The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


16. Chapter Sixteen – Recuperation.

Harry blinked open his eyes and he murmured unhappily at the bright sunlight that seared his eyeballs. He breathed inward deeply and then let it out again in a gust of air. He felt fine, his body wasn't aching, his bones felt strong and whole again, he could move both his arm and his leg without pain and his back felt perfectly fine and normal.

Looking around him it looked to be the day after the match, proving how fickle the weather was that bright sunlight showed through the windows where yesterday, it had been pouring down with rain.

He smelt flowers and turned his head to the side to peer curiously at the array of colourful plants and blossoms that took over the small beside table and most of the floor around his bed. A moveable tray at the end of his bed held a wide selection of sweets, chocolate, cards and treats, there was even a teddy bear poking its way out of a basket of fruit, half stuck under a pile of chocolate frogs.

He hadn't thought that he had been here long enough to have so many get well soon gifts, but he wouldn't knock being given free sweets and chocolate. The two bars of Honeydukes finest chocolate fudge that Blaise gifted him with every week had seemed to be insufficient in the last few weeks, now if it had been four chocolate fudge bars, then maybe the sight of so much chocolate would have made him feel sick instead, but then he had always had a major sweet tooth thanks to a childhood that had been deprived of even the slightest sugary treat, so maybe not.

Easing himself up, Harry perused his get well soon cards, noticing that most of them were from Gryffindors. Ginny had seemingly drawn him a card with a folded up piece of parchment, it depicted a badly drawn picture of a nameless monster eating the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, it was his most favourite card.

There were no less than eighteen bars of his most favoured chocolate fudge bars and Harry immediately snatched one up, tore off the paper and took a huge, borderline indecent, bite and chewed it with a happy moan as the flavour flooded his mouth.

He took bite after bite as he looked over his other gifts and found some more cards buried at the back, he picked the teddy up and grinned when he realised that it was from Henley, the cute little baby dominant. He hadn't spoken to him in a while and he made a mental note to go check up on him, he always had the strange urge to Mother Henley, even though his Dracken now knew that Henley was a dominant Dracken, not a child after the kiss that they had shared.

He held the little blue teddy on his lap and he took the last piece of chocolate and scrunched up the wrapper and dropped it into the bin beside his bed. He looked over the collection of sweets he had and rather thought that he now owned his own private sweetshop. He picked out a jar of what looked like sugar coated jelly snakes, they were wriggling around in the jar and hissing disjointed letters, obviously the person who had charmed them was not a Parselmouth. He grinned at his own little inside joke, letting out a few bubbly laughs that he couldn't stop from escaping his mouth.

The little label on the lid of the jar urged him to get better soon, from Draco. Harry didn't begrudge the blond for not putting love from Draco on the label, his blond mate was a very, very private person and saying the word love in public was a problem for him, writing it down and leaving it, where anyone could see it, was almost a sin.

However loving actions of endearment, those Draco had down to a tee. He didn't mind showing the world that he loved Harry Potter, he just had a problem with verbally confirming it.

Blaise however had gifted him with four of the eighteen, now seventeen, bars of chocolate fudge, had written him such a loving missive that Harry's eyes misted over. He had signed it: Ti amo, Harry, come back to us soon.

Harry dug through his treasure until he found a jar of strange looking, colourful round balls, the label was written in a language that he couldn't read, but the tag told him that they were flavoured hard candies from Greece, courtesy of Arsenio.

Max had given him a box of Ice Mice and a few Peppermint Toads with a small note that he was eagerly awaiting his awakening.

Nasta had given him a big box of cookies, only they weren't your usual bog standard biscuit. They were nearly the size of his face and had four types of chocolate in them. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and to his everlasting joy, fudge chocolate. Nasta had had them custom made just for him, because apparently he was the only person Nasta knew who mainlined fudge flavoured chocolate. Nasta's note also included how much Harry was being missed and how the big softie was missing their daily talk on 'their rock' beside the lake and that he missed holding Harry in his arms.

