The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


61. Chapter Sixty – Downhill Slide

The next week was so much easier than Harry could have possibly imagined with Aneirin to help them. They could keep Braiden calm and fed with a combination of the teething gel and the wet washcloth and Harry actually found some enjoyment from seeing the teeny, tiny little tooth that appeared in the front, bottom of Braiden's mouth which was soon quickly joined by a second front, bottom tooth. It made his smiles absolutely adorable when he showed off those two little bottom teeth and he made sure to get as many photos of it as he could.

His lessons were also picking up pace as they quickly approached February, the work was getting harder and more in depth as every Professor pushed and pushed and pushed all of them, swamping them with homework until Harry felt like crying with the unending homework. He was forced to spend time with his children by holding them on his lap as he did his homework, writing out endless essays and filling in numerous mock exam questions. There was the very real threat of being taken out of the exams by his Professors if he didn't complete everything given to him, to the standard that they expected, thus never graduating or worse, having to repeat his last year, was hanging heavily over his head.

Blaise was the most affected, becoming short and abrupt with everyone and throwing a fit if he didn't have complete silence in which to work with, which with six very young babies, was not even remotely possible. So Nasta usually ended up ordering him to the library or to the study hall, which had been converted from a large, disused classroom, set up by the Professors for all seventh year students who wanted some extra help as there was often a Professor or two there to help where they could.

Draco actually impressed Harry, and likely Max and Nasta as well, with how calm he was as he planned every minute of his day to fit in everything that he needed to do. Unlike Hermione, who blocked her homework and revision and spent every minute of her time limit doing what her schedule said to, Draco would start immediately on something else once he had finished the first, regardless of how much time he had left of his allocated limit. This often let him breeze through the subjects that he knew, to spend more time on those that he wasn't as proficient in and sometimes it even left him with time to spare. Draco didn't waste this spare time either, he instead used it to play with their children or to help Harry with his own homework, which gave Harry some more free time to spend with their children as well, which made him less stressed and made him that little bit happier.

Today was not one of those days however, as Draco was struggling to keep himself to his own schedule and Harry was half a minute away from bashing his head against the table in frustration. Deciding that he needed a distraction from the screaming babies and from Draco's fevered quill scratching, Harry swiped his books to the floor and stood up with a huff.

"That's not going to help you finish your homework." Nasta told him as he bounced Braiden over his shoulder as their son screamed.

"I don't care, I've had enough." Harry declared as he moved to the kitchen and started taking out pans and bowls.

"Are you hungry?" Max asked even as he carefully fed a softly suckling Leolin. "We can exchange places if you want."

"No, I'm not hungry; I'm stressed so I'm going to bake."

Harry made good on his promise as he beat his cake mixture viciously, watched by his mates, who didn't say a word to disrupt him in case he turned on them.

Harry threw himself next to Max when the cakes were in the oven and he snuggled in and just touched Leolin's sleeping face.

"Do you feel any better?" Max asked with a grin.

"Not yet." Harry answered as he scooped up Farren and inhaled the soft scent of his second child. "I can't wait until we're out of this place. I'll miss it and the teachers, but I can't deal with so much stress all at once."

"It'll be alright soon, love." Max soothed, sliding Leolin into his other arm and wrapping his free one around Harry, kissing him gently. "It's almost February, and Nasta's thirty-eighth birthday. Feeling old yet, Nas?"

Nasta rolled his eyes, but his lips were turned up into a smile. "Not yet, though you are only thirty-two, Max, I doubt you'd feel old even when you turn three hundred."

"Of course not." Max laughed. "I'll be forever young!"

Harry chuckled and bounced Farren a bit more. "Young mentally that is."

Draco snorted and Max dug a finger into his side to make him squirm. His timer went off and Harry handed Farren to Max and took out his fairy cakes, leaving them to cool as he went and wrapped his arms around Draco and nibbled at his neck. He could feel the amount of stress and tension that Draco swallowed back to keep himself from shoving him off or telling him to get off as he feverishly tried to complete his work.

Harry sat back on his legs and placed his hands on Draco's shoulders, rubbing gently to begin with, before steadily increasing the pressure until he was working out the knots from Draco's neck, back and shoulders, gently digging in his thumbs to work out the particularly bad knots.

Draco shuddered under his touch and he let out a deep sigh of air, his entire body relaxing.

"I should have done this ages ago." Harry chuckled, leaning forward to nibble at Draco's skin. "I don't think I've given any of you a massage since the night that Nasta joined us! I tricked him into having sex with me."

"How did you manage that and what does it have to do with a massage?" Max questioned curiously as he put Leolin down and picked up Regan.

"It was Nasta's very first day with us and I stripped naked for bed and refused to wear any clothes unless Nasta gave me a backrub. He couldn't do it properly so I straddled him and gave him a real massage to show him how it was done. It sort of escalated into sex when I started rubbing against his front when he rolled me onto the bed. It was damn good sex too, I really should give massages more often."

"You can massage me if you want to." Max offered with a grin. "I'll even give you damn good sex." Max added a wink and Harry laughed for the first time in what felt like days.

Harry sandwiched himself against Draco and sucked at his neck, hearing the small hitch of breath.

"I could give you a proper massage if you took off your shirt and laid down." Harry breathed into Draco's delicately pink ear.

"I need to finish this, Harry." Draco answered, but it was not half as convincing as perhaps Draco would have liked.

Harry smiled. "One massage, then you can go back to doing your work; you'll feel better for it."

"Am I allowed to say no?" Draco inquired.

"No." Harry replied with a smile and he pulled Draco to lie on the floor, tugging the shirt off as he went. "Throw me a cushion please, Nas."

Nasta threw the cushion gently to him and Harry caught it, propping it under Draco's head before climbing to straddle Draco's bum.

"Oh!" Harry got off of Draco again. "I'll be right back." Harry went to the bathroom, got a bottle of lube and carried it back into the living room.

"You can't really think that you're going to have sex on the living room floor with how much work we still have to do." Draco replied, though his silver eyes had blown wide with the beginnings of lust.

"It's in place of massage gel and I couldn't find the baby oil. I think Blaise moved it after bathing Braiden in the morning, but I don't know where he has gone and put it." Which was a complete lie as he knew where it was, it was just that the lube tasted a hell of a lot better than baby oil.

Harry straddled Draco once again and squirted some lube onto his hands, rubbing them together to warm the gel, he then spread the gel onto Draco's back, his hands moving so much more smoothly as he rubbed and caressed Draco's back, who groaned and sunk into the floor as his body let go of all the tension it was carrying.

