The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


66. Chapter Sixty-Five - Choleric

Harry sat on the hospital bed and sighed unhappily as he was poked and prodded by Madam Pomfrey's wand. So much for not ending up in the hospital wing after the match.

He'd had the whole, why didn't you tell us you were sick talk, but as he had pointed out he hadn't really realised that he was sick until he was in the locker room, he had thought it was just pre-match nerves, so thankfully he had been let off from the whole not telling his mates every detail of his body motions issue.

"From what I can tell it's hormonal." Madam Pomfrey told him and Harry let out a relieved breath that it wasn't anything more serious. "Are you going into your breeding cycle, Harry?"

"I'm in the fifth week of it." Harry agreed. "Only three weeks more before I go onto my heat period."

"Alright then, your body is producing high levels of different hormones, which is making you feel nauseous, I suggest some light food, some ginger tea and some rest and you should feel better as soon as your hormone levels even out."

"Okay, thank you, Madam Pomfrey." Harry said happily as he scooted off of the bed and took hold of his baby Calix, who looked so adorable in his little padded snow suit.

"It's my pleasure, Harry. Don't forget, if you're pregnant again, come to me and I'll help you once more."

Harry nodded and he smiled, thanked her once again before taking Blaise's hand and walking back to his rooms to rest up a bit, there was nothing really that could be done for hormonal issues, he'd have to wait it out as his body once again filled with hormones to make him fertile, though he hoped that it took longer than three weeks, he was still praying for a dry heat.

Once they got back to their rooms, Harry collapsed onto the settee and bent down to untie his Quidditch boots, Max beat him to it and treated him to a foot massage as well.

"Oh you are so well trained." Harry teased as he lay back and let Max work his magic, allowing Blaise to take Calix from him to take off the snow suit now that they were back indoors.

Max chuckled. "I just like touching you, if you ever need a naked bum massage, please don't hesitate to ask."

Harry laughed and bumped Max's chin with his bare toes, which were caught in Max's mouth and sucked. Harry moaned.

"Oh don't do that, I'm sick, do you know how horrible it is to be hard and sick?"

Max licked over the sole of his foot and Harry giggled as it tickled him and made him squirm, but Max held his ankle and licked over the sensitive side of his foot to the top and Harry went from giggling to moaning again.

"Nas! Make him stop! I'm hormonally ill!"

"Max." Nasta warned from where he was taking the babies out of their snow suits with Blaise.

Max looked at him evilly and nibbled on his foot and Harry gasped. Draco wrapped arms around Max's shoulders and dragged him away from Harry, or tried to, because Max still had hold of Harry's ankle, so Harry ended up being dragged off the settee and onto the floor with a bump.

"Nasta!" Harry cried out.

"You salacious beast, leave the boy alone." Nasta came and clipped Max upside the head, picked Harry up and settled him back down on the settee and tucked him up with a blanket.

"Harry should have a bath before he settles down." Draco said as he looked to the still red cheeks and the visible grime and it made Harry feel like the blond could see the cooling, gelling sweat on his clothed back.

"Can you run him a bath please, Draco?" Nasta asked as he tried to undress a squalling Tegan, who really did hate being out of her clothes. "Oh please baby girl, just stay still and silent for a minute!" He pleaded with his daughter, who thrashed all the more.

Regan on the other hand was screaming and crying for Blaise, who was trying to re-dress the boy in warm clothing, but Regan was happy to be in just his bodysuit, no matter the weather, and he thrashed and squirmed every time Blaise tried to get the little jumper or trousers on him.

Harry just about pissed himself laughing as he watched his mates try to dress the two from the settee.

"Why don't you try getting his head through first, Blaise?" He coached. "Nas, take her legs out first or you'll be there all day."

"If you think you can do it better come and do it! Otherwise shut up." Blaise hissed frustrated as he tried to get Regan's legs into his little trousers.

Harry chuckled and stood up, he pushed Blaise away and dressed a screaming Regan quickly, leaving his son to wriggle and writhe as he got used to the clothing covering him once more.

"There, that is how you dress him."

