgive them.

They had found a carpet that was near enough the same colour, but it was softer, thicker, which Draco really didn't think would upset Harry at all. He had picked out a wooden table with rounded edges, it looked good and it was practical too as Braiden was sure to be mobile sooner rather than later, and the fact that it wasn't glass topped was sure to win Harry over after the last one had been destroyed.

They had bought two new settees as, even though they had only destroyed the one, Draco could not abide living anywhere that had mismatched furniture, so the remaining settee wouldbe thrown out as well, even though there was nothing really wrong with it despite all of the times that they had had sex upon it.

It was the cot that was causing the most arguments, because they couldn't find an adequate replacement that they all thought that Harry would like. Nasta wanted the most practical, Max wanted the most expensive, he himself wanted the best looking cot out of all the shops they had been to and none of them could compromise.

"Stop it!" Blaise cut into their heated debate. "Harry wouldn't want the best looking cot or the most expensive. It is Braiden's cot, Braiden is my son and I say we get a good looking cot, that is hard wearing, that's completely safe and practical and not overly expensive. Harry already needlessly worries about money as it is without replacing our good value, hard wearing cot with something so obviously outlandish and tacky that he'll start stressing over it. That's not what he needs, I say that one."

Blaise left no room for argument as he walked halfway down the aisle, picked up a box next to the display model of the travel cot that he liked and he took it straight to the cash register.

"What if Harry doesn't like it?" Max fretted.

"It is nearly five in the goddamned morning, Max! If we don't hurry up and get back it won't bloody matter which one he likes because he'll still tear us apart for not cleaning the living room! We still have to lay the carpet, get all the furniture in the right place and assemble this bloody cot before he gets up with the babies in just an hour."

Blaise paid for the cot, took the blasted free giveaway the woman pushed on him, ignoring the arguments about that as well, and he stormed out of the shop, he moved down a deserted alley and turned to face the other three as they joined him. Nasta pulled out the Portkey and held it out to them and when they were all touching it, he whispered the password that activated it and sent them spiralling back to Hogsmeade.

They made it back to their rooms and they were all just so tired, but their job wasn't done yet as Draco levitated all of the furniture and held it in the air as Max and Nasta ripped up their old carpet while Blaise tried to assemble the new cot in the tiny floor space of the kitchenette, which frustrated him to no end.

With the carpet cut to size and shape and laid down, Draco let the furniture down with a sigh and moved his neck and shoulders around to get rid of the tension. Holding a spell for that long when so tired was a challenge, but they had no time for rest as Max got rid of the old carpet and the odd settee and Nasta took the new suite out of his pocket and enlarged it. Draco enlarged the coffee table from his own pocket and then went to help Blaise who was cursing at the travel cot in the kitchenette.

At ten to six they had finished and Nasta urged Blaise and Draco to catch an hour on the new settees as they had lessons that day. Max came back into the room after disposing of the carpet and odd settee and slumped onto the rug in front of the fire. He lay down and Nasta lay down with him, cuddling together to keep warm as the two spare blankets they had that weren't locked in the bedroom with Harry, were covering Blaise and Draco on the settees. All of them fell asleep quickly after their exhausting, emotional night.

Harry groaned as a baby crying woke him up, he rolled over, found his feet and then scooped up one of the quintuplets, he couldn't tell which one through his gluey, squinty eyes, but he rocked them gently and soothingly, holding them to his chest as he slipped down the stairs on his bum. It wasn't wise to walk down the stairs when he could barely open his eyes, let alone tell which baby he was carrying.

The baby stopped crying when placed on his chest and only grizzled a bit as a bottle wasn't immediately placed into a pouted mouth, but Harry continued rocking and shushing gently regardless as he unwarded the room, walked out and ignored the lumps around the room that indicated his four sleeping mates were back.

He did however stop to scrunch his bare toes into the new carpet, which was a surprise, he hadn't thought that the carpet had been damaged, but the feel of this carpet under his feet and between his toes had him thankful that it had been damaged; Braiden would love the feel of this carpet under his hands.

Harry boiled the kettle after putting a silencing bubble around it. He was angry with them yes, but he wasn't sadistic enough to wake them up when they had gone through so much effort to please him. The carpet was lovely and if he could find the time today to roll around on it naked then he would do so.

Harry made up five bottles and he carried them and the baby that he was now awake enough to see was Calix, back into the bedroom. He did not ward the bedroom door again. He fed Calix, burped him and pulled off his nightdress and his nappy, letting his skin breathe and air out, which Calix was very happy about if his cooing and wet gurgling's were any indication as he wiggled his limbs about on the bedspread and Harry went on to feed the next baby that woke up.