Harry almost melted under all the attention that he was getting from his prospective mates; Jensen had given him a strange, but wonderful gift. A photograph of the very moment he had caught the snitch, and dear god did he look fucking terrible! His arm was clutched to his chest but there was a distinctive bulge under the elbow part of his Quidditch robes, his knee was dangling uselessly from the broom and his face was streaked with mud and blades of grass clung to his face and neck like his hair did to his head. Not to mention the moving photo was ruined by the appearance of a Bludger that went right into the middle of photo Harry's back, knocking him flying forwards off of the broom and out of the photo frame.

It couldn't have happened that fast either, it had felt slower when he had experienced it, as if he had had all the time in the world to close his hand around the snitch and then to curl into a ball as he fell, it had seemed to have taken an age for him to hit the ground. This photo must have been speeded up with magic, it couldn't have all happened so quickly! The photo showed that he had barely caught the snitch at all, a fraction of a second or so more and his hand would have grabbed at thin air instead.

"Mister Potter!"

Harry startled and looked to Madam Pomfrey as she bustled to his bedside and shimmied him back under the covers.

"Thank the heavens that you are awake!"

Harry thought that this was a very odd thing to say. He had been out for the count for longer than one night before, true it had never been for a Quidditch injury but there was a first time for everything and he had felt sure that Madam Pomfrey had come to expect such injuries from him.

"How are you feeling?" She asked as she waved her wand around him.

"Alright I guess, nothing hurts, nothing aches, I can move all of my limbs."

Madam Pomfrey nodded at what he was saying before consulting her diagnostic results.

"Yes, everything is in order, Potter." She sighed. "Your mates have been very, very worried about you."

"Ma…mates?" Harry questioned shakily. How did she know?!

"Your secret is safe between the Headmaster and I, he had to inform me of your creature status so that I was better able to heal your injuries."

Harry let out a breath and relaxed. Dumbledore wouldn't have told his secret without asking first for a vow of silence. He was safe still, his mates were safe.

"Your prospective mates have been stampeding around as well; I don't believe anyone in this school has ever had so many visitors to the hospital wing before. They have all left gifts and cards. I have noticed that you have eaten chocolate, shame on you! You know I would prefer you to eat a decent meal before sweets."

"It was the only thing here and I was hungry." Harry tried, knowing full well that it wouldn't wash with the elderly Matron.

"Harry James Potter, you forget that I know you too well! You would have eaten that chocolate bar regardless of if there had been a full steak dinner beside you!"

Harry blushed and ducked his head, hiding his sheepish smile. Madam Pomfrey was of course right, chocolate fudge bars just called to him, he would have eaten it if there had been a whole treacle tart next to it. Well, he would have eaten the chocolate first and then eaten the tart, but the chocolate still would have gone down first.

"Now, have you filled up on chocolate or do you think you can handle some porridge?"

The look on Madam Pomfrey's face told him that it didn't matter if he was so full he was bloated, he would still be eating the porridge, so he nodded and let the Matron bustle about getting a small bowl of oats and mixing it with warm milk for him.

He clumsily fed himself with his left arm, his right arm was still stiff from the rapid, intensive healing that it had been though overnight. He looked out at the bright sunshine and realised that this would be a perfect day to visit Nasta on their rock, yet he didn't want to be far from Draco or Blaise, so he'd drag them with him.

Finishing his porridge and letting Madam Pomfrey fuss over him, he was declared fit to leave, and he did just that, shrinking down all his sweets and presents whilst carrying his cards and the small blue bear that Henley had given him.

He made his way to his private rooms on the seventh floor of the castle and using his wand he poked the keyhole of the portrait of a solid wooden door. The portrait clicked as if it had unlocked and it swung inwards, allowing him to pass.

He carefully placed all of his gifts on the coffee table, being mindful of Blaise's research work neatly placed on the one side, before he kicked his shoes off and went into the bedroom to find his mates.

He grinned when he found them on the platform bed. They were curled up together, their legs entwined, their arms wrapped around the other and Blaise's head was tucked under Draco's chin. They looked so adorable that Harry silently made his way back down the stairs and over to the side cupboard where he had left his camera. He made a mental note to ask little Colin Creevey for some development potion so that he could get a moving photo, not that his mates were moving much, but the soft even breaths and the slow rise and fall of their chests would prove that they were real people, and not just mannequins as the two would probably try to claim later on.