Harry couldn't help but lean down to kiss at Draco's perfect skin, licking up the lube that clung to his lips. He really did prefer it to the baby oil. He licked the gel from Draco's back, his blond mate groaning further as he felt Harry's tongue trace his spine.

"Can I have a massage next?" Max whined as he cradled Calix, who had opened very dark blue eyes to peer around at the world around him curiously.

"If you want one." Harry replied. "You can all have one, all you need to do is ask. I love giving massages."

When every knot had been worked out of Draco's body and he was so relaxed that he was almost dozing, Harry lay on his back and kissed him from his shoulder, up his neck, to his face and made his way to his jaw and finally his mouth, where he let his lips linger.

"Now you can do your work." Harry said as he stood up and stretched. "Max, on the floor."

Max grinned as he passed Calix to Nasta and took Draco's spot on the floor. Max's back was larger than Draco's and getting his legs straddled over Max's hips required him to be more flexible than was strictly comfortable, but Harry enjoyed himself as he took to rubbing lube on his lover's back and sides. Max was decidedly not ticklish as Harry ghosted gently fingertips over his sides and into the soft dent by his hipbones, coming close to his stomach, but Max didn't even twitch.

Harry mentally timed Max's massage to Draco's, he made sure that all the knots were out of his body, before declaring him done and asking for Nasta to lay on the floor.

His oldest mate passed Calix back to Max and tugged off his jumper and the vest underneath, before lying on his stomach and silently accepting the soft, small hands that caressed and smoothed over his skin. Harry took care to kiss as much of Nasta as he could, licking up the lube before spreading more around so his hands could work easier over the skin.

Once again he timed his massage so that it didn't take any longer than Max or Draco's had, but he also made sure that all the knots had been removed and that Nasta was relaxed and loose before declaring him done and going to wash the lube from his hands and to finally ice his cooled cupcakes.

He mixed the icing sugar he had made sure that Max had put in the cupboard just for an occasion such as this and he mixed it with a few drops of food colouring to make it a pale blue. He set to icing the cupcakes and he lobbed one at Max, who bit into it and moaned, complimenting him heavily over the taste and the presentation of the simple cupcake, but it made Harry grin and swell a bit with pride and accomplishment.

Harry made tea and served it along with a plate of his cakes to his mates and allowed Nasta to pull him onto his lap, even though every fibre of his being screamed that it was degrading. It wasn't. How could it be? He loved being cuddled by his mates, so what if Nasta wanted him on his lap, snuggled in like a baby? No one was here to see them and it felt nice, wasn't that all that mattered? All that should matter?

Blaise came back to their rooms late and he was in a very bad mood and Harry wasn't prepared to put up with it any longer. Blaise had been his first for many things, he had been mated to him for the longest, had loved him for the longest but he was not going to put up with this behaviour any longer, three days was long enough.

"Get on the floor now." Harry ordered with a growl. Blaise rumbled warningly at him, but Harry just glared at him until with a sneer and a scrunch to his nose, Blaise sat on the floor by the coffee table, looking to be fully prepared to take his homework out and start working again.

"No. I'm not putting up with this, Blaise. You can't treat us like this just because you're having a bad day. We're all stressed, it's hard I know, but there is nothing that we can do about the babies, or about how much work the Professors give us, but you can't treat us so terribly just because it's getting to you, you're overworked, love, so take off your shirt and lay down."

"I've got too much to…"

"I wasn't asking, Blaise." Harry cut in with a hard edge to his voice, glaring again. "Do it. Now!"

Blaise scoffed, huffed and took off his shirt, Harry pushed him onto his stomach onto the cushion that hadn't been moved and he picked up the bottle of lube again.

"What are you doing?" Blaise demanded.

"Please, Blaise, shut up. Just shut up." Harry answered as he warmed the lube before spreading it over Blaise's back and set to work.

There were so many knots that Harry didn't know where to start first. He traced Blaise's spine, running his thumbs lightly over the bone as his fingers fanned out to brush the skin of Blaise's shoulders, moving downwards until Blaise squirmed. Unlike Max, he was ticklish and Harry's fingertips so close to his sides made his muscles jump under the skin.

Harry popped bone and loosened knots until he could feel the tension draining out of Blaise's body like a poison. Harry didn't need to time Blaise's massage because very soon Blaise was breathing heavily and evenly, his head pillowed on his folded arms on the cushion, his body more relaxed than it had been in days.

"He fell asleep on me." Harry said scandalised, but quietly so that he wouldn't wake him up.

"It could have been worse; at least it wasn't during sex." Max pointed out. "Your massages are top class, Harry; you could become a professional masseur."

Harry scoffed. "As if you'd stand idly by and let me caress men and women's backs for a living. You'd likely tear the heads off of my customers."

"There is that, but other than that you'd make an amazing masseur." Max assured.

Harry chuckled quietly as he took the blanket from the back of the settee and covered Blaise with it.

"If he's still asleep in an hour I'll carry him to bed." Nasta said from the settee, cradling Regan close.

"I hope he sleeps for a long while." Draco grumbled, working on his own work, but it was with a decidedly more relaxed air about him. "You're not the only one who his attitude has been grating on."

"He needs some sleep." Harry agreed. "Hopefully he'll wake up in a better mood."

"While he's sleeping and getting on with recovering from his almost breakdown, why don't you start on your own work, hmm?" Nasta suggested lightly.

Harry snorted. "And end up like him? No thanks!"

Nasta just gave him a look and Harry sighed, flumping down and pulling his scattered homework to himself and forcing himself to do it to standard and not just write down random words and nonsense until it was the required length.

Harry woke up and groaned. The screaming in his ear meant that a baby had been what had woken him. He rolled over to several other groans and grumbles and he sat up groggily. He scooped up Tegan and accidentally on purpose kneed Nasta's shin. His mate grunted in pain and blinked hazel eyes that looked more greenish in the early morning gloom.

"Was that for?" He mumbled sleepily.

"She's your daughter." Harry grumbled as he carried her carefully down the stairs and into the little kitchenette to make a bottle for her. He didn't know why she had woken up an hour early for her feed, but Harry hoped that she didn't make a habit of it.

Tegan refused the bottle and Harry sighed as he blinked his eyes open a crack, put the bottle down before he turned her over to check her nappy. It was dry and unsoiled. Harry woke up a bit more now as Tegan continued to scream, he turned her over in his arms and actually looked at his little daughter, who was red faced and squalling. Actually, she was more red faced than she should have been, even if she was crying so hard.