From there it was the regular routine of bathing his quintuplets, drying and dressing them for the day, having a lightning speed shower himself where he barely got his hair wet before declaring himself clean, bathing a hysterically screaming Braiden while still wet himself before drying them both off, dressing a calming Braiden for the day, dressing himself in his uniform before carrying them all out to the living room in their carrycots as Harry couldn't be bothered to go up and down the stairs ten times to retrieve the bassinets for them to lay in.

He carried Braiden on his hip and settled him down into his highchair, strapped him in and warmed up the baby cereal that Max had made the day before and he patiently fed Braiden his breakfast, wiping his mouth and chin often, still thankful that Braiden didn't want to put his hands into his breakfast yet.

He couldn't help but smile as he watched his seven month old son eat food from a spoon. The pride he felt, the smugness and the excitable happiness that he felt as he watched Braiden gum the cereal off of the tiny weaning spoon, sometimes biting it with his minimal teeth, made him swell in ways that weren't visible to the eye, soon Braiden would be crawling and then walking and Harry could hardly contain his tears at the thought of it.

He swiped at his eyes confused and irritated, wondering what the fuck was wrong with him and if it was just overflow emotions from last night or if it was because of the hormones pouring into his blood from his approaching heat cycle. He didn't like it whatever the cause.

Harry cleaned up Braiden and set him on the carpet with a few of his toys. There was a new toy that Harry had never seen before and he frowned at it, casting all the detection spells that he knew at it, but he could find nothing malicious about it and he conceded that perhaps his mates had bought it to sweeten him up a bit more, they knew the best gift that they could give him was something for the babies…or chocolate, but he was likely to throw the chocolate in their faces right now, so a gift for Braiden seemed more reasonable.

Harry broke open the plastic and gave the large, coloured plastic block to Braiden along with the several chunky plastic pieces that were all in different shapes. The object of the toy was to get Braiden recognising the different shapes and putting them into the corresponding hole in the block.

Harry left Braiden bashing the block onto the new carpet, determined to either break it or crack it open like an egg.

He made himself a cup of honey tea and he started making breakfast for five. It didn't mean he had forgiven them though. He just appreciated the new toy and the new carpet, he was still angry for what they had done, but he'd have to call Blaise and Draco for lessons soon and they were going to be running around as it was without making their own breakfasts, plus he was less angry with Draco and Blaise the longer he had to think about what had happened.

Harry stole a quick glance at Braiden and chuckled softly as his son had progressed to chewing and biting at the plastic shapes, turning it around in his hands, before bringing it back to his mouth to bite at it some more. He checked on the quintuplets, Leolin was sleeping soundly, no surprise there; Farren was sat in his carrycot, very content to just lie there and not do anything, again no surprise. Calix was sucking on his little toes having pulled off a sock, Tegan was dozing in and out of sleep, fighting every blink to keep her hazel eyes open and Regan was playing with the soft toys tied to the handle of the carrycot.

Harry smiled at his six babies softly as took another swallow of tea, finishing up the traditional English breakfast and plating everything. He ate his fill, cleaned his plate and then regretfully moved to wake his sleeping mates. He had left it until the last possible minute that he could call them and he still felt guilty for waking them up…or perhaps because he had been the one to deny them a decent sleep in the first place.

He hunched on his heels and shook Blaise's shoulder lightly, smiling as those sleepy indigo eyes opened to peer at him. Blaise sat up quickly and tried to fight the tiredness that he felt to get his brain working. Harry took note of the new settees and he realised that they matched the other furniture in the room and complimented the new carpet. He liked them.

"Harry?" Blaise croaked, before yawning.

"Your breakfast is on the table, plus a strong coffee, you need to eat now or you'll be late."

Blaise groaned, but nodded and dutifully stood up and stretched and Harry moved over to wake Draco, who swatted at him like a fly the first and second time that Harry shook him.

"Wake up, Draco." Harry encouraged softly.

The blond's silver eyes cracked open and his mouth scowled, but when his brain caught up to him, the scowl melted away and his eyes softened.

"Does this mean that you're not angry anymore?" Was the first thing he asked.

Harry sighed. "I'm not angry with you or Blaise." He conceded, as just looking at Draco's hopeful, insecure face had robbed him of any anger he felt towards his first two mates. "Now get up or you won't have time to eat and shower today."

The threat of not being able to have a shower had Draco up quicker than anything else anyone could have said and he made his way over to the kitchenette table to eat.

"Oh I've missed a good English breakfast, nothing against Max's cooking or Nasta's healthy freakishness, but this will always be my favourite breakfast and no one can quite make it like you, Harry." Draco told him.

Harry snorted at the shameless flattery, but he smiled nonetheless as he sat beside the semi-circle of carrycots holding the quins and beside Braiden, who was now bashing the little blocks into the carpet.

