The Rise of the Drackens

Harry comes into a very unexpected inheritance. He is a creature both rare and very dangerous, a creature that is black listed by the British Ministry. So now he must avoid detection at all costs, whilst choosing his life partners and dealing with impending pregnancy at just sixteen. With danger coming not just from the Ministry but even other creatures, what was he supposed to do?


6. Chapter Six – Afternoon Tea Talks

Harry groaned as he rolled over and once again found an arm tugging him back into a solid chest. He wanted to get up, but his stubborn mate had other ideas.

Peering over his own shoulder, Harry sent a glare to a sleeping Blaise. He once again tried to wiggle out of Blaise's hold, only to be rewarded with a tight squeeze.

Growling, Harry had had enough. He put his hands in a good position on Blaise's forearm and he pushed as hard as he could. He managed it, but it truly said volumes on how strong Blaise was that it had taken all of Harry's strength just to move an arm, an arm that was attached to a heavily sleeping body. He would never be able to fight off Blaise if his mate turned violent, not that Harry ever thought that he would, he was more worried about the other dominant Drackens going up against Blaise than his mate turning on him.

If Blaise had this much strength, then so did the other Drackens and if it varied with size and amount of muscle, then it was something to worry about as some of those dominants had been at least seven feet tall and thickly muscled to go with it. Some of them were so broad they had to turn sideways to fit through doorways, and okay maybe he was exaggerating just a bit, but that's what it seemed like to him. They were huge, thick and broad men who could crush his puny head with one hand if he upset them.

Oh fuck, why did it have to be him? Why was there such a pathetic law that said every submissive that came into their inheritance had to meet every single unmated dominant in the world? It was preposterous! He hoped to fucking Merlin that he only needed one more dominant mate to get him pregnant. He only wanted children, one child would be absolutely fine with him, he just wanted his own child, was that such a bad thing?

Crawling out of the bed now that he was free of Blaise's arm, Harry wandered into the Slytherin boys' bathroom and turned on a shower. His childish, prejudice mind had once thought that the water down in the dungeons would be icy cold, but contrary to what he had previously thought the water was actually warmer than in Gryffindor tower, his logical mind supplying that of course the water was warmer here, it was colder in the dungeons than in the rest of the school and obviously Dumbledore didn't want any of his students getting frost bite.

Harry had also noticed the permanent, expertly weaved, warming charms warded into every room of the Slytherin dormitories. The common room wasn't warded, but there were twelvefireplaces strategically placed around the cavernous room compared to the one and only fireplace in Gryffindor tower. Harry realised that when he had broken into the Slytherin common room with Ron back in second year, only one of those fireplaces had been lit and the few occupants of the room had been grouped around it. Obviously there was no sense in lighting all of the fireplaces if only three students were in the common room anyway.

Washing his body and his short, messy mop of hair, Harry stepped out and towelled himself dry before realising that he had left his clothes in the dormitory. Sighing at his preoccupation with being angry at Blaise for not letting him go, Harry wrapped the towel around his naked self and padded back into the boys dormitory.

"Advertising yourself, Potter?" A silky voice asked him softly.

Turning around Harry met the silver eyes of Draco Malfoy, who was sitting up in bed with a book in hand. Harry had a biting comment on the tip of his tongue, but it got stuck somewhere in his throat when his eyes met the gloriously bare chest of one, Draco Malfoy.

It was smooth, broad, muscled and hairless, a delicate shade of porcelain white with two identical, light pink nipples, erect against the cold of the dungeon air. Draco's abdomen was crunched up in his part sitting, part reclining position against the headboard and it showed off his abdominal muscles clearly, Harry hadn't even known that Draco had a six pack, let alone one that was so defined.

There was a thin, very fine trail of white blond hair travelling from his bellybutton to under the thick duvet covering his lower half. Oh dear god, did Draco sleep naked? Since when had he become Draco, and not just plain old Malfoy, anyway? Harry swallowed and averted his eyes.

A low chuckle took his attention right back to the muscled, ivory god in front of him.

"You obviously like what you see, Potter. You can't take your eyes off of me. What would Blaise think if I told him?"

'He'd likely kill you in jealous outrage.' Harry thought, but he didn't say it outwardly.

"I'm just looking." Harry replied as nonchalantly as he possibly could. "It's not as if I'm caressing you."

"I'd like you to." Draco answered with such a devilish smirk that Harry's knees went weak.

