The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


65. Chapter Sixty-Four – Hufflepuff Heights

The smell of alcohol left nowhere for them to hide and as they arrived back home, the only one grinning and giving them a secret thumbs-up was Richard. Behind Myron's back obviously, because the very large man looked ready to explode.

It was Aneirin however who was staring at him like he had never seen him before, so deep was his shock, so disbelieving and disappointed. Nasta wanted to curl up and hide himself away from a gaze that he hardly ever saw directed at him, but instead he stood tall as he cradled Blaise, who had vomited once more, this time in Hogsmeade, as the Apparation disagreed with his tender belly.

"What is the meaning of this?" Myron spoke in an angry growl.

"Do you know how worried we've been?" Ashleigh told them tearfully. "You were expected back last night."

"We were too drunk to Apparate." Draco replied helpfully. "Not without splinching at any rate." He added as he fell onto the settee and cradled his own head.

Blaise dry heaved into his own throat and Nasta moved him into a more comfortable position so that his belly wasn't scrunched up. Blaise moaned softly and sobbed in misery as he clung to Nasta's shoulders.

Harry tentatively let go of Max's waist, took two steps forward and then plummeted to the floor. Max grabbed his hips and set him back on his feet, Harry blinked slowly as if he didn't quite grasp what had happened, he made a soft, confused noise and peered blearily around at everyone, who were starting to blur into pairs.

"He's going to pass out." Myron informed dryly, just as Harry's eyes rolled into his head.

Max caught the soft, floppy body before he hit the floor and cradled him, sniffing and licking at Harry's bone pale face. All he could smell was alcohol and stale sex.

"He needs a stomach settling potion." Max said softly as he moved to the kitchenette and got down his potion chest.

He pulled out five headache relievers and five stomach settling elixirs and handed the two potions to every one of his mates, keeping four, two for him and two for Harry. He saw to Harry first as Nasta coaxed an uncooperative Blaise into drinking them, but he was at a loss for what to do with the unconscious seventeen year old.

"You should be made to suffer the consequences of your binge like Muggles. How much did you drink?!" Aneirin shook his head sadly. "I suppose it wouldn't interest you to know that Braiden cried almost all night for his 'mama'. I kept telling him that Harry would be home soon, but as midnight came and went, then one O'clock and two and I knew then that you wouldn't be home. What was I to tell that tiny six month old boy? That his parents, who had promised to come back, hadn't?"

"Really Dad, you can't possibly make me feel any worse than I already do, so stop with the guilt trip." Nasta sighed softly.

"What possessed you to drink so much? I have spent my life teaching you about the dangers and detriments of alcohol and then you go out and not only let your submissive and subordinates get flat drunk, but you join them!"

"We were celebrating our very first Valentine's Day together as a whole, as a real family, Dad. Forgive me for not ruining that celebration by exercising restraint on what myself and my lovers drank."

"Well you made the papers this morning, perhaps that would interest you." Myron said silkily soft, his black eyes glaring at them all as he took the folded newspaper from his back pocket and handed it over forcefully.

Nasta shook it out to the front page with Max over his shoulder and the glaring headline 'Garnet Swan Under Fire' caught his attention and then underneath that was a second, more detailed headline stating 'Prestigious Garnet Swan Restaurant make enemies of the Saviour and the hottest, most talked about relationship of the year' which made him sigh tiredly as he saw the picture of a tearful Harry with a wine stained shirt on the front cover. He wasn't going to enjoy this article, he just knew it.

"Illustrious and world famous wizarding restaurant, The Garnet Swan, last night became the centre of an embarrassing and reputation destroying scene as five prominent young wizards enjoyed an evening at the Magical Musical Theatre for the yearly performance of the world's only all magical ballet troupe before heading to The Garnet Swan for dinner reservations that have to be pre-booked up to eight months in advance for Valentine's Day slots. Other patrons were excited to see Saviour, Harry James Potter, seventeen, enter the establishment, accompanied by his four lovers, Nasta Tabrien Delericey, thirty-eight, Maximilius Diadesen Maddison, thirty-two, Blaise Mariano Zabini, eighteen and Draco Malfoy, seventeen.

'I have never met the young boy in person and to see him sitting just two tables away from me and my Husband was just a complete thrill' says Florence Hightly. 'They were all happy and laughing, talking about the ballet they had just seen and young Harry asked if his lovers would like some wine, which was then ordered. There was a tension between them however, as the young hostess wouldn't leave their table, flirting quite shamelessly with one of Harry's lovers. It's not surprising that he got a bit upset with the lady.'

Other diners then went on to describe a scene 'like something out of a written drama' some patrons said, as the hostess, who has been named as Audrey Freeman, twenty-six, touched and flirted with the obviously uninterested man, who tried many times, unsuccessfully, to brush the woman off, then recommended a rosé wine, 'a favourite of hers' a colleague mentioned, to the young men, after they had clearly said that they wanted both red and white, not rosé. Freeman then went to fetch the wine herself, instead of allowing the waiters to do their job and serve the young men.

'Their mood was drastically lowered, darker' Kirk Williams, sixty-three, told us. 'They were no longer the smiling, happy lovers they had been when they had arrived and young Mr Potter was most upset and down heartened.'

The next scene, that shocked other diners and has left The Garnet Swan's reputation in tatters, was when Miss Audrey Freeman came back with the wine server and then proceeded to pour the bottle of expensive red wine over Mister Potter's head which saw the young seventeen year old leaving the restaurant in tears, pictured above, his night now ruined and his lovers furious on his behalf.

'It was just awful, disgraceful for such an expensive and highly rated establishment' Rose Beverly, fifty-nine, said in an interview. 'That young lady was rude, disrespectful, shameless and cruel to that poor boy, to one we owe so much! That boy did not deserve such treatment for merely dining with his loved ones. The Garnet Swan is a very expensive establishment, we as patrons, expect a certain level of service for our Galleons, this is unacceptable and I and my loved ones will be dining at The Gilted Crown from now on!'