Immediately his stomach lurched into his throat and Harry quickly felt her forehead, his hand lingering on her skin and his eyes widened and his heart raced as he felt how warm she actually was. His hand slipped to her cheek and then her neck and then her belly and back, she was really, seriously burning up.

Harry let out a distressed scream and almost instantaneously he was surrounded, each mate speaking until Nasta hit the three others over the head lightly, their chins dropped to their chests and stayed there until Nasta pulled their heads up. They remained quiet.

"Tegan's burning." Harry told them now that it was actually quiet. "She's burning up, she needs a Healer."

Nasta touched her head and hissed. "Max, Healer now."

Max was gone before Harry could say anything further; Harry was ushered to sit on the settee with Tegan, Draco brought a cool, wet washcloth and Harry laid it over Tegan's forehead, hoping that it would help until the Healer arrived.

"How long has she been like this?" Harry demanded. "How long has she been fevered while we were sleeping just inches away from her?!"

"Don't think about it, Harry." Blaise soothed. "She let us know when she was ill and we reacted immediately."

Max came back into the room pulling Madam Pomfrey, who had a belted robe around her body, she had obviously been sleeping.

"I'm sorry, Madam Pomfrey, but please, I don't know what's wrong with her."

Madam Pomfrey's wand was in hand and already running diagnostic tests, she handed Harry a thermometer.

"Place that in her ear until it beeps, if you would, Harry."

Harry did as he was told and he swallowed heavily at the reading when it beeped. One-o-one point three degrees.

"She has a high fever; does she have a rash anywhere upon her body? Particularly reddish-purple spots?"

Harry untied the nightdress from around Tegan and slipped her out of it carefully, leaving her in just a nappy. He searched her critically for any spots or blemishes, but there was nothing.

"No, no rash or spots."

"That's good. I think she just may have an infection. The fever is telling us that her body is fighting the infection. Viruses thrive at about ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit, the elevated temperature will help her body fight the infection more effectively and will alert her body to the infection, which will then cause her body to make more white blood cells and antibodies. I wouldn't suggest giving her medicine at this stage, just keep her clothing light, don't swaddle her with blankets and keep checking her temperature, if it at all rises, then you need to head to St Mungos and get a specialist to take a look at her."

"So we leave her?" Harry demanded furiously, not at all happy with that plan.

"Understand, Harry that a fever is the body's way of dealing with infections. I don't believe she has a serious infection and her temperature is not dangerously high, so giving her any medication could do her more damage. She seems to have calmed down since you are comforting her, which suggests that her crying was for attention, which is why she refused the bottle as she wasn't hungry. She's just uncomfortable, though if she still doesn't accept a bottle when it's past time for her usual feed then floo to St Mungos, though I don't believe this will be the case."

Harry nodded unhappily as he pulled Tegan's head through the neck of the nightdress and slipped her arms through one at a time. He gently tied the collar of the nightdress closed before tying the sash at her waist.

"How long until it goes away?" He couldn't help asking.

"A few days I'd say, any more and again, take her to St Mungos, Harry, though I'm sure she'll be fine."

Harry nodded.

"Thank you very much, Madam Pomfrey." Max told her as he gazed at his daughter worriedly. "I'm sorry for startling you as I did."

"That's alright. I'd do anything for any person in this school. If I didn't like being woken up at odd hours on different days of the week then I'd have applied for the librarian post."

Harry chuckled and said goodbye to the Healer as she waved away Max's offer to accompany her back to her rooms.

"I am a grown woman, I am not so old yet as to forget where I sleep, you are needed here more than walking me needlessly to my rooms. Good morning to you all gentlemen."

"She told you huh?" Blaise teased as she left. Max scowled at him and ruffled his hair.

"There's no point in going back to sleep, the other five will be waking up soon anyway, I'll make us some tea." Nasta said as he kissed Harry and then kissed Tegan.

Nasta was as good as his word and soon enough Harry was cuddled up with a cup in his hands, sipping on the comforting, delicate flavour of honey.

It relaxed him as he brushed gentle fingers through Tegan's downy hair, which was growing in as black as Braiden's. She blinked open her eyes and let out a discontented murmur. Harry soothed her and shushed her, rubbing her tummy softly.

"Come on, baby girl. It's alright, Mummy has you now. I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

His voice seemed to calm her and when he had finished his tea and pulled her up onto his chest, his heartbeat lulled her into sleep and he was reassured by the small puffs of air against his bare skin. Tegan would be alright, with some tender love and care, she would be fine, he wouldn't let anything happen to her. Her or any of his children. Not now, not ever.

Aneirin couldn't keep the smile from his face as he looked around himself to the halls of the Faeries. He had made an appointment to see the Faerie court and he knew that they didn't want him here. In fact they hated him being here and had put off the meeting twice already, which had been in his best interest as he gathered as much information as he could from his family's accounts of the Faerie courts, but he had kept onto them and persevered and now he was in the Faerie halls, about to speak to the court and rub their snotty noses in his Faerie grandson.

Harry had fearfully told him about his only granddaughter's fever and Aneirin had hopefully reassured him about it with the story of when Angharad had gotten a cold when she was only a few days old and the time when Nasta had gotten a fever when he was two months old. He explained that babies' immune systems needed to be strengthened and that Tegan getting an infection was not a sign of bad parenting, but her body's way of strengthening itself for when some bigger, more serious infection came along, that it would help her body be prepared to fight it off and give her a better chance of getting through it.

Harry hadn't looked as fearful, or as tearful, after Aneirin had finished explaining the fever to him and thankfully after only twenty-eight hours, Tegan's fever had broken and she became her happy, cooing self once more and Harry had been so relieved. He was just glad that it hadn't been Leolin, because his immune system was almost non-existent, he had told Harry seriously that if Leolin ever got a fever or showed any signs of sickness that he was to immediately go to St Mungos, no wasting time, no messing about, just straight to the hospital's specialist, magical creatures paediatricians ward as he would need medicine and quite a lot of it to survive.

"Why have you come here?"

Aneirin looked up to the Faerie in front of him and grinned as he recognised him from the photos his ancestors had taken of themselves and their friends.

"It's been a long time since our families last met, Aubrey." Aneirin greeted, unable to take the smirk from his mouth. "What has it been, a hundred and ten years?"

"You're bloodline is too dilute, Delericey." The tall, slender Faerie told him stiffly. "You have no business being here dragon!"

"It's pronounced Dracken actually, Tylwyth Teg." Aneirin replied mildly, not giving anything away until he met with the Faeries of the Seelie and Unseelie court.