"I…I just…I…" Harry trailed off because he had absolutely no idea what he was trying to say. He needed to get back into control of this situation and quickly.

Draco chuckled deeply, sexily and it went straight down Harry's spine and into his already partially erect cock. He swallowed heavily and wetted his bone dry lips with the tip of a raspberry pink tongue. What the hell was going on here?! How had he lost so much control of this situation in mere minutes?

"I need to get dressed." He stated shakily more for his own benefit than Draco's.

"By all means, I am not stopping you. It isn't like you have anything that I haven't seen before. Though I wouldn't be averse to seeing what you have to offer."

Those silver eyes were now a dark grey in colour and Harry was sure that there was a meaning in it, but he couldn't for the life of him figure it out, he couldn't think at all, his mind was being clouded. He could barely breathe through an intoxicating scent floating over to him on the air. He was too hot and the room was getting warmer.

A cool, solid arm wrapped around him and Harry jerked his head back to look into sleepy indigo eyes.

"Are you well, Prezioso? You are looking very flushed."

"The water of my shower was too warm." Harry replied quickly.

Blaise chuckled and pulled him back to sit on the bed and drew closed the bed hangings, blocking out those invading silver eyes. Harry could breathe easier and as he sat on Blaise's bed in nothing but a towel that was slipping from his slack grasp, he couldn't even think of his mate who was so gently laying kisses on his neck and throat.

The day passed in a huge blur of motion and noise and Harry could honestly say that he didn't remember a thing about it. Harry had deduced that Malfoy's behaviour had something to do with the book he hadn't wanted him to have, he was more than halfway through it already and he hadn't found a thing, on either Drackens or anything that could possibly make Malfoy so afraid to see him with the book. Because that was what the huge blond was, Harry realised, he was afraid. Those silver coloured eyes wouldn't leave the book in his hands when he read it at dinner, he would constantly search his face as if he was looking for some sign that Harry had found out whatever it was that Malfoy didn't want him to find. It was creepy.

Harry happily sipped on his honey tea as he sat opposite the Headmaster in the Headmaster's office, Fawkes happily crooning in his lap as Harry's free hand stroked that gorgeous red and gold plumage.

"Are you settling down, Harry, my boy?"

Harry sighed and twirled his teacup.

"I thought I was. Things were great until that big lummox went and frightened me by telling me that he could make me love him by forcing me to have his children. Now I don't want to leave Blaise's side and I can't go near any boy who is bigger than me."

"Yes, I had the great delights of receiving the poor soul's body. Brought here to this office by a near hysterical house-elf who had been ordered to bring it to me by Professor Snape."

"I had wondered how they had gotten rid of the body so quickly; it was barely ten minutes before they joined me in Professor Snape's office. I didn't want to ask, I didn't really want to know too many details."

"Yes well, suffice to say that that boy regretted his actions towards you immensely, Harry."

"Are all of the dominants still here?" Harry asked seemingly distractedly as he stroked Fawkes, but the Headmaster could see through the guise.

"Yes, Harry and more come still every day."

"More?" Harry asked hysterically, his head shooting up and his eyes wide in alarm.

"You are one of the rarest treasures to a dominant Dracken, Harry, their potential mate and Mother of their children. Many of them are well past the point of ready to settle down and have children, but they can't because they haven't found a submissive mate."

"Why don't they go with humans? I know Blaise said that they prefer another Dracken, but if they outnumber a submissive twenty to one, then surely some of them would go with humans to settle down."

Dumbledore sighed and with a wave of his wand he refilled Harry's teacup.

"A dominant Dracken will not give up his search for a submissive, Harry. Even if he does settle down with a human and has children with them, he will not stop searching for a submissive. He will still be at each and every submissive meeting, regardless of his human family at home. He would disregard them all for a chance to be with a submissive Dracken. He won't be able to help it."

"So they don't go with a human because they know there is still a chance that he might be chosen by a submissive and that that isn't fair on the family that he'd be leaving behind."

"Exactly right, my boy. But most of the dominants that have settled down with humans are over the age of fifty; they are past their supposed prime and know there is very little chance that they will be picked by a submissive because of their age alone. A submissive looking for a mate is only sixteen years old, Harry. Sixteen year olds do not generally want to be with fifty, or even thirty year old men."

"That's so sad. Age is just a number, if I found a man who I honestly loved, who was kind and gentle and patient, who took care of me and our children, I wouldn't care how old he was, he could be a hundred and fifty for all I would care."