Harry moved over and pushed Nasta away from Tegan, whose cries had picked up pitch and pace. He put her arms back into the snowsuit and she sniffled, thinking that she had won the battle, until Harry took out her legs and she started back up her screaming, but Harry sat her up and the suit slipped off easily, Harry merely pulling each of the sleeves in turn until her arms just fell out of the suit.

He dressed her as quickly as he could and presented Nasta with his dressed, sniffling daughter.

"That is how you handle the twin terrors. Next time listen to me because I know what I'm talking about."

"Your bath is ready, Harry." Draco called.

Harry happily went into the bathroom and he locked the door behind him with Draco still in the room, who looked at him strangely.

"I've missed bathing with you." He smiled. "Join me?"

Draco grinned. "You know I won't say no to such an offer."

Harry grinned and went to Draco, they kissed and Harry happily allowed Draco to undress him from his tight, cold, dirty Quidditch uniform.

Draco helped him into the bath and Harry groaned at the feel of the warm water lapping at his cold body.

"I didn't realise how cold I was." He said softly.

Draco stripped himself, which admittedly made Harry feel hotter than the water had and he slipped into the water himself. Harry immediately went to him and wrapped arms around his waist.

"I love this bath."

"It's more like a swimming pool." Draco smiled as he wrapped Harry up and softly rubbed his back with his hands.

"I still love it. I love it even more with a naked you in it." Harry grinned.

Draco held Harry close and let the warm water relax and sooth them both. He lowered his hands to the water before pulling them back out and trickling the water over Harry's narrow shoulders and down his back.

Harry moaned lightly, resting his head back on Draco's chest as Draco continued to trail water over his back and shoulders, getting rid of the surface grime and sweat.

Harry giggled when Draco's hands smoothed water over his sides, making him squirm as he was tickled.

Draco chuckled at him before reaching for the body wash that he had put in reach when he had run the bath. He lathered a good handful of it up in his hands before pampering Harry by washing his aching back.

"Do you still feel sick?"

"No, I feel loved, comforted and cared for. I love you."

Draco smirked as he nosed around Harry's hairline, kissing his forehead as he continued to wash Harry's back, shoulders and upper arms.

Draco went on to wash Harry's front, making Harry whine at the loss of contact and support, before the blond sat him up on the side of the bath to do his lower back, abdomen, hips, legs and feet, Harry practically purring under his hands.

"You're like a contented cat." He laughed as he pulled Harry carefully back into the bath to wash the soap from him, dipping his head under and getting some shampoo onto his hands, scrubbing his scalp to clean his hair. "You need a haircut too."

Harry shook his head. "I don't. I like my hair."

"You look as bad as you did in fourth year."

"What was wrong with me in fourth year?" Harry asked with a glare.

"Your hair was very long in fourth year." Draco replied diplomatically as he massaged his scalp, distracting Harry from the conversation.

"Oh that's sooo good." Harry moaned.

Draco slowly lowered Harry's head into the water and washed off the shampoo before grabbing the conditioner.

"Must you use that as well?" Harry whined. "My hair's already clean."

"Do you want another head massage?" Draco smirked as Harry immediately brightened.

"Ooo, yes!"

Draco used his nimble fingers to smooth the conditioner into Harry's hair, raising goosebumps up on Harry's arms and neck as he massaged his scalp once more. He grabbed the wide toothed comb and pulled it through Harry's hair, getting rid of the few knots and tangles before he ducked Harry's head back under the water and he scrubbed out the conditioner.

"Are you feeling better?"


Harry took pleasure in returning the favour, even though Draco told him that he didn't have to, even as he moaned under Harry's fingers washing his back.

"Are you two done yet?" Max demanded as he banged on the bathroom door just as Harry finished doing Draco's hair. "I've needed to piss for an hour and a half! What have you been doing in there for two hours?!"

Harry giggled as he let Draco pull him out of the water and wrap him in a towel.

"Don't give me any shit about having sex either; I can smell that you haven't been naughty!"

"We've been bathing!" Harry chuckled.

"For two hours?!" Max demanded. "Oh hurry up! My bladder is going to burst!"

Draco dried himself off, rubbed Harry dry, before unlocking the bathroom door and almost being bowled over by Max as he rushed in to relieve himself with a happy groan.