Aubrey snarled at him, but another Faerie laid a hand on his shoulder and pushed him off on his way down the corridor, almost making Aubrey fall to the ground as he stumbled at the force.

Aneirin greeted Warren amicably. His family had gotten on with Warren's for a very long while according to the journals.

"I do not understand why you have come here today, Aneirin Delericey, but it is good to see one of your family again. The Seelie and Unseelie court will see you now."

"It is good to see you too, Warren, my ancestors always spoke highly of you. You look well."

"I have been well for these past few centuries, unlike you. I had heard that your grief was unparalleled in its passion when you lost your love. What of your youngest child?"

"Lowri died to birth our second son, Nasta, but he survived. He was born a Dracken. That was almost thirty-eight years ago, Warren."

"Time passes differently here, you know we do not count the years as other races do."

Aneirin inclined his head in understanding.

"You have unrested the Seelie and the Unseelie courts, they whisper and taunt. Dragons do not belong in the Faerie courts." Warren warned him gently.

"Perhaps I do not, but my son and his lover have birthed a Faerie." Aneirin told the tall Valkyrie, who had been noted in all his family's journals and biographies, as being a friend to the Delericeys and he had obviously been watching them or keeping up with their news to some extent as he knew about Lowri's death. Perhaps his family weren't as excluded from the Faeries as he had once thought.

Warren stopped dead and just looked at him with wide eyes, the same eyes that all Faeries gained after their baby blue eyes changed, the eyes that Leolin would have when they finally changed colour.

"This…this is madness! A Faerie has not been born into your line in a life age!"

"A hundred and fifty-eight years and yes I know that you don't deal with years here, but that is as long as it has been since the last Faerie in our line was born."

"The child died not long after birth, did it not?" Warren asked gently.

"Yes, a sickness took her and it ravaged her body until she gave out." Aneirin answered, thinking about the girl who would have grown to be his great-great-great aunt.

"Unfortunate that we are so strong against such things in adulthood, yet when we are at our most defenceless, we are also at our weakest and most vulnerable against such things. It should not be that the young die in such horrific ways as we watch helpless, I will pray for your son's child's good health and speed into adulthood."

Aneirin nodded in acceptance of the spoken words and they carried on to the courts. Warren gave him a hard, strong slap on the shoulder at the door that would have sent a human flying to the floor, but he was a Dracken and made of much stronger, sterner stuff, so he managed to keep his footing against what was meant to be a good will gesture.

Aneirin didn't knock on the door, the court had sent for him, they were expecting him and knocking would have been seen as him stalling, which would not be a good impression to make with his first action, so he just walked through the door and walked to stand before the table of nine Seelie and Unseelie Faeries. He greeted them all in their order of seating, the Faerie on the end of the table on the left, then the Faerie on the end of the table on the right side, then back to the left, then the right until he greeted the Faerie sat in the middle of the table, last.

"Alston. Dain. Siusan. Zuzana. Eitri. Kailen. Narilla. Donella. Sindri."

"You are a Delericey." The male Faerie seated second from the end of the left side of the table, Eitri, told him.

"I am. Aneirin Delericey."

"You have no Faerie blood in you, you have no place here." The female Faerie next to Eitri told him. Siusan's eyes were dark, but still the bright colour of all Faerie's.

"The blood was weak within your line." Donella told him, her lips tugged down into a stern frown. "Your blood was cursed with the death of all Faeries in your line."

"The ancestors have seen fit to lift the curse. A Faerie has been born into my line through my youngest son, whose lover bore him a Faerie son not one moon turn ago."

"Is this perhaps some cheap trick to associate with the Seelie and Unseelie once more?" Zuzana asked haughtily, her dress adorned with large and tacky, but expensive and glimmering, gems.

"You have not bought the child with you." Dain pointed out softly, he had been another friend to the Delericeys once upon a time.

"My son and his lover are very protective of the child and they will not allow him out of their sight."

"Then how do you plan to prove your claim is true?" Alston asked with unfriendly eyes.

Aneirin held up the folder that he had brought with him. He laid it on the table in front of Sindri and watched as the head of the court opened the folder to show pictures of Leolin, most particularly his back in various stages of growth.

"He was not carried to term." Narilla said softly, her soft eyes bright with tears as she touched the picture of Leolin being held gently on Harry's bare chest, his raw and sticky wings on show as he wore just a nappy for the photo.

"No, he was born at just four moon turns gestation."

"That is much too soon! He should not have lived."

"My son and his lover were very nurturing and took excessive care with him, they are still very possessive and caring of him, but they have requested books so that they may help their son further and adequately so that he may reach adulthood happy and healthy."

"The child's eyes have not turned." Kailen pointed out.

"No, he is less than a moon's turn old; can you expect his eyes to have turned?"

"No, but your son, I take it he is the taller male? He has your look to him."

Aneirin nodded. "My son Nasta and his lover Harry."

"Both males?" Zuzana screeched in scandal.

"Not every man wants a woman." Aneirin put in bitchily and more than a bit pointedly.

"Your son's eyes have Faerie hints." Dain cut in before Zuzana could start a scene.

"Yes. He is a carrier, as we all are, and he passed the full gene to his youngest child."

"Youngest? Your son and his lover have more than the Faerie child?"

"Yes, my son and Harry have three children, two boys and a girl."

"Only the youngest boy is Faerie?"

Aneirin nodded in answer.

"This male does not look out of boyhood!" Narilla fretted.

"Harry is seventeen, but he is a Dracken, not a human."

"Dragons!" Alston spat.

"Yet from two dragons came a Faerie." Aneirin boasted.

"Drackens are notorious for their lovers and children. How many lovers does Harry have and how many children?" Eitri asked curiously.

"Harry has four lovers, including my son, and between them they currently has six children, three of them are my son's."

"Are there any more…animals in the family lines?" Donella inquired spitefully.

"No. Not to our knowledge." Aneirin answered curtly. "There is just Dracken and Faerie blood."

"Why have you come here?" Zuzana demanded. "One Faerie does not change your blood status from null!"

"It should." Aneirin said. "How can my bloodline be claimed as a null one if a Faerie child has been produced? But it was not a change for my blood status that I came for. I came for books, for information, so that my family can properly care for a Faerie child. We wish for him to reach adulthood well."

"If you cannot adequately care for him, then perhaps he should not be in your care." Suisan murmured. "I would be happy to accept the babe into my arms and to my breast."

