The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


62. Chapter Sixty-One – Growing Up

Getting used to Leolin's gold eyes was something they all had to deal with as they were such an inhuman colour that it was a very strange thing to see.

But even stranger was that Leolin's eyes had changed first, when his brothers' and sister's eyes were still varying shades of blue. Though that changed quickly as Nasta's birthday approached. Tegan woke up one morning with her eyes suddenly a hazel-gold that reminded Harry of Sanex and of course when Regan woke up the next day, his eyes were the same hazel-gold. Nasta, who had recovered fully from his bout of illness after a horrific five days confined to nothing but bedrest and lying, covered from head to foot, on the settee, spent several hours cuddled up with them both, gazing into those eyes as he did everything from tickling and nuzzling them, to reading them a story about a lost unicorn foal and staring into their eyes as they suckled from their bottles in his arms.

The next quintuplet to surprise them with a change was Calix, whose eyes had been steadily getting darker and darker and darker, until one morning he opened his eyes and looked back at Draco through Myron's jet black eyes. Of course Max had had to immediately floo call his parents and get them to come over, right this very minute. The poor trio had thought that something was wrong with one of the babies and Myron had clipped Max around the ear for alarming them as he had, before he had sat, holding his tiny grandson in his huge arms and cooing gently to the baby who cooed back, jet black eyes looking into jet black eyes. It also didn't help the image of Calix being Myron's clone that Calix's hair was growing out a deep, rich chestnut brown, the hair that he shared with his Father and Grandfather.

The day before Nasta's birthday Farren had woken up from his afternoon nap with bluish-green eyes and Harry laughed happily as he saw the hint of green that had taken over Farren's eyes, thinking that perhaps Farren had gotten his eyes, their only child to have done so, but after another week and Farren's eyes still didn't go completely green, despite the fact that they changed colour depending on his mood, the lighting and what colour he was wearing. Sometimes they could be more bluey-green, or a more greenish-blue, but never fully blue or fully green and Harry had to concede that Farren's eyes were blue-green in colour and they were going to stay that way.

Nasta had kept a slight cough for a few days after his illness had finally gone and thankfully none of them, especially not Leolin, had caught Nasta's flu virus and by the time his thirty-eighth birthday came around, he was feeling much better and had stopped coughing and sneezing randomly throughout the day.

Nasta was woken up to breakfast in bed and several gifts from his smiling mates who all kissed him and wished him a happy birthday.

He loved every gift that he had received and he told his mates so as he was given several books on obscure languages by Max. A very cute, stuffed Welsh Dragon toy and a small, thin, handwritten booklet on Parseltongue by Harry, who promised to help him read and understand the very strange, very alien looking squiggles, that Harry had assured him were actual words and not just random doodles. Harry had told him a bit shyly that it had taken him nearly eight months to put together properly because writing in Parseltongue was apparently even harder than speaking in it.

Draco had given him a full set outfit made completely from dragonhide. Nasta couldn't help but check the thickness of it, which made his mates snort in amusement and caused Draco to huff that he knew better than to buy him dragonhide anything that had actually killed the dragon, but the biggest surprise came when Nasta recognised the feel of the hide under his hands as a Welsh Green and Draco had admitted to having contacted the Dragon reserve that he worked on and he'd gotten his colleagues to use the hide from one of his favourite buck dragons, Celynwen, to make all of the items. Draco had paid an absolute fortune for the entire outfit to be made from the one dragon and not a mix of different breeds and different dragons, and Draco had hand-picked the dragon used and he went pink as he admitted to giving a bit extra for the outfit, which would go towards helping the reserve along with the profits from the sale. Nasta had crushed him in a hug and given him a kiss.

Blaise had gifted him with a tin of his own favourite coffee and Nasta had looked at him with an unimpressed scowl as Blaise grinned widely and urged him to open it. It was full of Nasta's favourite, and expensive, imported green tea leaves.

"In the false hope that it'll make you more used to and accepting of coffee." Blaise explained when he was asked why it had been put in a coffee tin.

Nasta chuckled and pulled him forward by his neck to kiss his lips.