Harry laughed all the way to the wardrobe and he let Draco dress him warmly, but tastefully. They walked arm in arm into the living room to find Blaise in a very interesting game with Braiden. It looked like Blaise was mimicking Braiden, who was thoroughly enjoying the game as he was back on his hands and knees bouncing and making noises, Blaise copying him while Nasta laughed openly from the settee.

Harry went to his quins and he picked up Leolin, holding him close and trying to ignore his panic as he knew his baby weighed far too little and he brushed off the insane urge to force feed Leolin until he gained some weight. It was a ridiculous thought and it would damage his son, but it took a while for him to clear his head of such thoughts.

He sat next to Nasta as Draco sat by the coffee table, dragged his book satchel over to himself and took out his homework, chuckling as Blaise encouraged Braiden to move and speak by copying him, encouraging him to make new, more complex sounds so he could watch his Daddy Blaise copy him.

Max came back into the living room looking almost orgasmically happy and it made Harry laugh all over again.

"He was dancing almost as bad as Sanex at the meeting a few years ago when he got paralytic on whiskey shots."

"I wasn't that bad. Sanex's dancing would have put shame to a scarecrow caught in a hurricane."

Harry laughed harder. "What?" He exclaimed still laughing.

"Oh yeah, it was hilarious."

Max then did a boneless move with his body that looked like he was falling and trying to catch himself whilst simultaneously hopping on one foot and waving his limbs around.

Nasta started laughing at that and held his stomach with both hands.

"Please tell me Sanex doesn't dance like that." Draco pleaded.

"He really does." Nasta said happily as he picked up Leolin from Harry's arms and cwtched him tightly.

Blaise fell onto his belly and laughed at the stricken look on Draco's face, Braiden copied him and their son giggled and shrieked.

"I wish I had a camcorder."

"Oh please, there would be a few funny home videos on it, a few videos of the babies; the rest would be homemade porn." Max scoffed.

"You object to that, why?" Harry asked seriously and Max stopped himself short and frowned.

"You don't want to shoot a sex video do you?" Nasta asked.

"What's a video? Who's going to shoot who?" Draco asked confusedly, his blond eyebrows pulled into a thin line over his nose.

"A video is like a moving photograph, only it can last for as long as you film it for." Harry explained. "So instead of the video looping around like the photograph, it carries on until you stop it. Or until it runs out of tape, but they hardly ever run out of tape anyway, I mean, who films something for longer than four hours?"

"We would if we filmed a heat period."

Harry grinned wolfishly.

"We are not filming the heat cycle; imagine if Sanex or Caesar found it? Those two get into everything." Nasta told them.

"We could ward it." Harry suggested.

"We are not filming us having sex." Nasta said stubbornly.

Harry pouted, but he sighed. "We don't have a camcorder anyway."

"We can pretend we're on camera though." Max grinned. "I'm up for anything; if you want to pretend we're porn stars, filming a movie together, then we can do that."

"Have I told you recently that I love you very much?" Harry grinned back.

"When did you get so kinky?" Blaise asked from the floor, where Braiden was chewing on the sleeve of his robe, biting at the cuff button with his four front teeth.

"What are you talking about? I've always been kinky." Harry laughed to himself as he thought about the box that he had stowed away in the bedside cabinet. "Or do you not remember the skirt? Or the toys for that matter? Do I need to remind you?"

"You have more?" Draco asked, his voice striving for nonchalance, but it held a breathless quality to it.

Harry winked. "Much, much more."

"I catalogued the entire contents of that box, they were mainly toys." Max told him, as if he didn't already know.

"I also looked in the box; the only clothing in it was the skirt and the matching panties." Blaise informed him.

Harry grinned a secret grin. "Well if you don't believe me, then maybe I should show you? We're not doing anything for the rest of the day."

His mates swallowed and Harry stood up and stretched, moving to the bedroom and dodging out of reach of Max as his biggest mate went to grab him. Harry ran to the bedroom and warded the door behind him. He laughed loudly so that they would hear him as he got the new box out and rummaged through it, wondering what he should wear for them. It was true that the first box had been nearly all toys, but this box was all fetish wear and indecently short and skimpy clothes.