He snapped a couple of photos, because he was no photographer and he actually wanted one decent picture, before putting the camera in his bedside cupboard before worming his way under the duvet and snuggling up behind Blaise.

Blaise made a small noise in the back of his throat and Draco answered with his own, Harry's eyebrows lowered as he peeked at his mates from over Blaise's shoulder. They were still fast asleep, but if he didn't know any better then he would have thought that the two were communicating with each other in their sleep. Did dominant Drackens do that? Did they subconsciously speak to the other dominants to…what? Reassure the other that they were still there? That they weren't a strange dominant coming in to take their mate? Why would they speak to each other when asleep? He made a note to ask them as Blaise once again let out a soft noise from the back of his throat and Draco answered it with a deep rumble from within his chest.

Harry lay back down and snuggled right up to Blaise's back. Draco's hand, which was holding Blaise close, flexed and slipped under Harry's tee shirt, touching skin.

Harry giggled and squirmed as Draco's fingers hit a ticklish spot. Movement and then Draco's face peering sleepily over Blaise's body had Harry smiling happily. Those silver eyes widened before the blond almost shoved poor Blaise out of the bed to reach Harry.

"Harry! How are you?" Draco asked, sniffing along every inch of his skin, touching every part of his body as if to affirm that he was actually there and he wasn't a dream.

Blaise, who had been jolted awake, did the same. Harry squirmed between them and giggled as he was sniffed and licked.

"I'm fine!" He burst out as he got fed up of being stroked and touched.

"We were so worried about you, Mio Amore." Blaise whispered to him.

"It's been one night!" Harry cried out exasperatedly.

"Two nights." Draco corrected.

Harry cocked his head to the side; he had been out of it for two nights?

"Still, I've been unconscious longer than that before."

"Never with us as your mates." Blaise told him seriously. "The entire Ravenclaw Quidditch team has been put into protective custody, as well as that moron McLaggen."

Draco growled lowly at the mention of McLaggen and Harry lowered his eyebrows again. "Why?"

"They hurt you, they all hurt you." Draco hissed as if it were obvious.

"Well yeah, that's the point of the game, though I admit I wasn't expecting to be hit with a Beaters bat by my own team mate who wasn't even a Beater." Harry stated, rubbing his shoulder in remembered pain.

Blaise and Draco were immediately all over his shoulder, sniffing and licking it.

"Stop that!" Harry demanded. "Why do you do it?"

"A dominant mate can scent out an injury on their submissive and if scenting doesn't work, usually in the case of muscle damage, we use our tongues to feel if everything is alright underneath the skin." Blaise told him.

"Yeah, right, that's not creepy or weird at all." Harry grumbled as Draco gave a final lick before kissing his shoulder. "Speaking of creepy things why do you talk to each other when you're sleeping?"

"We don't." Draco told him confusedly.

"Yes, you do." Harry stated. "You were doing it when I got into bed."

"What were we saying?" Blaise asked.

"You weren't using words, more soft noises and growls to communicate with each other."

"Oh, that." Blaise smiled. "Dominant Drackens do it to confirm to each other that our submissive mate and our children are safe and that we feel no danger. Our bodies subconsciously seek for danger around our nest so that we will be able to react at a moment's notice if something that would harm our family pops up."

"I didn't know that." Draco groused.

"You still have a lot to learn." Blaise answered with a smile.

"So do you want to tell me anything?" Harry teased lightly after a pregnant pause.

His mates both turned to him and raised eyebrows.

"You're sure you haven't been holding out on me? Because if you're both fucking each other behind my back without asking me to watch I'll be very, very angry."

The both of them spluttered and coughed and choked and both denied it vehemently and Harry clutched his stomach laughing.

"Yeah? Are you sure you're not? Because you looked pretty damn close to me when I got here, I couldn't even get between you, you were cuddled that close, you can't even say it's cold because it's not."

"We were not 'cuddled close', Harry." Draco denied viciously.

"I have photographic evidence that proves that you were." Harry teased in a sing-song voice.

"If you ever have that photo developed I will tie you to the bed and you will stay there for a year!" Draco threatened.