"Thank you, all of you, I haven't had much reason to be happy in the past several years, but I have to say, waking up with the four of you, our six children around us, is the best birthday present I could have ever received."

"Oh you're going to make me tear up." Harry sniffed. "You know I'm still girly sometimes after the birth."

Nasta chuckled and rubbed his thumbs under Harry's eyes gently.

"I love all of you."

"Dada!" Braiden cried out from somewhere underneath them.

Max immediately got out of the bed and went down the stairs to the cot that they kept underneath their platform bed, far enough away so that the crying of the hungry quintuplets didn't wake him up through the night, but close enough to them that they could reach him quickly.

Braiden was happily deposited onto Nasta's lap, sitting upright and giggling happily now that he was around his most favourite, familiar people.

"Good morning, Braiden." Harry greeted, pecking that dribbling mouth.

Braiden screeched and smacked his lips together in an imitation kiss and it stopped them all short.

"That's new." Draco said as he bent forward and kissed Braiden, who reacted quicker and kissed Draco back, which made him grin.

It was a game they played for the first five minutes of the day. They took it in turns to kiss Braiden and get a drool covered kiss back. By the end of the game, Braiden was also holding his arms out to accept them as they each bent to kiss him and he clenched his arms around them as they wrapped him in a hug. Then Farren woke up and their day properly started as it was a Tuesday and Draco, Blaise and Harry had to go to lessons still.

Max had made them all breakfast, though Nasta had already eaten his, so he was free to play and feed the babies, nuzzling little Leolin as he cradled him gently, watching as he finished all of his milk.

"Do you think it's time to give him another quarter ounce of milk?" He asked. "He seems to be handling his bottles better, attempting to give him a bit more couldn't hurt."

Harry looked up from his breakfast and he smiled at the empty bottle.

"Try it on his next feed, it's about time we increased his milk intake, he's been finishing all of his bottles on every feed except for the night one." Harry agreed, stroking a hand through Leolin's darkening hair. It was set to go as black as Harry's, Blaise's, Nasta's, Braiden's, Regan's and Tegan's, they were all predominantly black haired. Max and Calix had chestnut brown hair and Farren had gotten a darker brown, but Draco was the only blond and he looked odd.

It was with an accompanying swoop through his stomach and lower abdomen that Harry came to the conclusion that if he were to give Draco children, then he might not be the only blond in the family anymore. Harry shook those thoughts away quickly, he couldn't be pregnant again, he couldn't have another baby so soon, he just couldn't, no matter if Draco wasthe only blond in the family for a while yet.

"Are you alright, Mio Bello?" Blaise asked, looking at him concernedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Harry answered, shoving away his thoughts and feelings and going back to his raspberry pancakes. "I'm just thinking too hard again."

Harry smiled tightly and his mates saw through it immediately, but Harry's pleading green eyes told them to leave it alone and they did…for now.

Harry was cornered by a vicious, wild, frothy-mouthed, redhead after his last lesson, or at least that's how he saw Ginny as she pushed him right up tight to the wall and slipped him a tiny, palm sized box.

"It enlarges into a very special gift; I got everything that you wanted and then some with the left over money, I doubt you'll mind though. Your lovers are going to be all over you, Harry. I left instructions for the first thing you should wear, it'll drive them wild so don't you dare chicken out! Nothing is hotter than a man who'll do anything to get his lover's heart pumping and I assure you, wearing these items will have their hearts beating so fast they'll stop! I'm sure you can all use some stress relief, especially if Blaise's public mood is anything to go by, Purebloods don't usually show such emotion or frustration in public." Ginny told him as she latched onto his arm and pulled him away from the wall.

Harry saw Draco as he was being dragged away and he gave a helpless, one armed shrug as he was pulled along like a puppet.

"Don't look so much like I'm leading you towards your death." Ginny chastised. "Hermione, Luna and I want some time with you as well you know, you haven't spent any time with us and we haven't even seen your babies since you arrived, how is that fair? We're your friends aren't we?"

"Of course you are, it's just that so much is going on and I can't imagine that Hermione's not revising as well."