He pulled out the blue skirt and the matching blue heels that were just his size, he'd have to practice with them a bit first, he hadn't exactly made it a point to learn how to walk in heels before.

He stripped himself and pulled on the dark blue skirt, happy to note that it came with a matching pair of blue panties, just like his beloved red skirt had. He wanted to wear the collar, but it was only March and it wasn't all that warm, he'd wait until it was warmer before wearing it, which left him the option of finding a blue tee-shirt or jumper, or wearing the white corset, which he was very sure he could change to match the skirt.

Harry fingered his wand and licked his lips, ignoring the pleading from the living room as he touched the skirt with a short jab and then the white corset, which dyed itself dark blue in seconds to perfectly match the skirt.

It had a tie cord back, but thankfully it also had a zip up front so he was able to get into it himself and adjust it himself. He picked up the heels and went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and he barely recognised himself as he stared into the reflective glass.

"Holy fuck." He breathed as he fingered the skirt and corset.

He had to laugh, he really did, the dark shade of the blue really suited him, offsetting the darkness of his hair, he had thought that maybe the colour would clash with his eyes, but it didn't, it made them seem darker, but didn't clash at all.

Harry slipped carefully into the heels, the last thing that he wanted was a broken ankle, but thankfully the heel on them was quite short and chunky, easy and quite comfortable to walk in really as he practised walking in a line. It made him walk funny though, it gave his hips a natural sway that if he hadn't been wearing heels, he'd have to consciously do to achieve.

He felt a small amount of nerves, but nowhere near the level of when he had first slipped into his red skirt, he knew his mates better now, he had been with them for longer and he knew how they would react.

He laughed manically as he walked slowly back into the bedroom. He'd be fine as long as he walked slowly.

"That does not sound good." Someone next door said, he thought it might have been Draco, but he couldn't tell through the wall.

"Please come out, Harry, we can talk about this, we're rational adults." Max pleaded.

"You want me to come out?" Harry said blandly.

"Yes, we can talk about this, you don't have to dress up, we believe you. Please come out."

"Okay." Harry grinned as he unwarded the room and opened the door, the triumphant smile on Max's handsome face faded; his eyes glued to Harry's body, travelling down to rest and remain on his high heel clad feet. A shiver went through his large body and a hand almost subconsciously drifted to press against the front of his jeans.

Harry looked to his other mates, Blaise lying on the floor, his mouth parted and his eyes wide. Draco had snapped his best quill, ink staining his hand black as he stared unblinkingly at the corset and Nasta looked to be controlling the urge to devour him with his mouth, his strong tongue peeking out to wet his lips before his teeth bit into his bottom lip, tugging at it. Nasta had always had a mouth and teeth fetish.

Harry walked to Max, who was standing the closest to him, having been the one to hammer on the door and plead with him through it. He made sure the skirt brushed his hand and pressed the corset into his chest so that he could feel the bones going through it.

Max swallowed heavily and painfully as his hands rose to grip Harry's waist tightly through the corset, almost like he just couldn't help himself and he breathed out on a shudder, squeezing and rubbing the corset through his fingers.

One hand rose lightning fast to grip the back of his neck, fingers gripping his hair and Max pulled him into a dominating, lusty kiss that had Harry gasping and arching into as his mouth and tongue were taken over, he didn't even have a chance to reciprocate as Max tried to suffocate him with his tongue, yanking on his hair until he cried out, not entirely from pain either as he held tightly to Max's broad shoulders, reaching them easier with the added inches from the heels and he dug his nails into Max's jumper.

More hands on him, caressing his bare legs and Harry looked down into the lust blown indigo eyes of Blaise, who had crawled to him over the floor and was now poking a tongue out and that tongue was licking his legs, trailing up and up until it reached the edge of the lacy panties that he had on under his skirt. Harry made a small, helpless sound as that tongue moved around to the front of his panties and the hard line of himself that was tucked under the skirt.