"Not acceptable." Aneirin said furiously, anger making his eyes darker, his temper breaking through for the first time since being here, though he had known that this could be a possibility. "Leolin belongs with his Mother and his Fathers, with his brothers and sister, his family. You will not take him from us. I came for information to make his life easier, so that we may raise him properly, but if you do not plan to give me what I have requested, then say so now and I will leave and help my sons raise their child as best as we can."

"You will never…" Zuzana started, but she was cut off midsentence.

"Your request is granted." Sindri spoke for the first time, his voice heavy and slow with age. "I will have Warren escort you to the library, where you may take as many books on Faerie children as you need. No Faerie child deserves to be taken from their family and no Faerie child will suffer needlessly while I am the head of this court. If it is information that you need, then you shall be gifted it. It is nice to see the Delericeys back among us once more, Aneirin. Your son Nasta and his son Leolin, along with his Mother Harry, will be most welcome among us should a time come when they wish to visit. I would like to see Leolin before he grows too large and heavy to fit into these bony, weakening arms. I always do like to hold Faerie children, but so few are being born these moon turns and fewer are reaching adulthood, I will pray for him, as I do all babes, and mayhaps the ancestors will hear me this time."

"I thank you, Sindri, Head of the Seelie and Unseelie court." Aneirin answered respectfully. "I will bring Nasta, Harry and Leolin to see you when it is convenient."

Sindri inclined his head and just like that it was over and he was dismissed, picking up the folder of photos and leaving through the door that he had come through, to meet Warren on the outside. The man was smiling at him and clapped him on the back once more, this time in greeting. Aneirin swore that if he was ever choking, he would have Warren help him out.

"You spoke fluently and eloquently and did not get riled up, you did well." Warren told him, throwing an arm around his shoulders.

"I almost did." Aneirin grumbled.

"But you did not fall for those harpies' ploys! Suisan has failed to even birth her four Faeries now and she craves the feel of babes in arms, it is no wonder that she tried for yours and Zuzana cannot find a Valkyrie who will lay with her for children and not pleasure."

"I don't know what pleasure can be found from her, but I am somehow glad to hear that she has never had a child."

Warren chuckled and nodded. "Alston is upset as he lost his daughter to the human son of a Dracken, they married without his blessing and have two children, both are Drackens which his daughter has not let him see. He had intended for her to marry the son of his wealthy friend to create an unbroken union between them. I heard that the dowry was to be quite a sum."

"What is Donella's excuse for being a tart?"

Warren chuckled again. "She has tried and failed to raise three Faerie babes to adulthood. It is rumoured that her Valkyrie was being adulterous, so their union was cursed by the ancestors. She does not like to see any babe being raised to adulthood anymore when her own were taken from her."

"It was nice to see Dain and Kailen still accept the Delericeys."

"Many here have not forgotten that Dain and Kailen were very close to young Trefor Delericey before he was killed. They were very thick friends and they were both saddened when Trefor's son's daughter died and when Nesta did not produce a Faerie child, despite his five children, and then your blood was declared a null line, they were very upset. But they will rejoice again now that Trefor's blood has thickened once more. It is still rumoured around the city that they and Trefor were more than friends, that they were his lovers and Trefor's children were their children, which is why they have never taken a Fae in a union."

"Perhaps they just don't want someone like Zuzana, Suisan and Donella as a life partner, though Narilla seemed nice enough."

"Narilla is a Mother to us all. Any babe who becomes orphaned or is in need of help goes to Narilla. She is the epitome of the perfect Fae, her Valkyrie is so proud and so protective of her that he will not let any other Valkyrie near her unattended, he would have been waiting outside the table court exit for her, he does not like leaving her to attend court issues alone."

"A bit like Harry. He is considered the most perfect submissive Dracken, my son and his three other lovers are so protective, but he takes their actions as smothering and believes that they are trying to take away his independence, so he often lashes out at displays of such protectiveness."

Warren chuckled. "Your son has his hands full then, Harry sounds like a wildfire."

"Oh he is that. He can be very aggressive when his children are threatened or taunted, his mate Maximilius has a brother, Caesar and his mate insulted Harry's first child, Braiden, and he almost tore her leg off. He was pulled away before he could be successful, but he did leave a very nasty scar."

"I wouldn't expect anything less from a Mother." Warren said as they entered the vast, colossus library. "I will be sure to find you the very best books to help you raise your grandson, Aneirin."

"We have already started."

Aneirin looked over to see Dain and Kailen with a pile of books off to one side.

"I thank you."

"Any relative of Trefor is a relative of ours." Dain said sincerely.

Aneirin did not like how that sentence was phrased and neither did it seem, did Warren, whose thick black eyebrows pulled in to meet over his nose, so deep was his frown. He would have to search his family tree more finely and find out if every child of Trefor's was by his Husband, though it would be difficult to find out, seeing as Trefor and all of his children were dead.

Aneirin was happy to leave with a charmed bag full of books that would help the boys raise Leolin. Anything at all that would ease their worry would help immensely and he promised Warren, Dain and Kailen that he would return to show them Leolin as soon as he was able.

As his watch told him that it was coming up to half two in the morning, Aneirin decided to head home to bed, he would see the boys tomorrow as he was scheduled to help Max and Nasta with the six children as Harry, Blaise and Draco went to their lessons. In the end he was glad to leave the Faerie city, but he was not glad to leave behind Warren, whom he had only met that day, but felt like he had known his entire life.

Nasta blinked open his eyes and squinted in the dark, trying to work out what had woken him up. Nothing seemed amiss, but he pulled in a deep breath regardless, only to realise that his nose was blocked and the small scents that he could pull in were sweat from his own body and sickness. His own sickness.

Nasta coughed into his hand as quietly as he could and he forced himself up on shaky legs. He almost toppled down the stairs and he had to hold onto the wall to keep himself upright and when he made it to the bottom, he went straight into the bathroom and to the sink to get a drink and it was then that he caught sight of himself in the mirror.

His skin was white and covered in beads of sweat, his eyes were rimmed with red, with black bags further down, his lips were chapped and sore and an inspection of the inside of his mouth showed that his throat was red and swollen. He felt as weak as a kitten; shaking more the longer that he stood up in front of the mirror. He closed his eyes and breathed out unhappily.

He run a hot bath and gathered everything that he needed, being very quiet as he got fresh pyjamas from the bedroom dresser so that he didn't wake any of the others.