"Oh she is, but she brings her material with her so that we can test her, I've been hit with a book twice and Luna had the book snatched off of her when she told Hermione that she was wrong and the answer was Nargles. Hermione almost threw a fit."

Harry chuckled as he was dragged to the library and he groaned, though he felt slightly better that Seamus, Dean and Neville were also in the dusty room.

"Harry, haven't seen you outside of class for a while, what drags you from your cave?" Seamus teased with a grin, immediately shoving his books aside, much to Hermione's ire.

Harry indicated Ginny with his head and he grinned. "A bossy little red-headed sixth year."

Ginny smacked him and Harry made an 'oof' sound as his body forcibly expelled air.

"Not so rough, Ginny. I had a tear in my body, right where you hit me mind, only a month ago. I'm tender still."

"Was that from your Caesarean?" Hermione asked interestedly.

"Yeah, I've had two now." Harry rolled his eyes as he massaged his stomach muscles, which had been playing up all day.

"So, are you up for playing Hufflepuff?" Ginny asked. "I can't continue being Seeker and Chaser, you're not pregnant now and you're fit yes? So can we count on our golden boy to play in March?"

Harry startled. He had forgotten that he was still the Quidditch captain and Seeker.

"I'm not sure; I'll have to run it past the others…"

"They're not your parents, Harry; you can make your own choices." Ginny snapped.

"I know I can, but with something that involves my health like this it's just better to discuss it with them rather than tell them that I'm going to do it and stressing them out. They'll more than likely let me play anyway. I'm not pregnant anymore and I could use the stress relief really, I've never wanted to cry so much in my life until McGonagall gave us that twenty-three inch essay and two exam booklets."

"Me neither, I could have hit her with a table leg." Seamus agreed and Hermione made a half startled, half strangled noise.

"It's alright, Mione; he doesn't mean it, though I have the almost untameable urge to introduce Professor Binns to Moaning Myrtle."

Harry shared a laugh with the guys before Hermione got them all back onto their work with a glare. Harry quelled under that glare meekly and he hurried off to find some books for his History homework.

He was walking down the History section, which was quite a way away from his friends, when he came across someone that he would have rather never seen again in his life. Ron was sat at a small table, his own books out. Harry wondered if it was the absence of any friends to distract him that had Ron in the library, actually studying.

He turned to leave, hopefully unnoticed, but when Ron called out to him, he knew that he had been seen and he turned around, schooling his face carefully blank.

"What do you want?" Harry kept his voice as pleasant as he could given the circumstances of their recent interactions and he wondered if they were going to have a fight right here in the middle of the library.

"I…I wanted to…to apologise." Ron stammered, not even looking at him.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Who are you and what have you done with Ron Weasley?" He intoned blandly, Ron shot him a grin.

"I've had a lot of time to think. I blamed you for everything because…well because…"

"I was an easy target." Harry filled in. He was always an easy target, the media were having a field day and people just loved to gossip about him because they had absolutely nothing else to talk about during their long and uneventful days.

Ron looked embarrassed. "Fred and George pointed out what I was doing and Charlie went bloody mental when he found out. They made me realise what I was doing and why and for what good it does, I am sorry."

Harry sighed. "It's been two years really since the last time that we spoke properly, Ron. When I was lying on the floor in the Ministry atrium, bleeding from the shattered glass that I was lying in, my nose pouring with blood from the possession I'd had to endure and the way you looked at me…you looked at me as if I was scum, Ron. I was fifteen, the same age as you were, and I had just killed Voldemort. I had done something so terrible as to kill another person, no matter who they were and I needed my friends around me, but the way you looked at me like I was dangerous, like I should be locked up, I just knew what would happen afterwards. Though I had hoped fervently that you'd wait until I was at least out of the hospital first, before you blew up at me right there in the hospital. I was practically catatonic in that hospital bed, pumped full of all sorts of potions and you were standing at the end of my bed yelling shit about me."

"I was scared and angry."