"Where did this toy come from?" He asked.

"It came free with the new cot we bought, something about purchases over a certain amount getting a free toy, Draco tried to throw it back at the poor woman saying that we didn't need their charity, but I just took the toy and walked out." Blaise explained.

Draco huffed. "If we had wanted a toy like that for our children we could have bought one for him ourselves!"

"It's alright, I'm sure we have something like it back at Max's, but Braiden seems happy enough." Harry said as he put one of the shaped bits of plastic in Braiden's hand. "Square." He emphasised as he let Braiden feel and look at the shape.

"Ahhh." Braiden told him.

Harry grinned and nodded. "That's right, Braiden. Square. Can you find where the square goes?"

Harry held the big block out to Braiden, with the square shaped hole facing him. Braiden happily hit the block of plastic with the weapon he now had in his hands, but he did not try to push the piece in his hand into the block. He laughed very happily at the noise the two plastic pieces made when they were hit together though.

"Have you had a shower, Harry?" Blaise asked as he put his plate into the sink of soapy water.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I had one after I bathed the quintuplets."

"Has Braiden gotten any better at having a bath overnight?" Draco asked.

"Nope. Screamed and thrashed until the floor was soaking."

"Nothing new there then." Blaise snorted as he came and kissed Braiden's mouth, who screeched and held his arms up to his Daddy and opened and closed his mouth cutely for another kiss. Blaise chuckled and happily kissed Braiden's mouth again before distracting him with the triangle shaped piece of plastic before escaping to share a shower with Draco, lest they both be late for lessons.

Braiden looked from one hand to the other, each holding a different shape and Harry could practically see his baby's brain trying to work everything out. Harry held Braiden's wrist and brought his baby's attention to the shape.

"Square." He said slowly and clearly, before moving to hold Braiden's other wrist and bringing his attention with it. "Triangle."

"Ahhh. Ah ba." Braiden repeated, looking first to his one hand and then his other.

"That's right, Braiden! Square and triangle. The square goes in this hole, Braiden." Harry encouraged, leading his baby's hand to push the square into the square hole. The plastic block did a loud, jaunty musical tune that frightened Harry half to death as the square shape was pushed through it and it made Braiden squeal and wriggle his whole body in delight as he then tried to push the triangle through the square hole to make the same noise.

"What 'appened?" Max groggily asked, sitting up from the rug and disturbing Nasta.

"Braiden's new toy." Harry replied shortly. "Your breakfast is on the table if you care to eat it."

Max rolled to his knees and stretched with a groan, Nasta stretched on the floor before getting right to his feet.

"No Braiden, this is a triangle." Harry ignored his older mates as he searched the block for the triangle hole and showing it to Braiden. "Triangle."

"Ah ba." Braiden repeated, hitting the block with the triangle piece. Harry took his wrist and slowly turned Braiden's hand until the triangle piece was in line with the hole and he let Braiden slam it in. It made a different musical twinkle that had Braiden bouncing in joy.

Harry chuckled and found another shape for Braiden to grasp. "Circle."

Braiden blinked at him adorably. "Gee ah."

"That's right, Braiden. Circle."

Braiden clapped his hands together and then patted Harry's hand as he gummed on the circle shape. Harry found the circle hole and held it out to Braiden, who tried to do it himself by carefully moving his hand before hitting the block.

Harry cheered when Braiden eventually got the circle piece in himself, letting Braiden know how proud Mummy was even as his baby danced to the tune the circle hole made.

Braiden snatched another piece from the floor himself and held it out to Harry, babbling to himself, but looking to Harry for an answer.

"Rectangle." Harry said slowly and clearly. "It's a rectangle, Braiden."

"Ah ba ba." Braiden told him seriously.

Harry clapped and Braiden grinned and clapped his own hands. "Well done, Braiden. Rectangle."

Harry found the rectangle hole and let Braiden figure it out himself, twisting and turning his hand, trying to get the rectangle piece into the hole. When his baby finally managed it Harry was so happy and proud that he forgot for a crucial moment that he was very angry with the two at the table.

"He did it himself! All by himself!" He told them proudly. "Did you see?"

"We're watching, Harry." Nasta told him with a smile as he ate the unhealthy, greasy breakfast with not a murmur of complaint. They were both trying so hard.

"He's getting to be such a big boy." Max agreed.

Harry nodded and turned back to Braiden, who had snatched the last shape from the floor and was passing it from hand to hand, feeling it, before bringing it up to his mouth and gumming on it. He held it out to Harry, babbling, likely asking to be told what it was.

"This is a star, Braiden. Star."


"Clever boy! It is a star."