Harry Potter and his loved ones could not be found for comment, assumedly they went back to their quarters at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which three of the five are still attending for their last year of school. The management team of The Garnet Swan confidently assured us that Miss Freeman had been dismissed from service and they have apologised sincerely to their guests and have sent along their apologies to Mister Harry Potter and his lovers for the poor level of service they received and have also offered to replace the shirt that one of their staff members ruined and have also expressed their wish to offer the young fivesome a free dining experience to take advantage of whenever they wish, their school schedule allowing, but all of that does not make up for the fact that the superior, world class restaurant has been left in a frankly embarrassing position and their untouched reputation has been left in shreds."

Max breathed in deeply as he finished reading aloud the article.

"At least they didn't follow us and take pictures of what we did in that small restaurant and that cheap, nasty hotel." Draco said, feeling much better now that his belly had stopped rolling and his headache had been eased away by the potions.

Myron breathed deeply. "That's not the point!" He snapped.

"What is the point? As you seem to want to make it incredibly loudly." Harry asked from Max's arms; where his glassy green eyes cracked open just a touch.

"Take these, Harry, you'll feel much better." Max encouraged, overseeing Harry drinking the two potions.

Harry struggled in Max's arms and the large man set him on his feet. Harry walked right into his bedroom and he immediately stripped into a pair of soft, warm pyjamas before going to his babies. He scooped a sleeping Braiden into his arms and climbed the staircase to his quintuplets.

None of them were awake, but he stroked their soft little cheeks, gave them all a kiss, before carrying Braiden back down the stairs and into the living room, cooing softly to his baby.

"Braiden was…" Aneirin started.

"Don't!" Nasta hissed angrily, his eyes pinned on his Father.

"Braiden was what?" Harry demanded, waking up a lot more than he had been previously. "He wasn't sick was he?!"

"No, he missed you." Nasta said softly.

"Aww." Harry cooed, rubbing his nose against Braiden's. "Did you miss me baby? I missed you too."

"I fed the little quins, Braiden didn't wake up." Ashleigh told him.

"Leolin should have had two bottles." Harry said worriedly.

"I fed him the first bottle." Aneirin told him.

Harry smiled. "Thank you."

Aneirin blew out a breath, he just couldn't stay angry with Harry, his son however, him he could be angry with, he knew better than this, he had taught his son better, fortunately for Nasta, Braiden made a soft sound and opened his beautiful eyes as Harry sat down on the settee.

He grinned, so very happily when he caught sight of his Mummy and he lifted sleep heavy arms to get a hug, which Harry lovingly gave him, ignoring the baby drooling in his hair and over his neck.

"Hello, Braiden love." Harry greeted softly, blocking out the room around him.


"Good morning, sweetie. I missed you so much, but your Daddies thought it was a bad idea to Apparate while so intoxicated, truthfully I agree with them, but it's alright, I'm here with you now."

Harry just cuddled his little six month old baby and soaked up all the love and trust such a tiny person could have for their Mother. He pressed his lips to Braiden's temple and kept his lips there as he hugged Braiden to himself.

"I love seeing you like this." Max told him softly.

"Like what?" Harry answered back just as softly, most of his attention still on the baby in his arms.

"Just like that, in your own little world with one of the kids. It's amazing."

Harry smiled, but shook his head at Max.

"Has he had breakfast?" Harry asked the older adults in the room.

"No, not yet. Is he on solids yet?" Ashleigh asked.

Harry nodded. "Yes, he only has a bottle five times a day now and he has rice cereal twice a day. He's getting such a big boy."

"May I hold him?" Ashleigh asked.

Harry gave Braiden a kiss and handed him over with no fuss as he went to fix Braiden some breakfast.

"How is Leolin doing?" Myron asked, sitting down next to Draco when offered to by Max.

It made Harry feel warm that Myron was asking after Leolin, and not just Calix and Farren. His only blood grandchildren.

"I'm worried about him." Harry admitted.

"Only because you are comparing him to the other babies, Harry. He's going to seem different and even strange compared to them." Nasta soothed.

"Didn't you tell him about Faerie babies, Nasta? I gave you the books right from the Faerie courts." Aneirin said tonelessly, still lividly angry with his son, but willing to put it off to a later date, perhaps when Harry and Braiden weren't in the room.

"Of course I've told him, he's even read a few of them himself, but it doesn't seem to be sinking through his Dracken instincts. He keeps trying to feed Leolin increasing amounts of milk to join the other four, but he doesn't want to know."

"I just…he's not growing. Surely he should at least be growing?" Harry bit his lip and frowned with stress and concern.

"He has grown, Harry; his back is now completely healed, he's gained a few pounds and he's lost his curled up newborn look." Draco reminded.

"But he's still so small, he's tiny."

"Only compared to his siblings." Max told him, assisting Harry with Braiden's breakfast, handing him the things that he needed to make the baby rice cereal.

"Is it okay for him to be so small though?" Harry asked, looking at Aneirin, a tiny bowl of rice cereal in his hands and a little weaning spoon at the ready for Braiden.

"It's completely normal, Harry, I'm surprised he's put on any weight, most Faerie babies don't until they're at least a few months old. There are books on this, Harry and one baby in one particular book still looked like he was a newborn at seven months, Leolin's coming on brilliantly and I'm sure it's down to your expert care."

That put a smile on Harry's face as he went to feed Braiden, who Max had taken off of his Mother and sat on his lap. Harry knelt on the floor in front of him and fed Braiden on Max's lap, neither of them caring about the odd blobs of cereal landing on them, they were just glad that Braiden hadn't yet learned to put his hand in the food and throw it, he was content to just sit and allow Harry to push the spoon into his mouth.

Nasta went to get the awakening quintuplets after laying Blaise down on the settee with orders not to move and for Draco to watch him, and then another day began, perhaps not how they would always start their day, as they weren't always going to have hideous hangovers, but they easily fell into their familiar routine.

Monday morning, the sixteenth of February, saw Harry back in lessons, which he had grumbled about, after thoroughly enjoying his week off from lessons, but he was sent on his way regardless, being accompanied by Blaise and Draco until they broke apart, Harry to Charms, Draco and Blaise to Arithmancy.

Theodore Nott had been expelled, had had his wand snapped in half and was forbidden from buying a new one. There had been a huge article on the front page about the scummy little Slytherin who had attacked the Saviour. Draco hadn't let him read it and from that alone Harry knew that it was a bad article with at least some misinformation or downright lies.