"And you think I wasn't?" Harry snapped. "I had just killed someone, Ron! Killed someone right there in the Ministry of Magic in front of several Aurors and the Minister for Magic himself, I thought I was going to be thrown in Azkaban! I thought I was going to be locked away like a dirty secret, but instead I got a pat on the head and I was sent back to the Dursleys and if you've been keeping up with the papers then you'd know all about what happened there!"

"Mum said." Ron mumbled. "Their trial's coming up right?"

Harry blew out a deep breath and he nodded curtly. "The date keeps being changed, trust the Dursleys to have gotten the best lawyers that money could get them. They're trying to stall, hoping that the case will fall through. I've been told now that they're claiming the trial will disrupt their precious baby son's schooling, so they want it put off until his school's out for the summer so that it doesn't affect his exams."

"Will you have to go back to them if you, for some reason, lose? Because Mum says she has a spare room for you if you need it."

Harry smiled at the mention of Mrs Weasley's huge heart and Motherly nature, but he shook his head. "It's unnecessary, I've got my own home now and I doubt your Mum has room for five grown men and six babies."

"How…how are the kids?" Ron asked hesitantly.

"Fine. I could talk to you for hours about them, but something tells me that you're not really interested and would find the conversation boring." Harry replied stiffly. Ron blushed.

"I…is there any chance that we can go back to how we were?" Ron asked softly, not looking at him.

"No." Harry said regretfully, shaking his head sadly. "No. It's been too long and we've both changed. If I could overlook all the arguments, the fights, every hateful word that you spat at me when I was in that hospital bed, in so much pain and thinking that I was going to prison, that would be fine, but I could never overlook what you did to me knowing that I was pregnant. You almost lost me my first son, Ron and I can never forgive you for that. Braiden is the most important, precious person to me now, him and my five other beautiful children. That you almost took him from me with your actions..." Harry's right hand clenched into a fist as he trailed off and he gritted his teeth, sucking in a breath between them to keep himself calm. "Knowing that you could have been the reason that I almost lost him, I could kill you for that alone, Ron and I want you to know that if you had killed him, I would have killed you. I would have hunted you down, even if it was the very last thing that I ever did, even if it took me years, I would have hunted you down and killed you for it, because even then, I loved him so very much and the pain of losing him would have been more than I could bear."

Ron nodded his head and he sighed. "I won't do anything like that ever again, not to anyone. When we were in the hospital wing and you started screaming like that, I…I was terrified. When you screamed at me to get Madam Pomfrey, I didn't even think not to do it, I just did it. I wanted you to stop screaming like that, I've never heard you scream like that before."

Harry made a small sound, almost a snort, but softer. "That was a gut wrenching pain; it was more fear than pain though. I knew something was wrong, I just knew that I was losing my baby, so I screamed out the pain and the fear."

"There really is no chance then?" Ron asked. "I miss you and Hermione."

"I'm sorry, Ron, perhaps if you talk with Hermione then she'll start talking to you again, though I do recommend waiting until the exams are over, you know how stressed and uptight she gets, but as for me and you, I want nothing more to do with you. We can be civil, but I don't want a friendship, I don't want to talk to you, I'm sorry, Ron, but I can never forgive you for causing me that almost miscarriage, because of you, my Braiden might never have been born and if you saw him now, the little person that he has grown to be, the budding personality that he has, the happy, relaxed six month old he is, you wouldn't be able to forgive yourself either."

Harry walked away then and he went to collect his bag.

"Harry? What's wrong?" Neville asked as Dean craned his neck to look where he had come from.

"Nothing, I think I'm just going to go back to my room's now, but thanks for reminding me that I have friends and I promise to spend more time with you. You can even come around at the weekend to see the babies if you want, though you may be roped into a feeding or two." Harry grinned.

"What did he say to you?" Ginny demanded, staring over his shoulder. Harry looked to see Ron with a haphazardly packed backpack, hunched over and leaving the library. "I swear if he said anything…"

"Ginny." Harry cut in. "I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself. Ron and I just talked. He seems to have grown up a lot this year, we didn't even fight or curse each other, we just talked to one another, alright?"

"He must have upset you." Hermione said softly.