Dumbledore smiled at him proudly.

"Of course you would, Harry and that is why you are getting so much attention from the other Drackens, they can sense that you will not be discriminant in your choosing of a mate. They can feel it in their very blood, you are giving the older dominant's hope and that is something they have never felt before."

"But why? Surely I can't be the first one to have ever been indiscriminate?"

"No, you are not. But you are the first in a very, very long time."

"But why, Professor? Why would a submissive discount an older Dracken as a mate?"

"It is a vanity thing, Harry, nothing more than that. A young, pretty submissive who has so much male attention from young and handsome dominants does not want to be saddled with an elderly gentleman as a mate, regardless of how kind he is to her."

"That's ridiculous!" Harry snapped. "I would much rather an older and kinder mate than a young, stuck up, cruel git!"

"That, my boy, is what makes you so special, you are ignoring your vanity instincts that say you should have the most handsome of Drackens as your mate, not that I'm saying young Mister Zabini is ugly mind you."

Harry laughed at the little wink that Dumbledore gave him and he happily bit the head off of a ginger newt. He chewed slowly, savouring the flavour of the biscuit, before he swallowed.

"I don't think I've ever had any vanity instincts, I just don't care about looks or fashion and I wouldn't care if my mate didn't either, after all if I did then that would be very hypocritical of me."

Dumbledore sighed. "I have seen this sort of thing before, Harry, a submissive Dracken came into her inheritance only a few years before you came to Hogwarts, she was a Ravenclaw student here and for a Ravenclaw she was very vain and not as interested in studying as she had once been in her younger years. She had a meeting here at Hogwarts, much like yourself, but when she saw who had turned up to greet her, she had been livid."

"Why?" Harry asked curiously.

"All of the submissives thought the same way, Harry; they wanted a young, handsome dominant with the brightest, biggest wings."

"All that was left were older dominants." Harry answered, cottoning on.

"There were a few younger dominants too, Harry, but a decade ago the biggest age range was thirty-five to forty years. There were very few dominants under the age of thirty and next to none under the age of twenty. There wasn't very much to pick from."

"What did she do? She had to have picked a mate, the urge is far too strong to resist, Blaise and me, we were near strangers and I let him touch and lick me when before I would never have let anyone near enough to me to do as such."

"Oh she did pick a mate, Harry. After she had ordered away everyone over the age of twenty-five."

"My god, how many were left after that?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Four. A sixteen year old, a nineteen year old, a twenty year old and a twenty-four year old female dominant, who was ordered away immediately."

"She didn't even give the female dominant a chance?"

"No, Harry, just like she hadn't given the dominants over twenty-five a chance. It is very rare to find a male submissive like yourself, so female dominants rarely get a look in and are often forced to act more submissive than they are to mate with another dominant Dracken."

"I can't see that ending well."

"It rarely ever does." The Headmaster sighed.

"Which of the three dominants left did the Ravenclaw choose?"

"Well my boy, see if you can answer that yourself. One dominant had the brightest blue wings I have ever seen, only they weren't fully grown being only nineteen feet in length as hewasn't fully grown. The second had twenty-two foot wings in a dull shade of yellow and the third had twenty foot wings in a brownish-green colour. Can you guess which one she chose?"

"I wouldn't be able to pick on just size or colour of wings, but from what I heard the size of the wings is important, the bigger the better, so I assume she chose the dominant with the twenty-two foot, yellow wings regardless of personality."

"Correct you are, Harry. She dismissed the very young, only recently inherited sixteen year old because his wings were only nineteen feet in length, I believe his wings are now a record twenty-eight feet in length and are still as brightly blue as they ever have been and she dismissed the twenty year old because his wings were smaller and a brown colour."

"I wouldn't mind a dominant with brown wings, it would remind me of the forest and you said his wings were a brownish-green. I would love his wings, they would calm me down a lot."

The proud smile and twinkle in those pale blue eyes made Harry blush a bit.

"You are such a loving and caring person, Harry; I am amazed after everything that you have been through that this beautiful and selfless young man in front of me is the outcome."

Harry did blush at that and ducked his head shyly. Dumbledore chuckled.

"But back to the point at hand. Submissive Drackens normally do not like older dominants, so all that is left are older dominants. The Ravenclaw was forced to pick between only three dominants and none of them were very compatible to her, all because she refused to have an open mind and was too vain to consider an older dominant."