Harry turned the block to its last hole and watched patiently as Braiden figured out the shape and popped it through the hole. Harry clapped with Braiden as they listened to the fifth and final tune the block had in its arsenal and Harry picked Braiden up and kissed and hugged him when it ended.

"You are Mummy's clever boy!" Harry said softly.

"He…he likes the new toy then?" Max asked hesitantly.

Harry's spine stiffened as he remembered then exactly why Braiden had a new toy and why Max was hesitant. He gave a glare to the both of them and nodded once before turning back to Braiden, sitting him back on the floor and twisting the bottom of the toy and pulling out the piece that kept the shapes in the toy, tipping the five pieces of plastic out, replacing the bottom and handing the block back to Braiden.

Draco came out, still knotting his Slytherin tie and he looked up once the tension of the room reached his awareness. Harry was playing happily with Braiden, but Max and Nasta looked so upset that Harry must have said or done something to remind them that they weren't forgiven, not even with all the work they had done last night.

"Harry, it's almost nine." Draco hedged cautiously.

"I know, can you get my book bag please? It should be in the bedroom."

"Of course." Draco went back into the bedroom and came out with Harry's satchel, before sitting on the settee to tie his shoe laces.

Blaise rushed out of the bedroom doing up his buttons, he went to the small closet they used to keep coats, jackets and shoes and dug out his own school shoes, slipped them on his feet and threw himself down next to Draco to tie his laces.

Draco got all of their jumpers and robes out for them and handed Harry his shoes. Harry reluctantly got them on and pulled on his jumper and tie. He kissed Braiden goodbye and every single quintuplet whether they were sleeping or not before handing Braiden's play over to the two mates that he didn't want to.

"If a single hair on their heads is out of place when I get back you don't even want to know what I'll do to you!" Harry threatened in a hiss as he shouldered his book satchel and left, leaving two very upset older dominants and a seven month old, who peered around at the sudden silence of the room and started crying hysterically when he couldn't see his Mother.

Distance did make the heart grow fonder Harry realised, as through the course of the day he found himself missing Max and Nasta. He found himself wondering what they were doing at that precise moment, wondering if they missed him at all.

He didn't tell Draco or Blaise, instead he confided it all to Hermione during his first lesson, Charms, and asked her opinion after he had told her everything and how he had felt last night and this morning about all that had happened and what his mates had done overnight.

"Well you have every right to be angry with them, Harry, but you need to let it go. No one was hurt, none of your children were hurt and I doubt very much that they would have even thought of fighting in the room if any baby had been present. Don't let your instincts rule you, you know they love those babies dearly, you know they wouldn't have fought in the same room as them." Hermione told him as they both ducked Neville's flying backpack, which had somehow turned from black to pale blue.

Harry swallowed. "I think that's the only reason that I could leave this morning. Deep down I know that they would never hurt any of the babies, but just the thought of that destroyed cot, seeing how damaged it was. I had nightmares last night of seeing Braiden just as crushed inside the cot, which isn't helping at all."

"Push your other side back, Harry. You know in yourself that they didn't mean to upset you, that they would never have hurt any of your babies. It's all in the mind of your…Dracken." Hermione whispered after first looking around at their laughing, chatting classmates.

Harry nodded and breathed in deeper and easier. He could forgive his mates, but he would never forget the incident and he would make sure to extract promises off of all of them, not just Max and Nasta, that this never happened again. No matter how old their children got to be.

Feeling lighter and less troubled, Harry finally joined the fun of the lesson and he chuckled and outright laughed as his fellow classmates botched up the charm so terribly that he couldn't help but laugh at the consequences. He hoped that when he finally saw Max and Nasta again that the anger he had felt before didn't come surging back, he loved them dearly; he didn't want to hate them as well.

Harry didn't go back to the rooms for lunch; instead he stayed with his friends and caught up more with them, hoping that it would stop the anger from resurfacing when he finally did go back to his rooms at the end of the day. He was feeling much better and he was in a much better mood, so he hoped it worked.

Herbology was his last lesson of the day and as it drew to a close Harry still wasn't sure about returning to his rooms. He said goodbye to his friends as they headed to the Great Hall for dinner, he himself got all the way to the portrait guarding the rooms before changing his mind and he wandered off instead. He thought about going to Gryffindor Tower, but his feet instead led him to the stone gargoyle in front of Dumbledore's office.

Harry smiled as he realised that he was still seeking advice and he said several passwords before gaining entrance to the Headmaster's office and a familiar voice called for him to enter after he had knocked on the smooth, solid oak door.

Grinning, Harry peeked around the door and entered the room as he was bid.

"Harry my boy, a pleasure to see you. I was halfway down the staircase on my way to dinner, when I had the strangest feeling that I was needed back at my office. What can I help you with?"

"I didn't mean to interrupt your dinner, Sir."