"No, he actually didn't. I just really need to hold Braiden right now."

"He threatened Braiden again?"

"No, but we dragged up a lot of bad feelings when we were talking, including the miscarriage that he almost caused in the hospital wing and I need my son."

His friends nodded and Harry smiled. "I'll catch up with you all later." He promised as he took long strides out of the library and he started heading for the main staircase so that he could get back to his rooms quickly.

He was on the sixth floor when his skin tightened and the hair on the back of his neck stood up, he spun to the left just as a stunner went flying past his head. His wand was in his hand before he had turned to face his attacker, praying that it wasn't Ron after their talk, but he was met with the enraged eyes of Theodore Nott instead, those white teeth were clenched so tightly together and bared at him like a feral dog.

"What is your problem?!" Harry spat.

"You are!" Nott hissed. "I've had my eyes on Blaise since our fourth year! I befriended him, seduced him, we experimented kissing one another, I watched him as he lost his virginity to that Ravenclaw, he watched me lose mine to that little Hufflepuff and throughout it all we were watching one another! Do you know how hard it is to be a gay Pureblood? Do you know how hard it is to find another gay Pureblood when you yourself are gay? My Father will not permit me to have anyone other than a Pureblood and you took the only other gay Pureblood for yourself!"

"Well that's too bad." Harry growled. "Blaise obviously didn't like you as much as you liked him."

Harry had to quickly pull up a shield charm as a stinging hex flew at his head.

"He does!" Theo screamed. "We were going to be together, Potter! I was going to impregnate him this summer, we had it planned!"

Harry snorted. "You really don't know Blaise half as well as you think you do if you think that he'd carry your baby. Blaise is incapable of carrying."

Theo blinked and breathed heavily like he had run from the Great Hall to the Astronomy Tower and back again.

"There's a potion that allows a man to carry a baby if he wasn't born with the sac to do so naturally." Theo informed him.

"It only works in less than twenty percent of males, how do you know that Blaise would be one of those less than twenty percent? What makes you think that Blaise wants to be pregnant? What makes you think that Blaise would even want to carry your child?" Harry questioned spitefully.

"He would!" Theo roared. "We were getting up from kissing, we were going to move on to more sexual things than kissing and petting, we were going to have sex together as soon as I turned seventeen in November last year, but then you turned up on the scene that very same month and Blaise changed! He wouldn't even look at anyone else, only you! No one will believe that you slipped him a love potion, that you still are giving him a love potion, not perfect Potter! But I know that you are! He changed overnight!" Nott spat. "People don't fall in love overnight, Potter not unless they're given a love potion! Blaise wanted to wait until he was out of school before he had children, but you fell pregnant immediately, disrupting his studies, ruining his marks! It's no wonder that he's in such a bad mood these days after you shoved five other babies onto him! Five babies that aren't even his! No man wants another man's baby shoved onto him!"

Harry swallowed as all of his fears were dragged up, but he trusted Blaise and he wouldn't let this bastard rip them apart. He loved Blaise far too much.

"Blaise is happy." Harry said calmly and clearly. "Blaise loves us, all of us, and you're just angry because he won't give you a second glance. Blaise is ours, Nott, he isn't yours to lay claim to. He is the Father of my firstborn son, he was my first lover, my first love and I will not give him up without a fight, you will never take him from us. Never."

"Do you know how many people's virginity Blaise has broken over the years? Sixteen! He loved taking virgins, he loved breaking them in and then leaving them to grovel at his feet for any scrap of attention that he would give them afterwards."

Harry swallowed and he urged himself to stay calm. Either Nott was lying or Blaise had changed a hell of a lot because Harry had never met this cruel and cold man that Nott was describing.

"Not so cocky now are you, Potter? Blaise and I are perfect for one another because I loved breaking in virgins too, though we both preferred male virgins. We would have been perfect for one another, until you came along!"

Harry sighed. "You only think that you'd be perfect together, you've convinced yourself of it, but Blaise would have never loved you, no matter what he did in the past. He was ready to settle down and he obviously got bored of playing games with other people. He wanted a future, a family and he's got exactly that now with us. He would never have married you and he would never have settled down with you, especially not with you wanting to play games with virgins still."