"I…I can't see myself with anyone other than Blaise, but I know that I need another mate at least, so I am going to go into the next meeting and I will give everyone a fair chance, no matter their age. In fact, I think I'll do things differently and start looking for an older mate, that will shock them all when I start from the oldest and work my way down."

Dumbledore chuckled and patted Harry's hand which was lying on his desk.

"Indeed it would, my boy. You would make the older dominants very, very happy if you did that, even if you don't end up with one as a mate, they would likely be happy just to be considered. Perhaps you will set a new trend."

"I hope so. I hate attention and everything, but those dominants deserve the fair chance of having a clutch of children and a mate!"

"Quite right, Harry, quite right."

Silence fell upon the two, a very companionable silence in which each man sipped their cooling tea.

"What will happen if the Ministry finds out that I'm a Dracken?" Harry asked quietly, voicing the fear that had been on his mind for a while.

"If they try anything, Harry, we will get you away immediately, before they can take you. Australia does not recognise Drackens as dark creatures and neither does South Africa, but they are considered more of a neutral grey. If the worst comes to the worst, we will get Blaise and yourself, any other mates you may have and all children that you may have, out of the country and into either Australia or South Africa. You only need to seek asylum, Australia takes in a high number of Drackens and protects them from exportation and South Africa boasts a large Dracken culture, it is almost the perfect climate for a Dracken and many Drackens, if they do not live there already, holiday there often. South Africa is the central hub of Dracken society."

"I would rather not leave Britain. This is my home. I was born here, my parents are buried here."

"I know, Harry, but that is only the worst case scenario and they would have to find you first, but right now I wouldn't worry about it, you are still being heralded as the Saviour, I doubt they would admit that you were a Dracken, they would rather just simply ignore it."

"Until they become bored with singing my praises and turn on me like they always do."

"I will do my utmost to protect you, Harry."

Harry smiled and drained his cup of honey tea, before using both arms to cuddle Fawkes like a teddy bear.

"I shouldn't need protecting. I should be allowed to stay in my country of birth! I'm going to change everyone's views on Drackens. We aren't soulless killing machines; we only kill to protect our own! That Dracken was threatening me and was going to use my children against me! Blaise had every right to remove him as a threat."

"Of course he did." Dumbledore nodded serenely. "It isn't like you are killing humans, only other Drackens."

"Exactly and if I was threatened by a human, I would only have to immobilise them and call for the Aurors."

Dumbledore inclined his head and looked at his time piece on the desk.

"Oh dear, Harry, you have been here for five hours, I do believe that Mister Zabini will be beside himself with worry."

"Oh! I always forget the time when talking to you, Professor."

The elderly man chuckled. "You do like flattering this old man, my dear boy, now run along before Mister Zabini tears through the castle walls looking for you."

Harry gave his trademark grin and bounced out of the room, going in search of his errant mate.

After nearly an hour of having every inch of his body checked for injury, bruising or odd marks, of having every inch of him sniffed to make sure that no dominant had come near him, Harry had finally assured his mate that he had spent five hours safe and sound, talking to the Headmaster.

He was now lying on his stomach, on Blaise's bed having his back and the back of his neck licked repeatedly. It was so soothing and calming, yet very arousing and erotic.

"Honestly, Blaise I'm fine." Harry purred, loving the heavy weight of Blaise sitting on his bum.

"I know, I'm just getting my scent back onto you, you smell of ash and fire."

"Oh, that was probably Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix; he stayed on my lap for the whole five hours."

"I still can't fathom what you spoke about for five hours."

Harry chuckled then let out a slight moan as Blaise got him right on that one spot that made his skin tingle and his bones quiver, it just felt so amazingly good.

Blaise laughed deeply and stayed on that one spot, licking, nibbling and teasing it and Harry was panting for breath after only a few seconds of delicious torture.

"Keep it down!" An annoyed voice yelled at them from the other side of the room and Harry bolted upright and curled away from Blaise in mortification.

Blaise actively clenched and unclenched his fists, breathing deeply and heavily and Harry's eyes widened. Nott had just interrupted them. They had been having sexual contact that could quite possibly have led to them mating for the first time and Blaise was seeing the disturbance as an interruption to their mating. Harry could not let Blaise kill his best friend when they were never going to have had sex at this time; Harry didn't feel comfortable enough yet, despite his impending heat.