Harry's mouth was seized in another of Max's kisses and Harry couldn't not close his eyes as his body was savaged by pleasure. A rock hard body pressed against his back and a mouth nipped at his neck and he opened his eyes to see Draco standing beside him, he could feel Nasta behind him.

"You're so naughty." Nasta hissed into his ear and it let Harry know that Nasta was not as composed as perhaps he could have been. His feral side had come out to play.

"What are you going to do about it?" Harry challenged and with a snarl, Nasta spun him around and looked at him through heavy eyes that were dark brown with just a hint of dark gold.

"You are my submissive. Mine!" Nasta said firmly.

Harry nodded. "Yes I am."

Nasta blinked, seemingly thrown off by his acceptance as if perhaps he had been expecting Harry to deny it. He recovered quickly though and Harry saw a flash of teeth, just before he was arching in pleasure as Nasta bit into his neck, suckling at his skin to create a bruise.

"Oh! Oh, Nasta!" Harry moaned softly, his body quaking as he gripped his hands into Nasta's hair tightly and pulled.

Blaise caressed his one leg, still licking at the front of him, Max clenched large hands around his waist, tongue flicking over the back of his neck and Draco nibbled an ear as Nasta plundered his mouth.

He couldn't breathe, couldn't see or hear anything past his mates, he could smell them, smell their arousal as they pressed and nudged themselves against him and then it was over. They all stopped and breathed out heavily, disappointedly and Harry found out why when he focused on his surroundings. All he could hear was a baby crying.

He dropped his head into his chest and he almost cried himself. He had been so close! Draco went and picked up Calix and checked him, frowning.

"It's nowhere near time for his bottle and he's not wet." Draco told them, patting Calix's dry nappy and then all thoughts of sex and naughtiness flew out of the window as Harry took Calix from Draco and checked him himself, sniffing at his skin and licking at his tears, trying to find something that would have made Calix cry.

Harry peeled the nappy from Calix and he sighed heavily at the redness on his bottom. He had a rash again.

"Max, please go and get his cream. The rash is back."

"Of all the times for it to come back." Max sighed as he went to get the Sudocrem cream.

Harry threw the nappy away and laid Calix on his belly, over his legs, making sure that his knees supported his head and neck and that there was no pressure on Calix's bottom as he refrained from touching the redness, even though he wanted to. It would do no good.

Max brought the cream over and sat next to him, twisting open the tub and dipping his fingers inside, before spreading the cream over Calix's bum gently. Calix cooed softly and it made Harry smile.

"I wish he didn't have such sensitive skin."

"You'd think it would be Leolin who would be more prone to nappy rash, not Calix."

"Calix is a soft baby though." Draco said. "His skin is almost as fair as mine and my Mother told me that I suffered terribly with nappy rash too."

Calix was happy as soon as the ache was eased away by the local anaesthetic in the cream and he enjoyed very much being fussed over by all five of them and he showed it by moving his arms around and screeching happily, making them all laugh and pay attention to him.

"Mama." Braiden called out from his travel cot, where Blaise had put him before crawling to Harry in his skirt.

Nasta went and took Braiden from the cot and brought him over to Harry, who hugged his oldest child tightly.

"I love you, Braiden." Harry told him softly, kissing his little mouth.

Braiden giggled and Harry sat him next to him, holding him upright with one arm around his back, his other hand hovering over Calix on his legs.

"Who's such a big boy, sitting up like an adult?" Max cooed to Braiden, who patted his own legs with a wide grin and a huffy giggle. "I think it's you! I think it's you!" Max wormed a finger into Braiden's collar and tickled the juncture between his neck and shoulder, making Braiden squirm and laugh, cocking his head to one side to trap Max's finger, drool running down his chin.

Harry could help but laugh at them both and dutifully got out a soft cloth to wipe Braiden's chin and mouth, careful not to disturb Calix, whose bottom was getting some much needed air as the cream was slowly absorbed into his skin, fighting the rash and any infections.

"Do you want to go and get changed, Harry?" Nasta asked him casually.

Harry chuckled deeply, evilly. "No I don't, you can't get off that easily."

As all four of his mates groaned, Harry practically cackled, Braiden joining in on his Mummy's laughter.