He slipped into the water and reclined back, lying down so that he was as covered by the water as he could be without wetting his hair and he sighed unhappily. The steam helped his blocked nose, even if it did make his head pound. He'd have to take some Paracetamol tablets as he was sure that Max was out of headache relievers after the past two days. Blaise was stressed so he was back to his foul mood and he was showing it vehemently, Draco was stressed so he was in a foul mood, Braiden was getting an upper front tooth and Calix had a bad nappy rash that was likely very uncomfortable for him if the pitch of his crying was any indication. They had all needed headache relievers yesterday and the day before, but he also needed one now, quite a bit more than he had yesterday or the day before as well.

Nasta didn't stay in the bath for long, just long enough for his body to feel warmer than it had and for the bone deep ache to ease off and then he got out. He towelled himself off and he dressed himself into the warm, fleece lined pyjamas that had been a gift from Harry last Christmas. He hadn't worn them yet, but he was thankful for them now as the softness relaxed him and the fleece lining retained the heat from his bath.

He crawled onto the settee and wrapped himself in the blanket from the back of it, he couldn't bring himself to get the tablets, he was just too tired. He fell into a fitful sleep not long after only to be woken up by a large hand on his forehead and Max's sapphire blue eyes looking at him with such concern after what felt like only minutes of him closing his eyes.

"You're burning."

"I think it's just a cold." Nasta replied thickly, his tongue felt like lead and his head was throbbing with his heartbeat.

"More like the flu." Max said as he pulled down the medical kit, pulling out a thermometer that had yet to be used once since they had bought it.

"That had better not be a rectal thermometer." Nasta joked weakly.

Max grinned. "You're so weak and feverish that you couldn't stop me even if it was."

"Try it." Nasta refuted, but as Max placed the thermometer gently into his mouth and under his tongue, all joking was put aside as those concerned blue eyes bore into his own hazel, which had brightened with the fever to a pale brown.

Max's hand stroked through his sweaty hair, brushing it from his face as he timed the thermometer, taking it from under his tongue and sighing.

"Too high for you to be messing around." Max answered the question in his eyes. "If you were a human then you'd have already had a seizure."

Max wiped the thermometer with an antibacterial gel and put it away again before getting down his potions case instead and digging through it. He cursed as he realised what Nasta had already known, he had no headache relievers left. He got out a pale blue potion instead and uncorked it, he knelt down next to the settee and slipped an arm under his neck and eased him up enough to sip down the icy potion.

"A fever reducer, it should get you away from the danger zone. If you were Harry then I'd put you on a sex ban for the fear of ending up with another baby, not that I think you're up for sex at the moment."

Nasta groaned. "It's that high?"

"Yes, so there is to be no messing around, no complaining, arguing or fighting anything I tell you to do. I'll make you some soup now and ply you with hot tea and I'll get a small cauldron going for a batch of headache relievers, you'll need one soon I'll bet."

"Can't I just take Paracetamol?" Nasta asked as the pain in his skull spiked.

"You can, but it won't last as long and you won't be able to take any headache relievers with it once the tablets wear off and the pain comes back. Besides, you can take more headache relievers in twenty-four hours than you can Paracetamol. It'll only take an hour, I promise." Max assured him as he set to work immediately on the potion, unlocking the cupboard that he kept his personal ingredients in and getting out what he needed.

The hour was set to be gruelling, or at least it was until Max's hand stroking through his hair lulled him back to sleep.

Nasta was woken once again after what felt like only minutes, to soft voices and a happily shrieking baby.

"Braiden, shush love, please."

"S'okay." Nasta mumbled as he forced himself to sit up to meet Harry's very worried emerald green eyes, Braiden's stunning indigo and Max's sapphire blue.

Braiden shrieked again, making the pain in his head turn almost blinding. He felt like his skull was splitting in two halves, but the little baby reached out to him, his two and a half teeth on show as he dribbled and grinned at him and Nasta was a slave to that gorgeous grin as he took the baby from Harry and let him bounce between his hands, no matter how much it made his arms ache to hold Braiden like this. Braiden screeched in happiness again and he flinched as it felt like his skull was crushing his brain.

Thankfully Max had seen him wince and he immediately handed over the single dose of headache reliever. Nasta downed it and almost instantaneously the pressure lifted from his skull and he fell back with Braiden in pleasure.

"Oh that felt good." He moaned thickly, sniffing as much as he could through his blocked nose.

"I'll bet." Max said with a small smile. "I won't ask if you feel any better, but I thought that you should know that your fever came down a few degrees while you were sleeping, it's still very high though."

"Had better not have taken my temperature rectally when I was sleeping." Nasta tried to glare, but it probably came out as a squint.

"No, I took it from under your tongue again." Max winked.

"You poor thing." Harry cooed as he folded his legs under him beside the settee and nuzzled his cheek and chin as his fingers combed through his hair. "Don't worry; I'll take care of you."

Nasta managed a smile and admitted to himself that it was kind of nice to be fussed over once in a while as Max brought over a mug of hot tea and Harry made sure that he was tucked in and continued playing with his hair. Braiden was sat upright in his lap still and he was cooing and clenching little fists into the blanket that he had over him.

Harry kissed him and Nasta scowled weakly.

"I don't want you getting sick too." He complained.

"If I'm going to get it, Nas then I'm going to get it. Viruses like the flu are airborne, we've all been sleeping next to you and it's likely that you've had this virus for a few days. It takes a while for the symptoms to show." Harry replied knowledgably as he peppered kisses on his face. "So I'm not going to stop kissing you when I could already have it anyway."

"Just keep Leolin away from me then." Nasta begged. "You heard Dad; his immune system isn't mature enough to handle any viruses or illnesses."

Harry nodded, but they left the worry that they all felt unspoken. Leolin had been next to the bed in his bassinet. He could have already been exposed to the illness.

"I wonder if this is what Tegan had." Harry murmured. "Perhaps she gave it to you."

Nasta chuckled, but it ended in a hacking cough that left his throat searing. He groaned and dropped back against the settee; Braiden giggled and leant forward to pat at his belly.

"It's alright, boyo, I'll be fine." He assured, giving his son eye contact and the biggest smile that he could manage.

"What happened?" Draco asked as he came out fastening the cuffs of his shirt.

"Nasta has the flu."

Immediately Draco stopped and looked to him with such soft, worried eyes that Nasta wanted to cry. When had Draco grown to love him so much to be so worried over a simple virus?

A cool, pale hand pressed to his forehead and Draco made a small noise of disgust.

"Have you given him anything?" Draco demanded of Max.

"Of course I have you dolt. He's had a fever reducer and I made a fresh batch of headache relievers. I've been keeping him plied with his favourite tea and I'm in the process of making him chicken soup. He's well taken care of."