"Blaise?" He called, moving to straddle Blaise's thighs. "Blaise, you know nothing was going to come of the licking. It was just to put your scent on me remember, we weren't going to mate." He whispered softly.

Blaise's arms wrapped around him tightly and his mate buried his head into his neck, still breathing heavily, but his hands were now caressing the skin of Harry's back.

"We will never be able to mate under these conditions. You deserve better than a quick fumble in a boys dormitory with four other men listening in."

Harry smiled. "That's part of why I went to talk with Dumbledore. I asked for us to have a set of private rooms. He agreed and said he could have them up and ready for us in a few hours."

Blaise grinned naughtily and Harry went pink.

"My sweet, thoughtful, diletto. You are so clever." Blaise cooed.

Harry preened under the praise from his mate and he snuggled in tighter. He loved being praised by his mate, it felt so different from being praised for a correct answer by the teacher, not that he had too many of those with Hermione in the class. He felt loved and cherished. He could slowly become addicted to praise from his mate, it was so much nicer than being punished by his dominant. Harry hadn't been punished in days, not since that time when he had been going to Snape's private rooms for his Dracken lessons. It felt amazing and made him feel elated and he wondered why he had ever fought against Blaise in the first place.

Harry was reminded why he fought Blaise only four hours later as he dropped down onto his knees to avoid Blaise's hand shooting out towards the back of his neck and he sunk his slender, curving fangs into the soft flesh of Blaise's side in aggravation.

His dominant yelled and Harry rolled away to avoid Blaise, who had dropped down onto his arse, both hands pressed over the freely bleeding wound in his side.

Blaise snarled at him as his Dracken attributes burst free of his human appearance. Harry unsheathed his claws and let his wings burst free of his back.

Anyone watching them would have thought that their fight was over something major from the way that they were acting, but it wasn't. The fight was over what colour their bedroom carpet was going to be.

They had been given their new private rooms on the seventh floor of the school, Dumbledore had pulled out all the stops and a lot of house-elves had volunteered to put the room together so it had taken less time than expected. The only problem had been that every room had been white and they were going around with their wands colouring in the walls, floors, ceilings and fabrics.

Harry wanted the bedroom carpet to be red, to convey romance and passion. Blaise wanted the bedroom carpet to be green, not because of his ties to Slytherin, but because of Harry's eyes. Neither one was willing to compromise so Harry had yelled at Blaise and Blaise had tried to reign Harry back in. It had ended in a fight that Harry was currently winning by avoiding his dominant's attempts to grab him.

Harry leapt onto Blaise and sunk his fangs into the back of Blaise's neck, only to be pulled over a shoulder and held tight on a constricting grasp.

"Let go!" Harry screamed.

"Calm down now!" Blaise demanded.

"No! Get the fuck off of me!"

Blaise snarled and Harry suddenly found himself flat on the floor on his back with Blaise lying on top of him.

"Get off!" Harry screamed, his voice cracking with the volume of his shout.

Blaise, thoroughly fed up with his disobedient little mate, pressed his lips harshly to Harry's stopping his ear splitting shouts, his heavy body stopping, or at least attempting to stop, Harry from bucking from the floor.

Blaise took his lips from Harry's to breathe in some much needed oxygen before he peppered his unresisting mate's face with kisses. He went back to Harry's plush, pink lips and teased them apart before pressing his tongue into Harry's delectable little mouth.

Harry tasted of pomegranate. Blaise smiled despite himself, in Greek Mythology Hades had lured Persephone into the Underworld with a pomegranate. He knew he would follow his little mate to the ends of the earth, perhaps that had been what Persephone had felt when Hades had offered her that ripe red fruit.

Harry lay passively under Blaise. He didn't know what had just happened or why he was suddenly not angry anymore, he felt relaxed and calm, safe and secure. Despite the fact that five minutes ago Blaise had been trying to skin him.

"Mio AmoreL'adoro, Harry, mio piccolo amante." Blaise breathed a hair's breadth away from his lips.

"What are you saying?" Harry asked breathlessly.

Blaise smiled lovingly down at him. "My love. I adore you, Harry, my little lover."

Harry went pink, but smiled happily. "Where did you learn Italian? It is Italian isn't it? I don't think it's French."

Blaise let out a spontaneous burst of laughter and held Harry close to him.

"Oh Harry, you are so precious to me."

"What did I say?" Harry asked in surprise.