Harry had teased his mates all day, going about his usual daily routine as he normally did, only today he was wearing a skirt, a corset and a pair of blue high heels, which were awkward to walk in, especially when he forgot that he was wearing them and twisted an ankle on them.

Their eyes followed him, they groaned when he bent over, they were riveted when he sat on the floor with his legs spread to play with a baby between his knees and they were transfixed when he went onto his knees at the coffee table to do some homework.

He could see they were achingly hard by the way they stretched their jeans or trouser fronts, by the almost subconscious way they adjusted and readjusted themselves throughout the day, how they pressed the heels of their palms to their bulges. It gave him a sexual thrill to know that he was the cause of their discomfort. That he was the cause of them being so hard and uncomfortable, it was a sadistic pleasure and Harry enjoyed it very much.

He ate in his skirt and corset, played and fed and changed his children in it, helped Max clean up the kitchen, cuddled with Draco and Blaise in it, did his homework in it and put his children to bed in it and when ten O'clock at night rolled around and the last feed had been done, the last nappy had been changed and all six babies were down for the night, Harry very happily allowed his mates to grope him, Draco's hand went right into the lacy panties and squeezed tight around him, sending Harry to his knees.

"Oh Draco, you're being naughty." Max grinned, pulling Draco away from Harry and falling back onto the settee, pulling Draco over his knees on his back. "I think you need a taste of your own medicine." Max said as he pushed his own hand down Draco's trousers and squeezed him vice tight.

Draco's back curved around Max's knees and he moaned loudly, his eyes fluttering under the onslaught.

"Or perhaps it's a taste of your own punishment that you need?" Max laughed and flipped Draco onto his stomach, tearing his trousers away and slapping a pale bum cheek hard and the noise that Draco made widened Harry's eyes and dried his mouth in moments.

"Oh you like that do you, Draco?" Max purred deeply, hitting Draco hard and causing Draco to make that noise once more, his hips twitching in Max's lap.

Harry sat and he watched, his teeth biting into his lip, breathing heavily as Max spanked Draco, who was getting increasingly aroused as his bum went from smooth, pale white to a harsh pink, until it finally went red, an achievement for Draco's fair complexion.

"That's enough." Nasta heaved, his eyes dilated and his fists clenched, but he was serious. "Draco won't be able to sit right for a week if you carry on. Enough, Max."

"Or what?" Max growled deeply.

Nasta reacted to the challenge instinctively, knocking Max flying, Draco fell harmlessly to the floor. Harry was pulled behind Blaise and it was then that he realised that Max and Nasta were really fighting, not play fighting or foreplay fighting, but actually going at one another.

"Stop it! Stop it!" He shouted at them, trying to move to get in between them, but Blaise held him tightly, shielding him with his own body and then Draco was there, helping Blaise hold him in place, helping to shield him as Nasta threw Max clear across the room and stalked after him.

"Please stop." Harry begged.

"They won't stop until dominance is established once again, mio amore." Blaise told him, petting his hair to try and sooth him.

"Why are they fighting?"

"Max challenged Nasta's authority." Draco explained.

"I was looking forward to tonight." Harry whispered.

"All of us were, but Max spoilt it by challenging Nasta, probably because he was so into spanking Draco that he took leave of his sense." Blaise explained and Draco flushed a light pink.

"Since when does Max have sense when something remotely sexual is near him?" Draco said back with a sniff.

Max fought back viciously, but once again Nasta was solid and strong and he beat Max back every time the larger man tried to pin him or incapacitate him. Harry begged them to stop, but neither could hear him as they immersed themselves in the fight for dominance that took precedent over everything else.

Harry gave up trying to stop them from fighting each other as the fight took a very violent turn and blood was spilt. He buried his head in Blaise's chest and he sobbed, hoping that it was over soon. If he could have interjected then he would have and he'd have beaten the sense back into the both of them, but he couldn't, no subordinate dominant or submissive or any other person, Dracken or otherwise, could interfere with a dominance battle, definitely not for the top place either.

It took what felt like hours before with a sickening crack, Nasta pinned Max's arm awkwardly behind his back and sunk his teeth into his already bleeding neck where fangs had scraped but not taken hold.