Astoria Greengrass had been cautioned and warned not to go near him, any of his lovers or their children and she had been firmly told that any more trouble and she would also be expelled and have her wand snapped. She glared at Harry as he sat with Draco and Blaise for lunch, but Harry happily ignored the little girl, talking more with Pansy Parkinson, who wasn't exactly a bosom buddy, but Harry found that he could actually enjoy her company in small, evened doses.

After lunch Harry went back to Transfiguration to finish off the interrupted double period with Draco, while Blaise rushed off to Ancient Runes. Harry and Draco also met up with Hermione, who also had Transfiguration.

When the final bell rang Harry packed up his equipment and scowled at his filthy hands. Herbology really was dirty work and he spoke softly with Neville as they both went to the hose in the corner to wash their hands.

"Where are Draco and Blaise?" Neville asked, really so much more confident now than his younger years.

"In Defence, poor babies." Harry grinned.

"What's wrong with Defence? I thought it had picked up standard now that we have a permanent Professor who knows what he is on about now that the curse is lifted from the position."

"Ah, but who is that permanent teacher, Nev? None of them have forgiven Professor Drios for that stunner to the back when I was pregnant."

Neville made an 'O' of understanding and he nodded. "I suppose that must be difficult for them to deal with, stunners really can be dangerous and with how powerful Professor Drios is, I am surprised that you came out with the baby still."

"I'm not!" Seamus Finnegan piped up as they made their way across the grounds to the castle. "No matter how powerful Professor Drios is, our Harry is even more powerful!"

"Cheers, Seamus." Harry grinned. "Hey, do you guys want to come over later, or I could come to Gryffindor Tower, but it is more convenient to move you lot rather than six babies, I want to introduce you and the girls to the kids, I've already invited Hermione, who's going to ask Ginny and Luna."

"You sure your guys won't mind?" Dean Thomas asked.

"Why would they?"

"Alright then, I've been dying to meet your kids." Seamus said with a grin.

"They've really come on now." Harry said with an answering grin.

"Not planning on anymore are you?" Neville asked as Harry went misty eyed.

"Loads more." Harry chuckled. "Draco wants a blood child too."

"Hold up, you have six kids and none of them are Malfoy's? Maybe he's infertile."

"No, I'm sure he's very fertile; we just never seem to have sex together at the right time." Harry grinned as his friends all pulled faces.

"Too much information, Harry." Dean scowled.

"I had to listen to you and Seamus for two years, talking about women and breasts and other icky things that I don't want to even name." Harry pouted.

That set them all off laughing as Seamus wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulders.

"That must have been what turned him off in the first place." Neville pointed out.

"You know what, it probably was." Harry grinned at his friends. "I'm blaming my harem of men solely on you two." Harry indicated Seamus and Dean.

"How can you put the same amount of blame on me?" Dean asked. "I waited a full year after Seamus did to have sex for the first time. He was the one who started off the conversations about women by telling us about that summer between third and fourth year when he had that girl, oh what was her name, Sally? Or was it Sandy?"

"Don't look at me, I don't remember her name." Seamus grumbled.

"Anyway, Seamus started it all off, so therefore he should be blamed more."

"Blamed more for what?" Hermione asked as she joined them on the fourth floor.

"Nothing, Hermione." They all said, sharing a grin with one another at what Hermione would say about their topic of conversation.

"You're not planning on rule breaking are you?" She asked, eyeing them all suspiciously.

"Who us?" Harry asked innocently. "Never. Where's Ginny?"

"She had Divination, she and Luna will meet us outside your rooms." Hermione answered still looking at them through narrowed eyes suspiciously, a frown down turning her mouth.

"I can't wait to show off my babies!" Harry said excitedly. "Oh, don't mind Nasta or Max, I have no idea what they've done all day, so Nas might be working or they could be asleep now that I'm not there to help with the kids."

"They won't be having, you know what, will they?" Dean asked with a grimace.

"What sex? Don't be stupid, with six kids it's hard enough to find the time to cuddle, let alone have sex." Harry waved away as they reached the seventh floor and found Ginny and Luna stood awkwardly outside the portrait of the empty classroom.

"This is your guardian portrait? Who's supposed to be inside the picture?" Neville asked.

"No one." Harry winked and took out his wand and touched the keyhole in the classroom door. The portrait swung open and Harry bounced inside to see Max napping on the settee topless and Nasta was nowhere in sight.

"Here we are, home sweet home."

Hermione, Ginny and Luna all giggled at Max, whose gorgeously muscled upper body really was a sight to behold in all its naked glory, the wide expanse of his shoulder's barely fit on the settee and his thick thighs left no room for the both of them to fit on the settee, one leg was bent over the side, foot resting on the floor.

"He's so big." Ginny giggled.

"Yeah, he is." Harry winked with a cheeky grin.

"Mama!" Braiden called out, fighting to sit up in the travel cot as soon as he heard Harry's voice. He managed to sit himself up by rolling onto his knees first and he immediately held his arms up to Harry. "Maa maa!" He stressed.

Harry picked him up and gave him a tight hug and a kiss.

"This is Braiden." He introduced.

"Ah, I remember this one." Dean said as he gingerly took a little hand and shook it gently.

"Harry, is that you?" Nasta called out, coming into the living room dressed in the dragonhide trousers that Draco had bought him for his birthday and a tight green tee-shirt, which brought out the green in his eyes.

"Yeah, I bought some friends to see the kids, they've already met Max." Harry grinned, indicating the biggest kid of the family.

Nasta snorted. "He thinks he had it hard because I went to work for two hours this morning. One of the Welsh Greens, Meinir, got out of hand and tried to destroy her enclosure, and everyone in it."

"Pregnant?" Harry guessed with a secret grin.

"Pregnant." Nasta agreed with a smirk.

"You aren't hurt are you?" Harry asked.

"No. But Max thinks he's hard done by for being left on his own for two hours."

Harry chuckled and went to get the quintuplets, who would be wanting a feed soon anyway, leaving Nasta with his friends.

"It's nice to meet you." Ginny grinned widely, looking suggestively to his hips and thighs, which she had had a fascination with ever since Harry had told her about Nasta's special move during sex and exactly what it felt like to be on the receiving end of it. Nasta just nodded in reply, sinking back into his silent, aloof persona.