"You are perhaps the only person in the entire of Hogwarts who does not know that I am part Italian. I have an Italian Father and a French Mother, yet I was born here in Britain."

"That must be a strange feeling, where do you live?"

Blaise's face went dark. "I live with my Mother in France, Mio Prezioso. My Father is dead."

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

Blaise smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

"He died a long time ago, Harry, much like your own parents. I was only a few weeks old, but at least I still have Mother. She will adore you; she has been waiting for grandchildren since I hit puberty."

"I…I'm not sure I'm ready yet." Harry confided. "What if I'm a bad parent?"

Blaise smiled reassuringly at him and sat up, pulling Harry into his lap to cuddle.

"You will not be a bad parent, Mio Bello. Your inner instincts will guide you."

"What is it like having a Mum?" Harry asked softly.

Blaise felt his heart crack just a little at that question and held Harry tighter.

"She has always loved me, but often displays it in harsh ways. She is a dominant Dracken too, Mio Bello, and my Father was a dominant Dracken. Long ago, before they were even born, they were betrothed to each other, one of the last ever Dracken betrothals, as it became an illegal practice shortly after their births to betroth any Dracken for the very reason that the male child could be a submissive or the female could be a dominant. They were set up to be married as soon as their parents knew for certain of their genders, but my Mother turned out to be a dominant Dracken, something that my Grandparents had not counted on. They did not know until Mother hit her inheritance of course, but by then it was too late to turn back, the betrothal papers were solid and locked with magic."

"How horrible."

"Do not get me wrong, Prezioso, they loved each other dearly, but you and I clash and we are dominant and submissive, could you imagine the fights for a dominant with another dominant? I was their only child and Mother only got worse in her pregnancy and then later when I came about, she was too protective and hardly let Father see me as she tried to be the caring submissive Mother and the protective, sturdy dominant Father by herself, as her instincts dictated that she should."

"What happened?" Harry asked in a small voice, tilting his head to press a comforting kiss to the underside of Blaise's chin.

"She killed him, Harry. It was an accident but it was destined to happen sooner or later. They were both too strong, both too controlling and dominant, neither would give an inch to the other, it wasn't in their nature to do so. We fight, diletto, we draw blood, we bruise the other, can you imagine their fights? How bad they would have been. She didn't mean to kill him, but she did kill him and she has never really recovered from losing her mate in such a tragic way. She tried to move on, though never with another Dracken, she has human men now, but they never seem to last long either."

"Does she kill them?" Harry asked.

"Yes. It has gained her the name of a Black Widow, but she does not mean to kill, except for the one Husband who thought that it a good idea to slap me when I was just four years old, she killed him purposefully. All Drackens are insanely protective of their children and that I am my Mother's one and only child, well perhaps she overreacted, but she would not survive the loss of me as well as my Father, her mate."

"I don't know which one of my parents was a Dracken, I didn't even know that they or I was magical until I was eleven, let alone that we were some sort of magical creature."

"There is a potion to determine which parent was the magical creature, Prezioso; I shall ask Severus if he is willing to brew it for you."

Harry smiled beatifically and Blaise fell a little bit more in love as he held Harry in his lap. He could still scarcely believe that he had his mate already, what with the majority of the current dominant Drackens being in their early thirties and still being without mates, he had thought that he had a few years to wait yet, but he was so glad that he had Harry though, they would have beautiful and powerful children together.

Severus Snape sighed as he stirred the Jarvey eyes into the potion. Blaise had asked him if he could brew the creature inheritance potion for Potter. He remembered making this potion before, when he was seventeen, for his own mate, who wished to know where the Dracken genes had come from.

He had lost his mate, his beautiful submissive mate. They hadn't had any children, he had suspected that his mate had been pregnant, only just, but he had been driven wild by his instincts to protect his mate, which pointed to his mate's early pregnancy. How he wished he knew now for certain.

Dropping in a teaspoon of salamander ash, he stirred counter clockwise and waited. He had had no idea that Lily was a Dracken or the mate of one. She had never said. Potter had never shown signs of being a Dracken either, so maybe Potter junior's Dracken genes came from further up the family tree, perhaps a grandfather or a great Aunt.

"How I wish that you were still here with me." Severus whispered sadly, looking to the mantel piece where one of the only pictures of him and his mate together sat.

He missed his mate every single day and often wondered why he hadn't just died and joined his mate yet, but he didn't wish to kill himself, his Mother had always told him about strength and how one needed to remain strong in life to be strong in death.