The fight was over for Max and Nasta, but Harry turned from Blaise, his eyes spitting fire as he hit the both of them upside the head. It was his turn now and he'd damn well make them listen to him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" He screamed. "Look at what you've done!"

Harry indicated the damage they had done to themselves and the blood spattered, completely wrecked room. Harry kicked the remains of Braiden's travel cot and he felt his Dracken take over in a burst of blood and rage.

"My baby was sleeping in this cot not an hour ago! Look at what you've done to our rooms, we live here! This is not a fighting arena!" He shouted, his voice becoming deeper and reverberating with the edge of a snarl as he fought off the desire to bite and tear into them both. "I told you a year ago that if you wanted to fight like barbarians to do it outside! Away from me and my babies! How dare you do this with our children in the next fucking room!"

Harry breathed deeply and snatched his arm away when Draco tried to hold him. He was shaking with adrenaline and suppressed rage and he couldn't think right, he couldn't stand to be here any longer.

"I'm going to bed. This room had better be perfect when I wake up, everything broken will be replaced and not so much as a fucking smudge! I don't want any of you near me tonight." He said deadly softly before turning and storming into the bedroom. He resisted the urge to slam the door shut. He was angry at them, but that was no reason to startle his babies awake and make them frightened and upset.

Harry breathed heavily and deeply, before warding the room to stop his mates from getting in. He knew logically that Draco and Blaise had had nothing to do with the fight and that really Max and Nasta couldn't have helped it once the challenged was inadvertently issued, but he couldn't get the image of the mangled cot from his mind, Braiden's cot. The very same cot that his baby had been in an hour before the fight had started. He swallowed the urge to go back out into the living room and bite his way through their soft, tender stomachs. He couldn't be near them right now, but he needed to be with his babies.

So his dominants could stay out in the wrecked room and fix it and he would calm himself down and spend the night reaffirming that his children were alive and well. Hopefully by tomorrow everything would be sorted and they could move on.

Harry unzipped the corset and let it fall to the floor, he slipped off the skirt and panties together and kicked off the heels, he stomped naked to the small dresser under the stairs that led up to their bed and he pulled out a pair of his own pyjamas for the first time since he'd been mated. He usually slept naked, but that was when he had four other men in the bed with him to keep him warm, or failing that he just wore one of Max's shirts, but he didn't want anything to do with them tonight, so he pulled out a pair of his own pyjamas and dressed angrily. He finished before moving over to the solid wooden cot beside the purple, almost square, settee and he touched Braiden's sleeping head, smoothing the thick, black hair from his little face and caressing the tiny fist.

To think that Braiden might have been caught up in the middle of that fight, that any of his babies could have been put in harm's way.

Harry was in full Dracken form, halfway to the living room door before he even realised it and he stopped himself, breathed deeply and used every ounce of will power he had left to retract his claws and fangs, the wings would not budge.

He breathed in deeply and forced himself away from the door, away from Braiden and instead he went up the stairs, climbing them all the way to the top, and he looked into the bassinets, where his five tiny babies lay sleeping. Harry touched and kissed them and he stood across from the bed, leaning on the balcony and glaring at the door that was ten feet below him. His hands formed fists and his nail beds itched to release his claws once more, but sucking in a huge breath, Harry held it for as long as he could before exhaling. He turned his back on the banister, on the door, and by extension his mates and he climbed into the huge bed, being mindful of his bulky wings which were tucked up to his spine, but would not retract, no matter how much he tried to get them to disappear under his skin. He burrowed under the duvet and rested his head on one of the six pillows at the top. Draco was the awkward one who had to have two pillows to rest his head on before he could sleep, the rest of them were fine with one.

Harry determinedly pushed away that thought, forced all thoughts of his mates away and he stubbornly closed his eyes so that he wouldn't see Max's book on the bedside table in front of him, Blaise's spare tie strewn over the top of it where he had discarded it days before. He didn't want to think about them, he didn't want to tempt himself into hurting them. He loved them, he did, but at this very moment he hated them, he could have killed them and he didn't want to. He just hoped that come tomorrow he was calmer, otherwise he didn't know what would happen or what he would do.

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