"Promises promises." Harry chuckled.

"I mean it!"

"But I want it in my mate album."

"Your what?" Blaise asked.

"My mate album. I've been taking pictures to document our lives together."

"I don't know whether to be horrified or think that's cute and adorable." Draco said.

"Well I have to have something to show the children when I tell them exactly why they aren't allowed to have mates until they're thirty."

Blaise looked amused and Draco looked dumbstruck and incredulous.

"You can't be serious. You can't stop our children from mating."

"Watch me!" Harry hissed.

Blaise chuckled and pulled Harry into his lap to cuddle. He pressed a loving kiss to Harry's forehead and held him tightly. His Mother was becoming more and more demanding to meet Harry. She had wanted to meet him the moment he had informed her that he had found a submissive mate, when that was impossible because of school, she demanded that he bring his mate home for Christmas, when that became impossible because of the heat period, she became desperate to meet the person her son would spend the rest of his life with.

The moment she had learnt that he had mated, the very next owl she had sent to him asked when he was going to give her Grandchildren. He wondered if he had been as good a son to her as he had thought he had been if his Mother wanted Grandchildren and he had made a note to ask her in person when he next saw her.

"You're thinking too hard." Harry informed him softly, raising a small hand to rub against his cheek.

Blaise placed a hand over Harry's and held that little hand to his face.

"I am thinking of my Mother, Bello. She is very eager to meet you."

"Your Mother is frightening." Draco informed the British born, part Italian, part French Dracken.

"No she is not." Blaise replied tightly, the last thing he wanted was for Harry to become frightened of his Mother before he even met her.

"Blaise, she is six foot two and those shoes she wears makes her up to my height!"

Blaise sniffed and held Harry tighter. "My Mother is a dominant Dracken; you cannot expect her to be some small, willowy woman like your Mother."

"Before June I didn't even know you or she were Drackens, I was always terrified when Father informed me that I was to have a playdate with you at your house."

"It couldn't have been that bad." Harry stated.

"I thought she would squash me." Draco defended. "She's more muscled than I am now! Imagine meeting her when you were five!"

Blaise growled lowly "That's enough about my Mother!" He snarled.

"Can we have a picnic?" Harry cut in, looking from one to the other.

"You have only just gotten out of the hospital wing; I do not think it a good idea to go a sit outside for any length of time." Blaise told him seriously.

"But the sun is out!"

"It is still February and it is still only three degrees outside."

"Honestly are you wizards or not? That's what heating charms are for, love! Really, I could do with the fresh air."

"Didn't you get enough fresh air free falling from fifteen feet?" Draco asked.

Harry gave the blond a vicious glare. Which made Draco growl lowly in his throat. Blaise's arms tightened around him and he gave his own snarl to Draco.

"Do not even think about punishing him." Blaise hissed to the blond. "Do I need to reiterate that he has only just gotten out of the hospital wing this morning after being unconscious for two days?"

Draco huffed, but he looked away, his tightly clenched body slowly relaxing.

"I just realised that I haven't actually been punished since Draco took things too far."

Both of his dominants looked at each other and then looked away.

"Ah, so it isn't that I've been good, it's that you are unwilling to punish me. I wonder how long that will last now that I know."

"You are going to deliberately push us aren't you?" Blaise asked with a sigh.

"You know I can't just leave things alone. So picnic, yes?"

"Fine, but you wrap up warm." Blaise conceded.

Harry grinned and went to stand up to get ready, only to be pulled back down.

"You can get some sleep first."

"I don't need sleep; I've only just woken up."

"Have you eaten?"

"Yes, Madam Pomfrey made me eat a bowl of porridge before I was allowed to leave."

Blaise nodded and let him up again, before stretching and following him to get ready. Harry called Dobby, who excitably got together everything that Harry would need for a picnic, whilst Harry, Draco and Blaise got themselves ready.

When Harry was bundled up worse than a toddler with an overprotective Mother, he took both of his mates hands and led them down to the lake and the boulder which he and Nasta had claimed as theirs and was the very same place where Max had snogged him senseless.

It took only half an hour before Nasta made his way over to them and Harry grinned in greeting, pulling Nasta down to join them, much to Draco's ire.