"That is quite alright, Harry, I'm sure we can get dinner up here in no time at all."

Harry sat down and basked in the familiar presence that had always steered him right, even if it was just in a vague direction so he could make all of the main decisions himself. He would be glad for any advice given to him.

"Now, what can I help you with, my boy?" Dumbledore asked after they had both been served by a house-elf.

"I…I don't really know where to begin, Sir. Everything was fine one minute and then Max issued a challenge to Nasta."

"Oh dear."

Harry nodded. "I know that Nasta had to answer the challenge or lose his place as top dominant, but our rooms were nearly ruined."

"I have heard all about this and I was wondering if I would be seeing you soon about it."

Harry looked at the Headmaster confusedly.

"Your loved ones came seeking an international Portkey at one O'clock in the morning, naturally I asked them where and why they wanted such a thing at such a time and the whole story came out."

"Why would they need an international Portkey?"

"I was led to believe that you told them to fix everything that had been broken by morning, they had to travel to a country that was still in daylight hours as everywhere in Britain and Europe was shut for the night and I myself have never heard of an all-night furniture store."

"I didn't even think." Harry sighed and rubbed his head.

"Well, I know all about what happened from their point of view, why don't you tell me your point of view and your feelings on the matter and we'll go from there."

"I don't know what happened, one moment we were all happy, the next Nasta rushed at Max and started hitting him. Maybe it's because I'm a submissive, but I didn't know Max was challenging Nasta's authority until Draco and Blaise told me that he was. I thought that we were all happy, why did they have to start fighting?"

"It was an instinctual thing that left little room for thought. They didn't mean to upset you, Harry, I'm sure."

Harry nodded. "I know that. I think I would have been okay, or more okay with it, if Braiden's cot hadn't been destroyed."

"Now this they did not tell me." Dumbledore told him, his eyes taking on a glacial glint.

Harry rubbed his face with his hand before moving it to tug at his hair. "Braiden was in that cot just an hour before, peacefully sleeping. The state it was in, it was irreparable, it had to be completely replaced after they had finished fighting. I keep thinking about it, I had nightmares about Braiden still being in the cot when the fight started. Hermione told me that they wouldn't have even started fighting if the babies had been in the room, but it was pure instinct. I've fought with my babies around me when instinct has taken over, I know they're older, but what if it had been Blaise and Draco?"

"There is a big difference here, Harry. When you fought with instinct, it was because your lovers and child had been insulted which enraged your Dracken so much that the insult could not be allowed to stand for a moment longer. Maximilius and Nasta however, were fighting for dominance, they are both ruled by instinct, but they are not the same. Nasta had a few seconds to think before he decided to answer Max's challenge instead of conceding dominance to him, moments which, if your children had been in the room, could have been used to order, or drag, Max out of the room. However because your children were not in the room, he let instinct take over, fully knowing that Draco and Blaise would protect you."

"So he really wouldn't have allowed Braiden to be hurt?" Harry said in a soft voice.

"No. I do not believe that any one of you would ever allow any child to get hurt in such a way."

Harry nodded and he felt so much better, Hermione and now Dumbledore reassuring him had him feeling more relaxed and calm.

"Do you feel better?"

"Yes, Sir, but I'm worried that as soon as I see them again, then the anger will come back." Harry admitted.

"Can you think of the incident without anger?"

Harry thought back to what had happened, thought back to what he had seen and what his mates had done.

"There is anger there, but it's not such a terrible anger anymore."

"If you can control it when thinking back to the incident, then you can control it when seeing them again." Dumbledore told him sagely and Harry smiled.

"Thank you, Professor. I'm sorry I interrupted your evening."

"Nonsense, Harry, you know I enjoy your company."

"I'll be sure to come around and visit you again, Sir, I may even beat you at chess one of these days."

Dumbledore laughed happily. "You are a good strategist, you just lack the patience, my boy."

"That's funny, Draco said the exact same thing."

Harry grinned and waved goodbye to the Headmaster and he made his way back to the other side of the school and his private rooms. He calmed himself and tried not to work himself up. Everything would be fine.

He reached his rooms all too quickly and he tapped the portrait with his wand and he entered, he did not expect to see Aneirin cuddling Leolin in his arms, talking softly to Myron, who had Farren on his lap.

"A bit of a random visit." Harry said with a grin, though he greeted them with a hug nonetheless, laughing as Richard pulled him onto his lap to tickle him.

"Nasta called me in mid-afternoon, I wasn't free immediately so he called Myron, Ashleigh and Richard instead. I came as soon as I was able to."

"What happened?" Harry asked, looking around and counting heads. One baby was missing. "Where is Braiden?"