"All of us are going to take such good care of you." Harry said softly with a loving smile. "You'll be better in no time."

Nasta was sort of hoping that it took a while for him to get better, though he felt guilty for this desire as he thought about his tiny, vulnerable son. The longer that he stayed sick, the higher chance Leolin had of catching his illness, which could possibly end with a fatality as Leolin had a very immature immune system currently.

Blaise came out of the bedroom and it seemed that he knew immediately that something was wrong as he looked to him and those indigo eyes softened and that sensual mouth pouted out with concern. Blaise wore concern and worry well.

"What's the matter?" He asked as he came to kiss his forehead, allowing his lips to linger as he tested his temperature. "You're burning."

"I've got the flu." Nasta answered weakly, he was getting tired again and so much fussing was draining him.

"Ma ba!" Braiden exclaimed, holding chubby hands out to Blaise, who picked him up almost on autopilot as he tucked the blanket up and around his ears.

"If you tuck me in even more then you might as well just throw the blanket over my head." He teased, sniffling and ruining Blaise's tucking in job by raising a hand out of the blanket to rub at his itching eyes.

"How do you feel now?" Harry asked.

"Weak, tired, stuffy." Nasta answered. "I feel sorry for you three."

"Why?" Draco asked, looking between Blaise and Harry, whom he had indicated with a nod of the head.

"I'm ill and unable to perform my duties as the top dominant of our mateship, you all defer to Max now."

The shit eating grin on Max's face said that he had known this all along and he was very happy to be the acting top dominant, no matter for how long, in Nasta's place.

"You shouldn't enjoy this so much, Nasta is sick." Harry chided him with a frown.

"It's not like he's dying, he'll get better. It's just a shit that Drackens can't get any big infection or disease, but the little things take us out for weeks. We can't get sepsis, but we can get a cold."

Harry glared. "That's not the point!"

"Don't you have a shower to take and a uniform to get on?" Max asked mildly.

Harry glared harder. "You sort out the quintuplets then, because you're on baby duty all on your own today with Nasta being sick."

That wiped the smile from Max's face and Draco chuckled as he moved to the kitchenette to make a cup of tea for himself, pulling down the emergency cereal as breakfast was out of the question this morning with Max having to brew a potion and make soup.

Max sorted out the babies one by one as Nasta watched him from under his blanket and then Harry came hurrying back out of the bedroom fully dried and dressed, but his hair was a tangled mess and he had a smear of toothpaste on his chin. Nasta chuckled as Draco immediately took charge of the situation, pulling out a handkerchief, wetting it with his tongue and rubbing the smear of toothpaste away.

Nasta fully expected Harry to shove Draco away and start a rant on how he wasn't a child and that he didn't need his face cleaned like a toddler, but Harry said nothing, he just stood still, tilted his face for Draco to get to the smear easier and he balanced himself by holding Draco's elbows.

"Can I please at least brush your hair?" Draco nearly begged "It looks like a Snidget nest."

Nasta thought that Draco was pressing his luck a bit too much with that request, he didn't know why Harry hadn't fought back over having his face cleaned, but he thought that maybe it was because he was lying on the settee ill. It was nice…no, amazing to see Harry let them take care of him, no matter that it was in such a small way, and he was upset to think that as soon as he was better that it would stop.

Harry sighed and he made such a face it was as if Draco was asking him to clean the toilet with his tongue.

"If you must, just be quick about it." Harry replied and Draco looked so happy as he rushed to get a brush, cursing when he couldn't find the brush that he wanted, acting as though Harry would change his mind at any moment and Nasta wasn't sure if he was entirely wrong about that assumption as Harry did have a habit of changing his mind at a moment's notice.

Nasta watched his submissive as he sat down to eat a bowl of cereal, drinking his honey tea and cradling Calix, who wasn't wearing a nappy underneath his little nightdress.

Draco eventually found his brush and comb and he sat on the settee behind Harry who had moved to the floor with Calix, cooing and speaking to him as Draco carefully and gently brushed his hair.

"You've got nice hair." Draco complimented. "I just wish that it wasn't so naturally messy!"

Harry chuckled and gave his finger over to Calix, who clenched a tiny fist around it.

"It's hard to believe they're almost a month old already." Harry murmured as his hair was combed, brushed and then styled by Draco. Harry swallowed back every instinct that wanted him to squirm away from the brush and push Draco away.

"They need to have their Dragon Pox injections soon, I'll make the appointment." Draco put in and Harry stiffened visibly.

"I've taken Braiden for two now, I can't have five screaming babies on hand."

"Four." Nasta put in weakly. "Leolin can't have his inoculations until he's older, the vaccinations would kill him."

"When does Braiden need his third injection? At nine months?" Blaise questioned.

Draco nodded as he curled Harry's fringe carefully out of his eyes. Harry adjusted Calix until he was resting against his shoulder, trying to lull him to sleep.

"Only three months to go." Max mock cheered.

"Oh no." Harry breathed. "The four of them have their second injection when Braiden has his third!"

"Ah fuck." Max groaned. "That didn't time out very well."

"I blame you." Harry told the bigger man.

"Me? Why me? I didn't tell you to have the quintuplets three months early."

"You're the reason that I was pregnant in the first place."

"Oh sure, I'm positive that Nasta had nothing to do with it even though he gave you three kids and I only gave you two."

"You started it, don't you remember? On that rooftop in the bright sunshine, you jumped off the roof with me and took me on the grass."

"I seem to remember Blaise taking you first actually." Max replied.

"Doesn't matter, you got me off that roof and onto the grass with every intention of fucking me."

"Don't make it sound so sordid, Harry; I hardly did it against your will." Max whined as he flumped onto the floor and put his head in Harry's lap.

"You know Calix isn't wearing a nappy, if he has an accident now it'll go all over your head." Harry said sweetly.

Max shot out of his lap and Blaise laughed as Harry grinned. Nasta laughed but it turned into a cough and Draco snorted in amusement as he continued playing with Harry's hair.

"That's not funny."

"It is." Harry assured as he pulled away from Draco to kiss Max.

"It's gross."

"He's your son."

"Still gross."

Harry rolled his eyes and let himself be pulled back by Draco.

"Aren't you done yet? I better not find bows or anything in it."

"I don't know about bows, but I'm finding bits of twigs, string and what looks like shredded newspaper."

"Oh ha ha, I can't breathe for laughing." Harry said sarcastically.

Draco chuckled and kissed him. "I like playing with your hair, you hardly ever let me do it, so I'm making the most of it."