Once Harry had safely moved all five of the quintuplets into the living room he showed them off to his friends as Nasta went into the kitchenette to make up their bottles.

"Doesn't say much does he?" Seamus whispered to Harry.

"Who Nasta? You should have been there right in the very beginning; I had trouble getting his name from him."

"I think he's just shy." Hermione defended.

Harry snorted and almost keeled over with laughter at that. If it was one thing that Nasta wasn't, it was shy.

"He's not shy, he just likes the quiet." Harry said grinning. "A lot of people misunderstand that about him, some people over the years have even thought that he was retarded or mute, he's not, he just doesn't like talking, he prefers observing everything. Though he has gotten better, especially with us."

"Where are Draco and Blaise?" Neville asked, almost nervously, though it didn't show on his face.

"Don't worry about them, Nev, they won't say a word to you anymore, they've really grown up, not to mention they don't have the time to go bullying anyone. Besides they know what I think of them behaving in that way and they wouldn't do it. As for where they are currently, they go to every single study session held by the Professors, then they'll go to the library for a bit before they come home, they want to do the very best that they can in their exams so they won't have to resit them in the summer."

"They spend all day, every day studying?" Dean asked in horror.

Harry nodded. "They want good jobs to support our family. Nasta and Max have good jobs and I was left a lot of money by my parents and my godfather, but we can never have too much, especially not as we plan on having a lot of children."

Harry cuddled Braiden in his lap, letting his son gum and bite at a teething ring with little plastic animals on it as his friends, most particularly Hermione and Ginny, fawned over the quintuplets.

"I know you had a little girl, where is she?" Ginny asked.

Harry looked at her strangely. "You can't tell?" He demanded as he looked to his little girl, who he could see immediately was a girl and not a boy like the others.

"It is hard to tell, Harry, especially as they're all wearing dresses." Seamus pointed out.

"They're nightdresses and it makes it easier to change them in the night instead of fighting with poppers, buttons and foot holes. Why aren't they dressed?" Harry asked Nasta, who shrugged as he handed over the bottles to cool naturally.

"Ask Max." Was the short, soft reply as he went back to the kitchenette and got out his paperwork.

Harry rolled his eyes and pointed out Tegan to the girls, who carefully picked her up and cuddled her.

"She looks very like that baby." Neville said, pointing to Regan.

"They're the closest to twins out of all of them." Harry nodded. "I think they're more fraternal twins than part of the other quins, they just happened to be born at the same time as the other three, but they have been mistaken for identical twins by the orderlies who gave them their Dragon Pox vaccine."

"These two are Nasta's yes? They look like him." Hermione said.

"Leolin is Nasta's too." Harry pointed out the tiny baby, in his padded carrycot closest to Harry; the other four had been placed down on the quilt in the middle of the floor.

"Why is he so small?" Dean asked. "Is he alright?"

"He's a Faerie." Luna said softly as she went onto her hands and knees, lifting one hand to touch a small cheek.

"Come off it, Harry's as human as the rest of us!" Seamus scoffed.

Harry shared a look with Hermione and he had to control his grin.

"Actually Luna is right. Leolin's a Faerie; it runs in Nasta's bloodline."

"Holy fuck, really?" Dean burst out.

"Language." Nasta snapped from the kitchenette table.

"So that thing about his skin?" Dean whispered after sending a look to Nasta.

"His underdeveloped wings." Harry said. "He's fine now though, completely fine."

Braiden took that moment to sneeze and Harry sighed, picking up a soft cloth from the table and wiping his nose for him and the snot that had covered his face down to his chin.

"That's disgusting!" Seamus shivered.

"That's a baby." Harry replied with a grin. "People just think they're these little humans that just sleep all the time, that they can put them down and pick them up when they want to and they can use them as dress up dolls, they don't realise exactly how much work it involves. They all eat, puke and shit more times a day than anyone you've ever known, their cries can pierce your eardrums, they can't wipe themselves, can't feed, change or bathe themselves, they can't wipe their own noses, when the baby is finally asleep you have all the washing to do, all the cleaning because you can't do it when the baby is awake. You can forget about any thoughts of a social life, sleep is a thing of the past and sex is a distant dream that we only get to indulge in on special occasions when Nasta's Dad or Max's parents take the kids for the night. I don't think I've slept properly for a year because even when you're pregnant the baby won't let you sleep undisturbed."

"Then you went and had five more." Neville grinned. "That alone says it's all worth it."

"It's most definitely worth it." Harry smiled. "I wouldn't give up this last year and a half for anything, and I mean anything, in the world."

"Love you too." Max said sleepily as he stretched his body as much as he could on the settee, watched by three giggly girls and three grudgingly impressed boys as Max's muscles flexed enticingly under his smooth skin, that was getting steadily paler with the absence of the strong summer sunlight.

"We have company." Harry informed softly.

"I know, I've been listening to you all for the last few minutes."

Max hefted himself up with a groan and stretched again, this time his back muscles flexing as his spine cracked forcing him to let out a soft moan.

"Why aren't any of the children dressed?" Harry asked. "You were supposed to have dressed them and washed their nightdresses ready for them to wear tonight."

Max groaned and rubbed his face. "Nasta left me on my own."

"Only for two hours." Harry raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

"Braiden wouldn't settle without you, Tegan decided to throw a fit when I tried to undress her so I thought it best to just leave her and then Calix decided to play up, then Leolin wanted attention, it's hard to look after all six of them on your own!" Max defended.

Harry chuckled and kissed Max, who sighed unhappily.

"If you give me their nightdresses now I'll wash them and dry them in front of the fire." He said defeated and Harry chuckled again, having known that as soon as he had kissed Max, that the large man would offer to do the washing.

"Oh, I want to pick their outfits." Ginny said. "Can I please?"

"Their clothes are in the large chest of drawers, Gin." Harry told her. "One drawer per baby, Braiden's is at the top, then Farren's, Tegan's, then Regan's, Calix and Leolin's is on the bottom. Don't forget bodysuits and socks!"

"I'm so glad we got the magically expandable drawers, otherwise we would need a whole cabinet for each baby." Max chuckled as he picked up Regan and pulled his nightdress off quickly and carefully as Harry did the same with Braiden.