"He's sleeping, sweetheart." Ashleigh assured him. "He's fine, but he's at a stage where he really doesn't want to be apart from you. He's suffering with some separation anxiety and as soon as you left this morning he started crying and he wouldn't stop. He finally cried himself to sleep a while ago."

Harry bit his lip and looked down at the carpet, upset and guilt creeping into him.

"It's not your fault." Myron told him with his deep, strong voice. Handing Farren over to Aneirin and taking Harry into his own arms, squeezing him until Harry expelled all the air in his lungs and had to laugh, breathless as he sucked the air back in.

Harry allowed himself to cuddle into Myron's solid bulk and he sighed happily.

"Braiden needs to get used to being without you constantly around him. It sounds cruel, but it's not. You're his Mother and you are the most familiar to him, from your arms, to your voice, to your heartbeat. All of the children want you, but the longer you leave it, the worse it'll be later on."

"I don't like him crying, I hate it."

"All of us do, but it is for the best. You need to do your school work, you need to go to lessons, you need to go about your daily activities without having to carry Braiden, or any of the other babies, around with you all day."

"I'd give it all up if it would stop him being so distressed. I'd drop out and stay here with him all day if it would help."

"It wouldn't." Myron told him disapprovingly. "You need to finish your education, Harry, no arguments. You need to graduate, Braiden needs to learn that you're not going to always be around and he needs to get some independence."

"Independence? Myron, he's seven months old!" Harry complained.

"Even babies can have their independence, their own little space and time to themselves. I'm betting that Braiden cries for you from the moment he wakes up, doesn't he?"

Harry bit his lip at the truth of that and he nodded.

"I'm not telling you to ignore him, or leave him crying, but when he cries for you, have one of the others go and get him, let him get used to his Fathers as well. It's hell to go through, especially with the first baby, but you'll all come through it fine."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked with a teasing smile. "Are you sure you didn't mess up the first time?"

Myron smirked and fist bumped Harry's chin lightly.

"When Max was Braiden's age, maybe a little younger, he always knew who he liked the best." Myron sighed.

"Yeah, me!" Richard grinned. "Myron hated it. His perfect biological son, our only child at that time, cried endlessly for me."

"It was only because you were the stay at home Dad." Ashleigh complained, rolling her blue eyes.

"Even when Max was so young I was rolling around the floor with him." Richard said happily. "I couldn't leave him alone for a moment, every minute of the day that he was awake and not eating, which wasn't really a lot looking back at it, I was playing with him."

"Did you happen to knock his head a few times too?" Draco asked.

"Only the once, or maybe twice." Richard shrugged unapologetically.

"How old were you?" Blaise asked with a grin.

"I was only sixteen when Max was born. I was young and even more foolish than I am now."

"At least you finally admit it." Myron grumbled.

Richard laughed. "Myron was twenty-one, he was always away working so Max barely had any time to see his biological Father, so it was a good thing that he had me."

"Didn't you have school work?" Draco asked confused.

"Of course, but I rushed through it, writing down anything just to hand in something so I wouldn't get detention. I knew that I knew all the material being taught, I knew even then what I wanted to be when I graduated, so I knew what subjects I needed to excel in and I knew that when the exams rolled in I'd be fine. Why did I need to write endless essays which wasted my time when I could be helping to ease Ashleigh's stress with the childcare? She was still in school too, only she did care about homework, so I threw mine out of the figurative window and offered myself up as Max's primary carer."

"Only when it suited him." Myron told Harry lowly. "He wouldn't even think to offer himself up for the night feeds."

"You had to have some time to bond with Maxie." Richard insisted with a cheeky grin.

Harry chuckled and tried to picture a sixteen year old Richard, a sixteen year old Ashleigh and a twenty-one year old Myron with a newborn Max. It was difficult, but the resulting image made him laugh.

"It would have been less stressful if we had taken the offered help from family." Ashleigh said as she rocked Tegan in her arms.

Myron groaned and reclined back against the settee.

"I know, I was stupid, I was jealous and I was stubborn."

"Not much has changed." Richard grinned. Myron just gave him a look.

"So you're pushing us to take as much help as you can give us, and you refused any sort of help at all?" Harry said.

"Myron was very stubborn." Ashleigh put in. "He wouldn't accept any money from family to help us out, because he saw it as himself failing to provide for us. He wouldn't accept any offers from family members to babysit for a few hours so that we could get some rest, or to have a few hours to ourselves, as he saw it as a weakness."

"I know I was being ridiculous and we could have done without it, but that really was what I thought at the time. I was a complete bastard, I know."

"We know, we still loved you then and we still love you now, even if we did want to jam your head repeatedly in a window frame for being so uptight and stubborn at the time. We got through it fine and now we can coach these gorgeous additions to our family to not be so pigheaded and stupid and to accept the help when it's offered. Though Harry has a very level head on his shoulders, so we have no worries of him being ruled over by one of his dominants, least of all our Max." Richard jibed.