Max wandered over an hour later as Harry was laughing at Draco and Blaise's fake wrestling match. He was so happy that the both of them were getting on, now he just needed to wait for his heat and then find a third and final mate who would fit in with himself and with the two mates that he already had.

Harry looked up and then leapt up and ran to the young sixteen year old who was approaching. He laughed as Henley swept him into a hug, actually picking him up, though Harry shouldn't have been surprised at that, Henley might have been young and slender, but he was still a fully inherited dominant Dracken.

"Henley! How are you?" Harry asked with a smile.

"Great! I watched your match and I was so scared that you would die that I had to come and see you. My Father says you fly like a pro, but even the pros can be permanently injured by Bludgers and you got hit by three! I went to see you in the hospital wing; my Mum said that I should give you a healing Teddy to make you feel better, I managed to find you a blue one, it was the only one left in a bin full of pink and yellow bears, but I found it and I hope you like it, it's supposed to draw out all your bad karma, I'm not sure if it works or not, but I hope you like him all the same."

Harry pressed his lips chastely to Henley's to stop him from talking and chuckled lightly.

"I loved the little bear, Henley, thank you."

He had missed Henley so much, he may not have been mate material, but he was definitely friend material.

Henley beamed at him and Harry tugged him over to their picnic blanket, sitting down with his mates, Nasta and Max. Draco took an almost unhealthy interest in Henley and they began talking, however when Henley continued talking without stopping for breath, Draco got a look of irritation and annoyance on his face. At this rate Draco wouldn't like any other dominant and it upset Harry more than he was willing to show.

Max had been more than a bit pushy at the picnic, he had even growled when Nasta had started playing with Harry's hair.

It wasn't too long after that that Harry had claimed to be tired and Blaise had immediately called an end to the picnic to take Harry back to bed, saying that it wasn't wise to push him too hard due to the accident.

Harry said goodbye to Henley, Nasta and Max and let Draco carry him back to their bedroom. He fell asleep before they even reached the castle, safely snuggled in Draco's arms.

He woke up a few hours later in bed, in his pyjamas. He smiled at the care his mates must have shown him as he hadn't woken up at all through having his clothes pulled off or having his pyjamas pulled on and he was actually tucked in, his mates hadn't once forgotten that he liked to be covered up since that night on the settee.

Stretching happily and ignoring the grumble in his belly in favour of the press of his bladder, he made his way down the stairs and went into the bathroom to relieve himself. He felt infinitely better once that was done and his hands and face were washed.

He listened closely to the sounds around him and he just felt that something was off. He couldn't hear Draco or Blaise. Everything was quiet and it gave him a funny feeling. He cautiously went into the living room of his and his mates private rooms and his jaw dropped.

Draco and Blaise were standing next to a table that was laden down with a romantic meal for three, wearing dress robes and they were both sipping on red wine.

"Did I miss something?" He asked weakly as he looked down to his pyjamas and his bare feet, feeling very underdressed next to his two mates.

"You were asleep for Valentine's Day, mio amore." Blaise told him.

"It was yesterday when you were in the hospital wing, so we thought that we would celebrate it today instead." Draco added.

Harry blushed a bright pink and shyly nodded his head in understanding. His first Valentine's Day with his mates and he was unconscious in the hospital wing, but then he had completely forgotten that Valentine's Day was even close by. His only real memories of Valentine's Day were all bad…Ginny giving him that singing dwarf, Romilda Vane and her spiked chocolates, gangs of giggling girls all waving cards and pink balloons and teddy bears. It was enough to make him feel sick.

This, he decided as Blaise kissed his hand softly and handed him to Draco to be seated, was much better and was more of his thing.

"I feel so underdressed, can I go and change?" He asked.

"You look absolutely fine, Harry." Draco told him.

"I have said a hundred times that you look beautiful in anything that you wear, it is only us here to see you and we have seen you wearing much less." Blaise told him with a naughty grin.

Harry blushed again but he smiled as Draco picked up a fork and speared a piece of asparagus onto it and held it out for Harry to eat. He took it into his mouth with a big smile and he chewed it up, so happy as Blaise had laced together their fingers on top of the table.