Each baby was then nearly naked except for their nappies as Ginny came back with her arms full of clothes.

"You have some adorable outfits." She gushed. "Your bed is amazing by the way."

"You had better not have gone up there, Ginny!" Harry warned, not liking that someone, anyone, would go so close to his bed.

"No, I saw it from the lower level, but it looks awesome."

Harry nodded at that and set to dressing his babies for the day, even if they'd have to be changed back into sleepwear in a few hours, Max taking the dirty nightdresses, bodysuits and socks to be hand washed.

His friends stayed for another hour, they talked about anything and everything, exams popped up and then Quidditch and Harry assured the Gryffindors that he would be playing in the match against Hufflepuff in March, in a little over two weeks' time. He was greatly looking forward to it. He also assured them that he would do his best to play Ravenclaw in May as well and then the final in June, which would likely be Gryffindor versus Slytherin, as it usually was. Harry had missed the first Gryffindor versus Slytherin match which had been in November, when he had still been pregnant with the quintuplets; Blaise had had fun destroying the red and gold lions though. It had been a narrow victory for the Slytherins, who had won two hundred and ten to one hundred and eighty. Blaise's first match as Captain since Urquhart had graduated.

Harry sighed as he said goodbye to his friends and went to sit on Nasta's lap as Max hung the rung out clothes on the grate by the fire. Nasta's arm slipped around his waist and held on as he finished his calculation before dropping his quill and giving him a kiss.

"Were you uncomfortable with them here?" Harry asked sadly.

Nasta shook his head. "No. I just have no idea what to say to school children."

Harry laughed. "Me, Blaise and Draco are still in school too."

"But you're more mature because of the Dracken inheritance. Not to mention the six children." Max pointed out as he walked around the table to make them some tea. "They were a bit immature, especially the younger girls. A guy can't even sleep without giggling going on."

"You were half naked." Harry grinned.

"Only because Regan spit up on my shirt." Max pouted as he handed out the tea cups.

Harry took a sip of the familiar sweet warmth of his honey tea and he sighed in happiness.

"I'll tell you, this is the life. I don't care how hard or stressful it gets, I meant it when I said that I wouldn't change these last nineteen months for anything."

Nasta nibbled his neck and squeezed his waist, but that's all they had time for as Braiden called out for his 'mama' wanting some more attention.

Harry sighed and groaned as he got up to go and pick up a squalling Braiden to play with him and the three stuffed animals they kept at the bottom of his travel cot that Braiden enjoyed. He hadn't been lying when he had said that the only time they got to have sex anymore was when the in-laws babysat.

The next few weeks turned into a nightmare as even more homework was piled on them as they came into March. Braiden turned seven months old; the quintuplets turned three months old and Harry started avoiding all meat. This sent him into a blind panic when he finally realised what he was doing and why and it took his mates several minutes to calm him down, thankful that they were in their private rooms and not in public.

"What the hell is the matter, Harry?" Blaise asked as Nasta finally managed to secure his teeth around the back of Harry's neck, making his body go boneless as instinct took over and his Dracken released calming hormones into his blood as Nasta's teeth sunk into the flesh at the back of his neck.

"I just realised, I don't want meat."

"So, don't eat it." Draco replied with a frown. "No one's forcing you to eat it."

"No, I don't want any meat; I don't even want it near me, that's the sign of the fifth week of my heat cycle."

That brought his mates up short.

"Are you sure?" Blaise asked softly.

Harry nodded. "I've been eating cereals, bread and rice all week and now I've realised that I don't want any meat. I can't be pregnant again, I can't! What if it's another set of quintuplets?!"

"Calm down, Harry, we'll deal with it when we have to." Nasta encouraged, helping him to slow his breathing. "There are still three more weeks of your cycle, then the heat period, do you know exactly what day your diet changed to include more cereals and grains and no meat?"

"I…I think it was last Tuesday." Harry frowned. "I don't know for sure, is it important?"

"We know you have eight week cycles." Nasta told him. "You're in your fifth week or there abouts, knowing what day you went into your fifth week can help us pinpoint what day your heat period will hit, which will allow us to make preparations for the children to be away at that time."

Harry nodded at the logic and he focused on breathing deeply and evenly, there was no guarantee that this would be a fertile heat, next to no Dracken had a fertile heat right after a dry spell, what were the chances that he'd be one of the few who did? So it was best to just calm himself down and not stress over it. His Dracken wouldn't care if he wanted more babies or not, he would either have a dry heat or a fertile one, he'd have to deal with that when it came to it and until then, he'd carry on as normally as possible.

Sunday, March the eighth saw Harry waking up two hours early with pre-match nerves. He showered, dried and dressed himself in his Quidditch uniform before the first baby even stirred from sleep. He left the scarlet robe off for now.

He moved the sleeping babies one by one into the living room and tried not to think that he might have another one soon. Or another several, but he staved off that last thought viciously.

Harry fed the babies as they woke and eased them back to sleep, which was easier to do with the quintuplets than with Braiden, who refused to sleep and instead stayed awake with Harry to play with.

Harry kept himself focused on Braiden so that the nerves would ease off, they wouldn't go completely until he was up in the air, but until then he could at least keep himself occupied with the extra time with Braiden.

Braiden excited Harry when they were playing on the floor together by getting onto his hands and knees, but he didn't do anything other than bounce on his hands and knees making 'ah, ah, ahhh' noises, liking the way that his noises sounded as he bounced on his arms, before falling flat onto the padded duvet and giggling to himself.

Harry let out the breath that he hadn't known he had been holding and he smiled softly and indulgently at his seven month old son who was rolling and squirming on the duvet in front of him.

Farren woke up and Harry changed him with an ease that came from changing about fifty nappies a day. Harry held Farren on his lap as he played with Braiden, who, at the moment, enjoyed throwing things. Not that they went very far, but sometimes they landed on Braiden's leg or a foot, and sometimes, if a mate was sitting close by him, their legs.

Draco woke up first and he came to kiss him good morning, kissing Farren's head and Braiden's mouth as the little boy giggled on his belly.

"Do you want a cup of tea, Harry?"