Harry scoffed. "Max is far too laid back to rule over anyone; I'm surprised that you were so shocked that he didn't turn out to be top dominant."

"He's a big man. A big, strong, powerful man." Myron boasted.

Harry scoffed again and he smiled. "He never uses his size or strength though. Nasta wrestles dragons as a day job; he's fitter, stronger and faster."

"We didn't know that you had picked Nasta as your last dominant though." Richard pointed out. "From what we knew, you were this absolutely stunning male submissive, with a heart of gold, a kind and sweet personality, who had taken Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy, two baby doms, as your first dominants and only needed a grounding mate. We had no idea you'd have such a fuck up with your bondings where you would end up with four dominants."

"Language." Myron chastised almost automatically.

Harry chuckled at the scowl on Richard's face at the unfairness of being chastised when Myron himself had used foul language just a few minutes before.

"I wasn't expecting that hiccup either, but I'm so glad it happened. I couldn't imagine my life without any of them now, or any of the babies."

"Does that mean that we're forgiven?" Blaise asked, which made Harry wonder if Max and Nasta were hiding in the bedroom so they wouldn't upset him.

"You and Draco were forgiven this morning."

"But Max and Nasta aren't." Myron sighed holding him tighter and rubbing his belly with his hand.

Harry made a frustrated sound and rubbed at his forehead.

"I don't know! I love them still, of course I do, but I hate them as well. How do you love someone so much and hate them at the same time?! Why couldn't they have just gone outside to have their stupid little power struggle?"

"I don't know what you're feeling, Harry." Ashleigh said softly. "Richard was never suicidal enough to challenge Myron, not even once, he submitted immediately and willingly and they haven't had any dominance fights at all through our relationship, but surely you can forgive them?"

"Did they tell you the whole story? Did they tell you absolutely everything or did they omit to mention a few things to you too, like they did to Dumbledore?"

"Like what?" Aneirin asked with a frown.

"Like the fact that their actions led to our entire room being trashed."

"Yes, they mentioned that, a bit hard not to mention the obvious when we can see that most of the stuff in this room is brand new, including the carpet." Richard pointed out.

"Did they also happen to mention that Braiden's cot was demolished? That the cot that my baby was sleeping in not an hour before their fight was so damaged that it had to be completely replaced as it was irreparable?" Harry hissed.

Myron breathed out sharply behind him and his arms tensed around his waist.

"No wonder you haven't forgiven them." Richard waved off happily as he finally understood.

"They didn't say it was anything to do with a baby being involved." Aneirin said.

"Funny how they keep forgetting to mention that." Harry growled, folding his arms over his chest. "Where are they?"

"When you didn't come back, they went looking for you, I think they meant to apologise." Draco told him, not even looking up from his homework, his quill scratching away endlessly.

Harry scoffed and snuggled into Myron more. "I don't want them to apologise!" He snapped.

"How long do you think you'll stay angry with them?" Ashleigh asked hesitantly.

Harry glared at her. "How long would you be angry if your child had been put in such danger from your own mates?!"

"Only you know when the time will be right to forgive them, Harry." Aneirin told him. "What they did has brought up your fierce protectiveness of your children and I would bet that currently you're feeling very unforgiving towards them."

Harry nodded sharply.

"But you also have not tried to attack them, kill them, or hide yourself or your children away from them and you happily left all six of them under Max and Nasta's care today."

Harry hesitated and he licked his lips, allowing himself to relax on Myron's lap.

"I know deep down that they would never purposely hurt any of our children, but I've realised that we all have instincts and accidents do happen. How do I protect my babies from accidents that I don't know are going to happen?"

"You don't." Myron told him rubbing the back of his neck soothingly. "Accidents are always going to happen, your children will get hurt, they'll get cut and bruised, they'll fall down the stairs, they'll catch their heads on the edge of doors and if they're anything like Max then they'll fall out of a third storey window and cause you such panic and fear that you think you're suffering multiple heart attacks at once, but you can't do anything about it, Harry. Accidents happen and there's not a single thing that you can do to prevent them."

"Max fell out of a third storey window?" Harry asked quietly.

"He was six." Richard said with a shiver. "Caesar was four and they were playing ball upstairs in a spare room. Max had thrown the ball too hard at Caesar and it had knocked him to the floor, he was crying so we rushed up to see what was wrong, just in time to see him throw the ball as hard as he could at an unprepared, off guard Max, who staggered backwards, tripped over his own foot and fell backwards out of the large, picturesque window…the window that we had foolishly left open and not warded to air out the top floor of the house."