'He's a Dracken, Nott, you idiot.' He thought to himself with an inward sigh. 'He would never have settled down with a human, no matter what he said or what he did before he found his mates.'

"He would have!" Nott screamed, red sparks coming out of his wand tip in his anger and Harry clenched his own tighter, ready for any curse that came at him. "You're just a filthy whore, Potter! You stole Blaise from me, you stole Draco from Astoria and you're fucking two grown men."

"My love life is none of your business. Blaise didn't want you and Draco didn't want Astoria."

"Draco is not gay, he never has been! Blaise and I tried to get him to sleep with us in fifth year and he told us to get away from him before he broke our necks, you should have seen his face, he was disgusted with our suggestion!"

"It must have been the addition of you then, because Draco and Blaise love fucking each other now and they both love fucking me!" Harry hissed, his temper being awoken at long last, he felt that flood of heat that his temper brought, heating his blood and making his hand itch to curse the little stain in front of him.

Thinking on how reluctant that Draco was in the beginning to bottom to anyone, Harry could well imagine that Draco had threatened to break Nott and Blaise's necks, especially if he knew their little game of breaking in virgins and then dumping them. He still remembered Draco's face when he had bottomed for the first time to Nasta and had had his virginity taken. It was a memory that was forever imprinted upon his mind.

"You have them both drugged!" Nott screamed at him, more sparks flying from his wand tip. "Anyone who knows them can see it clearly!"

"What, you mean like you and Astoria? Please, Nott, I've been with Blaise for a year last October and with Draco a year last January. Don't you think that Blaise's Mother and Draco's parents would have noticed anything amiss with their children over the likes of you?" Harry taunted.

Nott growled and even more sparks came out of his wand, Harry looked at it pointedly and interestedly.

"I wonder if you're so much of a substandard wizard that you'll lose control and blow up your wand. I'd love to tell Blaise that story, I'm sure he'd laugh so loud and he could use a laugh these days, because you want to know why he's so stressed? It's not because I'm forcing five children that aren't his on him, it's because we had to take four of those five babies for their Dragon Pox vaccination over the weekend and they screamed the hospital down, add in that our son Braiden is teething and cries in agony as he cuts a new tooth, it's getting Blaise stressed because he doesn't like seeing our children in pain, no matter the reason."

Nott actually snarled and aimed a bone breaking curse at him that Harry deflected easily.

"Please, Nott. I'm the best in our year at Defence; do you really think that the likes of you can get one over on me? I destroyed Voldemort when I was fifteen."

"You should have gone to prison for that! I heard you killed him using dark arts!"

Harry snorted. "People always talk when someone's better than them; there were no dark arts involved or I would have gone to prison for breaking the law, I killed Voldemort in front of several Aurors and the Minister himself, if I had used the dark arts in front of them, I would have gone to Azkaban regardless of the fact that I had used them to kill a madman."

Nott shot another spell at him, this one a crushing hex and it was aimed at his head. Harry deflected once again, readying his stance for the next spell as they were getting progressively more offensive and dangerous.

"Give it up, Nott, you won't walk away from this and you will never have Blaise. Just stop because I don't really want to hurt you, though I will if you carry on!"

"Please, Potter; stop acting as if you're some amazing hit wizard! You're just a seventeen year old student! I know how to block as well as you do!"

"All this because you think you love Blaise?"

"I do love him! Just stop drugging him and let him choose for himself! Him and Draco! You can keep your old men; just stop drugging them with love potion!"

"I'm not…"

"You are!" Someone screeched from behind him and Harry made an absolutely idiotic, fundamental mistake.

He spun fully around, giving his back to Nott, to assess the new threat and as he caught sight of Astoria Greengrass, her wand out and aimed at him, he tried to put his back to the wall, like he should have done in the first place, but he didn't have time to do anything or to correct his mistake as a spell smashed into his back and sent him into a suit of armour, Harry lost consciousness as soon as his head cracked on the solid metal.

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