"Please, Dray, if you don't mind. I'm choking on nerves."

"You'll be completely fine, but for the sake of our sanity, please, no diving, no speeding, no stunts of any kind and no death defying tricks."

"So I'll just sit there in one spot, yes?" Harry asked with a grin.

"That'll be for the best I think." Draco nodded as he boiled the Muggle kettle for tea; he was getting so much more domesticated as the months passed.

Harry chuckled. "You just want Slytherin to win."

"I don't care about that any more, Harry, there are more important things now, like your health, so be careful."

Harry nodded. "I will, but I can't control the bludgers or the Beaters."

Draco's eyes flashed with both anger and worry, but he turned to fix the tea before Harry could call him on it. He let it go; all of his mates would be worried until the end of the match. He didn't always get hurt in Quidditch matches, but everyone knew that Quidditch was a very dangerous game to play, so injuries were an almost certainty, for Seekers especially.

"Oh now who is this sexy man?" Max grinned, looking at Harry in his tight Quidditch leggings and vest.

"Come off it, Max." Harry grinned.

"No I mean it, your arse looks fucking stunning in those skin tight leggings, sat there with the heels of your little feet pushing it up like an offering that I can't resist, why don't you wear them more often?"

"They're my Quidditch ones." Harry laughed.

"Then I'll buy you a pair for everyday use." Max nodded happily and sat behind Harry to pull him onto his lap.

"Ah ba!" Braiden frowned at Max as Harry was taken further away from him. "Mama, mama, maa maa!"

"Someone's being a fussy boy." Blaise said as he scooped Braiden up and kissed a chubby cheek.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!" Braiden chanted as he struggled in Blaise's arms before he gave up and burst out crying; screaming his heart out and Harry was up and had Braiden in his arms, pacing the living room trying to shush him.

"What happened?" Nasta asked urgently, coming out of the bedroom, razor in hand, half shaved, his chin was bleeding down his neck.

"Braiden's having a bit of separation anxiety. He doesn't want to be away from Harry." Blaise explained sadly as he watched Harry pace with their son, he went wide eyed when he looked over to Nasta and saw the blood.

"You're bleeding, Nas." Harry pointed out concernedly, even as he bumped Braiden to try and calm him.

"I heard Braiden scream and I lost focus for a moment and sliced my chin as I turned my head, it's nothing."

Draco went to the older man with a napkin and dabbed the cut gently, peering at it closely.

"It doesn't seem too bad, just a nick." He said concernedly even as he continued dabbing at the bleeding cut. "It's not stopping, Max do you have anything for this?"

Max had gone immediately to his potions case as soon as he had seen the blood and he carefully threw a jar of paste at Draco, who unscrewed it, dipped his fingers into it and dabbed it on Nasta's cut.

Nasta sucked in a breath and forced himself not to push Draco away as the paste stung and burnt.

"It's nothing." He complained. "It would have healed on its own anyway."

Draco gave him a stern look and Nasta sighed, but he pulled Draco into a hug and kissed him regardless. He smiled at the love that he felt from these four men, the care they showed him just for a small shaving cut.

"Breakfast will be up in ten minutes guys!" Max called. "Harry, Braiden's porridge is ready if he's calm enough to eat it now."

Harry nodded from where he was cradling a snuffling Braiden in his arms. Nasta went to finish shaving, this time without any more cuts and Max set out cups of tea and Blaise's coffee, the only one he'd be able to have in Nasta's presence, he'd have to sneak the all the other cups that he wanted.

Harry fed Braiden first, who was over his fit and was happily giggling and eating his spoons of porridge that Harry coaxed him to eat. When he was finished, Blaise tried to take Braiden away from Harry again, they waited with bated breath for the screaming to start again, but Braiden happily babbled to himself and tried to snatch Blaise's hair and they all let out a breath and Harry turned to eat his own cooling breakfast.

At nine in the morning all six babies were bundled up in padded snow suits, hats, mittens, scarves, thick socks and wellies. Harry went for some last minute preparations with the team, leaving his four mates to fend for themselves against the female population of Hogwarts all clamouring to see the cute babies in their snow suits and the very gorgeous men holding them, of course seeing Draco Malfoy, the supposed epitome of cold, cool, calculating Pureblood, holding a three month old baby girl in a blinding white snowsuit with cute little teddies depicted on it might have been the clincher.

Harry, now dressed in the scarlet robes to match his socks, was warming up and running through tactics with Ginny, who he was positive that he was going to pass the Captaincy badge to after he had graduated, she thoroughly deserved it.

"Are you alright, Harry?" Demelza asked. "You look pale."

"I feel a bit sick honestly." He said, rubbing his belly. "Give me a moment."

"I feel sick too, it's normal right?" Pauley Hendix, their new permanent Keeper, said worriedly.

"Pre-match nerves are normal." Ginny assured them all. "But Harry has been playing for seven years and he wasn't this bad on his first match back in his first year. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine; I just…give me a minute."

He went into the shower stalls and to the lone sink to splash some very cold water on his face. He didn't know what was wrong, but he felt off. He had thought that these were just nerves, but he didn't think that it was now; it was a different sort of feeling. He didn't remember ever feeling like this during his last breeding cycle, but maybe it was because he'd had a dry spell and now he was going back into his cycle, he'd have to ask Nasta, but until then he'd have to suck it up.

"It's time to go out, are you feeling better?"

"A bit." Harry replied rubbing his belly.

"It's not that illness that you had last year is it?" Dean asked.

"It might be. I'll see Pomfrey soon, I'm sure the guys won't let me do anything less once they hear that I'm feeling a bit odd."

"Are you fit enough to play?"

"Sure. I'll be fine. I'm just a bit queasy, it's not like I'm throwing up." Harry assured as he gathered his team around, smiled at them all before leading them out to the pitch.

The Hufflepuffs, in their canary yellow robes, were already in place, they were late, but Harry walked slowly and confidently, using the smirk that Draco was infamous for to intimidate his opponents.

Harry stood opposite the Hufflepuff Captain and Chaser, Zacharias Smith. Harry would not lose to this boy, he wouldn't.