"Myron dived out after him." Ashleigh said in a haunted voice. "I thought for sure that Max was dead."

Myron shifted underneath Harry. "There was no need to worry. Max was hovering an inch off of the ground with his little face screwed up in concentration. I couldn't let him go for days, much to his disgust and exasperation as all he wanted to do was play with his toys. It's rather hard to play with your toys when you're being clutched on your Father's lap all day every day."

"We even made him sleep in our bed." Ashleigh laughed. "He was so put out."

"I was too! Do you know how hard it was to go even four days without sex?" Richard pouted. "I still say he was young enough to not remember it."

"I say he was old enough that it would have permanently scared him." Myron countered dryly.

"So there's nothing I can do?" Harry said sadly.

"You can explain the dangers to your children, but you can't wrap them in cotton wool. Accidents happen, Harry and it's a part of life that they do happen. There's no stopping it."

Harry sighed and nodded. "That doesn't mean that I can't make them suffer." He said petulantly.

"By all means make them suffer." Myron encouraged. "They should have known better than to fight in front of their submissive, just a room away from their children. They'll never get any more like that."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"If your Dracken is angry at a mate, and I mean really angry, not just ticked off or from a petty argument, then you won't go onto a breeding cycle."

"Oh. Well it's too late for that. I'm going onto a heat period in two weeks."


Harry looked around startled. "What?" He answered back.

"You're going onto a heat period again, so soon after the quintuplets?" Myron asked him, incredibly shocked.

Harry nodded.

"Fuck, Harry, I knew you were fertile, I didn't realise completely what that would mean." Richard told him. "You could be pregnant again in two weeks."

"I know." Harry groused. "I've done little else other than worry and stress over it since I realised that I had started my breeding cycle."

"How long have you known?" Ashleigh asked him, trying to hide her excitement.

"Really I've known since I started my cycle, but I've properly, consciously known since my fifth week."

"How long are your cycles?" Aneirin asked him curiously.

"Eight weeks."

"Ha!" Richard exclaimed with a grin and Harry looked to him strangely.

"I knew you were all randy buggers. Ashleigh's heat was every three and a half months, every fourteen weeks. Every eight weeks! Ha! It's no wonder you were walking funny when we first met you."

"I was three months pregnant!" Harry countered incredulously. "Of course I was walking funny!"

"That or your cute little bottom was abused once too often."

"Richard!" Myron snapped. "Stop being so crude and vulgar!"

"You know he can't help himself, love." Ashleigh giggled.

Myron snorted. "He should help himself. What a disgusting thing to say to Harry, our seventeen year old son!"

Harry was shocked. So shocked to be called a son. Not a son-in-law, but a son. Myron held him closer and Harry let himself go boneless, a huge grin on his face. He felt so happy and so loved and the best part was that he didn't think that Myron realised exactly what he had said in his anger at Richard's words. It somehow made it all the more meaningful and Harry snuggled into Myron's bulk tighter, feeling so accepted and loved by the people around him.

"Of course we don't mind babysitting, whoever you choose to look after the six." Aneirin told him, smirking at the smile on his face. He hadn't missed Myron's admission either.

"Can't you all look after them?" Harry asked. "I mean, you're all grandparents together."

"It's usually always the submissive's family who look after the children during heat periods." Ashleigh said with a smile. "But I'm glad that you chose us."

"Ashleigh!" Richard said shocked. He looked utterly horrified.

Harry mouthed for a bit, stiffening automatically. "Well I wouldn't exactly want those despicable people looking after my own children now, would I?"

Ashleigh's eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her hand. "I am so sorry, Harry! I didn't mean it, I didn't think. I forgot all about it."

Harry smiled wryly. "I'm glad someone could forget about it." He said softly, wistfully.

He slipped from Myron's lap, took Tegan out of Ashleigh's arms and went into the bedroom, just as he closed the bedroom door he heard Myron's sharp reprimanding snap of 'Ashleigh' before he closed the door firmly and went to sit with Braiden, who had dried tear tracks on his face.

Harry held his own tears back by the skin of his teeth as he climbed the stairs to put Tegan into her bassinet before coming back down to get a warm, wet cloth to wash Braiden's cheeks gently, passing over his little chin and his mouth to wipe away the drool. He went oh so gently over his eyes to remove the last of the tears from his face. He had cried all he was going to over the Dursleys. He had had it with them, he would see them in court, he would see them sentenced and then he was going to forget all about them, they would not rule his life, they would not ruin his life. Not anymore, they had done too much to him already and he had come through it and moved on. He had his own life now, he had four lovers to keep up with and six babies who depended on him entirely, he had no room left to think about the Dursleys anymore. The court case was coming up, it wouldn't be long now and he would be free of them forever.

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