"If I promise to let you do it tomorrow too, will you stop now?" Harry pleaded.

"Of course." Draco replied smoothly. "As long as you don't forget our agreement."

"You have three other witnesses, I won't forget."

Draco placed a kiss to the top of his head and put his brush aside, unclenching his legs from around Harry's shoulders and letting him get up with Calix.

"Our little cutie is finally asleep, I'll put him in his bassinet and wrap a nappy around him, but I'll keep it open so that it's not as tight. He doesn't roll yet, so I doubt it'll leak, you make sure you check on him every half hour though." He directed at Max.

Max nodded his understanding and then kissed him and then Calix, giving his son's back a soft rub as Harry carried him to the bedroom.

"I love you, Calix, but you have got to start letting us know when you're wet, you can't keep sleeping in your own urine, it's not hygienic and it's giving you sores. Wouldn't it be better to just cry?" Harry pleaded to his sleeping son as he laid him down and slipped a nappy under him, leaving it open. He kissed Calix, moved over to kiss Regan, then Tegan, caught Farren's cheek as his head went from one side to the other and he pecked Leolin's little lips as he snuffled quietly.

"All five of them are sleeping." Harry informed Max as he took Braiden for a cuddle and a kiss.

"Ah Da Ba!" Braiden told him as he played with Harry's shirt collar, lowering his head to suck and gnaw at it.

"Oh Braiden, you can't eat that, you'll get an icky soap powder taste in your mouth." Harry said with a laugh.

Nasta fell into a coughing fit, moaning as he rolled onto his side as he gagged. Max was by his side rubbing his back and Blaise was by his head, combing his hair away from his mouth.

Draco got him a glass of water and helped him sip at it as Harry held a curious Braiden, who was watching his Daddies closely.

"Ooo boo." He said, looking back up at Harry.

"Yes Braiden, Daddy Nasta isn't feeling well. We're going to take care of him until he's better."

"Ah! Ah!" Braiden reached out for Nasta, but Harry held him easily.

"No Braiden, we don't want you getting sick too, but don't worry, Daddy Nasta will be fine very soon, he's very strong."

"Give him here, you three need to get off or you'll be late." Max said once Nasta had calmed down, taking Braiden from him and sitting him on his hip, an arm wrapped around him tightly and securely. "Don't worry about Nas, he'll be fine with me. I've got him some soup on, I'll make sure he takes his potions and he won't be moving, in fact I'll make sure that he does little else other than sleep. You three just focus on your lessons."

Draco nodded and shouldered his bag. Blaise picked his up and tucked three books into his one arm, holding them up against his body. Harry went to kiss Nasta goodbye and gave him a smile.

"We'll see you at lunch, love. I hope you feel better soon."

Nasta smiled weakly and settled onto his side, he was well overdue to get some more sleep. His body felt leaden and he could feel a fine tremble in his muscles and he just felt so weak. It wasn't a feeling that he was much used to and he decided that he didn't like it, even if it did get him fussed over and stopped all the arguments and disagreements. He still couldn't believe that Harry had actually let Draco brush his hair and clean his face for him. Nasta fell asleep once again, leaving Max to finish the soup, keep six babies fed, clean and happy and to play with Braiden, who was getting more and more active and curious about his surroundings as he got older.

Nasta was fussed over even more when his Father came the next day to help with the children. It was made even worse when Max's parents decided to come and visit and he felt like a five year old again as Max's Mother Ashleigh made it her life's mission to keep him covered at all times and continuously fed him soup and tea. It was one thing being fussed over by his mates, a completely different thing being fussed over by overprotective parents.

Harry dashed into the room only three minutes after the school bell rang to signal the end of lessons and he kicked off his shoes, dumped his bag and immediately came to kiss him, feeling his head for his temperature and his eyes went glossy with concern as he felt that he was still running a fever over twenty-four hours after he'd first gone down with it.

"I'm fine." He stressed. "Don't waste your free periods worrying over me, do your homework."

"I've done it." Harry replied. Nasta gave him a look. "No seriously I have. It's Friday, I had double defence. I finished all my class work and my homework too well before the bell went, I even handed it in to Professor Drios, who was very surprised. I even had time to finish off my other homework too, so I'm free to look after you all weekend."

"You've finished your Transfiguration essay and mock exam booklet, your Herbology questions and your History of Magic essay?" Nasta asked sceptically.

Harry nodded and he pulled all four pieces of homework out of his bag to show him.

"Good boy, Harry." Nasta complimented sincerely and Harry grinned, kissing him.

Max came out of the bedroom with Farren and dumped him on his Mother as he saw Harry, pulling him immediately into a huge hug and kissing him passionately.

"Which baby needs what?" Harry asked as he saw the overwhelmed desperation in Max's eyes.

"Aneirin has Calix, Myron has Regan and Richard has Tegan, Leolin needs a bottle, Braiden's had his but needs a bath after he spit up on himself and Farren needs a nappy change." Max directed the last one to his Mother, who sighed, but happily went to the changer and pulled out a fresh nappy.

"You take Braiden, I'll get Leolin." Harry delegated and he went through to their bedroom to pick up his youngest, grimacing at Braiden's vomit covered jumper. He'd never get it clean and it was a favourite of his for Braiden.

Harry made up a tiny bottle, used the remaining water to make everyone tea, as that seems to have been what Max was doing if the counter of mugs was anything to go by, and he fed Leolin, who didn't even open his eyes as he accepted the bottle teat into his mouth and suckled.

Harry was very pleased that Leolin finished his bottle and he proudly announced his youngest son's feat to everyone as he burped Leolin gently and mindfully of his little wings.

Harry murmured to him and told him how proud he was of him, kissing his cheek and nuzzling his neck. When he pulled back to look at Leolin, he almost dropped him as he let out a little screech of shock.

Despite his illness and current weakness, it was Nasta's arms who wrapped around him first, even if he did stumble, sway and hold onto him tighter than usual for support.

"It's fine! I'm fine, I was just startled. Max, get Nasta back on the settee." Harry ordered, though it was Aneirin who dragged his son back to the settee and tucked him up again, Harry followed and he grinned a secret grin.

"What's the matter, Harry? What startled you?" Max asked concernedly as he petted Nasta's hair.

Harry grinned wider as he kissed Leolin, before he turned him around to face the rest of the room; his tiny son was disgruntled as he frowned at the room, his pure, solid gold eyes peering at them as they all gasped, screeched and grinned at the completion of his Faerie heritage, proudly showing his Faerie eyes to the world.

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