Harry was pleased to note that they hadn't changed their Seeker, Summerby, who Harry was certain he could outfly, not that he was over confident, accidents and miracles happened, but he knew Summerby's strengths and weaknesses and unless he had gotten in some serious practice since he had last played, then this match would go in Gryffindor's favour.

"See something you like, Potter?" Smith smirked cockily. "Afraid that you've been so long out of the game, off having so many kids, that you won't be able to beat us?"

Harry couldn't help it. He laughed loud and hard and the smiles and smirks on the Hufflepuff teams faces slid away.

"I could beat you and your team in labour with decuplets. Don't flatter yourself or your team, Smith. You're not going to win here."

"We'll see about that!" Smith huffed, sounding like a wounded hippo as they were forced to shake hands.

Harry acted sportingly and offered his hand jovially, getting an approving nod from Madam Hooch, who scowled as Smith tried to break Harry's fingers. Harry didn't mind, he was wearing his spined Quidditch gloves, Smith couldn't crush the steel spines enough to even get to his fingers.

"Mount your brooms." Madam Hooch instructed, her whistle to her lips.

Harry straddled his broom and smirked wickedly at the Hufflepuffs across from him. He was still the only person in Hogwarts with a Firebolt; he'd be in the air before they could kick off from the floor.

Madam Hooch released the snitch and the bludgers, Harry didn't take his eyes from the team in front of him, even as Summerby's eyes tried to track the snitch restlessly. It was a fool's errand, the snitch would be long gone by the time the game started and the mass of players kicked off.

"Take a long look, Summerby, it's the only time you'll see it today." Harry smiled sweetly.

Ginny snorted off to his left and Harry chuckled. Madam Hooch threw the Quaffle into the air hard, blew her whistle hard and Harry was gone.

The wind through his hair, the height, the smell of the sharp air from this high up, it awakened him and he longed to fly with his wings instead.

Harry found his mates very quickly, his eyes just automatically slid to the four men with their laps full of babies. The nappy bag slung over Nasta's shoulder was clearly visible from where he was and Harry saluted them with a wide grin, knowing that they could easily see him, before he darted off looking for the snitch, he had told Smith that the Hufflepuffs wouldn't win and he'd meant it.

It took him five minutes to realise Hufflepuffs tactic and he snorted in disgust as he avoided another bludger. They were trying to incapacitate him; blocking him off, hitting every bludger they could at him to get him out of the game.

Harry let out a feral growl and rolled on his broom to avoid another bludger to the head…they were not relenting, not giving him any time to search for the snitch he realised as Summerby darted this way and that to find the snitch as Harry was forced to play ballerina in the air.

He was thankful to have such amazing Chasers though as Ginny, Dean and Demelza worked so well together that they were sixty points up in fifteen minutes, but it wasn't enough, if Summerby found the snitch soon, then they would lose. He shot off; outstripping the bludger easily, but another one came flying at his head to replace it, he growled and dropped down several feet.

He weaved and then dived down to the ground below; he signalled time out to Madam Hooch, who blew her whistle with a sharp, shrill blast. Harry dodged the last bludger and landed under the Gryffindor bleachers.

"We need to free you up, Harry." Ginny said as she landed.

Harry nodded. "I'm making myself feel sicker with all those rolls and loops, I can't keep that up. I'm going to stay at game level and try to lead the bludgers into their own players. Jimmy, keep the bludgers away from Ginny, Dean and Demelza. Richie, try and keep them away from me."

The two Beaters nodded at him.

"Pauley, you're doing great, no scores at all, that's impressive."

"They're focusing more on you, Capt." Pauley grinned cheekily at him. "I've barely had a touch of the Quaffle yet."

"What are their Chasers doing?" Harry frowned.

"Trying to block you off and cut you up so you'll crash." Ginny replied. "Pauley's right, they're focusing everything on you."

"Oh, well in that case we'll use a new tactic. Dean, Demelza, Ginny, you three keep doing your best, try and get over a hundred and fifty points and make them catching the snitch worthless. Pauley, use your head, your instincts and your manoeuvrability, do not concede any goals if it can at all be helped. We'll beat them by default if I can't shake the bludgers loose long enough to find the snitch. It's not a solid plan and we're relying a lot on chance here, guys, I will of course still try to get the snitch and avoid the bludgers long enough to catch it, but I don't want to end up in the hospital wing during this match, the lovers would skin me alive and I won't be able to play against Ravenclaw, so we're giving our all in this match. We have two months before Ravenclaw, which leaves ample room for rest and recovery, so everything we have, guys. Let's run these little canaries into the ground."

"So you can have your decuplets in peace." Ginny giggled.

Harry grinned back and winked.

"You're not having decuplets are you?" Jimmy asked nervously.

"Of course not, would I be playing at all if there was even a hint of pregnancy? Not a chance in hell and that's before the lovers had a say in it."

"What are decuplets?" Pauley asked.

"Ten babies at once." Harry said. "Thank god for that. I think I'd push my lovers off the Astronomy Tower one by one."

"If it was me in your place it would have to be higher than the Astronomy Tower and the area below would have to have a pit of iron spikes and, just to be sure, fully grown Blast Ended Skrewts crawling around to devour the remains." Ginny said forcefully.

"You know what to do then, Gin, keep your legs shut." Harry winked and laughed as Ginny went red and tried to hit him.

"You cheeky snot, like you're able to coach anyone on keeping their legs shut!"

"Ah, but I'm practically married, I'm allowed to spread my legs."

"Maybe you two could have this conversation away from young ears." Dean broke in, indicating the horrified faces of the little fourth year, Hendix and the equally pale faces of the fifth years.

"Ah, yes, sorry about that. Ginny and I get out of hand sometimes." Harry cleared his throat embarrassedly and took a deep breath to focus himself once more.

"Are you ready to remount?" Madam Hooch crunched over snow to reach them.

"Yes, I think we are." Harry replied, nodding to the woman, before turning back to his team. "We have a good chance at this, if they've changed their tactics, we will change accordingly, but if they keep to the same game plan, we'll beat them on default points, a win is a win, no matter in what way."

They restarted the game and his Chasers had taken his plan to heart, scoring goals past the poor Keeper in abandon, but the attacks on Harry had upped their ante too and he had no time to look for the snitch, but he was getting a lot of exercise, it was no wonder that his leg muscles were as toned as they were, well that and riding his mates like pogo sticks. Harry giggled to himself before a bludger almost taking off his face sobered him up sharpish.