He had learnt strength the hard way, his Father, Tobias, had not been the nicest of men and had beaten him and his Mother right up until his Dracken inheritance. Seeing his only son turn into a scaled, part dragon with wings had been the last straw for Muggle Tobias Snape and he had had a heart attack that had killed him outright.

His Mother had touched his face and had smiled at him, it was then that it had come out that his Mother's dead brother had been a Dracken and a great-great Grandfather had been one also. He had inadvertently killed his own Father and freed himself and his Mother, who still lived in Prince Manor surrounded by kneazles and a few select house-elves.

Finishing up the potion, Severus allowed it to cool before he bottled it up and placed it to the side ready to give to Potter and Blaise. How had it come to this? He was like a Father to all of his Slytherins, many of whom came from either abusive or neglectful homes, he cared for them and so he was reluctant to see one of his closest Slytherins, his own godson, get involved with a submissive Dracken.

He knew Blaise was a Dracken himself and he was happy that he had found a mate already, but submissive Drackens were so easy to be killed. They died and sometimes it was for no apparent reason, his mate had died without reason. He still had not found his mate's body, if there was even a body left to find in the first place. He had no idea where to start looking and he had given up scenting out his mate after two years, there wouldn't have been a scent left to find now after so many years had passed.

Snarling and furiously swiping away the lone tear that made its way out of one of his onyx coloured eyes, Severus sat heavily in his dragon hide chair. He breathed in deeply and calmed his mind using his heavy knowledge of Occlumency; he doubted he would have lasted half as long as he had if he were not so proficient in the mind arts.

There wasn't a day that went by where he didn't regret not going with his mate that fateful day. He had known that something was wrong, but they had just had a quarrel and he had ignored his mate's worried and preoccupied state. He had let his own submissive mate leave their house in that state and his mate had never returned. He felt such overwhelming guilt and he bore it with a heavy heart and a mind of pain, if only he had stopped his mate that day, if only.

Harry actually giggled when Blaise poked his fingers deeply into his sides, tickling the hell out of him in their brand new, purple, bedroom.

Harry was lying on his back on the purple carpet having the breath tickled out of him as he used his knees to try and push Blaise off of him.

"Blaise! I can't breathe." He giggled.

"But that giggle is just too cute, Prezioso."

"I do not giggle!" Harry stated churlishly during a breathing break.

"Oh no?" Blaise asked with a raised eyebrow. "Then what is that beautiful sound that comes from between your lips?"

"I'm laughing! Not giggling, I don't giggle."

"Oh really?" Blaise asked with a mischievous grin, before he started tickling Harry mercilessly.

Harry giggled in forced delight as he thrashed and tried to get away from Blaise's attack.

"You, Mio Bello, are giggling."

Harry grinned as Blaise's fingers stopped moving; he leant up and pecked Blaise's lips with his own.

"I'm not giggling, Blaise."

Blaise smiled softly down at Harry and Harry was amazed to see it, Blaise hardly ever smiled. He usually smirked or grinned, but never smiled.

"You look so handsome when you smile." Harry told him.

Blaise let out a chuckle and pulled Harry up to rest against his chest, their faces touching as Blaise looked deeply into those green, green eyes.

"You are beautiful, Harry; no matter what you do you are always beautiful."

Harry pushed at Blaise in embarrassment and shook his head.

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are, Mio Amore."

Harry rolled his eyes and yawned widely. Blaise stood up with Harry in his arms and walked up the solid set of stairs into the cavernous upper area of their bedroom. Dumbledore really did understand Drackens as he had placed their absolutely massive bed as high as he could manage underneath a huge glass skylight.

Blaise laid him down in the very centre of the bed before he crawled in next to him. They had already changed into their pyjamas, or Harry had seeing as Blaise slept commando in only a pair of pyjama bottoms.

Blaise covered Harry up in the purple duvet and pulled Harry to cuddle him gently. Pressing a kiss to Harry's cheek, Blaise placed his head on the pillow and held his mate tightly as Harry fell asleep in his arms. He smiled at the beautiful picture of serenity, calm and peace that Harry made in his sleep. He was so happy and he couldn't wait for the heat that he could feel pressing ever closer, but first Harry wanted to 'practice'. Blaise fell asleep with a very naughty smile on his face and wicked thoughts taking up his dreams.

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