Blaise and Draco had a piece of steamed salmon on their plates with their vegetables, but Harry's plate was filled with just vegetables drizzled with an absolutely gorgeous olive-oil based sauce.

Harry smiled as he realised that he would be looking forward to next year's Valentine's Day instead of dreading it as he had for all the previous years. Even in primary school when the teacher had told them to make cards and give them to their classmates, he had hated it, he had never gotten a single stupid, badly made card covered in dried glue, glitter and sequins, all the other kids were too afraid of Dudley to ever give him a card.

But no more, now he had two absolutely wonderful men to celebrate with, men whom he loved dearly and who he was sure loved him back. This time next year he would have all of his chosen mates and maybe he would even have children, would he be pregnant? He looked down at his very flat stomach and placed his hand over it, he couldn't even imagine his body swollen with a baby. He had never had a stomach; it had always been very flat, concave at times, due to starvation at the hands of his relatives. Only in the last year had he been able to stomach an average amount of food for a teenager, before anything more than a third of a plate had made him feel very ill.

He had watched Ron as he devoured second and even third helpings of a heaped plate of food and it had made his stomach roil in disgust. When he thought to how much he actually ate these days it held no comparison to what he had used to be fed. At the Dursleys he was lucky if what he ate in a week made up what a normal person ate in one day.

"Do you have a stomach ache, Prezioso?" Blaise asked concernedly.

Harry looked up at both of his mates, the both of them with dual looks of concern and worry, and he smiled.

"No, I was actually thinking that this time next year I might be pregnant."

The near identical salacious looks made Harry shiver right down to his toes.

"You'll be pregnant before then; you only need the two of us to get you impregnated." Draco informed him slowly and seductively. "Three days until you go onto your heat period and you can conceive at any point during the heat, we could have our first baby in several months."

Harry smiled softly and rubbed his belly again.

"If everything works according to clockwork, you would be four months pregnant this time next year and we would already have our first clutch." Blaise told them looking thoughtful.

"Since when does everything go according to plan?" Harry asked. "What if I don't get pregnant on this heat?"

"You will." Blaise told him surely. "You are too fertile not to, Harry."

"I don't think you worked it out right." Draco stated looking deeply in thought. "I make Harry out to be six months pregnant after our first clutch this time next year."

"If Harry carries our first child to term, seven months from now is September, he will give birth and then his breeding cycle will start again, so it will be two months before he goes on to heat again, so this time next year Harry will be four months pregnant with our second clutch, if he conceives. He could be two months pregnant this time next year if it takes a second heat to get him pregnant again."

"Ah, so I dock off two months because I need to go through another breeding cycle before a heat period." Harry nodded. "I think that's going to be a good thing, I don't think I'd like to be pregnant again right after giving birth. I actually want to spend some time with my newborn baby before I start popping out others."

"Like I said, mio amore, you may not even get pregnant on your next heat or even the one after; it could take a few heat periods for your hormones to settle down enough for your womb to allow sperm to access it again."

"Right, stop speaking now before I lose my appetite." Harry groused. "I don't want to hear about my male body having a womb, it sounds wrong and weird."

Blaise smiled indulgently and kissed the palm of his hand lovingly, keeping a hold of it as he nodded his understanding of a topic change.

Harry enjoyed the rest of his night with his mates and was surprised when dessert showed up. He had stuffed himself with the main course; he hadn't thought that there would be dessert seeing as there hadn't been a starter.

It wasn't much, just profiteroles and melted chocolate to dip them in, but they were so rich and filling that Harry mainly used them to feed Blaise and Draco, who were both big men that needed feeding, like hippos. Harry grinned as he mentally called his mates various large mammals whilst feeding them more and more of the fresh cream filled choux pastry balls.

The clock in their living room struck one in the morning and Harry looked at it in surprise, all of a sudden feeling the weariness of the day take over him. He yawned widely behind his hand, yet before he could voice out loud that perhaps it was time for bed, Blaise had gently scooped him up like a child and was carrying him to the bedroom.

Harry smiled happily and as he snuggled into bed, Blaise on one side of him and Draco on the other, he wondered when everything was going to be blown to hell.

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