'Head in the game Harry! Focus!' He thought to himself sternly.

"Another ten points to Gryffindor! These girls and guy are really going for it! They now lead Hufflepuff a hundred and twenty to absolutely zero! One must ask what Captain Zacharias Smith is thinking during this match, or if he's even thinking at all!"

Harry grinned at that, but they weren't out of the woods yet, if Summerby, who was zooming around like a blue arsed fly, caught the snitch now, then they would lose, they needed thirty more points just to break even and get a draw.

Richie came up beside him and smashed the bludger aimed at him back into the Hufflepuff Beater, giving Harry a few crucial moments to scan the pitch for a glint of gold. Nothing.

Harry was forced to move as a Hufflepuff Chaser tried to unseat him, illegally mind, but the whistle of Madam Hooch made Harry grin. She had seen it. Play stopped for a penalty, taken by their star Chaser Ginny, but she took her sweet time and Harry knew why as his eyes restlessly tracked the air for the snitch. He wasn't allowed to move, but that didn't mean that he couldn't look.

Ginny scored bringing them up to one hundred and fifty to zero and Harry high fived Ginny as she passed, he hadn't seen the snitch, but it was a good move on her part to dawdle, just long enough to give him time, but not long enough to give Hufflepuff a concession penalty for time wasting.

Harry zoomed off when play resumed and he stayed away from all yellow clad players and made sure to stay at odd angles from the Beaters. If the Hufflepuff team had clocked their tactic then they weren't responding to it and if they hadn't realised by now what they were doing, well that was just peachy.

Demelza got Gryffindor's one hundred and sixtieth point and Harry grinned. He nodded to Pauley, who now knew that he had to maintain the gap as best as he possibly could. The young fourth year looked so determined that Harry had to smile in pride.

Harry kept away from the Beaters, avoided the bludgers like a pro and it was as he was laughing at Gryffindor's one hundred and eightieth goal that he saw it, a shimmer of gold, gone in an instant and Harry focused immediately, his smile gone, the seriousness and the need to catch the snitch blocking everything else out, the crowd, the commentator, the other players, even his own players, who were still scoring goals, there was nothing but him and that small golden ball as he speared after it with complete and utter concentration. A buzz of noise to his left saw him dipping down a few inches to avoid the bludger that was sent at him at the very last second, he zoomed wide around Smith, who had tried to cut him off from the path of the snitch, he ignored when Summerby joined him, he put on a spurt of speed and had to drop away again as a bludger almost took off his hand. He had meant it when he had said that he was not going to the hospital wing this match.

Avoiding another Hufflepuff player, who must have gotten in their own Seeker's way of the snitch as well, Harry shot upwards when the snitch suddenly went upwards, it circled around the highest Ravenclaw bleachers, Harry following just behind it, avoiding yet another bludger sent his way. Harry mentally grinned when the snitch suddenly shot down again and Harry happily followed, dives were his speciality and he thrived on going straight down like a bullet. His hand closed around the snitch a foot from the ground, giving him plenty of time to pull out of the dive and scream his celebration with the Gryffindors, who had won three hundred and seventy points to absolutely nothing!

Zacharias looked so sour that Harry had to laugh. Harry would never have allowed that little snot to beat him and his team, especially with such an underhanded game play. Even despite their best efforts, Harry had still caught the snitch and he was unharmed to boot! He was very happy.

Harry met up with his red cheeked lovers and Blaise swung him around and kissed him, right there in the grounds of the castle with the entire student body floating about.

Harry laughed and kissed his mates happily before descending on his babies, kissing them and rubbing noses with them, listening to Braiden's screeches of joy and seeing the gummy grins aimed at him by his quins.

"After party in the common room, Harry!" Ginny shouted as she rushed to him.

"I've had all the celebration I can take, Gin."

"Are you still feeling sick?"

"What?" Nasta demanded immediately.

Harry glared at Ginny who grinned evilly back.

"Didn't you know about Harry's illness? He said something about decuplets."

"Decuplets? Ten babies? But...Harry, you're not pregnant are you?" Draco frowned.

"Of course not, you wouldn't have been able to pay me to get on that broom if I had been pregnant. It's something that I said to Smith before the match, that's all."

"What did you say?" Blaise asked interestedly.

"He said something about me being afraid to face Hufflepuff because I'd been out of the game for so long having so many babies that I knew I wouldn't be able to beat them and I told him that I could beat their shitty team while in labour with decuplets."

Draco snorted and Max laughed.

"That's my fierce little lover." The taller man grinned, ruffling Harry's already windswept mess of hair.

"Though if any of you ever make me pregnant with decuplets then I'm going to take a leaf out of Ginny's book and march you one by one off of the highest tower I can find onto a field of iron spikes and just to make sure that you're all thoroughly dead, I'll be sure to have a Manticore or two prowling around, okay?"

Nasta snorted softly in amusement. "Alright, Harry, but just so you know, no male submissive on record has ever had more than five in one go."

"That's not true." Ginny frowned. "There was a male carrier in the papers just last month who had seven. He almost died and three of the seven babies didn't make it, but he carried all seven to term."

Harry looked to Nasta to see what he would say, because he couldn't come out and tell Ginny, in such a public setting no less, that Harry was not a male carrier but they were all illegal creatures.

Thankfully he didn't have to say anything as Hermione, Neville and Seamus converged on them, all grinning from ear to ear, and of course Dean wandered over in his scarlet robes, his grin a million watts.

"That was bloody fantastic!" Seamus exclaimed.

"Are you coming to the after party?" Neville asked Harry.

Harry shook his head. "I wasn't feeling too well before the match and I'm not feeling any better after it, so I think I'm going to go lie down for a bit and maybe have some ginger or peppermint tea."

"Oh, well if you feel better later, we'll be celebrating this victory well into the night!" Seamus told him.

Harry grinned and savoured the euphoria while he could, the look on his mates' pinched faces told him that he'd be paying a visit to the medi-witch and explaining why he hadn't told them about his sickness before he had played his match against Hufflepuff. He wasn't going to look forward to that talk, perhaps he should have gone to the after party after all.

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